Winning A Genie Harem Chapter 10: Administering the Teacher's Discipline by mypenname3000

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Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter Ten: Administering the Teacher's Discipline

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!


Main Characters

Corey Derrickson: College senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to marry one of four genie, each from a different tribe, if he can find them at St. Maria Theodora Catholic School!

Aleah Buckley: Corey's first sex slave. College senior. He claimed her after Kyle suggested she'd be a good candidate for starting Corey's harem.

Tania Buckley: Aleah's younger sister. Corey's second sex slave. College sophomore. Seduced into the harem by Aleah.


Asra Duff: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and PE. A goth lesbian who doesn't like Corey being at her school and is trying to get him expelled.

Bettie Black: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and History classes. A spoiled princess dripping for a man to take her in hand.

Briana Hamilton: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and PE classes.

Brenda Nevada: A senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes.

Debbie Goffe: Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.

Franny Keighley: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Jennifer Nielson: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Hallie Hunt: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and Chemistry classes.

Havva Najjar: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class. After eating her pussy and seeing her submissive nature, Corey suspects she is the Jann. She is also his sex slave.

In'am Alfarsi: Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A slutty Arab girl who waited naked in Corey's locker room eager to enjoy the only boy at school. Corey suspects she is the Si'lat. After obeying his command, now his sex slave.

Lisa Comstock: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.

Megan Scrivenor: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Nadia Rivers: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's PE class. Challenges Corey to a hot race. When he caught her, he claimed her. Now his girlfriend.

Natiqua Osbourne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.

Regina Florence: Girl who moved in next door to Corey, sophomore at St. Maria Theodora. In Tania's math class. Is seduced by Tania and becomes Corey's girlfriend.

Pita Reyes: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and Chemistry class.

Ritsuko Takayama: A Sophmore at St. Maria Theodora.

Rita Pickle: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Sheila Thorne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's History and PE class.

Tammy Fredrick: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and PE Class

Ursula Bannister: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Chemistry class.

Vanessa Shearer: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes. Wants a private study session with Corey.

Zahia Qadir: A Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A submissive, Arab Christian that is eager to learn naughty things from Corey. Suspected to be the Marid.


Mrs. Abigail Reynolds: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Ms. Allie Reid: Corey's English professor and the librarian at St. Maria Theodora. A naughty teacher doing wicked things with Corey.

Coach Denise Bennett: Corey's PE coach at St. Maria Theodora.

Mrs. Donna Blackwood: A philosophy professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Anna Petra: A nun and Corey's Chemistry professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Doris Suzette: A nun and professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Ester Sarah: A nun and Corey's Math professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Francis Jean: A nun and Corey's History professor at St. Maria Theodora. Suspects Corey of having sex at school. Not happy about it.

Sister Nova Victoria: A nun and new headmistress at St. Maria Theodora. Corey suspects she's the Ifrit after she initiates a sexual relationship with him.

Ms. Valerie Terrence: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Corey Derrickson – Wednesday, September 9th

I was eager for my English class. Ms. Reid had certainly made me a promise that something naughty would happen.

And she was definitely the sort of teacher to keep such a scandalous promise. Yesterday, while having the class read silently, she “spoke” to me up front, sitting on her desk, her back to the class. She had her legs spread wide, showing off her shaved twat to me. The young and naughty teacher had pulled my cock out and jerked me off.

I came all over that pussy under the noses of the entire class. Because she was that wild, her promise kept me hard all through my first class. I ached and throbbed for some wild fun. Besides Asra causing problems, everything was going great for me at St. Maria Theodora. I had figured out all the genie.

After school, I would get them all in my dorm room and confront them.

Then see what they would do for me to be my wife. To figure out which one I got to keep. In the meantime, there was plenty of fun to have with them and the other girls at the private college.

“Master,” Aleah purred as she came up alongside me.

My sex slave had a sway to her step, her auburn pigtails swaying about her shoulders and caressing the crisp fabric of her white blouse. The college's coat of arms was monogrammed over her heart, her nipples poking hard against the fabric molding to her small titties. Her pleated, tartan skirt swirled about delicious thighs.

My first sex slave had a delicious scent wafting around her, a mix of her perfume and the naughty aroma of her spicy pussy.

“How did your meeting go with the headmistress?” she asked. “Because I was given an intriguing note when I arrived at my first-period class.”

“You're moving into the dorm?” I asked.

“Yes, the special 'student council' suite.” She arched an eyebrow.

“The headmistress needs to keep an eye on me because I'm such a dangerous influence,” I said, grinning. Sister Nova Victoria, the Arab beauty and a nun, was definitely the Ifrit. “It lies where the convent and the dorms connect and is, conveniently, right by her room. She can easily burst in on us for surprise inspections.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” Aleah purred. “And how many other girls are moving in?”

“A fair number, I imagine,” I said.

“What are you two smirking about, Master?” Bettie Black asked as she waited for us. The flirty and submissive girl had a twinkle in her eye. She had her hands idly rubbing at her round breasts, squeezing the fabric of her white blouse into those lush mounds. It was obvious she had no bra on, her pierced nipples rubbing against the fabric.

I still couldn't believe that slutty girl had been a virgin. Though, according to her, only technically. Like any good Catholic schoolgirl, she kept herself limited to anal and blowjobs. After all, that wasn't “sex,” so she was still a good girl.

