The Island, Chapter 31 by Paperbackwriter

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Chapter 31

Horace and his crew were busily working on the shark fence when we finished eating, and I pitched in for a couple of hours. Once we had the poles all cut and attached to a line, we were ready to string the thing up. We loaded it onto the raft, poles hanging over the edges, and paddled out to the break in the reef. Christopher, John and Jessica had agreed to be the in-the-water crew, and the raft was pretty overloaded on the way out. Jessica was looking fine in her yellow bikini, and the boatful of men tried not to ogle her as we sat, crammed together in the close confines of the raft. At least the older men did; Chris and John seemed to have some trouble keeping their eyes off her. She didn’t seem to mind, however, and preened for them as we made our way across the lagoon.

When we got to the other side, I dove in and swam for the smaller, left-hand side of the reef, towing the cable connected to the floats and fencing. We had used cables from inside the plane’s wings, and tied them around the necks of several plastic drink bottles. These in turn were secured to the tops of bamboo poles which dangled below. The lower ends of the poles had been tied in a regular spacing by more cable, which was weighted down by various chunks of metal from the plane. I climbed on top of a coral head carefully, and found a mushroom-shaped protrusion around which to tie off my end.

Horace and Dkembe stayed in the raft and arranged the poles across the gap, while Stu tightened the other end of the rope and tied it off on the other side of the reef. The teens swam around the entire assembly, spacing out the poles and securing them underwater to the reef and sand bottom so they wouldn’t wave around too much with the current. When we were done, I felt we had a pretty good deterrent against shark incursions. It would be possible for a shark to get through, but he would have to be pretty determined. At the same time, it left room for smaller fish, which we depended on for food, to slip through the poles.

We wearily paddled back to shore, and since Chris and John were pretty beat, I took over the difficult task of eyeing Jessica’s erect nipples and the dark shadows of her areolae through her nearly transparent bikini top. I’ve always been willing to pitch in and help where needed.

When we reached the sand, we pulled the raft ashore and went our separate ways.

I took a brief nap, and when I awoke the sun was low in the sky. The explorers had returned, and were talking about their trip with a small audience while the cooks prepared the shark steaks for cooking. I noticed they had saved the skin, which I had heard could be used as sandpaper in a pinch.

Janie was deep in conversation with Alyssa when I spotted her, but before I could reach them, the teen had scampered off. Janie collared Jared to let him know we would be off the beach for the night, and she and I began collecting gear we might need. After packing up some water bottles, clothing, and a couple of towels into a backpack, I decided to prepare a gift for our hostesses. I still had over a quart of high-octane moonshine that I hadn’t returned to Rodney. I figured he could always make more, and decided for the common good of our hunters, and by extension the whole camp, I would donate it to the hunting camp (at least that’s the reasoning I used to justify it). Since it wasn’t ideal for sipping as is, especially for a bunch of teenaged girls, I figured I’d make a little tropical punch. I cracked open a couple of coconuts and poured the liquid from inside into the mix, as well as cutting up and mashing a couple of mangoes into it for some flavor. The result was pretty tasty, if I did say so myself, and no longer made your eyes water when you drank it.

“I told Jared if he needed us to have someone come to the upper pool of the stream and blow a whistle or something,” Janie told me. “I know their camp is around there somewhere. We’d be able to hear that.”

“Haven’t you been there before?”

“Yeah, but they blindfolded me. It was part of the fun. Weren’t you there, too?”

“Uh, yeah, but I didn’t get to see the way there, either.” I was knocked out at the time, I didn’t say.

In short order our escorts arrived, carrying a platter of shark steaks ready to be cooked, and some fruit. Our group assembled on the game trail by the pool. Danielle was with us, hobbling along on her crutches, and I was surprised to see Emma and Megan coming along, too. I nudged Janie and nodded at them. Her eyebrows raised, and I whispered, “They play for the all-girl team as well.”

“More fun for me, too bad for you!” she murmured. I pinched her ass and she jumped, laughing.

We trooped up to the upper pool, and then the girls began blindfolding their guests. “This is our tradition,” Hannah said. “Nobody but team members get to know where the camp is.” We submitted, the air of mystery adding a little spice to the expedition. After turning us around a few times like we were playing pin the tail on the donkey, the girls led us each by hand through the jungle for ten minutes or so. When we stopped, we were told we could take off the blindfolds.

Things now looked a little different than the first time I was here. They had collected logs and rocks to make a ring of seats around a fire pit, in which coals were already glowing. A lot of brush had been cleared away from the small clearing they had appropriated. A large bin from the airliner sat off to the side, filled with water. Spears were propped up against a horizontal branch, and newly constructed bows hung on a couple of broken-off branches on another tree. A pile of fruit sat near the water barrel. Beyond that lay a stack of airline cushions and towels.

