Unwanted attention - Chapter 12 by young_Jasmine

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Diary | Erotica, Incest, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women, Young

Chapter 12

My parents left that evening but not before leaving my brother and me with a set of instructions on how not to burn the house down or something, like we were little children… Once they were gone, we decided to make some popcorn and watch a movie. It was some action flick that he picked but I wasn’t really into concentrating on anything so I didn’t really care. I just had some popcorn and managed to doze off halfway through some fight scenes… I woke up on the sofa as the credits were rolling, I hadn’t realized when I fell asleep, but I found myself with my head in James’s lap.

I think it must have been a pretty deep nap considering how tiered I was after the day’s events. My head was in his lap with my arm over his legs, but in an innocent sibling position, nothing weird end definitely not intentional. I wore a casual cotton nightshirt. It was white, soft and came down just above my knee. I usually wore something like this in the summer, and actually even in the winter when it wasn’t too cold. Today was no different, except I wasn’t wearing any panties because of the tender area between my legs where I had been rubbed for almost an hour earlier…. My pussy was still red and my butt sore when I put the shirt on, so there was no way I was going to wear any underwear; plus who would see me anyway… I usually dressed like this around the house and no one would have known what is under my garments. But as I opened my eyes and realized that I fell asleep in my brothers lap I yawned and looked up at him: “Sorry, I think I was more tiered than I thought earlier, you should have woken me if you wanted to get up or something” I said casually.

-“No, it’s OK, I was really into the movie and didn’t even mind you. Plus, you looked like you needed a nap.” James responded while looking at the screen…. He was avoiding to look down at me for some reason, I wasn’t sure why since he didn’t seem to mind that I fell asleep on him.

“Is everything OK hon?” I asked my baby brother

-“Um.. , yeah, I’m fine, just… I think you should pull your nightie down a bit…” he said while finally looking at me. I followed his eyes and to my embarrassment the loose nightshirt had risen up my thigh, and I had bent one leg during my slumber it had lifted over my round butt and was at my waist, exposing my bare ass, not only that but since my legs were slightly parted, you could see that chubby little cunny between them. I immediately pulled it down and over my butt trying to cover myself, as if this would erase the images from my little brothers mind or the embarrassment off my face.

“I’m really sorry James, I must have mover around in my sleep, didn’t mean to flash you…”

-“Oh, no, i…. I wasn’t going to say anything, I didn’t even look, a…. I just didn’t want you to think that i was… “ he mumbled something and I could see that he was uncomfortable. Then, as I was waking up better I was able to put two and two together: My nightie must have rode up my leg as i fell asleep in that position, giving him a good view of my round firm butt cheeks, my puffy lips glistening between my thighs and who knows what else… He was probably not even paying attention to the movie, but looking down at the little show I was unknowingly putting on. He was definitely not a pervert, in fact quite the opposite; he was always sexually inhibited, never talking about it, not showing much interest in girls and not even masturbating like other boys his age. This sweet kid was just trying to watch TV when the shameless display was put on before him, but like any teenager the hormones acted accordingly and pulled his gaze down between my naked ass cheeks.

I got up and fixed myself a bit and looked at him and smiled: “ I keep embarrassing myself in front of you lately… Honestly I’m glad it was you and not some other person that i felt asleep on, most guys your age would have taken advantage of this and.. You know… peeped in for a better look, or even… touch…”

-“Oh no, you know I.. I wouldn’t even…” I interrupted him with my hand on his shoulder.

“I know, and that’s what makes this not as bad.” I sat next to him with my feet up under me. I noticed when I got up that he covered his crotch with a throw pillow right away. I pretended not to see but it was obvious why he did it. As I slept my head was in his lap the whole time and I must have been moving a bit, probably shifting around some. Between that and the view of by bare butt and pussy I’m amazed that I didn’t wake up on a wet spot. I’m not flattering myself, but based on the effect that I was apparently having on grown men, it would be logical to assume that my fourteen year old brother would be even more affected by this, especially with those pubescent hormones… “I actually wanted to talk to you but I wasn’t sure about how to start and to be honest I was pretty embarrassed… I still am. Now that mom and dad are not here I think it would be good for us to have a talk about the past few weeks.”

-“Am,.. sure, what about” he asked shyly although he had an idea at least about what the subject might be.

“Well, it’s kinda’ related to what happened here….” I said and looked at the pillow that he was holding in his lap. “I know we are both a bit weirded-out about what we… did… a few days ago, and I’m pretty sure that neither of us is even remotely attracted to the other. In fact I think that we both find that idea gross…” He just smiled and nodded. So now we were on the same page. But as I have learned over the summer what you want is totally different with what your body needs and how it reacts against your will.

