His best mate's mum by Wilderness+Cry

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His best mate's mum

Seventeen is a difficult age. Josh was horny 24/7, but hopeless with girls. He wasn’t a spotty-faced geek; in fact, he played rugby for the college. He was fit, strong and healthy, and his older sister’s mates thought he was quite good-looking, in a ‘cute’ kind of way. He hated that word. For whatever reason, he just lacked confidence with girls. He went bright red and couldn’t think of anything to say whenever he got near a girl he fancied. Being a virgin was the pits.

He’d heard the other guys going on about all the girls they’d shagged, and reckoned at least some of them must be making it up, but not all of them. He just didn’t know how to chat up a girl and get her into bed.

At least his best mate, Deano, was rubbish with girls too. They hung out all the time, except when Deano went fishing with his dad, which was a couple of weekends a month. He got on okay with Deano’s dad, but his mum, Angie – wow! She was a real milf – hotter than a lot of the ones you see on websites. It was weird admitting that his best mate’s mum qualified as a ‘Mother I’d Like to Fuck’, but it was true, at least as far as Josh was concerned. She was thirty-six and really pretty, with long blond hair and a curvaceous body; nice tits and a tight arse. She did salsa, zumba and cardio classes to keep fit and it worked. Josh obviously hadn’t told Deano that he fancied his mum because he’d freak out, and he was at Deano’s house quite a lot, so he got to see Angie a lot, too. He wasn’t about to spoil that.

He first felt horny looking at Angie when he was about fourteen. Their back garden met the side of Josh’s, round behind the garage. He would stand at the fence talking to Deano during the summer holidays when his mum would come outside in a skimpy bikini and sunbathe where Josh could see her. He was sure she wasn’t doing it to deliberately make a fourteen-year-old boy feel horny, but that was the effect she had on him anyway.

Deano’s dad kept a stash of porno mags in the garage until Angie found them, and Deano used to lend them to Josh. They would often talk about which girls they’d wanked off to in bed and what they’d like to do with them. Josh had never told Deano that he fantasised about Angie more than any of the girls in the mags. He’d kill him!

This summer break from college was one of the hottest on record. Deano and Josh spent quite a bit of time sunbathing in Deano’s back garden, and Angie joined them on many occasions. She was really nice and friendly, and Josh wasn’t complaining, but it was really difficult not to stare, and even more difficult trying not to get a hard-on in front of her when he was supposed to be talking to Deano.

Deano went fishing with his dad early one Saturday morning, leaving Josh at a loose end. That’s how he found himself mowing the back lawn for Angie. He saw her struggling with it, and he had done the gentlemanly thing and offer to do it for her.

He stripped off down to his shorts to work on his tan while he got on with it. He hated gardening, and would never cut the grass at home, but this was for Angie.

Even though it was still quite early the sun was hot, and he had started to sweat by the time he’d finished. Angie was in the kitchen and beckoned him to go inside. She had a large glass of lemonade with lots of ice waiting for him.

“Thank you so much for doing the garden for me”. She smiled at him and his brain melted. “Sit here and cool down for a bit.” She patted the stool next to hers at the breakfast bar. Then she picked up a towel and rubbed his face and back, making him feel about six.

“You’re all sweaty” she said. “Why don’t you nip upstairs for a quick shower? There are plenty of towels in the bathroom. I’m just going to change into my bikini and sunbathe for a bit. Come and join me when you’re done.” Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Josh drained his lemonade like a pro and followed her upstairs a few seconds later, thinking that if he walked into her bedroom right now he would probably catch her naked. He would take her in his arms and kiss her, and then they’d fall onto the bed and spend the rest of the day having sex.

He went straight into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the shower.

A short while later he joined Angie in the garden. She was lying on one of two sun-loungers positioned side by side, facing the sun, but sheltered from the view of neighbours by her garage on one side and the six-foot high hedge on the other. The fence at the bottom of the garden was only four-foot high, but it backed onto Josh’s garden. His parents were away for the day. It was a totally private spot.

They were alone, and Angie looked stunning, lying there in her skimpy red bikini with her eyes closed. She was already a lovely shade of golden brown, and her skin glistened with suntan lotion. He couldn’t help wondering if her skin was still milky white beneath her bikini. His cock asked itself the same question, so he laid down on his front immediately and began thinking very hard about how Deano’s fishing trip might be going.

