Sexfight League: Bayley vs AJ Lee by MeganA

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Fiction | At work, BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Fan fiction, Female, Lesbian, Spanking, Submission, Written by women

*So this story takes place in an alternate universe where women's wrestling has been replaced by sexfighting. Two girls battling to make the other one cum. The crowds for these shows are entirely female, and the first to cum loses. When a competitor loses, she becomes the sexual property of the winner for 24 hours, who gets to fuck the loser however they want during that time. Enjoy!*


AJ smirked to herself as she skipped down the ramp to the ring. She was confident. Sure she'd lost the Women's Championship the month before. But she just had to win this number one contender's match against some nobody whore to get right back in the race. It wouldn't be long before this new girl was cumming on the mat for her.

The audience was clearly excited. Thousands of women cheering for AJ in her cute cut off t-shirt and jean shorts. She gave them a wave, before her opponent's music hit. She didn't know much about this new girl. The boss had said not to underestimate her, but she wasn't worried. She was even less worried when her opponent came out.

The ring announcer introduced her as Bayley. She looked like a little girl playing at wrestling. With her multicoloured tights and side-tailed hair. AJ couldn't help but admire the girl's ass as she came down to the ring, smiling brightly and hugging audience members. This girl was cute. AJ couldn't wait to fuck the cute out of her.

AJ smirked at her opponent as the bell rang and they begun to circle the ring. Bayley couldn't seem to wipe that big goofy smile off her face. As they got closer, Bayley grabbed AJ, wrapping her up in a huge hug.

It wasn't an aggressive move, maybe this little girl just likes hugging people. And AJ couldn't deny the hug felt nice. It was warm and comfortable and felt like it was enveloping AJ's whole body. She reluctantly went to hug back, leaning up to whisper in the hugger's ear. "I hope you're ready to get fucked in front of this entire audience. I hope your mommy's watching. She's gonna get a hell of a show." AJ smirked. Trash talking was one of her favorite things to do in a sexfight. The mommy thing was a personal favorite of hers, in fact when she beat Paige for the first time, when she was fucking the little British crumpet into the ground, she'd constantly be talking into the camera, addressing Paige's mommy.

Unexpectedly, Bayley giggled happily at that comment, like AJ had just told her a very funny joke, or complimented her hair. She moved her mouth right next to AJ's ear, and spoke in a happy, bubbly tone. "Oh don't worry cutie, I'm gonna fuck you until you're nothing but a quivering, spent shell, lying uselessly on the mat. I'm gonna treat you like the whore you are!"

That was.. Disconcerting. Bayley's bubbling tone never left her voice despite the aggressiveness of her words. AJ leaned back to look at Bayley's face, and the big happy genuine smile on the girl's face sent shivers down her spine. She was trying to work out a comeback when Bayley took advantage of her opponent's confusion and transitioned the hug into a suplex. AJ whimpered as she lied on the ground. Fucking bitch had gotten the best of her.

Bayley let out a squeal of happiness, suddenly rolling over AJ and kneeling on her arms, keeping AJ from moving. She tugged down AJ's shorts, revealing the former champion's toned tan ass to the crowd, who cheered in delight.

"Mmmm! Yummy yummy ass! Perfect for spanking!" Said the girl who's ass was currently pressing against the back of AJ's head. She reared back and spanked AJ hard, eliciting a loud squeal of pleasure from AJ's lips. It was no secret that the former champion had a weakness for spanking. It was one of the main reasons she lost the title in the first place.

"Ugh! Get the fuck off of me you fucking psycho!" Growled AJ, desperately shifting under Bayley's pinning. Bayley laughed again, her hands raining down more spanks on AJ's bare ass.

"Aww! Is big tough AJ about to cum already?" Asked the girl with a delighted giggle, spanking AJ again. "Your pussy sure looks ready to cum!" Her hand slid between her victim's legs, groping at AJ's incredibly wet pussy, who desperately tried to close her legs. Bayley brought her now wet hand up to her face and gave it a longing lick, to the delight of the crowd.

