Harry potter unfinished re-write by nathanhutch18

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It had been barely 24 hours since the battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort, since the battle Harry had destroyed the elder wand and spent most of his time with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger, he had also spent a little time with his girlfriend Ginny Weasley who just happened to be Ron's little sister, he had found her with her family in the great hall and decided it would be best to go see her, after a soft kiss on the cheek from Her Harry had wrapped both arms around her and cuddled her softly as she mourned the death of her brother Fred Weasley, during the battle countless casualties had occured with Harry and the people he for all intensive purposes called his family the Weasleys losing people they knew and loved. The morning after the battle everyone awoke from their sleep, most people had spent the night at hogwarts, only the Weasley's, Harry and Hermoine chose not to instead they all spent the night at the Weasley home, Mrs Weasley was first up and was preparing breakfast for everyone when she heard footsteps running down the stairs, Ron burst into the kitchen shortly followed by Ginny and Hermoine

Ron:- *Mum have you seen harry* he asked in a worried tone

Mrs Weasley:- *No, why dear* she asked not taking her eye's off what she was doing

Ron:- *He's gone, Taken all his clothes and possessions* he replied

Now that got Mrs Weasley's attention as she nearly dropped the knife she was holding

Mrs Weasley:- *Gone, What do you mean gone, Gone where* she asked in a very worried tone

Ginny:- *Mum when we woke up this morning we realised harry wasn't there so we wondered if you had seen him slip past you* she quickly explained with tears softly running down her face

Mrs Weasley:- *Im sorry dear but he hasn't gone past me, I'd of stopped him if he'd have tryed* she calmly stated

Ginny:- *Well me, Ron and Hermoine best go see if we can find him then, Just got to hope he hasnt gotten too far* she quietly said, tears still softly running down her cheeks

With all said and done Ron, Ginny and Hermoine all rushed back upstairs and changed as quickly as they could, Ginny and Hermoine were sharing a room so when either changed they always got a perfect view of the others body, Ginny was always a little shy so she always tried to cover up as best she could around Hermoine were as Hermoine was really bold and enjoyed it when Ginny saw her body as it made her feel all funny inside, she always knew she wasn't fully into girls as in she wouldn't date a girl or do anything sexual with one but she didn't mind been checked out by girls and she especially didn't mind it when she could check out other girls, she always liked to compare her body to others whenever she had the chance as it sometimes made her feel better when she realised she had bigger breasts, a flatter stomach or a firmer ass than some other girls, There was only one girl hermoine ever felt jealous of and that was Ginny herself, Ginny had smaller breasts than she did but they only suited her body more, Her pale skin, tight body and firm ass made all the girls jealous, Hermoine always loved checking her out when she got the chance which was quite a lot as they had been spending more and more time together since Hermoine and Ron had begun dating.

Ron:- *Are you two ready yet* he shouted as he banged on Ginny's door

Hermoine:- *Maybe you should come in and find out* she said before collapsing in a fit of giggles knowing neither her nor Ginny were even close to ready

Ron quickly turned the handle on the door deciding to take Hermoine up on her offer, The door was almost open when he felt something slam against it slamming the door shut and knocking him on his ass

Ginny:- *Dont come in, we're not dressed, don't want you to see us like this* She shouted through the door

Hermoine:- *Ginny might not want you to but i don't mind* she said giggling harder as she saw the annoyed look on Ginny's face followed by what looked to be a little bit of redness adding a little tint to her pale cheeks

Ron:- *Well maybe i'll get to see you later when ginny isn't around, now please hurry up* he said as he got up off the ground and walked back to his room to make sure he had everything he wanted

Ginny:- *It's nice to know when im not wanted* she said more to herself than anyone else but Hermoine had been listening

Hermoine:- *Ginny you are wanted, me and Ron were just messing with you* she said softly as she walked over to Ginny who had managed to slip a pair of jeans on

Ginny:- *You don't and i understand, you and Ron want some alone time to be a couple* ginny said as she let out a little sigh

Hermoine didn't say anything else, she chose to instead wrap her arms round ginny and pulled her into a gentle hug, now that would of been innocent enough if Ginny or even Hermoine had been wearing a top or even a bra, they had both slept without bra's on under their pyjamas as they both found it more comfortable, now holding Ginny in a hug, their breasts rubbing against each other while Hermoine's hands had found their way down Ginny's back and were resting softly on her ass, The hug didn't last very long as Ginny pulled away looking a little flushed while Hermoine just carried on as if nothing had ever happened. Five minutes after there not so innocent hug both girls were dressed and were just finishing packing their bags as they didn't know how long they would be gone searching so they decided to pack a spare pair of clothes, a few toiletries and a sleeping bag just incase they weren't going to make it back one night, they heard another knock on the door