She had a blatant fertileness about her, skin tanned gold, her burnished-brown hair falling in curls about a lush and wanton face. She had a regalness about her. The daughter of a rich man who got her way, a spoiled princess looking for someone to finally tell her no and give her orders.

In short, me.

“I'm putting a collar on you,” I told her as she fell in on my other side. “I want you on your knees with my other slaves tonight.”

“With Aleah and Tania?”

“And the others I decide to collar,” I told her.

“Do I get a choice?” she asked, a playful tone in her voice.

“Do you want a choice?” I gave her a direct look. “Or do you want me to grab a fistful of your hair and drag you there?”

“Oh, a fistful of my hair,” she moaned. “Master.” She leaned in. “Why don't we blow off English and have some fun. You could practice pulling my hair, Master. I could practice being a good slut. I've never felt anything as good as what we shared.”

“And miss our next class?” I asked her. “We're here to be educated, and Ms. Reid promises to teach so much.”

Bettie looked like she was about to object, that spoiled princess in her rising to the surface.

“Bettie, plant your hands on the wall and thrust out that ass,” I said before she could.

She blinked and then gave a huge grin. “Ooh, in the open. Yes, Master.”

She didn't care that there was a stream of girls moving down the hallway. They all glanced at me, many giving me smiles or blushes when I glanced at them. Whispers, giggles, and my name drifted through the air.

Ursula and Pita strolled by, both giving me little waves while Hailee, who was heading to the same English class, stopped to see what we were up to, her cheeks flaming and her blue eyes curious. The Asian girl with the long, blue-black hair and willowy figure hurried by, her cheeks darkening.

“Aleah, hike her skirt,” I said.

My sex slave flipped up Bettie's skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. Her shaved twat gleamed with excitement. Girls gasped up and down the hallway. I loved the sight of the gold piercing through Bettie's clit. The fertile princess had a delicious look on her face. She would let me fuck her right here. Right now.

I spanked her instead.


She gasped, her face widening in shock and then she let out a moan of pain as the golden-tan skin of her ass reddened. She squeezed her butt-cheeks together, quivering. I nodded to Aleah and she dropped the skirt.

“Master?” Bettie asked in some confusion.

“You were about to object when I said we were going to class,” I told her. “Slaves don't object, do they?”

“No, Master,” she moaned, her voice throaty. From beneath her red-and-green tartan skirt, a line of pussy juices ran down her inner thigh. “I was such a bad, bad girl for even thinking that. Maybe you should spank me again?”

“Trying to make us late to class?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. “You're going to be a SAM, aren't you?”

She blinked at me. “A Sam, Master?”

“A Smart-Ass Masochist. A BDSM term for a sex slave that gets herself in trouble for the joy of being spanked. I'll find other ways to punish you that aren't nearly as fun if you get off on the pain that much.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. “I'll be your good girl.” She pressed against me. “Mmm, let's get to class and see how submissive I can be. You can order me to do anything.”

Aleah giggled beside me.

I took both their arms and moved on, loving the girls still watching, all of them whispering to each other. A few of them—Pita and Ursula especially—looked with some envy at Bettie. That was something to investigate later on. I had them in my chemistry class later on today.

We rounded a hallway and arrived at our English class, Hailee trailing behind us. We slipped inside and Ms. Reid sat perched on her desk, her thighs crossed. She wore a dark pencil skirt and those delicious thigh-high stockings cladding her gorgeous legs. Her glasses perched on her dainty nose and her large breasts filled out her ash-gray blouse. Auburn hair fell about her face in lush waves. She simmered with passion.

Her coal-dark eyes followed me. She pursed her lips, looking so sexy. That naughty teacher wanted to do something wicked today.

The other students filtered in. Briana, a brunette with cute freckles, flashed me a smile as she sat down before me. She bent down to play with her bookbag, her rump just happening to sway before my eyes, her pleated skirt falling over it. She wore knee-high, white socks that looked delicious on her. Hailee sat down beside Briana and the pair then started whispering and looking back at me.

“No way,” I heard Briana gasp. She leaned in and Hailee talked animatedly, even miming a little swat.

Briana shuddered as she sat down at her desk. I wondered what flashed through her mind. Maybe she was thinking she'd thrust her rump at me and almost got her own spanking. Did she want that? Was she curious what it would be like?

“Okay, okay,” said Ms. Reid. “We have more Shakespeare to read. Which is a good thing, because I need to run a quick errand. My order for books for you to read has arrived. It's in the library. I'll need some help carrying them. Books are so heavy.” She picked up one off her desk. “It doesn't seem to weigh much until you have twenty of them to carry.”

Laughter rippled through the room.

“Mr. Derrickson, I need to borrow your strong back,” she said. “There are benefits to having a boy at our school, right, girls?”

The laughter had a naughty, even wild, edge to it as it rippled through the room. Girl squirming, glancing at me. I grinned as I rose, my dick throbbing and tenting the front of the gray pants I wore. My tie, matching their bow ties, swayed down to my stomach.

“And, I think, Miss Buckley, we'll need your help, too,” she said. “Corey can probably manage them all, but why risk injuring him? I know you girls wouldn't be happy with me if I did that. You all want him nice and strong.”

Bettie folded her arms as Aleah rose to join me. My new, bratty sex slave had a full-on pout on her face. She glanced up at me, pleading. I gave her a helpless shrug. Ms. Reid wasn't my sex slave. Not every woman had to be. I liked variety.

