Divine Succession - Chapter 10 by DragoTime

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Fantasy | At work, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Wife

When David got home, he found Samantha, Molly and Megan arranged in a triangle, eating each-other out, while Jack was sat on the sofa, enjoying an unending orgasm, firing cum all over the girls.

“Oh dear, I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” David smiled.

“H…hey dad…” Jack groaned, his face and voice giving away just how much pleasure he was experiencing.

“Honey, when you’re done with this, I’ll be in the shower,” David told his wife.

David went upstairs, got undressed, and headed into the shower. A few minutes later, he felt two familiar arms wrap around him from behind, and two large mounds of flesh press into his back.

“Hey baby,” Samantha said as she kissed David’s neck and stroked his cock. David turned around, and started making out with his wife, her body covered in Jack’s cum. David wasted no time, and picked Samantha up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and they got to work on fucking against the side of the shower.

Several dozen orgasms later, and the two of them were cuddled up on the floor of the shower, making out lovingly, with David’s cock still deep inside Sam’s pussy.

“Oh God, I love you so much honey,” David moaned.

“I love you too David,” Samantha moaned. “You becoming God is the best thing to ever happen to us.”

“I’m pretty glad about it myself. But listen Sam, Mr Forrester’s asked me to go on a business trip with him.”

“A business trip? When!? Where!?”

“Sam, calm down. I’m going to Italy tonight and I’ll be back on Monday.”

“But how am I supposed to cope?”

“Sam, I’ve been away before. You’ve managed.”

“But that was before you became God! Before you got the ability to pleasure me in ways no human could ever dream of!”

“I can still do that from Italy!”

“It won’t be the same…I don’t want you to go…”

“Tell you what Sam, how about I give you some more powers to enjoy while I’m gone?”

“What sort of powers?”

“Well how would you like to be able to control people’s minds and bodies?”

Sam just kissed him in response.

“Yes please honey!” She said excitedly. “I love you! I love you!”

“Alright, alright…” David said as he got up. “I’m gonna go pack.”

David came down for dinner that evening to find Molly, Megan and Jack cuddled up on the sofa, naked under a blanket, watching a movie. The girls still had remnants of Jack’s cum on them.

“Comfy there?” David asked them.

“Very,” Megan replied. “This is great, Mr Jones.”

“Now Megan, let’s not be so formal,” David chuckled. “Just call me God.”

“Baby, I’ve phoned for pizza,” Samantha said. “I didn’t wanna cook tonight.”

“KFC and pizza in one day?” David said. “You trying to get us fat, Sam?”

“No, just enjoying the perks of being married to God,” Samantha replied, kissing him.


Long ago, the archangel Amia walked across the surface of a planet which she had assisted God in designing. The planet was called Eden, a name which the natives had chosen for themselves. Amia didn’t like letting them name their own planet, but God had insisted on it. His will be done, she supposed.

In the time system of what, in the distant future, would be the planet Earth, it had been 10,000 years since the creation of the universe. Amia had faithfully served God in that time, assisting in the designs of everything he had created, and acting as messenger to the mortals. Thousands of angels had been recruited to serve in Heaven and Hell, but now God had suggested something which Amia didn’t like the idea of; more archangels should be recruited. He’d said that there needed to be archangels, so that they could focus on running Heaven and Hell.

“You’ve almost reached the village,” Amia heard the voice of her creator say. “The locals will guide you to the chosen two.”

“Yes Lord,” Amia said plainly.

“Amia, I know you’re worried about this, but you shouldn’t be.”

“I’m not worried.”

“Amia, my child, you cannot lie to me. You are worried that I will love you less because of there being more archangels.”

“Okay, maybe I’m a bit worried…”

“Amia, you need not worry,” God said. Amia felt a familiar warmth about her, which she knew was her creator hugging her. “When you were created, I told you that as the first, you shall be raised above them for eternity. That was not a lie. You shall always be higher than they in my eyes.”

“Thank you Lord.”

Slightly happier with the situation now, Amia walked into the village, where she was naturally met with the same reception that she always got from mortals. She’d not been to this village in several centuries, when she’d laid down God’s holy laws to them. The looks on the mortals’ faces were ones of reverence and fear. Many of them were amazed that the stories were true, while many more feared they had done something to anger God.

“The Lord thy God demands the presence of the ones known as Achré and Lucifer,” Amia told the crowd in her authoritative voice.

“My son!? What do you want with my son!?” A woman shouted in panic. It was Achré’s mother. “He’s done nothing wrong.”