Ron:- *Seriously, are you two ready yet, we do have harry to look for you know and the longer you take the further away he could be* he shouted through the door, he was about to say something else when the door opened and Hermoine stepped out wearing a pair of jeans that showed off her firm ass, a tight top that accentuated her B cup breasts with a waist length jacket that just made her look extremely sexy to Ron

Hermoine:- *Well im guessing by the way you're staring that you like what you see* she said with a little giggle before softly pressing her body to Ron's and gently brushing her lips against his

Ron wasn't going to settle for a teasing kiss so he wrapped one arm softly round her neck and pulled her back to him for a more passionate kiss, the kiss seemed to go on forever until they heard someone clear their throat behind them

Ginny:- *Don't mean to break up the little love fest, well i do because i don't need to see this but still we do need to go find Harry* she said with a little sigh as she mentioned Harry's name

Hermoine:- *Dont worry Ginny we will find harry, he will be okay* she said in a reassuring voice which almost had Ginny believe her but she knew deep down that they wouldn't find Harry that easily

Ginny:- *Yeah i guess* she said with a half smile which she hoped fooled Hermoine into thinking she had believed her

Hermoine:- *Come on let's go find Harry* she said with a smile as she wrapped one arm around Ginny and

gave her a little hug for comfort

With all said and done all three of them headed down the stairs and were half way out the door when they heard someone calling them back

Mrs Weasley:- *Glad i caught you before you went* she quickly said a little out of breath

Ron:- *Yeah, can you make it quick, we really need to get going* he quickly said with a big sigh believing they were finally going to get going to find his best friend

Mrs Weasley:- *I just thought i would give you this lunch i had made for you, maybe you can have a little picnic or just sit down and eat something at some point* she said as she handed everyone a little lunchbox with a sandwich, carton of orange juice a biscuit and a piece of fruit in it, typical packed lunch

Ginny/Ron:- *Thanks mum* they both said in unison

Hermoine:- *Thankyou Mrs Weasley* she said just after Ginny and Ron had said thankyou

Mrs Weasley:- *You're very welcome dears, now isn't it time for you to be going* she said with a little smile before getting out her wand and using a cleaning spell to begin the housework she had been putting off all morning as to make sure Ron, Ginny and Hermoine had some thing to eat on their search

With all said and done Ron, Hermoine and Ginny set off, Ginny was trying her best to avoid Hermoine knowing full well if they got close to each other Hermoine would easy tell she didn't once believe that Harry was doing okay, she chose to walk next to Ron on his right hand side as Hermoine was on his left walking hand with him, Ron instantly found this strange as Ginny usually prefered to walk next to Hermoine so they could talk to each other and he could pretend to listen their conversation although he never truly did, deciding to find out what was wrong he let go of Hermoine's hand and turned towards Ginny

Ron:- *What's wrong* he asked his voice full of concern for his younger sister

Ginny:- *Nothing* she replied a little defensively

Hermoine:- *You sure there's nothing wrong* she asked a little concerned, she just assumed Ginny was avoiding her due to there little hug incident but now she knew there was something more

Ginny:- *It's nothing, now i think we should hurry up and see if we can get a lead on Harry's trail* she replied trying to avoid the topic that was on her mind

Ron:- *Okay if you're sure, come on then let's see if we can find Harry before it get's too late* he quickly said in a more upbeat tone trying to lighten the mood a little

Hermoine:- *Agreed, let's go find Harry* she said a little more downbeat than she had meant to, she had two reasons to be downbeat though and they were not only Harry but also Ginny who she knew was hiding something from her

After about half an hour of walking Hermoine had completely forgot that she had been holding Ron's hand, she had hoped he hadn't noticed, slowly reaching out she grabbed his hand softly in her's only to have him pull away

Hermoine:- *Why did you pull away* she whispered just loud enough for him to hear

Ron just looked at Hermoine before shifting his gaze towards Ginny, repeating his process of looking back and forth between the two until Hermoine finally understood what he was suggesting, see Ron wanted her to talk to Ginny she slowly slowed her pace down and let Ron get a few steps ahead of her before she walked up to Ginny and wrapped one arm softly round her shoulder, holding her back for a second to let Ron get that few steps ahead she finally started walking again, arm round Ginny's shoulder who didn't seem to shrug it off, they kept a good enough pace to stay behind Ron and let him walk in front for a while why they spoke

