Night at the concert by DeathsKnight

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Male

I splash the water over my face and use it to slick my hair back, with a sigh I turn and leave the bathroom. Why I let my friends talk me into going to this concert I’d never know, it’s not a band I know and I’m sure it will be packed with drunk bikers and their equally trashy women. I grab my wallet and zip it into my pocket, got to love people like Levi who thinks ahead for your part. I check my outfit again, black boots with clasps on the sides and skulls on the front, dark blue jeans with zippers and of course a chain from the front button to the back belt loop, a black belt and no buckle and a black t-shirt. My black hair slicked back and that twinkle in my eye that make mother’s lock themselves up along with their children. I chuckle at my own thought as I amble to the front door and open it just as Christy is about to knock. Her jaw almost hit the floor as she looks at me, I raises an eyebrow, feeling every bit as cocky as I look


“Uhm…let’s get going…”

“Sure boss lady”

I close and lock the door behind me and follow her as she walk down the walk to the car waiting outside my gate. She gets in the back and I rest my arms on the top of the door and lean down to look at Chris and Tina, they share the same shocked look that Christy just displayed

“Hey lover birds, you two ready to party?”

Chris is the first to get his composure back

“Hell yeah man, let’s get rolling!”

I open the door and slap on the roof as I get in and fasten the seatbelt. Tina feigns a sigh of relieve

“I just started to think you’re a doppelganger who took Sam’s place”

I laugh at her

“Hey I may be the guy fixing your computers, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to jig it up”

“Last time I heard you sounded rather reluctant to go”

I give Chris a light punch on the shoulder

“Yeah and then I realized that I will be there killing your vibe and I felt so much better”

Chris shoots a shocked look at me and I can’t help but laugh, the girls joining in

“Don’t worry Chris, I’ll be out of your way most of the time”

We stop at the venue and after locking the car we walk to the gates, chatting away. A few work related questions and I start to feel edgy, I try to keep my social life apart from my work and the other way around, but luckily Christy starts to talk music and we continue with that train of thought. Half an hour later we are inside and the buzz in the air is quite electrifying, we keep talking as the arena fills up, the moment that the opening screams over the speakers everybody goes mad and now free I let my eyes wander over the crowd. Edging my way backwards I notice that the security is very lax here in the back of the crowd, stretching out I look around and watch as the people dance and jump and down in time with the music. The first that attracts my attention to her is her dress, all the other females are dressed in jeans and she is the only one with a short, loose skirt that shows off a lot of her toned legs, her midriff baring top shows off her sexy lower back and the spaghetti straps seem to be on the point to fall from her shoulders, her shoes seems quite durable but also very feminine. Having found something better to watch I keep watching her dancing, every now and then she throws her hair back over her head and I wish I could touch them. Moving closer I admire her sun kissed skin and her dirty blonde hair, I wonder if she’s dirty as well, the thought makes me chuckle to myself. I keep studying her, when there is a break she only leave her spot to get herself a bottle of water and she drinks greedily, I notice that nobody seems to come back to talk to her and the lack of jewelry makes my hopes flare up. When the show continues, the dark is only lighted up by the stage lights and back where we are standing there is basically no light at all. I mover up closer and as she raises her arms up in the air, I slip my arms around her and pull her close to me. I whisper loudly in her ear

“If you are game for me to fuck you right here then nod, if you shake your head I’ll just walk away”

She keeps moving to the music and I start to think she’s just brushing me off when I see her nod her head, quite out of time with the music. I slip my hands over her tummy as she continue to dance, I kiss her neck and she start to move less energetic, her taut belly is slightly damp and I slowly slide my hands up higher under her top. Her soft breasts surprise me, I wasn’t expecting her to be bra less, but then again I can bet that most people wouldn’t believe that I’m commando. I cup her breasts and gently squeeze them, she is moving her arms above her head and I can feel the goose bumps on the skin of her shoulder as I continue to gently kiss it. Her breasts are slightly bigger than my hands and her nipples start to harden as her dancing mash them against my palms, I continue to massage her soft flesh, nibbling her shoulder. She move backwards and start to wiggle her ass against my semi erect cock, I retaliate my pinching her nipples, this makes her just press harder against me and I growl in her ear