As I turned around, taking in the panorama, I discovered why Alexis hadn’t come with us. She’d been here the whole time, presumably helping to prepare things. Now she greeted us, and I was pleasantly surprised to see her naked as a jaybird.

“Welcome to camp!” she called out happily, arms raised. Her slender body was devoid of paint this time, and I was better able to appreciate her lovely curves. Her small, firm breasts jiggled slightly as she twirled around motioning at their humble abode. Her blonde pubes had grown out slightly, and were no longer a narrow landing strip. Emma and Megan looked a little stunned at this greeting, and couldn’t take their eyes off the nude young hostess in front of them. “Make yourselves comfortable.”

“Oh, it’s that kind of party!” Janie whispered to me with a grin. She wasted no time in baring her hot bod, getting into her favorite state of undress in a heartbeat. She gave me a pat on the ass and walked away to mingle.

The other team members began stripping, and soon beautiful breasts were bare everywhere, along with some furry and some not-so-furry pussies as well. Megan and Emma seemed paralyzed, staring all around them at the bountiful display of female pulchritude. I suddenly realized I was the only guy here, and didn’t know whether to be terrified or utterly psyched to be in this position.

Mary had shucked off her clothes, and I was delighted to get my first look at her nude body. She was slightly stocky and muscular, but without an ounce of fat on her. Her blonde bush was full and untrimmed, along with her armpits, and her breasts were pale pink B-cups, with equally pale nipples on their tips. As I pulled my shirt over my head, she knelt in front of Danielle, who was sitting on a log, and started to help her undress. The shirt came off first, and I drank in the sight of the brunette’s full breasts, swaying gently as she folded her top and set it aside. The bottoms were going to be more difficult, with her bamboo splint and all, and I decided to be chivalrous and help out. I joined Mary at her feet, and she looked at me quizzically.

“I wanted to make sure we got these shorts off without dislodging the splint,” I said innocently.

Mary have me a wry grin. “And this has nothing at all to do with seeing my girlfriend naked.”

“Well, maybe a little,” I confessed. “But you must admit she’s beautiful. Can you blame me?”

Mary looked up at her partner, love in her eyes. “She is, isn’t she?”

Danielle looked a little embarrassed at the attention, but didn’t protest as I began sliding her shorts down. Mary helped her stand on the uninjured leg while I reverently pulled the loose exercise shorts over her hips, exposing a lovely brunette pussy, neatly trimmed. Her long outer labia hung down between her toned legs, hiding the treasures within. I inhaled slowly as my face passed by the sublime sight, taking in her feminine fragrance lovingly. I heard Danielle sigh as the light evening breeze caressed her intimate parts, Mary joining in as she beheld her lover’s snatch. My dick was rock hard at this point, nearly protruding through the leg hole in my shorts.

My hands caressed her tight ass as I moved them lower, pulling the waistband onto her thighs and letting the fabric drop to her lower legs, where it caught on the splint. I carefully disentangled the material from the bamboo, and Danielle lifted the leg so I could remove the shorts altogether.

“It looks beautiful,” I breathed. I suspected they both knew I wasn’t talking about the leg wound, since I was staring her cunt as I said it, but they were too busy kissing to protest. I watched hungrily as they embraced, their erect nipples rubbing against each other and their pubic hairs tangling together as they pressed their bodies against one another. I was jealous, but there was plenty of pussy to go around at this party. I realized I was still holding her shorts, and brought them to my face, drinking in the perfume her sweet snatch had left behind, while I watched them make out.

They broke off and looked down at me, still squatting at Danielle’s feet, the crotch of her pants pressed to my nose. I dropped them guiltily and stood up, my shorts tented impressively.

“Doing the full exam, are we, Doc?” Mary said drily.

“Sorry,” I muttered. “I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s OK,” said Danielle, blushing. “We shouldn’t have been doing that right in front of you. It was a little rude.”

It was a little hot is what it was, I thought. “So I gotta ask, ladies. How come I’m here? Not that I’m complaining. It just seems like this is girls’ night out, and I’m the lone sausage vendor at this pussy party.”

“Some of our girls like boys as well as girls.” Danielle answered. “We wanted to make sure everyone was satisfied.”

“Including you,” Mary added. “You impressed us last time you were here; we figured we could trust you to perform well, and be discreet.” She gestured at my straining fly. “Looks like little Dave is ready to please. Why don’t you let him out before he snaps in two.”

I pulled my shorts off, my boner springing out of confinement.

Danielle giggled. “He’s not so little, Mary. Samantha’s going to have fun with that.”

“Not like before, I hope,” I said with temerity.

“She can be gentle when she wants to,” Danielle laughed.

