The Devil's Pact Chapter 25: Eight-and-a-Half Weeks by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact

by mypenname3000

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Chapter Twenty-five: Eight-and-a-Half Weeks

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I stood with Mary on the private balcony of our bedroom. Surveillance photos and videos of our house had just appeared on the eleven o'clock news on channel 5. Our law enforcement sluts, Chasity and Noel, figured the photos must have been shot from a house on Shaw Road across the empty lot. Mary and I sent our bodyguards to raid the house and were watching from our balcony. The house was two stories, sitting on a small rise and had a perfect view of the rear and left side of our house over the backyard fence.

We sent our bodyguards to raid the house, and their squad cars were just now screeching to a stop in front of the house. It was too dark to seen anything other than the strobing red and blue lights of the bodyguard's patrol cars and some movement in the backyard that. I felt the tension in Mary's body as we held each other and waited. My own heart was hammering in my chest.

The Nextel in my hand chirped. “Chasity to Master.”

“Master,” I responded into my Nextel.

“We have one prisoner and our still searching the house,” Chasity reported, in a professional, commanding voice. She sounded like a cop. Well, she was a cop before I made her my sex slave. Chasity commanded the bodyguards, with Noel, our FBI slut, as her second in command.

“Good work,” I praised her.

“Thank you, Master,” Chasity replied, her professional voice slipping back into the pleased, girlish voice of Chasity the sex slave.

Mary and I dressed quickly and head downstairs and waited in the living room. In a few minutes, Chasity and a Thai bodyguard, 30 I think her number was, were marching an overweight, balding, middle aged man into the house. The prisoner was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, thick glasses hung askew on his flesh face. There was anger in his eyes as he was marched before us, and fear.

“Who are you?” Mary demanded. She was still angry about being spied on.

According to the news, the surveillance photos were sent in by Brandon Fitzsimmons. Brandon was the previous owner of our house, but I took it from him and made his wife, Desiree, our sex slave. Now, he was causing all sorts of problems. Last week he tipped off the FBI, and this week the media. I just spoke to Sheriff Erkhart, and there should be an BOLO for Brandon's arrest by now. I wanted him found and punished for the headaches he was causing me.

“Doug Allard,” the man sullenly answered. Then blinked in surprise. People were always surprised by how readily they cooperated with us.

“And Brandon Fitzsimmons hired you, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I'm a P.I.,” he answered. “What are you going to do to me?”

I ignored his question. “How long have you been watching us?”

“A week, since last Tuesday,” he replied. “Fuck, what's wrong with me. What have you done to me? Is it that gas?” Fear quivered suddenly in his voice. The explanation the authorities came up with to explain my powers was some gas that left people very suggestible. I guess that's more plausible then the truth that I sold my soul to the Devil for the power to control people.

Mary laughed, richly. “No, no. People just like doing what we tell them to, isn't that right, Doug?”

“I guess I do,” Doug muttered, squirming in Chasity and 30's grip.

A black bodyguard entered, a laptop tucked under arm. “Sir,” 18 saluted and handed me the laptop.

“Are all your surveillance files on here?” I asked him.

“No, I have online backups.” He shrugged. “You know, in the cloud. Plus, I've sent copies of everything to Brandon.”

I handed him his laptop. “Delete all you can,” I ordered. “All your backups in the cloud. Uncuff him.”

Doug rubbed his wrists when the handcuffs came off and took his laptop and started typing. “Where is Brandon?” Mary asked. “He's not answering his cell phone. We would just love to see him, again.”

“He's gone off the grid,” Doug admitted. “I only communicate to him through a Hotmail account.”

“I want you to find him,” I told him. “Track him down and let me know where he is.”

“Okay,” Doug said. “You're not going to do anything else to me.” Surprise and relief tinged his voice.

“No, no,” I told him. “Brandon's the real problem. I'll give you, what, a million dollars, to cover your fees and expenses.”

Doug goggled at me. “Absolutely. Brandon pissed all over me by hanging me out to dry. I don't care what you do to him.”


Mark woke me up as he crawled out of bed. “Going jogging?” I asked, sleepily. We went to bed right after talking to Doug last night.

“Yeah, Mare,” he whispered. “Sorry to wake you.”

“It's okay,” I said, sitting up and stretching. “Um, would you mind if I joined you.”

Mark smiled, “Sure, Mare. I'd love that. I'm sure all the club members will just love you.” He stretched his back, and I admired his flat stomach and lean chest. “Remind me when we get back to talk to Karen.”

Right, last night was so crazy. After we interrogated the P.I. and Mark gave him a million dollars to hunt down Brandon, we went to bed, exhausted. Yesterday was a long, and very emotional day. I still goggled about how much money Mark paid Doug. A million was far too much money, but Mark had a weird streak of generosity about him. Or maybe he just didn't care. If we needed more money, he'd just rob another bank, I guess. It's one of the reasons I started the charity. I had us both down as Officers in the charity’s finances so we could use whatever money we got and maybe there would not be so much bad press on us.

I tottered off to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I should be pissing in one of the slut's mouths, I thought. It was so exciting pissing into a woman's mouth, feeling her tongue licking your pussy clean. Far more satisfying then this toilet paper. I finished wiping, and flushed the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror, applied some light blush and a pale, pink lipstick, then ran a comb through my auburn hair, getting the tangles out, before tying my hair back with a blue scrunchy.

I stifled a yawn when Mark walked in, naked save for socks and his jogging shoes. “Coming?” he asked, a little impatient.

“I had to get ready,” I told him, rolling my eyes. Mark could be an idiot sometimes.

“You look great, Mare,” he told me and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. Well, he was definitely a sweet idiot.

I followed Mark down the stairs, naked as well, and started pulling on a pair a tennis shoes. 34, looking tired in her slutty cop's uniform, walked in and said something to Mark. “What's going on?” I asked.

“32 reports that a lot of media are gathering out on Shaw Road. She had to call for 25 and 30 to come help her with crowd control,” 34 reported to me.

“We're going to need to say something to the reporters, Mark,” I told him.

Mark muttered something under his breath. “I'll go grab us some tops and we'll give a quick interview and send them packing,” Mark sighed in irritation.

“Your jogging sluts will be waiting for you when we're finished,” I told him. “So don't be grouchy.”

“Yeah, they're a good group of gals,” Mark answered, that boyish grin of his spreading on his face, and then he disappeared upstairs. He came down, wearing a buttoned down shirt and handed me a nice, red blouse with a plunging neckline.

Jessica came downstairs, naked save for her gold set with sapphire choker, her caramel breasts jiggling as she walked. Jessica had such a diverse, racial background it was hard to tell what her ethnicity. What was apparent is how stunningly beautiful she is. “Master, my boss emailed me,” Jessica pouted, tears forming in her eyes. “I'm suspended because of the photos that got leaked. How am I supposed to be your spy now, Master?”

Mark caressed her face, wiping away her tear. “I'll take care of it,” Mark said, taking Jessica’s phone and calling her boss.

Willow followed Jessica, dressed in a fairly conservative pantsuit, her doctor's coat slung over her arm. Willow wasn't wearing her choker. Our three sluts that had professional jobs, Willow, Jessica, and Noel were told to not wear their chokers when they went to their jobs. Willow was a gynecologist and an idea popped into my brain. “Let's spin this story back to our charity. Willow, you know the plan well enough to talk about it at to the media?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Willow answered. “And I've found the location for the clinic, filed with the IRS for our 501(c)(3) approval, and put that money you gave me into the accounts as donations from all the other sluts.”

“Wow, when did all this happen?” Mark asked me, handing the phone back to Jessica. Her face lit up as she spoke to her boss.

I smiled at Mark. “I have my ways,” I said mysteriously. My ways were texting. When I wasn't sucking Mark's cock while driving, I was texting away, arranging all the details. “And the fund raiser, we're set for a week from Friday?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Willow said.

