Her Mother Caught Us by fbailey

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Her Mother Caught Us

Robin and I had been dating for about three months, we were both high school freshmen, and we were both virgins too. Robin was fifteen years old and I was already sixteen. She was kind of cute but certainly not cheerleader quality and certainly not nerd material either. Dad referred to her as the girl next door type.

Robin was my height, a few pounds lighter, and a B-cup. Her hair was reddish, quite curly, and it hung halfway down her back. She wore the normal miniskirts and tops that all of the other girls wore but she didn’t try to be sexy at all.

When we first started dating and going to school dances or out to the movies I got to hold her hand and I got a good night kiss. The next month I got to kiss her more often and we got into some necking where I might get to feel of her tits from the outside of her clothes if she felt that I deserved it. Robin always wore a bra. Then over the previous month I got to reach up under her top as long as I didn’t try to get under her bra. I could also feel of her crotch if she is wearing blue jeans. Her pussy can feel really warm and damp too, especially after a night of kissing.

Then her mother caught us. We were kissing and my hand was up under her blouse on top of her bra feeling of her soft tittie flesh. Robin’s hand was just resting close to my crotch. She almost never touched my cock. Anyway that was what we were doing when her mother caught us.

She said, “Robin what are you doing?”

Robin snapped, “Nothing mother.”

Her mother looked at her and said, “That’s the problem.”

Then she looked directly at me. I hadn’t moved a finger. My hand was still up under Robin’s top resting on her bra.

She asked, “And what are doing to my daughter…and be honest.”

I replied, “We were just kissing and my hand is on her bra holding one of her tits, I mean breasts. We weren’t doing anything, honest.”

Her mother said, “Well at least you told me the truth. Why is your hand on the outside of my daughter’s bra?”

I replied, “Because she won’t let me reach up under it and she always wears a bra. She’s a good girl.”

Her mother asked, “Do you ever get to touch her crotch or her yours?”

I replied, “If she is wearing blue jeans I can rest my hand on her pussy, otherwise no. She has only touched my crotch twice and I think it was an accident both times.”

Her mother asked, “Robin is that true.”

Robin blushed and said, “Yes mother. I really am a good girl.”

Her mother said, “I know that you are a good girl Robin but he has been your boyfriend for over three months now and you never give him a nice reward, not even every now and then.”

Robin blushed and said, “He has his hand on my breast.”

She corrected her, “No honey he has his hand on your bra. Take it off and hand it to me.”

I watched as Robin leaned forward, pulled my hand out of her top and then removed her bra without taking her top off. She unhooked it, pulled the straps out her armholes, and then pulled her bra out from underneath her top. Then she handed it to her mother.

Her mother then said to me, “Now put your hand up under my daughter’s top.”

I looked at her and she was serious, I looked at Robin and she was turning several shares of red, none of which matched the hair on her head. So I reached up under her top expecting her to stop me but she didn’t. I had my first full contact between my hand and a girl’s tittie. It was a lot better than through her bra, it filled my hand with warmth, and I finally felt her nipple get hard. I had to touch her other tittie too. It was heavenly.

Her mother watched as I molested her daughter’s breasts right there in front of…with her blessing I might add.

After a couple of minutes her mother said, “Now remove your blue jeans and let his hand touch your pussy.”

Robin said, “I’m wearing panties.”

Her mother said, “That’s okay if they are in his way he will move them or take them off. Either way that’s his problem. However, if he takes them off then he can keep them if he wants too. Is that understood?”

Robin nodded her head that she understood. She looked at me and I nodded my head too.

Then my hand reached her knee and her knees parted, my hand crept up her thigh on it’s own, but when I touched her damp panties all of my senses overloaded. I then cum in my pants. With her mother right there looking at me I reached to the side and grabbed her panties and started pulling them down. She started to help me but her mother said, “Let him do it himself. Just lift your ass up if you want to help him.”

I got on the floor in front of her so that I could reach both hands up to pull her panties off. Robin lifted her ass up off the bed and I pulled. Her knees were open and I got to see her pussy as I pulled her panties off. Her pussy had red hair on it that was slightly darker than the hair on her head.

Her mother said, “As you can see she is a real redhead.”

Robin said, “Mother, please.”

She said, “Okay, okay, as soon as he slips his finger inside your wet pussy I’ll leave you two along. Let him feel you up for a half-hour and I’ll come back.”

