Futanari Fantasy by teufelturm

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Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Domination, Female, Lesbian, Masturbation, Submission

By: djinnrummy©

Because of what had been described as my 'physical abnormalities’, I had a difficult childhood. My parents were in the diplomatic corps and therefore constantly moving to new posts in foreign countries.

I couldn't go with them; much, I think, to their relief and I wouldn't go to a boarding school, as that would have caused endless problems. This meant that my maternal grandparents who were not happy about this situation and had no qualms about telling me brought me up.

My paternal grandparents were too old and frail to be able to look after me, but they did what they thought was the next best thing and left me a sizeable amount of money which I would have access to on my 21st birthday.

Even normal schooling was difficult because my grandmother had informed the school that I had a medical problem that prevented me from taking part in any sports. I remember being told that I suffered from 'brittle bones' and must never become involved in contact sports. That really endeared me to all the other girls in the school.

On leaving school, I started working for a large book retailer and slowly worked my way up the slippery slope to the heady heights of manager. During this period, I had said a cheerful goodbye to my grandparents and rented a bed-sit.

The newfound freedom was good, but it did have a downside. I was a shy and lonely girl. I always came home to a cold, empty room and I had no friends to cheer me up. I also suffered from the fact that I am a very pretty and curvaceous brunette.

I use the word 'suffered' because I attracted a great deal of attention from males of all ages, both single and married, but I had realised several years ago that males were not for me. This was mainly because I had been a raging lesbian ever since sexual awareness had entered my consciousness. I lusted after lots of women and girls, but I never dared to do anything about my urges.

I spent many miserable hours longing for female company although I knew that any involvement with a female wouldn't last more than a couple of hours if that long.

Finally, I was offered the post of manager of a bookstore in a small town on the coast, and of course I jumped at it. I would be a manager of one, me. No matter, one has to start somewhere.

Three months later I had bought a little two bedroomed house, within a short walking distance of my bookshop and of the beach. I was actually happy with my life except that I had given myself a problem.

Prior to my arrival, the bookshop had become run-down because the previous manager had been close to retirement and hadn't made much effort to attract customers. I changed the internal lay out and made several operational changes and now I was busy all the time.

My area manager came to see me and soon saw exactly how busy I was and so he asked if I would be able to take on a junior assistant. Of course I would. The details were hammered out and on a Tuesday morning, three weeks later, my assistant arrived.

She walked into the shop about two minutes after opening time and as she approached me I felt my nipples harden, and I swear that two minutes later I was damp between my legs.

I was sure that I was about to make a fool of myself because of this sexual jolt, but I had a job to do. I asked her if I could help her and my knickers were suddenly very uncomfortable as she told me that she was my new assistant.

I led her through to the staff area and my office. I soon had all the admin stuff sorted out. I made coffee for the two of us and found out that she was nineteen, had worked for the company for a year and had been asked if she would consider moving down here to be my assistant and a with a pay rise.

Her name was Janet, she was unattached and had left home at the first opportunity, which was what this move was. The company was paying for a week in a B&B and she'd been down here for two days finding a place to stay.

Janet was attractive, a dark eyed and dark haired girl. She was slim, around 5ft.4ins tall and, to me, incredibly arousing. Her blouse was being pushed out by the twin peaks of her breast, which, even though encased in a 'bra, were unmissable. A knee-length skirt and sensible shoes completed the ensemble.

That was the end of the quiet time. I was even busier than normal as I served customers and kept an eye on Janet. What made things difficult was that I couldn't tear my attention away from her even when she wasn't dealing with customers.

I lusted after her and was therefore in a high state of arousal all day. I had never been in such close proximity to someone I thought of as a sex magnet for such a long period.

That night I masturbated with an intensity I had never experienced before. I had become used to being sexually frustrated because I had lusted after many women, but I had never been affected as much as I was by Janet.

She was pretty, but not fantastic. She was quiet and pleasant and appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary, but she was 'out of the ordinary' and my blood sizzled when I went anywhere near to her.

The rest of the week went by in a similar manner. I had thought that I'd get used to being close to her, but nothing changed. I hurried to get home in the evening and remove my damp knickers, and then I had to relieve my frustration in frenzied masturbation.

I had contemplated asking her round for a meal, but I was too afraid of not being able to control myself and I didn't want to frighten her away.

A week later I was a few minutes late for work and when I did arrive I found Janet in tears in my office. Eventually I learned that she was being bothered by her landlord, who had made no secret of what he'd like to do to her.

If ever there was a time to take my self-control and master it, this was it.

"Janet; I'm closing the store at lunch time and you are coming with me. No questions until we get to where I'm taking you."

At lunchtime, for the first time ever, I closed the store and took Janet to my house. It was difficult but I kept my hands to myself as I led her upstairs and showed her my spare bedroom.

"If you wish you can move in here. You'll have the run of the house, Kitchen, lounge, bathroom with no peepholes and someone to talk to if you ever want to.

"How much rent are you paying for your bed-sit?"

"Two hundred and fifty per calendar month."

"How does one hundred and fifty sound?


"Janet, I have a room that is not being used. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I like you. Forget about me being your boss, I'm being your friend. Are you interested?"

"I'm stunned, yes I'd love to take the room, but I insist on doing housework. Thank you for saying that you'd like to be a friend, I also like you, a lot, I just hope we stay friends."

"I can't think of any reason why we shouldn't stay friends, and when were not at work, please call me Sally. Now we have to get back to work."

"Yes boss."

That evening we moved her out of her bed-sit and into my place. Her ex landlord was furious, but after I'd told him I was contemplating reporting him to the authorities and the police regarding peepholes and lewd behaviour, he shut up and went away.

Oh, so close and still untouchable. We had brushed against each other more so than normal during the move and I swear her eyes widened in shock just as mine did when that occurred. I had felt a tingle of what felt like electricity, and it would seem that she had experienced something similar.

We got along really well, we worked together well, we got on fine at home, life was pleasant, but; and it was becoming a big 'but', there was a hint of 'something' in the atmosphere.

One rainy Sunday I told Janet that I was going to the supermarket and asked if she wanted anything bringing back. She didn't, so off I went.

I never got there. I almost made it, but a stupid van driver ploughed through a puddle at speed and I was drenched from head to foot. I turned round and went back home.