“Miss Black, is something wrong?” Ms. Reid asked, giving a concerned look. The intelligent woman pushed up her glasses, her eyes searching Bettie's face.

“No, Ms. Reid,” she muttered. It was clear she knew that more than picking up books would happen. I'd told Bettie about the handjob.

“Good, then you'll enjoy doing your reading. I'll be asking questions when we get back. Pick up where we left off yesterday.” Ms. Reid slipped off her desk, her large breasts bouncing in her blouse. Her heels gave her legs such delicious shape, and those dark stockings hugging them...

Damn, she was hot.

Aleah trailed after me as we headed up the aisle, schoolgirls staring at me with blushing cheeks. I grinned at them, nodding when they met my eyes. Then I followed the sexy professor out of the classroom and into the deserted hallway. Her heels clicked, the sounds echoing as she strode before us.

My longer legs caught me up. I boldly put my hand on her rump and squeezed. “Carrying books isn't the excitement you promised.”

“Mmm, well, Mr. Derrickson, like anything in life, you have a choice. You can find your own fun in it or think of it as a chore.”

“My own fun, huh?” I squeezed her rump. I loved the feel of her butt-cheek flexing beneath her skirt as we walked. “Sounds intriguing.”

“You seem like the sort of student who makes his own fun wherever he can.”

Aleah burst into giggles on the other side. “Oh, that's so true, Ms. Reid. He certainly makes life fun for me.”

“I bet,” the professor said. She glanced past me at my sex slave. “I hear you and your little sister are dating Mr. Derrickson. That sounds fun.”

“So much fun,” she said. “But we're his sex slaves. His girlfriends are Regina, Jennifer, and Nadia.”

“Oh, Nadia? That athletic girl.” The professor glanced ahead. “She's a bit of a tomboy, isn't she? I'm surprised. I thought you liked more feminine women.”

“If you've seen her naked and dripping in soap suds, you'd know she's plenty feminine,” I said and gave her ass a squeeze. “Besides, tomboys can be hot. Wearing tight shorts, jogging in front of you, begging you to chase them. There is plenty of femininity about Nadia.”

“So, will they be living in your new dorm?” Ms. Reid casually asked.

“Yes, they will. You know about it?”

“Well, you just happen to be on the floor that I'm responsible for,” she said. “My room is right across the hall from yours.”

“So you and the headmistress will be keeping an eye on me. Making sure I'm safe.” I grinned at her. “I am so comforted that the faculty is so concerned for my well being.”

“Is the headmistress a girlfriend or a sex slave?”

“I'm thinking sex slave,” I said. “She likes doing what I say.”

“And me?”

I squeezed her ass. “Girlfriend.”

“You are a bold one, Mr. Derrickson. You must think I'm just such a horny thing to want to be a part of your sordid harem of girls.”

“I do. Why else are you taking me to the library to fuck?” I asked as we approached the library's stately, double doors. It lay at the end of the hallway. It made sense that this was where the books she'd ordered were dropped off. “Though I can't imagine the librarian would like us making such use of her domain.”

“Well, I am the librarian,” she said. “Though during classes, professors have to fend for themselves. I only staff it before and after classes and during lunch. I have to eat in there. Poor me.” She shuddered. “But I am surrounded by all those books. Such vast knowledge.” A look of ecstatic passion rippled hot across her face.

“Damn, you are a sexy librarian,” I said, staring at those cute glasses. “I want to fuck you even harder.”

She smiled and then stepped before me to yank open the doors to her domain. They creaked wide and both caught on their own stops. She stepped into the library and motion sensors turned on the lights in that flickering fashion of fluorescent lights. They illuminated the small study area with round tables and chairs sitting atop them. To the left, the librarian's desk, complete with computer and attached barcode scanner. To the right and beyond the tables, all the shelves with the books. The air had that dry scent of paper.

“Isn't it gorgeous?” she moaned, her body trembling.

“You certainly are,” I said, staring at her quivering breasts.

She smiled.

“Now,” she said, sauntering to the one table that had no chairs on it, but a large box that must hold the books, “there is something we need to discuss what happened in my classroom yesterday.”

“Oh?” I asked. “When you jerked me off onto your pussy?”

“That made teaching the rest of the day so naughty,” she said, opening the box. She pulled something out, but I couldn't see it. She wiggled her hips, her ass hugged by her dark pencil skirt. “No, I'm talking about Aleah masturbating in the middle of my class.”

She whirled around and held a wooden paddle in her hand. The polished wood gleamed in the artificial light. It was a narrow one, as wide as her palm, and long as my arm from elbow to wrist. She held it out to me, her dark eyes smoldering.

“She was naughty in my class and needs to be punished. And since she's your sex slave, I'll let you do the honor.” Ms. Reid then sat on the table and spread her legs. Her skirt rose up those lush thighs. The fabric was so short and tight, it had no choice but to ride up her legs. Her thick bush of fiery hair came into view, that splash of color so vibrant compared to the dark clothing she wore. Her thick pussy lips gleamed with her passion, coated in her dew.

“Aleah, strip,” I ordered, gripping the paddle.

I had commanded Aleah to masturbate in the middle of English class yesterday, and now I was punishing her for it. Unfair, I know, but did my sex slave object now? Did she even pout or wince or show any sign that she was upset?

No. She obeyed with a smile on her lips.

Aleah, my first love. My first sex slave. My feelings for her only increased as she undid her bow tie. It whisked through the collar of her blouse. She dropped it to the floor before me, proof of her devotion to me. That day when I claimed her soared through my memories. I had been so scared, but Kyle's words echoed in my mind.

