John's Little Family Affair 4 by Raymond

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Judy went off by herself where she could keep an eye on the driveway.

Dinner was on hold for thirty minutes when Judy came storming down

stairs to confront Joy as she sipped wine at the prepared table. "What

is the matter with that boy? I thought he'd rush home after the way we

parted company. He could not have misconstrued my message, could he?"

"No, I think you made yourself quite obvious. If you ask me, he's out

knocking off number twenty-five. He probably has renewed confidence.

Perhaps all he wanted was to know that he could have you begging for a


"You hold your voice down. The girls don't need to be hearing shit like

that. And it is shit. Besides, he wouldn't do that to me. I'm number

twenty-five, god damnit!"

"Whatever you say, Judy."

"Don't patronize me, Joy. I hate when you do that."

Another hour passed with no sign of John. Judy had the girls calling

all of his known hangouts and friends to no avail.

Finally, Judy said, "Let's eat. I'm sure he'll be along soon."

The dinner was a somber affair. They all knew Judy was frustrated, and

she felt ridiculous sitting in a wooden chair, practically naked with

her bare ass kissing timber. The girls seemed to be holding back

snickers at the unusual dinner attire and more unusual situation, at

least, Judy felt they were.

Half way through the meal, Judy slammed her fork down and declared,

"God damnit, I'm sick of this!" Unfortunately, she also squared her

shoulders; tits popped out, east and west. Judy glared, saying, "If you

girls want to laugh at me, go ahead. I dare you. And you, you slut. You

sit there all smug and holier-than-thou..."

Judy turned to the two stunned teenagers and said, "You think she's so

cool, one of the girls, cool Aunt Joy. Let me tell you about your cool

Aunt Joy. She's the biggest slut that ever lived. She not only screwed

all three of her sons, she screwed every guy she ever met, including

your father more times than I care to count. She even screwed dogs to

entertain her boys and their friends. Yes, Brenda, your Aunt Joy had

sex, anal, vaginal, and oral sex with dogs, any male dog would do. Your

Aunt Joy is a bitch, a real bitch."

Joy listened unaffected, continuing to eat her meal. Brenda appeared

genuinely shocked at her mother for bringing this up at the dinner

table. Bonnie found the revelation amusing, though she tried not to let

it show. Judy was hoping for disgust, or for someone to get up and

leave the table to throw up. Her girls were not even close to disgust.

If anything, they looked upon Joy with new respect and awe because of

the way she was taking the abuse in stride.

Judy saw this and said to Joy, "Jesus Christ, have you corrupted these

girls so much that they can accept that behavior, even admire it?"

Joy said in defense, "Look, regardless of what you think, I have not

made a move on these girls. Yes, we've had frank talks about sex and

boys, and we got involved in a little show and tell. I just did what

you never had the guts to do. I told them about the birds and the bees;

and yes, I told them about dogs, too. I even showed them pictures."

"Well that's great. Now I'm going to have my piece, and you'd better

all listen up. John and I have a unique relationship. It's not sick and

tawdry as Joy's was with her sons, so I'm sure you girls will be

disappointed. There won't be any perverse acts to ogle at, or dogs to

cheer on. You'll just see plain old ordinary lovers doing what lovers

do. I'm sure you'll all be bored to tears. You three can all get naked

and climb into bed with each other. You can all take turns licking

everything that smells bad. Lick each others cunts. Suck each other's

pussies until your jaws ache. Have yourselves a lesbian love fest and

invite all the horny mutts in the neighborhood with my blessing. John

and I will try to ignore you. You leave us alone, and we'll leave you


Joy interrupted, "Judy, you're making a huge ass of yourself."

"Fuck you, bitch! You slimy dog-fucking piece of crap. You incestuous

whore. Stand up!" Joy stood with resignation.

"Drop your pants, girdle, panties...fuck it, take off everything." Joy

did so with casual aplomb. "Now stand on your chair." Joy climbed onto

the chair and stood with her feet at the outside edges. "Now play with

yourself while you admit you're a whore."

