Night Shift Baristas- Part Two Main Course- Lighter Fare by Redlust

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Fantasy | Anal, At work, Male, Teen Female, Threesome

They sat facing each other. They downed the vodka, their throats burned but nothing compared with the fire in Liss’s eyes. She leaned forward, gripped Kelsie’s head, and slammed the girl’s lips to hers.

Kelsie only froze for an instant; then relaxed, then melted. She kissed back and their mouths opened.

Kelsie brought her hand up to caress Melissa’s face, then stroked her fingers down her neck to the shirt’s collar. She hesitated for a fraction of a moment before teasing Melissa’s cleavage.

When Melissa sensed her coworker’s reluctance pass. Her hand slid up to cup the girl’s breast.

They gradually pulled away from each other and realized that I was still leering at them.

“So this time try it topless,” I said with a smile.

They laughed, but then looked at each other inquiringly.

“Actually I’m kind of up for that,” Kelsie said to Melissa.

Melissa simply nodded and quickly pulled her shirt over her head. Once free from it she grabbed Kelsie’s shirt to help her friend remove it.

Liss wore a khaki colored bra that brought her breasts to a lovely point. Kelsie’s black bra molded her breasts into enticing spheres.

They went back to kissing while Liss reached behind herself to undo the clasp; then reached behind Kelsie to unclasp her bra. She pulled the bras away baring two pairs of breasts simultaneously.

Not that I was able to see anything, their breasts were pressed up against each other. They had forgotten that they were again putting on a show for me.

Liss cupped one of Kelsie’s tits and Kelsie’s hand went up to grab one of Melissa’s. Kelsie got the nipple between her fingers and teased it; the longish pink nipples must’ve been very sensitive, Liss shuddered. Liss squeezed Kelsie’s entire breast in her hand, playfully.

The girls moaned and made out oblivious to my presence. I subtly refilled each wine glass, making sure to quietly clink the bottle on the lip of the last glass. They noticed, but they weren’t too disappointed to break the kiss as I handed them a glass.

“Beautiful Piercings, Kelsie.” I said, I wanted to reach out and touch the barbell, but waited.

Turning to Melissa, “Just to be sure; ‘never have I ever sucked on pierced nipples.’”

Melissa smiled, “Ask me that again in a minute.”

She kissed Kelsie’s neck and dropped towards a nipple. Her lips trailed over it then the tongue whipped out. As she took it in her mouth and suckled, Kelsie’s eyes fluttered and she couldn’t restrain her moans.

Was it coincidence, karma, blind luck or design that Melissa went for the nipple that was further away from my seat? Maybe subconsciously Kelsie turned so that her closer breast invited me. I didn’t stop to ponder; I just jumped at the opportunity.

My lips collided with the areola and the piercing simultaneously. My tongue twirled around, circling flesh and metal. Kelsie barked in happy surprise, making Melissa’s eyes open. We shared the breasts with our eyes locked until Liss released the nipple and started kissing the breast I was enjoying. Her face came up against mine. My face turned and we began the most awkward and erotic kiss of my life; our mouths never lost contact with Kelsie’s nipple.

Kelsie’s fingers entwined in my hair, as her other hand was lost in Melissa’s. She pulled my head up and kissed me deeply. We made out while Liss continued her assault on Kelsie’s tits. Then Liss turned to me and pulled my shirt off, all three of us were now topless. Kelsie’s lips met mine as did her chest. Melissa’s breasts were against me too, she started kissing my neck trailing up to my earlobe.

I pulled away from Kelsie, “Now that Liss has been driving us nuts, let’s return the favor. It’s time you’ve sucked a beautiful girl’s tits.” I turned to Liss, kissed at her clavicle and my lowered my mouth to her nipple, my lips and tongue teased it.

I heard Kelsie getting ready to join in, “Hell yes, I am ready to suck her boobs.” I saw her kiss Liss’s other breast, sucking it eagerly and her mouth smiling as she did.

Liss’s long nipples were made to be pulled. I sucked them, wetting them, then twisted them between my fingers. Liss was enjoying the double attention and her hips squirmed.

I moved my lips to kiss Kelsie. She made sure that Liss’s nipple stayed between our mouths. So Melissa could enjoy the same treatment that we’d given Kelsie.

Our hands fell to settle on Liss’s waist, she was grinding so much we knew she needed attention lower. Kelsie said “Stand up Liss; it’s time to get you naked.”

There was only blind obedience, as Melissa shakily stood up. Kelsie and I gripped and pulled her khakis and underwear down together. Beneath her neat light brown bush the lips were red from excitement.