“Well, a little gentle,” Mary amended. “Enjoy yourself, Dave.” They walked over to converse with Alexis and Hannah, who were puttering around the fire pit, cooking the fish.

I took some time to ogle Megan and Emma, who had finally loosened up and were standing uneasily together, naked, as several girls simultaneously chatted them up and checked them out. Megan turned my way, and I caught her staring at my erection for a moment before her eyes darted up to mine. I gave her a grin and a shrug, and a small smile graced her pretty face. I returned my own eyes to her sweet teenaged body, drinking in the shapely legs, womanly hips framing the small patch of brown fur in the center, and the tight little titties on her slim chest. Her partner’s snatch was still bald as an egg, already glistening damply as she looked around at all the hot bodies around her. I didn’t get to enjoy the sight for long, however, as Alexis announced that it was dinnertime, and a line formed at the platters of food. We queued up with trays, and were each given a heaping helping of shark steak, with sides of breadfruit and some type of mango pasta-root salad.

As people arranged themselves around the clearing, sitting on logs and boxes, I pulled out my party gift.

“Hey everyone,” I announced, uncomfortably aware of a dozen sets of female eyes on my nude body. “As a thank you for the invitation, I brought a gift.”

“What is it?” Samantha asked, strolling over. My mouth went dry as I took in her stunning young body, less exotic but more beautiful without all the war paint on it. I was imagining the things she might do to me this evening, and my tongue froze up momentarily. “Huh, Sugar? What is it?” she repeated, close enough now that I could smell her musky scent.

“A very tasty, very alcoholic tropical punch.” Cheers erupted, and I continued: “I thought it would liven up the party, although from the looks of things that wasn’t necessary.” Laughter trickled through the crowd as Samantha poured herself the first sip.

“Oh, mama! That’s good!” She leaned in to whisper in my ear. “And I think it will pair well with both meat and fish.” I felt her cool hand on my throbbing cock briefly as she gave me a squeeze, her full lips brushing mine in a quick kiss. Catcalls erupted, and I sat down, blushing, as the dark-skinned beauty made the rounds, pouring everyone a glass of homemade jungle juice.

Dinner progressed rowdily as the girls got slightly tipsy on Rodney’s finest. I was sandwiched between Angela and Sara, the contrast of the thin American blonde on one side and the curvaceous Iranian stunner on the other making this one of the best meals I could remember. Their sweet young bodies pressed against me as we ate, and it was all I could do to keep my dinner from spilling, balanced as it was on the protruding tip of my straining dick. I looked across the fire pit at Janie, who was sitting between Hannah and Emily. Her arm was across the redhead’s shoulders as she threw her head back and laughed at something the young woman had said. Emily’s hand was on Janie’s thigh, and I suspected before too long it would be sliding northward. Janie caught my eye and winked, hoisting her glass to me with a smile. I returned the gesture, dropping the arm around Sara’s shoulders as I lowered it. She leaned into me, her bare breast brushing against me enticingly. I fed her a morsel of shark, and she licked it off my fingers sensually. The intoxicating smell of pussy was everywhere in the air, affecting me as much as the hooch was. As twilight descended, torches were lit, the flickering flames making the scene even more exciting.

The food was almost gone, and the girls were beginning to turn their attention to each other instead of eating, when a shout rang out on the other side of the clearing. I saw Samantha and Alexis spring up and leap into the trees, each tackling some creature in the brush. Yells of protest and pain erupted from the jungle as the two dragged their quarry into the firelight, while the party guests stood up in confusion.

“Look what we have here!” sang out Alexis, and I groaned inwardly as I saw John and Logan pulled into view. “Trespassers!”

“What are you two doing here?” Samantha asked angrily. “I know you saw the “NO TRESPASSING” sign we put up on the trail. This place is for team members and guests only.”

“I…I…” John sputtered, his arm twisted behind his back and a spear in his face. Logan was restrained by two girls who were tying his hands and feet together briskly. He looked too shocked to speak.

“Well?” demanded Alexis. “Answer her!”

“We were…out taking a walk. And we saw a fire.” He looked around desperately. “We didn’t see anything.”

I shook my head ruefully. Dude, you’re in the middle of a bunch of naked girls. Of course you’re seeing something.

Logan’s rolling eyes fixed on me. “Master Connor! Help! Get us out of here!”

“Guys, face it: you’re busted. Confess, apologize, and take your punishment like men. Don’t turn into groveling babies. Show some honor.”

He looked at me in pained silence, then squared his shoulders. “We were spying on you. We followed you guys because we were curious. We didn’t expect to see…all this,” he finished lamely.

