The Halloween Mix Up by Godking1992

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It was October 30th today and as usual I had treated it like any other day. I woke up, showered then went straight to college to finish my exams. I have been so caught up in school I never had time to relax or be adventurous for my age. My mother always said there would be time for drinking and experimenting but always after I graduate. To me she was very wise and I am forever grateful to had listened to her. But not only was she wise but she was very attractive as well. She always wore tighter clothes to show off her curves cause she always knew what she had. I was probably 14 when I started to fantasize about her. Tall, with long brown hair and muscular legs that lead up to her ass which I like to imagine is firm. She had an amazing body that caused alot of awkward erections over the years. She had bright blue eyes that a man could lose himself in, like looking into the ocean.

I came home at my usual time and my mother was in the kitchen wiping down the cupboards. "Hey how was your day sweetheart?" it was alright just stressful is all. She said shes noticed how stressed out ive been and told me im at least able to relax now that the exams are done. "why dont you go out this year for Halloween? Im sure theres some parties going on in town". Nah thats not really my thing mom I said while walking away. A couple hours had passed by and there was knock on my door. My mother came in and tossed a joker costume on the bed. "whats this?" Im making you a deal she said. "the neighbors are having a party tomorrow night and we can both use a break so I say lets both go get drunk and have some fun,maybe one of us will even get laid".

My mother has been divorced for a few years now and I know it hasnt been easy on her. Shes only in her early 40s and still likes to get out once in a while meaning shes looking for dick in mom terms. I had agreed to go to this party next door but I wasnt enthused and only doing it for her. The next day I tried on the costume to see how it was but it was a little to small and uncomfortable so I ran out the nearest store to hopefully find a costume last minute my size. I managed to find a batman costume that fit, of course there were always batman costumes considering its been such a big hit these last few years. The day dragged by and I had nerves from thinking to myself that I dont want to do this. I havent been with a girl sexually since high school. The time was eight o'clock and I headed out. My mother had already left earlier to help set up. I walked into this mansion of a house where there were people dancing to loud music like it was a rave. I walked towards the bar table and helped myself to a gin and tonic as I observed what was going on around me. It was inly eight and I could already tell half the people here were already drunk.

I had a nice view of all these slutty costumes woman were wearing. It was one of the best things about Halloween in my perspective. Woman making anything slutty, there was a lady in a nurse costume where the skirt was so short I could see her subtle ass cheeks. There were sexy hero's, sexy zombies and surprisingly even a sexy nun. As I had my third glass I started talking to some people when suddenly a girl in a catwoman costume joined the conversation I was having. She was tall and wearing a very well done Catwoman costume. Looked like she spent money on it is what I mean, like me you could only see our mouths cause of the cowls but her costume had a tail which I guess was dragging around a little but and looked like it was getting on her nerves. As I grabbed another drink and I couldnt help but think of all the dirty things I could and would do to that girl not even seeing her face her body told me more then I needed to know.

It was now going on 11 and I was grabbing my stuff getting ready to leave cause I was getting horny and didnt want to have an erection here. As I was walking towards the door that sneaky catwoman grabbed my arm "where are you going in such a hurry?" I think im done for the night, just going to head home and read or something. "come on it's not so bad here is it" she said as she zipped her costume down a little to show me more cleavage. If I wasnt getting erect before I was definitely now. "If you want to go home and read your books then go ahead but if you want to go upstairs and see more of this cat then grab my ass and lead the way like I belong to you". This freak was horny and just wanted sex but luckily for her so did I. I couldnt help myslef and grabbed her ass covered in her latex costume and lead her upstairs into an empty bedroom. As soon as I locked the door she grabbed my shoulder and pushed me towards the bed making me fall on my back. She immediately started to pull down my pants pull my fully erect cock out into her view. It only took seconds before it was deep in this womans mouth. She knew what she wanted and she wasnt going to have it any other way. I was in complete bliss looking down at this shapely girl sucking my dick, I wanted to put my hands through her hair but it was covered in the hood of her costume. I didnt know how long I could last, everything was happening so fast and Ive never been with a woman this sexy or demanding. I looked back down at her and she looked up at me and stared into my eyes with her bright blue eyes never losing contact as she slowly pushed my cock into her throat. She gagged a little from the size but didnt stop pushing until I was fully inside her throat and mouth. Never losing eye contact with a couple tears in her eyes and some spit and precum dripping from the side of her mouth she pulled my dick out almost all the way then slammed the whole thing down her throat once more making me release my entire load into this womans throat.

It was biblical in a type of sense. Stream after stream of my cum went into this womans mouth as she slowly slid her lips off of my shaft taking as much cum left over as she could. "That felt amazing, you just came in my throat". I didnt know who this woman was but I swear I just fell in love with her. I laid there for a couple of minutes as she cleaned up the mess I caused on her face. "dont think your leaving until I feel that dick in me at least once". Just from her saying that and talking dirty got me semi errct again. The advantages of being young and always horny. She took a step towards me and stroked me a little to get me hard again "thats better". She unzipped her costume all the way down just past the crotch revealing she wasnt wearing any panties and that the costume was so tight it kept her huge breasts in place. She pushed the costume aside her tits leaving the cowl on to not reveal eachothers faces to another. She has a small patch of pubic hair that I only got a glimpse of cause in less then a minute she hopped on my fully erect dick allowing her self to slide all the way down sitting on me. She was so wet and I knew she craved tonight just from the way she was acting My dick was completely inside of her not even working up to it. She had let out a little squeal and a big smile as she put her whole weight on me. She was so warm and welcoming she lifted her ass up and down just giving me little pumps but I couldnt take it anymore. I reached down beneath her to grab her tight ass and lift her high enough for her to slam back down on my dick.

She kept trying to tease which was driving me nuts. I ended up just flipping her onto her back and lifted her leg over my shoulder and I rammed into her like an animal, like a man possessed. She opened her mouth in pure ecstasy and took my dick like a god, I was staring at those large beautiful tits bounce with every thrust into her pussy. "yeah fuck me like you own me". I put my hand around her neck and squeezed a little until she smiled a little giving me confirmation to be rougher with her. I increased my grip and thrusted more into her grabbing her right tit with my free hand. I was running out of time before I had to cum so I pulled out and she immediately got onto her knees to take my load into her mouth. Once again she pushed my cock down her slutty throat to recieve my load. With my cock still in her mouth draining my balls I couldnt help but slip my hand under her cowl and push it back to reveal her true identity.

Rating: 89%, Read 142144 times, Posted Dec 19, 2019

Diary |


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