Jason and Robbie by Orion230

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Fiction | Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Virginity

My name’s Jason, and I’m just a 17-year-old kid trying to survive in school. I’m kind of short, at 5’3”, but also skinny, only 130 lbs. I play soccer and go swimming when I can. I’ve been pretty sheltered, still a virgin and not really done anything else with a girl, but I like boys anyways. At our middle school, there’s a group of us that are all in the same classes; different ages, but all really smart. This other boy, Robbie, was 15, and I sat right behind him in math class, and I had such a big crush on him! I always tried to hang out with him whenever I could. He had a gorgeous smile, a slim tanned body, and always seemed to be provocative. How provocative? A few months ago, he said he was starting to grow a lot of hair on his chest, which turned me off for a while. What did he do? He joined a swim team, meaning he shaved everywhere! When lent came around, what did he give up? Jacking off! He said, “yeah, after a week the wet dreams were getting almost unbearable.” Jeez.

One day he called me. “Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Sure!” I said, not even waiting to see what he needed.

“Well, I’m building a tree house for my cub scout project, I was wondering if you could help me paint it.”

“Sure!” I said again enthusiastically.

A few minutes later I was over by the school where he was building the tree house. He was going to donate it to the school after he was done with it. We worked for a few hours, priming and painting the tree house.

All of a sudden, there was a CRASH of thunder! It wasn’t long before it started raining in sheets. As we were getting soaking wet, I said to him, “Let’s get out of here and go to my house!”

“Okay!” He said. Fortunately, my house was only a couple minutes away (while his was much further).

We sloshed inside, drenched. I got a couple towels so we could try to dry off.

“Thanks for helping with the tree house,” He said.

“No problem, man.”

“Doesn’t look like this storm is going to let up anytime soon.”

“No, it doesn’t, but you can stay here overnight if you want.”

“Awesome! I’ll let my mom know.”

As he was about to step further inside, onto the carpet, I looked at him, soaking wet, and he understood, so I got the phone and handed it to him, and said, “Here, I’ll go get us some dry clothes.”

So Robbie called his mom and said it was okay for him to be at my house for the night, so I went off and changed, then got some of my clean clothes for Robbie. Ironically, even though he was younger than me, he was already 5’7”! As I handed him the clothes, he kind of looked at me, and I responded, “Oh, you can use the bathroom right there,” I gestured to the door on the right still on the tile. Damn. I hoped he’d change in front of me.

After a couple minutes, he came out, wearing one of my t-shirts and cargo pants. I couldn’t help but laugh as the shirt barely came below his waist! He just smirked at me and we went to play video games in my room.

After a few hours, we were getting hungry, so I went into the kitchen to get some chips. While I was there I heard, “Hey Jason, do you have the disc with our Spanish project on it?” Oh right, we had a Spanish video project due next week, and I managed to get in Robbie’s group.

“It should be in one of those drawers there,” I shouted back.

“You mean one of these drawers next to the dresser…” I heard him say as he started going through them. OH SHIT, not those drawers!!! That’s where I kept…

I came back to my room, silently hoping he didn’t look through the bottom drawer. I handed the chips to Robbie and he just returned a thin smile. Uh-oh…

We played video games for a couple more hours when it started to get late. There was a lull in the game, and we both just sat there, somewhat uncomfortably. Then Robbie finally spoke, “So, um…in that drawer there…”

I winced, quickly becoming panicked, but said nothing. He continued, also obviously uncomfortable, “I…uh…you wear…plastic pants?”

And there it was. I was guilty. I had a fetish for plastic pants. They feel so good against my skin, I just can’t help myself. He found my stash. I didn’t know what to say. I timidly gave a half nod and looked away.

“Do you…like…um…need to…wear them?”

I winced again. The seconds seem to take eons to tick by. “I, uh…oh, not really. I, oh…no, it’s not like that,” I replied as I was obviously sweating like crazy.

He quickly tried to cover his tracks, “Oh, um, I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t have been looking there, it’s my fault-”

“No, no, it’s okay…” The awkwardness seemed to cloud the room like a thick fog.

“Are you, uh…are you wearing them now?” He asked.

Wait a sec, what? All of a sudden panic and shock turned to mild arousal and confusion. No point in lying at this point I guess, “Well…yeah,” my voice was quiet.

“Um…can I see ‘em?”

WHAT?! Okay, now I needed answers, “ Wait, what?! I thought you had a girlfriend! And…” My voice trailed off again.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? We broke up last week…” Here comes the awkwardness again.

“Oh…I’m-I’m so sorry…”

A few more uncomfortable seconds went by, then Robbie looked at me and nodded.

“Oh! Um, well uh…” I thought quickly, “Why don’t you get naked first?”

“Okay,” Robbie said, as if it was no big deal. He slowly stood up and took off his (my) t-shirt to reveal his tight, slim sculpted body. My eyes widened. He looked at me and smiled bashfully. Then he reached down and slowly unbuttoned his (my) pants, and slid them down. He was wearing somewhat lose boxers, although I could tell he was getting excited as a large bulge was beginning to grow in the middle.

“These too?” He said playfully, looking down at his boxers. I nodded. He slowly inched them down, exposing more of his taught stomach. Then his cock springed out of them, as I watched it bob up and down, getting harder and larger. He stepped out of the boxers. I could only gape in wonder as I was mesmerized by his beautiful boyrod.

“Hey…hey! Your turn!” He said, snapping me out of my trance. “Oh, right,” I said, and took off my shirt. Then I slid down my pants, revealing small boxers underneath. I was trembling, as I slowly slid down the boxers, exposing a pair of tight, clear, plastic briefs. My cock was already completely hard, poking out of the briefs and straining against the soft vinyl. I could tell he was mesmerized as well.