I never gave it a thought; I was soaked in dirty water and I was going to have a shower. I went straight upstairs and took a fresh towel out of the airing cupboard on the way to my bedroom. I removed my soaking clothes, and because I knew that Janet was in the house I wrapped the towel around my hips and went into the bathroom.

Janet was standing outside the shower cubicle towelling, but my eyes were riveted on her wonderfully huge penis, I also saw that she didn't have any testicles. She gasped when she saw me standing in the doorway and desperately tried to cover herself with the towel.

I stood there with my mouth open and then, without even thinking about it, I removed my towel to reveal my own penis rising to its full erect size. I whispered:

"Oh Janet I knew there was something special about you, but I never thought of this."

Janet sat on the loo seat with her face buried in her towel, and wept. I wasn't certain what to do because I couldn't trust myself to touch her without years of sexual frustration and desire overwhelming my wish to comfort her.

Then Janet stopped crying, looked up at me, and said:

"I was beginning to get the idea that we might have something special in common as well. I have never before experienced the sensations I began to have whenever we touched. It's always been hard trying to hide this from everyone, but lately it's been hell hiding it from you because I was certain it would scare you.

"I never dreamt that you were a Futa as well.

"I need to say this before I lose my nerve. Your gorgeous, you're desirable, and I'm hopelessly in love with you. What I need to know is; what happens now?"

I was stunned. I didn't dare go near her but I had to let her know what I felt for her. I entered the shower cubicle, closed the door and said:

"Janet, if I were to touch you at the moment it would take crowbars to get me off you. I've been longing to get hold of you ever since you walked into the store and that feeling has become stronger with each passing day.

"Obviously there is a strong sexual attraction, but as I got to know you I began to realise that I love you as well as desire you.

"Please, put a bathrobe on and let me get showered. I got soaked by a van going through a puddle and now I'm shaking like a leaf from excitement and desire. Please let me recover my senses."

Janet didn't move, she sat on the loo and said:

"I'm not moving until you tell me what you intend to do about this situation. I desperately need to know."

"I told you I love you. Now I suggest that it would be a good idea for you to be somewhere comfortable and have at least a bathrobe on by the time I get out of this cubicle.

"I think I'm going to make very passionate and very physical love to you, and if you're up for it then I must warn you that it will take the rest of today. After that we have the rest of our lives to discover each other's preferences.

Janet stood and walked up to the cubicle door and opened it.

"Kiss me and I'll leave."

I leaned out of the cubicle and kissed her. She was on fire and so was I and that kiss lasted for all of ten minutes. How I managed not to drag her into the cubicle I'll never know; If I'd put my hands on her I would have done just that, but when our lips separated she said:

"I was hoping you'd pull me in there. I'd do anything you wanted me to."

"Go; now."

She went. Damn.

As I went downstairs after my shower my heart was pounding and I felt very shaky. Janet was in the kitchen and had made lunch, bless her. I suddenly came down to earth and realised just how hungry I was.

We ate lunch without speaking; we just watched each other. When we'd finished eating Janet said:

"I daren't stand up, I have a huge erection and I don't want to fuck you. I want you to hold me and kiss me and feel me all over, and then I want you to fuck me?"

"Are you a true hermaphrodite?"

"Why don't you check for yourself? Are you?"

"Yes. You saw that, like you, I don't have balls so no sperm, but I have a very nice, soft vagina, but no eggs."

"Oh, this just gets better and better."

"Let's go into the lounge."

I sat beside her on the couch and opened her bathrobe in order to see her breasts; and hold them. I rolled her nipples between finger and thumb, licked them and sucked on each one in turn.

Janet was moaning and thrusting her breasts out as much as she could as I savoured her wonderful peaks. I told her how wonderful and beautiful they were and that I insisted that in future they were to be 'bra less when we were at home.

As she thought about this I slid my hand down to her tummy and then stroked further downwards and found my target. I grasped and she gasped as her solid shaft was brought out into the light and I began to masturbate her.

"Janet my love, I have never done this to another person so please tell me if I hurt you and tell me what you like or don't like."

Janet was slowly sliding sideways on the couch so I had to move off it and lift one of her legs onto the couch. Having effectively spread Janet's slim legs wide apart, I was able to lift her cock and see that she did indeed have a vagina and my own erection twitched in anticipation of the delights awaiting it.

I knelt down, and for the first time in my life I sucked a cock into my mouth. I went slowly because her girth was such that I was worried that my teeth would scrape her skin, but I persevered and soon I was taking all her penis into my mouth. Then the tip reached my throat.

I gagged and hastily withdrew knowing that I had all the time in the world to practice until I was able to give her the satisfaction of cumming down my throat.

I lifted her penis up so that I could inspect the soft flesh of her labia and then lowering my head in order to taste her. She was sweet and moist and I desperately needed to lick her pussy. I wanted more, so I used my fingers to pull her labia apart to allow me to suck her juices and lick deep into her moist tunnel.

Janet was moaning, crying, and thrusting her hips towards my face. I stood, lifted her off the couch and staggered to the staircase. I had to get her to use her own feet to get upstairs, but then I rushed her to the bed and laid her across it.

Before she could even begin to think about what I was going to do, I had my bathrobe off, spread her leg wide and lifted them up then pushed her knees back towards her shoulders.

"Hook your arms through there and keep those thighs high and wide my love because you are about to be fucked and I need all the access space I can get.

Janet's sex was exposed to my adoring and lusting eyes. Once again I bent to her cock and sucked it for a few minutes before I stood between her thighs and inserted the first couple of inches of my cock into her.

She was so tight. It was heaven. She gasped and winced.

"Janet, I've never done anything sexual with anybody before and I apologise if I hurt you, but I can't wait any longer. My cock is bigger than yours and it's a lot wider than your pussy so I'll go as slowly as I can but I want you well and truly impaled on this so please forgive me.

It took a long time to get the whole of my erection into her and she was certainly stretched, but once it was buried inside her, Janet asked me to just rest there for a few minutes while she played with my breasts and pulled on my nipples.

It was such a wonderful feeling that I really didn't want her to stop. I did a little playing of my own and masturbated her cock, which gave me some idea of what I was going to have shoved inside me some time in the near future.

My lust was rising and so, wonderful though it was, I had to stop the playtime in order to lift myself up so that I could drag my cock out of her clinging vagina before sliding it back down and banging into her cervix. I was exhorted to go faster and faster, then slower, and then faster again before resting for a short time.