The time I was assaulted clearly proved this concept. I was more than disgusted with those rapists and I couldn’t be attracted to either of them if they were the last men on Earth, but my body just responded to the stimulation the way it was genetically programed and there is little we can do about that. No matter how much I tried to resist and fight back, it was in vain towards the end. This was the same principle on which Doctor Carter was operating on, it was actually what we discussed in our first session, when he was helping me cope with the rape and it was also what he had explained in the later “sessions” when he was taking advantage of the same things that he was supposed to treat. So now knowing all this things and experiencing most of them myself how could I blame my poor little brother for the way his young virgin body was reacting, especially to something that I caused. The fact that he was fighting back his urges and hiding the signs on an unwanted arousal was proof enough that he was a good kid. He was always very respectful towards me and quite a gentleman with all ladies. Looking at him with that pillow in his lap and those puppy eyes staring back at me confused I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him a bit. Not in a pathetic way, not at all, but in a protective big sister kind of way.

As these thoughts ran through my mind I continued: “But just ignoring it doesn’t help us either, in fact it might drive us apart eventually if we try to avoid talking about it and end up avoiding each other altogether. You were really sweet when you opened up to me and told me some intimate things about you which took some guts, and trust me, not masturbating is really nothing to be embarrassed about anyway, it’s just a bit different since most boys your age are probably doing it twice a day…” We both giggled, he was relaxing a bit more. “We’ve always been honest with each other and I want it to stay that way, so when I saw that we didn’t speak much after our last… moment (we both knew that I was talking about a few days ago when I helped him cum), I was a bit sad and was hoping that we could just talk about that and anything else that might be going on right now.” He was agreeing with me so I got a bit braver. “Can you tell me what happened after I fell asleep earlier?”…

-“Nothing happened Jasmine, seriously…” he said rather defensive

“No, I don’t mean to imply that you did something, I just don’t know exactly how… how I made you feel or if I was moving around or something like that…” I said calmly and as nice as I could.

-“Oh, well,… you fell asleep after the movie started, I figured that you probably didn’t like it much so I was going to ask you if you wanted to see something else, but you were already sleeping and you laid down in my lap, which you probably have done before so it isn’t a big deal. But then as you settled in you moved your legs more and brought your right knee up to your stomach and that made your nightie raise up, a bit at first and more after that…. It.. ammm…. Uncovered your…” he just looked down

“My butt?.....” “It’s OK, you can talk to me. It’s just us here, in fact we are all alone in the house for the first time since I don’t know when, so we should get it all out right now. You know how much I care about you and I’m sure you feel the same about me, so let’s just be like before, when we were kids and spoke about anything all the time…” He just looked back at me with those big puppy eyes:

-“Yes, your butt was uncovered and I just glanced at first when I noticed, my first reaction was to cover you up but the material was bunched up and I didn’t want to touch you like that, nor did I want to leave your bare bottom on display, so I looked for a blanket which is on the recliner and to get it I would have had to wake you up. I thought about that and then we would be in the same position we are now…

So anyway, I figured you were comfortable and since you are my sister it was OK to just sleep in my lap until you woke up on your own. I have to admit, I did look at your butt a bit more after that, I really didn’t mean anything about it, but I don’t know, for some reason I couldn’t look away… You see, I was going to watch some… porn on my computer a few times this spring and again once in the summer but each time I started I felt pretty weird about it; not that I was judging the whole thing, but just felt like I wasn’t getting the experience that you are supposed to get when you watch it. It made me uncomfortable, and to be honest I really thought the actors were stupid. I mean those lines and then they just start doing it for no reason, and the girls were supposed to be so hot but instead were just trashy and loud… I know it sounds silly coming from a guy, I guess I’m supposed to like that stuff and get aroused, but I just felt weird. That’s probably why I can’t … you know… masturbate. “

“So you’ve never… touched yourself?”

-“I have, I tried it a few times but with no result. The touching feels OK, I mean, it responds the way you would expect it to, but I never gave myself an orgasm, maybe it’s just in my head but when I do it I feel silly and even when I get close I can’t finish because all I do is just picture how stupid I look doing it… I know how stupid this sounds... I don’t know, it’s probably just psychological…” He just looked down for a bit. I was so impressed about how sincere he was with me and how he opened up.

“I understand how you feel James, I actually felt really weird last time after I touched you but was hoping that it helped… Now I just wanted to know if I had the same effect on you, or on your body like when I got out of the shower and you were in my room…” We both looked at each other and blushed instantly.