He knew Aleah was a submissive looking for the man to tame her. I just had to be bold. I came up to her and told her, “Follow me if you want that secret itch inside of you scratched.”

“Corey?” she'd gasped in shock, her cheeks going scarlet.

I hadn't said another word. I just marched away from her and headed through the school's hallways. She followed. It was lunch. I led her out back behind the gym. Someplace secluded. Out of sight. If we were caught, we'd be in so much trouble.

“I'll give you what you crave,” I told her, cupping her face as she leaned against the red-brick wall. “If you give me what I need.”

“What's that?” she asked, her green eyes quivering. She wore a pair of tight jeans that molded to her athletic legs.

“Your devotion,” I said. “Your submission. Strip naked and blow me, and I will give you everything you desire.”

She did.

And she did it for me again on this day. Her fingers undid the buttons of her schoolgirl blouse, exposing the black, leather collar she wore with the metal nameplate inscribed with “Corey's Girl” in bold letters. The only thing she would keep on. Her fingers revealed her small breasts, perky and firm. Thick gold rings threaded her pink nipples. She slid her blouse off and unzipped the skirt. The tartan cloth dropped down her lush body revealing her shaved twat and those gorgeous, toned legs. She only had her frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes.

“Bend over between her thighs and apologize to Ms. Reid for your deviant behavior,” I told her.

“Yes, Master,” she cooed.

Ms. Reid smiled. She leaned back on her right hand, her left pulling down on her blouse. Her large tits popped out, both nipples pierced like Aleah's. Hers was dark-red and thrust out from oval areolas. Her boobs jiggled with a plump softness, quivering with her excitement. She pushed up her glasses, her knowing eyes flicking up and down my naked sex slave.

Aleah bent over, hands sliding up Ms. Reid's stocking-clad thighs, and thrust that ass at me. Aleah widened her stance, exposing her shaved cunt dripping with her juices. Ms. Reid sucked in a breath, breasts bouncing, then she moaned out in delight.

“I know,” I said, smacking the paddle into my hand as I advanced, “Aleah gives the best apologies.”

“Mmm, she definitely does,” the teacher moaned, her voice so throaty. She leaned back her head, arching her pale neck. Her auburn hair flowed off her back, rippling behind her. She quivered. “She's got her tongue fluttering up and down my folds. Ooh, she knows just where to lick.”

“Yes, she does,” I said and drew back my paddle.


The paddle landed across both of Aleah's butt-cheeks. Her flesh rippled. Her body flinched. She moaned into Ms. Reid's pussy, a throaty sound of pain. She rose on her tiptoes, a fresh bead of cunt cream sliding down her inner thigh.

“One,” she moaned. “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”


The loud sound echoed through the library. I painted another stripe across both her butt-cheeks. My cock throbbed in my pants at the blushing red. She whimpered, rump clenching tight. Then she wiggled it while Ms. Reid shuddered in delight.

“Two! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”

“Oh, she's such a good sex slave,” moaned the teacher. “She keeps her tongue licking through the pain and... Ooh, yes, yes, probe that into my cunt's depths, you naughty slut.”

“She is a wonderful slave,” I said. “A model for my others.”


I landed the paddle on Aleah's upper thighs. She gasped in pain. It hurt more striking their. She arched up on her toes, her entire body trembling. Pussy juices spilled down both her thighs, her cunt on fire.

“Three!” she croaked, agony twisting her words along with throaty rapture. “Thank you, Master. May I please have another?”

“Always,” I said, “you naughty, naughty slut.”

“I was naughty!” she moaned and then I heard sucking.

Ms. Reid's big boobs heaved. Her back arched and she gasped out in rapture as my sex slave nursed on that pussy, probably sucking on that fat nub. I adjusted my swollen cock, drew back the paddle, and slammed it forward.


I struck square on her butt-cheeks, crossing the two bright welts with a diagonal one. She gasped and quivered. A sob of wondrous pain burst from her. She wiggled her head, rubbing her lips into the teacher's shaved twat.

“Four!” she groaned, feeling the punishment. Her ass glowed. “Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”


I landed only on her right butt-cheek, almost a vertical blow. Her firm butt-cheeks jiggled wonderfully. Her hips wiggled. Ms. Reid moaned as she enjoyed the sobbing groans coming from my sex slave.

“Five!” screamed Aleah, her agony as sweet as her passion. “Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”


I struck her left butt-cheek. I squeezed my cock with my left hand through my slacks as I stared at her red ass. Every bit of it blazed. She moaned and groaned, almost crying from her punishment, but the pleasure was still there. Her pussy dripped juices. Her spicy aroma filled my nose.

Her ass arched up as she moaned, “Six! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”


I landed on both her asscheeks again while my hand squeezed the tip of my cock through my slacks. She gasped and trembled, rising up and down her toes, shaking that scarlet ass at me. Welts puckered across her flesh. Ms. Reid shuddered. She grabbed a fistful of my sex slave's hair, pulling Aleah's face tight into that hot pussy.

“Seven! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I growled.


The sound resounded through the library. Ms. Reid gasped. Her face twisted in delight. The table creaked as she shuddered on it. She kept a firm grip on Aleah's hair as my sex slave apologized.

“Eight! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”


I savored that stinging sound. I felt the impact through the handle. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock as my sex slave screamed her pain and rapture into Ms. Reid's pussy. Hot cunt muffled the sound. Aleah's entire body shuddered. Her ass had to be pure agony now. I knew she loved it.