Kelsie pushed her down and crawled on top to make out more with Melissa.

I wasn’t about to be excluded from the proceedings. I stepped behind Kelsie, whose ass was sticking in the air, and pulled her butt back against my hard on. She didn’t break the kiss but brought one hand back to stroke my cock through my pants, and tried to remove her own pants. That was what I was hoping for and immediately pulled her pants and underwear down to her knees. I pulled her naked ass back against my crotch again briefly. Then bent down and lifted her legs to get her naked.

I admired the view, Kelsie was crouched over Melissa and both their most intimate areas were on display Liss had her legs spread wide, her lips starting to part. Kelsie had the back of her hand already teasing Liss’s pussy, while she was on her hands and knees and was just as excited. She was fully shaved, she had been planning to get laid tonight, though with Tim.

It never gets old cupping a hand over an extremely excited woman’s vagina. Letting my fingers conform to Kelsie’s labia produced a gush of moisture against my palm. It always makes my mouth water. I reveled in that for a moment before my thumb turned to tease at her opening.

Kelsie ripped her mouth from Melissa’s to shout “Yes!”

My thumb pressed inside. Kelsie shook but I wasn’t planning to continue this assault. I removed the thumb and brought it to my mouth for a quick lick. Kelsie shocked at the abruptness glared at me. I smiled and walked to Melissa offering my thumb.


Liss didn’t hesitate, she drew my Kelsie flavored thumb into her mouth, tonguing it. She looked right in my eyes as she went down on my thumb. When she was finished she released me and said, “What are you still doing with pants on?”

“You haven’t removed them yet, beautiful.”

Melissa quickly went to rectify that, and Kelsie leant two eager hands; then I was naked too. Liss and Kelsie both seemed pleased, two sets of hands started teasing my erection with fingertips and nails.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, ladies. The couch isn’t big enough.”

Kelsie sprang up, ready to race there, Liss didn’t want to let go of my dick. I slapped Kelsie’s butt to send her ahead and conspired with Melissa, “What do you say we both go down on Kelsie first?” Melissa nodded. I continued, “You said you hadn’t played with a girl’s asshole; now’s your chance.” Her eyes went wide and she squeezed my member once more, and then sprinted to the bedroom tackling Kelsie down and continuing their kiss.

With Liss on top with her ass in the air, I couldn’t resist giving it a playful spank too. Then I went to kiss Kelsie’s neck. Melissa slid her mouth from Kelsie’s and kissed down the other side of the girl’s neck. We descended down Kelsie’s body. Our hands teased her labia so that Kelsie was already moaning loudly by the time our mouths got there. We had to spread her legs wide to get to her pussy.

Even with our faces smooshed together, licking Kelsie side by side wasn’t going to work for long. So I attacked the clit while Liss licked Kelsie’s opening. Though Melissa kissed me occasionally so I could savor Kelsie’s flavor too.

I watched closely as Liss tongued Kelsie. Slowly she fell further and further down. Tongue tip teasing the bottom of her pussy, then her perineum. I pulled on Kelsie’s leg so she’d roll over on her side; this gave Liss access to the girl’s ass.

Liss’s lips met Kelsie’s sphincter in a loud smacking kiss. Then her tongue explored the pucker. Kelsie started shivering at this point. I slid my finger into her pussy and ramped up my tongue over her clit. It took only moments for her orgasm to hit, then shuddering she went limp.

I looked at Liss tonguing the glistening asshole. I grabbed one of her fingers and put it in my mouth. She looked at me and I motioned to the recovering girl’s butt. “Now’s your chance; in a second she’s going to want go down on you.” Liss tongued harder at the hole to get it ready for the digit.

I rolled to the head of the bed when Kelsie made an “Eep!” of surprise when the finger made its entry. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her. Her eyes opened for a moment then shut again. Our tongues met as she hunched backwards, riding Liss’s finger. She kissed more aggressively, biting my lip and groaning.

“Don’t you think you should pay Liss back for that nice orgasm you just had.”

Kelsie just nodded. She rode the intruding finger for another moment before reaching down, grabbing and pulling the other girl up. “Your turn,” She fell to her knees pulling Liss’s legs apart. She looked up towards me “Are you going to help?”

“I want to watch, how often do I get to see a girl going down on another girl for the first time?”

She smiled, “Get ready for the show,” then slid her tongue up Liss’s slit and kissed down it. Licked up again and settled to suck at Liss’s clitoris, her satisfied hum caused Liss to flail.

