Controlling or Coercive Behaviour. Part 1 by abroadsword

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Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Domination, Humiliation, Submission

Controlling or Coercive Behaviour. Part 1

In an office down town...

Janie waited patiently for her appointment. She stared at a copy of Vogue magazine but she saw nothing. She felt a huge void filled with butterflies in her stomach and seriously considered abandoning her quest to find help.

A phone rang, the receptionist answered it. She smiled at Janie, “Dr Richardson will see you now,” she said sweetly, “Through the door, second on the right.”

Janie obeyed instantly, she placed the magazine back on the rack and opened the door. A nonde*********** corridor, second door, she thought. She knocked.

“Come in,” Dr Richardson ordered.

“Hello, I’m Janie,” she ventured.

“Right, so your boyfriend exhibits controlling or coercive behaviour does he?” Dr Richardson asked brusquely

“Yes, Dr Richardson,” she agreed, “He tells me what to wear, he checks up on me, he cut up my credit cards, he only allows me pocket money.”

“So he cares about you huh?” he asked.

“Yes, Dr Richardson,” she agreed, “I guess.”

“You would rather he didn’t give a fuck if you went out looking like a tart or like some deluded senior citizen?” he asked.

“No, Dr Richardson,” she demurred, “It’s not like that. It’s more than that.”

“Right, did he approve that outfit you’re wearing?” he asked.

“No, Dr Richardson,” she confessed.

“So where the fuck’s the problem,” he asked, “Except you look like some female hobo whore who just raided the discount rack at the charity store?”

“But Dr Richardson,” she protested, “They said on TV that women like me should get help.”

“That’s right, and you come to the right place,” he agreed.

“But Dr Richardson,” she protested, “You just keep undermining me.”

“I’m helping you bitch,” he replied, “How often you get laid?”

“Dr Richardson, that’s none of your business!” she snapped.

“What, every night, nearly every night, when he can’t find anyone else to fuck or afford a whore, when?” Dr Richardson asked.

“Er, Dr Richardson, I don’t know, when he feels like it I guess?” she stuttered.

“So you don’t come on to him?” he asked, “Serve dinner wearing just an apron with a dildo and a butt plug up inside you?”

“Dr Richardson!” she squealed in protest, “Of course not!”.

“Well why he fuck not?” he asked.

“Dr Richardson, That’s disgusting!” she protested.

“Well no wonder he gets pissed,” he sighed, “I’m surprised he’s still with you.”

“Er, Dr Richardson, he left, last week, he walked out, we had a row.” she said.

“Right,” he replied, “How’d you piss him off?”

“I wanted to see my mom, Dr Richardson,” she said, “She’s in Wyoming.”

“Why don’t she come and see you?” he asked.

“That’s what Ben said, Dr Richardson, I said she can’t afford it,” she said, “He said do face time.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” he admitted, “What the fuck’s wrong with it?”

“Dr Richardson, She’s my mom.” she snapped.

“Stop the fuck calling me Dr Richardson, every ten minutes, call me ‘Sir’ OK bitch?” he suggested.

“Er Dr Richardson, er Sir, I think we’re finished here, you’re the rudest most overbearing pompous, unfeeling misogynistic, er, is that even a word,.” she said losing her track.

“Yeah right, thing is bitch you need my help real bad,” he agreed, “Now you go wait in the closet over there while I consult with a colleague.”

“But Dr Richardson!” she protested.

“Get In the closet now bitch, now!” he ordered.

Tears welled in her eyes.

“And stop crying,” he added, “Your stupid mascara will run all down your stupid ugly weasel face.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” she blustered.

“Red door bitch. Pull it closed and shut your stupid mouth,” he added helpfully.

He watched her open the door and walk into the darkness. “Shut the door!”

Janie stood in the darkness. Anger bubbled in her, “You can’t do this to me!” she shouted.

“Pipe down,” Dr Richardson shouted back, “I’m watching some porn.”

“I’m not staying here a minute longer,” Janie insisted. She twisted what she thought was the door knob and it just spun in her hand. “Let me out!” she wailed. She banged on the door.

“Pipe down I can’t concentrate,” Dr Richardson replied.

The closet was completely dark, not even a glint of light through the door frame.

“Let me out!” Janie protested. She was getting disorientated, She banged harder. There was stuff on shelves and some started falling on the floor.

Dr Richardson watched his lap top screen, he watched Janie through an infra red feed from the closet as she panicked. He smiled as he keyed in commands. An electric motor whirred and a fine spray of pure but stale orange juice was pumped into the closet through several nozzles by automobile wind shield washer pumps.

