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gretta was exited. It was the morning of her 18th birthday. She had woken up early, done some yoga and had a healthy breakfast. Now she was at the mall, shopping for clothes for the party.

I wonder what its gonna be that Daddy bought me? Better be a fucking car! She thought, while checking a purple bra in a store. Excuse me! Excuse me! She yelled to the clerk and the clerk quickly ran to her. Until what size these go up to? She asked. Just a minute mam, I will go and check… and what would it be your s….. 70EE She replied quickly, without even a flinch of smile on her face. I don’t have to smile on a fucking bra store clerk, my daddy could buy this place, she thought.

The clerk ran back, blushing, and announced that they did not have her size. Fuckin idiots! She thought but managed to keep it in. Instead she just looked the clerk with empty eyes until the blushing clerk understood to go away, while mumbling something. gretta walked out of the store. She had developed those EE cup boobs while she was 15. She was very proud of them and they brought her a lot of power. Her slim and stacked body was her most precious thing in life and she was taking a good care of it too.

I hope it’s a fuckin car, it better be a fuckin car! She thought!

grettas dad was a doctor and a surgeon. A plastic surgeon to be exact. He had hes own private hospital and he had made a fortune on giving plastic surgery to some very powerful people that wanted to hide from the public. gretta remembers seeing a lot of mysterious Saudi-looking men in their

home while she was a kid.

Her long blonde hair was also gorgeous to look at. With her high cheekbones, bright blue eyes and slim waste, she was a bombshell. And she knew it…. a little too well might have some one say. But she did not care about jealous people. She had money, looks, good family and everything she ever wanted.

Fuck it would be horrible to be poor, she thought….

She walked home in a Saturday sunshine and was thinking the party she was going to throw in the evening. Everything was ready!

She arrived home and saw her daddy doing some gardening. She gave him a kiss onto cheek and her daddy smiled. She went inside and almost stumbled onto her brother, while entering kitchen. Fuckin idiot! She said to him. Her 16 year old little brother looked nothing like her at all. Actually she did not look like at all her dad even, and sometime wondered if she was from different planet or something. Adopted maybe? Her mother had died giving

birth to her and she had seen only one picture of her later. She didn’t care really. She had her daddy, and daddy was her precious!

gretta! Come here, her daddy yelled! I wanna show you something. gretta got exited! Now its gonna happen, a car! She thought. Come here gretta, follow me, he said. They walked to the basement together and gretta thought they were going for the carage, but no, they passed it, and continued deeper into the basement.

He stopped. He took out a some kinda remote controller from his pocket and said: I’ve been waiting this day 17 years now. gretta , since U are finally an adult now, I wanna show you your present …and your future!

gretta was confused. 17? Daddy had a weird empty look in his eyes that she had never seen before. But daddy, U must be kidding, I’m 18 years old today and…. Yes! I know, her daddy interrupted her straight. Daddy looked at her with scary looking eyes and repeated mumbling: 17 years….

He lifted his hand and pressed the remote. gretta looked in amaze how the wall started to move, revealing a some kinda chamber…oh my god its huge, what ever the fuck is it, she thought. The lights went on and even more amazed, gretta now stared into the chamber and what was in there.

What-The-Fuuuck! She said.

Behold your present…. and your future, said daddy.

gretta was looking at a some kinda mideavil torture chamber with all kinds of weird devices and gear, that she had only seen in porn movies in internet. Daddy?? What is this? She mumbled…

First of all. I aint your daddy, you fuckin whore! I bought you when you were a year old kid. Your mother was a harem slave of a Saudi business man. A sexslave. As are you going to be too from now on, until you die.

gretta was looking at this man and heard what he said but could not really understand…. why was his daddy saying such horrible things?

Ive been preparing you for seventeen years now. You are my masterpiece! My ultimate toy of torture and humiliation from head to toe! We gonna have so much fun with you, oh yes…. aaand unfortunately you are not going to have any more fun. Ever again. Unless you learn to like your new life, but I find that very unlikely. Its gonna be a world of pain for you…. slave, he said, and stared at her eyes that were starting to wet.

U fuckin stupid slut and a spoiled brat! He said! U really thought that you gonna get all this in life for free and treat everyone like shit? I guess you did….. but not anymore. For the rest of your life, its you, that are going to be treated like shit. Hahahahaaaaa, yes, Ive been waiting this so long!

gretta felt she were going to faint. Why was daddy saying these horrible things to her? She cried.

Take off all your clothes, now? Her daddy said. What? SMACK he smacked her in the face and repeated: take off all your clothes, now. gretta could not believe this was happening to her. Her daddy just hit her in the face and wanted her to take off all her clothes. Don’t make me say this the third time, he said.

gretta started moving off her clothes in front of her daddy. She could not see clearly. Her eyes were soaked with tears. She was only wearing a tank top and a summer skirt so it did not take very long to take them off. She was standing there and wanted to cover her boobs. Bra too! He said But dad… SMACK. She almost fell to the floor, the hit was so hard. She could not believe this was true!

She took off her bra and her sweaty EE’s were slowly trembling, as she was, due fear. Hands to side! He commanded. gretta just did what he said. It must be a dream, this has to… has to, she thought.

