The Roommate Agreement - Chapter 3_(0) by SexKat

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Fiction | Oral Sex, Reluctance, Written by women

2:46am and I was still awake. I had been tossing and turning for hours and still wasn’t any more tired than I had been when I first got into bed. The only difference was that now I was antsy.

It had been only two days since Xander moved in and already I could tell that my living situation was going downhill fast. I was still awkward as all hell around both Eric and Gavin, but now I was actively giving Xander the cold shoulder too.

Heather didn’t seem to have a problem with the new guy, but Eric seemed to like Xander even less than I did, though I couldn’t put my finger on why. Maybe Xander came across as a lying, egotistical, ass hat to most people… Yeah. I could see that being a problem for him.

Eighteen. I couldn’t believe that Xander was only eighteen and that he had spent an entire summer lying to me about it just to get in my pants. Even worse, I couldn’t believe that I actually fell for that bull shit.

I threw off my covers, got out of bed, and tiptoed past Heather on the way to the door into the living area. Maybe some tea would help me turn off my mind so I could finally get some sleep.

I busied myself in the little kitchenette filing up my water boiler and feeling around in the cabinets for the tea, determined to find what I needed without turning any lights on and possible waking anyone.

I must have been louder than I thought though, because I didn’t realize anyone was in the room with me until a large hand clamped over my mouth muffling my gasp of shock and another wrapped around my waste pulling me back and crushing me to the hard body of whoever had snuck up behind me.

“What are you doing up at this hour little one?” a low voice breathed into my ear and I was suddenly hyper-awake of the hardening bulge pressing into my lower back.

Both hands slid slowly south until his left hand held my neck and his right played with the hem of my sleep shirt and lightly traced circles across the exposed skin of my upper thigh. I silently chastized myself for not putting any pants on before I left my room, but my body seemed a little too happy with the skin to skin contact my laps in memory had allowed.

“Cat got your tongue little Laine?” Xander’s voice came out as a satisfied growl and he ran his tongue up the side of my neck. To my dismay, it took everything in me not to shiver. At the same time, his right hand slowly began to trail back up my front, this time under my shirt, until his fingertips rested on the waistband of my panties.

I finally came back to my senses covering his traveling hand with one of mine and applying enough pressure to get him to stop. With my other hand, I reached back and grabbed the back of his head, forcing it down until I could easily whisper into his ear. “I’m being touched against my will while trying to make myself tea in my own kitchen. What are you doing up little one?” I threw the pet name back at him in an attempt to remind him of our age gap. I knew that, even though I was less than three years older than him, our difference in age was still a sore spot for his fragile male ego.

The jab must have hit home, because he was a little more rough when tore his hands away only to grab my hips and slam our bodies together until I could feel every inch or his hard cock sandwiched between us. “I assure you Laine, there is nothing little about me.” Then, without warning, his hand was once again at the waistband of my panties. This time though, he wasted no time before sliding his hands under the lacy fabric and pushing his finger forcefully between my soaking pussy lips.

“As for the ‘touched against my will’ bullshit, I can tell that that’s exactly what that is. Bullshit. You’re so wet for me,” he said as he ran his fingers back and forth across my sex while still managing to avoid my throbbing clit.

His fingers continued their torturous dance in, out, and around my sex, first one finger, then two. His other hand ran up my body, tweaking one of my hard nipples through my shirt on the way until finally snaking back around my neck and under my jaw.

I was coming apart in his hands now and he knew it.

He could feel me shaking as my knees began to give out and my pussy was clenching and unclenching around his fingers straining for the orgasm he was keeping just out of reach.

He jerked my head to the side, biting my neck before growling into my ear. “Against your will my ass” he spat, “Just look at yourself.”

Only then did I realize that my traitorous body had begun to move, alternating between pressing my ass into his fully erect cock and grinding into his moving hand trying to force itself into getting the release it craved.

“You want this,” he growled.

I couldn’t deny that my body wanted this. Wanted him. Between the slick wetness I could feel running down my thighs, and the way my body moved with his, trying to argue against his declaration would be embarrassingly pointless, so I nodded.

“Say it” he commanded.

I stayed silent. I wanted to refuse him the satisfaction of hearing me admit it out loud. I wanted to pretend that, where my body still wanted him, my brain knew better than to yield to him.

“Say it!” He hissed into my ear. This time he emphasizes the demand with a squeeze to my neck and a deep thrust into my pussy.


The word was just a breath, but it was full of more strength than I thought I could have mustered in that moment.

Then he was gone. His hand released my neck, his hard body disappeared from where he had been pressed against my back, and his fingers withdrew leaving me empty and unfulfilled. He was no longer touching me, but I could still feel him there, his body just a breath away from mine, his presence weighing heavily on me like a predator waiting to attack.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. It felt like Xander had ripped away a part of me and left me out in the cold. I needed him back. I needed his hands on me again like an addict needed a fix.