Joy rolled her nipples while crudely finger-fucking herself in a squat,

saying, "I'm a whore! I'm a whore! Can I finish my meal now, Mistress

Judy." Judy stormed from the table, went upstairs, and slammed her


Twenty minutes later, she came prancing down the stairs excitedly

saying, "He's here! He's here! Everybody go to the living room and act

natural. Damnit, Joy, why are you still naked?"

"Those were my last orders."

"Quick, slip your robe on, but if I so much as see a wisp of a cunt

hair, I'll pull them all out with pliers."

When they were all situated in the living room, Judy turned her back to

them and said, "How do I look?"

While slipping on the short robe, Joy said, "You look like a bitch in


Judy turned wearing a smug smile and said, "I hope so. I want him to

fuck me. We're going to make love, but don't worry, we'll start in here

to give you perverts the show you want. I'll make it nasty. I know

you'll all like it better that way. I'll be in the kitchen. I'm sure

he'll be looking for me. Just send him in." She sauntered off with a

flip of her skirt to show her ass.

When John entered he saw Joy sitting on the sofa with Brenda and Bonnie

at her feet, lying prone on the floor facing the TV. Joy was silently

motioning for him to go upstairs and not say a word. John got the

message and bounded up the stairs. He was halted halfway up by Judy's

astonished cry, "John, I'm in the kitchen."

"Yeah, that's where I figured you'd be. I'm not hungry."

"John, I was hoping we could talk."

"I was just going to shower and relax a bit."

"Can't that wait?"

John looked to Joy and saw her nod toward the kitchen. He said, "Yeah,

I guess so." He walked slowly into the kitchen and froze on seeing his

sexy mother washing dishes with her legs fully exposed and never

looking sexier. The invitation and purpose was obvious. He just stood

and stared for the longest time as his mouth watered and his dick

became rampant.

He couldn't believe his eyes when his mother bent slowly forward and

revealed her shaved pussy. When she reached through with one soapy hand

and used her painted nails to tease the slick flesh, he felt weak in

the knees. He watched a sudsy finger go inside, then draw through the

glistening slit.

He knew right away that things hadn't gone well. He was on his own, but

tried to recall the principles. He came up and casually ran his hand up

the back of her right leg, up under the skirt, and let it rest on the

most luscious piece of bare ass he'd ever felt. He thought, "Oh, God!

How the fuck does Joy expect me to resist this?"

Judy stood straight and turned into his arms with a sultry smile. She

smiled when his eyes lit up on seeing her top. On impulse, she squared

her shoulders. Her smile broadened as she watched John's wide eyes dart

east and west. She touched his nose with her slimy finger and cooed,

"Did I surprise you?"

"Yeah, you surprised me. I love your top. You even shaved your cunt."

Joy pushed him to arm's length and looked stunned, even hurt, saying,

"Don't be crude, John. I find that unbecoming."

"It looked to me like you wanted to be crude."

"I was being sensuous, not crude. I thought you'd know the

difference...Well, I'll teach you the difference."

Judy pulled him into a belly to belly embrace and draped her arms

around his neck. She kissed the wet spot on his nose, then whispered

sexily, "I had a talk with Joy and the girls. I told them about us. You

needn't be bashful around them. I thought you'd like that. We can both

express our feelings for each other openly, anywhere in this house. Are

you happy?"

"You mean I can fuck you in front of everyone."

"John! Why must you put things like that? We can make love in front of

them, if you wish, but I prefer making love in private. It'll be much

better in private. I won't be inhibited in the bedroom. Would you like

to go sit out there with them and love on each other. I'd like that."

"Yeah, I guess. I am kinda hungry, though."

"John, honestly, I wonder if you really care. Eat if you want. I'll be

in my room."

She brushed past, but he caught her by the hand, spinning her into his

ass-cupping embrace. He smiled and said, "I was teasing you, being

sensuous. I'd like to see you go out there in your uniform. I dare


"You mean just wear the belt and heels?"

