Hot Summer Nights by Jen+Lee

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female, Threesome, Written by women

Hot Summer Nights

by Jen L. Lee © 2012

“You do realize that Summer has been returned to us from six foster homes,” Mrs. Naste said to Teal Connors. “She is almost 15 and we feel she is incorrigible and likely will never fit in anywhere,” she sniffed in a condescending tone. “Frankly, we all believed she would age out and be someone else’s problem.”

“There is no such thing as an incorrigible child,” the 34-year old socialite said as she adjusted her stylish hat. “I was not able to have children after the birth of my daughter, Nicole. We adopted Colleen and we were told she would be nothing but a headache. Quite the contrary, she has been a delight and a wonderful big sister to our Nicole. Children need love and guidance, give them that and most will turn out fine.”

“Yes, but as I have just said, Summer is not a child,” Mrs. Naste said. “She will be eighteen in a few years. We have several other children who …”

“My husband and I liked Summer from the beginning. She seemed to like us. Our trial weekend went swimmingly. The papers are signed, are they not?” Teal said, not letting this pushy woman dissuade her. Mrs. Naste nodded.

“Then I would like to take my daughter home, please.”

Summer was saying goodbye to the few friends she had when they came to get her. Summer was far from incorrigible, she was too bright for her own good, asked all the wrong questions and wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself or any of the other downtrodden kids she encountered. She and Mrs. Naste had almost come to blows on several occasions. When she met the Connors’, Summer thought they were too good to be true. Teal Connors was locally well-known and Patrick Connors owned several properties and was one of the most dynamic men Summer had ever met. With his steely blue eyes and dark hair, you noticed him when he walked into the room. If he had made a move on her, Summer would have been more than happy to fuck him. She wasn’t a virgin, having discovered sex the previous year. A lot of it had been with other girls and she was sure it was one of the reasons Mrs. Naste disliked her.

Teal greeted Summer when she entered the room with her one small suitcase. They went outside to the parking lot and got in Teal’s new Audi. “It’s really over?” Summer said as she looked back at the home she had been in and out of since the age of 2. “No more foster homes?”

Teal kissed Summer’s cheek and squeezed her hand before starting the car. “No more foster homes, darling. You’re my daughter now. You can call me Mom or Teal, whichever feels more comfortable.”

“I like Mom,” Summer smiled warmly. “I’ve never had a mom and I’ve always wanted one. You and Mr. Connors …”


Summer smiled. “You and Dad are sure about this? You have two girls already, I’m going to be 15 in another week and …”

“Nicole adored you and Colleen can’t wait to meet her new sister,” Teal said as the car drove up the laneway to their home. “She’ll be home next week and the only thing she told me is that we’re supposed to buy you lots of pretty new clothes and spoil you rotten.”

Summer giggled. “That sounds good to me. I like her already!”

They got out of the car and the front door of the house swung open. Nicole ran down to meet her mother and new sister. She caught Summer up in a hug that nearly knocked the wind out of her. “What took you guys so long?” She chirped and then hugged Summer again. “Hi, sis!” She beamed.

“Since I’ve never had a sister, that will take some getting used to,” Summer smiled. “Hi yourself Nicky, it’s so nice to see you again.” During Summer’s trial visit, the girls had bonded so well that Nicole was almost in tears when Summer had to leave. Teal knew right at that moment they had to make lovely blonde a permanent part of their family.

Teal smiled at both of her daughters. “Have you heard from your father?”

“Daddy will be home in about 45 minutes, he sends his love to you and says I’m supposed to give Summer a hug from him,” Nicole hugged her sister again. “Oh, and Colleen called and says I’m supposed to spoil Summer rotten and she can use her room.”

Summer had slept in her own room the last time she was there. “We’re having your room painted,” Teal explained to her daughter. “We paid attention to a lot of what you told us during your visit so we’re having the room decorated to your liking. You won’t be able to use it for a few days, because of the paint fumes.”

“Oh Mrs. – oh Mom, I don’t want to be a bother, I’m sure it will be fine,” Summer smiled.

“Didn’t you hear your sister? You are a Connors girl now and we spoil our kids,” Teal grinned. “You can use Colleen’s room, you could have a party for twenty people in her room and not find them for a week,” she laughed.

“I’ve got a better idea, Mommy,” Nicole piped up. “Bunk with me Summer, we can eat junk food and stay up late …” Teal scowled at her daughters “… chill Mommy, it isn’t a school night. We’ll keep it down, but even if we didn’t, you and Daddy have kept me up enough nights.” That statement was met with a second sour look, but Nicole grabbed her sister’s arm and the pair ran upstairs. Teal laughed in spite of her daughter’s impudence. She knew that Nicole would do her best to help her new sister adjust to life as part of a family.