“Help!” she wailed, “I’m getting wet.”

“It’s the fire sprinkler, now shut the fuck up, and stop twiddling knobs bitch,” he ordered.

“I’m all wet,” she protested. “I can’t turn it off!”

“Nope. you can’t,” he agreed.

“Stop it, let me out," She protested, and then after a while a fan started blowing photocopier ink dust around as well.

“It’s all dusty I’m choking,” she added, “Please, I’m all wet and dusty, I can’t see!”

“Good job you never wore nothing half decent then wasn’t it,” he added. “Wasn’t it?” he repeated.

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Yes sir,” he corrected her, “For heaven's sake can’t you do anything right?”

“No, turn the water off please,” she pleaded.

“That ain't water that’s fire retardant,” he explained, “All acidic ,twenty minutes and you’ll have sores all over your stupid face and crotch and every fucking where.”

“Please,” she pleaded.

He typed a command and hit enter.

The spray stopped. Janie shook with cold, and fear, and anger in equal amounts.

The door opened, Dr Richardson stood watching. “You look disgusting, ” he said, “Get in the bathroom and take a shower.”

Janie stepped from the closet, She caught sight of herself in the reflection in the office window. She was stained orange with black streaks running down. Her dyed blonde hair was black with ink, her face streaked, her dress ruined and she left sticky black footprints where ever she walked.

She didn’t know it was just orange juice with copier ink she really thought it was cow piss and dust.

The bathroom door was right next to the closet, Dr Richardson held the door for her and ushered her in. There was a shower booth, but no spray head.

“Get naked bitch” Dr Richardson ordered and he picked a hose pipe like a miniature fire hose with a long slender brass nozzle from a hose reel on the wall. “Ready Bitch?” he queried as she stood frozen staring at her.

“Get naked," he ordered again. She was too slow so he turned on the flow of freezing water anyway.

“Aggghhh,” she squealed as the water hit her.

“Get naked and maybe, just maybe, I’ll use warm water,” he cajoled.

“OK, Janie agreed and she pulled her dress over her head. It stuck to her. It tore as she fought with it. She tossed her bra after it, peeled off her pantyhose and shoes and finally stood naked.

He eased the temperature up just a tad

“Stay still, I need to get that piss off of you,” he ordered, “Jesus you even got it in your hair!”

Janie turned around slowly, she shivered and shuddered with the cold, “Gee look at all that disgusting pubic hair,” he chided, “There’s female gorillas with less fur on their bellies than what you got, hold still while I blast it.” he ordered as he blasted luke warm water at her belly.

“Please,” Janie whined.

“Hold your cunt lips open you might have some inside of you,” he ordered.

“Oh god,” sighed as she obeyed by bending her knees and holding her vagina.

Dr Richardson adjusted the controls to add some more warm water so it was a pleasant shock when suddenly warm water splashed her parts. Body temperature water like a liquid penis forcing itself inside her,

Dr Richardson stepped closer and handed the nozzle to Janie so she could ease the nozzle inside herself.

“You filthy bitch, it’s to wash yourself with not to wank with,” he cursed and tool kit from her, “Bend over so I can flush out your filthy ass.”

She tried to refuse, but realised it was hopeless, so she bent and felt herself filled with lovely warm water. Her belly swelled, it pressed her bladder, she wanted to piss, so she pissed, then ‘she pulled the nozzle and her ass emptied and suddenly she wanted Dr Richardson’s cock inside her.

“I,” she started to say.

“Horny eh?” Dr Richardson chuckled, “I wouldn’t fuck you with somebody else’s dick," he added with a laugh, “You’re disgusting.”

He filled her a couple of more times till the water ran clear then turned the water off and grabbed some bath towels and started to dry her off. It was so intimate, like when her momma dried her after a bath when she was a little girl. So comforting.

“Your hair’s fucked,” he announced. He tossed the towel aside and strode to his desk.

He thumbed the intercom. “Bring in the hair clippers please Miss Chambers,” he requested.

The receptionist appeared with a box of hair dresser’s tools. Janie cowered and tried to hide her private parts.

Miss Chambers plugged the heavy duty electric clippers into a waterproof electric point.

“Get rid of that disgusting belly fur, just leave a Mohican,” Dr Richardson ordered.

“It’s easiest if you sit on the edge of the desk,” Miss Chambers suggested.

Janie did as she said, the clippers buzzed against her belly, she started feeling a warm moist sensation in her vagina. The hair fell away leaving just a wide strip, wider than a Brazilian.

“Head to match,” Dr Richardson added.