"I think I'd like that top to be part of the uniform, only let me fix

your tits." Judy passively watched as John pushed the rolls fully

outside each breast, forcing the twin mounds high on her chest and

close together, in obscene offering. Judy looked at her out-thrust

hooters and laughingly said, "This looks obscene, but it'll be perfect.

I'll take that dare. Would you like the honor of removing my skirt?"

John unbuckled the two-inch wide patent leather belt, saying, "You're

really going to go out there like this, huh?"

He handed Judy the belt and worked on the skirt's fastener and zipper

as Judy replied, "You dared me. I must."

John dropped to his knees to drop the skirt. He dropped it fast, and

planted a wet kiss to his mother's clit after she stepped free. He then

stood back as she posed seductively, looking like the ultimate whore,

saying, "Well, how do I look?"

"You look like a whore."

"JOHN! Oh, what am I getting upset about? Of course I look like a

whore. I forgot how I was dressed, or not dressed. I've got to tell

you, I feel more naked than absolute naked. I feel vulgar."

"That's how I like my women, vulgar. Come on. Let's go show them how

it's done."

Judy smiled, but said, "Woman, John, not women," then walked hand in

hand beside John into the living room. Joy relinquished the sofa and

they sat while all eyes turned on them in amused surprise. John

immediately hung an arm around his mother's shoulder and dipped his

hand to cup her naked right tit. He mauled that tit. Judy turned redder

and whispered, "John, don't be so crude. Stroke, don't knead them like


John eased up a bit, but was soon back to honking her hooters. He ran a

hand up her leg and grabbed her by the cunt. She tore his hand away and

told him to settle down. She tried to give him a tender kiss, but he

licked her lips like a dog. She wiped her mouth and settled for a

snuggle in the crook of his arm. John pulled her steadily until she

laid across his lap.

Judy didn't like being pushed, and resisted. She soon found herself

over his lap with her naked ass in the air. He pinned her in place with

a firm left hand in the center of her back as she looked up at him and

cried, "John, stop this. What do you think you're doing?"

John ignored her protest and ran his hand over her luscious ass as the

others moved closer too look at her ass. Judy began kicking and

struggling hard, but not hard enough to break free, even as John's

finger rudely skewered her defenseless asshole. She reached back with

both hands to pry his hand off her back, but only succeeded in getting

those hands trapped my John's one hand.

The girls thought this was marvelous. Judy continued shouting protests,

flailing her legs. She looked to Joy and shouted, "Do something." Then

back at John shouting, "Damn you, John! Stop that this instant. John,

I'm not playing around. Get your finger out of my ass, you son-of-a-


Judy wasn't aware, but Joy had shucked off her robe. She sat at Judy's

head, then turned in place to face Judy with her leg's straddling her

shoulders. Judy looked up just in time to have her head grabbed by

Joy's strong hands and shoved face first in Joy's wide open beaver,

muffling any further protests."

The kids were awed, and just stared with open mouths. Judy's struggles

were real and real hard, but with two people securing her, real futile.

Joy had her hands cupped over Judy's ears. She reclined against the arm

of the sofa and said, "John, keep up the finger fucking of her ass.

Bonnie, you help by using both hands to pull her cheeks wide apart.

Brenda, purse your fingers and thumb and shove your whole hand up her


Brenda cried, "I can't do that. It'll kill her."

"Just do as I say, Brenda. I was doing that to your mother when she was

your age, and my hand was as big as it is now. She can take your little

hand easily. When you get inside, make a fist and fuck her, not hard,

but not easy. Do it. I'll explain latter."