“Oh, thank you, Master,” Jessica squealed and through her arms around Mark's neck and kissed him soundly on the lips. “I have to get dressed.” I guess she was no longer suspended

34 drove us down to the end of the street in her Orting Police car. There were over a dozen reporters and cameramen, waiting in front of the street. We got out and were greeted by a barrage of questions and shouts as the reporters fought to be the first to ask us a question while camera's snapped and flashed. I swallowed, suddenly nervous, clutching Mark's arm like a scared little girl.

“Quiet!” Mark roared and they all shut up. I took a deep breath. Mark was in control, I had nothing to be nervous about. We were better than these reporters, special. I shouldn't be afraid of them. “Good, I'm Mark Glassner, and this is my fiancee, Mary. We'll give you an interview, but there have to be some ground rules. One, film us from the waist up. Two, do not ever mention our nudity or any sexual acts you witness. Three, you will repeat the story that we are innocents, victims of an overzealous reporter who believes the lies of Brandon Fitzsimmons, a man bitter about his wife leaving him. Fourth, you will promote our charity.” Mark glanced at me.

“Women's Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment,” I answered. And Mark blinked. It was quite a mouthful, I know.

“Everyone understand?” The reporters nodded. “Good.”

I saw a cute reporter, her round face framed by curly, red hair. Her lips were big, lush, and covered with a bold, red lipstick. She wore a charcoal blazer and matching pencil skirt. A light gray, silk blouse, the top few buttons undone, showed a bit of her freckled chest. I could see a wedding ring glinting gold on her left hand. Fuck, those lips were so lush they were just begging to suck cock.

“You, what's your name,” I said, pointing at the reporter.

“Debra Horne-Dannell, Q13 News,” the reporter answered, an excited look on her face.

“Well, it's your lucky day,” I told her. “You get to come her and suck on my man's cock.”

“Really?” she happily asked. This is what I was afraid of when I asked for the power to control people, how much I would enjoy it. How addicting it is to make people dance for you. I was afraid of what I might do someday. “I've never been this lucky before.”

She handed her microphone to her producer and came forward, her hips rolling in her tight skirt. “You're the best, Mare,” Mark said as Debra carefully knelt down before him and grasped his hardening cock. I looked down to see those lush lips open up and sucked Mark's cock into her mouth.

“I know how horny you are, Mark,” I told him fondly and he put his arm around me and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I love you, Mare,” Mark said tenderly and I melted inside.

“Love you right back, my horny stallion,” I told him, and reached down to squeeze his ass. It was firm, now, not the flabby ass of two weeks ago when I met him.

We faced the cameras, from the waist up you'd never know Mark was getting his dick sucked by a beautiful reporter. “Okay, ready, let's start now.” Mark paused and we both smiled. “Hi, I'm Mark Glassner and this is my fiancee Mary. We have been unfairly targeted by this Carlos Guiterrez from KING 5. Everything he said about me and my family is absolute slander.”

“What about those surveillance photos?” a reported asked.

“Doctored,” Mark answered. “Brandon Fitzsimmons is very bitter that his wife left him for me.”

“I thought his wife was a Desiree Fitzsimmons, yet you stand here with a different woman?” a pretty, Black reporter asked. Her eyes kept flicking down to Debra. The reporter slut was bobbing her head now, nosily sucking Mark's cock. All the reporter kept looking at Debra and many of the men were sporting bulges and must be wishing Debra would suck their cock.

“Is there a law against a man having more than one lover?” I asked. “Mark and I have a very loving, open relationship and Desiree is special to the both of us.” And then I kissed Mark on the lips, my hand reaching down to caress the head of Debra Horne-Darnell, Q13 News, as she bobbed her head on Mark's cock.

“Are you a bigamist, Mr. Glassner?” a blonde, female reporter asked.

“Bigamy is illegal,” Mark said. “But maybe that should change. Our state recently allowed gay marriage. This is the twenty-first century, we shouldn't be telling people who they can or cannot marry. And if someone wants to have more than one wife, who are we to tell them no.”

“And how do you feel, Mary, about that?” a male reporter asked.

“As long as I'm the number one wife, Mark can have all the women he wants,” I answered with a smile and few of the reporters chuckled. “I think we all can agree that consenting adults shouldn't have any restrictions on whom they wish to be their partner or even how many partners they can have. America is about freedom and the government has long oppressed those of us pursing an alternative lifestyle.” Wow, I didn't mean to say all that, but it felt great. Mark gave me a comforting squeeze on the shoulder.

“You're the first woman in my heart, Mare,” Mark said and this time he kissed me, moaning in my mouth as he came down the pretty reporter's lush mouth. A few of the female reporters “awwwed” us.

“But, I'm glad Carlos slandered us,” I said, a little breathless from the kiss, “because it gives Mark and I the opportunity to talk about our charity, Young Ladies Reproductive Health. We are planning to open a free OB/GYN clinic right here in South Hill for any young woman who is struggling to get buy. We just want to make sure young women get the reproductive health they need. And we're partnering with Dr. Willow WolfTail to make this dream a reality.”

Mary held out her hand and Willow walked out. “Hi, I am Dr. WolfTail. I practice OB/GYN at Group Health in Tacoma and as healthcare costs rise I wish to provide a place for those less fortunate to get the care they need. Thanks to several, generous donors, we have purchased a medical office right here in South Hill. But we need money to buy equipment and renovate the building, so on June 28th, we will hosting a charity diner at the Puyallup Rotary Club. All proceeds will go to funding this very important medical clinic.”

“This sounds like a great charity,” a male reporter said, “is there a website people can go on.”

Willow smiled and answered the question. She was a natural at this.


Mary and I were walking arm in arm back to our home from Madeleine's house. Mary was walking a little stiffly, her legs sore from jogging. The press conference went well. It was wild, getting sucked off by the reporter while being questioned by the media. She was a talent cocksucker, and I filled her mouth with cum before we finished.

The Club went great. Mary was a such a good trooper. She was as out of shape as I had been on the first day, but she kept up with us and made it to Madeleine's house where she enjoyed the two teenage girls, Cassie and Issy, while I fucked Belinda and Anastasia.

“Where's Karen?” I asked the sluts as they sat around the dining room table eating eggs and bacon.

“She was still sleeping when I got up,” Xiu answered. All the sluts had to double up in beds with each other, not that any of them complained. At any given time during the night, you could find a pair of bedmates pleasuring each other. Xiu was Karen's bedmate.

I headed downstairs to the basement where we had set up three beds for the sluts to sleep in. Karen was still sleeping in her bed. “Karen, wake up,” I barked. Lazy slut. She didn't stir. I walked over and shook her. Her body flopped onto her back, listless. “Karen?”

“What's wrong with her, Mark?” Mary asked, fear in her voice.

“I don't know,” I told her. She was breathing, softly, and I could feel a pulse fluttering in her throat.

Her eyes flickered and open. “Master,” she murmured. “I...I feel so weak.”


Mark and I sat at the table, picking at the cold eggs and bacon Desiree made, earlier. Karen had just been placed into an ambulance, on her way to the hospital. She was accompanied by Thamina, our nurse slut and Willow was going to meet her at Good Sam and find out what was wrong with her.

“She was sick in the morning last week,” I said. “It was like morning sickness, only she swore she couldn't be pregnant.”

“Well, she's in good hands,” Mark said. “And we have a lot of things to get done today.”

I frowned at Mark, wanting to protest that our Karen was in the hospital. But he was right, she was in good hands. “What?”

“I've done some looking on the internet about a plane, and I found one,” Mark said. “A Gulfstream IV. It's used, but in excellent condition. It'll cost $27 million. So, I need to rob a few banks. Plus, we'll need some pilots.”

“Where do you get pilots from?” I asked and Mark smiled.

“Let me make a few phone calls.”

I had my own phone call to make. I had promised to let Alice know what happened and I forgot all about it in the euphoria of freeing Mark. The first thing I told her was to ignore my commands if she wanted to. Alice had fast become my best friend and I didn't want to control her. She wasn't happy that I stayed with Mark. She didn’t know about the deals with the Devil or the spells, and didn't understand how I could stay with Mark after what he did.

“We worked it out, Alice,” I told her, finally getting mad at her bad mouthing Mark. “Okay, Alice. We love each other.”