All the time I was fucking her, Janet lay there with a smile on her face and her cock in her small hands, encouraging me to greater efforts. She had wanted me to do this to her, I had wanted to do it to her and it was absolute heaven.

"Sally, I'm getting sore."

I looked at my bedside clock:

"Wow Janet! I've been fucking you for over two hours. No wonder you're sore. I suppose we should stop, but how long does it take us to cum when we fuck? When I masturbate it normally takes me about an hour to cum."

"I don't want to stop; I want you to keep fucking me."

"No I'm going to stop, otherwise you'll be so sore you won't be able to do it for a couple of days and that is not going to happen."

"Isn't it marvellous? We have large cocks, soft vagina's, an enormous sexual appetite and the stamina to match it. I just hope our vagina's can take the strain of all the lovely sex we're going to have. I suppose we could always get a sex slave to help out.

I pulled out of her and saw the blood coating my cock.

"Janet, I wish I had known you were a virgin; I would have enjoyed that first thrust a lot more. I never gave it a thought because I've been using a vibrator to help me to cum when I masturbate."

I told her to go and have quick bath and I'd make coffee.

She didn't even put her bathrobe back on. She came into the kitchen, stood before me with her cock jutting out, and asked me to do something about it. The coffee went cold.

I took hold of at least nine inches of solid cock and began to do exactly as she asked. Sure enough the instructions came: go faster; then, hold it tighter, faster.

"I want to cum and I can't, make me cum, please make me cum."

I have no idea what made me do what I did, but it worked.

"Get in the lounge; now. Kneel on the couch and spread those thighs as wide as you can get them."

Before I left the kitchen I grabbed the Vaseline from my 'useful stuff' cupboard.

I joined Janet and enjoyed the sight of her stunningly shapely buttocks with the small puckered ring visible in the cleft between them.

This was no time for finesse, I opened the jar of Vaseline and smeared my cock with the stuff and then I scooped a good blob of it and said to Janet:

"I hope you meant what you said about doing anything I wanted, because I want this."

She jerked when my finger pressed against her sphincter and Vaseline was introduced into her anal channel. She jerked even more when my cock head pressed against her sphincter and forced its way into her.

I realized that what I was about to do would hurt her because she was so bloody tight, but I couldn't stop myself. It took time to get my erection into her anus, but we had plenty of that. To keep my hands busy as I pushed my way into her hitherto unexplored rectum I reached around her and grasped her breasts.

Janet was groaning and complaining about how her arse was hurting, but gradually the complaints grew less and the sounds of pleasure and appreciation grew louder.

She raised her head and shoulders up and back to allow me better access to her breasts and nipples thus enabling me to pull her hard against me and lower my hands to grasp her cock.

Her hands joined mine on her shaft and together we masturbated her as I fucked her anus. It was incredibly erotic and exciting. I fucked Janet as gently as I could, but our hands were becoming a blur when it happened.

She actually yelled; I'm Cumming Sally, I'm Cumming! That triggered my own release. Janet sprayed semen over the couch; a great stream of the stuff was shooting up her shaft and jetting out onto the cushions.

I was fascinated by the sheer amount of semen erupting from Janet and then I realized that my own climax had commenced. I began pumping my own cum into Janet, and she 'OOHed' and 'AAHed' when she felt it jetting into her and filling her anal cavity as I continued to fuck her.

The pressure must have been building because soon it was escaping past my shaft, even though her sphincter was tight around it. I stopped moving and just enjoyed the feeling of release as I filled her.

Janet had stopped squirting her semen onto the couch cushions and was crying and laughing as she slumped into the soggy patch that she had created. I removed my cock from her anus, which caused all the love juice I had pumped into her to run out and puddle between her thighs.

She was still panting and laughing when I told her that I had never experienced such wonderful feelings as those I had when my semen boiled up my cock and into her body.

I said that I never wanted to have to resort again to masturbation as my means of relief, but I had no problem in having it done to me for fun.

We were both shaking with reaction to the sensation we'd just experienced and both of us were sweaty, sticky from our cum, and in need of sustenance. We shared the shower and even managed to soap each other without being sidetracked. Not much anyway.

There was one important topic, which had to be dealt with straight away, and this was as good a time as any.

"Janet; I was happy that neither of us has testicles so there'll be no sperm for us to worry about, but can you conceive? I can't, I don't have any eggs. Do you know if you're the same?

"I'm just trying to anticipate what could happen in the future. We found each other and there is always a chance that we'll discover another who does have balls and testes and therefore could impregnate a fully functioning female organ."

"Don't worry Sally, I was checked out several years ago. I can never have children. I'm purely a fun palace on legs and now I've found who I want to have fun with."

"Do you rule out any other sexual excursions?"

"No, Be it a Futa or a woman, I'm prepared to admit that in time I may well be tempted to try fresh flesh, but not for some time yet."

We knew what lay in the near future and we were content to let it happen in its own good time, with one exception. I still hadn't been fucked; and I wasn't about to wait much longer, not after seeing and experiencing what a good fucking can do for you.

We went out, had a lovely meal with a good wine, and tried to ignore the sexual tension, which had become apparent as we sat in the restaurant and lusted after each other.

We enjoyed the meal and tried not to be overly hasty in leaving the restaurant, but although we'd walked to the restaurant, we took a taxi to go back home.

We did try to be restrained, but half way up the stairs Janet told me, in an authoritative voice I'd never heard her use before, that she was now the dominant partner and what I'd better do what she said, when she said it.

I was told to wait for her in the bedroom as she returned downstairs. I felt a shiver of anticipation when she returned because she was carrying the jar of Vaseline. She placed the jar on a bedside table and instructed me to remain completely silent until told otherwise.

She made me stand and watch her undress and then she made me stand and watch her stroke her penis until it stood proudly to attention. Janet turned her attentions to me and began to undress me. Although I had very little clothing on, it still took a long time for her to uncover me.

Once she was satisfied that all my component parts were present she began the slow process of investigating my major attractions. I have full, firm, rounded breasts and when aroused my nipples really stand out. I love having my nipples sucked. I didn't know that, until Janet did it. Having my breasts fondled as she did it was absolute heaven.

By the time she was ready to move on I was shaking with arousal and desire, and then she kissed me. I tried to hold her, but she told me that if I disobeyed her instructions she'd be forced to restrain me and she had some luggage straps, which would serve until she could obtain some proper restraints.