“Nine! Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”

I pulled out my cock, holding it in my left hand. I stroked it as I drew back the paddle.


Her head tried to snap up from Ms. Reid's cunt, but the professor held her down. She kept my slave pressed into that hot, delicious muff. My sex slave's pussy spurted out juices. She must have had a mini-orgasm from the pain, a burst of pleasure born out of agony.

“Oh, my god, yes!” Ms. Reid moaned, finding her own pleasure. “You naughty slut! That's how you apologize!”

“Ten!” Aleah howled, her voice quavering. She must be drowning in pussy juices as she spoke. “Thank you, Master! May I please have another?”

“No!” I snarled and threw down the paddle.

Ms. Reid trembled through her rapture as I seized both of Aleah's pigtails. I hauled my sex slave's face from our teacher's pussy. Aleah whirled around to face me, staring at me with a burning ecstasy in her swollen eyes, tears spilling down her face, her lips smeared in pussy juices.

“You're punishment's over, slave,” I told her.

“Master!” she moaned and threw herself against me. She kissed me with hunger, her lips spicy with the teacher's cunt cream. My right hand slid down to her ass. It blazed with the heat of her spanking.

I squeezed it.

She whimpered into my lips and kissed me harder. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, swirling it around mine. Her hand grabbed my cock, joining mine. She stroked me as she loved me. Her tear reached our lips, adding a salty flavor.

I'd hurt her, but I didn't harm her. She loved it. Submitted to it. She wouldn't have kept begging for more if she didn't think she could take it. I broke the kiss and stared into her eyes, made sure she was okay before I did anything else.

She was more than fine. She was smiling.

“You did good,” I whispered. “I love you.”

“Love you, Master,” she gushed. “Now, I primed her pussy for you. Enjoy.”

I grinned and released her. I advanced on Ms. Reid. She had leaned back on both her elbows, her hands squeezing and kneading her tits. She smiled at me, those cute glasses slipped down her dainty nose. She was ready for me, eager for me.

I slid between her thighs and aimed my cock at her cunt. I rubbed it right against her shaved twat. She shuddered in delight, letting out a wanton moan of delight. Her fingers slid up to her pierced nipples.

“My apologies for my sex slave's rude behavior, Ms. Reid,” I said, pressing my cock right to the entrance of her juicy cunt. “If it happens again, she'll be punished.”

“Apology accepted, Mr. Derrickson,” she moaned.

I thrust.

I buried to the hilt in the teacher's steamy cunt. Her hot juices engulfed me with molten passion. She gasped, her breasts jiggling. She whimpered, squeezing her fingers into her tits. Her eyes flared with bright delight. My balls smacked into her crotch. My tie dangled down to brush her naked breasts as I leaned over her. I planted my hands on either side of her.

I fucked her hard while Aleah watched. She fingered her twat and whimpered while Ms. Reid moaned. The teacher's face twisted in delight, her glasses shifting on her nose. Her pussy squeezed around me. She held me tight, her cunt clenching, relaxing, massaging me. I drove into her depths. I fucked her with passion. I buried deep into her. Hard.

I savored the pleasure of her cunt's embrace. I groaned with each thrust into her. Each hard plunge. She felt incredible. A pure delight to fuck. She whimpered and moaned, her pussy squeezing around me. She held me tight, her hips wiggling from side to side, stirring my dick around inside of her snatch.

“Oh, Mr. Derrickson!” she gasped. “Ooh, you're such a help!”

Her pussy squeezed about me. That sexy, hot cunt held me tight as I plundered into her again and again. I buried with hard and powerful strokes again and again. I savored every last plunge into her twat. I reamed her. Enjoyed her.

She gasped and moaned. Her pussy clenched about me. The pleasure raced through her body. That wonderful delight surged through my body with every thrust into her hot cunt. She gripped me, her fingers twisting her nipple piercings.

She moaned.


Ms. Reid's pleasure surged over her face. Her thighs held me tight. She gripped me with her toned thighs. Her dark eyes stared up at me with such intense, knowing hunger. Her hot pussy squeezed around me like it was inspecting every inch of my cock.

Studying it. Cataloging it. Grading it.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she moaned. “Mmm, ram that big dick into me, Mr. Derrickson! Oh, Miss Buckley, you are such a lucky girl to experience his dick. Oh, yes, yes!”

“I am, Ms. Reid!” my sex slave moaned. “Cum on him hard. You have to please him. Make my Master's cock explode. He wants to spurt all his jizz into you.”

“Every last fucking drop!” I growled. “You want that, don't you? You want to feel how much jizz I fire. Measure it. Know it.”

“Oh, yes!” she hissed, twisting her nipples. She tugged on them, her pussy clenching about my cock. The friction increased, her wet heat massaging my dick's tip. Pleasure flowed down to my balls. “I want to know everything about you, Mr. Derrickson!”

She released her nipples and wrapped her arms around my neck. As she fell onto her back, she pulled me down with her. I buried into her cunt and then mounted the table, my body pressing into hers. I kissed her hungry mouth, the frame of her glasses brushing mine.

Her pussy squeezed down around me. That wonderful heat swelled through me. I pumped away at her. I drove my cock into her hard and fast. I luxuriated in my teacher's cunt. My tongue plundered her mouth with equal fervor. My hands stroked up her sides.