“Fine,” Alice said, bitterly. “You worked out his infidelity and his insults. Good for you. When can we get together?”

“I don't know,” I told her. “Things are busy, I'll let you know.”


“Don't be bitch, Alice,” I said. “It's just crazy around here, okay. We'll get together when we can.”

“All right, Mary,” she sighed, disappointed. “I really need you, though.”

“I gotta go,” I told her, frowning at her last comment. What did that mean?

“You ready, Mare?” Mark asked. “We'll need to rob three banks, I think.”

“Yeah, Mark,” I said. “Let me give the sluts their orders.”

I handed the sluts our guest list for our wedding and instructions on the fancy invitations they were to fill out and print and mail out for us. When they finished with the invitations, they need to figure out the seating arrangements and how many tables and chairs and tents we would need for our outdoor wedding. It was just a month away, I realized. Having the sluts take care of all the tedious details was such a relief.

“We'll get it done, Mistress,” Allison said, chipper.

“And how is your wedding preparations going, Allison?” I asked her.

“On Tuesday, Desiree has a family court appearance, she's petitioning to annul her marriage with Brandon,” Allison answered. “If you or Master could be there to speed up the process, me and Desiree would be very grateful.”

“Oh, I think we can arrange that,” I told her and she gave me a big hug and a kiss.

Mark was hanging up his phone. “We have an appointment with the plane owner in Gig Harbor at four,” Mark told me. “And tomorrow, we'll go up to Seattle to interview some pilots.”

“Where did you find pilots so fast?” I asked, curious. “Is there like a Labor Ready for out of work pilots or something?”

Mark smiled. “Alaska Airlines has their headquarters in SeaTac. I just spoke to their head of HR and he's finding us a list of candidates.”

“Attractive women?” I asked, with a sly smile. I knew how Mark thought. “How many female pilots are there.”

“Oh, there's a couple,” Mark said with a shrug.

15 and 16 were our bodyguard's this morning and it took Mark just a few minutes of reckless speeding to get down to the Bank of America branch on Meridian in South Hill. Mark popped the trunk, pulled out a few empty duffel bags and tossed them to our bodyguards and we walked arm in arm to the bank entrance.

15 opened the door for us and we walked in, our bodyguard's flanking us. My heart was hammering with excitement and my cunt was moistening. Everyone in the bank turned and stared at us, a hush fell over the room. People swallowed nervously, I could hear whispers, “It's that guy from the news.” We must have been quite a sight, walking in so boldly, with our slutty cops as our escorts.

“I see my reputation has proceeded me,” Mark said, boldly. “Well, don't be afraid. None of you will be hurt. Branch manager, start the time lock. And none of you will ever speak about what happens here today.” Mark snapped his finger, “Oh, and no one hit the silent alarm.”

“Sorry,” a pretty woman muttered. She had short, black hair and a hungry, predatory mouth that made my cunt weep. “I recognized you from the news. I'm so very sorry, Mr. Glassner.”

Her name tag read Kelli. “Come here, Kelli,” I snapped. “You can make it up by licking my pussy.”

I sat in own of the plush chairs set aside for the merchant line and hiked up my loose, blue skirt. I wasn't wearing any panties and I felt pretty wet down there. Mark smiled at me and then took 16's police radio, turning it up.

“That's dispatch sending four units here,” 16 said as she listened to the near incomprehensible squawks coming out of the radio.

Mark took the radio. “This is Mark Glassner. Cancel the call at the Bank of America on Meridian. Everything is under control here.”

“Yes, sir,” the dispatcher squawked back and Mark thrust the radio back to 16.

“15, don't let anyone enter,” Mark barked. 15 saluted and marched to the door and went outside, standing at attention before the door.

Kelli was walking towards me. She had a tight, sleeveless blouse that molded to her tiny tits, cut little A Cups, and a short, pleated black skirt. As she walked, I could see the tops of her thigh-high black stockings and the clasps of the garter belt holding them up. She had a sex sway to her hips and was licking her lips.

“Are you excited to eat my pussy,” I asked as she knelt before me.”

“Yes, mam,” she whispered. “I saw you at the mall last night. You were so beautiful. I wanted to just walk up and kiss you. You're the most beautiful woman in the world.”

My cunt was positively gushing buckets of cunt juice as she complimented me. I knew it was just my wish speaking, but it was still flattering as hell. I spread my legs wide and her eyes fell to my waxed cunt. Her fingers reached out and touched the little heart of fiery hair that grew just above my slit.

“So soft,” she murmured.

I gasped as she started licking at my cunt, her tongue quick and deft, as she circled my slit, teasing me. She spread me open, licking at my inner labia, every touch of her tongue sending tingles of pleasure through my cunt. I moaned softly, closing my eyes and enjoying the woman's pussy eating. I was feeling hot, so I started unbuttoning my blouse, spilling out my tits.

“Everyone just go about your banking,” Mark was ordering, his arms around another pretty bank teller. Her nametag read Donna. She had deep, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. She wore a conservative blouse that she was unbuttoning, revealing a nice pair of breasts in a wispy, black bar that Mark unclasped in the front, spilling out her round melons and hard nipples.

Mark bent her over a loan officer's desk. The loan officer was a balding black guy who just kept right on talking on his phone as Mark hiked up the bank teller's skirt and pulled down her brown pantyhose and black panties. Donna's muff was covered in soft, blonde fur and Mark ran his finger through it then pulled out his cock and thrust into the bank teller.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as Mark fucked her. “Mmhh, that felt wonderful.”

“Yes, sorry, it's a little noisy in the bank,” the loan officer said absently into his phone as his eyes were focused on the bank teller getting fucked on his desk. Donna's tits were hanging down and swinging back and forth as Mark pounded her cunt. “I need to call you back,” he muttered, hanging up.

A young woman in line kept looking back at me, she seemed oddly familiar. Those green eyes were so familiar. An image floated up of those green eyes looking up at me from between my thighs as she licked my cunt. And then I remembered. I fucked her in the changing room at Hot Topic the day I met Mark. Mark had been fucking Lillian in the front of the store while I was shopping for clothes. Her name was...Anne.

“Hey, Anne, come on over,” I waved.

Anne walked over, a smile on her pierced lip. She was wearing a short, green and red plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt. A very short skirt, I could practically see her panties as the skirt swayed. Her legs were clad in knee-high socks and heeled shoes. Her blouse was a low cow cut, white frilly thing that cupped her breasts.

She sat next to me and I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her into a kiss. Her lip piercings rubbed wickedly on my lips as we frenched. Her hands reached out and started playing with my exposed breasts, her fingers gently playing with my achingly hard nipples. Kelli was sliding her tongue through my slit, now, dipping into my wet hole. I wiggled in pleasure as she slid a finger slowly inside me, as her tongue attacked my clit.

“You're so fucking tight!” Mark was moaning as he pounded the bank teller. “So goddamn fucking tight.” I could hear the slut moaning on my fiancee's cock, the desk scratching the floor as it rocked from the force of Mark's thrusts.

I pushed Anne's face down to my tits and gasped as she sucked a nipple into her mouth. I could feel the cold, metallic lip piercing rubbing on my sensitive aerola. Kelli had slipped a second finger up inside me and was sucking my clit, hard, while her tongue played with it between her lips. My hips were starting to twitch as my orgasm built.

“Oh, you fucking sluts are going to make me cum,” I moaned. “Yes, fuck yes! Keep it up! You dirty whores!”

The pressure was building inside my womb, the two sluts every touch adding more and more pleasure until I could no longer take it. I screamed as my body writhed in the chair. My cunt clenched on Kelli's invading fingers and I could feel fresh fluids flooding out of my cunt into her eager mouth. Gasping, I pulled Kelli up and kissed her predatory mouth, tasting my sweet, spicy flavor on her lips.

“Fuck that was good,” I told her. I grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, buttons popping off. She wasn't wearing a bra, her little A cup titties didn't need them. Her nipples were tiny, and both were pierced with the thinnest, gold rings.

