Love/life sex story of me: The Complete Third Season by Lonethernet

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The usual rambling girl storytelling cominatcha!

Ok here's MY disconnected privilege para. During shelter-at-home I meant to get online and chat more, but I've been occupied. Also I've been hearing about how my favorite hoes aren't able to "work from home" like they should because of an online service called OnlyFans (I think?) where every sexually repressed 3-6 is able to chat online and videochat for $. Everybody being locked in is good for business, maybe my online chatters wouldn't be available anyway. But that got me thinking, not that I need to do that because I'm set, but I should Duo J during this or something for some naughtyness... But peoples' issues got me doing math too, and after buying my house and investing the rest as Mark demanded, at my set up quarterly dividend rate of 5% every 3 months, I'm making like $12,000 a month! That's minimum, and $144,000+ a year for doing nothing. That's Hillary-level $ breh. I'm probably way off and the market crash I'm hearing about means I'm making nothing rn, but it's stress relieving to know that was hopefully close to how it was before all this. But I'm not an accountant obviously. Basically I got a credit card, where as I understand it the place I'm invested with pays for my purchases with cash or credit themselves, then liquidate low-level stocks to cover that at some point. There isn't a place I can check my net worth, I'd have to request a statement. They explained it during that first investment meeting but I'm ballparking it in my head now for my own sense of wellbeing. Also I'm def hiring a live-in sexy warrior/chef/butler after all this. I'm working on the ad bits at a time here and there for when things are back to normal. (My stock value did indeed drop from what I was told when I called to inquire, but it's renewable and I just have to wait awhile for it to rebound, and 1/5th was in a "money market" which is non-fluctuating so I have it to support me in the meantime)

I've been checking in on the people I care about during the cataclysm. My mom's fine, she owns her own essential business and is doing the reduced hours for employees ect thing everyone else is, making less $ but still staying ahead. My boys are fine, schooling from home and their parents are still working, nobody's sick. I told them to stay safe, and if they're lonely... NOT to go online to onlyfans or whatever and pay to chat with girls who won't remember them. I'm here to supply them with naughty text, my huskiest voice and whatever other accompanying visual masturbatory aids their might need lol! But if they're caught they don't know me, I'm an E-girl! My friend Holly is good, her business is always essential, even though the cops wouldn't agree during the best of times ;), Dillan still working at reduced hours making sandwiches, now doing delivery and still living at his mom's. She's ok too, still single... Gunguy lost his job and his work wasn't essential, he is staying with his parents. Idk what to say to him so I apologized and told him to let me know if he needs anything and we'll talk. No fucking at the moment though... Yeah that was the first thing he said he needed, he doesn't take the Rona seriously and isn't taking precautions like everyone else I know is. N is sick with something so he's not allowed in to work. I'm kind of glad, he deserves a little punishment but I'll feel terrible if it's actually bad or something happens to him. But this at least means I have another good excuse to take needed time away from him. Maybe I'll throw him a bone when this is all over. He WAS being the sweetest example of conciliatory before all this, flowers, calling at lunch, ect. I think his behavior was a one-time thing... Like every other woman always says before the 2nd time. J&P both fine, staying at home. Not that I needed an update, I talk to her all the time. He's started texting me in the middle of the night when she's asleep saying he misses me and we should have some alone time when he can justify getting out of the house, which will still be when this is over. I think being together so much is causing them issues again because I thought he was getting tired of me, I told them both if they need to talk hmu and I have some good ideas. Or to hmu if they're having bill issues or something and left it at that with a metaphorical wink. Mark also misses me. I think. I might have whined and purred to him about missing his firm hand across my ass and around my neck and talked him INTO missing me. Because I remember the conversation as if I was drunk. The beginning where I was calling him daddy, playing with myself while telling him that, and wishing he was using me like a loofah I clearly remember. A wet finger-induced orgasm and a promise of seeing me when this is over is the only other clear part at the end.


Been watching alot of gangbang and lesbian porn and masturbating furiously. Normally I don't use toys on myself, they're for using on each other or someone to use on me. But I've been casting "the hub" (xnxx doesn't let me mention it..?) to the big TV, plug in my ass, on my knees humping a pillow and dipping a big green veined dildo halfway to my stomach like I'm checking the oil on my car! I didn't realize before I must have an oral fixation/compulsion. I'm not the type to bite my nails or need to chew gum or anything but I'm strangely comforted having a fake dick close to my face at all times. I'd hang it around my neck like a binky, or for easy access if I could. I'll just be lounging on the couch watching Clone Wars and just sucking away, heartbeat and wet arousal in the back of my consciousness like a lingering headache I can't seem to get rid of, even after I get off. Or if I don't, it isn't always necessary to but I could within a minute of I decide to play in my wetness. I just like sucking even when it's not going to result in an orgasm. I don't think it has to do with not getting laid even. Like everyone, I've gone longer than this without that. Even without getting off in my case. I think it's just the isolation and fact that it's actually UNAVAILABLE for the first time in my adult life. First world problems


I'm restless here, sleeping far too long and my whole body feels like a sandbag. Like I need to be out and doing something but everything is closed, even the parks and beach. I know I'm eating far more than I work off too. I just feel sluggish and like for example when I flex my arm, I can pinch alot more skin between my fingers even over my bicep. It sounds like a weird thing to track, but even if I can't see it, little things like that which are different than before are indicators of putting on weight. I more feel it in my cornering and acceleration more though lol

I've decided while everyone's indoors I'm going to go hiking up a trail that looks out over town. Hiking and stuff's still allowed AFAIK, and I see people out walking all the time. I'm going to do it when it's drizzling so I won't be too hot, and to make things interesting I'll just be wearing a coat and shoes. I'll have an umbrella too. I have a men's leather blazer that comes to mid thigh that'll be sexy. It would be hotter with heeled boots but I don't want to go hiking in those so maybe converse. I wonder if anyone will be on the trail... Planning this whole thing out like this is hot, I'm considering bringing a toy or camera, dropping the coat for a minute, taking a nude rain selfie with the town in the background... Maybe with my favorite green toy as a prop. Have to go no more typing fingering to do

The hike was nice, it was drizzling and Grey, nobody out, I felt excited showing a little thigh through the front of the jacket as I walked. The trail's really Rocky so it wasn't too muddy. I only saw one person out, a fit older lady in tight jogging clothes who was the "reporting flashers" type so I just waved. She was too old/not my type anyway and I wouldn't want to be creepy. A grinning, leering athletic guy I might have shown with a sexy spin or lifted the back of my coat as I passed and mooned him as I kept walking, but grandma was the only one out. I can read the situation, for someone thinking that sounds weird. When I got to my spot I did hang my umbrella from a tree, open my jacket and let the cold water touch my nakedness for a few minutes. I suppose anyone in town with a telescope pointed at that random spot on the hill would have gotten a show, so nobody really. But it was still thrilling. Also since the green dildo was too big for the pockets I decided on a different toy. I have a big glass buttplug with a flower on the end, and I had it in my ass as I walked, which is a fun sensation. I think I'll start going out like this. It's sexually ambiguous, I could be another dumb girl dressing in warm day clothes like short shorts and then putting on a needed jacket as it cooled down, or I could be naked under the jacket with a sex toy inside me. It depends on the imagination of the beholder, only I will know. And the guy smartass enough to ask, thinking he'll impress his friends with a brave act of harassing a stranger. It'll be sexier when I can wear my heel boots...