“Hot little bitch aren’t you”

She half turns her face and nod with a huge grin on her face, and then she faces the stage area again. I keep on pulling her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers as I squeeze her breasts, she shudders and keep on rubbing her tight ass against my cock, by now I’m raging hard and I thrust up against her, she moves her ass up and down. I slip a hand from her breast and between her legs, my fingers almost plunge into her wet pussy. Damn another one that loves going commando, I go on to rub her hard clit and she shudders harder, her pussy sprays her cum out over my jeans and her skirt. I almost can’t believe that anybody can be so worked up, she shudders some more and then inquiringly rubs her ass against my, now wet, crotch. I keep mauling her soft breast as I unzip my jeans and slip out my throbbing ten incher, lifting her wet skirt and using my hand to guide me into her hole, I enter her. She stiffens and I realize that she is very tight and that my thick cock is stretching her wide open, not a virgin, but not playing the scene either. Bending my knees for a better angle, I grip her hips and push down as I thrust upwards, she throws back her head and her scream is lost in the music blaring from the speakers. She look in front of her again, I slip my hand to her hard clit and start to rub it hard and fast. She moves her hips in time with the music, making her wet, tight pussy grind over my cock, she pick up the beat of the music again and start to move again, my cock still shoved deep into her. I start to find a counter beat and use it to rub her clit and to thrust my cock in and out of her wet pussy, deducting from her top movements, her breathing is heavy and hard as my cock move inside her pussy, my groin hitting her ass with each hard thrust. I look up at the stage and just grin, I just can’t believe this, my first time that I throw all caution to the wind and here I am between thousands of people with a warm, wet pussy wrapped over my cock. I start to pinch her clit, gripping her hip harder as I start to thrust harder, I’m very glad that the music is so loud because my partner seems to be a very vocal lady. I look at her again and notice that her hands is on her breasts, squeezing hard and pulling on her nipples through her top, no way is she going to climax again without me. I increase my pace, pumping my cock in and out of her at a frantic pace, her flowing juices is making the going smoother, but her pussy is still tight and the friction is heaven on my cock. I grab her hips with both hands and thrusts as fast and hard as I can in this position, my legs starting to complain about the position they’re in, I ignore them as I keep pumping my cock into her pussy, feeling that familiar surge building up inside my balls which is drenched with her juices. So this is what a quickie really is, I think to myself, I can feel her starting to tense up for her orgasm and I keep on pumping hard and fast into her. She slip a hand from her tits and bite it hard, I feel the urge building to fever pitch and I can feel my cock hardening even more, she feels it too and pull her hand from her mouth, with a loud grunt I pull her down onto my cock and it feels like my head explodes as I lose coherent thought and vision for a second or two. More out of instinct than modesty I clasp a hand over her open mouth, her pussy contracts hard and it feels like she’s going to shoot from my cock with the force of her climax, even with my hand over her mouth I can still hear her muffled screams of delight. As my cum stops pumping into her convulsing pussy, I slip my wet cock out of her pussy, our mixed cum squirts from her open legs, I quickly tuck my cock back into my jeans and pull her skirt down again. I pull her back and hold my lips close to her ear again

“I’ll be waiting at gate E when this is finished. I won’t wait whole night”

Letting go of her I move away and go to stand in one of the darkest spots I can find, I look at her as she slowly composes herself. She looks around and I see that she is quite pretty as well, she moves over to one of the benches to the side of the crowd and sits down. She places her hands between her knees and leans forward, first I think she’s crying from the way her shoulders move, then she leans back and I see that she is laughing. She shakes her head, sending her hair cascading down her back again and gets up, she moves back to her spot and just stand there, moving slowly along with the music. I smile to myself and start to move back to where I left the group. Just as I join them the last song ends and the group starts to thank people and the fans, I grin at them as they start to look around frantically, obviously looking for me. As we start to file out I tell them that I forgot something inside and move to the side of the gate. Making sure I’m well hidden in the shadows I keep a sharp lookout for dirty blond hair in a dark blue midriff bearing top and red skirt.

Rating: 92%, Read 24550 times, Posted Feb 24, 2010

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Male


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