18 Days of Futa Fun - Chapter 2 by Sadistic_Dominant

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Fiction | Blowjob, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Young

Day 1 - Part 2

Cadence and Kelly sat in Cadence's room that afternoon. It had been a particularly hard day for Cadence. Along with the dick, it seemed, came a guy's hormones. Every girl she saw, who looked even remotely attractive, caused her to have an instant erection.

Cheerleader practice had been extremely brutal. She had never really thought about how sexy cheerleading outfits looked, despite knowing that guys found them sexy. Halfway through practice she had had to run to the restroom to jerk off, just so she could think straight.

And now she and Kelly were trying to do homework and all Cadence could think about was Kelly's tight ass in those yoga pants. "Something bothering you", Kelly asked in a teasing voice, gesturing at the tent in Cadence's booty shorts.

"Nothing", Cadence said shortly, surprised by her own reaction. Kelly just smiled. "You know, my last boyfriend always got irritated when he was horny too." "I'm not horny", Cadence insisted, but she couldn't stop staring as Kelly wiggled her ass.

"Oh really", Kelly said, then stood up. "So you aren't bothered at all if I do this?" She turned around, facing away from Cadence and grabbed the hem of her yoga pants. She slowly bent over and pulled the garment down, revealing a sky blue thong.

Cadence felt something growing inside her, like a primal need to fuck. But she wasn't sure she liked that feeling. "Come on, Kelly, you're my best friend. Take this seriously." "Oh, I am", Kelly said as she turned around and tossed her blouse on the floor.

Her smaller titties, B cups at best, stood firm and perky, no bra restraining them. Her pink nipples were hard and sticking out. "I'm taking this very seriously. That is the biggest cock I've ever seen and, when I gave you a blowjob earlier, your cum tasted amazing. Now, I want to feel that monster filling me up and cumming inside me."

"Kelly, I'm not going to fuck you", Cadence said, her voice weaker than she would have liked. "You're not", Kelly teasingly asked. "So, this doesn't feel good?"

She crawled onto the bed and straddled Cadence's lap. They had never been in this position before and Cadence felt conflicting emotions inside herself. On one hand, this was her best friend and she had never even considered being with her.

But the other part of Cadence, the part that was connected to this new dick, wanted to fuck Kelly until she couldn't walk straight. And that part was getting stronger, especially as Kelly rubbed her wet, smooth cunt up and down Cadence's thick, hard shaft.

Finally Cadence couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Kelly's hips, surprised by how intense her desire was, and lifted the petite girl up. She moved Kelly's thong to the side and plunged her downward, impaling the her on the massive dick beneath her.

"Fuck", Kelly screamed as Cadence's length and girth stretched her cunt beyond what she thought was possible. "You're going to wreck me for men, Cady", Kelly said as she started sliding up and down on Cadence's shaft. "Well, that wont be a problem if you're this eager for my dick", Cadence said as she watched her best friend ride her cock.

As the smaller girl rode her, Cadence was mesmerized by Kelly's perky tits bouncing in front of her. She sucked one into her mouth, flicking the nipple with her tongue. "Oh fuck, Cady, that feels fucking amazing", Kelly moaned and Cadence could feel her friend's pussy starting to contract in orgasm.

Suddenly Cadence felt her lap get soaking wet and she looked down. Liquid was ejaculating from Kelly's pussy, all over Cadence's cock. "Holy fuck", Cadence said. "You're squirting." "No wonder", Kelly said. "I've never had a dick feel this good inside me."

That praise just made Cadence want to make Kelly squirt again. She pulled Kelly off of her dick and tossed her onto the bed. "Get on your hands and knees, slut" she growled. Kelly just smiled and immediately obeyed. "Where did that come from", Kelly asked as she wiggled her ass and dripping pussy at her friend.

"I have no idea", Cadence said. "I think this thing is making me more aggressive." "Well, I like it", Kelly said as she looked at her best friend expectantly. "Now, fuck me like the dirty slut I am."

