Tim, his mum and i by Mandy99

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So where do I start? Firstly about me, I am 5 foot six, brunette, I would not describe myself as knockout but a normal looking girl and have been told that I am pretty.


So let me start at the beginning about an incredible adventure, if you like this I will continue to post.


I moved into my block of flats when I was 22, I was a single career minded individual, who managed to buy their first flat. The block was pleasant with 2 flats per floor covering three stories. I soon made friends with my neighbour Debby who was five years older than me very glamorous and her eleven year old son Tim who seemed a sweet but shy boy.


Debby and I would meet up on many occasions sharing a glass of wine sometimes a meal. This went on for a while, I always thought to myself that she never had a break from home, so one day, I suggested that if she ever wanted to go away for a weekend I would be more than happy to look after Tim she said that she couldn’t trouble me like that, but I re-iterated it would never be a problem as he is a very well mannered boy. I repeated my offer regularly until one day she said she has a hen weekend to go to and could I look after Tim for the weekend, who by now was 13, but looked like he was 9, he was even at 13 a very diminutive individual and shy.


I arranged to be home early that Friday and Tim would stay at my place in the 2nd bedroom. I knocked on Debby’s door and she answered with Tim standing next to her, I said “OK Tim, lets go we can watch a movie, say bye to your Mum” This was obviously the 1st time both of them were going to be apart I said to her don’t worry it will be fine.


That evening I made a light meal, we watched a DVD, I then had a bath and told Tim to hang his clothes up in his room, I will check on him later. After my bath I put my gown on and went into his room.


He was folding some clothes and he was standing there in his boxer shorts. His boxer shorts were strange they were far too big for him as they went down to his knees, so I said “Tim, you and I are going shopping tomorrow and we will buy some trendier boxers”. His response was that he does not want any as those were fine. I did say they don’t fit well and asked why did he wear boxers that were clearly too big. At this he looked at the floor and visibly blushed.


I said “What’s up Tim?” he replied by saying he can’t tell me, I said to him to stop being silly come and tell me what’s up. Eventually he said he can’t tell me as his mum had made him promise not to tell anyone. So I said “Listen Tim, tell me what’s wrong and I promise I will not mention it to any body” He then told me the reason why he wore oversized boxers it was and in his words “My willy is too long” I said to him “Tim that is silly that cant be right” He then went on to explain when he does gym he keeps his boxers because if the other boys see him they would all tease him.


I of course by now was somewhat curious, so I said “Tim how big is it really” he then told me he has seen other boys and he is a lot bigger than them. My mind was thinking I would like to see it in the flesh but, he is my friend’s son and he is only 13.


I then said “Tim, can I see, I can tell you if it is really big” he replied by saying he would but I must not tell his mum. He then pulled his boxers down. How can I describe what I saw? but I will try, in front of me was this boy 13 years old not even 5 foot tall looking younger than he was, hanging down was this enormous cock that had to be 9 inches and large heavy balls, these looked like they should be on a fully grown man and even then they still would have looked enormous.


So, Tim stood in front of me looking ashamed and his eyes were filling up, I said “come here and have a

hug” I sat him on my lap and told him “don’t worry you are gifted and the reality of what he has wont be

apparent till later in life”. I couldn’t help but look at this enormous cock laying across his legs and wondering how it must look when he has a hard on. I held him close, his head was in the crook of my neck and rubbed

his side, my arm was “accidentally” brushing his cock. I watched in awe as this monster started rising and it did

not take long until this enormous beast was in front of me. It was beautiful, circumcised with a large helmet,

gorgeously defined ridge and large veins going up the shaft, this would not look out of place as an oversized

dildo, but here it was on this small guy which made it look even freakier.


I said to him “Does it often do this” to which he replied “Yes”, I then said “Don’t worry I wont tell your mum” to

which he said thanks. I then asked “Can I feel it” he said I could if I wanted to.


My hand went round his cock it felt like an iron bar, I gently started stroking it I could not help myself, and I

knew it was wrong but I had no control on my lust by now. “Does that feel nice I asked?” he said it did, I asked

if he wanted me to stop he said no as it felt nice.


I continued to gently run my fingers up and down and gently stroked his gorgeous cock. I spat into my hand to

lubricate and started to slowly wank him, pre-cum was oozing from the tip his eyes were shut and his breathing

was getting heavier. I knew he was going to cum, “are you enjoying this” I asked, “Yes” he panted, and I sped

up the stroking.


His pre-cum was now providing the lubricant to continue stroking his cock, suddenly he groaned his legs

tensed and he shot and amazing amount of cum, he shot four spurts into the air before his cock oozed out the

remainder I continued to stroke squeezing out the last remaining drops.


There then followed an amazing and an unbelievable weekend and an even more unbelievable confession

which I will continue in the next instalment.

Rating: 91%, Read 68749 times, Posted May 31, 2011

True Story |


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