I looked down at Melissa. I kissed her trembling lips; then I looked back as Kelsie picked up speed. I said, “Not too shabby for a first timer huh?”

“Good, so good,” said Liss, panting. I teased her nipples then lowered my face to watch Kelsie’s closely.

“Does that taste as good as it looks?” She raised her head smiling, her mouth and chin glistening. I kissed her tasting the tongue and lips. It was fantastic. I even dipped down to lick her chin. “It’s as good as yours.”

“It’s different than when I taste myself but I definitely like it.” She was still rubbing her fingers along Melissa’s cleft. She pinched the girl’s clit between her fingertips and Melissa writhed. “I like the hair too. It makes her look cute and sexy.”

“I usually keep it more trimmed but I’ve let it go awhile,” neither Kelsie nor I minded.

Kelsie resumed sucking Liss’s labia, occasionally running her tongue through her cleft. Liss was once again moving her hips involuntarily. I began stroking Kelsie’s nipples, twisting the metal piercings and seeing what reaction I got. She moaned into Melissa’s pussy, which made Melissa cry out. I gently twisted the barbell until her hips also shifted uncontrollably.

I leaned to Kelsie’s ear “Don’t forget to pay her back for playing with your ass.”

“Don’t worry.” She decided it was time for her fingers; she took one and slid it in to Liss’s pussy. Then it was pulled out and sucked clean by Kelsie and reinserted.

She saw me still watching and thrust the finger in a few more times pulled it out and this time offered it to me. I sucked Liss’s flavor from Kelsie’s hand then released it. Kelsie once more inserted it this time adding a twisting motion. Melissa flailed and groaned. Then slid it out and started poking around Liss’s asshole.

Kelsie still sucked away at Liss’s pussy, as her finger played at the opening of her coworker’s ass. I watched Kelsie push to the first knuckle and retreat, and repeat. She also brought her other hand up to get fingers in Liss’s pussy as well.

I whispered to Kelsie, “You’re doing just fine.” I let go of her nipples and moved behind her.

Kelsie’s ass was waving in the air as she ate her first pussy. Her own was moist and inviting. I wanted to get her wetter. I kissed her thighs and bit into her ass cheek. My tongue teased her labia, causing her to moan more in Melissa’s pussy. I backed away just to make her wait for more and watched her hips sway. I gave her ass a hard spank, as it was wiggling in front of my face. Then I went back to kissing Kelsie’s pussy.

She was bringing Melissa toward a big orgasm. Liss kept repeating “So good!” in between cute sounding squeals and whimpers.

Then I heard Melissa wail and felt the bed shake. Kelsie didn’t let up and I didn’t stop teasing Kelsie’s pussy.

Liss shot up like a rocket, grabbed Kelsie and kissed her. This pulled Kelsie’s pussy away from my mouth and gave me an unobstructed view of the two girls. Liss wasted no time cupping and rubbing Kelsie’s sex. When Kelsie let out a moan the kiss broke off and Melissa saw me watching them. She crooked her finger at me and I went.

“You’ve been patient Mark. It’s your turn now, right Kelsie?”

Kelsie saw my hard cock and nodded “Oh yeah, it’s our turn to get our mouths on you.”

They rolled off the bed to their knees with me in front of them, legs spread wide. Each ran a hand over my waist and legs while they started descending kissing my chest. They both teased me by licking around my inner thighs. Soon Kelsie planted a kiss on the side of my dick, and Liss gave a long lick up to the head. Kelsie licked up and Melissa kissed down. They fell into complimentary patterns. They switched and both started licking up my shaft from different sides meeting at the tip and tortured me with their tongues before turning into a sexy French kiss.

Kelsie took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me in earnest. Liss dropped further down and began tonguing my balls. Kelsie let one of her hands fall to finger herself. She hummed in satisfaction around my cock, sending shivers up my spine.

Melissa heard the moan and saw Kelsie’s hand, she pulled the hand away.

“Hey,” Kelsie protested letting my cock fall from her lips.

“No, you can play with mine; I’m going to play with yours,” Liss proclaimed. She pulled Kelsie’s hand to her own crotch then brought her hand to Kelsie’s.

Liss’s turn to eagerly suck my cock, Kelsie dropped down and sucked one testicle into her mouth, she was now moaning from Liss’s fingers. The sensations were too much, “I can’t last like this.”

“Cum for us,” was Melissa’s response.

That’s all it took to push me over. I managed to gasp out “I’m cumming, beautiful,” before I filled her mouth. I felt her swallow twice to keep from spilling and when I was done she pulled Kelsie to her and their mouths locked together. Kelsie still moaned from Liss’s assault on her pussy.