AJ seized her opportunity and pushed Bayley off while she was distracted. They both got to their feet and, despite AJ's now weak knees, she took advantage first, pushing Bayley into the corner and grabbing at her top. "Get ready to show everyone the goods, whore." Growled AJ angrily before ripping the top open down the middle.

AJ stared in shock. She wasn't sure how, but some way, Bayley had been storing a massive pair of tits in that little top. They looked like G cups, at least. Bayley grinned at AJ's shocked look and gave them a shake. "Mmm, do you like my big boobies, AJ?" She asked with a delighted giggle.

The shaking nearly hypnotized AJ, but she recovered quickly at the girl's taunting, slapping her across the cheek. "Shut the fuck up you little whore!" She growled at Bayley, before covering her smiling mouth with her hand. She roughly grabbed a handful of the girl's massive breast. She squeezed painfully, which caused Bayley's knees to weaken and made her moan, muffled by AJ's hand. "Ooh, sensitive tits huh? Good to know."

She reared back and smacked one of the girl's huge breasts, then leaned down, sucking one of them into her mouth, getting as much boob into it as she could, before biting down hard on the nipple. She pulled her hand away from Bayley's mouth, so everyone could hear the ensuing scream of pleasure from the girl's mouth.

AJ was back in control, and feeling confident. She turned her opponent around, shoving her hard against the turnbuckle, and biting at the girl's flesh as she roughly tugged Bayley's tights down, exposing Bayley's spectacular ass to the audience. "A-J" chants were ringing out through the crowd. She reached around her opponent to grab a handful of boob before spanking that glorious ass. Bayley squealed in delight, and AJ could see pussy juices running down the girl's inner thigh. She tightened her grip on AJ's breast before spanking her again, and again, and again. "Oh fuck yes AJ!" Cried out the girl, still in her bubbly sweet tone. "Spank me again! I've been such a bad girl!" *Does this girl ever turn off?* Wondered AJ.

AJ slipped behind the girl, wrapping an arm around her from behind, slipping her hand down to Bayley's soaking pussy. She bit down on Bayley's ear, hissing harshly. "I can't wait to make you into my whimpering bitch, Bayley." Her hand started rapidly rubbing at the girl's soaking cunt, as she pressed her entire body into the girl to keep her trapped in the corner.

Bayley moaned hard, backing her reddened, plump ass up against her opponent. "Oh god... Oh god... That's good..." She moaned, her entire body shaking in pleasure.

"Give up bitch." Hissed AJ, her hand working rapidly against Bayley's soaking cunt. "You're gonna fucking cum for me. You're just a little girl playing in a woman's world." AJ cackled evilly. "And I love playing with little girls."

Suddenly, the back of Bayley's head collided with the bridge of AJ's nose. She staggered back, in a daze, hand still covered in juices. Bayley smirked, turning back around to glare at the staggered woman. She took advantage of her opponent's dazed state, and ripped AJ's top from her body, leaving both women entirely naked in the ring.

Bayley pushed her opponent to the ground, kneeling next to her and groping at AJ's perky B cups. "You had your fun AJ." Said the busty girl with an evil smile. "Now playtime's over." AJ moved to take a swing at Bayley, but suddenly she was shoved onto her shoulders, her ass lifted up into the air. Bayley crawled behind her, kneeling down on AJ's arms, and keeping her hips up in the air. The audience screamed in excitement, and in a moment. Bayley's face was buried in AJ's cunt.

AJ screamed and struggled. It was no use, she wasn't getting out. She was too worn out from the fight... And Bayley was currently eating her pussy like no one she'd ever had. The girl was eating like a woman possessed. AJ was in heaven. She'd forgotten all about the match. She was in pure sapphic bliss.