John initially looked mutinous as Logan spilled the beans, but the starch went out of him as he realized no one would believe his denials. His face fell forward as his head hung low, his blonde hair hanging over his eyes. “We’re sorry. We didn’t come here to be peeping toms. We just wanted to see what everyone was up to. We were being nosy. We didn’t mean any harm.”

“No trespassing means just that,” Alexis said severely. “You can’t just walk away from this. We take our privacy seriously.” She turned to Mary and Hannah, and they conferred for a moment. Janie sidled over to me.

“Should we intervene?”

“No. These girls have their own way of dealing with guys. They’re tough but fair.” I chuckled. “These two are in for a night they are never going to forget.”

Mary spoke, looking at me the whole time. “Normally, the punishment for trespassing on the hunting camp is death.” She gave me a wink as the two boys’ eyes bugged out. “But since Dr. Connor and Ms. Scarlatti are your coaches and can vouch for you, we will suspend the death sentence. You will only be punished for spying on girls.”

“What...,” John swallowed through a dry throat. “What will the punishment be?” he squeaked.

“You’ll see soon enough,” said Mary harshly. She turned to Alexis. “Strip them.”

The boys began squirming, but they were held fast. Several girls pushed them to the ground, none too gently, and held them while their restraints were removed long enough for their clothes to be pulled from their bodies. They were then levered onto their feet again, and each bound between two trees in a position that was painfully familiar to me. They were both fairly muscular, fit young men, and I heard murmurs of appreciation from the girls as they checked out the now naked teen boys. Their skin was tanned from days in the sun, with bright contrasting tan lines suggesting they had not yet spent much time on the nude beach. Terror had shrunken their dicks to embarrassing proportions initially, but the combined gazes of a dozen naked girls and women surrounding them, along with their own nudity, soon had their pricks twitching and growing. Hormones over brains every time, I thought, concealing a smile behind my hand. Been there, done that, boys.

Sara sidled up to my side, and I could see she was flushed and excited in the firelight. “I remember when we did this to you,” she whispered in a husky voice. “I got so turned on looking at your boner.” Her slim hand encircled my still half-erect cock and began stroking it. “I can’t wait to teach these boys who’s boss. I love having power over men.”

I groaned as she quickly had me rigid. “You girls will always have power over men. You’re too beautiful for your own good and you know it.”

She smirked happily. “I’ll come find you after we’re done with them. I want you to fuck me this time. I want a real man in me, not a boy.”

“You don’t seem to have much sympathy for our students,” Janie said, watching Sara’s hand give my swollen member one more squeeze as she joined her teammates in a circle around the two boys.

“Hey, they decided to spy on the party. Now they have to pay the price. Besides, when all is said and done, I bet they’ll think this was worth it. Boys their age have dreams about stuff like this all the time. Now it’s becoming a reality for them.”

Alexis and Hannah had apparently been choosing teams, for now a group of four girls descended on each hapless boy. As with my own experience, the girls first began spanking and dick-slapping the unfortunate miscreants. Yelps of pain came from each as they were brutally fondled, grabbed, and smacked, but I noticed the two dicks remained rock-hard the entire time. John, as the older, was a little taller and more physically mature. He was a 5’ 10” blond with surfer-boy good looks and longish hair. His chest was hairless, and he sported pretty good muscle definition of his abs, thanks to years of martial arts training. His cock was circumcised and jutted out a good 5 1/2 inches, with the high angle of erection typical of teenagers. A thick tuft of blonde hair surrounded the base, and I winced as I saw Samantha pull on the strands, making him cry out. She soon made up for it by engulfing his rigid member in her soft, warm mouth, and his cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure.

Hannah was whacking Logan’s ass while Alexis sucked him off, and I fondly remembered their good cop-bad cop routine from my own initiation. The boy had a pretty good-sized rod for his age, I noted as it popped out of the girl’s mouth for a moment, even longer than John’s. His dark pubes were now matted with saliva, and his lightly haired chest was heaving frantically as the overwhelming sensations coursed through him. I wondered if either was still a virgin. They won’t be for much longer, my inner voice said. I winced again as Alexis twisted the tip of his dick, evidently thinking he was too close to busting a nut.

Hannah was giving both boys the standard lecture about the girls being in charge, and that the boys were only there for their pleasure. She soon had both begging for forgiveness and pleading to be allowed to pleasure as many women as was required of them. That’s the spirit! I applauded them silently.

Emma and Megan were standing off to the side, open mouthed, watching the show. I could see they each had a hand between the other girl’s legs and were frantically jilling each other off, not caring who was watching. Just for fun, I wandered over to stand next to them.

“Pretty intense, huh?” I observed.

They jumped, having been oblivious to my approach. The rubbing stopped as they looked at me wide-eyed.