I bent down and sucked her nipple into my mouth, playing with the tiny, gold ring with my tongue as Kelli moaned her pleasure. I reached down and found she wasn't wearing panties beneath her skirt. This was one nasty slut. Her pussy was shaved bare and she had large, fat pussy lips. I caressed them, feeling her shudder on my lap. Anne captured Kelli's other nipple in her lips and we suckled side by side on her.

When my finger was coated in Kelli's pussy juices, I slid my hand around her waist, to her ass, and found her puckered asshole and worked my finger up inside her. “Oh wow!” Kelli gasped. “Hmm, yes. I love ass play.” Kelli giggled wickedly.

“Gonna flood your slutty pussy with my cum,” Mark was moaning. He must be fucking her pretty fast from the sound of the slap of flesh. Donna was just moaning and gasping as he fucked her. “Had a nice cum, slut?” Mark asked. “Because I loved how your cunt massaged my cock, whore! And here is your reward.”

I could almost hear him shooting his cum into her nasty snatch and I licked my lips. I just had to taste that. I pushed Kelli back and then grabbed her nipple ring and led her to Mark as she squealed in pain. Mark was just pulling out of Donna, a satisfied grin on his face.

“Hey, Mare,” he said with a smile, eying the slut I was guiding by her nipple.

“This slut likes it up the ass,” I told him and pushed Kelli at him.

“Do you, slut?” Mark asked, pinching her nipple. “Do you just love getting fucked up your tight, nasty ass?”

“Yes, I love it up the ass,” Kelli gasped.

I motioned Anne to come over as I started stroking Donna's exposed ass. “Stay bent over, slut.”

“Yes, miss,” she murmured.

Anne walked over and I pointed down on the floor. Ann stretched out and I sat on her face. I shivered in pleasure as Anne begin kissing my cunt, her piercing rubbing deliciously about my pussy. I spread Donna's cunt open, just like a pretty, just fucked flower, oozing my fiancee's cum. I licked through her slit, tasting the tangy, honey flavor of her cunt and the salty flavor of Mark's cum.

I loved eating Mark's cum out of another woman's cunt. Creampie was my favorite kind of pie. I dove into Donna's cunt, licking and sucking every drop of Mark's cum I could find in her warm, delicious depths. Anne was eating my cunt with the same gusto, drinking my juices, while her finger crept ever closer to my asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Kelli moaned from nearby. Mark must be reaming her ass now. I could hear him moaning softly, his balls slapping against her flesh. “Fuck that's amazing! Fuck my ass! Hmm, harder!” The slap of flesh few louder and faster as Mark fucked the sluts ass. There was a loud gasp from Kelli. “Umm, tug on my piercing! Fuck my ass! God, you're such a stud!”

Anne's finger had finally reached my asshole, teasing my puckered anus with her finger, sending wicked thrills through my body. Her tongue was digging into my pussy, wiggling up inside me as her finger began to wiggle up inside my ass. My own tongue was shoving in and out of Donna's tight cunt. I had found all of Mark's tasty cum, now it was time to make the bank teller slut cum on my lips. I pinched Donna's clit, rubbing the little pearl between my fingers as I sucked on her tasty cunt. Her hips were starting to shake and her breathing was getting faster and faster, her moans louder and longer.

“Umm, that feel's so good,” Donna murmured. “Oh, miss, you're going to make me cum! Oh, wow, oh wow, so amazing!” Her body writhed on the desk and a flood of juices squirted on my face, drenching me, running down my breasts. I was coated in delicious pussy juices as Donna moaned and panted like a bitch on the desk.

“You fucking slut!” I snapped in mock anger, and pinched her sensitive clit. She bucked in pain. “I'm covered in your pussy juices. Lick me clean, slut.”

“Sorry, miss!” Donna gasped.

She knelt next to me and I grabbed her blonde hair and pushed her mouth down to my drenched tits. She started lapping her female-cum up, her tongue grazing my nipples, adding more pleasure to what Anne was generating in my ass and pussy. I was rubbing my cunt on Anne's face, riding her face as her tongue probed the sensitive flesh of my pussy.

Next to my face was Mark's ass, clenching as he fucked in and out of Kelli's asshole. I licked my lips, watching my fiancee's firm butt. The out of shape, flabby Mark I met was almost gone, replaced by a toned and fit stud with an ass any woman would find hot. His hard cock was disappearing into the cleft of Kelli's ass and coming back out. In and out, god she was lucky. I loved Mark's cock reaming my ass

“How's her ass?” I moaned.

“Tight!” Mark grunted. “And about to be full of my cum.”

“Cream her ass, hun. I'm going to cream this slut's face.”

Donna switched breasts, licking up her sticky juices off my freckled breasts. My eyes were fixed onto Mark's ass and cock as he fucked Kelli while I ground my cunt on Anne's sucking lips. Donna's mouth found my hard nipple and began to gently lick it, swirling her tongue about my areola, lightly brushing the turgid nipple rising hard.

Mark grunted and groaned and pulled out of Kelli's gaping ass, white cream leaking slowly out, down her crack to her taint. I grabbed Donna's face and turned her to Mark's dirty cock and whispered in her ear, “Lick it clean, slut. Revel in the flavor of Kelli's ass!”

I flooded Anne's greedy mouth as I came watching Donna's tongue lick Mark's cock clean. “Have a good one, Mare?” he asked me as I shuddered on Anne's tongue.

“Yeah,” I panted. “We should go to the bank more often.”

“Well, we still have to rob two more,” Mark said with that boyish grin of his.


“Doctor WolfTail, here are the test result,” nurse Marley said, handing me Karen's chart. Thamina was sitting next to Karen, holding our slut-sisters hands. Karen was festooned with medical equipment. An oxygen mask, IV's, EKG monitors. She had been unconscious most of the day, but she would occasionally wake up and ask after Master and Mistress before falling back unconscious.

Mistress wanted me to look after her, so I represented myself as Karen's private doctor, which I was, I guess. I was all the sluts doctors, and Master and Mistress's as well. I glanced at the blood results, she was anemic, not surprising, her white blood cell count was normal, so not an infection, and I blinked. That couldn't be right. “These hGC levels can't be this high,” I muttered to myself. They were 156,704 mIU/ml. “I need a transvaginal ultrasound, nurse.”

The nurse returned in a few minutes with the ultrasound and we placed Karen in stirrups, I lubed the probe of the ultrasound and inserted it gently up her vagina, guiding the probe as I watched the screen. And there it was. A yolk sack. She was pregnant. And, based off the size, for 8 weeks and 4 days.

I frowned. When Karen started having the morning sickness symptoms, she swore that her last period started twelve days ago, on the seventh of June. What was going on here. She also insisted that a nun couldn't get pregnant, one of the gifts they were given. So, she'd only been having unprotected sex for little more than a week since her powers were broken.

Then how the hell was she eight-and-a-half weeks pregnant.


Mary and I walked out of the third Bank of America we robbed today, this one down on Pearl Street in Tacoma. It was a disappointing bank. Three male tellers and a female loan officer that was as stout as an outhouse. What's this world coming to when there were not even a moderately attractive bank teller. But Mary and I made the best of it.

“Umm, I've been thinking about your cock in my tight little ass all day,” Mary whispered in my ear, rubbing my hardening cock through my pants. “What do you say, stud. Want to give your filly a nice ride?”

“I always want to give my filly a great fucking ride,” I answered and kissed my sweet Mary on the lips.

There was a leather couch at this branch and I bent Mary over the arm rest, hiked up her blue skirt, exposing her beautifully plump ass. I gave her soft cheeks a squeeze, knelt down and spread her open, revealing her brown, puckered asshole. Mary sighed in pleasure as I started to rim her, enjoying her sour flavor. I loved every part of my Mary.

I pushed at the tight ring of her asshole, slipping in and swirling about her velvety, hot walls, coating her insides with saliva. I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go, then pulled back and fucked it in again. Mary was sighing in pleasure as I rimmed her ass.

“Umm, ream my ass, hun!” panted Mary. “God, I love getting my ass eaten out!”