My vagina was wet, my cock was rigid and I desperately wanted to fuck her, but I knew that wouldn't be allowed to happen. Janet knelt and held my cock and then she licked it, long and slow. All the way down the shaft I could feel her hot, slightly coarse, tongue.

My body was on fire from lust and anticipation, but Janet was far from finished with tormenting me. Grasping my cock with her small hands she began to slide them up and down its length, pulling and twisting the skin and then putting the head into her furnace of a mouth.

She had to have several attempts before she managed to get her mouth full of my cock, but she got it in there and then she very slowly forced herself along the thick shaft. I was rampant with lust and at that moment wanted nothing more than to thrust my hips forward to reach her throat, but she knew what she was doing to me and withdrew her head.

I nearly fainted when she slid a finger into my, by now, soaking vagina. That was the first time another person had ever penetrated me in a sexual way, and given the aroused state I was in, I almost climaxed.

"Open your legs."

I complied.

"Wider. How do you expect me to get my head between your thighs if you stand like that?"

I spread my legs as wide as I could and Janet sat on the floor and shuffled between my legs. Moments later I moaned, loudly, as she kissed and licked my pussy.

"I told you not to make a sound until I gave you permission. I did not give you that permission and I meant what I said about luggage straps. That was your final warning."

She returned her attention to my pussy and soon the room was filled with the sound of slurping as she licked and nibbled my labia. I almost cried out when she reached up and grasped my throbbing cock and commenced to masturbate me as she licked into my vagina.

"Get hold of your tits and squeeze them, pull your nipples. Stop."

I was shaking; I sweating, and I was dripping vaginal fluid, as Janet stood up and said:

"I'm going to ask you a question, so you may speak now. The question is this. What do you want me to do to you now?"

"Fuck me, don't ask me where or how I want it, just fucking do whatever you want with me, please Janet, do it now."

"Will you do anything I want you to do?"

I knew what was coming, but I also knew that I would say what she wanted to hear.


"Can I really do anything I want to you?"


"I am going to fuck you Sally, I can hardly wait to get my cock inside you and make you my slave, but I think it has been worth the wait. After tonight we will fuck each other at every opportunity we get. What do you think I'm going to do first?"

"I think you're going to fuck my anus."

"Oh well done darling, you're quite correct, I am. How do feel about that."

"I want you to."

Janet made me lie on my back and then she did to me what I'd done to her earlier. My legs were wide apart with my knees by my shoulders with my arms between them and keeping them in place.

She licked and sucked my now fully exposed and accessible pussy and once again my lust drove all thoughts, other than sex, from my mind.

The Vaseline was duly applied to my anal opening. Janet pressed a blob of it past my slowly opening sphincter and then inserted the end of her Vaseline coated cock into me.

I remembered the sight of my cock entering her anus and the sounds she made as it did so. Her cock was a little slimmer than mine and a good two inches shorter, but I was now finding out just how painful that first penetration must have been.

It hurt, she was slow, tender, and thoughtful, but my rear tunnel was on fire. I had to look into her eyes as she pressed her cock into me and let her know that I wanted her to continue even though I was grimacing from the pain.

Janet withdrew her cock, inserted more Vaseline into me and pushed her cock back inside me before the sphincter could begin to retract.

The pain was far less severe and Janet slid into me with ease, she withdrew most of her cock and then slid it back down my anus and into my rectum. Ohh, that was nice. She did it again and it was wonderful.

I was her slave; she could fuck me like this whenever she wanted.

Janet began fucking me in earnest. I was sobbing and panting with lust, and asking her go faster and deeper.

"Janet! OOHH FUCK ME, nnng urgh ohh."

Janet shot a stream of semen into my rear and I could feel it spurting into me. She had grabbed my tits and was using them as hand holds as she slammed her erection down my anal tunnel. Then I discovered what she had experienced when I'd done the same to her.

The pressure build up felt enormous, but Janet's penis was still slamming into me and she was still ejaculating her semen. The seal formed by my sphincter around her cock finally gave and I felt her cum begin to trickle down and drop onto the bed sheet.

Janet pulled out of me and as her cock came clear it made the same sound that a boot makes when it is pulled out of thick mud. Now her cum juice really began to flow out of my rear end. When I moved off the bed there was a pool of the stuff.

We showered, stripped the bed and remade it with fresh sheets and then got into it and cuddled up together.

I was just dropping off to sleep when Janet said:

"You still owe me a pussy fuck."

"Believe me lover; I know, and later on today, I'm going to make damn sure I pay my dues."

We surfaced around nine o' clock and after the usual domestic bit we set off to the shops. The good thing about having Monday off instead of Saturday is that the shopping gets done a damn sight quicker.

This Monday was going to be very different from those that had gone before. We bought some clothes first. Short pleated skirts and thongs of assorted colours.

We eventually found a sex shop and so were able to buy what we were obviously most in need of which was sex lubricant and condoms. We might be firing blanks, but since we had discovered a liking for anal penetration it seemed wise to be hygienic when we indulged. We also decided on four sets of handcuffs, a slim vibrator and some lengths of soft cord.

Next stop was a large department store for several lengths of cloth to make throws for the furniture. Then to a hardware store for stain removal spray and powder, because we still have to clean the couch.

We went back home for lunch and then an afternoon of pure sex.

Janet was still drying the dishes when I went upstairs, stripped and called for her to come and look at something. When she came into the bedroom I was lying on the bed with my legs as far apart as I could get them and I'd placed a pillow under my buttocks so that my sex was on full view and very easily accessible.

I told Janet that I had always paid my debts on time and I had no intention of defaulting on this one.

Placing the shopping bag on the floor, she removed her clothes and took me by surprise. She took two sets of handcuffs out of the bag and before I'd really thought about it she'd put one on my right wrist and fastened me to the head rail. The left wrist soon followed because I couldn't do much to stop her.

By the time Janet had satisfied her desire to get me to plead with her to fuck me instead of sucking my nipples and masturbating my cock, I was a wreck.

I was sobbing and shaking, I was sweating, and above all I was frantic with lust. My vagina was on fire, it ached for her cock to invade it and yet she hadn't touched it once.

She reached for the bag and removed, the spray lubrication, at last!

My pleadings were to be answered and the fires of my lust damped down, but certainly not doused.

Janet got between my waiting thighs, placed her erection at the entrance to my vagina and said:

"I love you. Just like you I've longed for this moment for years, the ache and the misery will soon be completely forgotten and we can both just enjoy our situation."