AJ could feel her orgasm bearing down on her. And suddenly she felt herself having a moment of clarity. "NO!" She screamed. She couldn't lose. Not to a rookie... Not like this! She desperately tried to scramble away, kicking at her assailant as she did. She managed to get away and crawl desperately to the ring apron. If she got out of the ring, she could recoup on the outside. But suddenly she felt two strong hands grab her thick thighs. She'd managed to get half her torso out of the ring, but this was even more humiliating. She could just barely touch the black mats on the floor if she reached, but Bayley had her tight.

Bayley spanked AJ once more, punishing her for trying to escape her fate, before burying her face in AJ's helpless cunt once more. AJ screamed. Bayley's pace had picked up, her tongue was attacking her relentlessly.

AJ's screams got louder and louder. She clutched at her own breasts. Finally, just as the screams were reaching a crescendo, they stopped, and all AJ could manage was a pathetic squeak as juices poured out of her pussy, coating Bayley's face. She'd never cum that hard. Never. Her senses went numb. The cheering of the crowd and the blaring of the victor's music all melted into nothing. Her vision blurred, and as Bayley released her grip on her thighs, and her near lifeless body slumped uselessly to the floor beneath them, she barely registered it happening.

Her body was still twitching from the orgasm after effects as she lay there on the cool mats... They felt so nice against her skin, which was absolutely burning up. She looked up at the lights at the top of the arena, barely registering that Bayley's celebration had ended, and that now it was time for the post match fucking. She saw the face of Bayley, obstructing her view of the lights above her.

"Hey there sunshine." Said Bayley, an evil smirk on her face as she helped up the helpless woman to a kneeling position. AJ's vision started to unblur, and she took in the woman before her. Wow. This girl was really really pretty. She thought about this for a while, before Bayley placed a hand on the back of AJ's head, tugging her in for an intense kiss. AJ could taste her own juices on Bayley's soft, sweet lips. AJ moaned softly into the kiss, feeling Bayley's amazing pair of breasts push against her own as they leaned into each other. "I have you for 24 hours, remember." Said Bayley with an evil smile on her face as the kiss broke. "Get in the ring, let's get started."

AJ whimpered slightly, before getting up and rolling into the ring. She watched as Bayley stepped back inside with an incredible amount of grace. She moved like a champion... Like a goddess. She whimpered as she watched from her knees as the victor walked across the ring, moving to the corner and flashing AJ an evil smile as she leaned back against the turnbuckle. The smile made AJ instantly blush. She felt like a schoolgirl who'd been caught gawking at the teacher.

"Come over here. Worship my tits." Ordered Bayley, though her voice still kept that sweet bubbly tone. AJ whimpered and quickly hurried over to Bayley's corner. She admired the woman's tits for a while, before leaning down and sucking on one, bringing as much of it into her mouth as she could manage. Worship them? Of course! Tits like this should be worshipped! They should have legions of followers desperately searching for the opportunity to be blessed by them!

AJ moaned softly as she sucked on the breast, pulling back and releasing it from her mouth with an audible *pop* noise that echoed across the arena. She groped at the other breast as she desperately sucked and licked at the first one. Bayley's moans were music to AJ's ears. She could hardly believe earlier she hated this woman...

AJ grasped the sides of both breasts, pushing the nipples against each other, before leaning in to lick at both nipples at the same time. She grasped at either nipple, gently rolling them back and forth between her thumb and forefinger, as her face desperately dove between the two perfect pillowy masses. She did everything she could, she never wanted to leave them.

But sadly, it didn't last forever. Bayley smiled down at her as she gently pulled AJ's face out from between her tits. "Good work AJ." She said with a soft smile. The words of compliment made AJ's heart leap. "Now eat my pussy. I'm so wet... I need to cum!" Bayley's words had a hint of the desperate to them, so AJ dropped to her knees quickly.

Making Bayley cum was suddenly AJ's only goal. She sighed in delight as Bayley opened her thick thighs, revealing the amazingly wet prize between her legs. AJ could see a trickle of juices dripping down the woman's inner thighs. She greedily licked along a trail of juices on her thigh, delighting in the taste of the winner's juices, before quickly diving into her new mistresses cunt, licking her excitedly, moaning into that perfect pussy.