Hermoine:- *So what's wrong, don't tell me it's nothing cause we all know something is majorly wrong when even Ron can figure it out* she said her voice full of concern for Ginny who for all intensive purposes she saw as a sister sort of figure

Ginny:- *It's just all this, Harry dissapearing, the hug this morning, all these mixed feelings* she said a little quietly hoping Ron wouldn't hear her talking, a little colour began to creep back into her cheeks and it didn't go unnoticed by Hermoine

Hermoine:- *Ginny the hug was nothing, it was just a hug, i could give you one now and it would just be a hug as for harry, he will be fine i promise you, we will find him soon and you two will be reunited for a short while before i kill him for doing this* she said with a little giggle hoping to raise Ginny's mood

*Dear Ginny, For what you did to me i cannot forgive, you cheated on me with one of my best friends, i do love you so very much but i don't think i can ever trust you again, without trust in our relationship there will be nothing, that is why i feel that me and you need to take a break from each other and see how that goes, now as my heart breaks i hope one day you can forget me and move on, i wont be returning to the burrow again, tell Ron and Hermoine that im sorry and i hope to see them soon, tell your mum and dad that im grateful for everything they have done for me and remember i will love you always*

Ginny read it over and over, the tears streaming down her face as she did, after the third time reading it she couldn't help herself as she jumped out of bed and started to run for the door only to trip over Hermoine who she had forgotten was asleep in the same room, she came tumbling down hard straight onto Hermoine causing Ginny to let out a pained cry while Hermoine opened her eye's and refrained from screaming

Hermoine:- *Ginny what are you doing* she asked quiet annoyed to be woken up feeling Ginny falling ontop of her quite hard

Ginny scrambled off of Hermoine pretty quickly and just slumped back onto her bed

Ginny:- *I'm sorry* she said in a barely audible whisper, she still had tears streaming down her face and Hermoine quickly noticed something was quite wrong

Hermoine:- *Ginny what's wrong* she asked feeling very concerned while also feeling a little guilty for been annoyed with Ginny when something was seriously upsetting her

Ginny didn't reply instead she just handed Hermoine the letter before laying down on her bed and burying her face in her pillow. Hermoine was silent for what seemed hours while she read the letter over and over again making sure to take in every single word, after a while she slowly put the letter down and without a single word got up and sat on Ginny's bed, she softly layed down next to her and wrapped one arm over her pulling her into a hug. After ten minutes Ginny finally looked up from her pillow to see Hermoine with tears in her eye's, she softly rolled over and wrapped one arm around Hermoine returning the hug she had been given all of ten minutes earlier

Hermoine:- *Thankyou* she said in more of a whisper than she had probably wanted, the tears were still filling her eye's

Ginny:- *What are friends for, we look out for each other when we need it* she said with a fake smile, she was still hurting and all the pain was tearing her up inside but she knew she had to be there for Hermoine

Hermoine:- *But i need to be there for you* she said as a tear escaped her eye's and worked it's way down her cheek, through all this she knew Ginny was trying to be strong for her even though it was all her fault

Ginny could see Hermoine's mind working overtime and she probably knew what Hermoine was thinking

Ginny:- *It wasn't your fault, i could of stopped it before anything happened, it's just as much my fault

Hermoine:- *But i shouldn't of done it, it was like takind advantage of you when you was in a vulnerable state, you needed someone and i went too far, i'm so sorry for what i did* she said as the tears streamed down her face, she quickly turned away from Ginny and started to get up when she felt Ginny grab her arm to stop her

Ginny:- *Please don't go* she pleaded as she pulled Hermoine back down to her, she wrapped one arm around her and held her close as they both softly cryed into each other

Now for Hermoine her morning was about to get a lot worse, at the exact same time Ginny had recieved her letter Harry had sent another one to his best friend Ron. Ron quickly awoke to the feeling of something landing on his chest, sitting up he noticed it was a sealed envelope with his name on it, inside was a letter which he quickly pulled out and read

*Dear Ron, i regret to inform you i have broken up with Ginny and will not be returning to the burrow for the reason that i do not wish to see her again, my reasons for what i did are quite bad and i hope you understand, a few nights back during your stay at 12 grimmauld place i apparated in as i left my sleeping bag and a few possesions there, as i was walking through the house i walked into sirius room to find both Ginny and Hermoine cheating on us, to put it simply Hermoine was on top of Ginny in the sixty nine position and they were pretty busy, hope you take the news better than i did, your friend always, harry*

Rating: 62%, Read 11319 times, Posted Jul 02, 2012

Fiction | Fan fiction, Non-Erotic


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