A little later, he was laid on his back again, looking at her tits when she opened her eyes and caught him. He quickly looked away, and she didn’t say anything. Instead she reached down to her left and passed him another glass. It looked like it contained lager. It wasn’t even eleven in the morning. Then she picked up a glass of her own. “I forgot; I’d got this for you. Sorry about the lemonade earlier. I keep forgetting you’re a man now,” she said with that brain-melting smile.

He said nothing, because he couldn’t think of anything to say, and took a long drink. She was still looking at him. “You’re more mature than Dean, aren’t you? He would never mow the lawn for me.”

“I wouldn’t do it at home, either” he replied without thinking, and she laughed.

“Perhaps not” she said. He blushed, and mentally kicked himself.

They went back to sunbathing in silence. A few minutes later she sat up. “Time to work on my back, I think; would you do the honours?”

He opened his eyes and saw that she was holding a bottle of suntan lotion out for him. He sat up and took it. She turned so that she was sat with her back to him. She took two bands from her wrist, tying her hair in loose bunches and pulling them forward over her shoulders so that he wouldn’t get lotion on them. He hesitated. She reached up and undid the thin red string behind her neck. He squirted lotion into one hand, squeezing too hard and getting too much. He hesitated again. She waited patiently. He rubbed his palms together to spread the lotion and tentatively put his hands on her shoulders. She didn’t react. He slowly began moving, spreading the lotion across her shoulders and down her back, rubbing gently in circles. Her skin was so soft and smooth, and warm. Massaging her was turning him on.

As he reached her bikini strap she told him to pull it away from her and get his fingers underneath it so he didn’t miss anywhere. He was very careful not to go too far around the sides, and then worked his way down her lower back. When he got to her waistband, she said the same again; that he should put his fingers inside a little, so he didn’t leave anywhere uncovered. She must have been able to feel his hands shaking as his fingertips skimmed lightly across the crease at the top of her bum, and his heart was thumping so hard he could almost see it jumping out of his chest.

When he stopped she laid down on her front and asked him to do it again in case he’d missed anywhere. He realised he’d stopped breathing at some point and was holding his breathe. He let it out a little more loudly than he would have liked and started again. She was facing away from him, so he didn’t feel too embarrassed and was really starting to enjoy it. He got off his lounger and knelt down beside her, so he didn’t have to reach over too far.

“Unhook my strap, please. I don’t want a tan-line.”

Josh’s hands shook so much he fumbled his first attempt and had to try again. There was no tan-line. Angie’s back was golden-brown all over. He wondered if her front was, too. He began massaging the lotion in again and quickly got into his stride. He was beginning to relax and enjoy it. His touch became more confident, and he began to get physically aroused. When the lotion began to dry in, she turned her head to face him and said “why don’t I rub some on your back? You don’t want to burn, either.”

He stopped rubbing her back and hesitated, panicked really, for a brief second. He quickly turned away from her. Had she noticed the tenting in the front of his shorts from his semi-erection? His faced flushed. She hadn’t reacted, so maybe she hadn’t seen it.

He was still on his knees, and she sat on the lounger just behind him. He jumped a little when she touched him, but she didn’t comment. She began rubbing lotion into his shoulders and down his back, and he had never known anything feel as good as the touch of her hands on his body. He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t refastened her bikini top for her. Was she sat topless behind him? Should he find an excuse to look behind him? He felt his erection stiffen. As Angie reached his lower back she slipped her fingers inside his waistband like he had for her. She was almost rubbing his bum-cheeks, and his cock lurched again, straining hard against his shorts. He would have to be very careful how he got back on the lounger and laid down, so that she wouldn’t see it.

Angie was enjoying the experience, too. She had always liked Josh. He had been brought up as a very polite boy who had been very good friends with Dean all their lives. She didn’t know his parents much and had only really talked to pass the time of day or make arrangements for the lads as they grew up.

And now they were almost full-grown men. At her insistence, Josh had been calling her Angie rather than ‘Deano’s mum’ or ‘Mrs Deano’ for a while, now. Dean was maturing slower than Josh. He was quieter, less physical, and just less manly generally. Josh had clearly started to shave fairly regularly if not yet daily, but that still seemed some time off for Dean. Josh was clearly more muscular and athletic, too. He had a good body on him, she mused as she applied the lotion. Nice bum, too!