In her sister’s room, Summer looked at the sibling she already adored. “What were you talking about downstairs about Mom and Dad keeping you up?”

Nicole giggled. “Oh, THAT. I’ll let you in on something. Our parents are very horny people. They married when Mom was just 17 and it was almost 9 months to the day when I was born. They can be a little – enthusiastic – at night,” she laughed.

Summer smiled and nodded. She was fascinated by sex and all its permutations. She couldn’t wait to have a varied sex life of her own. Holding on to your virginity for marriage was such a dumb idea! A lot of her girlfriends had told her how much fun sex was and once Summer found out for herself, she agreed with them 100%. She intended to find out more about sex and kinky things and was glad that her parents seemed liberal enough so they wouldn’t kick up too much fuss. She was thrilled at what her sister had just told her and was now certain she could go to Mrs. Connors – Mom – with any questions she might have about dating, especially if she intended to date men – and women – older than she was.

“Hey, I just noticed you’re dressed a bit skimpy, aren’t you?” Summer asked Nicky. Her sister laughed.

“You mean the bikini top and short-shorts?” She chuckled. “You’ll get used to it sis, our parents are practically nudists. Mom used to model before she started working in the library. Daddy swims every day and as you noticed last time, he’s buff. Colleen loves clothes, but she looks great without them and she has enough lingerie to open her own store. Hey, where are your clothes?”

Summer let out a deep sigh. “I travel light. All of mine are in my suitcase, downstairs.”

Nicole gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. “Everything you own is in that shabby little suitcase? Oh Summer, we are taking you shopping tomorrow and getting you everything you need. Connors’ women LOVE to shop and our Mom’s a spoiler. I think some of Colleen’s stuff might fit you, I’m a bit more petite than you are.”

Summer nodded. She thought her sister was absolutely perfect the way she was, brunette and perky and full of life. She already had a huge girl crush on her slightly-younger new sibling. “I can’t believe I really have a family and a home and no one is going to come and take me back,” she said before tears started running down her pretty face. Nicky held her until the tears stopped.

“We’d barricade the doors,” her sister laughed. “Besides, you don’t get Mom or Col mad. Even Daddy backs down if Mom gets her dander up.”

“Okay, don’t piss off Mom, check,” Summer smiled. “Are we having dinner any time soon? They didn’t feed us much at lunch and I’m starving!”

“Around here you can eat whenever you like but I think Daddy wants to barbecue,” Nicole smiled. “Hey, we can get into our bikinis and go for a swim first.”

Summer shrugged and it took a second to register with her sister. “Holy shit! You’re not telling me you don’t even have a swimsuit!”

“No point to having a suit if there’s nowhere to swim,” Summer told her sister. Nicole had an angry look on her face and left the room for a minute. She returned a minute later holding a tiny red bikini. “This is one of Colleen’s, she’ll never miss it,” she said as she handed it over to Summer.

“This isn’t a bikini, it’s a bandage with a skin condition,” Summer joked.

“What are you worried about? You have a great body, you’re a lot prettier than I am,” Nicole told her sister as she slipped her shorts off.

“You are H-O-T girl and you know it,” Summer told her. “Mom and Dad really won’t mind my dressing like this?”

“If I know our mother, she’s already wearing something snug and made of Lycra or topless by the pool,” Nicky smiled. “Get changed already, before midnight if you can manage.”

Summer stuck out her tongue and laughed, then she put on the skimpy red bikini. It didn’t leave much to the imagination but she supposed if she was going to be a part of this free-thinking, hedonistic family she would have to get used to it. She knew she was attractive because she got a lot of attention. She was a pretty blonde with blue eyes and legs that went on for miles. The suit certainly accentuated her legs and there was nothing at all wrong with that.

She walked to the pool and saw Teal on her back taking some sun. When she heard the girls coming, she sat up and turned over. She made no attempt to cover herself. “Summer darling, aren’t you gorgeous. Colleen’s suit looks even nicer on you, I’m sure she won’t mind,” Teal smiled at her girls. Summer was impressed at her mom’s casual attitude and she could scarcely believe this woman was in her 30’s. She and Nicole could have passed for sisters.

“When is Daddy getting home?” Nicole asked her mother.

“How about right now?” Patrick enveloped his squealing daughter in a bear hug and kissed his wife. He smiled at Summer and said “How are you settling in, Summer?” He said as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Fine – Daddy,” Summer smiled. It felt odd to her calling him that for the first time. When he smiled in pleasure, she almost melted. Her new Daddy was so gorgeous; she hoped someday she could find a boyfriend as hot as her father. Even at 37, Patrick Connors was a broad-shouldered, huggy bear of a man who made her swoon. Summer could have gone for a man like him and his age wouldn’t have mattered a bit to her. She was smart enough to know that experience counted for a lot. They ate dinner, her very first as part of a family and after, they all went swimming. Summer couldn’t help noticing in his swimming trunks that her Daddy was packing!

