Alone in the Woods_(3) by Italianpride

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I was deep in the forest and it was getting dark, light was running scarce. Only my red cloak and hood shielded me from the fierce cold. There was a crackle behind me, I couldn’t help but feel something was following me. I looked around and saw nothing, I could feel a presence in my shaking bones. A howl erupted from a large brush. I turned and stood there petrified, slowly a monstrous wolf began to creep out of the leaves. The gigantic creature stood there before me, I had no where to run. I was stunned and consumed with the fear for my life. The ferocious canine slowly walked towards me, the wolf’s fur was a silk black, it’s eyes a vibrant red.

I slowly lowered myself to the ground, signaling that I posed no threat. The dark canine stood directly in front of me, I slowly moved backwards and back into a tree. He moved towards me, his mouth was inches from mine. I closed my eyes and waited in anticipation for him to strike, though that moment never came. Instead the canine started sniffing, he lowered his head and continued down my shivering body. The wolf sniffed one final time, his nose just slightly above my waist, the canine seemed to be most interested. The wolf pressed his nose between my shaking legs. He slid his mouth into my skirt and slowly but surely starting lapping his large tongue against my undies. My legs trembled as if my body was responding to the creature’s dominance, it’s power and primal instincts.

I suddenly came to realization of the desires of the beast, to fuck me. I couldn't help but be captured by an erotic sense of lust and guilt, being bad feels so good. I opened my legs and slightly raising my skirt, giving myself to him. He didn’t spare a moment, he pressed his nose against my panties, he would have been able to taste my juices seeping through my undies. I couldn't believe this was happening, that I was giving myself to a dog. The feeling of his tongue running along my undies was almost enough to make me cum. There were parts of me that wanted to scream and disappear and other parts bounding me with lust.

My undies felt so restrictive, I wanted to feel his tongue against my bare pussy. I gripped my undies and eased them along my legs and over my feet. The wolf raised his head and howled in the moonlight, I hesitantly pushed my legs and feet apart. I placed my hands on either side of my pussy and opened it for the canine, all while looking into his eyes. The dog lowered his mouth and with one swift motion, ran his tongue along the length of my slit. He started to lapping my pussy, it felt so utterly wrong and yet so damn right. His tongue swiftly ran against my parted wet lips, I would be lying if I didn’t say this felt magical, even better than my boyfriend.

I couldn’t take any more of this, his tongue running between my legs made me feel so weak and helpless. His tongue pressing into me, touching my clit, I couldn't handle it. I was going to cum in the dogs mouth! I held the tree behind me and with one push of the dogs mouth into my pussy I came, straight into this canines mouth! He continued to lick for a few seconds, lapping up all my girly cum. It raised it’s head and you could see it’s mouth was dripping wet. It was at that point realized I had to return the favor, I noticed the wolf’s cock, it had emerged from it’s sheath.

I wanted it. I slowly crawled underneath him, the wolf was massive. I rested on my knees, placing myself in perfect position to pleasure his throbbing cock, it was completely covered with a thick coat of pre-cum. This canine dick was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, almost double my boyfriends, it’s simply gigantic. I grasped his cock with both hands, the wolf began to growl due to my intrusion. I immediately loosened my grip and gently eased my fingers along his shaft, he eventually relaxed. The head of his gigantic cock had a small nub, as I my fingers and palm ran along his shaft a little pre-cum started to emerge and create a bulge of cum. The bubble grew larger with every stroke, I couldn't take it anymore I took a deep breath and opened my lips around the nub and licked the cum clean of his dick.

It tasted unbelievable, the wolfs taste consumed every single one of my taste buds, it was delicious. The dogs pre-cum was too much, I clenched my eyes and swallowed the nectar and continued to suck the monstrous cock. I pressed my mouth back onto his cock and started sucking vigorously, my flickered and twisted against the tip. Again his pre-cum filled my mouth, though instead of swallowing I withdrew and cupped my hands together, slowly my mouth pried open and a steam of pre-cum ozzed from my lips into my palms. I couldn't believe what was happening, any moment I expected to wake up from a dream.


No Regrets

I met my boyfriend at his brothers party, he was alone in the corner and he looked pretty pathetic. But something about him interested me, I've yet to figure it out. I eventually met his parents and the rest of his family, they were so happy for him finding the right girl.

I always thought it was kinda sad, being raised with expectations and statuses. I've tried pushing his limits, and breaking his comfort zone. Normally when guys realize what I'm all about they're smart enough to leave me, he didn't.

He's living on a trust fund, inspiring to become an Artist. He really is an adorable young man, but isn't the kind which can satisfy me. The first time it happened he simply fell silent, we were out together and I brought a friend home with us. This was where his limits would be unveiled, this is where he'd break.

The friend was actually a set up, an old fuckbuddy I had in colleague, he was definitely bigger down below and what I needed. My friend knew I had a boyfriend though he simply didn't care in the slightest manner.

I told Anthony he just wasn't big enough and told him that's I brought home the guy from the bar. Anthony didn't seem surprised, but simply remained silent. I went upstairs and fucked for the remainder of the night.

I sat him down afterwards and explained to him I’ll be doing this often. I couldn't be satisfied by my boyfriend, it lead me to searching the town for men to provide me what he couldn't. Since then whenever I’ve told him I’m going out looking for strangers, he replies by handing me my purse. Before leaving I always tell him to prepare my asshole before leaving for the night town, he always obliges.

He never flinches to the idea or does anything to stop me, he falls to his knees and listens to every word. Sometimes I'll wish he'd break and stop bending to my desires, but he never does. When I’m done, I just put on my pants and ignore his raging erection. I tell him he can lick me more when I’m home, I tell him I don’t know when that’ll be.

Rating: 70%, Read 21763 times, Posted Dec 18, 2013

Fantasm | Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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