Then she thrust herself deep inside me and fucked me until I couldn't think of anything to say except:

"Please don't stop Janet, keep fucking me, and don't stop.

"One thing I should have remembered was that she goes off without warning. Her cum hit my cervix and I felt every drop of that first burst; and after that it seemed to be one continuous stream of semen, until she shuddered and collapsed on top of me.

I managed to make her understand that I wanted to be released and she managed to do that for me before slumping back onto the bedding.

I had promised myself that when she let me loose I was going to fuck her again, but not only did I not have the stamina after what I'd just experienced. Then I realised that she'd done to me exactly the same as I'd done to her, so honours were even.

We weren't at war, but we were definitely, finally at peace.

After showering again, we tried the thongs and short skirts on with High heels, lacy 'bra's and 'not quite' see-thru blouses.

Wow they were potent. I got a hard-on just looking at Janet, but when she leant forward, pretending to pick a book from a low shelf, it was all I could do to refrain from taking her then and there.

The view of her thighs and beginning of her buttocks with a little piece of white material between the cheeks was absolute certain to give any breathing male an erection.

It was my turn. I got into the same position and Janet cracked. She stood very close behind me and placed a hand on my back to prevent me from straightening. After that she released her cock from her thong and I felt it prodding the cleft between my buttocks as she pulled my thong aside. The head of her erection slid down the crevice until it reached my anus and then pushed it into me.

I yelped as it forced my sphincter open and Janet immediately removed it. She apologised for hurting me and I thanked the heavens that she hadn't intended that to happen.

I was also thankful that we were in the bedroom because that was where the lubrication was, so all Janet had to do was reach out to the bedside table. She sprayed herself and then my rear entrance before sliding her cock back into me.

All this had happened so quickly that I hadn't had time to think about my position so Janet had no problem in impaling me on her cock and then commencing to fuck my anus whilst holding onto my hips for leverage.

I admit that I was soon enjoying being shafted in this manner and so it never occurred to me to complain which encouraged her to speed up her thrusting and increasing the vigour with which she did it.

My arousal was completed when she put her arms around me and instead of grasping my breasts, which was what I expected her to do, she pulled me upright and reached to release my cock from the confines of the waistband of the thong

I moaned as she grasped my now pulsing member and began to masturbate me as she fucked me. It was magic. The sensations I was receiving from this double sensory input were taking me to pinnacles of sensual arousal, which I had never thought to experience.

This was sex in all its glory and I wanted to luxuriate in the feeling for ever. Unfortunately, Janet climaxed at that moment. Her panting became ragged and then she cried out in ecstasy as she filled my rear end with semen, again.

That activated my release mechanism and I also cried out as my semen boiled up my cock and fired globs of cum into the shopping bag that Janet had placed there so many hours ago.

During dinner we agreed that in the morning we would wear the new clothes to work. We wanted to see if we could excite any of our customers in the way we had been. Mainly we were hoping to tease the hell out of the persistent males who were forever trying to get a date with us.

We knew that all they wanted to do was to fuck us. It was then that Janet and I finally admitted to each other that all we wanted to do was fuck. Women for preference, but if any male persisted in trying to get his cock in either of us, then he would, instead, get both our cocks in him. Oh life was going to be fun.

We slept well, in each other's arms.

For two days we had a ball at work. I had been working on a plan to turn one corner of the store into a section for fantasy and erotica, because I'd discovered three boxes full of the genre in the basement storeroom and I really couldn't see why they should be hidden away.

Janet and I cleared the books from that corner and installed the recovered books. We wore our new skirts, with thongs and happily allowed a little of our more arousing parts to be flashed as we worked.

The ploy was working better than we'd hoped because we noticed an increase in customers. During the second morning we realised that there was a marked increase in the number of middle-aged female customers who gravitated to the new section.

We still had to service the rest of the shelves, but we knew we were being inspected and did what we could to tease those who showed more than a passing interest in us.

The lunchtime trade picked up with a noticeable increase in younger customers, mainly male, but with a surprising number of twenty- something females.

Janet and I were getting home absolutely shattered during that first week. We did talk to each other about the female customers we fancied the most and were surprised at how often we fancied fucking the same ones, and not always the younger ones.

We also always had our 'must have' evening sex, but when we went to bed each night we slept soundly.

The scheme worked better than we expected and it didn't take long.

We began to notice that one woman whom we used to see occasionally was now browsing every day and it was easy to see that she was browsing us and not the books.

She had begun to buy books on a regular basis and they were all from the erotica section. I told Janet that I was sure she was trying to attract our attention and interest.

Janet decided to act and the next time the woman came into the store and entered the erotica section, she went there and began to 'rearrange' the shelves. She bent over and attended to one of the lower shelves and sure enough, the woman knelt down to look at something on the bottom shelf and then had a good eyeful of Janet's under-carriage.

I got a good image on my mobile.

As she paid for her choice, she said that she had dined in the same restaurant as us on three occasions, and on the last one had almost asked if she may join us as we were so obviously enjoying ourselves. It was such a blatant opening gambit that I felt she deserved to be successful, and so she was.

She was going to be a real pleasure. She was an attractive brunette, with long legs, therefore taller than me. She also had bigger tits than me, with a generous mouth and with a very curvy lower half. I couldn't wait to be successfully seduced into getting into her bed.

That mouth promised delights when used in the right places, and her rear made no secret of the pleasures waiting there.

"Oh dear, you should have spoken to us, we wouldn't say no. We are fairly new to the area and don't know any people down here and it sounds as if you're in the same boat. To be honest with you, we could be up to our armpits in men, but that's not what we want. We'd never have any peace.

"I think introductions would help. I'm Sally, my gorgeous assistant is Janet, and yes we're also very good friends. If you wish, we would be perfectly happy to give you some company. Are you new to the area?"

Her name was Lydia; she worked for a bank and had come down from the London HQ to be the acting branch manager. The present incumbent had suffered a stroke and was in hospital.

Lydia was staying in a hotel, and was bored to tears. The bookstore was heaven sent, especially when she saw the erotica and fantasy section being set up.

Having just served the last of the lunchtime customers, Janet had only overheard the last part of the conversation, but she knew what was going through my mind.

"Sally, we could invite Lydia to our place for dinner, we always make far too much and our place must be more relaxing than a hotel lounge."

She was snared. Of course she would be delighted to accept our invitation. Wow, what a busy bunny she's going to be.

