Taking His Sweet Virgin Ass by MistressB

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Giving men screaming orgasms is my little specialty that not many women are skilled at or even know about. The secret is the P spot yes that's the prostate. With correct stimulation you can make a man shoot off without even having a erection. Over the years I've grown more and more turned on buy fucking my husbands sexy ass and giving him the strongest screaming orgasms he's ever had.

As my wanton lustful ways grow I'm thinking I need a new sexy little ass to fuck and I know the perfect man to ravish. An old lover from long ago who has never had his sexual desires put first buy anyone but perhaps me. I'll have to seduce him and maybe get him a little drunk so he's relaxed enough for me to get really kinky.

I'll meet him at a hotel when I'm in his town and have the room all set up. A spa like relaxing atmosphere I think with terry robes, candles, sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries. Massage oils and special lube on the night stand. First I'll undress him and wrap him in a soft robe then have him lounge on the stack of pillows I've made for him on the bed. Now to get him relaxed. I'll pour him a glass of wine and feed him a strawberry or two. I love watching his lips open to accept the treat I'm feeding him.

Taking a soft white terry towel and the massage oil I'll move down to his feet spread the towel under them and use the massage oil to give him the most relaxing foot massage until he feels like he could melt into the bed. Back to those delicious lips. I want to make out with him like hungry horny teenagers. Deep French kisses and heavy petting until we're both all worked up and needing to cum.

It should be easy to make him bend to my will when I whisper the lewd things I want to do to him in that sexy breathy voice so softly in his ear. I'll take his perfect cock in my left hand and softly stroke it while using the fingers of my right hand to caress his balls and slowly head for my target. With my lubricated fingers I'll gently start playing with his tight little virgin ass hole making little circles with my index finger.

When he starts really enjoying the sensation I'll pick up the speed of my left hand stroking that solid dick and start applying a little pressure to that unexplored territory as I run my finger back and forth relaxing the muscle. Ever so slowly I'll start to penetrate that tight little hole until my finger is knuckle deep inside.

Time to pay more attention to that delicious cock by licking the head while I'm stroking it. As I get him more and more excited teasing him with my tongue I start gently moving the finger in his ass around in little circles while slowly going in and out relaxing and opening that sweet butt. By the way his dick is oozing juice all over my tongue I can tell he is liking this experience and it's about to get a whole lot better.

I slide extra lube and a second finger in his ass with my finger tips hooking upwards searching for his special spot that round little bulge that's the key to making him loose control. I find it and begin stroking and massaging with a upward penetrating motion fucking his sexy little ass. He moans deeply as his prostate starts to throb so I bury his cock down my throat and suck it for all I'm worth.

The feeling was so overwhelming to him I don't thing I've ever heard him this loud before. All the rapid heavy breathing and constant moaning sounded so hot it made my pussy dripping wet. His virgin ass was so responsive to my fingers clenching them with every stroke. I knew he was going to cum soon as his prostate started growing like a little balloon so I deep throated and sucked his cock even faster and tickled his special spot with even more fervor. All at once everything started convulsing and building up his orgasm to violently explosive proportions.

First his ass started cum ing rhythmically squeezing my fingers then his prostate started puffing up big and round and throbbing. With every wave of pleasure radiating through his body he was loosing control pumping his hips to meet my thrusts and making sounds I've never heard him make before. With his cock buried in my throat and fucking his sweet ass I lightly squeezed his balls and there were my fire works those deep guttural screams and a giant river of cum blasting down my throat and filling my mouth again and again while he repeatedly shot off with his dick throbbing and his sexy ass loving it's invasion until he was totally spent and I had sucked almost every drop of sweet cum right out of him. Evil as I am I knew how super sensitive his head was at this point so I very gently licked the last few remaining drops of cum from his slit and made his whole body quiver.

I'll put him in a warm shower and have fun getting him all soaped up running my hands all over his body then rinsed and dried and back to bed for a little nap. He'll need to be rested because when he wakes up I'm going to make him eat my sweet pussy and shove his lovely cock down my throat while he's doing it.........

Rating: 62%, Read 16364 times, Posted Jan 19, 2010

Fantastic |


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