He nodded. –“Yeah, about the same…. You were moving around a bit and when you turned on your belly more, your legs parted and I could see your…. not that I was looking but it was just there… I felt so dirty looking at your private parts but I just stared for a few moments. A bit later you moved your head in my lap, not much, just a shift, but that really pressed on my… crotch, and I started feeling funny. Like I said, I’ve only seen a few naked girls on the internet, but those are just pictures or stupid movies, it was just so different in real life, I guess I was just unprepared to see you so naked and so close. OK, I’ll be honest, after that I have no idea what happened in the movie!” He just blurred out. I giggled a bit, and he smiled back.

“It’s really not your fault, I should have worn something else, or at least panties, so if anyone did something wrong here it was me. So, how do you feel now?..” I asked while looking at the pillow that was still in his lap. He blushed again but responded honestly:

-“about the same I guess…” I just kept looking at the pillow, not sure why, but a few moments later he just said: “OK, look…” and removed the pillow slowly exposing the bulge in his pajama pants. Most people don’t wear underwear to bed and I assumed he didn’t either. As I looked closer I could see the contour of his penis through the material and got a flashback to a the last time this had happened, and how I pulled it out of his shorts then and rubbed it just a few times before my hand was covered in cum. I have heard that younger guys would cum faster and that a virgin like my little brother would probably last even less, but about 10 strokes including the two that he was already ejaculating on was too fast I thought even for a 14 year old.

I suspected that he may be a premature ejaculator to begin with, combine that with how aroused he was and not have been touched like that before it didn’t surprise me much now. But I decided to ask him anyway since we were on the subject and in this state he would probably tell me anything, so I just looked at him and asked: “James, how do you feel about what happened last time, in my room ?”

-“I… I’m not sure, it was really fast, I didn’t have time to react I guess. I had never seen breasts in real life, not like that, not like…. Yours.” I could see that I had put him on the spot but I just smiled and let him continue… “I thought that you were upset that I saw them, but then when you took your hands away I just didn’t know what to think, I definitely didn’t expect you to come closer and,… put my hands on them… I mean, that was more than I was ready for to be honest. Then when you touched my penis through my shorts and pulled it out it just felt surreal. It felt like it was going to explode right there, I think I started experiencing an orgasm right away, before you stroked it. That just made me ejaculate harder, I’m pretty sure it would have happened even if you only held it in your hand…” He noticed me staring at him and stopped talking, probably thinking that I may be upset with him. But I wasn’t, in fact I was surprised and a bit fascinated about what he had to say.

“I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable when I placed your hands on my breasts, it’s just that I didn’t want you to get in trouble with mom for not going down stairs when she called you and you couldn’t quite go in your… state. I thought that if I stoked you it would take 10 or 15 minutes before you ejaculated, so I figured that touching me would be quicker…”

-“Well, it sure was fast…. Did it feel weird when I touched you? I had obviously never done that before so I wasn’t sure how to hold them, or if I should squeeze…” he innocently asked

“No hon, it was fine, it felt kinda’ strange afterwards because you are my little brother, but that’s all. You were a perfect gentleman and still are. I’m the one that seems to keep getting us in these messes.” I looked down at his crotch again as I said this. He looked down and blurred out: “I think I will just wait here a moment and relax a bit”, noticing my stare toward his private area. I took that as a hint and got up, made sure that my nightie was covering everything properly and went upstairs to my room.

I figured that if I gave James enough time his little “problem” would either go away on its own or he would take care of it. I understood that he normally doesn’t masturbate but after all that went on tonight, with me sleeping in his hap and exposing my butt by mistake, then talking about it seemed to arouse him even more... so he should have no problem finishing off this time. As I thought about it I started felling strange about what we discussed, not that I was regretting talking to him, in fact I’m happy we talked, but I felt that it might have had an effect on me too.

My anus still hurt from earlier at the doctor’s office, but for now it didn’t seem to bother me so much, my body was distracted by a different sensation, one that was generated in part by the intimate talk I had with James, and part by the stage I inadvertently got him in… What was wrong with me? I hated the attention I got from all other males, but I’m getting aroused by enticing my little brother? I know that I don’t feel attracted to him, I’m sure that it’s not an incest fetish or anything like that, but it feels like making him horny without even wanting to is stirring something in me. I lifted my night shirt and looked between my legs to check the state of the whole area, mostly to see if I can put some panties on. My pussy was still red, the lips were swollen, and the skin was tender to the touch. I reached down and parted them a bit just to tale a better look.