“What do you think?” I asked him playfully. He didn’t say anything, just kept staring, his mouth gaping open, either in wonderment or shock.

I tried to break the silence, “Jeez, are ya just going to stare at it or are you going to suck it?” Just kidding around.

Startled, he looked up at me, “Oh, do you want one? I can give you one if you want.” Wow, I honestly didn’t expect that answer.

“Um, okay,” I said, then figured it’d be a good time to add, “Oh, by the way, uh…I’m gay.”

He looked at me with a sideways smirk, “No kidding. I dunno man, I’ve thought a lot about it too, I’m thinking I might be gay. Heh, I’m just so horny right now, haven’t gotten any action in a long time…”

“Well, we’ll just have to see,” I said and smiled. Then I reached down to pull down my plastic pants. All of a sudden, he stopped me, looked at me with a wild grin on his face, and shook his head. Robbie pushed my hands away and pulled back up my vinyl underwear, then bent down to get a better look. He slowly reached out and lightly grabbed my cock through the vinyl and I instant let out a loud moan. Was he seriously about to do what I think he was?

Then he leaned forward and lightly brushed the plastic with his tongue, licking it right next to my cock. By now I was looking straight down at him and taking short quick breaths. I was already in heaven, I didn’t think I could take much more!

“Mmm…they’re so soft…” He murmured, as he nuzzled his face into them, lightly kissing the vinyl covering my rock hard cock. He started using his hands too, feeling around the plastic, cupping and massaging my vinyl-covered balls in his hands. It felt so good, my legs started to collapse!

“Heh, c’mon, let’s go over to the bed,” Robbie said, and helped me up. We walked the four feet over to the bed, then Robbie pushed me down on to it and straddled my legs.

“So, Jason,” Robbie said, idly poking and running his hands over the plastic, “Have you ever gotten a blow job before?”

“Um, no…” I replied timidly.

“Well,” Robbie said in a sultry voice, “You’re about to get pretty lucky, aren’t you?”

I figured I’d ask, “Have you given one before? To a guy?”

“I tried it once on a guy, a several months ago. But anyways, shut up and let me blow you!” He spoke up. I wasn’t about to disagree!

Robbie slowly got down back to eye-level with my cock, and slowly took the head in his mouth, plastic and all. I watched as more and more of my vinyl-covered penis disappeared inside his mouth. He kept going down until my entire cock was in his mouth, and Robbie’s face pressed into the plastic. Then he started sucking and moving his head up and down, licking and sucking on my cock through the plastic.

“Ohhh…oh god, Robbie, yes...ohhhhh…” My moaning got louder and louder as I could feel my cock and the plastic getting hot and moist in his mouth. He kept on sucking harder and harder, it felt like my cock was going to explode! Then he went all the way down again, engulfing my entire cock, and managing to get my balls in his mouth too!

“Ohhhh…holy…holy crap, Robbie…I’m…I’m gonna…cum…” I managed to get out between pants as I started twitching like crazy. Robbie stayed down on my entire cock, sucking as hard as he could on the vinyl.

“OHHHHH!!!” I screamed, as I started spasming as my vinyl underwear started to fill up with my own cum. Robbie, just smiled and nodded, but kept sucking while engulfing my entire cock and balls in his mouth!

“Ohhh…oh, shit…oh shit Robbie, stop…Robbie…stop, please…shit…” I kept spasming uncontrollably and orgasming like crazy as my cock went sensitive. But he still kept sucking! I tried to squirm away or push his head off, but he just got a hold of my plastic pants and kept sucking harder! After a few more seconds, he pulled off, as I laid on the bed, panting, exhausted. We both had ridiculous grins on our faces.

“You’re not done yet,” He said, and pulled on my arms until I was sitting up on the side of the bed. I was still in a daze and looked at him rather bewildered. “I didn’t get any cum, dude,” He said, eyeing my plastic pants again.

I helped him ease my plastic briefs down until they were around my ankles. They were sopping wet from a combination of sweat, saliva, and cum. He immediately went down to them and started lapping at the pools of cum in the plastic!

“Mmm, tasty,” He said, as he kept licking and sucking on the plastic to get all the cum out.

“Ima goin to bed,” I said, and collapsed back onto the bed. A few minutes later, he was all done with the plastic, so I forced myself to change back into some boxers to go to bed.

“Um, you can stay in my bed, I guess,” I said to Robbie. He kind of looked at me at rolled his eyes, figuring I was stating the obvious. We both got into bed, me with my arm around him and fell asleep.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, sleeping with the guy I had a crush on! I couldn’t help but just watch him breathe for a few minutes, his chest slowly rising and falling, a little wisp of hair falling in front of his face. It wasn’t long before exhaustion overcame my excitement and I fell asleep on top of him.

A couple hours later, I felt him stir, then get up from the bed. He must be going to the bathroom. A minute or so later, my eyes still closed, I heard him come back into my room, but then he whispered, “Psst, hey…Jason! Wake up dude!”

What now? I lazily rolled over a bit and looked over, squinting at him, since he turned on the lamp on the desk. What I saw snapped my eyes open in shock and excitement.

Robbie was standing in front of me, wearing nothing but one of my pairs of clear plastic underwear. He was rock hard, pushing out the plastic until the top was barely covering his cock (not like it mattered). I could tell they barely fit him, almost looking like they were going to burst! He looked at me, giving me that devilish little grin again.

“What do ya think?”

Rating: 89%, Read 31648 times, Posted Dec 02, 2008

Fiction | Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Virginity


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