The Levingston's Punishment by forbiddenlover

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Fantasy | At work, Discipline, First Time, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Reluctance, Spanking, Teen Female, Threesome, Wife

The Levingston's Punishment

This story is pure fiction and fantasy. Take it as such. :)

“Stacy!!!” the voice blares through the earpiece on the young girls phone. “You were supposed to be here FIFTEEN minutes ago. You KNOW the wife and I are celebrating our anniversary tonight and you need to be here on time!” the strong male voice demands. “Yes sir, I’m on my way, I got caught up with homework” she nervously replies with a tremble in her voice. Mr. Levingston always ran a short fuse but they payed her so well, it was impossible to turn down the babysitting job. And with dad out of work, any extra money for the family is good money.

Stacy is an honor student, a goody goody. Hell, she is the only one of her “group” that is still a virgin, and they make sure to point that out all too often. She doesn’t mind the torment though because she knows one day, she will make love with the man of her dreams. She just has to find him first.

“Well you better get here soon Stacy” he angrily replies. “Ok see yo—” he hangs up cutting her off. Stacy sighs as she locks the keys on her phone and pushes it snug into the back pocket of her jean shorts.

Sure, she was a conservative girl, but she could still dress a little sexy sometimes, right? And Stacy liked that, knowing guys were looking at her as she walked by. And it turned her on knowing how bad they wanted it and how they still couldn’t have it.

Not wanting to be scolded by the Levingstons, Stacy pulls down the back of her shorts a bit, covering up the bottom of her buttcheeks as she walks to the front door and knocks. Mrs. Levingston answers the door in a sparkling white gown with her hair and make-up done to the T. Even though Stacy finds her to be a royal bitch, she has to admit that this woman looks and smells beautiful tonight. You think about how lucky her husband is to be with such a beautiful woman. Your mind wanders and you start to think about them naked together, touching and feeling. You catch yourself as your mind starts to drift off to dirty places. “Stacy?” she says snapping her fingers “Hello??” she says obnoxiously. “Sorry, my mind was wandering” Stacy nervously replies. *How long was I fantasizing?* she thinks to herself and it brings a small but naughty smile to her face. Mrs. Levingston rolls her eyes and leads you to the kitchen. “You know where everything is, we will be back at 11. Kevin will be occupied with the Playstation so you just need to keep an eye on him. If you need anything, the number is on the fridge” she says before giving Stacy a small, brief hug. Mr. Levingston walks in the room and puts his arm around her waist. His eyes move down Stacy’s young body, and she pretend not to notice, but on the inside, she loves the feeling of his eyes undressing her small petite body.

Stacy hears the engine start up and the parents drive off. She walks into Kevins room “whatcha playing dude?” she says as she sits next to him on the bed. Kevin is in the eigth grade, too old for a babysitter for sure but his parents are too protective to let him stay home alone. “It’s Halo, it’s a boys game” he tells her trying to shoo her off. “A boys game?” she asks as she grabs the controller and proceeds to get the most kills in the game, destroying the young boys record. He looks at her with an open jaw “… youre GOOD!” he squeels as he gives her a high five and a hug. “Ok just stay in here and play this for a while, I’ll be up in a bit to check on you” she tells the boy as she walks out of the room, pulling out her phone to text Mark, a boy she has been crushing on the past few weeks.

‘Hey Markie Mark!’ she starts off the text, knowing how much that nickname bothers him. She doesn’t mind getting him a bit rilled up. ‘You need to come over to this place I’m babysitting, it’s on Peadmont St. The address is umm… 1225. I hope you know where that is’ she texts. He takes a while to respond and she starts to feel down, then her phone beeps with a text. ‘Sorry, was in the shower. I’m on my way now ok?” he asks and she excitedly replies instantly ‘YES!’ before rushing to the bathroom to pretty herself up. She pulls some perfume out of her purse and sprays herself with it, wanting to smell good for Mark. Stacy is not interested in sex, but she loves to please a man, if it means jacking him off or pushing their cocks into her mouth, she loves the feeling of making a big cock cum. Her pussy already begins to feel moist as she thinks about Mark’s cock. She liked him, yeah, but she LOVED his cock, it was really fucking big and she knew that if he was her man, one day she might have it inside her. Right as she finishes making her hair look perfect, there is a beep on her phone. ‘I’m outside’ it says and she goes to quietly open the front door to let Mark in. “Shhhh!” she quickly tells him as she pulls him inside, instructing him to whisper when they talk.

