Mr. Janes (Chapter 1) by arabiddrummer

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Jessica rushed down the hall to her class. She was late.. again. She had already been written up for truancy twice this year. And she knew she was on thin ice for a third time, which wouldn't end well. It wasn't that she avoided school. She actually enjoyed it. Circumstances always just seemed to make her late. She enjoyed herself at school more so than at home usually. Especially on Thursdays. Thursdays were when she had Mr. Janes.

She ran through the door, and the class all looked at her. She gave them all a quick once over, then settled her eyes on her teacher, Mr. Janes, who was mid-way through a lecture on the heart. He locked eyes with her for a second, then simply nodded to her seat. He was kind enough not to draw attention to her and embaress her like most teachers would for being late. She hurried to her seat and dropped into it, quickly trying to focus on what he was explaining.

"...Now, the theory Daniel Bernoulli stated, and the principle the became his namesake, states that for an inviscid flow, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid's potential energy. Bernoulli's principle can be applied to various types of fluid flow, resulting in..." she tried her hardest to pay attention, but the already complicated lecture was made harder to understand when she hadcomein half way through. Not to mention the fact that the more she stared, the more distracted she became. Mr. Janes' bright green eyes scanned the class as he spoke, the students trying their hardest to focus. Jessica slowly scanned him instead.

He was one of the younger teachers, but no less mature. He took care of himself though and obviously cared about his appearance. He had on a green tie, vagely matching the plaid button down shirt he had on. Nothing too fancy, but more stylish than most of the other teachers. His hair was short and styled. He always had a bit of seriousness in his eyes, but most students felt they could approach him.

Jessica couldn't help but to find him attractive. She'd always been attracted to older men. And someone like him, older, successful, attractive, still in his prime, was exactly what she loved. As she lost herself in deep-rooted fantasy, she had to snap back to reality as she noticed her hand had strayed down, slowly rubbing herself through he tight jeans. She shook her head to bring heself back to reality, looking forward again. For a second, she thought she saw him staring at her before looking on. Had she just passed through his glance? Or had she seen what she was doing? Embarassment made her turn red for a moment, but also fueled the growing need between her legs, imagining Mr. Janes struggling to hide his needing cock under his desk as he watched her play with herself. She let her fingers drift to her pussy again, glancing up to see if he noticed. He didn't seem to, and her heart sank a little. The bell rang.

"Alright, have your papers on the relations between pressure gradients and fluid velocities for me tomorrow. And for God's sake, don't just copy and paste from Wikipedia." Everyone laughed. Jessica grabbed her bag and headed for her last class. She was sitting in the back, so she was almost last to leave. She went to open the door. "Ms. Allen." She froze at the sound of his voice. She turned around. "Yes, Mr. Janes?"

"Come see me after class."

She slowly nodded and left.


Her last class was a bore. Driver's ed. She spent most of the class dreading what Mr. Janes had to say to her. She had no doubt it was about her being late. Despite the sick feeling it gave her, she also found herself fantasizing about him again. She managed to keep her hands off herself without the visual stimulation, but it was getting her hot nonetheless. As class ended, she headed back towards Mr. Janes' classroom. She pulled a note out of her pocked with her bus time on it. Normally she had a ride to school, but her family was out of town, so she'd been riding the bus home.

She gently pushed the door open to his classroom. Mr. Janes was focused on some papers on his desk. The door closing finally made him look up.

"Ah, Ms. Allen. Please, grab a seat," he said, motioning for a chair. Hesitantly, she grabbed one and pulled it closer to his desk.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I can't stay long. I'm taking the bus home this week, so I only have, like, ten minutes."

Mr. Janes set down his papers. "I tell you what. I'll give you a ride home. Those busses were hell when I was your age, and I'm guessing they're no better now." He smiled. God, that smile. It felt like electric shot down her spine, into her stomach, and finally crept back toward her now aching pussy. She pushed her legs together, desperate for relief.

"Besides," he added, "It's freezing. I don't know about you, but I could use some coffee. Do you drink coffee?" She nodded. He smiled. "Good. Let me grab my coat." They both got up. She was fairly confident this wasn't something teachers were supposed to do. But, on the plus side, she'd get some coffee, a ride home, and a few more minutes of eye candy.