The week went by nicely. The family helped Summer get settled in and she liked spending time with her new sister. Summer spent as much time with Nicki as she could manage and it was fun having a warm body to cuddle with at night. It reminded her that she wasn’t alone and there were now people in her life that cherished her.

On the day her 15th birthday arrived, Summer was given more gifts than she had seen in all of her entire life. Her father took the day off work and they held an all-day party for the blonde teen. She was over the top with happiness; she didn’t believe that life could really be this good.

“We have one more present for you – sort of,” Teal Connors said to her daughter. It was another warm evening and all were lounging by the pool. The sun was setting and the day had been absolutely perfect. “Patrick, would you and Nicky like to start things off and give Summer her final present?”

Nicole smiled and said “Sure Mom.” To Summer’s utter astonishment, her sister dropped to her knees and pulled her father’s swim trunks down so that they were completely off his body. He stepped out of them and his lovely daughter slid his cock into her mouth. Summer watched in awe as her sister sucked her – their – father with absolutely no self-consciousness whatsoever.

Summer watched in amazement and felt her Mom’s hands on her shoulders. She turned to see that Teal had slipped out of her metallic suit and was totally naked. Only light tan lines marred her otherwise perfect body. “I suppose you’re very confused, aren’t you honey?” She asked Summer. The young girl couldn’t find the words so she just nodded. “We’re a very sexual family. Both sets of parents, Pat’s and mine, were swingers. In fact, that’s how we two met – through our folks. Our parents taught us about sex and brought each of us along to a swing party. We hooked up there and haven’t been apart since. Patrick and I don’t think it’s wrong to teach your kids about sex. When the kids were old enough, we gave them the option of joining in. Colleen took to sex like a duck to water and Nicky isn’t far behind. When you were here for your visit, Nicole said that she got a feeling you’d fit in with us. She thought perhaps you were a very sexual person who just needed to be with the right kind of people. We all hope that Nicky was right, but it’s entirely your choice. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, you’re still our daughter and this is your home as long as you want it to be.”

Summer smiled up at Teal who was smiling back. She thought perhaps that would have been the deal-breaker. If there had been coercion, she likely would have balked. There was nothing but love and desire here and Nicole had read her right. Summer was a highly sexual person who had long been curious about sex with men and women. Her few dalliances before coming here had only piqued her interest. Her Daddy was gorgeous and her Mommy and sister were sexy too and Colleen was coming home too. She’d have an endless supply of playmates, plus the ones she found for herself. A lovely home, nice clothes, her own room, lots of food and sex – what kind of idiot would turn any of that down?

“Mommy,” Summer grinned. “You knew what my answer would be before you even asked the question. I love you all and of course I want to be a part of this.”

“Then why don’t you go over to your father and give Nicole a hand?” Teal asked her daughter. “I think Colleen is due home any minute, I’ll go and wait for her inside and bring her out here when she gets here.”

Summer nodded and joined her sister, who made room for her after giving her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. Summer realized that when she slept with Nicole tonight, they likely wouldn’t be sleeping and the naughty thought sent thrills through her. As Daddy’s cock slipped into her mouth, she felt another chill. She was going to have her first fuck with an older man and it was to be with her own, strong Daddy. He would be the one to teach her about sex with men and women and that sure sounded great to the newly-15 year old blonde.

“She’s good Nicky, not as good as you but she hasn’t had the practice,” Patrick said to his middle child. “She sure is an enthusiastic little slut, I’ll give her that.”

Summer balked a bit at the words, but her sister patted her back. “You’ll get used to the sex talk. Actually, Daddy just paid you a compliment. We’re all sluts in the Connor household, Mommy and Col are the biggest sluts of all.”

Summer nodded and went back to working on her Daddy. He had a nice big cock; she sure hoped that she could take it all. Once he was fully erect, Summer and Nicole both stood up and walked with him to one of the chaise lounges on the deck. “You get to fuck Daddy first, if you’re ready,” Nicole said to her sister. “Are you?”

“I – I don’t know if I’m wet enough,” Summer said, being pragmatic.

“Of course, how silly of me,” Nicole chuckled. She had Summer get on the lounge and spread her legs. She tugged her sister’s bikini away so that she was in the uniform of the evening, her birthday suit. Nicole smiled and went down on her sister. Summer had never felt anything this good in all her years and knew she would be soaked within minutes and ready for her first big fuck with Daddy.

Nicole stood up again and kissed her father. Summer got a little thrill knowing that her sister was sharing her juices with Daddy. She was startled to see that Daddy’s cock still had not gone soft and realized their little show had likely kept him in that state. Daddy would be hard a lot if Summer had anything to say about it. She really enjoyed kissing her sister and having Nicky eat her pussy.