I went out grocery shopping in my new favorite outfit, sexy boots included this time. It is super cold to be doing that, especially in the refrigerated sections of the store. I like to have my earbud in listening to raunchy porn blasting, I tested first to see if it's audible anywhere but in my ear and it's not. And then when I get back to the car and it's pouring, after putting the groceries away its time to play! I put my phone on the steering column where I can watch, barely lift the jacket over my thighs and masturbate in the parking lot. The sensation and my wetness is enhanced by the nudity in public, porn audio I've been listening to, plug in my ass I'm grinding on, and "Anastasia Rose airtight dp" on PH. I watch while Gus and his wife in the parking spot next to me show no signs of seeing any of it through the buckets of water distorting my windows. To them I could be anybody, man or woman sitting in the car watching the most recent virus news. I texted J the whole naughty story about what I've been up to and she wants to do it with me at some point.

My Poolboy showed up at my door at 11pm in the rain. Against my better social distancing judgment I let him stay the night. Neither of us have been sick or out and he's not in school so I couldn't tell him no. He'd had a btfo fight with his parents and just left instead of hitting his mom with a chair or something, so he said. I greeted him as always naked at the door (because I don't wear clothes at home) and we sat curled up on my couch eating pizza and drinking apple Jack's while he told me the whole story. I was sitting in his lap listening, cheering him up when I could, agreeing some parts and pointing out others where he made things worse. When he was totally calm a few hours later and after some Netflix, I took his hand and took him to bed with me where we just cuddled and talked some more before falling asleep. He appreciated the chill night-without-needs when we woke up and after some groping kisses, headed home. He comes to me, not his gf :D

N says he's feeling better and always wants to come over. He kind of throws a fit when I tell him no, cause that's not how quarantine works. Since he's been sick I might still get whatever he had, even if he's not anymore. Not that I trust his judgment because the power of boners is stronger *ding.

He came over anyway one night with flowers. I accepted them and told him I promised to see him when quarantine's over. After like 30 mins of him begging at the door, and me telling him no like a kid and parent arguing whether or not he could hang out, I told him to go and guaranteed again I'd see him when this was over. Before I could shut the door though he got his foot inside, and when I opened it again to make an issue out of it he pushed me out of the way and let himself in. He was totally calm and played it off goofy and smiling like "too late I'm here." After some arguing in which he was smiling the whole time like he was cute, he started getting touchy and kept trying to tickle me or lean in for kisses and I kept swatting or pushing him off. He only put up with that for a little bit, grabbing my wrists and pinning them behind my back with one hand and holding the back of my head with the other so he could kiss me. I kept wriggling and scooting backwards away from him so he walked me into a corner with walls on both sides and pulled my head back with a handful of hair. I couldn't move, I could knee him in the balls but that might have been provocation. He was licking my neck and cheek while grinding his hard on against me, I wasn't in the mood for any of it but it didn't feel malicious like before or an assault. So when he asked me if I was going to be a good girl and behave I said yes. He handcuffed my hands behind my back with a pair he'd brought expecting this, and walked me upstairs still holding a fistful of hair on the back of my head. When we got to my room he pushed me headfirst onto my bed and got naked, then pulled me by my ankles over the edge. He started eating my ass which we hadn't done before, and it had been a long time for me so I reluctantly had to admit it was kind of nice. He would mix in long licks of my lips with tongue-flicking my clit too. I was spacing out and daydreaming when I snapped out of it and realized I was about to cum and I was in a new position. At some point I'd shifted up onto my knees, was supporting my weight the side of my face drooling and moaning into my blankets, and even had my hands pulling against the back of his head. So I forgot all about his pushyness and gave in. After I informed him loudly that I was cumming, he rolled me onto my back and flipped me around so my head was hanging over the edge of the bed, then swung his hips and slapped his wet cock across my cheeks a few times. I opened my mouth wide with my tongue out and he happily throated me. He facefucked me for a few minutes, swatting my tits sometimes which made me squeal with a mouthful of dick, which then made me gag. It wasn't terribly comfortable with my arms under me and the cuffs digging into my back every thrust but it was still getting me wet. The last time he pulled out so I could breath, he grabbed my hair again and pulled me to sitting upright. I felt like a mess, my nose was runny, spit and cum covering all the way from under my watery eyes all down my neck! I sat there on my knees trying to breathe, he moved up to the head of the bed sitting on my pillows against the wall, hooked me under my arms and pulled me back between his legs. I was leaning back against his chest and he asked me with lips to my ear if I wanted his dick in my tight tasty ass or wet pussy, I said ass thinking of him eating it a few minutes ago. That's exactly what he hoped I'd say. He helped me get my knees under and my feet behind me by lifting me up by my hips, and I straddled his legs reverse-cowgirl style. Then he pointed the tip of his dick against my asshole and pulled my body down on it slowly with equal handfulls of hair and cuffs. I started riding, feeling that cock-filled sensation I haven't had in over a month, and was leaning forward to give him a good view. We fucked like that for a little bit before he pulled me back against his chest, thrusting on his own now cause he was close to cumming. He was groping my tits, sliding his hands up my chest and gripping my slippery neck, using it to pull me down harder on his dick. I felt it stiffen and the thrusting stop, so I grated my hips back and forth and milked his load into my butt. When he was done I laid back against him relaxing and we talked. I said today was kind of sketchy and in a grey area because the way he forced his way inside started out scary, but him being boyish and immature and the fact that I was kind of into it this time was the only thing that made it not creepy. He said that last part was what he was going for last time he just lost his temper. I reminded him this time could have turned out different too and not to do something like this again. In a vacuum tonight would have been cute. Immature bf doesn't take no for an answer, seduces girl with his boyishness and dominance. But with the last time he was here in my mind, when he stopped the door with his foot I almost ran. We had kind of a soft argument, no yelling just upset girl and repentant guy and I told him after last time he DOES scare me and that I consider what happened rape, especially cause he knows what is and isn't ok with me, and slamming the back of my head on the floor when I struggle or piss him off definitely isn't. He apologized into my neck really quiet and convincingly ashamed, and wrapped his arms around me holding me. He didn't argue with me when I told him he raped me, even saying "ok, you're right. I'm sorry, forgive me, make it up to you, ect" and i never thought that would happen to me. By the time we were done with our talk the cuffs were uncomfortable, and his soft dick in my butt was not an efficient seal to keep me from leaking his cum all over my pillows, so we took a shower together, I made him wash the bed materials, then give me a massage before going and getting us dinner. If he's eager to make amends and wants to be with me, I'm going to put him to the test. Since he can't be at work and I'm potentially contaminated now, I told him he could "shelter" with me a couple weeks to see how he does. If he performs to my standards he'll be out of the doghouse.