They walked through the mostly deserted halls and finally reached Mr. Janes' car. He politely opened her door for her, and shut it after her and got in. They drove off. They chatted casually, and he was yet to bring up her truancy. They drove through the drive thru of Starbucks, getting something to warm their bones. It was a fair distance to her house, but it was on the way to Mr. Janes'.

"Jessica," he finally said, breaking their casual talk, "You really have to start showing up on time." She groaned, a little louder than she'd meant to.

"I told the school I'd talk to you. They're saying you need some sort of repremand, because it keeps happening."

Great. They're going to suspend be, she thought. At least they're sending me off with some coffee..

"I suggested we assign you some.. productive extracurricular activities, and they agreed to let me handle it." His voice trailed off a little. She looked over at him.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Well, you could help clean at the school, organize books in the library.." Jessica again groaned.

"Or..." he said, "Be my personal assistant." She perked up a little.

"What would I have to do?"

"Just busy work, mostly. Help me make sure things run smoothly. It'd be better than your options, I believe. But.. you have to show me you want it." It was now she noticed the car slowing down. They were near her home on a back road, but still a few miles away.

Jessica fidgeted in her seat. "How would I do that?"

Mr Janes' stared forward as he put the car in park. "I can't help but notice you in class, Jessica. Especially on days like today. I saw you staring.." her heart froze. "..amongst other things."

Her stomach instantly went into a knot. But that warmth between her legs turned almost fiery at the idea of him watching her. "I-- I'm sorry.." she stammered.

"You don't need to be sorry." he said, "As long as you can make up for it.." She looked over at him. He was still staring forward, but she looked down and saw a huge bulge in his neat slacks. Her heart pounded and her pussy ached.

"Jessica, I don't want to fail you. I could though. And don't think I wouldn't." He locked eyes with her. "But if you want to graduate," he reached down and slowly unbuckled his pants. "You need to bend over, open your mouth, and swallow me." She was speechless as his large, thick cock became visible. Her jaw dropped. She couldn't even respond. The sharp pain of him grabbing her hair brought her back to reality. Before she could protest or even think, she was forced down onto his enormous dick. He loosened his grip, and she took over, desperately tring to swallow him.

Mr. Janes leaned back in his seat and groaned as Jessica's head bobbed up and down on him. She'd never had one this big, but she loved it. She timidly wrapped her soft fingers around his shaft and kept blowing him. His cock throbbed against her tongue, causing her to moan in desperation. She decided to try something. She pulled off of his cock.

"Mr.Janes..?" she said gently. He didn't respond. He just looked down at her. She swallowed. "Please.. fuck me.."

He smiled a little. "Oh, so that's what you want." She nodded. He smiled again. "Get in the back." She quickly did as she was told. He followed her into theback seat.

"Take off your jeans." She clumsily slid them off and tried to cover herself.

"And the thong." He turned bright red as she slid her panties off. Mr. Janes lowered the back seat and pushed her onto her back. She didn't resist. Herstomach tightened up as she stared down at his massive tool. Hegrabbed her legs under her knees, pushing them back and spreading them wide. And without hesitation, he forced his long, thick cock inside her. She screamed, but he clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Shhhh..quiet.." he slid out and back in hard. She screamed into his hand again. "If we get caught, we both lose.." He grabbed her wrists and pinned them down, and grabbed her soaked pantied off the floorboard, forcing them into her mouth. Then, he started pounding her. Not just sex. This was fucking. Hard and ruthless. She moaned and groaned desperately as her pussy stretched, trying to get used to his length and girth. He was growning hard on top of her. She felt her tits bouncing under her shirt as he fucked her harder and harder.

Finally, he groaned loudly. "God..I'm going to cum.. I'm going to fill you up, you little teasing bitch.." she moaned hard, tightening around his cock as she came, unable to take anymore. At that same moment, she felt the flood of his warm cum fill her up. She kept moaning, riding her orgasm out until he finally stopped cumming.

He pulled out of her and took a moment to catch his breath. Wordlessly, he zipped up his pants. She followed suit an got dressed. He didn't say anything and drove her home. When they got there, he simply said, "I'll see you tomorrow." and smiled. She smiled back and went inside.

Rating: 83%, Read 10684 times, Posted Nov 07, 2012

Fiction | Male, Oral Sex, School, Teen Female


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