“Hey whats going on?” he asks nervously. “nothing baby” she says “I’m just watching the Levingston’s kid, Kevin. But he’s up in the room playing Halo… and I needed you.” she pushes her thumbs into the front of her little jean shorts, pulling them down a bit in a very cutesy manner. “I think I know what you need” he says with a grin and she just nods, pulling her classmate, the star athlete in her grade, into the laundry room. She puts a towel on the ground and rests her knees on it as her face moves toward his bulge. *YES, a big cock to suck on* she thinks to herself making her pussy even wetter than it already was. She yanks his pants down and his cock flops out. “I got it hard that quick?” she innocently asks as she looks up into his eyes, batting her eye lashes. She grabs the cock around the base and squeezes it, making it get engorged and veiny. “Yummy” she says as she watches a drop of cum drip from the tip of her classmates fat cock head. Before he can utter a word, Stacy pushes Mark’s dick down into the depths of her throat, instantly starting to gag. “Fuck yes!” he groans, his prick growing larger and harder inside Stacy’s all too little mouth. Her lips are stretched apart really far as the cock fills her teenage mouth. At this moment in time, she had never sucked on a tool this big and round before. But for some reason, she wanted more and more, she couldn’t get enough even though having a big dick filling her throat had caused her pussy juices to flow, dripping down her leg and onto the floor. Little did she know what she would encounter later that night.

As Stacy’s sucking gets more intense, Mark’s thrusting does the same, eventually cornering Stacy in the small room and fucking her throat. Shes sitting on her butt now, and loves to tease and finger her small little hole while she gets face fucked. “I’m your little whore” she mumbles out with the dick still filling her mouth. She always started to get really dirty right before cumming, and Mark knew this, making him even more turned on. “Youre gonna make me cum!!” he yells as he yanks his cock out of her mouth and she finishes him off with her hand. “YES!” she squeels as she grabs a towel to catch the big load. A little bit of cum drips from the tip then a big blast of it shoots out, drenching the towel. “Oh fuck yes!” Stacy moans pushing her fingers all the way inside as she watches Mark cover the towel in his load. “ugggghh” he groans as the last spurts drain from his cock and Stacy brings her tongue to his tip to taste the droplets of jizz that remain. “Mmmmm, that taste great baby” she says as she moves her tongue to the cum covered towel to lap up just a tiny bit more cum.

Just then the laundry door opens and its Kevin! “Oh SHIT!” Stacy squeels trying to cover herself up to no avail. ‘It’s too late and this young boy has seen everything, hell he saw me eating Marks fucking cum!!’ she thinks to herself panicking about what she is going to do. Kevin yells and runs off to the phone to call his parents. Stacy quickly throws on her clothes and rushes to follow him to his room, but the door is now locked and she can hear him dialing on the phone. “Kevin who are you calling?!” she asks frantically. “I’m calling Mom and Dad, they said noone can be over here and I just saw you and some boy doing something bad. I’m telling!” he says like a little brat and you bang on the door some more “don’t you dare tell him”. Mark finishes buttoning his pants up as he walks up to you “I better go” he says quietly as he gives you a brief kiss on the lips. “Ok, I’m so sorry” you tell him before banging on the door some more.