Found her big boobs.

I squeezed and kneaded those soft, lush mounds. She gripped me. Held me. I pumped away hard and fast at her. I buried into her again and again. I reveled in filling her cunt to the hilt. Of burying into her again and again. Her silky sheath massaged my cock. She drove me wild with the silky embrace of her twat.

I pounded her with hard strokes. Powerful strokes. She squealed into my kiss. She bucked beneath me. Her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. That wonderful delight of a woman cumming on my cock surged through me.

I growled into her lips.

I squeezed her tits.

I buried my cock into her spasming heaven and erupted into her.

She squealed into my lips. She kissed me hard as I fired blast after blast of my cum into her. I flooded her pussy. The professor quivered beneath me. Her fingernails scratched down the back of my dress shirt. My balls ached as they pumped her full of my jizz.

Every blast sent pleasure surging into my mind. I growled with each eruption. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, working out my spunk. I rode the pleasure towards such wild heights. I reached such amazing peaks.

I hung there as her pussy wrung out the last of my cum.

Aleah squealed in the background as I crashed down into my panting pleasure. I broke the kiss with her and stared down into her dark eyes through her glasses. The professor smiled up at me, her red lips plump and wet.

“Nine spurts of cum, Mr. Derrickson. Impressive.”


Aleah Buckley

I had such a wonderfully hot ass. It hurt when I sat down at my seat when we returned to Ms. Reid's class. Bettie shot me such jealous looks while Corey set down the heavy box of books on Ms. Reid's class. She thanked him.

Girls whispered. We were gone for far too long and they knew it. We all had the look of those who'd been naughty, face flushed, smelling of spicy pussy. Ms. Reid and I had such similar scents. She tasted so good.

Corey drank in the attention while I savored the pain throbbing across my rear. It would be throbbing me for days. Wonderful days of being reminded that I was Corey's property. That I had given myself to him utterly.

Just like that day I stripped naked behind the gym. Or when I delivered my little sister to his bed, naked, tied down, her pussy licked and ready for his cock to slide into her and take her cherry like he'd taken mine.

I loved him more and more every day. He always knew what I needed and delivered. Just like he promised.

Now he was growing his harem. It meant less time for me to enjoy him—I would have to share him—but I didn't mind because it was so exciting. Already, his harem was so amazing. Jennifer was delicious, and Havva was just adorable. Nadia intrigued me and Regina made me want to kiss every inch of her cute and adorable body. Now Ms. Reid joined the fun, Bettie would become a sex slave, and that In'am girl would be getting up to wild fun.

She was the Si'lat genie.

I had such wild fantasies all throughout class, hardly noticing the books that were handed out. Our very own copy of Dante's Divine Comedy. It had a painting on the front depicting heaven above and hell below, a mirror of it.

When class ended, Bettie and I surged around Kyle. We held tight to him while all the other girls watched in envy. They wanted to be his. Maybe some of them would be, like that naughty Briana who bent over and shook her ass at him. Such a bold girl.

“Please, please, can you fuck me, Master?” Bettie begged the moment we were in the hallway. They shared the next class, but I had to go to PE. I could only walk with him a short while. “I'm so horny.”

“And anger Sister Francis Jean?” Kyle asked, his tone sounding amused. “We can't do that. We have to be model students, Bettie.”

“We didn't get in trouble,” she said. “You got the headmistress wrapped around your cock, don't you, Master?”

“What a thing to say,” Corey said, sounding amused. His green eyes flicked to me. He was a redhead, like me, though his hair was a much brighter shade than my auburn curls. “What do you think.”

“That our headmistress worships your magnificent cock, Master,” I said.

He laughed. Then his head turned. He spotted someone. I followed his gaze to see the Arab girl that had been waiting out front for him. In'am. She was a busty thing, her blouse molding around her large tits. If she took too deep a breath, she'd burst a few buttons.

He motioned to her. She sauntered to him, her black hair falling uncovered around her face. Havva and Zahia, the two other genie students, wore their hair covered in tartan headscarves. But In'am flaunted hers.

“Yes, Sahib?” she asked. I knew that word. Master in Arabic. Kinky.

“Vibrator,” Corey ordered.

In'am reached beneath her skirt. She groaned, her face twisting with ecstasy, then she produced a pussy-drenched toy. She handed it to him without a hint of shame in her dusky face, her dark eyes swirling with passion.

He twisted the base and turned it on to its lowest setting. A dull hum echoed. He handed it to Bettie. “Enjoy.”

“Thank you, Master,” she said and didn't hesitate to thrust it up beneath her skirt. Her face twisted with delight. She let out a throaty groan, her fertile body trembling in delight. She worked the vibrator up into her cunt.

“Have fun,” I said. “I have to get to PE, Master.”

He nodded to me then turned back to Bettie, saying, “No cumming, Bettie. Tania and Aleah will take care of you during lunch.”

“You're so cruel, Master,” Bettie pouted. “I'll be good.”

I giggled as I strolled off, my skirt sliding over my burning ass. Such joy surged through me.


Corey Derrickson

Bettie was a good girl all through Sister Francis Jean's class. She squirmed and quivered, but she didn't cum. The nun kept eyeing me with suspicion. It was clear she wanted to get me in trouble for anything, but I wouldn't let her.

Even if it meant curtailing my fun. I weathered the blue-eyed nun's scrutiny as she taught history. We were learning about the Byzantine Empire's fall to the Ottoman Turk. She hinted that the capture of Constantinople by the Turks changed history as we knew it.

