Breakfast is Going to Be Cold by never2old4fun

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Fiction | Cheating, Female, Hardcore, Male, Wife

I was kind of burned out and needed a couple of days away from home, so I called down to a friend a couple of hours away to see if they wanted some company for the weekend. They had been trying to get me to take a couple of days off to visit them for the last several weeks so it seemed like a great time to take them up on the offer. Bobby and his wife Ellie had been friends since college and they had been great during the time after my wife left me for what turned out to be multiple other men.

“Well, I have to be out of town most of Saturday, but come on down tonight and you and Ellie can goof off until I get back home in the afternoon. She can drive us around Saturday night while you and I get hammered”.

“Works for me” I replied. “I’ll be down in time to take you guys out for dinner.” We hung up and I went upstairs to grab a few clothes.

It was an easy drive down to their house. As always it was nice to see them and we exchanged the normal pleasantries upon my arrival. Ellie gave me her normal enthusiastic hug, crushing her DD breasts against me. She may have been my best friend’s wife, but I still thought she was sexy as hell. After all these years, Bobby and grown accustomed to our frequently teasing banter. “Does that make you miss Susan less?” she giggled as she pulled away from me.

“If you are going to hug me like that, I may miss her more since I don’t have anybody to take it out on” I quipped back. I really didn’t miss my ex much anymore but she was great in the sack. Too bad so many other guys thought so, too. Still I had built up quite a bit of sexual frustration lately and the contact with Ellie’s still “amazing after all these years” body didn’t help.

“Damn, do I need to leave you alone or would a beer help settle you two down” I heard Bobby say as he walked into the living room with a hand full of beers.

“No, beer should take care of it” I laughingly replied.

Soon we settled into our normal routine of catching up with what was going on in our lives, gossiped about mutual friends and what all we might do during the weekend.

By the time we finished dinner followed by a couple more drinks after we got back to their house we were all pretty buzzed and ready to call it a night. I headed off to the room I always stayed in with the private bath and big Hollywood king sized bed. I slid into bed and drifted quickly off to sleep fantasizing about Ellie’s amazing body.

It seemed like I hadn’t been asleep anytime when I heard noises coming from the kitchen. When I opened my eyes it was daylight and the clock was almost at 8:30. I took a deep breath and smelled coffee and bacon. “Damn…I guess it’s time to get up”.

I straightened myself up a bit in the bathroom and got dressed before I headed to the kitchen. When I got there Ellie smiled and pointed for me to sit down at the table as she brought me a cup of coffee. “Did you sleep ok?” she asked.

“Great” I replied. “You?”

“Yea I slept ok. Took a bit to drift off though. Too much going through my head I guess.”

As she walked back to the kitchen I notice that her silk robe was so short that it barely covered her round ass and when she reached up into the cabinet you could see her pussy from the back. She generally wore very little clothing around the house if she didn’t have company and she began treating me like I didn’t count years ago. I used to gripe about it to her, but her answer was always the same. I wasn’t sure if the “it’s only you” response should be insulting in that she would never consider as a sex partner or if I should be glad that she trusted me to that point. Either way, I had pretty much given up on saying anything about it.

When she turned back around to walk back over to the stove her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. I tried to ignore it, but my cock definitely noticed.

“Damn…you know one of these days you are going to be dressed like that and I’m going to forget you are my best friend’s wife” I told her.

“Bull shit” she replied. “If you were going to do anything you would have done it years ago. Hell I all but stripped naked and put a neon on arrow pointing to my pussy a few times when we were alone and a little drunk a couple of times” she said as she turned back around and half snorted at me.

I’m not sure why today was different, but this was the first time after over 20 years of being friends that she seemed mad at me for commenting and oddly I was pissed off at her response. I pushed the chair away from the table, walked up behind her and slid by hands up the outside of her bare thighs, pushing the silky robe over her ass as I continued up and around and gently rubbed over her tits. She pushed her ass into me and quietly said “don’t start if you don’t intend to finish”. With that, I turned her to face me, pushed her robe off her shoulders and watched it fall to the floor as I pulled to me and kissed her hard. She put her arms around me and pulled her body into mine as she kissed me back. My mind raced as I considered what we were doing, but in a moment all I wanted to do in the world was to fuck Ellie.