“Don’t stop,” I said mildly. “Keep going. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Emma’s hand tentatively moved back to Megan’s dripping twat, while the brunette stared at my cock again. I stroked it a few times just to tease her, and saw her lip twitch with mirth as she resumed pleasuring her friend’s bald beaver.

“Sorry, not interested,” Emma said. I don’t know, I thought. Megan might be more interested than you think. I wasn’t planning on trying to break them up, though. I was just getting my kicks by jerking off in front of two hot teenaged cheerleaders.

“Oh, I know,” I said. “Don’t mind me. How did it go with Gabrielle this morning? Did you two help her out again?”

“Yeah. Her tits are soooo awesome!” Megan said. “And her milk is, like, the best thing ever to drink.”

She demonstrated her lust by racheting up her stroking on Emma’s cunt, making the blonde gasp and shudder.

“Well, enjoy the party,” I said, walking away.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Emma moaned, and I wasn’t sure if it was in reply, or if Megan had just hit a good spot.

The boys were now on the ground on their backs, and each had a girl sitting on his face. They were grinding their pussies aggressively onto the guys’ mouths, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to resuscitate the boys for suffocation. Based on the screeches of Nina and Emily, the victims were doing their jobs satisfactorily. I watched in amusement as Janie took the opportunity to slip in and slurp John’s cock into her mouth. The other girls cheered as she worked him over, but they wouldn’t let her finish him off. She was pulled away after a few minutes, leaving the poor purple peter straining into the air, searching for more stimulation.

She caught up to me a moment later, wiping her mouth. “I couldn’t resist that. I love a teen cock! They’re so cute.”

I slipped my hand between her ass cheeks to rub her. “You’re incorrigible.”

“Mmmm, you know it, baby,” she purred, returning the favor by grabbing onto my shaft and jerking it violently.

Having been successfully brought to climax, the girls climbed off the now glistening faces of the boys. Hannah harangued them a little more, and I heard her ask, “You know peeping toms are the lowest of the low, right? You’re worthless scum and need to suffer to be redeemed.”

“We know it!” Logan yelled. “We’ll take whatever punishment you want to give us!”

“Even if we piss on you?” Hannah asked with an evil grin. I saw Janie cover her eyes and shake her head.

“Yes! Yes!” John shouted desperately. “Whatever you want to do. Just let us come!” The poor guys were definitely suffering from pussy overload at this point, balls so blue they were purple.

Hannah motioned Missy and Angela over, and the two girls squatted over the boys’ chests. I scooted closer so I could get a good view of this. Two sweet, shaved pussies gaped wide as the girls pulled their lips apart, and soon twin streams of golden pee arched out from between their legs and spattered over the captives. Both girls leaned back so the streams aimed higher and began hitting the boys in the face. The victims thrashed halfheartedly, but they were clearly so horny now they would have put up with anything from their tormenters.

John actually opened his mouth to taste the liquid, and both of them had their eyes glued to the squirting cunts right in front of them. As the girls ran out of ammo, Hannah motioned for them to straddle the boys’ faces. “Now clean them off, slaves,” she ordered peremptorily.

I watched, enviously, as two tongues popped out and began caressing the dripping twats, getting every golden drop off of the bald beavers pressed against their lips. The girls were obviously liking the attention, and they were caressing their breasts as they enjoyed the oral action.

“All right! That’s enough!” yelled Mary. “You girls have had your fun. Show some mercy on them and clean them up. I think it’s time to reward them for a job well done. They’ve paid their dues for spying.”

Alexis and Hannah pulled off the two girls, who reluctantly removed their snatches from the boys’ mouths.

“But we didn’t get to come yet,” complained Angela.

The two co-captains sluiced off the prone boys with buckets of water, leaving them gasping, but clean. The two pricks seemed unaffected by the cold shower, and stood proud and tall, twitching in the torchlight.

“I want the bigger one,” Missy said.

Angela countered with, “But you already had him lick you, we should switch now.”

“Contest!” shouted Danielle gleefully. “First one done gets to choose. Keep the one you started with for now.”

Contest? What did that mean? For a minute I had the absurd thought that they were going to organize some sort of Thunderdome, but I soon realized what was happening: it was a jerkoff-off!

Each boy was hauled upright, pricks poking out impudently. They looked wild-eyed but happy. Missy stood next to John and Angela took her place at Logan’s side.

“You know the rules, girls,” Danielle continued. “Hands only; no mouths. First one to get their partner to blow a load gets to pick which one they get the first fuck with.”

The girls nodded assent, and there was a general countdown from the spectators. I must admit I joined in, and we chanted “3…2…1…GO!”