“The most pivotal point in history ever,” she claimed, “since man planted the first crop.”

When class was over, I met up with Vanessa for my “tutoring” lesson with her during lunch. I was eager to give her a private lesson. The busty brunette had such a big grin on her face as she took my arm and pressed up against me.

“I'm so ready to learn from you,” she breathed. “I had trouble sleeping last night. I'm just so excited for it.”

“How wet are your panties?” I asked her, my eyes darting around, looking for another student to teach. The right student.

“If I was wearing any, they'd be soaked,” she moaned. “I had to take them off after my first class.”

I smiled. She was in both my first class, Math, and my fifth class, Chemistry. Yesterday, she and Aleah had jerked me off in the latter class after Aleah had negotiated my tutoring lesson with the girl.

She needed help with her math.

“What do two girls and a guy add up to?” I asked Vanessa when I spotted Zahia, the sexy Marid I gave blowjob lessons to yesterday.

Vanessa gasped. “A threesome? I thought we were having a private lesson.”

“Wouldn't you like someone else to learn with you?” I said, nodding to Zahia as she quivered on the other side of the hall, schoolgirls passing between us. The Arab beauty's eager face was framed by her headscarf. She had cute glasses on her nose, her body quivering in her schoolgirl uniform. She was a year younger than me and just addicted to the taste of my cum.

“That's her?” asked Vanessa.

“Yes, it is,” I said as Zahia snaked through a gap between two groups of girls heading to the cafeteria. She reached me and quivered. “Want another lesson, Zahia? I'm about to tutor Vanessa.”

“Yes!” she moaned. “I need more practice on my... my....” She blushed, her embarrassment darkening her cheeks.

“Your blowjob skills?”

She nodded.

I hooked her arm and headed to the boys' restroom. No one used it but me. We'd have our privacy in there. It was spotless, kept clean by the impeccable janitorial staff. It amused me that an all-girls' college with an all-female staff would have a men's restroom, but government regulations caused funny things to happen.

I led them in. Briana and Hailee spotted us, both girls whispering together. I bet there'd be rumors. I hoped so. I liked Vanessa. I wanted her for my harem, too, and Zahia was a candidate for my wife. Such a bright and eager girl. She wanted to learn everything she could about sex from me.

Just as the door swung close, I heard a vicious snarl. I caught a glimpse of Asra's pale face. The goth lesbian whirled around then the door shut and I lost sight of her. I didn't care about her. I had the headmistress on my side.


Sister Francis Jean

I opened my brown paper bag that held the lunch the convent's kitchen provided me and the other nuns who taught at the college, my stomach rumbling. Our order was dedicated to educating young women to model members of society.

And that Corey Derrickson was here, ruining it with his handsome smiles. His manly physique. He had every girl in school wet with temptation for him. So cocky. So arrogant. He believed he could do anything to anyone.

A shiver ran through me.

I pulled out the ham and cheese sandwich, topped with lettuce and a dill pickle, from its paper wrapping. I was about to bite into it when my classroom door burst open. Asra Duff marched in. The girl was a new transfer pushing the bounds of proper uniform with her combat boots and black lipstick. I had caught a glimpse of a tattoo on her thigh that peeked out when her skirt rode up too high.

A girl in desperate need of guidance.

“Want to catch Corey fucking a pair of girls?” she demanded.


Corey Derrickson

I dropped my tie. My slacks were already around my ankles along with my boxers. Zahia knelt on my right and Vanessa on my left, their hands grabbing my cock. Zahia, her face framed by her tartan headscarf, had a look of such addictive hunger at my cock.

“Mmm, we just do this,” she said to Vanessa and leaned in, flicking her tongue across my crown. “That's the best way to start.”

“Ooh, okay,” said Vanessa. Her cheeks were utterly scarlet, her brown eyes swimming with her passion. “I thought you just sucked on it like a lollipop.”

“You will,” said the Arab girl. “But you can play with it first. Love it. A cock's a beautiful thing. At least, Corey's is.” Zahia had such a virginal blush. I needed to pop her cherry. I promised her I wouldn't do it in the bathroom. She deserved something special since she was one of the genie candidates.

Vanessa licked across my cock. A slow, deliberate slide of her tongue over my dick. She groaned in delight, maybe from the precum she licked up. Then she did it again, taking her time as she bathed my spongy crown.

The pleasure surged down my dick. It felt incredible. I groaned. My cock twitched and throbbed as Vanessa licked again and again. Then Zahia nuzzled in and joined her. The two virgins ran their pink tongues across my cock, caressing the tip, brushing each other.

It felt incredible. I groaned, my chest feeling so tight. I undid the buttons of my dress shirt. They stared up at me, their tongues dancing over my cock. Caressing my slit. They gathered my precum, cheeks rubbing together, their hands gripping my twitching shaft.

I threw off my shirt, the pleasure flowing down my cock. I groaned, savoring their touch. Could they taste Ms. Reid on me? Did her spicy delight still linger after over an hour? I hoped so.

“Use your lips, too,” moaned Zahia. “Nibble on him. Even suck a little.”

She nuzzled into the right side of my cock. She massaged my dick with her naughty lips. Her tongue licked out, touching me. Pleasure surged through me. It felt incredible. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest.

Vanessa joined her.

Both girls were doing such naughty things to me. Pleasure surged up my shaft. Their tongues slid out and caressed each other. Their lips smooched my cock, brushing each other. They were almost kissing each other around my cock.