“That is none of your concern, mortal,” Amia replied. “And I advise you to not question the Lord in future, lest he unleash his infinite wrath upon you.” This made the crowd flinch a little.

“Amia, what have I told you about making threats?” She heard her creator say. “A gentle hand is needed.”

“Yes Lord, I’m sorry…” Amia sighed. “Please tell me where these two are. The Lord has found favour with them.”

“They’re off down by the river I think,” said Achré’s father.

“Thank you mortal,” Amia said.

Down by the river, best friends since childhood Achré and Lucifer were very busy enjoying the village chieftain’s daughters, who weren’t nearly as innocent as they liked their father to believe. The four of them cried out in orgasm, and collapsed in a cuddly mess on the blanket they’d brought.

“This was such a great idea,” Achré panted, kissing the girl he’d just been fucking.

“I agree,” Lucifer panted. “Best idea ever.”

“Are you quite done?” The four of them looked up, and saw a woman in white, gold-trimmed robes, with large wings.

“Oh my God…” Lucifer exclaimed.

“Not quite, but he does demand your presence,” Amia told them.

“Us? But why?” One of the girls asked.

“Not you girl, the two males,” Amia corrected her. She grabbed Achré and Lucifer’s hands, dragging the two naked and afraid boys through a door of light.


The car arrived for David on schedule, and he got in after letting Sam kiss him goodbye, which was admittedly more of a 10-minute make-out session goodbye. David was driven to the airport, in order to catch the private plane to Fiumicino Airport in Rome.

“David, good to see you,” Mr Forrester said as David came aboard. “Please, take a seat.” This plane was well-furnished, which fit with what David had heard about Miss Helligon; that she liked to spend her money on all manner of luxuries.

“It’s good to finally meet you David,” said Miss Helligon, who was reclined in an arm chair. She was in her mid-30s, but looked much younger, at the same time giving off an air of authority and maturity. “Arthur has told me a lot about you. He assures you you’re the perfect man for this job.”

“I certainly hope so, Miss Helligon,” David said.

“Please David, call me Rachel,” Miss Helligon said.

“Why thank you, Rachel,” David smiled.

“And of course, you’re all free to go to sleep for the flight. There are beds in the back section of the plane,” Miss Helligon said.

“I think I will, I’m tired,” Mr Forrester said, taking Amy’s hand. “Come on Miss Chambers, let’s go to bed.”

“Yes sir!” Amy said excitedly, and the two of them ran off into the back.

“Will you be going too, David?” Miss Helligon asked.

“No, I think I’ll stay here for a while,” David replied.

“Oh goodie,” Miss Helligon smiled, before pressing a button on her seat. A young man ran in.

“Yes Miss Helligon?” He asked her.

“Bring David and I a big bottle of champagne please,” she said. “And that big box of chocolates I’ve been saving.”

“Yes Miss Helligon.”

The boy quickly brought out the bottle, as well as two glasses, and what was possibly the largest box of chocolates David had ever seen.

“As you can see, I like to splash out,” Miss Helligon said as she drank the champagne. “After all, why have money if you’re not going to spend it?”

“Exactly,” David said. “If God didn’t want us to indulge ourselves, he shouldn’t have made so many Earthly pleasures.”

“Though I suspect you’ve not had as many opportunities for indulgence as I have. Is this your first time on a private jet?”


“Well play your cards right and it might not be the last. There’s a job going at head office that I think you’d be perfect for.”

“Me? But you’ve only just met me.”

“Perhaps, but I can tell you’re just the sort of man I want working with me.”

“Well in that case, I hope I can make a good impression on you this weekend.”

“Oh I’m sure you will. I can just tell you’re the sort of man who knows exactly how to please a woman.”

“Well my wife was definitely not looking forward to a weekend sleeping alone.”

“I can see why,” Miss Helligon grinned, looking at David’s groin. “Would you like to watch a movie, David?”

“I’d be up for that,” David replied.

“Wonderful,” Miss Helligon said. She stood up, and went over to the TV, bending over to open one of the drawers. “And of course, feel free to get undressed a bit, to relax.”

“Oh, I will.” David willed, and his belt and tie flew off him, and onto the floor. His trouser buttons came undone, as did the zip, loosening them a lot and leaving his boxers exposed. He made all of his shirt buttons come undone too. He left his shirt on, but his bare chest was exposed. David then looked over at Miss Helligon, Rachel, and stared at her bottom, which was pressed against her skirt as she bent over to pick a movie. David couldn’t resist, and stuck his hand out. He made a groping motion, and Rachel gasped as she felt an invisible hand squeeze her bottom. She turned, expecting to see David sat there, but he was just sitting there innocently.