Poolboy came to my door again hoping to Netflix & chill but I had to turn him away, telling him someone who had been sick is staying with me and I might be now or soon. He seemed pretty upset and wanted to know who it was, suspecting it wasn't family because there's another car in my driveway meaning they're here and I'm always naked at home. I told him to call me if he wanted to talk about it but it was a guy and one of my friends. It never came up before when he was here, the prospect of my being with other guys. I never hid it except for his friend B, but I suppose when I said I had FWBs he didn't really grasp the reality of actual guys coming around. He left pretty upset and I said I'd text him later and we could talk because I like him coming over and don't want that to stop. N was out of sight during the visit but asked me who it was and if I usually answer the door naked. I said I do even for girlscouts and Mormons, it's my property and I can do what I want and anything they see while soliciting us their fault, having said that it was another guy friend and I had to turn him away. He was pouty and crotchety after that because he doesn't like sharing either, that being the reason for that argument and forcing himself on me before. I was sure to remind him of that and told him to put away my towels, glaring and pointing when he hesitated, which he thought was cute and I tried really hard not to smile... Which he also thought was cute, and left to do as he was told. Crisis averted

The event with poolboy got me nervous and thinking about this 2 week deal. What if J comes by to check on me or something? She knows N's car, would be similarly curious about him being over and how I know him. I thought about asking her husband for a cover story about introducing me to a friend but she would wonder why I didn't tell her about him and I couldn't get N to go along with that story because he doesn't know about me and J and would similarly be bothered...

N is working out juuuust fine. I've never had so much fun controlling a man and making him grovel. He cleans during the day, doing whatever made-up chore he's instructed to do, sometimes just needing a harsh look when the whining starts, after that it's "of course baby" and sometimes trying to distract me with kisses and fingers sliding down my butt before I catch on and push him off. I didn't know some spots in my bathroom like shower grout could GET clean, or that the drain was actually chrome, or that you should actually be able to FEEL the ceiling fans when they're on. Apparently gunk builds on the blades in the direction they spin and they don't cut through the air as efficiently, which makes sense I just never thought about it. He makes or goes and gets me dinner, strokes my back/shoulders/legs with his fingernails making me shiver, massages my feet, and at the end of the day... It's all hairpulling, ass spanking, choking, balls-deep ramming Hardcore butt-fucking. We don't have gentle nights. I've actually panicked at my heart beating so hard it hurt, and once I passed out while I was cumming. He was freaking out when I revived a few minutes later after my brain rebooted. Afterwards we take a near-boiling bath to sooth my achy holes & muscles and he washes me like my slave. I doubt if we were a couple it would be like this all the time because I'm sure it's a hard pace to maintain. Having an end in sight must make it worth it working like a dog since it's just for another week. That or the night sessions, he doesn't fuck like that for just my benefit...

N's gone, hopefully he got his fill. I told him to stay away for the rest of the quarantine and we'll be good as soon as it's over, then I had to call J and Poolboy because I hadn't talked to her and hurt him. J was glad to hear from me and wondering where I'd been, I told her I had a friend staying with me. She had mixed feelings on that but I think they were about safety over jealousy. PB wasn't as easy, he was upset and said he wasn't talking to me but never hung up for the power of whiny girl voice prevails. I told him N was gone and that arrangement had a time limit, and rather than go over what we already said on the phone to come over so we could talk about it. Where I can whine in his lap and make him get over it. Like I said he knew in theory who I was but reality never occurred to him. Maybe I'll throw him concessions to get MYSELF out of the doghouse.

He came over and we talked, it was pretty good. Everything was just like I thought about him not really realizing I'm polyamourus. I convinced and got him to agree I've always been honest with him and clearly I want him around too. I reminded him he's not entirely innocent, cheating on his GF and that I'd never said a thing about it because I don't care, I accept that he's fucking somebody else too. Even the way I am, inside I still get insecure hearing that with guys because that's what society teaches, but I know it's fair and natural and never raise any sign of poutiness when the behavior's reciprocated because I don't want to be a hypocrite. So he and I are good and I can play around and he'll never be a grouch again. Also he was bold and had some demands, so we'll be ramping up the naughtiness when he comes over. I said any freaky shit he wants to try this is the place to do it!

Or in public, which we've had some experience with but not like this. PB was super interested in my solo public escapades and one of his forgiveness demands of me was to participate. And so early one morning we went junk food shopping at one of those little Mexican stores/delis. You know the ones with all the skimpy BUDWEISER posters because they're not worried about political correctness, with empty shelves all the time and they only have beer and candy, and more importantly can't afford surveillance cameras? I wore my favorite public outfit and he wore a t-shirt and pj bottoms with the boxer-type button opening in the front. We went in separately and browsed junk food and ramen, ect before meeting up in a good corner behind a freezer near the back. It was just the cashier in the store when we started, but some people did come in and didn't notice anything. For a minute I was pinned against the machine and we were making out which put pressure on my glass flower in just the right way... He opened my coat and was playing with my tits while I got him hard stroking his cock through his pants. Then I braced my foot against a doorframe to my right so my leg was hiked up for him to fuck me. I couldn't see anything he was so close but I felt his hard dick push into me and we were going slow and out of sight. A couple more people came and went, nobody came to our freezer cause it was a soda sized one that sold produce, and nobody went to a place like this to get soggy flaccid produce! He started going faster forcing me to cling to his waist with my free leg, and whispered to me I could make a little noise because we couldn't be heard up front, especially when the freezer generator thing kicked on. At some point a customer came to check us out, I didn't see him but he kind of peeked around the fridge and I saw PB nod to him, like when you lift your head when you pass someone. I was a little concerned and asked if we should run but he showed me how the guy had made the downturned-mouth "not bad" face and nodded when he figured out what was going on. Just like "oh cool have fun." I'm glad he didn't get a good look at my face because he might have seen the age difference and taken issue. PB was keeping an eye out on people in the store and when it cleared out a little more he started fucking me a little harder. I wrapped both my legs around him then and held on to the top of the freezer with my fingers, he was switching between making out with me and licking my neck and cheeks. I cummed loud enough for the guy up front to hear for sure, not a scream or anything but I let out a whimpery "fuck" that you could probably hear at the front door. We were done then and straightened ourselves out before leaving holding hands. The cashier also nodded to us on the way out and didn't say anything, not that I think he speaks any English, but he had to know what we were up to. When we got back to my car I asked PB if he'd cum with me and he said no he just felt like we shouldn't push out luck because I was starting to make alot of noise. So I told him sorry and gave him my keys letting him drive my car. On the way home I kept my hand in the front of his pants playing with his dick and keeping him hard until I could finish him off. I would have given him road head but my car's small. When we got back to the house I dropped my jacket on the back of the couch and bent over it, pulling the stud out of my butt for him. He got the hint right away and stuffed his cock in my ass without any spit or lube or anything, luckily I was pretty loose from having a toy in there. It only took him a minute to finish and I felt his cum fill me up, clenching when he pulled out to contain the mess. I took his shirt off and stomped his pants down, took him upstairs and we took a shower together. I'd have him stay with me a couple weeks if I thought he could get away with it but between his gf and parents I know it's not possible. I just would like someone to hang out with until it's over.