“Mmm, and now slide your mouth over his tip,” purred Zahia. “But don't brush him with your teeth. We don't want to hurt this beautiful dick, do we?”

“No,” groaned Vanessa.

“You're a good professor,” I told Zahia as Vanessa's lips slid over my cock.

Zahia beamed at me.

I groaned as Vanessa took my crown into her mouth, her lips sealed about my shaft. She delivered such a pleasure to me. My cock throbbed and ached in her mouth. Her tongue caressed it. Explored it. Sent such naughty delight surging down my dick. I loved every moment of it.

“Now you suck,” purred Zahia, nuzzling into Vanessa's ear. “You can even move your head. Bob it. Twist it from side to side. And dance your tongue. Caress him as you love him. Your goal is to coax all that yummy cum out of his balls and into your mouth.”

Vanessa moaned in delight. She sucked hard. My dick twitched and throbbed in her mouth. The pleasure surged through me. I shuddered, my chest rising and falling. My heart pounded while my groans echoed through the bathroom. I could hear the bustle of the cafeteria outside. The noise swelled for a moment, sounding crystal clear.

A large group of girls must be right outside giggling and laughing, having such a good time. They had no idea anything naughty was going on.

Then the sound diminished, the girls moving off. I ran a hand through my hair. My dick twitched and throbbed in the girl's hands. In Vanessa's hungry mouth. She did all the things that Zahia told her to do. Moved her tongue. Bobbed her head. Sucked with such hunger.

“Just like that,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, just like that.”

“Yes, yes, you're doing such a good job,” purred Zahia. “Let me have a turn.”

Vanessa popped her mouth off, panting. The eager Zahia lunged forward. She engulfed my cock. She sucked it into her warm, wet lips. The enthusiasm that she had for sucking my dick sent a surge of pleasure through me. Vanessa watched Zahia's demonstration, the Arab girl's headscarf swaying, her cheeks hollowing.

I savored every moment of it. My chest rose and fell, the pressure in my balls rising fast. This was so exciting. My dick twitched and spasmed. I couldn't hold off cumming for long. Not with these two cute virgins loving my cock.

This lesson was too naughty.

Then Zahia slid off her soft lips and Vanessa swallowed my cock. Zahia nodded in pride. She whispered encouragements into Vanessa's ears, too soft for me to hear over the loud sucking and slurping. I breathed heavily, savoring every moment of the blowjob. My nuts tightened.

“Shit,” I groaned as they switched again.

The two girls went back and forth, Zahia sucking with hunger, Vanessa gaining confidence. Their mouths were warm and wet, Vanessa's lips plumper while Zahia's tongue more agile. They both caressed me. Loved me. Suckled on me.

Brought me to my orgasm.

“Press your faces tight together,” I moaned as Vanessa nursed on my cock, drawing out my cum. “I'm going to erupt on them!”

They did, cheeks pressed tight, brown hair spilling over a tartan headscarf. Their hands stroked my cock. I shuddered and erupted. My moans echoed through the bathroom as I coated their faces in ropy lines of cum. I painted from Zahia's dusky features to Vanessa's blushing cheeks. My spunk dripped over them.

The pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my eyes as my balls emptied onto their faces. The jizz stained Zahia's headscarf. Drops landed in Vanessa's brown curls. Their tongues swept out, gathering up the jizz.

“Damn, damn, damn!” I groaned and shuddered. “That was fucking hot.”

“Yes,” Vanessa moaned. Her tongue swiped over her lips. She gathered the jizz that beaded there. It dripped down her chin. It covered her face. “Oh, Corey, I need my next lesson. That's why I'm here. I was promised a lesson in cherry popping.”

“Oh, wow,” Zahia moaned. “I don't think I can help you with that.”

“But you can teach her how to eat pussy,” I said. “Skirts off, girls. Then Vanessa, on your back. Zahia, sit on her face. Let her eat that virgin twat out while I fuck her.”

“Oh, you have such a naughty lesson plan,” moaned the Marid. She bounded to her feet, cum dripping down her face, and then unzipped her skirt. It fell down her thighs, revealing a pair of white, crisp panties with a crotch soaked with her pussy cream. I'd seen her pussy, but it was still exciting as she pushed down her panties.

Her shaved pussy came into view, her vulva tight, just a hint of pink nestled in her slit surrounded by her plump, dusky flesh. Her juices adorned it. She licked up cum off of her as she finished stepping out of her panties.

Vanessa went onto her back and thrust her legs up into the air. She had on knee-high socks with white lace around the hem. Her black Mary Janes kicked in the air as she shoved her skirt off her rump and up them, exposing a trimmed, brown bush soaked with her juices. She folded her knees to her large tits and then threw her skirt clear. It landed on the floor.

“Please, please, teach me how to take a cock in my pussy!” she moaned. “Take my cherry.”

“Mmm, and you're going to eat my virgin pussy, aren't you?” panted Zahia. The Marid straddled Vanessa's face. “I know it's wrong for two Christian girls to do this, but Corey is our instructor, and we must learn everything he wants to teach us.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Vanessa moaned.

“You filthy, little pervert!” a new voice hissed. I whirled around to stare at the small hallway that led to the bathroom's door. Sister Francis Jean strode out from the privacy wall, her blue eyes blazing, her hands on her hips. “Oh, you're not getting out of this one on a technicality!”

To be continued...

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