Drive By by Dragon_in_bed

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Drive By

She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but she just couldn't help herself. She turns to drive past his house again, unable to ignore the pounding in her heart and the dampness between her thighs. She knows she can't see him - shouldn't see him - but lust is winning out.

Her brakes seem to press themselves, stopping her perfectly along the curb to park.

As if moved by some unseen force, she gets out of the car and walks up the path to his house. Her heels click up the cement walkway, bringing her closer to the object of her obsession.

The rap of her knuckles on the door echoes throughout the house.

Startled by the noise, he spins around in his computer chair, listening again.

Another knock echoes.

He walks down the staircase, only able to see a distorted form though the frosted glass of the door. Opening it, he does everything but melt at the sight in front of him.

A petite, longhaired brunette with olive skin and chocolate pools for eyes stands there, wearing a pleated jean skirt that brushes the middle of her thighs. Her red-collared shirt begs to be taken off, rumbled and hiding a naughty secret beneath. On her small feet is a pair of 5-inch red stilettos, the ones she knows he loves.

Her eyes go wide, slightly surprised he answered the door. He's stands there in nothing but a pair of red boxers. Her eyes meet his of ice blue, taking in his blonde hair and naked torso.

A brief moment passes before they both succumb to the sexual tension pulsing between them.

He grabs her right bicep, pulling her into the house and slamming the door behind her. His body crushes into hers, their lips meeting in an animalistic, desperate kiss. She moans as she wraps her legs around his waist; pressing her back into the door, he lifts her, trapping her between his body and the glass. His hardening cock rubs her crotch as their tongues seek each other’s.

With her effectively between him and the glass pane, he slides his hands up her stomach, bunching up the collared shirt and revealing a blue corset. He groans, turned on and frustrated by the challenge the fancy lingerie presents. In his passion, he rips the corset from top to bottom, revealing a pair of firm, perky 34 B breasts with pink quarter size nipples. He takes her left nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking like a feeding animal. She screams in pleasure, wrapping her fingers in his hair to pull him closer to her tit. With her feet, she begins to push down the waistband of his boxers, hoping to free the bulge that has been grinding into her wet panties.

He begins to suckle her right nipple, causing another groan from her lips. Her feet only succeed in pushing the waistband halfway down his hips, teasingly low enough to reveal only the base of his dick.

"Please.. I need you now!" she moans.

He puts her feet back on the floor, kissing his way down her stomach.

"Not yet, princess."

His lips make contact with the waistband of her skirt, causing her to shudder. He lifts her skirt and nearly cums at the sight of a transparent blue g-string. To tease her further, he gently runs his tongue between her slit, though the thin panties. She throws her head back in pleasure, screaming his name and begging for him to continue. He pushes harder this time, sliding his tongue upwards through her slit.

Her knees nearly collapse, and she pulls his head closer. His right hand pulls her panties aside, and his tongue finally makes contact with her hard clit. Her bare pussy is leaking the sweetest juice he's ever tasted, and he laps at it, catching every drop he can. She begins to tremble, hardly able to stand, as his tongue penetrates her dripping cunt.

"Oh my god! Oh my god, please pleaseeeee...."

He teases her, only allowing the tip of his tongue to enter her sweet hole before quickly removing it.

"Do you want this?" he teases.

"Oh god yes please god damnit just give me it!" she screams.

"I'm not so sure-"

She grabs his head, cutting off his cruel statement and griding her pussy onto his lips. He fucks her pussy with his tongue, harder and faster to match her growing moans and screams. His name escapes from her lips as she releases her cum onto his face.

She collapses into his arms on the floor, exhausted from the orgasm he's given her.

Forgetting the comfort of a bed, he lays on top of her, kissing her neck and nipping the delicate skin of her jaw. Her breath is ragged, still recovering. To tease her further, he slides his cock through the slit of his boxers and coats it with her juices. Her legs part, the skirt bunched up at her waist, allowing his dick to slide up and down between her slit. His puts the head at the entrance of her cunt, continuing to tease her with small thrusts.

Wrapping her legs around his hips, she pulls him into her, his dick entering the tight, wet, warm confines of her cunt. He groans at the tightness, gently thrusting to allow her pussy to get used to his length and girth. She begins to whimper beneath him, and the sound urges him to thrust harder, faster, fucking the tight cunt wrapped around his dick.

Their hips jar together as their fucking becomes more wild, more desperate. Her nails bite into his back, as he bites her shoulder, both of them lost in the intensity of their pleasure.

The frenzy continues as both climaxes build. Both scream and moan as they finally reach their climaxes and collapse, seemingly exhausted.

She's not finished with him, though.

To return his earlier favor, she props his limp body in a sitting position against the door. Sliding her tongue up his shaft, she tastes the mixed juice of their sex. His dick is still hard, and is hardening quicker at the lapping of her tongue. She takes his head into her mouth, sucking the tip deep into her throat. He groans as she deepthroats his dick and massages his balls with the fingertips of her left hand. His hands intertwine in her long hair as he begins to thrust into her mouth. His balls begin to contract again, signaling his need to cum.

Instead, she stops, earning a whimper from him.

She smiles and turns around, presenting her naked cunt framed still with her jean skirt to him doggie style. He clamors to his knees, not wasting a moment to be with her. His dick slides home again, finding the same tightness and warmth as before. She begins to roll her hips back at him, grinding his dick deeper into her pussy. He grabs her breasts, holding on as he fucks her faster, meeting the motion of her hips. She begins to cum, the muscles of her pussy pulling his orgasm from his dick.

They lay on the floor, finally satiated, curled in each other's warmth.

"So what made you drive by?" he asks.

"I had to see you again," she answers.

"Mmm.. well you're welcome back anytime."

She laughs, and kisses his lips, tickling him with the tips of her nails.

"I'm sure I'll be driving by much more now."

Rating: 88%, Read 12953 times, Posted Jul 01, 2008

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex


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