On the plus side it looks like N might have just had a cold. He was sick a month before he stayed with me, it's been a couple weeks and I didn't get sick, and I've repeatedly been "exposed" to (and with) PB and he has been fine along with everyone HE knows. I'm being irresponsible.

Speaking of "when this is over" I've been researching conservatorship, which is one term for security/house staff combo. I have to register as an employer and file taxes for that similarly, write up a contract that denotes responsibilities and what to expect, have an escape period in there that means they'll have 90 days to change their mind before committing to a full 2-year term, ect. I'm debating whether or not it's too much work then I'm reminded I wouldn't have to do this or any paperwork again. A professional conservator or steward is (vetted first by agency) given access to your private information and handles all this stuff for you as part of their duties. Before I forget I have to add violation protections for that in the contract. It'll be easy to write, I found template services for the whole thing. There are pick and choose clauses too so a little de***********ion of what this or that paragraph means, and you just copy it in there. When you're done you submit it and they'll say "we suggest adding/editing this or that to meet your specific needs" it's pretty easy.

My security portfolio is done and I'm ready to be given a list of cantidates, picked from different available services. Interviews won't be available until the end of May because of Rona though.

It's been fuckin hot enough to use my pool! I've been swimming almost every day and getting fried! PB has come over a few days and we were talking about having a BBQ with friends. I jokingly pointed out that's the opposite of social distancing but he said we suck at that anyway and everyone he knows is also staying in and not sick. I said I suppose if we kept it small. He suggested B only and was hoping I'd invite some girls. Certain people I'd like to be there I knew would object so they were out. I invited Holly and Dillan but he said he couldnt so it would just be me and Holly. PB said that's not very many people, and I said he only had 1 idea and that we were evenly matched. He was hoping more for a schmorgasbord of girls for each arm. I reminded him girls don't like me much or can't come because they might have issues with our relationship. So I suggested a cute Tgirl I haven't seen in awhile. He reacted a little homophobically for my taste and wasn't interested in hearing that, which is disappointing. I tried to convince him she wouldn't do anything if people didn't want it, and you couldn't tell she had boy parts unless the bottoms came off so she'd still be nice to look at, but he was kind of rude about it. I said I could invite a few guys, but that's the opposite of what he wanted which is the ratio in his favor. We're going to do it this weekend so I have time to try and track down those Latinas from Mark's networking party, I just have to call Mrs. A and see if she's willing to do the legwork since they were hired professionally. After we figured it all out we had to go and get meat and such for this weekend, so I put on my coat and heels and we went grocery shopping together... ;)

Which was hot and just a little gropey but uneventful. Alot of people out nowadays.

Yesterday was fun. I arranged for people to come over Sunday morning to hang out, and Holly did with a sexy coyote brown Bond-girl one-piece swimsuit. We were hanging out by the pool when my boys came over. She knew she was my +1 meant for PB's +1, I filled her in days ago when we were organizing the whole thing. She couldn't think of any girls to bring at the time, I told her about B and his inexperience, ect. We just got the food going and were just settling in the boys' laps with beer when I got a call from a blocked number. I was told by Mrs A. to be expecting a call if she managed to get ahold of the girls from Mark's event. It was one of said girls named Lita. She and Jessica are roommates and were given my number, but not through the agency they usually contract through which freaked them out. Anyway I got up and went inside to talk to Lita and told her we were having a BBQ, and that there were a couple thirsty boys there who wanted girls to show up. I said it's not paid, just food, drinks and boys if they wanted to come over. She said yeah and it was alot less ominous than she expected when she called my number, expecting a John into who knows what. They needed a ride though. I went out and told everybody I had to pick some people up, Poolboy offered to come since Holly and B were clearly clicking, but I told him no cuz I might be picking up 3 people. Carspace. It was meant to be a lie at the time, I just wanted to talk to the girls alone to get the story straight before they started saying too much to my boys. Their place was an apt complex the next town over in gang territory, which I'd never even heard about until they told me. I've been through there lots of times and never knew a thing. There were a bunch of cholos sitting outside at tables and on the stairs who seemed glad to see me. I went up to the girls' room and they took forever to get out the door considering they just needed bikinis and were going to be in the pool so they didn't need makeup, but on our way out they had to explain to the boys where they were going, and they didn't want to let them come. The place is owned and run by their gang apparently, being a safe location everybody works out of. I asked the guys if it'd be ok, since it was just to hang out with me, not work-related and I said I'd bring them back food. The girls had shared with them last time they left my house. They figured out who I was then and said it was ok, but one of the guys had to come to keep an eye on the girls, and when I told them it was going to be a bunch of kids they sent one of their own. There was no getting around it if they wanted to come. So on the way back the girls were telling me about how they live, and "everybody calls me Nino" kept telling them to shut up and that I didn't need to know, but they kept slapping him from the backseat and picking on him in Spanish. They had no respect for him at all. I told everybody there were a few friends of mine waiting for us and we were BBQ'ing, and the girls were going to outnumber the boys. Nino was a little bitchy about guys being there and thought he was babysitting a bunch of girls hanging out, to which he got slapped around a little and Jessica told him whatever happened wasn't anybody's business and just to shut up and have fun. When we got there I introduced my friends to the girls and Nino, and PB was just taking off food. He and Nino knew each other from school but weren't necessarily friends, and after that he relaxed and had somebody to talk to. Everybody went back and forth from the pool to chairs, picking stuff off the grill and eating with fingers and having a good time, the girls mostly staying out of the water and just dangling legs in. Soon people were gravitating into a couple groups, nobody excluded. I was sitting in Poolboy's lap in a reclining chair with my feet up on Nino's next to him, and B had Lita sitting in his lap and stroking her back talking to Jessica and Holly sitting on his chair. We were all having fun drinking and talking and when PB kissed me I took it a step further, tongue-locking us together and playing with Ninos crotch with my foot while he was distracted. After a few minutes of making out I rolled off his lap and straddled Ninos, taking his face in my hands and kissing him while PB was squeezing my ass. I heard him say we were being watched but I was grinding that boy's hard-on and too busy sucking his tongue like a dick to look. That made him hard as fuck. Eventually I came up for air and to take his shorts off and got distracted when I saw the 3 of us were alone outside. I figured we made people uncomfortable but PB said all the others were all making out with each other and went inside together holding hands, so we followed them. We could see the pile of clothes and distinctive one-piece by the couch before the 4some that was taking place on it. B was sitting in the middle seat getting head from both Mexi girls kneeling on the floor between his legs, making out with Holly on her knees beside him with his hand between her legs. I kissed PB while dropping his shorts and pushed him down next to his friend on the other side, straddling him and taking his dick in me while watching Nino drop to knees and penetrate Lita. I saw in flashes of attention everybody moving around and switching up freely. We moved in small groups again to my upstairs bedroom where fucking on my bed would be more comfortable, and had to turn on the AC the room got so hot. Holly unexpectedly became the star of the show. She had never been with more than 1 guy at a time before today. At one point I was getting fucked doggystyle by Nino while eating out both the Latinas, watching Holly riding Poolboy and sucking B's dick who was standing over him. Knowing she doesn't mind anal and scheming how I could make this better for her, I kept pleasuring the girls and told Nino he should help the boys and buttfuck Holly. I had cum 3 times already and after making both of the girls do it with either fingers or my lips, we all cuddled and stroked each other with fingertips to calm down while watching all 3 boys triple-penetrate Holly. They weren't gentle. PB wasn't moving much as the guy underneath, but Nino was pushing those long strokes hard and gripping her hips so hard her skin was bulging between his fingers. I realized she looked messed up. Her ass, hips and tits were dark red like she'd been spanked and slapped all over, it couldn't be sunburn. Also she was covered in scratches and sweat, she looked pale, and her hair was flat and messy, sticking to her sweaty skin wherever it touched. She was hyperventilating and moaning breathing hard through her nose, but was obviously cock-mad because she wasn't trying to get air, she had her claws latched to B's ass yanking him against her face harder. Her face was a mess, cum and slobber swinging from her chin and cheeks, and her eyes were all red and watery like she's been crying. It was super hot and I wish I'd recorded it. He put his hand on the back of her head and was telling her he was about to cum, but she pushed him back then and leaned away into Nino's chest before grabbing B's legs and pulling him right up against herself. She jerked him off all over her neck and chest, the girls making fun of her asking why she didn't just let him cum in her mouth but she ignored it, I know she doesn't mind swallowing. She was probably enjoying being messy. When he was finished B sat down up by us with his back against the wall to watch the show. Nino finished a minute later, with one hand pulling her hair and the other on her shoulder holding her against his chest, he came in her ass loudly and then sat at the end of the bed between my legs. Poolboy wrapped an arm around Holly's back and flipped her over to fuck her missionary, holding her hands above her and staring into her messy cute face. After like 10 more minutes he finished, pulling out and jerking off on her belly. When he stood up I slapped B's leg and pushed Nino with my foot asking if the boys would go clean up the patio, which they did. PB also forgot stuff over coals on the grill and a while bunch of chicken was now all dried out. Still edible but not bouncy and good like it was. I guess the guys at the apartments would have to suffer. Holly just laid there like he left her with her arms over her head, panting and covered in cum, staring at the ceiling and occasionally chuckling. I scooted over to cuddle her and layed in the crook of her arm with my head on her shoulder, playing with the cum on her chest and the other girls left to take a shower together. After a little bit Poolboy took them and Nino home with a tray of the leftovers. Holly, B and I took a bath together and talked about the whole experience. She'd known I'd been there alot and had even seen me gangbanged but never expected to have it herself. PB got back with my car and offered to take Holly and B home again but they both stayed the night and we cuddled and watched Netflix before going to bed together. He was a virgin before he met me and now a few months later, he's been with multiple girls at once, participated in TP and an orgy. Now we don't have to hide us fucking from Poolboy either. It was a good Mother's day.

