The Night Me and Jackie Won't Forget by myronlong

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Fiction | BDSM, Black, Domination, Female, First Time, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Submission

(The Scenery)

It was a Friday night. The rain was pouring fast and hard. It was pitch black at the park. We, Jackie and I, just came from the bar and decided to go park at the park. We were super drunk. From what I can remember, I had three Bacardi Rum and Coke, one shot of Patron (tequilla) and she had three Sex On The Beach and one shot of Bacardi Raspberry. The only thing we had on our mind was some hott butt naked sex at the park.

(The Description)

While we sat in the car, laughing and talking, one of our favorite songs came on the radio. It was Rick James/Teena Marie “Fire and Desire”. We went back and forth singing the song to each other while fondling each other body parts. Out of nowhere, the alcohol kicked in more and my head really started to spin. My eyes were in a trance as I stared at Jackie. She was looking so freakin beautiful. Jackie is 5’2” at 125lbs, light-brown skin complexion like Beyonce, long light-brown hair, 36 DD breasts, slim waist, and a nice round ass like Jennifer Lopez. She was wearing red halter-top shirt (shoulder less) and black stretch pants that look like jeans. Me, on the other hand, is 5’11” at 190lbs, brown-skin like Babyface, low dark haircut with an athletic built. I was just wearing black sweat-top and black sweat-pants (Sean John).

(The Foreplay)

After the song went off, Jackie said “cmon Ray, have another shot with me.” She pulled the bottle of Bacardi Limon from out the glove box, took a swig of it, then slammed it into my chest. I was so tore up I knew I shouldn’t do it but at that moment I just did not care about anything. So I did it… “Ahhhhh”, I screamed out as it burnt my chest going down. She laughed, took the bottom out my hand and put it back in the glove box. She then started to look at me with this satanic lustful look her eyes. I knew she was starting to get real horny. Out of nowhere, I grab my right hand and placed it on her left boob. I started to squeeze it gently and got an instant rock-hard penis in my pants. I then took my hand off her boob and started to slow rub her skin above the halter-top, teasing the entrance to the top of her halter-top. I slowly started to pull it down and both her boobs popped out. Her dark-brown nipples were already erect and dying for my moist mouth to suck them. And so I did… I leaned over and put nearly her whole left boob into my mouth. I sucked it like she had milk in it. She started to moan and stroke her fingers thru my hair as I suck the sweet flesh flavor off her boob. I then reach over and started sucking the other one. She let out a big moan and said “Yes Ray, right there baby, that is my spot.” As I sucked on her right boob, I can feel her left-hand starting to go down my sweat pants. It didn’t take her long to find my rock-hard penis because I’m 9 inches long (thick too). She started to stroke my penis very slowly. I can feel my penis head rubbing against my pants. It was giving me this ticklish sensation that made me want to cumm right in her hand. “Mmmmm Jackie, you stroking that cock so fuckin good.” She let out a little giggle and proceeded to pull out my penis. “Oh my Ray, your cock has veins all over the place. You are so hard for me baby.” I said “Stroke that cock like you mean it baby. Stroke it for daddy.” “I can do better than that”, she said. She immediately pushed me off of her, made my car seat decline, push me back, and started kissing on my penis. It felt good. She then circle my penis head with her tongue and deep-throat the shit out my cock. “Ahhhhh, shit, fuck yea baby, treat that cock like I’m a king baby” She went up and down, up and down on my cock and made slurp sound after slurp sound. I stroke my fingers thru her long hair as she handled my penis. She then looked up at me and said “Mmmm I am so ready to feel your cock inside my pussy.” “Cmon then baby, daddy is waiting for you.” She leaned back up and quickly took off her pants and then her black thongs. As I stayed leaned back, she climbed over to my side and immediately put her wet drippin pussy on my face. I didn’t see it coming. She started to fuck my face nice and slow as my tongue stayed arch and lickin whatever I could. “Mmmmm Ray, I fuckin love your tongue.” I pushed her away and said “I want the pussy now.” She looked at me with these catwoman eyes and started to put rub my penis head against her pussy. As soon as I got ready to slide it in we heard a “woop woop” sound. Oh my fuckin god, it’s the cops rolling up on us with the bright headlights. Jackie quickly jumped off me and hopped back in her seats and trying to get her clothes on. But the two white “lady” cops walked to our car too quickly.