She went back to work and would return at six-thirty. Janet rushed to the butcher for steak and then to the house to put them in the fridge and do a quick tidy up.

The meal was superb and so were the two bottles of wine that went with it and the brandy after that.

We chatted about our lives and made it obvious that we had a lesbian relationship. Lydia didn't say she was of the same persuasion, but I was damn sure she was thinking about it.

It was getting late and Janet disappeared upstairs as Lydia and I chatted about the problems that single woman have when away from home for lengthy periods. We were sitting close together and oooops she jogged my arm as she reached for her wine and my wine spilt all over my skirt.

Lydia had been having a problem with our short skirts all evening and it had rather unsettled her. When I stood and removed mine she was done for.

I stood in front of her in my thong with a stiff cock trapped under its waistband.

"Oh my god; you've got a cock! Its huge, is that real?"

"It most certainly is; would you like to feel it? I think you would, and I know I'd enjoy it."

I'm sure that left no doubt in her mind about what was going to happen. I took the thong off, and there wasn't much point in keeping the blouse on, so that went.

I waited. She stared at my erection and whispered:

"Sally, it's huge. Does it hurt?"

"Much as I'd love to I can't use it on me; but Janet says it's lovely, she's never had a problem with it."

Got her! Lydia reached forward and touched it, then held it, and then grasped it with both hands. I moved closer and she really didn't have an option, she opened that lovely wide mouth and the first two inches eased slowly into her.

I let her proceed at her own pace as she began sliding her hands along my cock and sucking a little more of me into her. She stopped moving and just rested so I began to pull my cock back; but she tightened her grip and moved her head forward a little more, so I pushed my hips forward and she swallowed another inch.

That was enough for her. She allowed me to remove my cock from her mouth and then she stood and began to unfasten her skirt.

"Sally, before I change my mind, will you please put that where it's supposed to go?"

"I don't think she'd quite realized that there was never much chance of her leaving the house without being fucked. She knew she was about to be fucked now, but not how often.

It was time to start getting Lydia used to being a submissive and subservient sex object.

"Get your blouse off, and your 'bra and knickers."

As I said this I removed my 'bra and then I took her upstairs.

Janet had covered the bed with a thick bedspread, made sure that the spray lube was there and turned the low lighting on. She was nowhere to be seen.

I told Lydia to stand still and then I stood behind her, proceeded to grope her big, soft breasts, and allowed my cock to prod into the cleft of her buttocks. Without my having said a word she parted her thighs, which allowed me to get my cock deeper into the cleft and nudge her anus.

I didn't want her anus just yet. I used her tits to pull her back towards me and then dropped my hands to her vulva and cupped it. I told her how much I loved those large tits and her soft tummy and how much I was looking forward to fucking her after I'd tasted her sex.

She was trembling in anticipation and lust and moaned gently as a finger rubbed down to her clitoral hood and then began to press on it.

"Get on the bed and lie on your back. Open your thighs Lydia; I can't eat you if you keep your legs closed. Bend your knees and show me your sex Lydia. I've been wanting to see your pussy all evening and now I'm going to lick it and suck it and then I'm going to slide my cock deep inside it. That's what you want me to do so make it easy for me to please you."

She did exactly that and soon she was begging me to fuck her, what she didn't know was that I was equally desperate to fuck her. She was my first 'normal' woman.

I stopped driving her to a frenzy of lust, climbed up her body to suck a nipple and then said:

"I'm going to fuck you Lydia, get hold of my cock and put it where you want it."

She did, she put the head of my cock in her sopping pussy and I pushed. I slid in with a little difficulty, but soon I was fully inside her with the head of my cock butting up against her cervix. I rested for a moment and then Lydia got fucked, as she said later, like she'd never been fucked before.

I unloaded my semen into her as she screeched her way through her third climax and begged to be allowed to rest.

"Sorry Lydia, you can't rest just yet because I think that Janet is looking for somewhere to park her load and your pussy seems to fit the bill."

"Oh no; I can't. You never told me that Janet has a cock as well."

"Well she has and your about to meet it. Be nice, because it wants to be friends with you."

I got off her and Janet, who'd been sitting in the corner with the video camera for some time, said:

"Lydia, I'm taking you for quick toilet break and a very quick soak before we start so get up and follow me."

"She went as meek as a lamb, and when I went in for a shower she was just getting the last of my semen out of her pussy before climbing into the bath. Janet was very helpful; she sponged Lydia's breasts and made sure her nipples were properly cleaned."

They left before I'd finished my shower, so when I did leave the bathroom I wasn't surprised to hear Lydia asking Janet not to wait any longer. From the gasp and sigh that followed, I gathered that Janet hadn't waited any longer, so her cock must have just been buried in Lydia.

I went into the bedroom and sure enough, Lydia was on her knees at the edge of the bed, with her thighs wide apart, being fucked 'doggy style' as Janet held her hips and slammed into Lydia's pussy. The wet sounds of her groin slapping against Lydia's labia was wonderful music to my aroused mind.

I lay on the bed, with my head between Lydia's arms to fondle her breast and suck her nipples. This was heaven; I had to hold her tits tightly because they were swaying about from the force of Janet's thrusting. For such a slender girl she could really get some steam up.

I moved round and slid my legs between Lydia's arms until my cock was in place for her to be able to suck my cock.

"Suck it Lydia, you shouldn't need to be told, I want your mouth around my cock. I want to watch you suck me while Janet fucks you and when she's finished fucking you I want you to move over me so that you can lower your cunt over my cock and fuck me.

I really wasn't sure that I could actually prevent myself Cumming until Janet had finished. She didn't let me down, and as she had done every time before, she suddenly blasted her semen into Lydia's very receptive body.

As soon as Janet allowed her to move, Lydia crawled forward and then grasped my cock and inserted it into her vagina. She lowered herself down my shaft and then commenced to pump her body up and down to fuck me.

I loved it. I was never going to cum like this, but having her big tits swaying above my face, with her now deep red and swollen nipples brushing against me was fantastic. I didn't cum, but she did and I had to hold her tight until she'd stop shuddering.

"Get off me and lie on your stomach so I can have your bottom. Open your legs; I want to play with your anus. She didn't move so I slapped her bottom, not hard, but she got the message.

Janet handed me the spray. I pulled Lydia's buttocks apart and sprayed her sphincter and my fingers, and then I spent an hour with her bottom.