Holly and I have been hanging out every couple days since the Mothers' Day Massacre. I keep her Bond onesie here so she can wear it for me when we go swimming together. I swim naked, I just like seeing her in it. We're getting closer again, getting dinner and playing games like we used to, talking about guys and now making plans. I told her if she wants to expand her repertoire I can hook her up with pretty much anything she wants to try. Naturally after trying it the thing she wants most is a cock buffet. I told her I could set it up but it could take time getting everyone together because of scheduling but she had another idea. Jess & Lita's apt complex. She wants to be gangbanged. By literal gangbangERS. It turns out when I told her about picking the girls up last time, she knows what apts I was talking about because she's not allowed to do her business there. The guy she works for distributes his products from a nice mobile home in a retiree community and they're competitors. I texted PoolBoy to see if he had Ninos number to set it up because I'm sure he was telling stories and they'd love a chance. No luck. I texted the girls to ask for his number and Jessica just went downstairs to give him the phone, I put him on speakerphone for Holly to hear when he got on. We talked for a minute with her staying quiet and I told him Holly wanted more of what she got at the end of our orgy, and asked if his friends would be willing. He had us on speaker too and the phone blew up with screaming and some yelling I couldn't understand. Holly looked embarrassed and I was laughing my ass off. He put us on speaker cause of course he'd been telling stories and he wanted his friends to hear what we were talking about while staying quiet, just like we were doing. After a minute it died down and I asked when, he said right now, the whole time people talking in the background and barely being able to understand him. Holly was chickening out and trying to wave me off like I was about to crash on a carrier and I told them we'd be over as soon as I made her presentable, then hung up. I had to calm her and remind her to go through with it cause it was her idea, stroking her hair and kissing her, telling her I'd be there with her and I'd been through it before. You're always scared until you start. So I gave her a few immodium, took her to one of my showers that had a detachable head & hose to give her an enema, when we were sure she had no more ickiness in her, we put on mascara (they love it when it runs, and it runs...)and no-smudge lipstick, and I lent her a black choker and some of my hose so she looks really whorish. I didn't have heels or anything that fit her so we had to run by her house so she could get some tall party heels and a little mini dress to match that she'd be wearing for like 15 minutes. When we got there a bunch of guys were sitting outside as usual and they were catcalling us since we came in the gate holding hands. I was wearing jeans, a cami and sneakers to not take away from her attention. Some guys got up and were taking turns being gropey to both of us, she did little turns to show off for them and was starting to loosen up. She and the guy's were standing there teasing and insulting each other, occasionally someone would turn her face toward them by her chin and kiss her. And she was all tongue, they'd give her a little peck on the lips and pull back slowly and she'd be following them with her tongue out like a slut and grinding her hips against somebody else. The issue of whether she had experience with drugs came up and she mentioned who she works for, they didn't seem to care and one guy said she isn't supposed to be there then before kissing her. They all started making fun of how they were going to fuck the old man's delivery girl and put her to work for them. I was watching in a plastic chair with a beer and at one point yelled that they should get a room, and she was led inside by a group of 8 guys. I stayed outside a couple minutes of talking with a few others, telling them how I'm off the table because it's her day and we wanted to see how many guys she could handle. They were disappointed and said they didn't want to share with the homies cause she'd be nasty and they didn't want to be around that much dick, so I agreed I'd keep them company and they'd have a good time just not like that. We went inside and the house looked empty. They pointed out a closed bedroom door and I left her to it. They were starting to heat up in the bedroom cause we could hear husky baby talk and hissing through the teeth guys do when they're feeling good. I was sitting in an older guy named Benny's lap, taking shots and I noticed his hand was in the front of my waistband but over my panties. I stroked his wrist with my fingertips to let him know I noticed and was ok with it but didn't know if he'd respect the boundary. People started showing up, groups of 4 or 5 Mexican guys usually towing a couple white girls. Apparently we were having a party. Music was started, I smelled something bbqing, and after an hour the house was filled with people and we were dancing. I was grinding up on guys and a couple big Mexican girls, took some Molly, ate some ribs, danced and made out with some guys girlfriend while he was grinding on us, and almost got in a fight with this big white bitch for dancing with her bf I didn't even recognize. Apparently he'd been behind me for a minute and I gave him a lap dance to Silky Fine's Romeo and Juliet lol. I kept my eye on the door probably not as well as I should have. Whenever I saw someone come out I'd ask how Holly was, which they took as an appraisal of her skill when I wanted to know if she was doing ok. They all smelled like sex. I slipped in the door to peek in and a familiar wave of heat and stink hit me. I saw 4 sweaty naked guys and Holly looking slutty-gorgeous again with mascara down her cheeks, hair messed up, still wearing her choker, hose and heels, on all fours taking gangbanger dick in both ends. I got her attention and asked how it was going. She took the cock out of her mouth, Kubrick stared at me with attitude for a minute without saying a word. The guy behind her never slowed down fucking her, so she kept bouncing sexily with her tits rolling without breaking eye contact, and went back to sucking dick. So I said ok and to have fun, spanked one of the boys fluffing himself waiting for a turn and went back in the other room. When I came out the door I caught looks from a few guys and moved to let a group of 3 of them in past me. Word was getting around. It was just getting dark and I went to see if the girls were home. Outside I saw Lita and she said Jess was upstairs working so we hung out near the BBQ drinking beer, eating, and talking. I told her Holly was here inside and she wanted me to bring her out, so I had to tell her what was going on which she thought was gross. They don't like the guys much I guess, they just work for them. Just after dark Jess came down with a young boy and joined us, a bunch of us were all teasing them asking the guy if he had fun and if we smelled his dick would it smell like tacos or fish. About midnight the house was clearing out and it was just a couple groups, I checked on Holly and she was passed out. She had been going from about 4:30 to 11 and I told everybody I had to get her home. I woke her up and helped her get cleaned up with a towel and get dressed, saying once we got home I'd give her a bath and a massage if she wanted... So we said bye to the boys and on the way home she rested her head on my shoulder, holding my hand with our fingers entwined telling me about her night. At one point it had died down and the last guy had finished with her and left, so she laid there and was just falling asleep when she woke up a few minutes later with someone else putting his dick in her ass, and soon she was being TP'd again. She also said they'd been trying to talk her into working for them like the girls do. I told her about Jess and I talking about how they don't like the guys and working for them cause they get abused, so she definitely shouldn't. She was never thinking about it so it's no big deal. I told her about my night and how I'd partied, almost got in a fight, made out with strangers, had their hands all over me and in my pants. She told me about how she licked lines of coke off cock and she couldn't have gone so long otherwise. It gave her energy and made her horny even though she'd been plowed for hours, and made her tongue and throat numb so she could swallow dick like I do! When we got home I loaded her up with OJ and pre***********ion antibiotics I have specifically for post-gangbang safety, stripped us down for a bath and massaged her arm and leg muscles, and gave her a back massage afterward in which she was asleep in a few minutes. We did the math in the bath (hehe) and she counted 23 guys that had run a train on her, and I don't know how many she might have lost track of, like if her ass is facing the door and someone comes in, load-blows and goes and she never knew the difference between that guy and the 3 before him. I don't have any reason to doubt her, seeing small groups head for her bedroom door through the night. It's not a competition, if it was I'd be losing. She blows my record out of the water in 1 night, the girls were right that's pretty nasty lol. I'll make her get tested to be safe in a couple weeks. Oh and she thoroughly enjoyed, would NOT do again. Maybe on a smaller scale like my bbq was, but she was hurting by the end of the night. Not her loose destroyed holes, but her muscles and her back. She was walking stiff the next morning like she'd been digging graves all day