We pulled away from each other for a moment and she was practically tearing my clothes off of me. As she pushed my jeans and underwear down together and followed them down, dropping to her knees and running her tongue the length of my hard cock. In no time at all she was working me in and out of her mouth and then every few stokes would take me all the way into her throat as she used my ass to pull me deeper in and hold me there a second or two before stroking me in and out of her mouth again. I reached down and pulled her up to me and kissed her before pushing her away from me a little.

“Please don’t make me stop” she whispered to me.

I didn’t answer, but kissed her again as I lifted her into my arms and moved her onto the living room couch. I drug her ass to the edge, kneeled between her legs and slowly drug my tongue from her ass to her clit. As I began to nibble, lick and suck on her clit I slid first one finger then two into her dripping pussy and slowly massaged her g-spot. She began to pull at my head, swearing and shaking violently and the first waves of an orgasm came over her. “Oh god…fuck…shit…oh god I can’t....fuck…please….fuck!” As she thrashed about I eased a finger into her ass. It slid in easily as the fluids pouring from her pussy had soaked her all the way to her ass. As it slid in she worked to get it deeper in her. “Oh God Yes!” she moaned as she twisted and bucked onto my face and hand. Within a few more minutes she was not thrashing about anymore, and had slid out from under my face and onto the floor, pulling me to her as she held me close, still gasping for air and trembling.

I leaned over her and ran my tongue slowly from her thigh up her body and to her gorgeous big tits. I sucked first one then the other into my mouth. She held the back of my head tight onto her breast as she moaned and began grinding her crotch into my leg. I pulled away from her tits and kissed her hard and deep as I eased my entire cock into her in one smooth movement. She gasped for a second as I bottomed out against her cervix and with my balls tight against her ass. I waited a moment or two then began to fuck her with short strokes out then pushing and grinding firmly all the way into her again. In no time at all she was cumming again, bucking and rotating her hips to force me in a deeply and as hard as she could. By now I had all I could take and stroked into her so hard it shoved her across the carpet three or four time before one last shove. I held her as hard onto me as I could and pumped my load deep into her. We lay together that way for several minutes before Ellie kissed me gently and said “well, that was worth waiting 20 years for”. I smiled, and kissed her again as I began to stroke into her again with my once more rock hard cock.

I continued to fuck her for a few minutes before I pulled my cock our of her pussy, pushed her legs back towards her head and slid it up and down the crack of her ass a few times before stopping with the head at her asshole. I stopped for a moment then eased the head in just a bit. “Please don’t stop...oh shit…I wanna feel you cum in my ass” she practically growled at me. I pushed in the rest of the way slowly, intending to hold it there for her to get used to it, but by the time I was all the way in she was pushing hard into me with her ass and begging me to fuck her harder. In no time at all I was pounding her ass like my life depended on it. I felt her ass clamp down on my cock and her body went ridged as she came hard. As soon as her asshole relaxed a little I began pounded violently into her again. By now she wasn’t much more that a ragdoll with her big tits bouncing and her exhausted body helpless under me. As I made one last vicious thrust into her ass and began to pump a load into her bowels she came again. By the time we both relaxed a bit and pulled away from each other we were drenched in sweat and exhausted. “You’re right” I told her as I lightly played with her nipples, “we should have done this a long time ago”.

I glanced up at the clock. Almost 11:00. Breakfast was going to be cold.

“Bobby won’t be home until about 4:00 this afternoon. He was talking about introducing you to one of the girls I work with, but by the time he gets here I don’t think you’ll be any good to her”. She smiled seductively as she pulled away from me a walked towards the bedroom and the shower, turned and motioned for me to follow.

Rating: 92%, Read 51319 times, Posted Dec 19, 2012

Fiction | Cheating, Female, Hardcore, Male, Wife


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