The girls sprang into action, stroking the two wieners like their lives depended on it instead of just bragging rights. Angela took an early lead and Logan began gasping audibly as his meat was manhandled. Missy countered by putting the moves on John’s balls, caressing the dangling sack lightly, making his eyes bug out. It looked like she had it in the bag (pun intended), but Missy had a secret weapon. Knowing that the mind is the biggest erogenous zone of all, she leaned in and whispered into Logan’s ear. God knows what she told him, but the message, combined with her expert hand motions, soon had a stream of jizz shooting from his wang. The girls all cheered, none louder than Janie, who was really getting into this. John soon followed, his ropes of semen flying even farther than his rival’s as his partner finished him off. Both boys were gasping and bucking wildly as the two girls emptied their nuts onto the ground, milking the last drops from the slowly flagging peters as the audience applauded wildly.

When the two sets of balls were fully empty, the boys were led to the water bucket to get drinks. Missy was staring at their asses as they walked, pondering her choice, but eventually said, “I want Logan. He owes me an orgasm and I think he will be very eager to please me.”

“Fine,” said Angela. “I think John is cuter, anyway.” She cuddled up to him as he rehydrated.

Logan approached me, fear in his eyes. “Dave, I’m scared. I’ve never had sex before. What do I do?”

I patted him on the back. “Whatever she tells you to do, boy. These girls know what they want, and if you pay attention, they’ll teach you how to be sexual masters in no time.”

He still looked scared, but now smiled at me. “It was worth all the torture. I can’t believe I’m gonna get laid.”

He yelped as Missy grabbed him by the dick and led him away, carrying a couple of airline cushions in her other hand. John was led away by Angela, but by the elbow in his case.

Sara appeared at my side, eyes bright and nipples diamond-hard. I could smell her snatch from three feet away she was so wet and horny.

“How did you like the contest? It’s a lot more fun than rock-paper-scissors when we have to choose guys.”

“I can honestly say I have never seen anything like what has gone on tonight.”

“Oh, we’re just getting started,” she told me, grabbing my arm and holding it against the tan cones of her breasts. Her tits were so firm they were hard, like only a young woman’s can be, and my body responded with a jolt of adrenaline and a twitch of my cock. God, I wanted to fuck this girl!

“I gotta say, it was pretty kinky when they pissed on the boys.” I shook my head as she led me off to the side of the clearing. I spied Janie in a three-way embrace with Emily and Samantha, and figured she was in good hands for now.

“You’ve never played around with watersports?” Sara asked with a grin.

“No. Most of my girlfriends have been pretty vanilla in the bedroom. Janie’s probably the wildest woman I’ve ever been with, and we’ve never even talked about that.”

“Well, I can be your first, then. I really have to go, anyway.”

I was galvanized. On the one hand, I was a little freaked out by the idea. On the other, the thought of the forbidden sight of her spread pussy spewing piss right in front of me was pretty thrilling. “All right,” I said hesitantly. New experiences, Dave, I told myself.

“In that case, let’s walk to the stream.” She took my hand and pulled me down the narrow path from which we had entered the camp. She pulled a torch from the crotch of a tree and carried it down the trail. “I usually like to do this in the showers at school after practice. I don’t like getting piss on me if I can’t clean up afterwards.”

Wow. The thought of the entire field hockey team, naked and sweaty, getting it on in the showers--at school even—had my heart hammering and my brain fogged with lust. I was suddenly ready for anything she might throw at me. In just a few minutes, we had reached the stream. I now was able to figure out where the camp was on the island, based on the position of the water as it ran down the foot of the mountain. The infamous “NO TRESPASSING” sign was prominently displayed on a tree where the path left the stream and headed toward the hunting camp.

“Aren’t I not supposed to see the way in?”

“Oh, that’s just a game we play,” she said, flapping her hand dismissively. “The island is too small for this place to really be hidden. We just want to discourage unwanted visitors.”

She led me into the stream, at the bottom of the steep slope of the old volcano. Slabs of smooth rock broke the fall of the water, and made a stair-step configuration with several four or five-foot waterfalls marking the course of the waterway. The water was cool and refreshing, but I was too horny for any shrinkage of my junk. Sara’s body was soon covered in goosebumps, and her nipples seemed to get even harder, if that was possible.

“Mmmm, warm me up,” she purred, wrapping her arms around me and looking up at me.

I gratefully returned the hug, running my hands down her smooth back and taking one firm ass cheek in each palm. This girl was a marvel, her tan skin soft over her hard muscles. I felt her strip of pubic hair brush my thigh, and my aching cock was now sandwiched between us. I bent my head to hers and kissed her deeply, my tongue lightly stroking hers as we joined our bodies together. I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I attacked those small, succulent breasts with my mouth. I soon had her moaning as I nibbled the dark brown nipples, sucking the puffy areolae deep into my mouth and tasting her salty sweat on the fleshy tips.

I finally came up for air, and she climbed off me panting and obviously in heat.

