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"Some girl had an orgasm from the vibrations of a bus, jeez thats gross." I hissed as I looked up from my Cosmopolitan magazine.

Must be nice I thought to myself. I was the complete opposite of the very orgasmic woman, I couldn't even get turned on.

Becky pulled her attention away from the tv to respond. "Your just jealous Rach."

I nodded and looked away.

My boyfriend Devin, turned away from the computer screen to look at me. "What are you two talking about?"

"Rachel can't get turned on, or orgasm. Didn't you know that? Oh wait, thats right you havent slept with her yet." Becky said sarchastically as I elbowed her in the stomach.

I could feel my face begin to flush and quickly turned my head so I could avoid any looks from Devin.

She was right, Devin and I had been together for about six months and we hadnt done the deed. Devin jokingly gave me a sex deadline of eight months, as long as he got his nightly blow job untill then. I didnt really have any urge to have sex. My low libdo kept me from being tempted to do anything. I also didnt have to make any "in the of the heat of the moment" decisions that other girls have to deal with. I heard it's hard to say no when your horny. Its not that Devin wasnt hot, because he was. His looks alone were enought to make any normal girl cream in their pants. He had golden blond hair that went down to his ears. He worked outside so the sun kissed him with white highlights and a deep tan. He had these amazinly blue eyes, and his pink cherub lips screamed "kiss me." He played soccer so he had a tight round ass and abs to die for. I was in the middle of thinking how lucky I was to have such a beautiful boyfreind when Becky, my best friend interrupted me.

"Well Rach, have you tryed anything to make yourself horny?"

I shook my head no and shrugged my shoulders.

"I dont know what to try."

Becky ponderd for a while then shot out some suggestions. "Well, do you guys try foreplay?"

Becky now had Devin's full attention.

"Yeah, like oral sex, vibrators? Oh, I know I have this cream stuff that you rub on your pussy and it kinda increases the feeling, you can use some if you want." Becky said as she nodded her head.

I looked over at Devin, I could see a buldge in his pants near his zipper. HIs dick must of been throbing, because it looked like the bulge was moving up and down. I looked away and hoped that Becky didn't see it too.

Becky got up and ran into her room as she jogged I could see her ass cheeks jiggle through her skin tight black shorts.

I quickly pretend to read my magazine as I sensed Devin's eyes burning a hole through me. I glanced up to see if i was right.

I was.

"What?" I snipped at him.

"Well? Do you want to go try?" He asked shyly.

Just as I was shrugging my shoulders Becky came back to the couch and plopped down. She returned to us with a box in her hands.

She slowly opened the box as she whipered "Here is my goody box!"

Then she reached in and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs.

"Beck! Your a bigger freak then I thought you were!" I stammered.

"That's nothing!" She insisted.

She pulled out a long pink vibrator.

"It's got four speeds," she said as she poked my arm with it.

"Don't worry I clean it off each time."

Then she pulled out some flavored goo, and a blind fold. She giggled when she reached the pleasure enhansing cream. She threw it at Devin and with out blinking she blurted out her Idea.

"Hey Devy, you can use this on her, and all my other stuff on one conditon.

We both shook our heads in agreement. She then proceeded to make us pinky swear, as if it were a leagaly binding contract.

"Ok," she said actually showing some shyness.

"Devin, you have to let me help you make Rachel cum."

Devin's eyes widened in excitement as he looked over at me. I could see by the expression on his face that he was silently begging me to agree.

"Beck, thats kinda weird. I mean, your great and all, but you know Im straight." I reasured myself.

"Well so am I, but I want to help you." She said as she shook her vibrator at me.

I looked over at Devin again for some help with my decision. Devin was too busy trying to conceal his massive errection to be of any help.

"Fine, let's go." I said as I got up.

As I said that I could hear a little wince of pleasure escape from Devin's mouth.

Becky grabbed her goody box and walked to her bed room.

I started to giggle as Devin seemed to be speed walking to the bed room behind her.

"This is ok as long as you two don't touch eachother too much." I asserted.

Becky responded quickly, "Anything we do is to help you get turned on."

I walked in the bed room to see Devin sitting on the bed already, my 20 year old boyfirend looked like a kid at Christmas.

"Ok Rach, just disconnect yourself fom Devin, pretend he isn't your boyfriend. Don't get jealous, we dont want each other. Right?" She asked looking at my boyfriend who was already trying to pull his shirt over his head. He paused and shook his head in agreement. He looked like he was nodding his head to save his life.

"Rach," he said as he stood up. "You know your the only girl I want to be with."

I nodded my head and shut the door.

"Good, now go take your shirt off and go lay down on the bed." Ordered Becky.

I felt all the eyes on me while I lifted my tight blue tank top over my head and threw it on the floor.

I was now wearing nothing but jeans and a red silk bra. I tryed to cover up my cleavege with my long blond hair quickly. I walked over to the bed and looked at Devin, he was staring at my chest. I suddenly became very aware that the exposed parts of my tits were jiggling as I moved to the bed. I layed down on my back with my legs extended to the foot of the bed.

Becky came over with the hand cuffs and gently placed my wrist in each one.

She then proceeded to cuff me up to her picket fence like head board. I wriggled around for a bit and asked If the cuffs were necessary.

She giggled and nodded, "Just lay back and watch for now."

She motioned for Devin to come over to her. He looked at me reasuringly and then proceeded.

"Now look at your hot man here, look at his amazing abs." She said as she lifted his shirt over his head. She knelt down and began to kiss and nip at each section of his six pack.