You hear Kevin begin to talk. “I’m busted” Stacy thinks to herself as she slumps down in the hallway. “I’m totally screwed” she goes on covering her face and beginning to cry. She eventually shrugs it off and wipes the tears from her eyes. “Mom and Dad are coming home early, and Daddy is not happy with you” Kevin shouts from the room, keeping it locked. “What did you tell them Kev?” Stacy asks and he quickly snaps back “EVERYTHING!”. She groans “you are such a brat!!!” she squeels as the young, frantic girl begins to pace up and down the hallway. Her anxiety is only interrupted by the sound of the garage door opening. “Oh no, they’re home” she thinks.

The door to the garage swings open and Mrs. Levingston rushes in the house, right past Stacy, stopping only briefly to give her a nasty look before going to Kevin’s room. “Honey, its mommy” she says and he opens the door for her and lets her in. “STACY!” she hears the familiar angry tone of Mr. Levingston as he walks in from the garage, nearly slamming the door shut. “Yes… yes sir?” she quietly whimpers as he walks in the room and glares at the frightened young girl. “Kevin told us everything, we had strict rules about not having anyone over here. Yet, you not only invite one of your high school buddies over, you expose our young boy to what many people would consider to be hardcore porn” he walks over to her, his strong body moving with confidence as he grabs her by the arm. “You know we are going to have to punish you for this?” he asks as he starts to pull on her skinny little arm, bringing her upstairs. “Punishment?!” she asks, feeling helpless to his strong grip as he pulls her along to wherever he wants to go.

He turns the knob on his bedroom door, quickly pushing the door open and pulling Stacy inside. Despite her nervous anticipation of her punishment, she couldn’t help but notice the size and decadence of their master bedroom. Now wasn’t the time to appreciate their decorating skills, this man was dragging her small body and manhandling it, eventually tossing the young girl on the large king sized bed. “wha… What are you doing to me?” she asks as his large frame towers over her. He turns as the bedroom door opens and his loving wife walks in and sees Stacy’s body strewn across the bed. “I guess the anniversary isn’t ruined after all” she says to him with a big grin on her face and he just devilishly smiles back. “You put Kevin to bed right?” he confirms with her and she just smiles and nods before locking the door. Stacy knows tonight, she won’t be leaving this house until she is done being punished by this young adult couple.

Mr. Levingston begins to crawl on the bed over the young girl, casting his shadow over her petite frame as he turns her onto her stomach. “Have you ever been spanked?” he asks and she quickly replies “Hell no! you’re not going to spank me are you?” and he just chuckles and smiles. “A bad girl like you needs to be punished for what she did”. He grabs the young girl, bending her over his lap and yanking down her shorts all the way off. His hand feels around on her small little bubbly butt through the panties. His thick fingers move down her ass crack and push slightly against her tight little butthole. “That’s my asshole you asshole!” she screams as his finger pushes harder against her little button. Mrs. Levingston giggles as she watches, slowly taking off her beautiful gown and resting her body on a large ottoman beside the bed. “Spank that naughty slut already” she demands as she starts to slap her own pussy through her panties, watching her husband abuse the sweet little teenage babysitter. He nods and grins, yanking her panties down off her butt, exposing her sweet ass. He lifts his hand then brings it down quickly, slapping his palm firmly against Stacy’s butt, leaving a big red mark and a stinging feeling. “OWW!” she squeels again as his hand slaps her ass again, making even her little pussy sting a bit.

“Oh, whats this?” he remarks as he spreads apart her small little ass cheeks. “This little whore is wet from this punishment” he tells his wife, making her ooze with pleasure as she dips her fingers into her pussy. “Baby?” she asks him in a cute tone “will you please show her what a real man is like?” she asks tossing her head back and fingering herself harder. “Yes sweetie” he tells her then looks at Stacy “this is nothing like those little boys at your school, and I bet they’ve never done to you what I’m going to do to you” he says after tossing her to the bed. “Please dont hurt me” she begs thinking he is going to beat or kill her. “It’s only gonna hurt at first” he says as he starts to undo his belt buckle “and thats cause you’re a virgin”. “NO!” she squeels “don’t put that inside me”. Stacy is frightened by the size of this man, sure Mark was huge but nothing like this. ‘This man is going to put that fat fuck tool all the way in me?!’ she asks herself ‘this is so wrong’ she thinks as he holds her down and rubs his cock between her ass cheeks, basically fucking the cheeks. ‘Why is my pussy so wet then?’ she wonders as the man begin to violate her pussy.