Bayley's moans got desperate very quickly. She was clearly close. AJ didn't blame her, this girl had just been through an intense sexfight, anyone would be dying to cum after that! She reached around to grope at Bayley's amazing ass as she worked, her tongue desperately lapping at Bayley's pussy, so excited to make this woman cum.

Bayley's hands moved to the back of AJ's head, pushing her in further, forcing AJ to open her mouth against the girl's opening, before Bayley's entire body shook with pleasure and she screamed out, as juices began spraying out of her pussy and onto AJ's face.

AJ had never seen a woman squirt this much! It must've went on for a full minute. AJ desperately went to work to suck up as much of Bayley's perfect girl cum she could, delighting in the taste.

When Bayley's orgasm finally ended, she dropped to her knees next to AJ. The two of them took a moment, catching their breath and smiling playfully at each other.

And then Bayley slapped her.


AJ gasped in shock and held her newly reddened cheek before receiving another harsh slap to the other one. AJ whimpered softly, looking at the floor... Bayley was being so sweet to her up until now. But AJ couldn't deny the sudden roughness turned her on.

"Mmm... Loser." Said Bayley, slapping AJ again. "Useless... Fucking... Loser..." She reigned down slaps on her opponents face between each word, still with a huge smile on her face. "Losers are only good for fucking! And that's what I'm gonna do to you!" The slaps kept coming. AJ's face was stinging painfully.

Bayley shoved AJ down on the mat, right in the puddle of wetness Bayley had generated when she came earlier. "Clean up the floor, loser! This will show you to make a mess!" Bayley got up and walked off to retrieve something, meanwhile AJ desperately licked up as much of the cum as she could off the mat, whimpering at the taste. Even from the floor it tastes like absolute heaven.

She was on all fours, with her ass sticking out in the air. She heard someone step behind her, but she was so focused on her task she didn't notice. Suddenly, she felt something big enter her pussy. She looked behind her to see that Bayley had donned a strapon, a strapon that was now buried in AJ's cunt.

AJ squealed out loud in pleasure, and Bayley grabbed her hips, holding her in place as the full length entered AJ. "Mmm, that's right loser! Mmm... Time to fuck that dirty fucking pussy of yours..."

The crowd was going ballistic. AJ could barely hear herself think over the screaming audience. Bayley gripped her hips, and started fucking, hard. AJ cried out in pleasure. "Yes! Fuck me! Oh god! Fuck me Bayley!" AJ had never played bitch to anyone like this in the past. She could hardly believe the words coming out of her mouth. But she loved it. She loved being fucked by this goddess of a woman. And she'd only be hers for twenty-four hours? No way! She wanted an extension on that!

Bayley squealed in delight. "Mmm! Good girl! You know your place!" She drilled into AJ hard, giggling with delight the entire time. AJ screamed as she came hard on the toy, but Bayley wasn't nearly done.

She quickly rolled AJ onto her back and reentered her, treating AJ with no regard. AJ's mind felt like it was overloading. She had barely anytime to process her intense orgasm, and suddenly she was being fucked again. She stared up at Bayley. The soft bouncing of her breasts as she thrust into AJ turned her on so much... She could already feel another orgasm baring down on her...

Then Bayley grabbed her by the shoulders and tugged her up, still thrusting into her as she shoved the loser's face into her tits. AJ moaned in delight and began to suck and lick at every inch of the perfect breasts she could. Bayley purred happily and began roughly tugging at AJ's hair as she fucked her, which was enough to drive AJ over the edge.

She moaned hard as another intense orgasm wracked her body. She desperately sucked on one of Bayley's nipples as the orgasm happened, muffling her moans. When AJ's spasms ended Bayley shoved her down onto her back, purring in delight.

"Mmm... You are SUCH a good toy!" Said the winner in absolute delight. She slapped AJ across the face, before crawling down and biting hard at AJ's perky breast. AJ sqealed, still trying to catch her breath.