The inside was red also, and my clit was still slightly erect, though not as bad as it was right after Dr. Carter finally stopped rubbing it. To my surprise everything seemed to be moist and was giving a bit of a sweet odor, much like the one I noticed earlier while I was being masturbated against my will. I laid back on my bed with the nightie bunched up around my waist and raised my knees up a bit more, letting the night air cool my molested area between my legs down a bit. I just relaxed for what seemed like ten of fifteen minutes. I haven’t heard James come up stairs yet and that seemed odd. First off, I thought that he must have either finished himself off or his erection must have subsided by now. I waited a few more minutes and then decided to go down and check if he was OK. I walked into the TV room and he was still on the couch. I peeked in, not wanting to interrupt anything that he might be doing, but it seemed that he wasn’t doing much, just flipping through channels. Taking this as a good sign one way or another, I walked in and sat on the couch next to him. He had his hands crossed in his lap; not that I looked, OK I did look briefly but only from pure curiosity but saw nothing. Anyway I sat down and just asked what he was watching. He just responded by shrugging his shoulders, but didn’t make eye contact.

“Is everything OK?” I asked

-“Yeah, I’m OK,…. About the same….” He answered blushing a bit.

“You mean…. You haven’t…. Oh, I understand” He hadn’t taken care of “it” not did it go away by itself. If I didn’t know him better I would have thought that he was waiting for me to do something. So I asked: “May I see?”

-“ OK, but just look, I really don’t want us to do that again…” he said as sincerely as anyone can utter that sentence. Then he removed his hands and sure enough the bulge was there. It seemed painful, especially after almost half an hour or more. I decided I knew what was better for him so I just reached out and grabbed the waistband of his pajama bottoms and pulled it down. His erection springed out and stood up perfectly straight. My lips were a bit parted as I stared at it, with the bulbous head all red and a few drops of precum cumming out and trickling down the throbbing shaft.

-“You said you would just look” he managed to say before I stopped him

“I’m just looking… Why didn’t you just.., I mean it seems that you wouldn’t even have to do much, you know…”

-“ I know. I just feel stupid doing it, and I don’t feel OK with you touching it either, so I thought that I can just wait it out, but…..”

I must admit I felt bad for him, but I also was curious what would happen this time if I helped him, more like how much rubbing I could do before he ejaculated. So I just reached for it without saying anything and took a hold of his overly erect penis. He froze for a moment and then gasped as I pulled the skin back and all the way down to start the first stroke, but as I did this it just throbbed in my hand a few times and it exploded without even one full stroke. As soon as I touched him the orgasm hit him so hard that he wasn’t even breathing. He just held his breath as I was looking straight at him. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just let go of it and watched as jet after jet of cum spurted out and all over his torso and down his shaft, covering his testicles and thighs.

There was so much of it and the penis just kept jerking up and down multiple times as he was experiencing the strong orgasm. In retrospect I realized that I should have stroked him a few times even if he started ejaculating before the first stroke, or at least do something instead of just letting go and watching my brother cum all over himself while looking at me and gripping the sofa cushion… As the long orgasm subsided he started breathing hard and just looked down at the mess in his crotch. I looked too but also tried to make eye contact with him. Finally I spoke, more like whispered: “Are you OK? Sorry I just let go, I just wasn’t expecting that just yet, not sure want to do… Please don’t hate me” I said smiling. He smiled back:

-“No, you are fine, I never felt that before, not that quick anyway. I think you are wright, I should have taken care of it…”

This was actually a new experience for me too. I didn’t know that a guy could ejaculate just from a touch and I actually thought that you had to rub the penis or engage it somehow during the orgasm for the semen to spurt out like that, but I wasn’t going to discuss any of this with James, he was embarrassed enough as it was without me pointing out that he creamed himself all over with one single touch from his sister… I got up and came back with a washcloth, but instead of letting me clean him up, he just took it and used it on himself quickly and then pulled his PJ’s up. I realized that he didn’t want me to touch it again and rick more arousal, I was fine with that, but still insisted on taking the cloth from him which he gave up and as I went to the downstairs bathroom, he went up to his room. I turned the faucet on and started washing it. It was really sticky from the amount of semen that was cleaned up. Now I wasn’t a stranger to ejaculate, unfortunately, but washing James’s fluids with my hands was… different. I wasn’t grossed out at all and didn’t mind it one bit; not the texture, nor the smell or the gooey-nes… I rinsed it off and threw it in the hamper. Then I made my way to my room and got into bed. I drifted off to sleep thinking of today’s events, and there was more than enough to think about.

Rating: 90%, Read 26747 times, Posted Apr 02, 2015

Diary | Erotica, Incest, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women, Young


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