(The 2 Lady Cops)

As one lady cop flashed the flashlight in the car, the other one tapped on the window to tell me to roll it down. So I did… The lady with the flash light immediately put the flash light on my rock hard penis and giggled. I was so nervous and Jackie just sat there trying to cover her boobs. “Are you aware you are at the park after park hour time and performing indecent exposure sir?”, one of the lady cops said. “I am sorry officer. We were just trying to have a good time tonight.” “License and Registration please and keep your hands where I can see them.” As I reached into my wallet for my stuff, I can see out the corner of my eye the white lady cop was staring right at my black cock. I gave her my ID, she looked at it, look back at me and said “Have you been drinking?” “Just a little officer but I am not drunk.” “Looks like it to me. Sir I need for you to step out the car”, the lady cop demanded. I went to pull up my pants and she immediately shouted “JUST GET OUT THE CAR, DON’T PULL YOUR PANTS UP. STAY AS YOU ARE!” I was completely threw off from what she was telling me but I cooperated and got out the car with my pants still down to my ankles. She look at me and said “My god you smell like the bar. You’re beyond drunk. I’m taking you to the police station. She threw me in handcuffs and said “Lets go take a walk to the back seat of my patrol car“. And so I did…

(The Patrol Car)

She walked me back to the patrol car, opened the door, and threw me in, still taking glances at my penis. I wondered what Jackie was thinking. The patrol car headlights were so bright, nobody could see anything. All I knew was that I was in the backseat of the patrol car, my vision was blurry and head was spinning. I was tore up from the floor up. All I heard the white lady cop say “Sit right here” and then she slammed the door shut. I don’t know what they were doing with Jackie but the lady cop was gone for at least 10 minutes. I was so drunk that I let my body fall to the backseat and just closed my eyes.

(The Sexual Assault)

All of sudden, I heard a door open and voices saying “Girl, this man cock is so huge!’ “Yea girl, he don’t know what’s going on either. He is that drunk” “Who’s there”, I said but my vision so blurry I couldn’t see shit but a flashlight in my eyes. Next thing I knew, I felt a soft warm hand caressing my penis. Someone was stroking my penis and making me hard. I started to moan “Jackie is that you”. But nobody said anything. Whoever was stroking my cock was doing a damn good job at it. Next thing I knew, I felt something moist around my penis head. I finally manage to get some sort of vision going and I could not believe it. It was the lady cop giving me a cock slob. Her head was going up and down at a medium speed. It felt so good. I didn’t know whether to participate or not. I always wanted to fuck a lady cop. So I said “Fuck it, I’m going for mines”. But I could not, my hands were still in hand cuffs. At this moment, I realize I was being sexually assaulted.

(The Sex)

She made slurp sounds on my penis for like 10 minutes and ask me if I liked it. “Yes, you really do know how to work your mouth officer” After she finish doing her thing, she looked at me and said “If you tell that girl in the car about this, I’ll make sure you pay for this” “No officer, I will not, I will cooperate” “Good”, she said. She got all the way in the patrol car, closed the door and started taking off her cop pants and panties. She then leaned to the front of her car, with her pussy all in my face, and grabbed a condom out the glove box. She put the condom on and rolled it down with her tongue. She was an expert. I then said “Officer, are you going to take the hand cuffs off?” “NO!, YOU STAY AS YOU ARE”. I smiled and said “Okay”. She immediately got on top of me and slid my hard-rock penis into her wet tight pussy. “Oooooh baby, you feel so tight and warm” She started kissing me on my neck and went up and down on my penis like crazy. I wanted to grab her ass so badly but I couldn’t. She started making moaning sounds “Mmmmm daddy this black cock feel so good in my pussy”. She then started kissing me and fucking me harder. I said “Show me your hott boobs officer”. She immediately unbuttoned her uniform top and exposed her what look like 40 DD boobs and purky pink nipples. She smothered my face with her boobs and I proceeded to suck them very hard. She started letting out loud moaning sounds as if she was in a porno. “Uhhhhh, fuck yea, I’m about to cumm all over this thick black penis” “Do it officer, DO IT!”, I commanded her. She let out a loud scream and then started shaking. She was having the orgasm of her life. All of sudden, she stop moving and slowly kissed me on the lips and said “Your cock felt so amazing”. “Thank you officer. Can I fuck you from behind so I can cumm too?” She said, “NO, you already served your purpose for tonight. You’re reward is no ticket!”


Rating: 58%, Read 15572 times, Posted Feb 07, 2011

Fiction | BDSM, Black, Domination, Female, First Time, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Submission


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