I stuck to fingers up into her cunt, getting them good and soaked and pushed them into her tight ass. I slid them in and out, lubing her asshole until her my fingers were disappearing into her ass with ease. Then I stood up, and pushed my cock into her pussy, burying all the way into her tight depths. When I pulled out my cock was sticky with natures lube, pussy juices, and moved my cock to her tight asshole.

“Wait,” Mary said and I stopped. She stood up and walked around to lie down on the leather couch, the leather creaking as she laid across it on her back and wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling her legs back, exposing her ass and cunt. “Come fuck your mare, my randy stallion!”

I eagerly crawled on top of her, her legs resting on my shoulders as I pushed my cock into her ass. I leaned over her, holding myself up on my arms as my dick slowly slid into her tight hole. Mary's green eyes twinkled in excitement as I stared into her emerald depths. I made my love to my fiancee's ass as an entire bank full of customers, tellers, and loan officers watched. Let them watch, let them see how much I loved my naughty filly.

“Oohh, your cock feels so amazing in my ass, Mark,” Mary gasped beneath me. I was picking up my pace, fucking her faster and faster. Her ass was hot and gripped my cock firmly, pleasantly. “Yes, yes! God I love you, love your cock!”

“Love your ass, Mare!” I groaned. “Love your cunt, love your breasts. I love your emerald eyes, and I love you most of all.” I was fucking her harder, pounding her ass. I wasn't going to last long, her bowels felt too good on my cock.

Mary had a happy smile on her face, her hands reached up and caressed my cheek. “You're making me cum, stud! Mmhh, my naughty stallions making me cum!”

Her ass was squeezing my cock as she bucked beneath me. I fucked her harder and harder as she moaned her orgasm. I was getting so close, my thrust becoming more furious as I neared the precipice. I was almost there and then I exploded in my sweet filly's ass, moaning through my teeth. Mary's legs spread open and I collapsed on her, kissing her sweet mouth as we held each other, cuddling and kissing and just enjoying holding each other.

When the bodyguard sluts finished loading the money, I pulled out of my Mary's ass, white cum trickling out onto the leather. Mary knelt down and licked my cock clean of her ass while 15 knelt behind her and licked her asshole clean of my cum. 15 fingered Mary to another orgasm while Mary swallowed the load I shut in her mouth.

We were near the Narrows Bridge and across the Narrows was Gig Harbor and the owner of the plane we were going to buy. But we still had more than an hour to kill so we had a delightful lunch at Joeseppi's, this great Italian restaurant across the parking lot from the bank we just robbed.

After lunch, we crossed the Tacoma Narrows, a, well, narrow part of the Puget Sound between the city of Tacoma and Gig Harbor. We got off highway 16 at the first exit after the bridge, heading towards the Tacoma Narrows Airport. I found a parking spot in front of the small facilities building for the airport and head inside.

“Mark?” a distinguished looking, older man asked.

He was sitting on a lounge seat next to a gorgeous woman, tall and willowy, long black hair that fell in beautiful curves around her delicate face. She looked bored, sitting gracefully in a wrap-around, flowery dress that left her right shoulder and belly exposed, and molded to her round breasts. The skirt was short, and her legs were gorgeous, delicately crossed to show off her toned calves. My cock stirred and I glanced at Mary and saw her eying the woman, lust twinkling in her eyes.

“Yes, I'm Mark and this is my fiancee, Mary,” I introduced.

The man had a firm handshake. “I am Julius Prescott III, and this is my lovely wife, Monique.” His lovely trophy wife, I thought.

“Pleased to meet you,” Monique said, in a bored French accent. Even bored, that accent was sexy as hell. When Monique's eyes fell on Mary a hungry look appeared. She reached out and gently clasped Mary's hand, rubbing her fingers sensuously across the back of Mary's hand. “There is a quaint little bar nearby, maybe we can go and talk and let our men do business.”

“No, why don't come along, I love watch my man do business,” Mary replied. “I think you'll find it very entertaining.”

“Very well,” Monique said, hooking her arm around Mary's.

Julius led us to a golf cart. “Well, let's start by taking a look at the plane.” We piled in and he drove along the runway to one of the larger hangers. Inside was the almost ninety-foot long, narrow airplane. It was white, with triangular wings and two engines mounted on the fuselage of the plane, near the tail. Her tail number was N7301G.

“And there are no problems?” I asked Julius.

“No, I've maintained her very carefully,” Julius answered. “Would you like to see the maintenance records?”

“No, I trust you,” I told him. After all, he had to do what I said.

“Well, she configured to seat ten comfortably and I added a small, rear cabin with a bed,” Julius confided. “It makes long flights much easier when you can stretch out in a real bed. The seats can all recline back and are somewhat comfortable to sleep on.”

He led us to the door and its fold out stairs and led us inside. The cockpit was a complicated set of controls and gauges, with both a pilot and copilot seats. Then there was a small galley and jump-seats for two flight attendants. The main seating area of the plane had two rows of five, very comfy looking chairs, almost recliners, with built in TV screens that folded out and personal bluray players.

“Top of the line stuff,” Julius insisted and then gaped.

Mary was sitting on the seat and pulled Monique into her lap the two ladies were passionately making out. Mary was reaching behind her where the wrap of her dresses gathered in a careful knot of bundled cloth and pulled. The wrap came undone, unwinding as it fell away from her torso, exposing a magnificent pair of breasts that Mary buried her face in, rubbing her cheeks against the silky-soft mounds.

“Monique!” Julius said with a strangled gasp. “Wh-what are you doing!”

I clapped a hand on him. “It's perfectly okay for your wife to fuck Mary and myself, Julius.”

“Oh, of course,” Julius apologized, flushing. “I don't know what came over me.”

“Well, those are some magnificent tits on your wife,” I said with a leer. “I'd be jealous, too.”

“Anyway, we have satellite TV and high speed internet,” Julius said as continued he tour. He led me back to the small cabin, dominated by a queen sized bed. “Well Mark, you can see how lovingly I took care of my plane.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I'll take it.”

“Very good,” Julius said and shook my hand.

“Go see my cops and they'll give you the $26 million,” I said. “I hope cash will be fine.”

“Of course that's just fine,” Julius said, a stunned look on his face. The guy was a billionaire and probably never seen that much real cash before.

“We're going fuck your wife for a while,” I told him, slapping an arm on his shoulder. “When we're done, if you could have your pilots fly the plan to Thun Field in South Hill where I've got a hanger.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Julius said. “You do understand that the pilots do not come with the plane.”

“I'm in the hiring process for the crew,” I said with a smile. Hopefully a sexy crew.

Monique was moaning delightfully as her husband walked passed her. Mary had Mrs. Prescott's panties pulled down, a lacy lilac scrap of cloth that was bunched around her left ankle, while Mary was skillfully fingering the French woman.

“Ohh, you have a magic touch,” Monique purred and captured Mary's lips in a kiss, their tongues were twining about the other's. A real French kiss, I though with a smile.

I walked over to the ladies, unzipping my pants and stroking my hard cock as pulled it out. Monique broke the kiss and stared at my cock. “Suck it,” Mary whispered in her ears.

I groaned as Monique's soft lips kissed my cock, her tongue gently caressing the sensitive head of my cock. Mary bent her head down and captured one of Monique's dark nipple with her red lips. Monique gave a throaty laugh and a soft moan and then her hungry mouth sucked in my cock. She sucked hard, then pulled her mouth back, letting her soft lips caress my cock head as she pulled back.

“Fuck, that's nice,” I moaned

Her tongue licked out across the tip, playing with my urethra and then sucked my cock back into her mouth. She started bobbing her head, her tongue agile as it danced about my cock. Monique moaned on my cock, vibrating my dick, as she came on Mary's fingers. Mary pulled out her drenched finger, rubbed the woman's cunt juices on her nipple and sucked into her mouth.

Mary kissed up the woman's neck, her chin and then Mary's lips were on the woman's mouth as she sucked on my cock. The woman popped my cock out of her mouth and the two women started swirling their tongues about my cock head, kissing each other with my cock between their wet tongues.