I've been talking to Jen and she says that we should both get Rona tested and if we clear we should finally hang out. She really wants ME tested because I wasn't distancing like I should have been and was very very social. She was mad when I told her about all of it, not because of not distancing but promiscuity. But I stayed calm and pleading, and told her this is who I am and have been, and we're friends and lovers and the people I have sex with don't mean to me what she does, and I miss her. I reminded her that she'd cheated on her husband and not to be hippocritical, and the way I live has been HER fantasy too and I can bring her into it slowly with my exoerience, and we can be together. She's a servant to my will, giving in to my whiny begging voice and forgiving me in minutes. I wanted to say putty in my hands but I could never compare my vixen goddess to something formless and ugly like that. I got her to admit she wants to be with me and can learn to live with side exploits, and that she'd even be involved with them and open up a whole new world of fun. She's actually excited to meet PB and B despite their age and her husband being a cop. If I got her and PoolBoy together they'd be a PB&J and I'd eat the ass out of that sandwich... We talked for awhile and she's worried about her husband and his partner with the Civil unrest going on right now. They're both out every night making sure the protests stay protests instead of riots but there has been vandalism. I hadn't thought about it before, but now that I do that might be why I haven't heard from N in awhile cause he's been busy...

He did come by after being on shift for days like a firefighter, exhausted and carrying a bag of gear he gets to take home I guess. I massaged his neck and shoulders while he told me about everything going on, how they're getting special training from SWAT officers, the vandalism, that a mutually-loved naughty clothes store is actually boarded up for protection, ect. When he was nice and relaxed I sat prostrate next to him and we started making out. After a minute he'd undone his belt and zipper, holding his dick in one hand while we kissed before pushing my head into his lap for a blowjob. Each bob I went down a little bit further until I was taking his cock ball-deep in my throat and wagging my head side to side the way he likes, and I had him ready to cum in a couple minutes. He pulled me away by my hair and even exhausted, carried me up the stairs to my bed. I was thrown onto it with a bounce, where he grabbed my knees, flipped me onto my belly and crawled on top of me with all his weight.

He was too tired to aim or hold himself up so he layed there lazily humping me and kissing my back and shoulders, with his wet yard dick sliding around between my butt cheeks and over my pussy until he came that way leaving a mess all over my butt and crotch. After maybe 15 minutes of laying there like that I was uncomfortable and couldn't breathe so I rolled him off of me and massaged him until he fell asleep. Poor boy.

