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Fiction | At work, Bestiality, Blackmail, Humiliation, Incest, Reluctance, Written by women

Michael had always been slightly possessive of me. From when we first started dating, I knew that it was important for him to know exactly what I was doing 24/7. He would ring me a couple of times a day, just to make sure I was okay. Some of my friends thought it was overkill, but I liked that he cared. It was nice to be with someone who thought I was the most important thing in the world. So I didn't mind him checking in on me.

One day I was surprised to see a large box being delivered to the house. I hadn't ordered anything, and Michael hadn't said he had either. I text him to see and he just replied 'It's fine, just leave it.' I was tempted to take a peek into the box but I knew that Michael wouldn't like me to do that.

He came home from work at noon for his lunch with a big smile on his face. He kissed me and I could tell by his mood that he was happy. "Good day at work?" I asked as his hands clutched my ass cheeks. He was practically giddy. "Life is good" he replied, "I think you deserve a treat. Why don't you go to the hair salon and get something nice done? Here take my credit card." This was definitely a treat. His good mood was infectious and I was taken up with this surprise and forgot all about the earlier delivery. Off I went to the salon for a couple of hours of pampering all thanks to Michael.

I got back to the house just after 3 pm and felt like a million dollars. My hair was glossy and shiny. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge, ‘text me when you get home.’ Nothing new with this. I quickly shot off a quick selfie with my new hair and some love hearts to show how appreciative I was to him for his gift.

‘Go upstairs to our bedroom now’.

The reply was blunt and took me by surprise. Okay, maybe he had left flowers or something up in our room. I took off my jacket and headed up to our bedroom. I could see Michael’s toolbox in the hallway. Hmmm, maybe he had bought some new furniture for our bedroom. I opened the bedroom door with a smile but quickly stood still with my mouth open. Our bedroom looked exactly as I left it this morning, except for 4 security cameras mounted on the walls pointing directly at our bed.

‘Like my new addition?’

I glanced at the new message on my phone but I was still in shock. Why were their cameras in our bedroom??

‘When I get bored at work I'm going to instruct you to come up here and put on a show for me. You'll do whatever I tell you to.'

I stared at the message. Why was Michael doing this? I could feel myself beginning to cry. This was not okay. I didn't mind him checking in on me, but I didn't want to be his personal sex toy every time he got bored at work. I began to write a message saying that this was too far and there was no way I was going to do this when a new message popped up.

'Don't worry the cameras have audio so I can hear you. You seem upset, but there is no need to be. You love being my slut when we're in the bedroom so now I'm just bringing some more fun to our lives.'

I took a deep breath. Michael had crossed a line and I had to make him see this. "Look Michael, I'm not comfortable doing this. I don't want to spend every day on camera. It's degrading and embarrassing. I can't do it." I waited for a response, uncomfortable at the thought of him watching me right now as I stood in our bedroom.

'Funny you should say it's degrading and embarrassing. I think it would be far more degrading and embarrassing if your friends and family were to be sent this video.'

I clicked on the link and saw that it took me to a private site. I recognised our bedroom and could see myself completely naked and laid out on the bed, wearing a blindfold. Michael was videoing on his phone and telling me that I was a desperate slut. He told me to say degrading things about myself, so I started saying I was a fat bitch, a cock whore and a cum bucket. Then Michael said that he thought I was a bitch in heat and opened our bedroom door to let our pet dog in. Rover came bounding in, a large sheepdog, and he went straight to my pussy. I'm ashamed to say that I love having our dog lick my cunt. In the video, you can clearly see and hear me enjoying the dog as he licked and slobbered my pussy and asshole. Michael instructs me to start barking when I'm close to cumming and soon I've turned into a complete bitch in heat barking and grinding myself up against Rover. The video ends with me riding out on a massive orgasm as I whimper and bark. The screen goes black.

'God I love that video. You look so pathetic and depraved. If you are not willing to follow my instructions in regards to the cameras, I will be forced to send that to your family Whatsapp group and DM your friends. It's your call. Be my personal private cam-slut or be disgraced.'

Now I was full-on crying. I knew that my makeup was running down my face. I had no idea that Michael had been filming me in that intimate act with Rover. Had could I face anyone if they saw that? My family would probably disown me. I'd probably be arrested for indecency or something. I had no choice but to do what Michael wanted. There was no way I could let that video get out.

'Jesus the crying is just making me harder. Time to take off your clothes. Get completely naked.'

I slowly began to undress as I tried to get my sobbing under control. I could hear the zooming of the cameras and knew that Michael was in control of them, trying to get the best view.

'Good. Now I want you to get on the bed and grab your pillow and hump it like the bitch you are. Don't stop until I tell you to. And get the paper on the dressing table. I want you to read the story on it while you are dry humping.'

It took me a few seconds to register what the story was about. It was someone telling the story of them being raped by a family member, in great detail. "I can't read this. It's disgusting." I waved the paper and pleaded to the camera.

'Well you either perform naughty storytime for me or I'm sending that video. You have 5 seconds to choose.'

"Okay...okay. I'll read it." I got onto the bed and placed the pillow between my legs. I heard the phone buzz again.

'Oh and feel free to cry through this. Adds to the authenticity ;-)'

I felt sick that he was enjoying this. I could imagine him in his office with a raging boner, telling his secretary that he couldn't be disturbed under any circumstances.

'Come on now. Nobody likes a slow storyteller.'

I began to start humping the pillow, feeling embarrassed that my mother had bought these for me. I tried to focus on the story. It was so graphic and violent. I tried to keep my voice monotone so that Michael wouldn't enjoy it, but every so often he would text saying good girl or keep going. When I finished the story, I stopped humping, hoping that it would be over.

'Nope, you're not finished yet. I want you to keep repeating this until you cum, use a vibrator if you have to. I want you to say 'I want my daddy to rape me. I want my daddy to use my three holes. I want daddy to break me.'

After the story, I was repulsed. I reached down to my pussy and shamefully realised that I was wet. I began to stutter the words that Michael had instructed while I used my fingers to stimulate my clit. I knew by how sensitive my clit was that I wasn't far off cumming. Every time I said the word daddy, my clit would quiver. My pussy was now soaking. Soon, I wasn't able to say full sentences. All I could muster was 'rape me daddy, rape me.' The orgasm that erupted from my clit burst out of me, I was rubbing furiously, trying to eke out every second of pleasure. I lay sprawled out on the bed, trying to catch my breath.

'Fuck you are a twisted perv. Getting off to daddy raping you? This was the first day. Imagine the depraved things I'm going to be able to get you to do for my entertainment. Now go get my dinner ready. I'll be home in an hour.'

Michael was right. I must be a pervert if I had managed to cum to that. I suddenly felt very worried. What else would I be willing to do? And worse, would it make me cum as hard as this?

I hope you enjoyed this story. What do you think Michael will make her do next? I'd love to hear your ideas! I might even make one into a story!

Rating: 76%, Read 24235 times, Posted Aug 28, 2019

Fiction | At work, Bestiality, Blackmail, Humiliation, Incest, Reluctance, Written by women


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