Me and My Aunt by Mr.f

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True Story | Incest, Transsexual

Ever since I remember I had sexual Fantasies about my aunt. She has always been a good looking Woman and always been in good shape. She was in her mid-thirties and looked more like early - mid tweneties. She has wonderful large C cup tits that are to die for and a great round ass. She has shoulder length brown hair and a face that makes you think shes a model. Now about me. I have always had a large cock, by the time I was 14 it was at 10 1/2". I have always been kind of a bi-sexual guy. But dont get me wrong I love women. I have always wanted to try new stuff out though. I was an only child and my parents were away on business alot. So most the time my aunt stayed with me to look after me.

But everything I knew about my aunt changed the summer that I got out of 8th grade.

As usual my parents were away on business, so it was me and my aunt staying alone at my house for a whole month. We had a pool in our backyard and during the summer me and my aunt spent a lot of time in it. On this particular day i was doing my usual messing around. You know diving and splashing around. But my aunt was tanning and floating on one of those raft things in the pool. What I didn't notice was that she had her bikini top straps undone for less tan lines. I decided to have a little fun. I went underwater behind her and got under her. Then I flipped the raft. She got quite a scare out of it and also her bikini top came completely off. So there she was with her big tits fully exposed right in front of me.

The next thing I knew I had a giant hard-on growing in my pants. I hadn't known that her straps were undone so I just stood there staring. But then I noticed what was happening and I immediatly asked, "I'm sorry, are you mad?"

She said, "Actually I find it quite flattering that you would do that." Then out of nowhere I saw a shocked look on her face and she said, "Oh my god!"

Then I remembered that I had a huge hard-on so that it was almost poking her. I tried to hide it because I was embarrased, but there was no way to hide that thing. I looked back up at her only to see her staring in amazment at my cock. Then after a few akward moments she said, "Can I touch it?"

I was just amazed at this. All my dreams were coming true, I just couldnt believe it. Eventually I studdered out, "S-sure..."

In a matter of seconds she had my swimsuit off and was playing with my cock in her hands, I just couldn't believe it was happening. Then she said, "Lets go inside and have a little fun."

We got out of the pool, dried off, and went inside. We went into my parents room because they had a nice big bed in there, and my aunt said we would need it. She told me to take off everything I was wearing and to lay down on the bed. I was so excited, but nervous because even though I had fooled around with girls at my school I had never actually fucked any of them. She came into the room with nothing but her bikini bottom which was more like a skirt than a thong. She came over to me so quickly she almost jumped, and the next thing I knew she had both hands on my cock jacking me off. She spit on my cock for lubrication, but she didn't need it because I was just oozing pre-cum. She jacked me off for a good 3 mins, and then she opened her mouth so wide and tried to fit my cock in her mouth. It was so large, but she finally got the head in. I was in so much ecstacy and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed what was happening. Then I looked down to see my aunts lips almost half way down my shaft and I was amazed how well she took it. She gagged a little, but suprisingly not too much.

She took a break from her mouth and wrapped both hands on my cock. She said she was supprised that I was lasting so long. I looked down and saw her bikini bottom still on. I nervously asked her, "Could you please take that off? I would love to see your pussy and ass." She said, "Alright, but you're in for a supprise." I was so horney right not I would do anything.

She took off her bottom and I just stared in awe. She had a COCK. This oddly made me even more aroused. I said, "Oh my god!!! Y-You have a dick!" She said, "Yes, would you like to suck on it for your favorite aunt?"

I didn't even say anything. In a second flat I was bobbing my head back and forth on her cock. She got real hard and suddenly I stopped and asked, "Wow, how big is it?" And she proudly replied, "Nine inches, but not as big as your mammoth cock."

I was so horney I just needed that cock in my ass. I asked her, "Please would you fuck my asshole, I'm just dieing for it." She just smiled down at me and I got on my hands and knees on the bed. First she spit down on my asshole and spread the spit around. Then she stuck her middle finger in my asshole. I was supprised by this and grunted a little. I had never had anything in my ass before so it hurt a little, but it felt oh so good. She pulled her finger out and I felt her cock head press up against my asshole. Then slowly she started pushing the head of her cock into my ass. It was hurting so bad, but I didn't care. Then the head popped all the way in. By now the pain was not nearly half as bad and it started to feel really good.

She started pushing faster into my hole. And soon her whole cock was in me all the way to the hilt. I thought I would cum just at the thought of what was happening, but I held back. She pulled back so that just the tip of her head was in and she quickly pushed forward all the way again. That hurt some more, but it was alright. She started pulling out and pushing in a lot faster and it felt so good. I started pushing back to meet her hard thrusts. I was in such ectacy I didn't even know what was going on. She said, "Oh YES, Oh YES! Your ass is so tight and hot! I don't think I'll last much longer." And within seconds she screamed at the top of her lungs, "OH I'M CUMMMIINNNNNGGGG!!!" Just as she said that I felt her hot cum pour into my asshole. It never seemed to end. I looked down and I realized that I had cum too, and all over the sheets and my stomach. And when she was done she lay on my back completely spent. Her cock softened and she pulled it out. When she pulled out I felt her hot cum pour out of my asshole and onto the bed.

She got up off my back and she looked down at the bed. She said, "Well, we cant let that cum go to waste." And without saying anything else licked up hers and my cum off the sheets. I just watched as she did so. This made me horney, but not enough to get my cock all the way up. She just looked at me and crawled over to me on the bed and licked the cum off of my stomach. Then she took my cock (still quite big) into my mouth and started sucking. I asked her, "What're you doing?" And she replied, "You're gonna fuck my ass till you cum."

Hell, I was happy with it.

So she sucked my dick back to hardness and got on all fours. I told her to lie on her back so that I could watch her beautiful tits jiggle as I fucked her ass hard.

Right as I was about to push my spit covered cock into her, she stopped me and said, "Please go slow, I have never had such a huge cock inside me." I said, "O.K." So I started slow and pressed my cock head hard against her asshole. My cock was so large I had to push really hard to get the head inside. As soon as the head was in and I started pushing again she stopped me and said that she didn't think she could take it, but she wanted it so bad. So I decided that I would just take it slow. I pushed it in at what felt like an inch an hour. But eventually it was all the way in. She asked me, "Could you hold it right there for a minute, it feels like a flagpole was just shoved into my asshole." So I laughed and waited for a few minutes. Then she gave me the ok and I started pulling out. Soon I was fucking her real hard and going all the way out then all the way in again. She was moaning so loud I thought the whole town would hear it. I had the best time in the world kneeling there fucking my aunts asshole while watching her perfect tits bounce back and forth. I could tell by her moans that she was enjoying it. She was screaming my name and yelling, "FUCK ME, OH YES, FUCK YOUR AUNT. YES FUCK MY ASSHOLE HARD. OH HARDER, HARDER. OH MY GOD!!!"

And after about 25 minutes of hard assfucking I yelled, "I'm CUMMING!" She said back to me, "Pull it out. Since you're so facinated by my tits, I want you to cum all over them and my face." So I obeyed and pulled out my cock, and she took it into her mouth and sucked me off till I pulled it out and came gallons all over her face and tits. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw. I wish I could have taken a picture right then and there.

We fell asleep naked and cum covered in each others arms.

When we woke up about an hour later she licked the half-dried cum off her face and tits. Then she kissed me hard on the lips and whispered to me, "We have a whole month of this!"

And that was that. More to come, comments are appreciated.

Rating: 77%, Read 247083 times, Posted Jul 12, 2004

True Story | Incest, Transsexual


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