Judy heard none of this, though she was sure Joy was directing the

assault. She struggled, though the effort was wasted. She accounted for

everyone's hands but Bonnie's, so the hand pushing into her pussy had

to be her little angel's. Judy, grimaced into the cunt, then realized

she had her mouth firmly against her sisters cunt. She couldn't help

but lick, then probe with her tongue. Twenty-one years of dreaming

about doing so had a powerfully numbing effect. Though strong

sensations were flooding her mind from below, especially after Bonnie

made a fist and began fucking motions; still, Judy focused mostly on

the pussy in her face. She gradually stopped struggling.

Topside, Joy said, "I want to show you kids something about your

mother. Just watch and learn."

Bonnie was straining to see her mother's face in Joy's crotch, and

said, "Aren't you afraid she might bite you?"

"No, sweetheart. The thought never crossed my mind."

"Can she breathe?"

"Yes, her nose is clear."

"What's she doing?"

"She's trying to lick my tonsils from the back side."

"I wanna see her tongue in your pussy. Can I?"

"Just wait. She's almost there. Watch her closely. See how she's going

totally limp. John, release her hands." John looked puzzled, but

relaxed his grip. Judy's hands came down slowly, then settled on Joy's

inner thighs. Joy said, "Now, I'm going to let go. Don't say anything

with her ears uncovered. Just do as you're doing. Watch what I do, and

watch what she does. Okay, she's ready. I'm letting go."

Joy relaxed her grip then eased her hands away. With her head free, Joy

didn't raise up. She used her freedom of movement to move her mouth

over yet unlicked portions of Joy's crotch. The kids watched in rapt

fascination. Joy used her hands to widen the spread she offered her

sister, then made the offering more obscene by pulling her knees up to

her shoulders. This rolled her loins up and made the asshole easily

accessible. Judy ran her tongue over everything, and probed deep in

both holes while her kids watched in awe.

Joy slowly lowed her feet to the sofa on either side of Judy's

shoulders, then began humping her cunt in Judy's face, face fucking her

as Judy had face fucked her earlier. After a minute of this, Joy eased

her ass to the sofa and placed her hands back over Judy's ears. She

moved Judy's head wherever she wanted it while saying, "Look at her

legs, now. See how she's welcoming what you guys are doing to her. See

how she's wiggling and squirming."

Brenda said, "She sure seems to like it, now. Boy, this really feels

weird, neat, but weird. I thought she'd be screaming her lungs out."

Bonnie said, "Look, I'm in up to my forearm. God, this is so neat."

John said, "I've never seen anything like this, Joy."

"I learned this as a teenager, but I never had the guts to make her eat

me. I could kick myself now. I did everything else but. She lost her

cherry this way, and got gang banged this way a bunch of times. She

even got her pregnant twice in high school. Mom made her get abortions,

that's why your mother won't ever get another. She never ratted on me,


Bonnie said, "Wow, Joy, you are so cool."

"Okay, pay attention. Your mother will fight almost anything sexual

that is forced on her, but when she realizes that resistance is futile,

she'll gradually surrender and relax. You saw that. Now, when she is

totally relaxed, that's a turning point. She somehow clicks into

another personality. I call it her slut mode. If you keep up the

stimulation without hurting her, she gets hornier and hornier, sluttier

and sluttier. She can't help it. She can't fight it. She can't resist.

That knowledge may come in handy some day, so remember it.

"Okay, here's the plan. I'm going to let go of her head and have myself

a good cum. John, when you see me get my nut, you brush the girls away

and start wailing the tar out of her ass. I mean, spank the shit out of

her, hard and fast, one right after the other. She can take it, trust

me. You'll have to do it hard to break this state she's in. Can you do


"Yeah, sure, if you say so."

"Good. You girls might want to move down here at that time. I think

you'll get a good show, because your Mom will want to eat my cum from

my pussy hole in spite of the spanking. That should be fun to watch.

Get right in close, because she won't even know you're there. All

she'll be aware of is juicy pussy and a fire burning on her ass. Sooner

or latter, though, she won't be able to take anymore, and she'll fight

her way off. That would be a good time to get out of the way, because

she'll come flying of John's lap. Don't stop her, John. Let her go."