“My my, what a very nice chest you’ve got there,” she said.

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Provided you don’t mind me getting mine out.”

Rachel then started unbuttoning her shirt, before pulling it off. To David’s surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra, leaving her rather large boobs completely on show.

“What’s the matter, David?” She asked him. “Scared of a couple of boobies?”

“No, I’m just a little…surprised.” David was indeed surprised. He’d not expected Rachel to get her boobs out without the slightest bit of divine power influencing her.

“I have no problem being nude with someone I feel comfortable with, and I feel comfortable with you.” Rachel then removed her skirt and underwear, leaving her completely nude. “You put the movie on, I’m gonna go help us get comfy.”

Rachel tossed David the Blu-Ray box, and he went to put the disk in. He then snapped his fingers, causing the rest of his clothes to fly off, and his cock to harden. Not that it needed much convincing, what with Rachel’s body. Rachel pulled a large duvet out of one of the cupboards, and turned around to face him.

“Oh good, you’re naked,” she smiled. “I was hoping you’d do that.”

“Well like you, I’m also more comfortable without clothes.”

“With a dick like that, I’m not surprised. I can see now why your wife was so against spending the weekend without you.”

Rachel set the duvet down on the sofa, which, as it turned out, could pull out into a sofa bed. The two of them got under the duvet, and spooned closely as they watched the movie. His cock and balls were pressed firmly against her bottom, while he rubbed her stomach gently.

“So tell me Rachel, do you do this often?”

“Do what?”

“Naked cuddles with your employees.”

“Only the ones I like.”

“I’m flattered.”

“I think I’m the one who should be flattered. That erection of yours is pretty full-on.”

“Can’t help it, it’s pressed against such a perfect ass.”

“Tell me David, have you ever cheated on your wife?” Rachel asked, before she started wiggling her hips, to rub her ass against David’s cock.

“Recently Sam and I have moved into an open relationship,” David replied. “We’re allowed to fuck whoever we want.”

“That’s good, it makes me feel less guilty about the orgasm I’m going to give you,” Rachel grinned.

“And what makes you so sure about that?”

“Well you could just pull away and we could watch the movie in peace, or you could go to bed. But I suspect there’s a giant load in those balls of yours that’s begging to be shot out, and you’re going to let me release it.”

“Indeed I am, but not without getting you off too.” David moved his hands down Rachel’s stomach, before rubbing her pussy.

“Alright then, but I guarantee you’ll cum before I do.”

“Someone’s confident.”

“Let’s just say I have a certain advantage.” David then slid his fingers into Rachel’s pussy.

“And what advantage would that be?”

David didn’t reply. Instead, he simply began rubbing Rachel’s G-spot, causing her to moan loudly.

“Oooo yeah…” She moaned. “Well then, I’d better get to work too…” Rachel kept on rubbing her ass against David’s cock, but to her annoyance, she couldn’t quite get him to blow his load. At the same time however, she was struggling to hold back her own climax, as David gave her the best finger fucking of her life.

“Still so sure about me cumming first?” David asked confidently.

“I…I…” Rachel moaned, before letting out a particularly loud moan as David rubbed her clit.

“I thought not,” David grinned. Rachel kept on wiggling her hips, but instead of trying to get David to cum, it was now merely in response to the amazing fingering that David was giving her.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh my God…” Rachel moaned.

“Rachel, you will have the most powerful orgasm of your entire life…” David commanded. “In 5…4…3…2…1…”

Rachel let out a deafening scream, and David felt her vagina contract around his fingers as she came hard. He kissed her neck and held her close, allowing her to enjoy the incredible orgasm he was providing her with. When it was over, David flipped her round, and made out with her softly, as she simply relaxed in his arms.

“Oh…my…God…” Rachel moaned. “How the fuck did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You just pleasured me like no man has ever pleasured me. You fingered parts of my pussy I didn’t even know I had!”

“I’m just really good at it.”

“It was almost…inhuman.”

“Rachel, we shouldn’t question a good thing, just appreciate how wonderful it feels,” David said. He then grabbed Rachel’s bottom, and flipped her onto her back. “And anyway, we’re not done. These balls of mine are still full, and I think you could do with a few more orgasms.”