Cadence grabbed her best friend's hips and rammed her dick deep inside the girl's pusy. Kelly moaned and groaned loudly, almost screaming in pleasure, as Cadence pounded her cunt over and over again. Her balls slapped against Kelly's clit, causing Kelly to orgasm again.

Cadence fucked her like this for almost ten minutes, loving how tight and slick her pussy was. Then she felt her own orgasm building. "I'm going to flood your pussy with my cum", she growled and thrust deep, burying several inches inside Kelly's cervix.

Then she exploded, pumping a huge load of seed deep inside the girl's womb. "Fuck", Kelly moaned, drooling and orgasming as her best friend filled her cunt to overflowing.

When Cadence pulled out, cum gushed from the gaping hole between Kelly's legs. Kelly quickly turned around and licked Cadence's dick clean, then she began licking up the cum that was pooling on the bed.

"Damn, that's delicious", she moaned as she looked up at her best friend. Cadence grabbed the girl and kissed her hard, tasting her own jizz on the girl's tongue. "That was amazing. I've never had sex that good before." "Maybe you were always meant to have a dick", Kelly said.

"I don't know. It still seems foreign and strange to me, despite some of the benefits", Cadence said as she sat back on the bed. "Well, you definitely know how to use it", Kelly said. "I say just enjoy it. How long did that card say you would have it?" "Eighteen days", Cadence said.

"Kind of a strange amount of time", Kelly said. "Yeah, that's what I thought. I guess I'll find out more when the representative shows up", Cadence said. "Yep. Now, are you done or would you like me to suck that beautiful monster again", Kelly asked, her eyes filled with lust. "Get to it, slut", Cadence said and this time she enjoyed calling her friend such a degrading name.


Cadence's mother, Samantha couldn't believe what she'd heard. She'd gone to knock on her daughter's bedroom door to let her know dinner was almost ready, when she heard Kelly's voice crying out, followed by the unmistakable sounds of two people fucking.

She had, of course, left quickly, so she didn't know the whole story. But, as she sat in the kitchen, questions flooded her mind. "How long has Cady been into girls? Why didn't she tell me?" The queries overwhelmed her and a small part of her felt like a bad mother, if her daughter couldn't come to her and tell her this.

"I'll just have to come out and ask her", Samantha decided. But what she wouldn't admit, not even to herself, was that a small part of her was incredibly turned on by what she had heard. Cadence's father had left years ago and it was difficult for a single mother of a teen daughter to find time to date.

She'd had a few one night stands, and of course she had her toys, but nothing could compare to being fucked, especially by someone who cares about you.

Just then, she heard noise and Kelly came down the stairs, followed by Cadence. "See you later", Kelly said to her friend, her face flushed as she left.

"Is Kelly alright? She looked a little worked up", Samantha asked her daughter. "Yeah, she's fine", Cadence said, avoiding her mother's gaze. She was never good at hiding things from her mom, but she didn't know how to tell her about the dick.

"Is dinner gonna be ready soon", Cadence asked. "Actually, it's ready now", Samantha said. "I was going to tell you, but you didn't hear when I knocked on your door." All of the color drained from Cadence's face. "Um, did you hear anything coming from my room", she asked, trying to discern if her mother knew anything.

"Kinda, yeah", Samatha replied, just as uncomfortable as Cadence was. "How long have you and Kelly been, um..." "Mom, Kelly and I aren't anything. We were just having fun", Cadence said. "She's helping me deal with something."

"What kind of something", Samantha asked, now a little worried about what could be wrong. "It's nothing, mom", Cadence said, but her face said otherwise. And, as she thought of Kelly, her dick reacted and began raising the front of her skirt.

"Honey, what's going on with your skirt", Samantha said, moving closer to her daughter and reaching down before Cadence could stop her. "Mom, don't", Cadence said, but she was too late.

Samantha moved the skirt just right and the biggest cock she'd ever seen was right in front of her. "Honey, what is this", she asked, completely in shock. "It's, um, my dick", Cadence said, trying not to freak out. Samantha dropped the skirt and looked her daughter in the eyes.