Mark called and told me he's traveling again, that he would be coming back home from Europe for a week and wanted me to stay with him at the winery house. I said of course and told him about what I'd been up to, asking if now that Holly was opening up he wanted to see if she'd be interested too. And the Mexican hoes. He said no just me and that he hasn't been with a woman since me, even a pro and that our week would involve no work or anything so it would be just us. It was a vacation. When I met him there he didn't make me strip and serve him or anything, we just sat and talked filling each other in on things, it was nice but unexpected. He told me about how Europe's handling Rona and that alot of places are still in lockdown there but there aren't many new cases so they're handling it well. Oh he made me get tested before I stayed with him and once again during the middle of the week. But he also told me that I was handling those events he asked me to host like a business partner, and I intimidate his guests. German women are more timid I guess and just go along with things, which is what I thought I was doing at the time. He wants me to mess with them more in the future, be more assertive and dominant and make the first sexual move publicly. Since our wedding ceremony they've respected me for being kind of a madam and seeming like I was dominant even with how many men were there. I don't know how to feel about that but whatever. I remind him of a young hot Mrs A he said, and when his guests were in my house everyone was both afraid to approach me and eager to please. That's why that one guy compromised and took me on a show tour. So on our vacation we went to the nude beach, got professional massages at home, and went for long drives followed by short, hot, private parking and fingering in a Tesla which was cool. I want one now. And at night it was hours of exclusively anal, collars, heels and flogging, ze German way. Also because he doesn't trust if I'm on BC or not (thinks I might try to trap him even though I've never planned or shown any behavior that says I would) and butt play is safer in that sense and naughtier. The week was up and he left for the airport.

A couple gangbangers came over unexpectedly. Nino and Benny, the older guy from Holly's gangbang party. Benny wanted to talk to me about business related stuff and needed Nino to bring him here. I let them in saying I'd hear them out but I didn't like how they just dropped by like that when I don't know them, casually dropping at some point each of my cop boyfriends. The whole time they were there Benny was perfectly respectful and asking for this and that instead of veiled threats or trying to be in control and make demands like I expected. He kept calling me mamas and cariña. So I sat in his lap like at the party, back to the arm of the couch, arm around his shoulders, butt naked the whole time... And we talked about what he came for. He wants me to find work for the girls of the apts and convince Holly to work for them. For Mark's event Jess & Lira were each paid $3000 and didn't have to fuck anybody, making in a night what they normally make in 2 weeks. I told him that was a once-in-awhile thing but I already planned to ask the girls if they had available friends when I was entertaining. He was disappointed I couldn't do that like once a week. I told him about how Mrs. A, secretary to the elite had made that happen and told him no she would never meet him and agree to that kind of thing. They're in different worlds. We moved on to Holly and after asking I told him I couldn't give out her number or info for her safety and she probably wouldn't be ok with it which he said was understandable. He asked me to try to convince her to come work for them doing deliveries and ho'ing at the apts, saying she'd get a free room, protection, and 'recreational supplies" out of it. I said I'd offer and she might be into it if she regularly gets fucked like that one night. I knew she would say no but I was being nice and we were being playful. I'd talked to the girls, who don't like it there cuz they're mistreated. After all the "noooo", "I'll ask but", and "we'll think about it" they were ready to leave, I said maybe we'd drop by sometime, or I'd bring another girl for them to gangbang or something... And I made eye contact with Nino at the other end of the couch, spread my legs and asked if they wanted anything to eat before they left. Benny, who is married, is not a sharer with his guys. He told Nino no before he turned under me so we were both sitting facing the boy and started rubbing his fingers between my pussy lips. He was also playing with my nipples with his other hand and licking my neck, I was biting my lip, mouth-breathing and not breaking eye contact with Nino teasing him. I could feel Benny's hardon under me and through denim shorts, which don't really stretch... At the party I suspected he had a pretty big dick, bigger than I'm used to but I never got to see it. He pushed me away from his chest and I got on my hands and knees still facing Nino, and I felt wet skin touch between my cheeks. He'd taken his horse cock out and even straddling him on my knees his head ended above my back. He had to be like 10 inches and thick like a bodyspray can. I fucked up. I had to lean forward while he angled his dick kind of toward Nino, then lean back on it and he bottomed out in me before I could get all the way down. That's never happened to me. He started bouncing under me and I made a meal of it for Nino, doing my :o face, groaning and whining, talking dirty about how huge this dick was in me and how he was destroying my pussy. Nino was clearly jealous or uncomfortable which was cute. Benny was talking shit too about how he was missing out. Nino responded cleverly by saying he had me first and that Benny was sloppy seconds. Benny outsmarted his smartassyness though and said "it's not sloppy when it's this tight" before he spanked me. And I drove the nail in saying "everything's tight when you've got such a huge, thick co- oh" cutting it off early, rolling my eyes back, biting my lip and whimpering. He hadn't done anything different to where it felt better, it was just having fun messing with Nino. Soon Benny shoved me off his dick with 2 handfuls of buttcheeks so I had to catch myself on Nino's leg, and started jerking off with his head against my lower back while saying what was I'm sure dirty things about me in Spanish. I tongue kissed Nino and whispered right in his ear that he did have me first before flicking his Tragus (look it up, I had to) with my tongue as his boss was cumming on my back. After a little sweet talk while I was on all fours to contain his cum on my back, and a reminder to talk about stuff with a Holly they left.

Half an hour later after I got out of the shower and just got everything clean Nino was at my door again after getting a ride back. I let him in and he picked me up by my butt immediately, carried me to a stool in the kitchen and sat down with me straddling him. We made out for a minute before I helped him out of his shorts and he pulled me on top of him again. I had my arms around his neck riding his dick and he was making fun of me for being loose, so I slid off of him saying he doesn't get any more, and he didn't accept that, chasing me around the island so I made him earn it. When he caught me he tickled me for a minute before pushing me over the counter and dropping spit on my asshole, pushing his dick in a little too fast. Luckily after my shower I'd had time to body lotion and he didn't get caught on dry cheeks and hurt me. He fucked me like that, spanking me sometimes and pulling my hair at others until he was ready to cum, asking if he should pull out. I said if he did I'd need another shower and to fill up my tight asshole. He understood well enough cuz I groaned that last part through clenched teeth while he was pulling my head back by my hair. After he finished he was surprised he pulled out clean. I told him that for people who practice "random anal with friends!" you always have to be clean. Then he needed a ride home. I pulled on a black lacy ms with no undies and drove him back. When we got there he wanted me to walk him in, to which I teased him about being a needy girl and we walked to the courtyard together, where everyone was hanging out. He pulled me in to make out with me and pulled my skirt up to knead my ass in front of everybody and spanked me on my way out the gate, I think that was a show for Benny who was shaking his head. I pulled my skirt back down and drove home. I might be getting too close to dangerous boys.

Since I was tested twice in a week J says it's time. Since I have 3-5 guys showing up at my house randomly I don't want to have to explain too much or go through drama when we haven't seen each other in a few months. The 4th is in a couple days so I'm going to get a butt load of fireworks and go over to her house, it'll be just the 2 of us since her husband's working that night...

I got invited to a 4th of July party with PB and B, kind of a pool party with a bunch of kids their own age there but I had to turn them down cause I already have plans, also I'd be the only real adult there and could get into trouble.