I could feel my balls tightening beneath their onslaught. “You two are fucking hot,” I moaned. “Get ready! I got bunch of tasty cum for you two vixens!”

“Ohh, cum on our faces,” Monique purred with her sexy, French lilt.

“Give it too me, stallion,” Mary moaned. “Give us a cum-bath!”

White, ropey cum shot out of my cock, splattering Mary's forehead and cheek. The second blast landed across Monique's nose and lips and a third blast fell on her round tits. A fourth, small squirt hit Mary's other cheek as she bent down to lick at the cum that splattered on Monique's round breasts, her tongue dragging across the silky, smooth orbs and flicked at a hard, dark nipple.

“What do you thing, Mare,” I asked. “Do you think Monique would make a great stewardess?”

Mary giggled as Monique lapped at the sticky cum on her forehead. “Hmm, she would look delicious as a sexy stewardess.” Mary pulled Monique's mouth to her, the pair swapping my salty cum between them. When she broke the kiss, a thin strand of cum momentarily connected their lips before it snapped. “You're going to be our stewardess, Monique,” Mary told her. “You'll buy yourself a naughty stewardess outfit from a sex shop. The sluttier the better. Whenever we need to fly somewhere, we'll give you a call.”

Monique giggled. “Absolutely, ma chérie.”

“We fly out Friday from Thun Field for the weekend, be there by two PM,” I told her.

“I will,” she purred. “It sounds like so much fun.”

“How big is the bed?” Mary asked.

“Big enough,” I said with a grin, and helped the two ladies to their feet.

Monique's dress fell the rest of the way off of her, exposing the round curves of her ass and hips and a shaved cunt drenched in her fluids. Mary peeled out of her clothing and then the two ladies pulled my clothes the rest of the way off. I kissed Monique on her sweet lips, enjoying my first real French kiss, and then pushed her back onto the bed, her black hair fanning out across the bed.

“Time to make me cum, cutie,” Mary purred and straddled Monique's face.

Monique giggled. “Your clam looks so tasty.”

Mary gasped in delight as Monique licked at her pussy. I picked up Monique's hips and lined up at her wet cunt, shoving my cock into her cunt. Monique gave a naughty squeal as my cock plowed into her wet, tight cunt. I fucked her hard and slowed and watched as her breasts waved back and forth from the strength of my thrust.

“Bet your husband doesn't fuck you as hard?” Mary moaned as she admired my cock disappearing and reappearing out of Monique's cunt.

“No, not my husband,” Monique admitted. “But a few of my lovers do.”

“Ohh, so you cheat on your husband,” Mary panted. “What a slutty wife we have here.”

“I'm French, of course I have other lovers,” Monique purred. “Julius is a fine provider, but he's old. And falls asleep so early.”

“Ohh, are some of your lovers women?” Mary asked. “Because you sure know what you're doing down there.”

Monique gave a throaty laugh, her pussy starting to squeeze gently at my cock. “Yes, my sweet Lize.”

“Is she gorgeous?” I asked her.

“To die for,” panted Monique.

“Invited her to come along and play sexy stewardess,” I ordered her. “She'll be well compensated.”

“Ohh, but what would her poor husband think?” Monique asked, wickedly.

“Tell him it's a girls weekend,” Mary gasped. “Just get her to come.”

“I will,” Monique promised. “My little Lize does whatever I tell her. She's so bored. Her husband is always off working.”

My phone rang from my pant's pocket. Monique's cunt felt far too good. I wasn't about to stop fucking her. I leaned over Monique, fucking her harder, delighting in the moans and coos of pleasure, and captured Mary's left nipple in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the turgid, dusky nub as Mary wrapped her arms around my head, cradling me to her bosom.

“Oh, Monique, you're going to get a sweet surprise,” Mary moaned,

I nibbled at her nipple as I thrust into Monique's cunt. Mary was starting to writhe on the French woman's face. Mary stiffened and then shook and moaned loudly as she came on Monique's face. I could hear Monique's tongue lapping at her cunt, drinking in the fluid.

“Umm, what a delicious surprise,” Monique purred.

Mary rolled off Monique's face and stretched out on the bed. I pushed Monique's legs up onto my shoulder, pressing her thighs together. She felt tighter on my cock as I started to pound her hard. I was getting closer and closer to flooding the cheating wife's cunt. Just a few more thrust and I'd be there.

“Oh, Mark, you're fucking me so good!” she moaned. “Umm, you are stirring up my dough with your big spoon! Ohh, yes! Jouir de, jouir de!” Her cunt spasmed on my cock, milking my cum from my balls and I felt that explosive release as my spunk shot out of my balls and coated the inside of her married pussy.

I pulled out of her, my cum oozing out. Mary spread her thighs and dived in, devouring the creampie I made for her. I walked over to my pants and fished out my phone. I didn't recognize the phone number, but whoever it was left a voice mail.

“Umm, you are one fantastic lover,” Monique purred. “And taking me with my husband's knowledge.” She shuddered in delight. “Such wicked people.”

I punched in my password to my voicemail. “It's Noel, Master. I'm being detained by the FBI. They let me use the bathroom and missed the burner phone I had on me when...shit, I got to go.”

“Mare, we need to go,” I told her.

“What's wrong?” Mary asked, sitting up, cum staining her lips.

“Noel's in trouble.”

We threw our clothes on, and rushed out of the plane. “My wife was satisfying, yes?” Julius asked as he handed me the papers to sign. He was waiting for us back at the cars, several duffel bags stuffed with money were sitting in the trunk of his gold BMW.

“Very satisfying,” I told him. “We offered her a job, part time, as a stewardess. She's very excited about it. You should be happy for her.”

“It is good that she stays busy,” Julius nodded. “My work often keeps me away. Luckily she has Lize to keep her company.” It was hard keeping a straight face. I knew just how Lize was keeping his wife company.

“What are you going to do with the money?” Mary asked him.

“Down payment on my new Gulfstream V,” Julius said with a smile.

“Well, we have this delightful charity,” Mary said. “And it would mean a lot to us if you could give a generous donation. It's tax deductible, of course, once we get our IRS approval.”

“Oh, really?” Julius asked. “I always have considered myself a generous man.”

“It's to help poor young women get access to free reproductive medicine,” Mary explained. “We've partnered with a delightful young doctor and a sizable donation could go a long way. Say, half of what we paid you.”

“I would be honored, miss,” Julius smiled.

Julius kissed Mary on the cheek and then shook my hand. “It was a pleasure doing business with you, Julius,” I said. Well, a pleasure fucking your wife, anyways.


“I think we should abort the child,” I told Dr. Yorrik. He was Chief of Medicine at Good Sam. “The mother's life is in danger.” I hated having to recommended an abortion. I was an OB/GYN because I loved children. But sometimes, the life of the mother had to come first.

“This is such an unusual case, Dr. WolfTail.” Dr. Yorrik muttered. “How can the embryo be growing this fast? Has it really had a days growth in just a few hours.”

I nodded. If I hadn't seen what Master and Mistress could do, I wouldn't believe it myself. “Yes, Dr. Yorrik, I measured three times, you know how accurate a transvaginal ultrasound is at dating conception.”

“Well we need the patient's consent, or her next of kin,” Dr. Yorrik pointed out.

Or her Master's consent, I thought. Master and Mistress would need to know either way. I heard Dr. Yorrik gasp and turn pale as a flush of lust burned through my body. My nipples hardened, and my cunt wept juices. I turned and saw Lilith manifesting before us. The demoness was dressed in her tight, transparent red dress, her lush body easily visible. Her silvery hair fell in a mussed mess about her shoulders.

God, I needed to be fucked. I glanced at Dr. Yorrik. He looked pretty good for a man in his mid-fifties. Distinguished. And older man were supposed to be patient, skillful lovers. I bet he could bend me right over Karen and thrust his cock into my pussy and...I tried to concentrate. This was Lilith's doing. Try and keep it together, Willow.