Her sphincter was wide open when I finally allowed Janet to lie on top of Lydia and fuck her anus.

Lydia didn't make a sound. When Janet entered her, she'd experienced the little discomfort that couldn't be avoided. Now it was definitely all pleasure.

Janet fucked Lydia's anus and Lydia loved it. We knew that because she said so, with no prompting from us. Janet finally pulled out of Lydia so that we could change places, which Lydia hadn't expected.

I entered a very tight tunnel, I did it slowly and as I was getting deeper inside I explained that my cock would remain in her rear passage until she agreed to certain of our requirements.

I fucked Lydia and brought a great deal of pleasure to both of us.

She finally climaxed from her anal fuck and went to sleep

I also had a voice recording of Lydia promising to have sex with us whenever we wanted to have it. There was also a recording of her, which I hadn't asked her to make, telling us that she wanted to come to visit us for sex after she'd finished her work down here and had to return to London

I'd asked Lydia about her home in London and been told that she shared a flat with the owner. She was a teacher in a junior school and a closet lesbian. She'd never approached Lydia, but it had still become apparent that she had a couple of like-minded friends.

Lydia made it plain that they didn't attract her.

Janet and I had a shower, then took a few still photos of Lydia in various poses, and then loaded them onto a flash drive, which went into our safe with the video. As long as Lydia played straight with us, they'd stay there and would never see the light of day up to the day we were certain that we could trust her not to 'kiss and tell'. We needed insurance and that was it.

The next morning was interesting. Lydia had to get dressed to go to her hotel and change. She was looking very happy, and when Janet asked her what she thought about what we'd done to her, she said she had never imagined that she'd be fucked by a woman and had certainly never had so much pleasure from a cock.

"I thought I'd struck the jackpot finding a very attractive lesbian couple. To get what I actually got was beyond my dreams."

"You do realize that you'll get more of the same tonight, don't you?"

"Will I? Oh good. Am I to be submissive all the time?"

"You had better be; you don't get a choice in the matter. Be in the store at lunch time, do not wear knickers, we may want to fuck you."

Lunchtime came then Lydia came. I took her into our office and felt her pussy, smooth, bare and wet. I was tempted to fuck her then and there, but I'd promised Janet that she could have her and so I made Lydia kneel, get my cock out and suck me. I didn't cum and told her that she owed me one, which I would collect during the evening.

I left and Janet took her, doggy style over the desk. Lydia was very considerate, I heard her moan, but it was very muted and I had been listening for it.

Afterwards Janet told me that we had a damp patch on the office carpet, she had therefor informed Lydia that she would have to undergo a tandem fuck during her evening visit, to compensate us.

Then she explained that a tandem fuck involved her in Lydia's anus and me in her vagina and then we'd fuck her in tandem.

"Come in Lydia. Take your shoes and dress off please. Oh Janet; do come and look at these legs. From now on you are to wear nylons all the time you're in my house Lydia. If they have to come off, then Janet or I will do that for you."

Lydia was now wearing a pair of self-supporting nylons and nothing else. She looked absolutely stunning and I wanted her. I took my bathrobe off and then hugged Lydia and fondled her breasts. Janet took her bathrobe off, knelt in front of Lydia who immediately parted her legs to allow Janet to lick her pussy lips.

I was squeezing her lovely large breasts and pulling her nipples into long, red, tubes as Janet licked her clitoris and inserted fingers into her sex. Lydia gasped, she moaned and shook and then asked me to fuck her.

"Please Sally, I want you to fuck me now, I've thought of nothing else since lunch time."

"Not yet Lydia, you have a lot to do for us before we fuck you, but after we have fucked you, I promise you that you'll never look anywhere else for sex.

"I don't want to look anywhere else."

"Hold my cock, Stroke it and kiss me. Keep stroking me"

Lydia obeyed and I really enjoyed being kissed by her generous mouth. Her tongue went into my mouth and left me in no doubt that she was desperate for sexual release.

Janet ceased invading Lydia's vagina and moved to sit on a chair.

"Kneel in front of Janet, spread your thighs wide and then suck her cock."

As she did as instructed, I rolled a condom onto my cock and sprayed it and my thumb. Kneeling behind her I reached between her thighs to slip a finger into her vagina and my thumb into her anus.

I forced her lovely soft rear end up so that I could manipulate her more easily and even though she had her mouth full of Janet's erection, when mine went up her anus she still managed to squeal as I fucked her.

Janet and I enjoyed Lydia's body for a while, and then our own lust began to take over. We released her and told her to stand.

"Go into the kitchen and lie on the table."

I removed the condom and dumped it into a waiting bag when I entered the kitchen.

Open your fucking legs, we shouldn't have to tell you this. You are to be ready for fucking at all times unless we tell you differently. I held her ankles wide apart and admired her pussy then Janet guided my cock to it and I entered her.

As I fucked her, Janet climbed onto the table and straddled Lydia's face.

"Eat my pussy Lydia; make me cum on your face. Come on, I want to feel your tongue inside me. Now hold my cock, come on bitch, pull my cock and lick me out."

I increased the speed and force of my thrusting into Lydia's pussy as Janet and I played with her, and each other's, breasts. I also rubbed Lydia's clitoris and it wasn't long before she was wriggling and jerking in the build-up to her climax. We stopped; Janet removed her pussy from Lydia's face and got off the table as I removed my cock from her body.

We sat on the couch and made Lydia kneel on the floor between us.

"Suck my cock, pull Janet's cock and suck me. OOH that is so fucking nice. Now suck Janet and then suck me again."

We kept her doing this for half an hour and then I slid forward and lay back then lifted my legs up and spread them wide. Janet went behind the sofa and held my ankles and I pressed my cock to my stomach.

"Take a good look at my pussy; you're going to be seeing a great deal of that. Can you see how wet my pussy is?"


"That's your fault, now you suck it dry. Come on; suck all the running juice from my pussy. Put your fingers in there and feel my cunt walls. Now finger-fuck me Lydia."

I released my cock, which sprang erect.

"Now suck me and wank me, come on Lydia get me really excited. Make me want to fuck you until you can't walk. Would you like me to fuck you until you can't walk?"

A muffled sound came from between my legs.

"What did you say? Speak up Lydia; tell me what you'd like me to do."




"Take a break now, go for a quick shower and we'll have a snack before getting down to some serious sex. You really are a very attractive and sexy woman Lydia, there must be a lot of men wishing they could fuck you, but do you know if there are any women who you think may feel that way?"

