Wolf cage. by Cardspade

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Fantasy | Anal, At work, Bestiality, First Time, Gay, Non-consensual sex

Recently I got bored around my apartment after moving out of my parents house at 20. So I looked around the internet to find a nice place to work at for a while. After a few days I found a wild life exhibit to help clean the animal cages and feed them. I figured hell, why not?

The time I got on the phone I was asked the normal questions of getting hired for any other job. But though it all went my way and I was accepted. I was told to come in first thing at 8 o'clock to see what needs to be done each day.

The night passed and I woke up early to take a shower. Thoughts came through my mind of the sexy female wolfs that live there. I've always had a thing for animals, though I never had the chance with anything. As I stand in the shower I was getting hard the more I thought about a nice grey wolf in front of me with her pussy all wet. I couldn't wait.

Eventually my boner went away as the hours passed on and left my house for the new job. As entering the exhibit I was greeted by the man who I spoke though on the phone. "So you're Alex?" he asked. I look around and reply "Yes, I'm Alex. The one who called yesterday to clean animal cages and whatever needs to be done."

He started to walk into the backroom. "Follow me to the cages, I'll show you what needs to be done." I followed him, I was nervous with it being my first real job. A part from picking up leafs of the lawn for a dollar an hour.

As we walk passed each of the maintenance doors we came onto the cages. He turned around "This is where all the cages are. Their are more cages in the back area for snakes. But that's not your job. Your job is to clean all the droppings left by the animals with fur, such as this coyote." He points at the coyote cage and I look inside. I find one male coyote with his dick almost half way out of his sheath. I stared at it for some time. I never had been gay for any guys in my life. It goes pass my mind sometimes, hanging out with one gay kid in my middle school classes. But we never tried anything. I was side tracked for a bit to long. "Alex. We need to keep going, no petting the animals off work hours. You're not hired yet." I replied "Alright."

As going on we finally reach the wolves cage. The one I'm most excited to see. Though it's not what I took the job for, any female human would be fine to me, but a wolf... "This is the wolf cage, you need to be careful around these guys. They don't take kindly to any new meat in their territory. So, lets try to get you antiquated with them?" I look at the wolves, more scared then I thought. Me having sex with a wolf isn't worth my life.

"Okay Alex, I'll see how you do the first day. For now I'm going to a meeting, I'll be back in an hour. The wolves need to be cleaned up a bit. The cave there is a bit full of crap. No joke intended. Now get going." I looked at him "Yes sir." He closes the door behind me leaving it unlocked. This could be my chance.

I thought to myself that a job can be done after sex. I walk into the fake cave and set the cleaning supplies next to the entrance. I look around and find 3 wolves staring at me. I see the female between the two males. I walk slowly and one of the males growl at me. I step back and he steps closer. I didn't know what to do, so I knell down. Maybe accepting my stupidity. But he just walks pass me leaving the cave. As the other male wolf walks into a corner and sleeps. The female wolf looks at me, with such a surprised look. Though it was hard to tell.

I walk up to the female wolf, as my dick got hard the female wolf stood up. I kneel-ed in front of her and she turned around. I was really surprised to see that she actually knows what I'm going to do? But I was to hard to care, so I unzipped my pants and stroked my 9 inches. I got closer to the wolf until I was pushed onto my hands. I tried to get back on my feet until I felt paws push me onto my stomach. I turned my head and the larger male wolf has his dick already close up to my ass. I was scared and tried to get him off but he was surprisingly very heavy and couldn't get him off.

He moved his dick closed to my ass and I was whining for the wolf to stop hoping he would. But being the animal he was. He didn't care for a human. He pushed his cock deep into me till it reached his knot. I screamed and laid my head on the ground as he just had me pinned down with him deep inside me. I couldn't believe what is happening, a male wolf has me pinned down and his dog cock forced into me. But, for some reason. I was still hard, if not more then I was behind the female wolf.

The wolf started to slide his member in and out of me. I wasn't having the most fun, since a wolf took my virginity. It wasn't my dick that was used from someone else. It was my ass, and this wasn't what I wanted. But either way through my whining the wolf was going faster each second, pumping me like a new mut to his pack showing who's dominant. The other two wolves watched as the large male wolf was attacking my anus. I was actually leaking out pre-cum as he was going harder. I even started to moan.

It hasn't been long until he started to cum. Filling me with his seed and I actually loved it. He let go of my arms. I thought he was done but I was wrong. He pushed his large knot into me with a lot of force. Making me scream from the sudden penetration.

The other male wolf started walking up to my face, half hard. He sat infront of me with the other wolf not moving as his knot was still in me. The wolf in front of me sat down, his cock right by my mouth. Was I really going to be a wolfs bitch? But, in all honesty. I was loving what was happening so I gave his cock a lick and before I could get to a second lick his cock grows hard and finds itself inside my mouth. The wolf behind me started to thrust and made me suck the wolfs dick.

I couldn't bare the rough treatment some animals were giving me. I wanted to cum, but on my stomach my dick was bent away from me. It hurt but I was to bust on other dicks to care about my own. The wolf behind me was moving faster and I was eventually taking the wolfs dick to his knot in my mouth. His knot was against my nose, I was getting off by the sent.

The wolf started to cum into my mouth. Thank fully he wasn't making his knot go into my mouth, and was smaller then the larger wolf. I started to drink what the wolf was giving me. He kept his cock in my mouth as the other wolf forcefully pulled his cock out, making me gasp as his knot almost felt like it took my ass with him. The wolf in front of me took his cock out of my mouth and I coughed.

"Fuck..." I said as I rolled over onto my back. I was breathing loudly and my dick was way to hard to walk out without the manager seeing it. But I was too weak to really move my arms, I stare at the other wolfs and they just sit there. Both wolves still leaking some cum and the female wolf just giving a blank look.

I stand up, though it was making me dizzy. I was stumbling back out the cave while pulling my pants up. I looked back at the cave with the wolves still siting where I last saw them. I picked up my cleaning supplies and looked around, it seemed clean as it is. So I grabbed the food bag next to the door and gave each wolfs bowl some food. I set the bag down and before I was going to fall to my knees again the manager walks in. "Well Alex, I thought you would be out of their sooner and in the bunny cage by now." I looked at him trying to keep a straight face. "Sorry sir, I was side tracked." He looked more or less disappointed. "Well it's your first day. I didn't expect you to finish a few hours work in an hour. Come back tomorrow.."

I reply to him. "Yes sir."

It seems I got my job, and somewhat filled my dream. Well. The wolfs filled more then my dream. I couldn't wait for some more dog cocks. The coyotes seemed to want attention too.


If you like I'll make a part two soon!

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Rating: 86%, Read 61958 times, Posted Dec 04, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, At work, Bestiality, First Time, Gay, Non-consensual sex


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