John said, "She's going to be pissed, Joy."

"She'll be madder than a hornet. Don't worry. Her bark is worse than

her bite. Let her vent, and she'll quickly calm down. You girls just

sit there and don't act intimidated. I wouldn't smile at her, but don't

shy away or look sorry or guilty. John, I'm counting on you to pour on

the charm. I think she'll respond after she vents her steam. Don't stop

being a jerk. Be a bigger jerk. Remember what we talked about.

Nothing's changed. What we did should help, but I doubt we changed the

way she feels about you. She'll blame this nasty interlude on me, not


"Good. She should."

"She always gets embarrassed by the way she acted, and that's

understandable. She always gets over it, though, and ends up blaming

herself. That's why I say, don't worry about her threats. They're

hollow, and whatever she threatens you with, she'll undo. Okay, are we

all set? Here we go."

Joy released Judy's head and got in position for a face fuck. She

planted her feet as wide as the sofa allowed and laid her knees out as

well. When she lifted her ass, the kids could see their mother

devouring their aunt's beaver like a mad woman. They all strained to

see better while doing their respective jobs.

Joy cried out, "Oh, yes, Judy, eat my cunt, you whore. Suck my pussy,

bitch. You know you love it, you little cunt lapping slut. Move your

head from side to side so your kids can see your tongue in my pussy.

Show your kids how much you love eating your sister's nasty cunt."

The kids watched in amazement as their mother eagerly followed Joy's

lewd suggestion with enthusiasm. She first laid her cheek on Joy's left

thigh so the girls could see her extended tongue licking feverishly up

and down the wide slit and inside the hole. She laid her cheek on the

other side to show John the same thing. She repeated this while Joy's

cunt fucked her face, and while Joy heaped filthy insults that spurned

her on. The kids watched the most erotic spectacle they'd ever seen,

and it lasted ten minutes."

Joy came explosively. John brushed the girls away, and they immediately

took places at Joy's left hip, overlooking the scene where their

mother's tongue lapped furiously in Joy's hole. Joy had stopped humping

and pulled her cunt lips apart to further expose the hole as the first

hard smack came down on Judy's ass.

Judy jerked in response, but the surprising smack didn't slow her down.

Slaps came one after the other, and they soon had Judy squirming and

flailing her legs. Still, she licked at the pussy. Still more slaps

fell, and Judy's ass turned bright red all over. She tried to protect

her ass with her hands, but John always hit where they weren't until

Judy finally broke contact with the pussy and shouted, "STOP HITTING

ME, GOD DAMNIT! JOHN! John! God damn you. STOP!"

In a wild flurry of flailing arms and legs, Judy came flying from

John's lap to land at his feet. She sat up quickly with a face red as a

fire engine. She glared at the girls who immediately sat on the floor.

She stood and glared down on Joy, still sprawled obscenely, saying,

"You fucking bitch! You get out of my house. I hate you. You slimy

cunted whore."

She turned to her daughters and yelled, "As for you two bitches, you're

both grounded for the rest of the school year. No more phone. No more

TV. No more allowance. How could you two humiliate me that way? Her, I

understand. I know she put you up to it, but you both have minds of

your own. You could have said, no. Well, you'll wish you had."

She then turned to John and said in a softer, more hurt than angry

tone, "And you, how could you do that to me? You hurt me, John. You

humiliated me."

She was about to ream him royally when John pouted and said, "I'm

sorry, Mom. I can't help myself. I must be sick."

As predicted, she melted. She knelt on the sofa and cupped his face,

softly saying, "John, don't you ever do anything like that again. You

must try to control those urges, at least in public, even here at home.

That wasn't what I meant when I said you could do anything."

"You're pissed at me, aren't you?"

"No, sweetheart. I'm not pissed. Look, let's just start over." She

snuggled back into his shoulder, saying, "You girls better just sit

quietly. I told you if I couldn't ignore your presence, there'd be

trouble. I'm going to give you a second chance to redeem yourselves. If

you'll sit quietly, and just watch, you can forget what I said."