I usually require a bit of recovery but looking at two gorgeous women trading my jizz back and forth was keeping me mostly hard. Melissa finally pulled apart and looked at my cock. She said to Kelsie, “Let’s get him up again, then it’ll be your turn.” Kelsie was so turned on she shivered.

Liss pushed Kelsie’s head against the base of my prick to keep licking and Liss sucked me back into her mouth. Her tongue snaked around me as she stared wide eyed up at me.

My erection returned quicker than I would ever have thought. When Melissa deemed I was back up to full strength her lips released me.

“She really needs this big guy in her little pussy, don’t you baby?” Kelsie nodded. Liss continued, “Are you on birth control or does he need to get a condom?”

Kelsie looked from my cock, to my face. “I’m on the pill, just fuck me.”

What guy could turn down that request? I got up and went around her. We were already in doggy-style. I couldn’t resist giving her another small smack before stepping between her legs and pushing my cock into her spasming pussy. I started hitting a spot she liked and her hand began rubbing her clit while I fucked her.

Kelsie was so worked up. She tightened around my cock as she orgasmed but she was so wet I didn’t slow at all. She could only make a high pitched “eee” sound. Then she collapsed and started to fall. I was ready for it and wouldn’t let her go. I held her hips back against mine letting my dick enjoy the fluttering of her vagina. As her panting started to slow I resumed thrusting, eliciting a grunt from her. I fucked her for a minute while she descended, this was her second orgasm and both looked fairly major.

I assumed she’d fall asleep after that, sated and happy. Liss had other ideas. She handed Kelsie a fresh glass of wine and took a sip herself from her own glass. “Come on baby don’t get sleepy on me now. Mark was going to do me now. You don’t want to miss that.” That enticement along with downing the glass of wine gave Kelsie her second wind.

Liss turned to me. “You can’t cum in my pussy I’m not on the pill. Pull out, okay?”

I nodded, the ladies had been calling the shots all night and I wasn’t going to complain about ill treatment. Melissa lay back and spread her legs. Her pussy was very wet, the hair surrounding it stuck together. I had to have a quick taste before fucking her. I moved my mouth down to taste her. I sucked at her lips; she was less strong tasting than Kelsie, a bit sweeter. My cock became more insistent and I rose again.

I pierced Melissa slowly, she moaned as I slid in. She was holding on to Kelsie’s hair and kissing her hard. I started fucking her and she whispered to Kelsie “rub my clit, please.” I continued my thrusts as Kelsie slid her face down to watch the action up close. Her hand slid down rubbing the pearl in need of attention. My speed picked up, the view was amazing, a spellbound Kelsie watched every thrust and her rubbing Liss’s button was causing very pleasant contractions. I felt myself getting closer to a second orgasm but Liss was going to beat me to it.

Melissa threw her arms out to me. I fell into them, our mouths met and the whole world dissolved around us, she was cumming and I was working to catch up with her. She tightened around me slowing me nearly to a stop. I was only rocking in her. She pulled away from our embrace, “You can’t cum in my pussy, pull out and put it in my butt.”

The idea alone made me almost cum right then. “There’s no way I’ll last that long.” I knew I had maybe five thrusts left before my orgasm. Four, as she registered how close I was.

“Then pull it out and just stick the head in to cum in my ass.” Three to go as I heard that and two as the meaning sank in to my addled brain. One...

“Shit!” I roared pulling out of her. Despite her words (and even in my state) I knew shoving my cock in her ass would be very painful for her. I grabbed my dick and put it up against her sphincter as the first spurt flew out of me. That spurt lubricated it enough for me to push the head against it for the next spurt, nothing was going to go in but she’d feel it there. She felt it alright, at the first contact of my cum and her ass; she started to rub her pussy like a woman possessed. A few more spurts were sprayed on her asshole and my dick was spent. I collapsed on the bed sideways and watched her fingers slide back to rub the jizz into her sphincter.

“No!” I had to check where the voice came from. I had forgotten Kelsie was there. She grabbed Melissa’s hand and replaced it with her own, pushing the goo on, around, and into the little hole. Then her mouth replaced her fingers. She dipped the point of her tongue into the pucker. Then she cleaned it thoroughly getting every drop, making Liss squeal. Finally she sucked my failing penis into her mouth cleaning that too.

Kelsie looked up at me “I want you to fuck my ass Mark. I liked what Liss was doing to it and I saw how she went crazy when you nearly got it in her. You can get it up again to take my cherry right?”

These women were trying to kill me but I’d die happy.