Bayley stood up and stepped out of the ring and to the floor. AJ couldn't take her eyes off her. She was so beautiful... She moved with such purpose. Once she was on the floor, Bayley grabbed a fistful of AJ's hair. AJ squealed as she was pulled out of the ring by her hair, hurriedly moving to the winner's side. Bayley dragged AJ out to ringside, grinning in delight. "Time to meet your fans." She said in a sing song voice.

AJ could barely process what she was saying before Bayley bent her over the guard rail, leaving her exposed in front of a large group of her horny female fans. She soon felt dozens of hands reaching in and touching her, groping her, treating her like a piece of meat. Her breasts were groped, her toned back was rubbed, her ass was squeezed. She felt someone grab one of her hands and bring it to their obviously very wet pants crotch, though with so many people surrounding her, she couldn't see who was doing this. Directly in front of her was a beautiful busty blonde milf in a lovely blue summer dress. She leaned in close to AJ, looking directly into her eyes with a playful look on her face. "Hi AJ." She said with an evil smile. "I'm your biggest fan." With that, the milf grabbed her head and pulled her in for an intense kiss, which AJ moaned and happily returned.

Behind her, Bayley positioned her toy against AJ's pussy, as fans came to touch her too, but of course they treated her with much more respect, Bayley was the winner, after all. Two girls latched onto her breasts, sucking and licking and worshipping those perfect tits. AJ was too busy making out with the beautiful milf to notice this happening, and a good thing too, if she did see someone else sucking on her new mistresses breasts, she'd likely get very jealous.

Bayley slid her toy into AJ, and began fucking her over the guardrail. AJ moaned into her fan's mouth. She was being touched by so many women... It was an amazing feeling, especially when you add being fucked by this goddess of a woman to the mix. Her squeals filled up her fan's mouth, who absolutely refused to let AJ break the kiss. She could feel the older woman moaning right back, and noticed she had her hand under her own dress, pleasing herself.

Bayley began to fuck AJ harder, laying slaps down on her already reddened ass as she worked. AJ's body quaked with excitement, and soon she was cumming again. She felt audience members climb under her to get a taste of the juice that was leaking out.

The milf finally broke the kiss, a delighted look on her face as she continued to rub herself under her dress. "I fucking love you, AJ." She said with a demented grin. AJ had quite a few fans like her, the kind that were convinced they were meant for each other. Always in the front row for first cum matches for situations just like that.

As Bayley pulled AJ out of the crowd, the milf tugged her dress down, exposing her huge breasts as she continued to desperately rub herself off.

Bayley quickly removed her strapon harness, standing behind AJ and groping her breasts from behind as they both watched the woman bring herself to orgasm. "We put on a pretty good show, don't we?" Bayley hissed into her ear in a way that made AJ shiver. "Yes Bayley." Whimpered AJ, making sure Bayley understood that she was now completely submissive to her conquerer.

Bayley giggled and wrapped an arm around AJ's hip, leading her to the exit ramp. "Shame these people won't see what else I'm going to do to you for the rest of the 24 hours." She said as they walked together.

At the top of the ramp, AJ stopped. "Bayley... Ma'am..." Began AJ, looking at the floor in an act of submission. "Does it have to end after our 24 hours are up? I'd love to keep being your toy..." She looked Bayley in the eye, giving her her best puppy dog eye look.

Bayley giggled and pulled AJ in for a longing, intense kiss, which garnered another scream of delight from the crowd. "Only if you're a very good girl." She responded as the kiss ended, before waving to the crowd one more time and disappearing backstage with AJ.


*I'll probably add another story of what happens backstage after the match and for the rest of the day later. For now let me know what you think! Please understand this is pretty much just a story meant to turn me on, and maybe some like minded people. If you felt it didn't have enough of what you like that's probably because I'm not as into it.*

Rating: 83%, Read 14007 times, Posted Apr 07, 2016

Fiction | At work, BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Fan fiction, Female, Lesbian, Spanking, Submission, Written by women


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