“Sit down on that flat rock and lie back,” she commanded. I did so, my legs now dangling in the water, my body stretched out on the natural couch. She stood over me, one leg on either side. The torch was planted in the soft soil next to the stream, and I had a perfect view of her succulent snatch. She squatted over my chest, pulling her lips apart, the dark tendrils of her bush curling around her fingers. The bright pink of her gash shone wetly in the flickering light.

“Hey, not to get off track here, but aren’t you Iranian?” I asked, my eyes glued to the incredible sight in front of me.

“Yeah, why?” she answered, a little frown on her face.

“I thought Muslims shaved their privates.”

“Oh, yeah, usually,” she said airily. “My parents weren’t all that strict about religion when they moved to the US. My mom shaves hers, and I do sometimes, but I’m in a hairy phase right now.” She snorted. “I’m gonna get hairier. I only brought one razor to trim with, and it’s getting kinda dull.”

“I don’t mind,” I assured her. “I was just curious.” In truth, the thought of the terrorist girl had flitted through my brain, but I really didn’t want to think about that now.

“You like my pussy?” she said coquettishly, spreading it wide for me.

“Oh, God, you have no idea.” I decided to demonstrate my devotion to her nether regions, and brought my face up to her slick lips. I slurped her dangling brown labia into my mouth and sucked her juices off her avidly. She gasped and squealed, grabbing my head and grinding herself onto my face lewdly.

“Eat my pussy, Dave!” she groaned. “Stick your tongue in me.”

You got it, babe, I thought, ramming the requested body part as far up her vagina as I could reach, curling it upward to strain for her G-spot. Judging by her animal grunting, I must have reached it. I would have been content to eat her out for another hour or so, but Sara had other ideas. She finally pushed me back onto the rock, and resumed her spread pose.

“I really have to pee! Are you ready for it?”

Was I? An hour ago I wouldn’t have been sure. At this point, I was craving it. “Give it to me, honey,” I croaked, my gaze locked on her pink gash. Abruptly I saw a golden stream jet from the tiny opening above her vagina. I was entranced as the liquid arced straight from her body onto mine, warming my chest where it landed. Despite the knowledge that this was piss running all over me, the fact that this was her piss, coming straight out of her cunt, and right in front of my wondering eyes, made this unspeakably erotic.

She leaned forward a little and the stream landed on my face. The taste was bitter and acrid, but again the realization that she was letting me share this normally private act made me immune to discomfort. This hot young thing was pissing in my face! I sputtered and closed my mouth, not wanting any more inside me than I already had, and swallowed the small amount that had made it into my throat. It burned hotly on the back of my tongue, but I was too focused on the waning trickle of urine dripping out of her glistening pussy to notice much. When she had finished, I resumed my former position, my lips plastered against her hairy ones, assiduously cleaning every tangy drop from her tender cunny.

“You like that?” she crooned. “You like what mama gave you?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” I groaned. “That was so hot!”

“Now do you have something for me?” she said.

“You have no idea!” I grated, rising to my knees. “I am going to fuck you so hard you are going to see stars, baby.”

“You can stick that big meat in me when you clean up, you filthy man!” she laughed. “You’ve got piss all over you, you animal!”

I jumped to my feet and grabbed her, pressing my wet body to hers and rubbing against her. She squealed, pounding on my shoulders with her small fists. My rigid cock was trapped between her thighs, tickled by her coarse pubes. I kissed her again, making her taste the bitter gift she had given me. She resisted at first, but she was as horny as I was and soon gave in, wrapping herself around me like a monkey on a tree.

Knowing she wanted to clean off, I angled toward the stream and pushed her back. A refrigerator-sized boulder sat in the center of the flow, water cascading down its angled side. I pushed her back against it, the chilly water fountaining over us and making us gasp. I lifted her up, holding her ass in my hands as I aimed my rod at her cooze. She held my shoulders tightly, begging, “Do it! Stick it in me, Dave!”

I was more than happy to, and plunged my meat into her sopping snatch in one thrust, impaling her on the rock. An animal moan was forced from her as I nailed her, and she pulled her body to me tightly. The contrast of her warm cunt and the cold water running over us was delicious, and I almost laughed aloud in sheer joy as I plowed in and out of her sweet young pussy.

I’ve always been turned on by water, maybe because some of my first sexual experiences were in the neighborhood pool, brushing against scantily-clad girls, trying to score an intoxicating feel of a young breast or a soft little ass. I still remember the first time a girl touched my cock—a young lovely named Natalie, who lived two doors down from me, obviously equally curious about the opposite sex, stroked the front of my bathing suit deliberately as we hung in the water underneath the diving board. Her touch was electrifying, and I was so stunned it took me almost a full minute before I could rouse myself to caress the crotch of her little yellow bikini in return.