Her husband Don had been quite athletic in his day, and she liked men like that, but that had been a long time ago. His body was soft and overweight these days, not firm and lean like Josh’s. His energy and enthusiasm for life had slowly and quietly ebbed away too, until he only seemed interested in fishing now, which required relatively little effort.

Sex was very hit-and-miss, and over fairly quickly, which was often a blessing as it had become so routine and boring now. She had tried various things to spice it up, but with little success. He just didn’t seem interested anymore, which is probably why this handsome, fit young man with an erection seemed so appealing to her all of a sudden.

She had known for quite some time that Josh fancied her. Discretion was never a strong point for teenage boys, or most men for that matter. She had seen him looking at her many times but had never embarrassed him by letting him know she had caught him doing it.

Several years earlier she had become aware that, like all teenage boys, Dean had started masturbating. She realised that Josh must do it too and wondered if she had ever been the object of his desires in those solitary moments. The thought gave her a thrill. It was flattering to know that even at thirty-six she might still be attractive to young men in their sexual prime. What a shame that they didn’t have the experience to use their sexual energy to its full advantage.

She smiled to herself as she pictured the growing erection she had seen in Josh’s shorts just before he had quickly turned away, clearly embarrassed by his overt reaction to touching her body. She had enjoyed him touching her too, which is why she had asked him in the first place. It was her little ‘guilty pleasure’ for today. She wondered how he’d react if she reached around and began rubbing lotion into his stomach and then let one hand slowly move down to caress him through his shorts.

Would he jump up and run away, never to call round again? It was certainly possible, and that would be a shame. Would he do nothing and just let her touch him, simply because he wouldn’t know what else to do? That was perhaps more likely. Could she then slip her hand down inside his shorts and touch him properly, slowly and gently bringing him to full arousal? Would he cum in his shorts on first contact? As far as she knew, Josh and Dean were both virgins.

Would that make her the predatory cougar, using his strong young body for her own needs, or would she be the educator, gently teaching him and sharing mutual pleasure…?

Her erotic imaginings were interrupted by the phone ringing in the house. “Damn! Sorry,” she apologised for her language immediately. She got up, smiling as she noticed that Josh carefully kept his back to her and laid face down on his lounger.

He was disappointed that she had stopped and gone inside, but relieved at the same time. Maybe his hard-on would have worn off by the time she came back out.

She was gone quite a while, and he had relaxed and turned on his back again by the time she returned to the garden. “Sorry about that,” she said as she lay down on her lounger, on her back. He didn’t respond. She was wearing her bikini top. When had she fastened it again?

Almost as if she knew he was thinking about her tits, she asked him “would you mind if I take my top off? I like to tan all over. It’s okay if you don’t want me too, though. I don’t want you to feel embarrassed.”

His mind froze for a moment.

“Err, well, no. I-I mean, it’s your garden. It’s not up to me, is it? If you want to…”

“Thank you. That’s very kind of you. Would you mind?” she said as she turned her back to him momentarily, smiling to herself as she did.

His hands shook again, as he unfastened her top, and then he quickly laid back and closed his eyes. She removed her top and laid back down, looking across at him, as his cheeks flushed a little, and not from the heat of the day.

“You know, it’s okay to look Josh. When a woman takes her top off in public, she understands that men will look at her. She might even be a little offended if they didn’t.”

He didn’t reply. He couldn’t; the lump in his throat prevented him. He swallowed hard and opened his eyes, looking at her sideways, with barely a turn of his head. He thought he might actually die at that moment. His heart had stopped beating, he was sure. He was trapped. He couldn’t blink, or close his eyes again, or look away. Time was suspended.

“Let’s get past this moment, shall we?” she said to him, softly, sitting up and turning to face him. “Sit up, Josh.”

He was mesmerised. He did as she asked, without taking his eyes off her. Her breasts were beautiful; at least as beautiful as any he had seen in the magazines. They were as tanned as the rest of her body.

“Touch them.” That caught his attention. His eyes flew up to meet hers.

“What?” he gasped, before staring at her breasts again.

“It’s okay. I’d like you to. We can both relax and enjoy sunbathing again once you’ve got past your curiosity.”

He didn’t move. He wanted to, but he couldn’t. She reached out and took both of his hands, placing them gently on her breasts. He swallowed hard, still staring at them, and she saw the slight movement in the front of his shorts. This might get interesting, she thought.