Patrick replaced his daughter on the lounge and stretched out. “Are you ready for this, princess?” He asked Summer. She looked down at his cock and thought it was enormous, although she really had no basis for comparison. “I think so, Daddy,” she sighed. “I really want to do this, but I will admit to being a little nervous.”

“Nothing at all wrong with that, princess, but I will be gentle, but don’t worry about it too much. Everyone in our family loves to fuck,” Patrick laughed.

“I wailed the first time I had that fucker in me – for all of about a minute,” Summer’s sister giggled. “Then I began to gasp and before long, I was moaning. Mommy and Colleen said that they could hear me all the way inside the house. It’s best to do Daddy in the cowgirl position the first time because he’s larger than most men. Then you can control how much you take and how fast you go. But if I know my gorgeous new sister, she will want as much as she can take real fast. I think our family has another cock-crazed slut now.”

The slender blonde smiled and nodded. She had been looking forward to fucking ever since she discovered a number of her Mom’s books in her parent’s large den. Her mom was a librarian by trade and she loved books at home, but the collection in the library was over 75% made up of naughty, erotic books. She had gotten quite an education since discovering them.

Now, as she slid her tight, virginal pussy down on to Daddy’s cock, she hoped what she had read about sex would work in the real world. She felt his thick club part her labia and then it was inside of her. There was something in the way and then, it was no more. It burned and stung but as Nicky had said, only for a minute. Then it began to feel very, very good and she began to bounce her ass up and down. Summer was fucking her Daddy and her sister was crawling on to his face. The sisters started kissing as their father managed to take care of both of their needs.

“I had to get in on this Summer, you don’t mind, do you?” Nicole asked. Summer shook her head and leaned over to kiss her sister. They had become inseparable best friends over the past week or so and it just made sense that Nicky was there. Her sister was wiggling around and they were able to kiss with their arms wrapped around each other as Daddy’s cock moved in and out of Summer’s snug pussy.

Summer knew she fit in with the Connors’ family; she was one of them now. Her Daddy felt so good inside of her, fucking was the greatest. She was riding him at a nice pace and he was so thick and hard, yet he wasn’t forcing himself on her. He was making sure that everything they were doing was for her benefit – well, hers and Nicky’s. He wasn’t forgetting about his middle child, she could see that from the blissful expression on her sister’s face.

Just then, the patio door opened and their Mom came back with a sexy, sunny-faced blonde in tow. There was something so exciting and beautiful about the blonde, who Summer knew instantly. It was her new sister, Colleen, the only one of the family she had not yet met. Colleen was wearing a pretty red bikini that looked a lot like the one Summer had borrowed a few days ago. She was also wearing red spike heels and had the face of a doll. “Move over Nicky, you’ve had your turn with Daddy,” she pouted prettily. “Go have some fun with Mommy, I want to meet my new little sister,” she smiled.

Summer was overwhelmed by her new sister’s beauty. It was hard not to be. Her face didn’t have the slightest trace of a blemish. Nor did her skin. Her breasts were perfect for her body, not too small and not too big. Wavy blonde hair fell to her shoulders and her body was slim and trim. She even had beautiful hips and a lovely way of walking that captivated you. Taking your eyes off Colleen was impossible; she commanded your full attention. The gorgeous blonde threw her suit to the ground and smiled. “I won’t be needing this for a while,” she said as she mounted her Daddy’s face. “Hello, baby sister,” she smiled and kissed a thoroughly turned on Summer. “Wow, did Mommy and Daddy pick a winner with you. You’re going to fit in nicely around here. I’m sorry I haven’t been here until now, but I was away with friends. I brought you some nice birthday presents though, I’ll give you those later.”

Summer nodded as her body moved up and down on her father’s cock. She and Colleen started kissing and she found herself totally unable to speak. She adored Nicky but there was something about Colleen that almost overwhelmed her. Colleen had the face of an angel but you could tell that’s all it was. She had a sexual aura anyone standing within ten feet of her could sense.

“Summer’s picked up on Colleen’s sexy vibes,” Nicky whispered to her mother as they stretched out on the other chaise, their bodies entwined. “She’s one of us now, I think she might just outdo the rest of us if we give her enough time,” she said to Teal.

“Then we’ll make sure she gets the time,” Teal said as her daughter fastened her lips to one of her nipples. “We’ll make sure that she gets all the time in the world.” As she watched Colleen and Summer wrap their arms around each other, Patrick’s cock still deep inside her youngest daughter’s cunt, she knew that would be a promise she could easily keep.

Rating: 89%, Read 55099 times, Posted Nov 29, 2012

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female, Threesome, Written by women


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