Flashbacks like that one ran through my mind as I fucked this sweet Persian princess, half my age, in the rushing water of the stream. God, this was heaven! My mind sang as I pounded into her, and her soft cries of delight only fueled my passion.

“Oh, Dave!” she moaned, pulling her face away from my neck, where she had been biting me. “I’ve never had a grown man in me before! This is so much better than the boys we usually have at our parties back home!”

Her voice shook rhythmically as I slammed into her, and I redoubled my efforts at filling that hot little cunny with my cock. “You are so sexy, Sara,” I crooned into her ear. “You are driving me crazy with lust!”

“Uuuuunnnh… Uuuuunnnh… Uuuuunnnh” was all that she could manage by now, as I was pistoning into her so hard I began to fear for her seemingly fragile body beneath me. I slowed down, catching my breath, and she clutched my neck frantically.

“Oh, God! This is so good!” she squealed. “Fuck me from behind! That always makes me come.”

I pulled out of her reluctantly, and she turned around, standing in the water while pressing her hands up against the boulder and thrusting that tight bubble butt at me. I took a moment to admire the sight, her muscular ass cheeks spread wide, her pert brown asshole winking at me, and the wet, gaping, brown labia beckoning me into paradise. I placed my hands on her ass, pulling the firm flesh apart and stroking her dusky rosebud with my thumb. She shuddered and reached between her legs to massage her fat bud of a clit. Watching those slim fingers stroking the brown curtains of her labia was all the invitation I needed, and I pushed my dickhead against her spread cooze, slowly stretching her open, reveling in the sight of her not-so-pearly gates parting for me as I entered her.

Sara was having nothing of it; she wasn’t interested in going slow. The hand she was using to frig herself reached back and grabbed my dangling nuts, using them as leverage to pull me into her. As I sank my fleshpole deep inside her, an involuntary groan of pleasure tore from me, and I commenced fucking her for real. I pounded into her for a couple of minutes, but I wasn’t sure I was getting as deep into her as I could. I grasped the underside of her quivering thighs and lifted her into the air. She was now sitting on my forearms, bent double with her hands pressed in front of her on the boulder. This gave me a little more access to her honeypot, so I was now able to reach her depths with my thrusts.

Her velvet vise of a pussy squeezed my straining rod wetly, and I could feel her tightening her pelvic muscles on me, gripping me even tighter. I spread my feet a little wider to brace myself, and continued pounding into her, trying to reach the bottom of this sweet well of pleasure.

“AaaahAaaahAaaahAaaah!” she wailed as my thick cock caromed off her cervix, stretching her young cunt to its fullest. The cascading stream of water spraying off her hands was soon mirrored by a flood of warm juices filling her tight tunnel as she gave vent to a howl of pleasure that announced her orgasm.

My hips were a blur now, my balls swinging wildly in the night air as I strained to reach my own peak. “Can I come in you, honey?” I grunted desperately.

“Yes! Yes!” she gasped. “Danielle has us all on the pill. Fill me with your hot sperm, Dave!”

I finally allowed myself to climax, moaning incoherently as I spurted my love offering into her still twitching cunt. In a spasm of tenderness for this dark-eyed teen goddess, I eased her legs back to the ground and pulled her torso back to mine, my arms wrapped around her, gripping her tight little tits in my hands. She leaned back against me, one hand behind my head playing with my hair even as her warm pussy gently milked the last of my semen from my softening peter.

As I became flaccid, my member slipped out of her and hung wetly between my legs. She sighed in contentment, turning around to face me, her hands on my ass. She pressed her face to my chest, and we held each other for a moment, happy to be alive and sharing life’s greatest pleasure with each other. She pulled back, giving me a big grin, and put one leg up on a smaller rock at the side of the water.

“Look what you did to me,” she said slyly, parting her swollen lips and releasing a trickle of thick white goo from her snatch. “You disgusting man; you made a mess in my pretty little pussy.”

“Oh, I can clean that up, darling,” I told her, dropping on all fours and licking her labia aggressively. I tasted the saltiness of my own cum mixed with the frothy juices of her cunt. The combination was delicious, and I slurped away at her meat curtains until she was clean as a whistle, and panting again with lust.

“No more!” she breathed, pushing me away. “If you get me any hotter, I’m going to have to have you fuck me again, and I want to get back to the party before all the action is over.”

I wasn’t going to let a bunch of high school girls out-party me, so I gave her sopping slit one more kiss and climbed to my feet, my dick already half hard again. I held out my elbow to Sara, saying, “May I escort madam to the ball?”

“Why, yes,” she giggled, and took my arm. Pulling the torch out of the ground, she led me back to the camp for more adventures.

To be continued....

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