“How are you here, Lilith?” I gasped, my voice strained with lust. My cunt was a wet mess in my panties, my clit hard and itching to be caressed. Mistress used her last boon, Lilith should be back in hell. Then she flickered, appearing a few inches to the left. A frown creased Lilith's beautiful face.

“Willow, pass this message to your...Master,” Lilith sneered, “and that slattern, Mary. Karen's life is tied to the child growing within her. Abort the child, and Karen dies.”

She flickered a second time, reappearing a foot to the right, half inside a cabinet. A look of concentration appeared on Lilith's face and then she flickered out of existence and the overwhelming lust vanished. I took a deep breath, trying to steady my beating heart. I looked at Dr. Yorrik who adjusted his pants, a pink flush suffusing his cheeks and neck. God help me, I was about ready to fuck this wrinkled old man. It was so nice to think straight again.

“Wh-what was that?” he asked.

“An impossibility,” I muttered.


Mary and I raced back to Tacoma in my Mustang, following 15 and 16, the sirens and lights going on their patrol car. Noel was in trouble and we had to rescue her. What good did it do to have a spy in the FBI if she gets arrested.

The FBI field office, really a satellite office, was located in the basement of the Federal Courthouse, a gorgeous brick structure with a copper dome on Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. It used to be Union Station, the main train station of Tacoma back in the heyday of train travel. But it fell into decline and Amtrak built a new station on Puyallup Avenue and the Federal Government leased the train station and turned it into the Courthouse.

“Take me to where Noel is being held,” I barked at a junior FBI agent who led us back through the cramped, musty basement to a hallway and a series of doors labeled, “Interrogation.”

I threw open the door and found Noel, looking tired and haggard, sitting before a metal table while a woman in a burnt-orange pantsuit was badgering her with questions. The woman turned, her prune-face pinched in a frown as she eyed us. Then her eyes widened. “How the fuck did you get in here, Mr. Glassner?” she asked, rising to her feet, her hand straying to her gun.

“Don't touch your gun,” I ordered. “Who are you and why have you detained Agent Heinrich?”

“I am Special Agent Hatheway, OPR” she answered, “and Agent Heinrich is being investigated for corruption and obstruction of justice.”

Two more men walked into the room a tall, skinny guy in his early forties and a short, round man, badly balding with only a ring of gray hair left. He looked like a short, fat Captain Picard. “What is the meaning of this!” the short, round man barked. “Why is he in here!”

“Calm down,” I ordered. “Who are you two.”

“I am SAC Kemp and this is my ASAC, Agent Donavan,” the short man answered.

I frowned at the acronym and looked at Noel. “SAC is Special-Agent-in-Charge,” Noel answered. “He runs the Tacoma branch and Donavan is his second.”

“Good, that makes this easy,” I said. “Noel is a model agent and hasn't done anything wrong. Nor have I, so stop investigating me. Nothing Mary or I do is illegal, after all.”

The SAC blinked, his mind processing the commands, his anger fading away. “What are we supposed to do with all this evidence? Or the banks” he struggled to find the right word, “...borrowed money from today!” SAC Kemp demanded. “It looks bad for you, Mark. I know your innocent, but the boys back in D.C. just doesn't understand. They think you're a criminal and have my balls in a vice? What am I supposed to tell them?”

I smiled. “All right, tell them I'm part of some organized crime and that Noel is deep undercover and you just need time to build your case.”

Kemp frowned, glanced at Donavan, who nodded. “Yeah, I guess we could do that. OC cases can take years to build,” Donavan pointed out

“How do we explain Noel' favors?” the SAC asked, delicately.

I sat down, and unzipped my pants. “She's just very dedicated to maintaining her cover, willing to do anything.” I pulled out my cock. “Come show them just how dedicated you are, Agent Heinrich.”

Noel smiled, standing up. She lifted up her gray miniskirt and pulled off a pair of frilly, black panties, exposing her shaved pussy and landing strip of blonde hair. The FBI Agents were all gaping and Mary gave them a few reassuring orders as she sat on the table next to me.

“I'm a very dedicated FBI Agent,” Noel purred as she straddled me, sinking her cunt down onto my dick. She was wet and tight and moaned like the slut she was as she impaled herself on my cock. “I'm willing to do any nasty, degrading things I have to! Anything to maintain my cover!”

“See, she's going to do what it takes stay undercover and take down the bad, evil Mike Glassner,” I moaned as Noel began riding up and down on my cock. “Fuck, she's quite good at this! She deserves a medal or three for her sacrifices she's making for the Bureau.”

“Yeah, sacrifices,” a flushed SAC Kemp muttered as he watched Noel fuck me.

Mary eyed the three FBI agents and sighed. “16, get in here.”

16, whom we left in the hallway, walked in. She had a predatory face and hungry lips, framed by curly brown hair. The bodyguard slut knelt on the floor and pushed up Mary's blue skirt and started hungrily eating out my fiancee's cunt.

“Umm, that's a good slut,” Mary moaned, her eyelids fluttering. She glanced at the bulge forming in Kemp's pants. “It's okay, you can fuck her. 16'll love it, won't you, slut?”

“I'd love a dick up my cunt!” purred 16, flashing Kemp a hungry smile before Mary shoved her face back into her cunt.

Kemp dropped his brown slacks and fell to his knees, pushing up 16's short, slutty cop skirt, exposing her white ass and bushy brown cunt. He plunged in, fucking 16 hard. 16 moaned into Mary's cunt and a wicked smile played on Mary's lips as she glanced at Donavan. The tall man was rubbing at his crotch as he watched the orgy that broke out in the interrogation room.

“We don't want to leave out the ASAC,” Mary cooed. “How about you fuck Agent Prune-Face. She looks like she hasn't had a dick up her cunt in years.”

ASAC Donavan bent Agent Prune-Face over the table and pulled down her burnt-orange pants and white panties. He fished his cock out of his blue pants and started fucking the woman hard. I didn't blame him for fucking her face down, I wouldn't want to look at the face while fucking her either.

“Ohh, Michael,” Agent Prune-Face moaned. “God, I love it when you fuck me from behind.” I blinked at that. Our ASAC had a wedding ring on and this clearly wasn't his wife. Man, how ugly must his wife be if Prune-Face was a good alternative.

I decided to concentrate on the far more attractive FBI Agent riding my cock and pulled Noel's sweet lips down for a kiss. Her gray-blue eyes were misting with happiness as she rode me. When she broke the kiss, she moved her lips to my ear and licked my lobe, and whispered, “Thank you for rescuing me, Master.”

“Always,” I moaned. “You're one of my sluts. And no one messes with my women.”

“I love you, Master.”

I smiled and realized that I loved her too, that I loved all my sluts. It wasn't the heart-achingly pure love I felt for Mary, but it was love just the same. I licked at her lobe and whispered, “I love you too, slut!”

I glanced at Mary and she smiled down at me and reached out and touched Noel's head, stroking her sandy-blonde hair. “And what about me?” Mary pouted.

“I guess I love you, too, Mare,” I said with a fond smile.

“I love you just as much as I love Master,” Noel answered, rubbing her cheek against Mary's hand.

“I love you, too, slut,” Mary told her. Then she gave a mock sigh. “And I guess I love you as well, Mark.”

Noel was beaming as she rode my cock harder and faster, her cunt a hot, tight glove on my cock as she slammed her hips up and down on my lap. I gripped her ass and started fucking my cock up into her. My balls were tightening and I wanted to spill my love inside my slut. Noel was panting, throwing back her head as the pleasure trembled through her.

“I'm cumming, Master,” she gasped. “Oh, thank you, thank you for letting me cum on your hard cock!”

I groaned and coated her slutty pussy with my cream and kissed her gently as she sat on my lap. My phone rang, spoiling the mood and I answered it. “What,” I barked, a little testily.

“Master, it's Willow. Karen she's pregnant.”

I didn't know what to say. Next to me, Mary was moaning and shuddering as she came on 16's mouth. 16 was moaning into Mary's cunt as Kemp pounded her from behind, the old guy panting and his face beet red from the effort. Agent Prune-Face was moaning like a bitch in heat for the ASAC and if the table wasn't bolted to the floor, I'm sure the table would have slid all the way to the wall by now.