He recovered from the shock and tentatively began to explore her, squeezing so gently, as if she might break, and gradually beginning to caress her.

“That feels nice, Josh. I like the way you touch me,” she heard herself say. It was true, but she couldn’t quite believe she was saying it. Where was she taking this? What on earth was she thinking? There was a distinct bulge in his shorts now, and she definitely liked that. That’s what she was thinking!

He had never seen or touched anything as exquisitely beautiful and erotic as Angie’s breasts. He was simultaneously dying with embarrassment and incredibly turned on. He had fantasised about this countless times but had never considered for a moment that it could actually happen – she was Deano’s mum!

“Tell me exactly what you’re thinking right now,” she said gently.

“Err, I-I think you’ve got, err… beautiful breasts” he managed to say, his hands now frozen in place, still touching her.

That made her smile. “Thank you, but I don’t think that’s how you would say it if you were telling your college mates, is it? Telling me exactly what you’re thinking. I promise I won’t be offended.”

He swallowed, and his face flushed. “You’ve got awesome tits” he said, unable to look at her.

She laughed. “Thank you. I know you mean it, now. Come on.”

Angie stood, took his hand, and led him indoors up to her bedroom. He didn’t resist. He was barely able to think, he wanted her so much. In the bedroom she turned to face him. She put his hands on her waist and reached up on her tiptoes to kiss him on the lips, just once. His whole body was rigid. “Relax, it’s okay. Just copy me.”

She kissed him again; a slow, lingering kiss this time, until she felt his lips finally responding to hers. She continued kissing him and moved closer, pressing herself against his bare chest, and running her fingers through his hair. She felt him relax all at once, taking her in his arms properly and kissing her enthusiastically. His erection pressed firmly against her, still trapped in his shorts.

He learned quickly. She let her tongue dart briefly across his lips and felt him melt into her. She did it again, gradually letting her tongue get bolder as he followed her lead, copying everything she did. She was teaching him, and it turned her on.

Josh was dreaming. He had to be. He was snogging the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she was showing him what to do. She obviously wanted to have sex with him, and his erection was so stiff, held down by his shorts, that it was getting painful. He felt unbelievably horny but terrified at the same time. He didn’t dare do anything unless she did it to him first. The last thing he wanted to do was offend her and make her stop, but he didn’t want to seem clueless either. Whatever she did he concentrated on really hard; what was she doing? How was she doing it? Then he did his best to copy it exactly, hoping this would never stop but, at the same time, hoping she was going to hurry up and make him fuck her. Was that really going to happen? He could barely contain his excitement.

She stepped back and knelt down in front of him, taking hold of his waistband. “You’re going to do yourself an injury if we don’t set him free,” she said softly as she slowly pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang to attention the moment it was released and came to rest pointing almost vertically at the ceiling. “Oh my word, you’ve got a beautiful cock, and it looks so hard! Can I touch it?” she asked, looking up at him with big brown eyes.

He swallowed hard and nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Very gently, she curled her fingers around his hot, rigid shaft, half expecting him to lose control and explode all over her face at any moment. She heard him gasp and swallow again. With her face still just inches away from his cock, she slowly began to masturbate him, not daring to move too quickly yet. Josh watched the whole time, without moving.

“Does that feel good?” She asked, looking up at him and smiling. He nodded. “It feels much better when someone else is doing it for you, doesn’t it?” He nodded again. She cupped his balls and stroked him a little quicker and more firmly. He closed his eyes and his breathing quickened noticeably. Without breaking her rhythm, she stood up, and asked him to touch her again. He opened his eyes and fondled her breasts more confidently now, even teasing her nipples with his fingers. They quickly became erect.

“I want you to suck them for me. Let’s lie down,” she whispered. They broke contact briefly to get on the bed, and then his mouth was on her, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling and exploring. It was her turn to gasp and sigh with pleasure now, while she continued to gently masturbate him.

Eventually she stopped and removed her bikini bottoms. “Look at me, Josh. Touch me there, too. Take your time.”

She was shaved smooth. His touch was tentative at first. She moved so that he was between her thighs and parted her now-moist lips for him. “Put your fingers in me.”

He was very gentle and considerate; almost too much so, and she wanted to tell him to be more vigorous, but of course he didn’t know what he was doing yet. She was hungry for him, but knew she had to give him time. She guided first one and then two of his fingers into her, showing him what to do, and where to apply the pressure. She moved her hips and moaned softly to signal her approval. He was getting better all the time.