It was wrong. It was dangerous. I’d regret it in the morning, but boy would it feel good tonight. I knew there would be no turning him down.

I stepped back to try and regain the contact, but he moved back with me keeping the distance. I knew he wouldn’t touch me again until I folded to his demands.

As if in confirmation, Xander leaned forward again to breathe into my ear once more. “Say it.”

I waited for the feeling of emptiness to fade. I waited to not need his touch, not need him. The relief didn’t come.

“You want this,” he repeated, and I nodded. “Now say it.”

“Yes,” I breathed.

He took a step towards me until his body once more fitting to mine, but his hands remained by his side. “Yes what?”

“Yes I want this.” The words were barely audible, but they were still out there.

His hands slid over my body once more, lighter this time, but the contact was still enough to make me shudder. “What do you want, Laine?” he asked

“I want you to touch me.”

“Like this?” his hands were brushing up my side, but did little more than that.


“Then be more specific.” I could hear the triumph in his voice. The cocky bastard thought he had won, but I would not give him the satisfaction of taking so much and giving so little. I was going to get just as much as I gave.

No. I would get more.

Before he knew what was happening, I spun around, grabbed him, and pushed him against the counter. Then I pushed my body right up against his, grinding into his rock hard dick a bit before reaching up and tugging his hair until his head was down to my level. I grabbed his jaw and whispered into his ear, still trying not to wake our roommates. I didn’t want an audience for what came next.

“I want you to use those long finger and that hot tongue to work my clit and pussy until I cum so hard, I’ll need a gag to keep from waking the whole fucking building.”

He let out a groan before pushing me off of him and spinning us around until my back was to the counter now. He wasted no time at all before grabbing my panties and roughly ripping them down my legs until they were pooled around my feet and he was on his knees in front of me.

He looked up at me then, the lust burning in his eyes evident even through the night’s darkness. We looked at each other for just a moment before he grabbed my knees and forced them apart so he could run lines of little licks and kisses up each of my legs.

He knew what that did to me.

He stopped again to look up at me, this time he was so close to where I needed him to be, I could feel his warm breath ticking the sensitive skin of my pussy. “I swear if you ask me one more question or give me one more command, I’m going to…”

I didn’t get a chance to finish my threat before his mouth was on me. His tongue expertly flicked my clit before burying itself into my warm heat. He licked and devoured me for a few seconds before sucking my clit between his lips and grazing his teeth lightly over the sensitive bud. That move was my undoing and my knees gave out.

Before I hit the ground, Xander caught me. He scooped me up and carried me over to the couch before laying me down and getting right back to it.

His mouth went back to its licking, sucking and biting, but this time, his fingers added to the growing sensations attacking my body. He pushed a finger into me, then another and another until he had three fingers and his tongue driving me higher and higher until I finally could take no more.

One hand reached out to grab his hair and the other flew up to cover my mouth as an orgasm ripped through me stronger than I would have thought possible from oral sex alone.

As I came down, I realized that oral sex was not the end game for Xander tonight. When the fog from my orgasm cleared, I saw that he was climbing over me, dick out, primed, and ready to enter my sensitive pussy. I stopped him though with a hand to his hard stomach.

“I won’t have sex without a condom.”

“Shit” he huffed, but he didn’t protest before climbing off the couch. “I’ll be right back” he promised before disappearing into his room.

I wasn’t there though when he came back presumably with condom in hand, ready to finish what he started.

What? I only said I wouldn’t have sex without a condom. I didn’t say I’d actually have sex with him if he had one.

Eric lay in his bed and just listened. He bet they thought he was asleep. He bet they thought they were being quiet. Neither was true.

Instead, he got to listen to his roommate go down on HIS girl. Eric got to listen to every filthy word exchanged between the new guy and Delaine. His Delaine. He got to listen to the moans and growls they both coaxed from each other before she let out that muffled scream he knew meant she was coming.

He knew that sound because the last time he heard it, it was Eric who was making her scream like that.

Delaine probably thought he didn’t remember, probably thought he’d regret their night together if he did remember. Having a boyfriend usually gave girls that impression, but he had been stone cold sober when he drove his hard cock into her the night of her 21st birthday and only an idiot would be able to easily forget the feel of Delaine Kohl’s tight little cunt as he rammed into her. He didn’t think he’d ever forget the look on her face or the sound of her muffled scream as she spiraled into orgasm.

An overwhelming feeling of relief and satisfaction washed over Eric when he heard Xander’s string of profanity at returning to the living area ready to fuck and finding that Delaine had used his absence as an opportunity to return to her room and leave the kid sex-starved and frustrated. In fact, Eric didn’t think he had ever been more attracted to Delaine than he was at that moment.

He would have her again, Eric silently promised himself, and Xander Larson was not going to get in his way.

Chapter 4 coming soon.

Rating: 92%, Read 5491 times, Posted Aug 09, 2017

Fiction | Oral Sex, Reluctance, Written by women


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