Joy was still sprawled beside her; in fact, Judy had to squeeze by her

to kneel before John. Joy's pussy was now against Judy's bare hip. Judy

looked to Joy, then looked at her cunt, then back up to say, "Forget

what I said about leaving, but I'm still upset with you. You've earned

yourself a shaved head, but I'll forgive that too if you'll just sit

quietly and not interfere. And cover yourself. You're being


Joy pulled her lips apart, drawing Judy's eyes to the spread as she

said, "Are you sure you wouldn't care for more pussy cream before I

cover it up."

"Stop it, Joy. You've had your fun, now behave yourself."

Joy sat up and reached for her robe. While putting it on, she said,

"That was a great cum, sis. Thanks for eating my pussy."

"Joy!" Judy turned away from Joy to John saying, "Forget her. I'll deal

with her later. Now, where were we?"

Her left hand drifted over the bulge in his jeans, and she lightly

carressed his manhood. John unbuttoned his fly and pulled the fly open.

Judy did not want to go this far, but considering where they'd already

been, her curiosity got the best of her. Her hand went inside his BVDs

and soon encountered a throbbing male hardness, a sticky male hardness.

She brought her hand up to her nose and instantly made a face on

getting a whiff of very ripe pussy. She pushed away to sit up and glare

at him, saying, "You were out with another girl?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I suppose you knocked off number twenty-five."

"No, I was polishing two old notches. What's the bid deal? I can manage

three, four, or five in one night."

Judy slumped with disappointment, but let her hand return to the

exciting cock. John whispered, "Are you mad at me?"

"I'm disappointed. We're going to have to work on that, John. I'm not

mad. How could I be mad at you, sweetheart. At least you came home to


"Prove you're not mad. Kiss my dick. Lick it, too."

Judy tried not to convey her surprise at his lewd suggestion. Her

surprise was obvious, though they couldn't hear the reply. She leaned

to his ear and whispered, "How could you ask me to do such a thing in

front of them? If that really turns you on, I'll do it in the bedroom."

John whispered, but not softly enough so that the others couldn't hear,

"It would really turn me on if you licked my dick in front of them.

They know I just fucked two girls. I want them to see you licking their

pussy juice off my dick. That would really turn me on."

"John, please don't ask that of me, and whisper quieter. They heard

every word you said."

"I really, really want you to do that, though."

"All right, I'll kiss it, but I won't lick it until we get in the


John spoke in a voice that was loud and clear, "I want you to lick

every inch of my cock and balls. I want you to clean my crotch with

your tongue. You said we could do anything. Well, that's what I want to

do." He punctuated this statement by rudely grabbing her by the cunt

while shoving his two middle fingers inside.

Judy had enough. She tore his hand away, struggled free, and led him up

the stairs. Once out of sight and ear shot, in the upstairs hallway,

she backed him to the wall and said, "Slow down! I am not a piece of

meat. We won't be doing that again until you've had a few lessons." She

then smiled warmly and said, "You really liked what happened down

there, didn't you?"

"I loved it. I love watching you suck cunt."

"John, we're alone now. You can stop showing off. There's no one to

show off to but me, and I already told you that I hate that kind of

crude talk. Look, that wasn't the real me down there. Joy has that

effect on me. She makes me do crazy things, things I have no control

over. I hate when she does that, and she knows it. I'll straighten her

out later, but you must remember not to ever treat me like that again."

"But it was fun. I liked treating you that way."

"I know. Look, we can play games when we're alone. You can spank me, if

that's what you like. I know other games you might like to play, but

they're just games. I'll tell you when I'm in the mood to play a game,

then we'll mutually decide what game we'll play. I am not in a game-

playing mood now. I'm in a loving mood, and I'm loving you. I bought

you something."

"Yeah, I heard you are having my MG fixed."

"Not that, something sexy. It's on your bed."

"Well, let's go check it out."

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