I automatically put Robin’s panties up to my nose and inhaled. She looked a little shocked but her mother just smiled at me. I sat up on the bed next to Robin and put my hand between her legs. She spread wide for me and I inserted a finger in her slippery pussy. Boy was she wet. Her mother smiled and then left us alone.

Robin said, “I really wanted to do this for you on my own, but I was scared.”

I asked, “Are you still scared?”

Robin said, “Not anymore. Now that my mother has changed her rules we are home free.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

Robin said, “For years she told me that good girls didn’t do any of the things that she just made you do to me. Obviously she changed her mind.”

I asked, “Does this mean that I get to this to you again?”

Robin said, “Yes, and as often as you want too. Providing no one is watching us. Except for my mother. Apparently she likes to watch.”

I asked, “Does this mean that we can have sex too.”

Robin said, “Ask her. She seems to like you.”

Instead of asking her mother for addition liberties with her daughter I figured that I should just enjoy the ones that I have first. I sat across her knees and put both hands up under her top as I kissed her, when I kissed her all that I wanted to I slid back off her knees and down to the floor without letting my hands loose contact with her tits. Then I leaned in and kissed and sucked her nipples as I kneaded her breast flesh. Robin liked it as much as I did, maybe even more. After a few minutes of that I pushed her back, put her legs over my shoulders, and went straight for my goal. I kissed, licked, and sucked her treasure. That pussy of hers had always been my goal, well actually my goal was to fuck it but I was getting closer by the minute.

I loved smelling her panties and I loved the taste of her pussy too. I even loved the red cunt hairs that got caught in my teeth. I could only imagine what it would it would feel like to put my cock in her but until then I could certainly put my tongue in there and I did too.

I was slurping up a storm when our time ran out and her mother asked, “Are you done yet?”

I pulled out of Robin’s pussy with my face all covered with her juice and said, “Not yet, can I have another half-hour? And can I fuck it too? Please!”

Her mother smiled and said, “Just like a man…give him an inch he wants a mile.”

She asked, “Robin, what do you think about his request?”

Robin smiled and said, “I’ve been on birth control shots for two years now, I’d like to see if they work.”

Her mother laughed and said, “I’ll take that as a yes. Go ahead and have sex with her. Just remember to be gently with her and if you really take a half-hour, I want you for myself. Three minutes is more like it.” She laughed and left us alone.

I got undressed and then with my boner sticking up in the air, Robin took off her top. I wondered what the big deal was about her getting completely naked since I had seen her tits and her pussy up close. I had to admit that seeing her naked was really nice though.

With my cock throbbing I followed Robin over to her bed and got up on it. At her request I got on my back and she got on top. She struggled to get into the right position but eventually she managed to get the head of my cock right where she wanted it. Then she lowered herself down into it. It was a good thing that she was so wet because my dry cock took a little work to get all the way into her. When she settled down on me she rested and leaned down to kiss me. Her pussy lifted up an inch or two so when she sat back up she dropped down on my cock again. I saw the expression on her face change from one of surprise to one of pleasure. She would lean to kiss me and then sit back up. She did that several times then all of a sudden she sat perfectly still. A minute later she said, “Oh God that felt wonderful.” I had hardly felt anything. Then Robin started kissing me and sitting back up over and over until she sat still again. That time I felt her pussy clinching my cock then releasing it after a while. Robin said, “Oh my, they just keep getting better.” I lay there while Robin used me for two more orgasms before she finally thrashed around on my cock fast enough to make me cum.

When I finished cumming her mother opened the door and announced, “Fifteen minutes was remarkable for your first time. You may very well get to that half-hour someday. When you do my offer is still good.”

After we cleaned up and dressed we went downstairs, kissed goodbye, and I started to leave.

Her mother called out, “Cum again and often.”

In school the next day Robin said, “Mom sure has changed, she treats me like a woman now, as if loosing your virginity makes you an adult. I know a lot of girls that aren’t virgins and they sure aren’t adults.”

I kissed her and said, “But they aren’t you. I’ve always thought of you as an adult and I’m glad that your mother caught us.”

Robin said, “Me too. Now I hope those birth control shots work.”

The End

Her Mother Caught Us


Rating: 94%, Read 57534 times, Posted Jan 13, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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