Next, she guided him to her clitoris and again showed him what she liked. He began to relax, lying beside her again now, and stroking her more confidently with every passing moment. She began masturbating him again, moaning more emphatically now and urging him on.

Josh had been sure he would cum too soon, and spoil everything, but he was concentrating so hard now he forgot all about it. Touching her between her legs and inside her felt indescribably good. And then she started moaning and writhing about. Was she just doing that for his sake, or was he really making her feel good? He hoped that was true, because he wanted to please her so much, and desperately didn’t want to let her down.

When he began rhythmically stroking her clit, just as she had shown him, the strength of her reaction surprised him, especially the things she began saying to him; “Oh God, Josh! That’s it! That’s so good! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! You’re going to make me cum… “

Suddenly she was crying out, and then moments later she was telling him to stop. She laid back and relaxed, her eyes smiling at him so warmly. “Oh, that was amazing, Josh. Thank you. Put your fingers in me again. Feel how wet you’ve made me.”

He grinned when he did as she asked. She was soaking. She definitely couldn’t have faked it just for his benefit. He’d done that to her. He’d actually given her an orgasm. He smiled proudly, as she rolled him onto his back, straddled him, and kissed him.

Supporting her weight above him, she reached down between her thighs and guided the tip of his cock into position, ready to impale herself on him. Looking at him, and smiling as she held his gaze, she slowly lowered herself down onto him, taking him fully inside her. He moaned loudly at the extraordinary sensation.

“Congratulations,” she whispered. “Now you’re a man.” Rolling her hips expertly, she rode him, enjoying the feel of his long hard cock moving inside her. She didn’t mind if she made him cum now, and she was pretty sure that he wouldn’t mind either, judging by the expressions of sheer pleasure and incredulous delight on his face as he squeezed and caressed her breasts.

To his credit he didn’t cum, and Angie soon found herself cumming again instead. As her orgasm hit its peak she sat still, hoping Josh could feel her inner muscles spasming against his rigid shaft. “Oh God, can you feel that? Oh yes, can you feel my pussy cumming all over your lovely cock?”

He nodded. He could feel both the pulsing and the wetness, and it felt amazing. He was having the best time of his life and was hoping it would never end.

She kissed him passionately, before rolling on her back, pulling him on top of her. “Your turn now, lover boy. Fuck me. Cum in me.”

He didn’t need any further encouragement and began eagerly thrusting into her with a speed and enthusiasm she hadn’t experienced in years. His technique and timing weren’t brilliant, but she didn’t care. She was having the time of her life, too. She caressed his strong young body as he clumsily slammed himself into her at a frantic pace, and he quickly came, long and hard, squirting jet after jet of his hot cum in her, and then collapsed on top of her, breathing hard.

Once he’d got his breathe back she began kissing him again, holding him on top of her, and telling how important it was that he didn’t just roll off a girl as soon as he’d cum in her.

“Don’t make her feel used. Keep kissing and cuddling her, Josh, and telling her how much she means to you, as long as it’s true – don’t ever lie – but spent quality time straight after; it will pay dividends, I promise.”

A short while later Angie went for a shower, leaving Josh laid on his back, grinning like the village idiot, and looking at the bedroom ceiling trying to convince himself that everything that had just happened was real, not a dream.

She called his name; telling him it was his turn. He strode, naked and confident, into the bathroom, still grinning broadly. Angie was still stood in the bath, behind the shower curtain. “Come on, get in with me.”

She pulled him under the spray and after lathering her own hands, she handed him the soap. “Let’s wash each other,” she said, running her hands over his chest. Predictably, he washed her breasts first, which made her giggle, but then he moved on. Her body felt familiar to him now, and he took his time exploring every inch of her as he washed her. He even crouched down to wash her feet and between her toes, which tickled her. Then it was her turn to wash him. She deliberately left his manhood until last, interested to see what would happen. As she caressed his cock and stroked his balls with soapy hands, she said “go on, wash my tits again. I like you doing that.”

She quickly got the result she had hoped for; another iron-hard erection. Oh, the joy of youth, she thought to herself, as she rinsed the soap off him.

“Oh dear” she said. “Look what’s happened to your cock. I’ll have to do something about that, won’t I?” she said mischievously, and dropped to her knees taking his full length all the way into her mouth.