Janie went to protest but already the clippers were against her scalp and a swathe of hair was shaved up beside her left ear and on across to her forehead.

“And the other side,” Dr Richardson ordered.

“Look stop!” Janie protested but the hair was on the ground already and it wasn’t going back.

A single strip of hair across the top of her head spreading wider as it went down her neck was left. Miss Chambers started to use a smaller cordless clipper to tidy up the sides then a razor to get right down to shiny nude skin.

Janie saw her reflection. She looked ridiculous.

“Just needs some colour,” Dr Richardson suggested.

“No way, I’m leaving right now!” Janie insisted,

“Fine,” Dr Richardson agreed, “See yah.”

“Uh, I need my clothes.” she replied.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I threw them in the trash,” Miss Chambers admitted, “They were absolutely filthy, completely ruined.”

“You can’t keep me here!” Janie shouted.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Dr Richardson agreed, “See yourself out.”

“I can’t walk the streets without any clothes?” she exclaimed.

“Don’t see why not,” he replied, “You looked pretty ugly, freaky and weird when you walked in here, nothing much different now really.”

“Look,” Miss Chambers suggested, “let me fix your hair and we’ll find you a real nice outfit and then you can go home, Ok?”

Janie didn’t really have much choice, “Ok,” she agreed.

Miss chambers cut the remaining centre strip of hair so it stood up and started to work dye into it, blue, red, yellow, green, all mixed up randomly. Janie couldn’t see, she thought it was blonde until Miss Chambers added colour to her remaining strip of pubic hair.

Just a few minutes later she took Janie back to the shower and washed off the surplus.

Janie stared at her reflection, she looked just like he cheapest crack whore she could imagine.

“Oh my god, I’ll have to wear a hat or a wig!” she wailed.

Miss Chambers and Dr Richardson shared the joke.

“I suppose we had better find you something to wear,” Miss Chambers sighed. She disappeared briefly and returned with a tiny red top and a minute black miniskirt.

“I can’t wear that!” Janie exclaimed.

“Well it’s all we have,” Miss Chambers insisted, “It’s a lot better than that, er, thing you wore earlier.

Janie sighed and took the garments and slipped them on. She tried to adjust the skirt to cover her pubes but it was far too short. “It’s ridiculous, it has to be half way down my thighs to cover my puss!!” she complained.

“Try the top,” Miss Chambers suggested.

The top was worse she struggled into it but it clung like a second skin leaving her nipples excited yet cruelly crushed.

“Oh that looks most uncomfortable,” Miss Chambers commiserated. She reached for the small scissors from the hair cutting kit, “Keep still,” she ordered and she deftly cut a neat circle around Jess’s left nipple allowing it to poke through the skimpy fabric, “And the other,” she ordered and she cut an equally neat hole for Janie’s right nipple to protrude through.”

“What are you doing!” Janie protested.

“Just making you more comfortable, now pull your skirt up round your waist,” Mss Chambers ordered, “You have some people to see.”

“No, no way, you can’t let anyone see me like this,” Jane protested.

“But my dear it’s part of the therapy,” Dr Richardson explained. “This building backs on to a private members club, very exclusive, and we have a connecting door.”

“Private members club?” she queried.

“For discerning Gentlemen, the Saltaire Club,” he explained, “Saltaire the cross of Scotland, for lovers of noble Caledonia.”

“I don’t understand, I won’t do it.” Janie insisted.

Miss Chambers stepped forward and grasped Janie’s wrists pushing them behind her back.

“That’s a shame,” Dr Richardson added, “ I had hoped you had the confidence to just walk in but if you won’t we will help you,” he explained as he slipped some soft leather cuffs around Janie’s wrists and connected them by a short chain.

“Don’t be stupid!” Janie protested but Miss Richardson had picked up a soft leather collar and clipped it around Janie’s throat, not tightly but so she could slip her hand between it and Janie’s neck.

“Ready?” Dr Richardson asked.

“No!” Janie protested but Mss Chambers pulled the waist of Janie’s skirt up over her buttocks revealing most of her puss and her strip of brightly covered pubes and then gave her nipples a friendly tweak. Janie’s nipples strained fully erect. Her puss moistened, she knew she was about to be fucked, and there was nothing she could do about it. She relaxed and waited for Dr Richardson to rape her.

“This way,” Miss Chambers suggested as Janie wondered why Dr Richardson had not dropped his pants. Miss Chambers hand gripped Janie’s collar and led her to the door, out into the corridor and along to the connecting door.

To be continued

Rating: 75%, Read 2505 times, Posted Jan 25, 2021

Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Domination, Humiliation, Submission


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