Through the eyes of a Gimp by Karma5012

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Mind Control, Submission

Gimp is middle aged, inexperienced and curious about anything sexual and sensual.

Mistress Crystal is middle aged, attractive, very experienced and knows what she wants out of life and those that serve her.

Ferrari is mysterious. Not much is known about her at this stage except she is young, sumptuous and finding her place in the world.

Gimp was lucky to have the Mistress that owned Him. Mistress Crystal was powerful yet demanding with a hint of slutty naughtiness and Gimp aimed to be a good boy, obey Her every command and please her. This was his only goal in life.

On this mildly warm day, Mistress Crystal bought home a female companion 'Ferrari'. Gimp only had eyes for Mistress Crystal, yet couldn't help but catch a sideways glimpse at Ferrari. Ferrari was young but oozed a sex appeal that Gimp drooled for.

Mistress Crystal was dressed a a black corset and thigh high boots as she knew this got Gimp hot and bothered and made it easy to control and tease him.

Ferrari was casually dressed in jeans and a loose fitting cotton t-shirt and while being casually dressed, had a charm about her.

General sexual banter travelled back and forth between the two of them while Gimp was forced to listen.

Gimp could feel himself growing hard, yet was restrained by the chastity device that Mistress Crystal had previously locked him in to and held the key for.

Mistress Crystal could sense Gimp moving and getting aroused.

"Naughty Gimp" she said while slapping him across the face. "Mistress is not pleased!!"

Gimp was ordered to lick her boots as punishment up to her voluptuos thighs where he could smell, and almost taste that one reward that he always strived for but was very rarely rewarded.

Gimp was excited and acted like an excited puppy.

SLAP!! Mistress Crystal was very displeased at Gimp.

Gimp layed on the floor, upset that he had disappointed his Mistress. It was never anything that he intentionally did. He owed Mistress everything.

"Gimp" said Mistress Crystal. "You will do as I say and you WILL give Ferrari one of your massages. You will please her as you please me. If you fail, you will be punished!"

Gimp knew what that meant but was unsure. He had been mentally tortured and punished before. It was not fun. He always tried to behave and please Mistress as required. Was this one of the many mind games that Mistress tortured him with or was she serious?

Gimp had to please with the massage. He knew Mistress Crystal knew what they felt like and he had to deliver. Mistress secretly enjoyed his touch.

"NOW!!" said Mistress. "You massage her now you dirty little slut."

Gimp, slowly crawled behind Ferrari and slowly massaged her neck, back, ears and head. He could feel Ferrrari melting into relaxation and noticed her breasts heaving as she fought to catch her breath while Gimp was struggling to breath behind his hood.

Mistress noticed Gimp's gaze and was not pleased but knowing he was growing harder in his chastity device was secretly pleased that Gimp was in pain. She knew he would be sore for days after, and was not going to reward him by offering or allowing him that much needed release.

"Please her!" Mistress commanded. "You please her now, you dirty little whore!"

Gimp moved his hands to Ferrari's back and applied just the right amount of pressure to hear Ferrari gasp.

Mistress secretly smirked at Gimp while biting her lower lip. She was pleased that Gimp was doing as ordered and knew that he liked her watching.

"Make eye contact with me" Mistress demanded.

Gimp could see the pleasure in her eyes, as she too, was becoming aroused imagining his hands caressing her body over her exposed skin.

Ferrari gasped again and Gimp could feel her hips start to thrust. He knew she was close. Was he allowed to finish her off or would Mistress demand him not too.

Gimp waited eagerly for the next order from Mistress. The confusion was too much. Gimp wasn't sure what to do. If he continued or stopped, he could be punished. Was this more mental torture?

Gimp looked at Mistress. She looked back with a blank face. Was she pleased or not? Gimp had no idea.

Mistress stood up, walked across the room and stood between Ferrari and Gimp, her crutch within inches of Gimp.

Gimp could smell her sweetness and knew she was wet. Mistress was happy but would never admit that to Gimp and Gimp knew that.

"Finish her off slut." Mistress said to Gimp. "How dare you make her wait!"

SLAP!! Again Gimp was punished.

Gimp returned his focus to Ferrari and applied more pressure to the sweet spots that knew would get her to where she needed to go.

Ferrari let out a loud moan, trembled and then went limp while breathing as though she had run a marathon.

"Good boy" said Mistress as she stood back from Gimp.

"Good boy, but I am still not pleased" said Mistress with disdain in her voice.

"You will be punished!!" as she attached the lead to his choker and led him back to the cupboard where she kept him.

Gimp was disappointed. Mistress was very hard to please and he had failed.

Through the crack in the door he could still see Mistress and Ferarri.

Mistress knew that Gimp liked to watch.

In one movement, Mistress had removed Ferarri's top exposing her big young sensitive breasts and moved her mouth towards Ferrari's already erect nipples.

Gimp could feel his chastity device tighten as though it was almost shrinking around his swollen, throbbing penis with precum starting to release, let out a sigh and passed out.

It was too much for him.

Rating: 62%, Read 3390 times, Posted Nov 28, 2019

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Mind Control, Submission


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