"Mmmm, he tastes so good, I want to taste your lips now." she said with a raspy sex voice.

She stood up and leaned in for the kill. She pressed her lush red lips against his mouth. His cushiony lips seemed to have a mind of their own as they grazed softly over her bottom lip. With their lips pressed together their mouths began to open and close in unison. While they were kissing I could see a sliver of his warm tongue gently sweep over hers. Devin pulled back momentarily as Becky brushed the blond hair out of his eyes. Then with an explosion of passion their lips collided, Becky slowly began swirl her tongue around his. Their warm, wet tongues massaged and stroked one another for a few more hot seconds. As they broke away from the kiss the wetness on their lips glistened.

She pawed at his erection through his jeans.

"God, your pretty excited arnt you?" she whisperd to him.

She unbuttoned his jeans and tugged at the zipper.

She commanded him to take them off.

As he slid them down to his ankles Becky quickly put the tip of his cock in her mouth through his boxers. "Take these off too!" She yelled with the tip of his cock still in her mouth.

He complied and slid them off. As he took his boxers off his hard thick cock seemed to spring out at us. She gently tapped it to make it bounce around for awhile.

"Why the hell haven't you fucked this dick yet?" she gasped.

Becky then went over to the bed and commanded Devin to touch himself.

He slowly took his dick in his right had and began to gently glide it up and down. Then he put his left hand top of his right and began to pump his member with both hands in unision. I began to feel a funny little buzz in my pussy, but I ignored it and kept on watching my man touch himself. Becky grabed at Devin's dick and pulled him onto the bed by it. His cock was heaving with anticipation. She touched his throbbing head and gave it a quick lick before reaching for my pants. She unziped my pants and pulled them down along with my panties. After they were complety off my body she giggled and licked my trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

Then, with out hesitation, she parted my pussy lips and dove in.

My body shuddered as I felt her hot breath against my pussy mound.

She started out by blowing on my clit, and then she licked the inner folds of my labia. Her wet slippery tongue caressed and pushed against my spongy clit some more untill I squeeled.

With her face still in my puss she grabbed Devin's head and pushed his face into my cunt as well.

The two tounges in my pussy swirled and darted around, changing pressure and technique. As I watched the heads of my best friend and boy friend bob up and down on my mound I started to moan. The fact that their heads were side by side and hovering over me made me gasp. While I continued to watch them I felt an insane buzzing and a hot build up of pressure deep inside my vagina. I could feel their tongues colliding into one another, as they contined to eat me. Becky stopped and lifted Devin's head out of my crotch, she then reached over to her goody box and got some of the pleasure enhansing cream. She squeezed some onto her finger and then gently placed her finger on my clit and massaged it in. I moaned as I felt a deep heat wave buzz over my pussy. She lifted her shirt off over her head and unhooked her bra, her giant melons bounced as she released them. After doing so she lifted Devin's hands to her tits and demanded him to play with them. He looked like he was in heaven as he mashed her 36 c titts around. He pushed them together and quickly released them so he could watch them bounce away from eachother. Becky pushed his hands away and slowly lowered her tits to the area near my pussy. She then took her left jug in her hand and touched her nipple to my clit. She massaged my now supprisingly wet clit with her breast for a while and then got out her pink vibrator. She handed it to Devin and showed him how to turn it on. He placed the buzzing object on my clit and watched as Becky took her pants off. Becky was a tall thin girl, like me only she had long dark brown hair, and her tits were a cup larger then mine, so this was any mans fantasy. She pulled off her panties and arranged herself into a spread eagal on the bed beside me. She began to rub her pussy while watching us. Devin began to stroke his cock, with his free left hand. His dick was dripping with pre cum. He pushed the vibrator against my clit harder and then let the pressure up, he contiued to vary the pressure untill I started to scream.

Becky looked over and yelled.

"Oh my god, I think shes on the verge of an orgasm!"

She orderd Devin to shove his veiny cock in me imeadiatly. He unhooked my bra as Becky uncuffed me. Once my bra was off he licked my pink puffy nipples and groped my snatch, after this he climbed on top of me and pushed my legs appart. As the tip of his dick slid in my pussy hole, he closed his eyes and sighed. Soon he began to pump just the tip of his dick in my pussy for a while. Eventually with each thrust he shoved more of his meat into me. Becky looked like she was going to explode as she continued to masterbate while sitting next to my head. As Devin humped my tight cunt he reached his right hand up and shoved two fingers it into Becky's pussy hole. His dick and his fingers were now submerged in pussy flesh. He now had each of us moaning like hors. While I was screaming I felt this emense pressure that had to be release fill up my body, I moaned in extasy. In my orgasmic haze I heard Becky screaming at the top of her lungs too.

"Im going to cum!" She squeeled.

Seconds later Devin, who was covered in pussy juice stoped fucking me and quickly pulled his thick wet cock from my cunt. His eyes rolled into into the back of his head as he jerked himself off to orgasm. He let out a gasp of air and with that his dick errupted, his jizz squirted all over my tits some even landed on Becky's pussy. Once the leaking subsided he rolled off of me with a satisfied look on his face.

"Wow, that is all I can say!!!" I blurted out.

"Jeez, Devin you should feel pretty good about yourself, you just wanted to make one girl cum, but you ended up with two pussy juice stains on your sheets."

Rating: 76%, Read 68505 times, Posted Feb 21, 2005

Fiction | Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Voyeurism


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