He gasped loudly and moaned under his breath as he watched her work on him with her fingers, lips and tongue. This was incredible; his gorgeous sexy Angie was actually sucking his cock, and it felt fantastic. Just as suddenly, she stopped and stood up. Turning to put her hands on the tiled wall, she thrust her bottom towards him. “Fuck me again,” she said over her shoulder. It took him a moment to position himself properly before sliding himself smoothly and gently into her. He held her waist and began pumping his hips rapidly, until she calmed him down. “Slow down a little… that’s better… it’s not a race; it’s a pleasure to be experienced together. Make sure you stop before you cum.”

He quickly learned the pleasure of taking his time and enjoying it, rather than just going for it, and didn’t stop until he felt an orgasm approaching. When he pulled away from her she led him back to bed and lay back with her legs spread wide. She spent the next ten minutes teaching him how to make her cum using his mouth and tongue, and was well rewarded for her patience.

They laid together kissing, cuddling, and exploring each other for a while, and Angie made sure she kept him erect with constant caresses, not that it was difficult to do. Occasionally she masturbated him vigorously, being careful not to let him cum, and allowing him to cool down before doing it again. She wanted to be sure he built up a really big load for her.

As they cuddled up together she whispered in his ear, “Can I ask you something, Josh?”

“Hmm” he replied lazily.

“Can I be a dirty bitch?”

“You can be anything you like, Angie. I won’t complain.”

“I want you to do something to me.”


“Would you like to fuck my face and cum in my mouth?”

“Oh wow, yes please” he exclaimed, the look on his face a mixture of shock and delight. “That sounds good. I’m not sure how to do it, but if you show me I’ll definitely give it a go.”

“It’s easy; straddle my chest,” she explained while she propped her head up with pillows. Once he was in position she said “right, all you do now is put your hands on the wall, put your cock in my mouth, and fuck me like that ‘til you’re done. Go as fast as you like. Okay?”

“Okay!” he exclaimed as he pushed his hips forward and she took the tip of his cock between her lips. He started slowly and found his rhythm before gathering pace. It looked and felt amazing, especially with Angie’s big brown eyes looking up at him the whole time, as if she were almost begging him to hurry up and unload in her mouth. It didn’t take long before he felt the familiar throbbing sensation, quickening every time. He pumped his hips faster. “Oh, I’m going to cum soon, Ange” he warned her, and pumped his cock into her as fast as he could, groaning loudly as he suddenly unloaded in her mouth in several rapid spurts.

Angie moaned with pleasure as she enjoyed the feeling of his thick rigid cock darting rapidly in and out of her mouth, its swollen tip rubbing roughly against her tongue; sucking on it as hard as she could until at last she felt the hot creamy gushes she’d been waiting for, as he came in her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it down as quickly as she could to avoid choking and continued to suck him as he slowed down before eventually collapsing onto his side next to her, sighing with deep satisfaction.

“Wow, you’re incredible Angie. When can we do this again?”

She suddenly experienced a wave of guilt crashing over her. She had just been unfaithful to her husband for the first time, and Josh was only a seventeen-year-old boy. However willing he had been, she had taken advantage of him just to satisfy her own needs. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the situation was about to get a whole lot worse if he developed a strong emotional bond with her. The last thing she needed was for him to fall in love with her, which was probably a serious risk right now.

“You know nothing serious can come of this Josh, don’t you? I’m married, and you’re far too young for me. You mustn’t expect us to do this again, and you mustn’t fall in love with me.”

He looked hurt, so she tried to soften the blow. “I’m not saying it will definitely never happen again. It might. It was certainly a wonderful experience, but you should concentrate on finding a girl of your own age now. I’m always here to advise you about other girls, if you need me, but let’s put ‘us’ on the back-burner, eh?”

He nodded reluctantly, but she could see that she had got through to him. “I’ll teach you how to talk to a girl, and then just think how you’ll blow her mind when you finally get her into bed.”

He grinned at this. “Yeah, you’re right. Thank you. I’ll never forget today, even if we don’t ever do it again.” He smiled at her, “but I hope we do.”

“Well, just make sure you keep today completely secret, especially from Dean, and you never know.”

She winked at him as she headed to the bathroom again, a little shocked to realise that now the initial pang of guilt had gone, she also hoped they would do it again, and very soon.

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