"No I don't know of any. I never thought about sex with women until I came down here and went into your bookstore. When I saw you two I knew I wanted to get to know you."

"Do you regret that?"

"No, I really am so glad it happened.

"Go and get a shower now."

We had a snack and then took Lydia back to the sofa and told her that she was now going to have to compensate us for the damp patch on our office carpet.

"Just because you cunt gets filled with cum doesn't mean you can dribble it everywhere. Cum stains can be hard to get rid of."

I sat on the sofa and made Lydia straddle me.

"Put your tits against my face so that I can suck your nipples. Hold my cock and put it in your pussy. Lower yourself down my cock, get it all inside you and tell me when your cunt is full."

It took some time for her to lower herself down my shaft, but I enjoyed every moment. When she said that she was ready, Janet rolled a condom onto her cock and sprayed it and then she parted Lydia's bottom cheeks in order to spray her anal sphincter.

That done she placed the head of her cock against Lydia's sphincter and said:

"Now my gorgeous fuck slave, I am going to shove what I've got into your rear hole and then you are going to get well and truly fucked. My body may be smaller than yours, but my cock is big enough to make your eyes water and it will always give me great pleasure to shove it into your arse. Are you ready? Go."

I rammed my cock upwards, Janet rammed her cock forwards, and so we began the most wonderful fuck that either of us had ever had. Lydia was crying, then she was sobbing, and eventually she was just doing her best to ride us to exhaustion.

"OHH fucking hell, Ah Oh you bitch that is so fucking gooood. Fuck me; come on fuck me, faster, OOOHH FUUUCK."

She collapsed.

Janet backed away, removed and binned her condom and then helped Lydia to get off me. We took her upstairs and put her on the bed and covered her up until we'd run a hot bath for her. When that was ready we led her to it. We washed her; we dried her, and then we took her back downstairs and made coffee.

We were sitting on the couch with Lydia between us. I was playing with one of her tits and Janet had the other. We teased her nipples, we kissed her, I got down and started sucking her labia and her legs parted. I sucked harder and pushed my tongue into her slit and she began moaning and wriggling and thrusting her vulva at me.

"Would you like me to fuck you again?"

"Yes please."

Would you like Janet to fuck you again?"

"Yes please.”

"Will you always do what we tell you to do?"


"I love that wonderful rounded bottom of yours and I want to keep on fucking it. Would that be a problem?"

"NO. I like it. Sometimes it hurts a little, but that stops and I feel wonderful and I would never have believed that I'd climax while being fucked in my anus. That was incredible."

"Which would you rather have, my cock in your arse or your pussy?"

"My pussy. It aches all the time now for both your cocks. I don't mind which one of you fucks me as long as one of you does it"

"Promise me that you will never talk about us to anyone, ever."

"I promise, I don't want anyone to know what I do with you, I'll happily be your slave, but I couldn't bear anyone else to know that."

"Take a cushion to kneel on and go and kneel on the stairs."

She knelt on the stairs and bless her, she'd spread her legs nice and wide.

I pushed my now throbbing cock into her pussy and grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with a nice steady rhythm, I wanted duration, not release.

Janet came and pushed her cock into my pussy and we fucked in another sort of tandem. She and I changed places and I fucked Janet as she fucked Lydia.

Then I went and got two condoms, I gave one to Janet and put the other one on my own cock. Lydia stayed where she was without complaint, even though she was kept informed of what was happening. She had fully accepted her situation.

Janet entered Lydia's anus and I entered hers. I held her tits and mauled them as I screwed her bottom and she set the action so that she rammed her rear end back onto my cock as I thrust forward, then she thrust forward as I pulled back.

We changed places again and also changed condoms then I entered Lydia.

She did gasp when my cock went up her anal channel because my cock was significantly fatter than Janet's and her sphincter needed time to adjust. Janet mounted me and off we went.

We stopped for a rest and then took Lydia upstairs to bed.

Janet fucked Lydia until she came and then I fucked Lydia until she came again. Then we made her wank us until we came, this didn't take long, because all the previous activity of the evening had turned both of us into ticking bombs.

We showered, she dressed and we called her a taxi to take her to her hotel. It was far too late to allow her to walk there.

The evening was a huge success. We used a complete tube of spray lube on Lydia's lower apertures. It was also worth noting that when she did finally leave the house she was walking very carefully.

Lydia was looking a little jaded when she turned up at lunchtime the next day. I took her into the office and asked her if she was feeling ill.

"No, just tired. I was awake for a long time thinking over all that has happened to me since I met you and Janet."

As she spoke I had lifted her dress up and was pleased to find that she did not wear knickers. She spread her legs and bent over my desk so that I could enter her. I fucked her gently, and above all, quietly because there were a few customers in the store.

She was thrusting back into my groin as I thrust forward and it affected me. She was so obviously enjoying what we were doing that I became over excited and squirted semen into her.

Having learned from the last time she was fucked in the office I had some cloths ready. I gave her a cloth as I pulled out from her vagina, which she held to her pussy as she headed into the toilet.

When she came out she told me that she didn't want to go back to the bank so would I ring the bank and tell them that she was feeling ill and was taking the afternoon off and going to bed.

I did that. I reassured her deputy that she was not seriously ill but had a 'woman's illness'. That stopped any further enquiries.

I rang my own head office and told them that Janet and I had dined at a restaurant we'd never used before and both of us were having a digestion problem. Because of the need to use the toilet frequently I wanted to close the store and go home. No problem.

We were home by one o' clock and a three of us were in bed by half past one.

I let Janet have Lydia first and lay beside them as they puffed and grunted their way to release. Lydia climaxed and went to the bathroom.

When she returned I got her to lie down with her lovely legs wide apart. I admired her pussy and soft body before settling myself on top of her and laughed as she wrapped her long legs around me and fell asleep.

I let her sleep for an hour and then woke her up by pushing my cock into her slit. We took her in turns for the rest of the afternoon and then she reminded us that she didn't work on Saturdays so she'd be free to go to the store with us and help in whatever manner we wanted.

On the following Tuesday Lydia came at lunchtime and told us that the person she was standing in for would not be returning. She'd been offered the permanent position of branch manager if she wanted it.

She wanted it.

A month later she was installed in my second bedroom because Janet was a permanent fixture in my bed. She visits us often. She will eventually find a place of her own, but not yet.

The End? Maybe.

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