“Is that why she's sick?” I asked, finally processing what she said. Mary looked down at me, curious.

“There's more, Master,” Willow continued. “Lilith appeared. It's her child. And the embryo is growing very fast. Karen's eight-and-half week's pregnant in the eight days since Lilith fucked her. At the rate the embryo is growing, she'll give birth in a month.”


I was lying on the green bedspread of the SeaTac Holiday Inn across the street from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. I arrived yesterday around five o'clock. When the Bond of Avvah was broken I was driven into a nearby bathroom because of the phantom pain. And then the Ecstasy came upon me and the Angel Ramiel spoke to me, told me that our opening gambit had failed.

“What do we do now?” I had asked the Angel.

“A messier plan,” Ramiel had answered sadly, as his hard cock slid into my pussy and an orgasm shuddered through my body. “A far messier plan.”

“What do you...ohh wow...mean!” I moaned as his cock plunged in and out of me and orgasms rolled through my trembling body. Being touched by an Angel set all your nerves alive with pleasure, drowning your senses until only you and the Angle remained.

“Soldiers are needed, now,” answered Ramiel. “Four and four and four.”

“I don't under...ohhh yes, harder, umm...” and I was lost to the pleasure. When I regained my senses, I was lying face down in the stall of the ladies room in Concourse B of the airport. I washed my face off. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. Ramiel's words echoed in my mind.

At the baggage claim, a cute guy, fit and tall with brilliant, blue eyes that could melt the panties off the most prudish girl, flirted with me as we waited for our luggage. I must have spent fifteen, twenty minutes writhing on the bathroom floor, and still had to waited another fifteen minutes, albeit fifteen pleasant minutes, for my luggage.

Curtis invited me to his hotel room, and I took him up on it. When Providence provided me with a place to stay, you take it. Particularly when it came with such a handsome man. We wasted little time when we got to his room. He was kissing me, ripping off my sundress and then my underwear. He threw me down on the bed, dropped his cell phone, watch and keys on the nightstand then crawled onto the bed and we started kissing, his hands kneading my breasts while I unbelted him and pulled his hardening cock out.

He rolled over onto his back, his hard cock prodding out my sopping cunt. I broke the kiss, rising up and sliding his cock inside me. I moaned, wantonly, as his cock filled up my cunt so deliciously. I wiggled my hips a few times, getting used to his girth, then I slowly started to ride his cock, enjoying the delightful feeling of his cock's head rubbing up against the sensitive flesh of my pussy.

His hands were playing with my breasts, running up and down my sides, as he moaned and panted his enjoyment. “You've got a fucking tight pussy, Theodora!” he moaned. “God damn, this is my lucky day!”

“I love how your big cock is stretching my cunt!” I cooed. He wasn't the biggest cock, that went to a Warlock I once exorcised. The prick had wished for a huge cock and I was sore for a week afterwards. But Curtis has a nice, thick cock.

His phone rang, some pop song I didn't recognize. I may look eighteen, but I was forty-four, and was a teenager of the eighties. I couldn't believe this guy. He had a hot chick riding his cock and he was answering his phone. Well, I wasn't about to stop, I was to close to cumming to stop because my partner was an asshole.

“Hey, babe,” Curtis had said, holding his phone in his right hand and used his left hand to shush me. I could see his ring finger and the tan line from a missing wedding band. The asshole was married, and speaking to his wife while I rode him. He sounded so sweet and caring as he spoke to his wife. You couldn't tell his cheating cock was in my tight pussy. “Yeah, I just got into the hotel room. The baggage claim took forever.”

I kept riding him. I wasn't the one cheating on my spouse, so why should I feel guilty. I had my indulgence, nothing I did was a sin until I finished my mission. His cock felt too amazing to stop, anyways, and there was this naughty thrill running through my body. It should be his wife riding his cock, not me. I was taking her place. Curtis's eyes were rooted to my heaving breasts as he spoke to his wife.

“Yeah, it was a long flight and I'm beat,” Curtis told his wife, reaching up with his left hand to cup my tit, rolling my nipple pleasantly between his fingers. “I'll probably watch some TV and then crash.”

My orgasm neared and I grit my teeth and tried not to make too much noise as I came on his cock. This was so exciting, so fucking hot. Listening to Curtis while he talked to his wife got me off faster than I was used. I kept fucking his cock, grinding my clit into his groin, hoping to get another cum out of him.

“Just the TV,” Curtis lied to cover up the few moans that escaped my lips. “Yeah, some stupid movie's on. So, what are you wearing?” He gave a throaty laugh. “The purple bra, I love that on you. Umm, why don't you pull off your bra and rub your dark nipples.” He paused. “Yeah, babe, I'm jerking off so hard thinking about your sexy body, your chocolate breasts. I wish you were here, riding my cock.” He was breathing hard, listening to his wife talk dirty to him. “Fuck, babe, you're really revving my motors tonight.”

Feeling naughty, I leaned over, rubbing my breasts against his chest and began licking at his neck and ears, moaning my pleasure softly. The bed was squeaking as he started fucking his hips up into me.

“I'm imagining you're on top of me, Latoya,” he moaned into the phone, “your hips writhing on me, your cunt so wet and tight on my cock. Your breasts are rubbing into my chest and you're licking and whispering such naughty things into my ear.”

I could almost hear his wife saying those nasty things to him. My clit was rubbing into his groin as we fucked and I could feel a second orgasm building inside me. He gripped my ass, squeezing my firm cheek as he thrust hard inside me.

“I'm cumming, Latoya!” he gasped and I could feel his hot cum spraying inside me. “I'm pretending its your pussy I'm flooding!” I moaned, a low throaty sound as my cunt spasmed on his cock. “Thanks, Latoya,” Curtis whispered. “Love you.”

I rolled off him, panting in pleasure. I glanced at Curtis and he was asleep, snoring softly. God, what an asshole.

I fucked him again in the morning, though. He was paying for my hotel room, and his cock felt amazing in my cunt. Then he went down to attend the conference, telling me not to expect him back until around seven or eight that night, so I had the day to myself.

All day I sat in the room, trying to ignore Ramiel's words. But they just wouldn't leave my mind. A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. I went out for a jog up the busy International Boulevard. I tried watching the planes land and take off at the airport. Nothing worked. Ramiel's words just echoed in my mind.

A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four.

I returned to the hotel room, hungry, and ordered room service for lunch. Let the cheating asshole pay for it. He claimed he only cheated on his wife a few times a year when he was out of town, but I bet the asshole cheated on the poor woman all the time. Only someone comfortable in cheating could talk to his wife while fucking another woman.

I was flipping through the channels. Over 200 and nothing worth watching. I was trying to distract myself. My stomach roiled with fear. I had two Warlocks to defeat. And Lilith of the Black Moon and of the Empty Womb, had been summoned. How was I supposed to face all that on my own. My best hope had been the Bond of Avvah and that failed.

A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. Those words just wouldn't leave me alone, gnawing away at my stomach. I just had to have faith that His Providence would guide me. Scripture always said God would never give you a burden you were not strong enough to carry. I just needed to have faith.

There was a knock at the door, interrupting my worry.

I turned the TV off, frowning. I didn't order anymore room service and the maids had already been in here to clean. I got off the bed and walked to the hotel room and opened the door, curious at what I'd fine. There were two women standing on the doorstep. The first was a tall, black woman. And I mean black. I've never seen someone with such dark skin before. The other women was a short, busty Latina with a tired smile on her face. In fact, both women looked tired, their clothes rumpled, and each clutched a suitcase.

And both had golden auras surrounding them.

“Sister,” the black woman said in an African accent and hugged me warmly. The Latina woman slipped her arms around the both of us, and all three of us hugged each other fiercely.

Tears were streaming down my face and joy beat in my heart. “Please, come in Sisters,” I told them as we released the hug. And then my heart sank. When was the last time three nuns were required to take down a Warlock. Could things be that bad already.

Our opening gambit failed, Ramiel's voice echoed in my head. A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four.

To be continued...

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