Becoming a bitch - Chapter 4 by StoryTeller101

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Fiction | Bestiality

I spend the night at Greg’s home and on Saturday I am pleasured by Greg and his dog. No longer wondering if I will enjoy being a bitch I embrace it with vigour.

I spent Sunday trying to concentrate of cleaning house. I had to admit that I had become addicted to Randle. His huge cock had awakened desires in me I had not felt before. I started to think about things Greg had said. Being taken by Randle in the woods. Licking that beautiful bright red monster of a cock. Was I so far gone that I could actually consider one or both those ideas. I decided that if Greg challenged me I could do whatever he wanted.

Each night the next week I met up with Greg and walked with him and Randle. Randle kept looking at me and my pussy would hum. I deliberately didn’t do anything all week except think about him while I played with my clit. That little button was worked over time. Friday night Greg asked me to stay over but I had promised to attend a work party for the boss’s birthday. I had a bit too much wine and almost let the cat (or dog) out of the bag. It was too late when I got home to ring Greg so I just fingered myself until I fell asleep.

Saturday morning I rang Greg and arranged to go to his house at 10am. When I got there Randle was getting very boisterous. “Why don’t I grab a blanket and we take Randle for a walk” Greg said. I knew what he had in mind. I was both fearful and excited. “I am afraid we will be seen” I said. Greg laughed “I know a place that is very secluded. I have been there before with my ex”. I scowled “well she can do it so can I”. Greg smiled. The sort of smile that says “hee hee I knew I would get you”. I lead Randle and Greg carried the rug.

When we got to the wooded part he took the lead into the woods. We walked for maybe 10 minutes and suddenly come to a cleared section. There was an old tumbled down hut at the edge of the clearing. Greg placed the rug on the ground and I looked around. I slipped off my knickers and sat down with my legs stretched out. As if reading my mind Randle walked up and I scratched his head. Immediately he pushed under my dress and began to lick my thighs and then my crutch. I lifted my knees and spread them wide giving Randle maximum access. It had been a week since I had him and my body shook and I moaned. “Oh fuck yes Randle. Work that lovely tongue my gorgeous boy” I whispered. “No-one can hear you sweetheart” said Greg “scream as loud as you like”.

I came quickly, the mixture of Randle’s tongue and the surroundings. It was time to decide whether I was game to go the whole way. I came again and the die was cast. I hurried turned over on hands and knees. “Randle mount” I yelled “fuck me darling boy”. Randle was more than ready and he climbed on to me. Thrusting and whimpering he found my pussy and his cock grew and grew until I had the whole 10” of doggy cock working furiously. “Yes my darling do it hard and fast” I squealed but Randle only knew hard and fast. I felt the knot and welcomed it. “Push it in. Tie with your bitch” I moaned as I felt it rubbing against my clit. Again I orgasmed before he finally pushed it in. I groaned as I feel him seal me up and then his cock twitched and I knew he was cumming.

I looked to the side and Greg was kneeling on the ground, his pants around his ankles and he was jerking off as he watched Randle take me. His eyes were fixed on us and he had grunting sounds as he came, spraying his cum on the ground. “Fuck Stella that looks so erotic” he moaned as he came down from his high. Randle was trying to withdraw. I didn’t fight to hold him this time but it still took several minutes before he popped out. He licked me and then lay down and licked himself. I collapsed on the rug and wondered what his cock would taste like. Could I do it? I was starting to think that I would do it – just once.

I used my knickers to wipe my weeping pussy. I placed them on the rug and Greg rolled it up. “Come on you naughty girl” he said laughing “time to go home”. Despite cleaning myself I could still feel Randle’s cum seeping out and down my thighs. “Greg I am still leaking” I whispered as we walked back on the path “I feel such a slut”. By the time we got back to his place even my skirt was covered in doggy cum. “Go and have a shower honey” Greg said “and I will put your panties and skirt in with my wash”. “Yes and what will I wear?” I asked. “Well you can take everything off and spend the day naked” he said with an evil grin. “Only if you do the same” I suggested and we had a race to see who could be naked the fastest.

We both had a shower. Greg had put Randle out in the backyard. Shower play ended up with bed play as first Greg licked my pussy and rubbed my clit and got me off and I then sucked him. “Stop honey. Don’t make me cum. I want to fuck you so bad” and he mounted me missionary style and then rolled us over and I finished him cowgirl style. Back in the shower and then he made lunch. It was kind of cool sitting around naked. My nipples were erect, my pussy was tingling and I could see Greg was stiff again. I was almost tempted to suck him again but I heard Randle scratching at the back door. Greg walked over and let him in. He looked at me with those deep piercing eyes. Greg can wait I thought.

“Here boy come and please me” I said and rubbed his head. Sitting naked on the couch, legs wide apart and my doggy lover lapping at my pussy. What a site we must have been. I looked over at Greg sitting watching, his cock pointed at the ceiling. I leaned back and closed my eyes. “Yes my darling Randle lick my pussy, lick my clit, and make me come” I cried as my orgasm swept over me. I shuddered and wailed with unashamed pleasure. How could I possibly have thought I could only do all this once? I quickly sunk to me knees and Randle mounted me with the command. He knew what I wanted. I didn’t have to ask. I yelped and squealed as he took total control.

Again I babbled incoherently as he fucked my brutally and then tied with me. I continued to moan and groan as I knew what he was squirting into me. It mattered little to him that I was a real bitch and he couldn’t impregnate me he was just doing what nature had programmed his to do. To mate with his bitch. To mate with me. Again it took several minutes of work to finally separate from me. I didn’t even have a towel under me I was so worked up. Cupping my hand over my weeping pussy I rushed to the bathroom and flushed myself.

I giggled as I walked back out to see Greg gently stroking his cock and Randle having a last few licks as his cock slipped back into his sheaf. I walked over to Greg. “Hear darling, let me take care of you” and I began to lick and suck his throbbing cock. “You better stop” he said “I am close baby”. I looked up and fondled his balls while I gave him my first blowjob. “Oh Stella. Yes darling. Oh my God” he stammered as he filled my mouth and I swallowed several times. He pulled me up and kissed my cum covered lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. “I knew you would suck me instead of Randle” he said. I smiled at him “who says I can’t do both of you”.

Rating: 96%, Read 48005 times, Posted Jul 31, 2020

Fiction | Bestiality


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