Daddy took a long look at her naked, trembling body. Beautiful, he said, just beautiful! Just like your mother! He took few steps into the chamber and returned with something in hes hand. Your outfit for the special day! He announced. gretta could only see a some kinda harness with a lot of clamps and something that looked like a giant, shiny rubber penis.

Go on, put it on, do not be shy! He said in sarcastic voice. gretta started to unwrap the harness in disbelief when SWOOSH something hit her on her boobs. It hurt, and she yelled in pain. Her daddy had come up with a whip and was now smiling to gretta….. hurry up, would you! He said.

She went into panic and in shock trying to put on the leather-like thingie with strange things on it. She managed to squeeze her boobs in to the dress, or out of it actually, since there was two holes in the latex, just for them. What… how this? OH MY GOD! she realized just now how the giant rubber penis was supposed to come…. or to where actually. She stopped.

WOOOSH, WOOSH! She yelled in pain.

Go on…. tuck it in.

She put the tip of the dildo to the entrance of her anus. She had let some boys fuck her in the butt before, but they’ve all had small dicks. She was actually a virgin, since she had some kind of a rare disease that made her pussy very sore, so she had let the boys to fuck her in the butt. But this thing wasn’t anything like any thing that had visited her anus before. She started to push the dildo in. Oh my god, its so big, she thought. The tip slided in and she flinched in pain. Daddy took her by the hair and pulled the crying girl to the floor. He kicked the rest of the 30cm dildo in to her butt. She screamed in agony. Daddy smiled.

She almost fainted. When she recovered she remembered the whip. Slowly she rose to her feet up again and continued putting on the rubber/leather suit. Daddy had gone to the chamber and he came back with some more black, shiny gear.

A shiny, latex hood, with holes in eyes and mouth was her headgear. Daddy helped her to put it on. It was really hard to breathe in it… and gretta was already in panic. And now the best bit, he said! gretta saw him pulling from the gear a similar size black dildo, that were already inserted into her anus. We gonna let it gather some taste first and them we gonna swap, ok? gretta looked the dildo terrified and understood where was it that her daddy was about to put it. No, no, no, no…. she mumbled

But a powerfull grab of her jaw, by her daddy, made her efforts useless. Her mouth opened and this monster dildo started to slide in her mouth, throat and to almost reach stomach eventually. Daddy pushed the giant dildo with a surgeon’s precision and skill. gretta thought her jaw was going to dislocate. She was choking onto this giant penis going violently down her throat.

Daddy finished the operation and locked the end of the dildo onto the rings beside the tips of her mouth.

There we go…. almost ready for your party, he said

gretta could not focus anymore. Pain was too much. She could not hear properly what her daddy said. Something about a party…. oh my god! The party, she thought. What is he gonna do with me?

He placed her in a chair and locked her arms onto the sides of it. He pulled a little plastic box out of hes pants. Black contact lences. No one isn’t gonna recognize you in your own party. He put them in her eyes and admired the result. You are such a beauty. Just like your mother was.

We have a big party comin, right? Yes, your party with all your friends. Except you wont be there, or you will, but no one is going to know that. Someone has to be serving the drinks, right? He laughed. He pulled a tool from the drawer. gretta recognized it. It was a pistol for shooting grommets through canvas. She had used it in a science project, for school, when she needed to manufacture a banner.

Daddy grabbed her left boob, squiized the nipple hard and placed the tip of the gun on top of her nipple. PANG! gretta tried to scream in pain but the giant dildo in her throat kept her silent. PANG! Her tits were in serious pain. Daddy walked away to get something and gretta glanced down to see what he had done to her boobs. OH MY GOD, she thought. He had shot a grommet through her both nipples. One could now see through on a metal ring of her nipple. It was so well done, that it did not bleed at all.

Daddy came back and he had something like a tray in his hand. He attached the two chains, from the tray, to her boobs. The weight of the tray made it even more painful. There we go, almost done…. now, we just have to train you to be a good waitress, not a bad one. The kinda that the old you, gretta, would appreciate.

He put high heel boots to her feet. They had spikes inside the bottom. Daddy losen up her restraints and commanded her to the treadmill. Same treadmill that gretta used to train every week, when it was bad weather outside. He put two glasses of water onto the trey hanging from her giant

breasts. He turned the treadmill on.

U see ,its not so easy being a waitress, now is it? How many times have you yelled at some poor waitress when your coco has been the wrong temperature? Well, now its your time to try. Every time U drop a glass, its 10 whiplashes. He put more speed to the treadmill. gretta tried to keep her balance in severe pain. She was in despair and could not believe what was happening.

I’l be watching you from upstairs, he said. Happy training slave. I still have to organize some stuff concerning your b-day party today and your death. See you later.

The door shut. gretta was walking on a treadmill, with a giant dildo stuck in her ass and throat. A tray, carrying glasses, was hanging from her giant breasts. The boots had spikes inside.

She could not believe what was happening. She was just trying to keep walking and not drop those glasses! Must-not-drop those glasses, she thought in despair…

Rating: 36%, Read 5262 times, Posted May 24, 2016

Fantasm |


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