Training The Nephew Ass by Londebaaz

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Fiction | Incest

Training The Nephew Ass


Even after trying his best, Melvin was unable to get a fuck. He missed the frat guys having a gay bash that was held in the next dorm hall where he lived and now the college was closing for the summer vacations. He was kind of dragged as he drove back home. He did not have the key to the garage door and parked on the street near the home, picked his duffle bag and got to unlock the main entry door walking to his room.

What the fuck!!! He had difficulty to curb his voice. His nephew was sprawled flat on his back, totally naked, his high school boy cock, long and thick erect in front of him as he lay on the bed. Of course, his parents were on job and nobody else was at home. John was stroking his cock up and down, fast. Mel stood at the door but John continued masturbating oblivious to all and everything else happening in the world. Mel could see, John had shaved his pubic hair and now his cock and balls were fully exposed looking so pretty, thick and heavy. His cum filled balls were moving like the church bells with ach move of his hand on the shaft.

Mel slowly walked up to the bed and now he could see, John’s eyes were closed due to the pleasure getting mixed in his blood. Slowly, John opened his eyes and stared at his uncle Mel. He was not startled or embarrassed at all. He looked like, he was gone too far for these stupidities at that time. He kind of bent his head to look at his thick cock and then looked at his uncle Mel and nodded towards his very manly cock, as if gesturing to ask his uncle, if he wanted it. Melvin immediately dropped on his knees and took the meat-pole in his mouth and began to suck it. John rolled his eyes and started moaning and groaning loudly. Mel’s lips moved up and down John’s shaft, sucking his smooth pole. John was breathing very heavy and Mel realized, he had caught John only minutes before he was ready to cum and squirt his load far to the ceiling and next sec he felt the hot jet of thick, tasty boy cream hitting the roof of his mouth. Mel sucked and consumed all he could.

John had shot a very healthy load and finally, when Mel felt he was all empty, John’s cock began slipping from his mouth and it was only then, Mel realized, his high school aged young boy nephew was carrying the family tradition of having a thicker cock along with its length and the real claim to fame of the family to own larger balls to carry more stock than most men. Actually John was not fully spent and as a proof, he had begun growing bigger in Uncle Mel’s warm wet mouth. Mel got help and slowly, his clothes were stripped off. John was very happy because now his uncle could not just go away. They started to kiss each other’s lips and tongues. Mel lay over his nephew to feel his stiffening cock, sliding up and down his ass crack to make him hot and turned on, pushing his behind against the young cock. John’s pre cum stained cockhead would hit Uncle Mel’s anal opening, probing to get in.

Mel just could not take this teasing anymore and reached back to find nephew’s well swollen shaft. Mel raised and then lowered his ass onto the young man’s extended meat column making John sink in him with very smooth one motion. Young nephew just knew, what to do and how to do. He rapidly placed his hands on uncle’s ass to pull his ass cheeks to guide him on his thick fuck pole as deep as possible. Slowly, John flipped over to have his uncle on his knees under him for power fucking. John held Uncle Mel’s ass bubbles wide apart, fully exposing uncle’s hole. He had tried his best that his prick was not drawn out as they had shifted position but making sure, John drove his length in fully once again. Mel was sure, no man had ever fucked him so deep like his young nephew and his nephew also had a lot of cum in his big reservoirs. John fucked Uncle Mel for at least ½ an hour before squirting strings of thick cum in his ass and after just minutes, he got hard again to fuck some more and enjoy the ejaculation once more. John fucked Uncle Mel twice and each time Mel felt the scorching hot semen load transfer into his asshole.

Now tired, they started talking. John was right, Mel’s parents must be coming home shortly. They did not want to finish the play already and Mel had no place to take John to continue their sex and games session except the small motel not far off from them. John wrote a fake note to his grandfather that he was going to movies with Uncle Mel and shall arrive back home late and should not be awaited for dinner. By the time they arrived at the motel, the chilled glasses, bucket of ice and the bottle of Tanqueray with cans of tonic were waiting for them in the room. They both knew, it was Mel’s turn to take his nephew John to initiate him as John told his uncle that he was a virgin so far and would not to have his first time with his uncle.

They talked while sitting and drinking. Lots was discussed. Mel talked of his gay life as a very versatile man, using and being used by many men since his high school days and John also confessed of being gay but so far only had been a top because his school buddies were very much impressed with his larger penis size and most guys asking for it to satisfy their anal hunger. John said that he was not much experienced and had taken guys by putting them in doggy position only and was ready to learn much more and also train to overcome his gag reflex to avoid choking during the cock sucking. Mel thought, it would be better to take John by putting him on his hands and knees. Putting the young boy in position, he brought his hard erect member to his ass. John was very tight and it took lots of effort for Mel to get fully deep inside him and then John was fucked very hard while he cried and begged for more. He was surely very much excited sexually once first load was delivered in John’s guts. Uncle Mel was very much thrilled to fuck John and mentoring him to talk to the sexual partner. “Yes, yes my boy, yes squeeze my cock, make your ass tight for uncle. Feel the hot man load showering your prostate. Oh ho, I love you baby”.

Uncle Mel fucked John 3 times and also sucked out his cum once while John fucked Mel once and sucked him once. With the short breaks in between, it was already almost midnight when they finished their sex fest and vacated the room. Uncle Mel took the duty to convince his parents and arrange for a sofa bed to be shifted in his bedroom so, Johnny boy could stay in his room during the time he was here for his summer break to get his ass trained to be a versatile man for enjoying the best of both worlds before getting back to his school buddies.

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Rating: 82%, Read 2902 times, Posted Feb 24, 2021

Fiction | Incest


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