“Christ! I’m nearly dead now. But if you and Melissa help get me hard I won’t say no.”

Kelsie didn’t wait she swallowed my cock entirely, gently sucking and making her tongue dance everywhere on it. Liss rolled to kiss me again, her hand rubbed her pussy and ass. Liss pulled away and brought her pretty tits to my mouth. The pointy nipples were still excited and my teeth rasped against them inducing a lovely moan. Soon, I felt myself growing hard for the third time.

I pulled back and looked up to Liss, “Want to get her ready? This will be her first time, she’ll need good prep.” Liss nodded and stood up. She found a bottle of baby oil not far from my bed. She went behind Kelsie and poured a splash of the oil over her crack, then reached down and rubbed it against her ass teasingly, even slipping further to play with her pussy before inserting a finger into Kelsie’s sphincter.

I watched the finger thrusting. As two knuckles disappeared she reapplied more oil and really started sawing into her ass. She slowed, oiled up two fingers, and started thrusting again. When she got up to speed she pulled out and motioned me forward. She stroked me a few times with an extra dollop of baby oil told me to ‘start gently,” then went to wash off her hands.

I stood behind Kelsie, my cock pointed straight at my target. I rubbed the tip up and down her butt crack. I heard her take a sharp breath. Melissa came back ready to watch up close. Kelsie looked back at me and gave me a nod.

I let the head rub back up, till I reached her sphincter. “Relax,” I told her, pushing into her. I heard another intake of breath. I rocked back then slid deeper, the cock head popped in. The muscle ring fluttered, but as I fucked into her ass again, the sphincter tightened clenching around me. “Just relax Kelsie, it feels good but don’t clench.”

“Don’t tense up it’ll feel so much better.” Liss said toying with Kelsie’s nipple.

“Ok,” Kelsie gasped. She turned to her friend and kissed her. When their mouths met Kelsie relaxed.

I thrust again deeper. Kelsie twitched but stayed relaxed. Her ass was nice but when she clenched it was hard to bear. She was well lubed though so I could fuck more without fear of hurting her.

I started trying to go deeper to see if she could take it. Kelsie started whimpering again. “Is it too much?” I asked. I wasn’t going to risk hurting her no matter how good it felt.

“No, keep going I know I will like it. It just feels so big.”

“Here let me help.” Liss said and moment later I felt her finger tips near my cock. She was rubbing Kelsie’s cunt from perineum to hood and back.

I pushed slowly till I finally bottomed out. “That’s all of it. Kelsie.” I felt my balls against her pussy.

“Good, fuck it! Please Mark!”

I couldn’t resist if I wanted to, her ass was draining all my control. I pulled back and slammed into her, one last chance for her to change her mind. She just grunted and pushed back against me. Her channel spasmed around my cock but didn’t clench uncomfortably. We found a rhythm and she pushed back at me as eagerly as I pushed into her.

It wasn’t long till I was close to cumming again. I pounded her harder. I leaned over Kelsie, “You ready to take my load in your pretty ass Kelsie?”

“Yes! Fuck yes!” came in reply. Liss had gotten her close to the edge and the sensation overload was working her over. She came, slamming back against me. I thrust three or four times more before I came as well, depositing my last load into her tight ass.

Kelsie and I fell over exhausted and insensate. I could feel my penis shrink and her ass pushed me out. I nearly fell asleep when a voice said “Hey, what about me?”

My eyes opened to Melissa frantically fingering her pussy with two fingers at a blistering speed. I was exhausted and dead from the waist down but I turned to Kelsie “We have to finish her off. It’s only fair then we can all sleep.”

Liss, the only one with energy left, simply climbed in between the two of us. I kissed her while Kelsie sucked at her neck.

“We have no energy, beautiful. We’ll eat you, but that’s all we’ve got.”

“I’ll lick her ass I want to try that some more. You lick her pussy.” Kelsie directed.

We repositioned Melissa spread her legs. Kelsie licked her asshole and I sucked at her delicious pussy again. She still fucked her two fingers, and moaned and whimpered. Kelsie leaned to taste the juice running off the fingers. I bent down to do the same; our mouths met and kissed quickly. I ran my tongue against Liss’s lips and clit. When she moaned out that she was getting close I latched my lips to her clit and sucked. Moments later Liss screamed and slumped over, as exhausted and sated as we were.

I think all of us were asleep as soon as Liss lay her head on my shoulder and Kelsie threw her leg over my hip.


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Rating: 82%, Read 9014 times, Posted Nov 20, 2014

Fantasy | Anal, At work, Male, Teen Female, Threesome


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