“That sounds good to me,” Rachel smiled. David then thrust right into her, filling her up in one single thrust. “Oh God…you’re so deep…how can you be so deep…”

David didn’t reply, and instead simply got to work on thrusting in and out of her. It was always an interesting experience fucking a new girl, feeling the little differences in her pussy, particularly after she’d just had a massive orgasm. David leaned down and started sucking on her boobs, causing her to moan even more. David had been holding back his orgasm with his powers, but he couldn’t resist any longer, so he allowed his cock to let loose a torrent of cum, firing it deep into Rachel’s body. David willed Rachel to cum at the same time, and he enjoyed the feeling of her pussy squeezing down on his orgasming cock.

Rachel was expecting David to pull out after that, so was surprised when he resumed thrusting, causing her to moan loudly.

“Oh my God…don’t you need to rest!?”

“Nope,” David simply replied. “I can go all night. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.” Rachel wrapped her legs around David, who started thrusting even faster, the two of them moaning loudly from the intense pleasure that David was causing, having made their erogenous zones many thousands of times as sensitive as normal. He fired off his second load in less than a minute, crying out praise to himself. It was good to be God.


Achré and Lucifer found themselves in a completely white void, where the only thing was their naked forms, and Amia’s robed one.

“Please don’t hurt us,” Achré said. “We’ve not done anything wrong! Well, except fucking those girls…But they wanted it!”

“Silence mortals,” Amia said sternly. “You were not given permission to speak.”

“Now now Amia, let’s not frighten our guests,” said God. “Welcome, Achré and Lucifer.”

“Who…who are you?” Asked the scared Lucifer.

“I am God,” he replied. “You are most honoured. You are the first aside from Amia to ever hear my voice.”

“What do you want with us…your Godliness?” Achré asked.

“Fear not, you shall not be harmed,” God replied. “I wish for you to join Amia among the ranks of the angels.”

“Us? Angels?” Lucifer asked.

“Archangels, specifically,” God explained. “Lucifer, I wish for you to rule over Heaven, guiding the angels in delivering the eternal rewards to the blessed. And Achré, I wish for you to rule over Hell, guiding the angels in delivering the eternal punishments to the damned.”

“You are of course free to decline,” Amia said. “Please don’t feel under any pressure to accept. Really.”

“If you accept, you shall be held on high forever and ever, ruling above all other angels.”

“Well of course I accept,” Achré said. “What about you, Lucifer?”

“So what, we get to boss people around?” Lucifer asked. “Like, with servants and everything?”


“Lord, this boy is obviously not taking this seriously,” Amia said. “I beg you to reconsider his appointment.”

“Amia, I will not do so,” God said. “I believe that Lucifer will make a fine archangel.”

“Yeah, listen to your boss, Amia,” Lucifer said. “He knows best.”

“Both of you do not argue,” God told them. “Amia, Lucifer will be an archangel. My decision is final. And Lucifer, you are to treat Amia with respect. She is my first creation, and the highest of them all.”

“Yeah, higher than you,” Amia said, resisting sticking her tongue out.

“It will be an honour to serve you, Lord,” Achré bowed.

“And it will be an honour to be served by you,” God said. “Amia will now show you to your duties, won’t you Amia?”

“Yes Lord…” Amia said, obviously annoyed. “Please, follow me…”


Author's message: So yeah...Sorry about the 11 day wait for this chapter. The honest answer is that I've just not been motivated to write. Not been in the mood. Admittedly part of that is because I fixed my Skyrim installation, so I've been playing a lot of that. I aim to get back on regular updates. Hopefully.

I also aim to finish this story before August 22nd, because I'm going on holiday (Disney World!) then for 2 weeks. It does only give me 3 weeks to finish the story, but that's entirely possible.

When I finish this story I do intend to take a break for a while, since it's clear too much writing burns me out. But don't worry, I'm not vanishing, just taking a break. And not yet. I'll be back with more stuff.

Next time there'll be plot advancement, including a return to the corruption (But not as extreme and sudden as in Chapter 7), but really it wouldn't have worked this chapter. I do apologise for this chapter being short, but it needed to set up the next 1. Plus really, I wanted to hurry and finally get this out.

Someone said that Argoss is named after Argos. Yes he is. The shop that is, not the mythological person.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, because I'm really tired. Goodbye, and here's hoping chapter 12 is faster!

Rating: 87%, Read 23004 times, Posted Aug 01, 2015

Fantasy | At work, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Wife


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