"How did you get a dick", she asked, trying to stay calm herself. Cadence sighed and explained everything. "That's crazy", her mother said. Then a thought struck her. "So, um, is this the reason you were having sex with Kelly?"

"Yeah. Kelly can't seem to control herself around it", Cadence said. "And, to be honest, it felt amazing. I think I'm beginning to understand why guys like fucking so much." "I'll bet, especially with a magnificent dick like that", Samantha said, then looked mortified when she realized what she'd said.

"Mom", Cadence said, shocked that her mother would say something like that to her. But, as she looked at her mother, she saw a hungry look in the women's eyes. It was the same look Kelly had when she saw Cadence's dick.

"I'm sorry. It's just been so long and that cock looks wonderful", Samantha said. Without realizing it, she had lifted Cadence's skirt and her rock hard dick was sticking straight out. "Could I, um, touch it", Samantha asked.

Cadence couldn't believe this was happening, first to her friend and now her mom. It was if they were hypnotized by her huge dick. Then and electric feeling shot through Cadence as her mother, not waiting for permission, wrapped her hands around the thick shaft.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good", Cadence groaned as her mother stroked up and down her cock. She grabbed a chair and sat down as her mother knelt before her. Her mother's hands moved the length of her dick and back down again, the same hands that had held her when she was sick or upset. Only now, now they were bringing obscene pleasure to the two women.

As Samantha stroked her daughter's shaft, she wondered what her cum would taste like, and then she couldn't stop herself. She licked the head, getting a drop of precum, and it was an almost immediate reaction.

Samantha took as much of the large phallus in her mouth as she could, about seven inches worth. Her throat massaged Cadence's dick head as she swirled her tongue on her daughter's cock.

Cadence felt like she was in heaven as her mother licked her shaft. Kelly had been really good at this, but her mother was on another level completely. "Fuck, mom, you're so good at that", she moaned. "If you keep it up, I'm going to cum."

Samantha pulled her mouth off of Cadence's shaft. "Not in my mouth", she said, her eyes filled with lust for the dick in front of her. She immediately stood up and stripped off her leggings and panties, revealing herself completely to her daughter.

When Cadence saw her mother's pussy, the same pussy that had birthed her, it was like something primal inside of her took over. She grabbed her mother and spun her around, bending her over the table. She grabbed the hips of the woman who created her and plunged her dick deep inside her cunt.

Samantha cried out as the most intense orgasm she'd ever had ripped through her body. Her juices squirted all over the place as Cadence started hammering her mother's pussy. Her mother's pussy was looser than Kelly's, but it fit her cock perfectly and she loved it.

Cadence pounded her movie hard, loving how it squeezed her dick. "You like when I fuck you like the dirty little slut you are, don't you", Cadence growled as she held her mother's hips and thrust deep inside her.

Samantha was shocked to hear those words from her daughter's lips. But what shocked her even more was how those words made her pussy gush. "Why does being degraded like that turn me on so much", she wondered as another orgasm tore through her body, causing her to scream in pleasure.

The feeling of her mother's cunt convulsing sent Cadence over the edge. She thrust hard and deep, burying herself inside her mother's womb, the same womb she came from, and exploded. She let loose a primal growl as she filled her mother with her seed.

As she pulled out, she watched her mother's gaping hole leaking cum. Without asking permission, she grabbed her mother by her long, blonde hair and pulled her to her knees. "Clean my dick off, slut", she growled and Samantha enthusiastically began licking the cock that had fucked her so well.

After she was done, Samantha looked up at her daughter, her eyes filled with lust and hunger. "That was amazing. I'm so glad you have this dick." "Me too", Cadence said and she was surprised to find that she meant it. "Now, get dinner served. We are going to eat and then we're starting round two."

To be continued...

Rating: 89%, Read 39158 times, Posted Jan 20, 2020

Fiction | Blowjob, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Young


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