“I think she likes it” Mrs. Levingston remarks as her entire middle,pointer, and ring finger disappear in the depths of her pussy, concealing even her wedding ring. “That means I’m not being rough enough then” he tells her with a big smile as his gigantic cock prods at Stacys tight virgin opening. “Please no..” she whimpers as his cock finally gets through the resistance of her tiny teenage twat and plunges inside.

“Owww… ohhh my goddd!” a mixture of pain and ultimate pleasure rushes through Stacy’s body. Here was this man, giving her his fat fuck stick into her tiny pussy, and his wife watching and cheering him on. ‘They’re using me as a fuck toy’ Stacy thinks to herself, turning herself on even more and adding more lubrication for his big girthy cock to push in and out of her. “Im a bad little girl” she mutters out and the couple get really aroused “I’m a slutty cockwhore!!!” . “Yes you are Stacy! youre a filthy slut, did your little friend do this to you?” he asks as he pounds her virgin pussy some more. “No sir!” she quickly replies “his cock was no match for this big fat thing” she goes on letting him shove it deeper and deeper until he breaks her. He pulls out his cock and wipes the blood from it, wiping your pussy down as well so that its clean. Stacys eyes are glued to the man’s wife though, who has cum 4-5 times already watching her get fucked. “You know what to give her” Mrs. Levingston yells out to her husband and he just nods. Stacys looks up at him worried as he starts to thrust into her pussy again feeling his cock grow and start to throb.

“I’m dumpin my load in that little cunt” he tells her, looking into her eyes. “But I’m not on birth control” she blurts out, unable to do much under his strong manly grip. “You should’ve thought about that before you decided to be a whore in our household” he says, the dirty talk making his cock even bigger inside you. “But you might get me pregnant!!!!” she says worried as she tries to squirm off of his big prick, he just grabs her waist and pulls her back onto it. “Here it comes” he groans, getting even more turned on as she tried to squirm away. She stops resisting as she feels it explode inside her, the first shot giving her a warm feeling deep in her belly as the thick cum coats her inside. “Fucking fill that slut up” his wife yells as another load blasts inside Stacy’s now-broken pussy. He squeezes her waist harder pumping more and more thick creamy cum into her pussy. “Make her pussy creamy” his wife groans as she watches her man fill another womans cunt with cum. The man motions his wife over with his finger and pulls her head down near Stacy’s freshly fucked pussy. Mrs. Levingston proceeds to lap up the cream that slowly flows out of Stacy’s teenage body. She runs her tongue from the bottom of Stacy’s pussy lips all the way up to her clit, getting a big glob of cum on her tongue. She moves her head up closer to Stacys mouth as sticks her cum covered tongue into the teen girl’s mouth, letting her taste herself and the man at the same time.

They both smile and kiss each other, and get dressed, leaving Stacy’s strewn out on the bed, filled with cum and probably pregnant with the mans baby. She can only lay there and play with her throbbing swollen clit as she thinks about everything she has been through tonight and the punishment she received. Mr. Levingston walks back in, pulling his wallet from his back pocket. He tosses a couple hundred dollar bills onto Stacy’s sweaty naked body. “this is for watching Kevin tonight, you’re welcome back any time cause you were a great fuck” he says with a grin and starts to walk back out. “oh!” he says pulling out another hundred and pushing it into Stacys mouth. “And thats for the child support payment” he chuckles as he walks out of the room.

Rating: 75%, Read 21276 times, Posted May 18, 2011

Fantasy | At work, Discipline, First Time, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Pregnant, Reluctance, Spanking, Teen Female, Threesome, Wife


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