I got the best deal on fireworks! I visited a shaded truck selling them on a dirt intersection and I was the only one there. The guy selling them was like a 40 yr old Salt & Pepper, goatee'd, tatted dad-bod type wearing a tank top. Seeing as it was just the 2 of us we were being super flirty. He kept calling me darlin' and honey and I I would innuendo the crap out of whatever he showed me. Asking how this one felt when it went off, did the tip of this one do anything special, did this one last longer if I was holding onto it, ect. And I was pausing and adding emphasis on the naughty implications. He probably thought I was dared to act like that or lost a bet but no. He invited me to hang out with him and his kids to do fireworks so he could show me, but I said I had plans with my gf who I hadn't seen in months and we were going to get up to no good together. He didn't seem disappointed cause he obviously knew I was into guys. When he asked if I was, I said my favorite was older dad-types as I held some kind of rocket with one hand and rolled my other palm around the tip, staring off into space conveniently at his belly level. He asked if we could hang out another time then, and when I asked if it was just me, him and the kids he said or "or just us." So I got his #. His name's Dave, since he doesn't mind if people know. I told J about the whole thing and she thought it was hilarious. Maybe I'll share Dave with her, she's gotta get started somewhere.

At her house on the 4th, we were lounging out back in reclining chairs, sunning naked and talking between bouts of throwing fireworks into the grass, having mix drinks, and talking about dirty stuff. All me of course. When we got to talking about Dave she suggested we call him together, the drunken schoolgirl. He answered and I told him we had him on speakerphone and I was telling J about the fireworks stand. He was hanging out at his dining room table watching his kids through sliding glass doors who were doing fireworks in the driveway. When he asked what we were doing J said we were hanging out together losing tan lines and making up for not seeing each other. He knew what she meant, and I was surprised to see her open up with a stranger but I guess the tequila helped. We flirted with him together awhile saying we should all hang out soon, but he had to go watch his kids so definitely another time. It was 4:30 and we were out of fireworks with hours of daylight left so I suggested wo go hang out at my house with the pool, which she agreed but we'd both been drinking, cause I'd planned to stay the night. I wasn't worried about someone showing up at my house unexpectedly anymore since I'd told her everything and she was fine with it, also her just having flirted and implied a 3some with a stranger and being well lubricated. If someone did show up we'd have alot of fun. I called around to see if anyone would be willing to give us a ride and everyone was busy. So I got an idea, it's a hot day, a holiday and people are out looking for something to do so we could start walking with out thumbs out. She was vehemently against that for safety reasons, even drunk she's too responsible. And by safety I mean from the Rona, not kidnapping. My plan B is if we couldn't drive to my pool we should just relax together in a cold bath... So we did that. She helped me in first and layed on top of me face-to-face and we made out while playing with each other under the water. We were only doing that for a few minutes when her husband came home, apparently he's working a split shift and has to go back in a few hours. He found us in the bathroom and was teasing about how we've clearly had too much to drink, and started taking his pants off. J said there wasn't room enough for the 3 of us in the tub and he said he knows. Grabbing and folding a towel before putting it on the end of the tub by my head, he kneeled on one knee so his hard cock was at face level for us and we each took a side, licking it together and kissing each other around it. She and I kept fingering each other under the water and sometimes took turns actually sucking his dick while we kissed each others' neck. He was ready to cum soon and actually used me to finish for once. Pushing my face down on his cock by the back of my head, he came in my mouth, telling me not to swallow and to share. So I rolled J under me and started kissing her with a mouthful of her husband's load, making a mess of it all over our chins for him to enjoy. While we were kissing, he pushed his thumb inside me and was using his fingers to play with my clit, making pinching motions that made me cum pretty quick. He watched for another minute after that and left to take a shower in the other bathroom, J and I let the water out of the tub and used the detachable head to spray off so we wouldn't rinse off the mess with dirty water, and went together into her bedroom so I could give her a turn. We were making out and she crawled onto the bed backward, both of us dripping wet, and I broke off to let her crawl away from me so I could have access to her beautiful, smooth wet pussy. I licked from her bellybutton to her clit and started making out with it, not just gentle tongue flicks, I was trying to suck it out with my lips and everything. Looking up over her belly I could see her breathing hard and pinching her nipples, really loving my attack, and she started whimpering and telling me she was about to cum when I felt an arm wrap around my belly and pick me up. P laid me on the bed next to her, lifted her legs up by her heels and shoved his hard-again dick in his wife. It had been like 10-15 minutes since he'd cum in my mouth but he always had more for J. She was pretty close already and came almost right after he started, playing with her clit while he railed away at her, and after her breathing calmed I crawled under her armpit to cuddle her while he fucked her. I didn't know if he had another orgasm in him, but after a minute he threw her legs to the side, flipped her over and started hitting her hard doggy-style. I laid there on my side pinching and twisting her nipples, listening to his balls clapclapclap'ing against her fast and she was going to cum again I could tell. He surprised us both when he gathered her hair, twisted it up into a ponytail and used it to pull her back against himself with one hand. She told me they don't do stuff like that and AFAIK she's never had her hair pulled. She was clenching her teeth and groaning, and he was super violent and hard with her, yanking her back each thrust. I started playing myself again watching it, and gripping ahold of her tits hard with my other hand. I guess he did have another load in him cuz he had a few pausing hard thrusts again before she melted onto the covers, and he followed her laying all his weight on top and thrusting a couple more times. She asked what that was about because he'd never been like that with her and he said he's got to live up to me and my being around is like a competition, that J and I together is really hot and makes him like teenager horny again. We all cuddled, with me being biggest big spoon and on the outside until he had to go to work again. We thought about asking for a ride to my house on his way but decided just to stay there after all. Happy 4th!

It's been a couple weeks since then and Dave invited me over to hang out with him and his kids. It was about 7 so kind of later in the day than I'd hoped, but I put on a nice loose but short cami dress and headed over and he was making shrimp and noodles when I got there. He introduced me to his kids and when it was ready we ate dinner together, it was pretty good. His daughter asked me if I was his gf and I said we haven't worked out details yet or talked about it yet but I'd like to keep coming around. After dinner while they were in the living room playing games we stayed at the table and talked details and I asked if he was ok with me having other involvements, saying he'd be included in the ones he wanted to be and that he would have that option too. He said he was hoping for more of an exclusive thing and a gf who he could trust with his kids or have a relationship with, I said I can be that I just have alot of people in my life already and I've always been that way. So when I'm not spending time with him I might be entertaining someone else. He said he's "not a boring guy" but he's had that and wants something more serious. I argued I can be the thing he wants when I'm around and be me when I'm on my own, that from his perspective it would be a normal relationship if he didn't want to know or partake in my other relationships, that I would prefer honesty but we could just say "what I do in my time he doesn't need to know about", and I was sorry if I disappointed him. I had my hands over his and batted my eyes for that last part, and then I sweetened it by saying J would be disappointed that he's a "no" and she was looking forward to just the 3 of us hanging out... He jokingly said that he couldn't be wooed by my throwing meat at him and I chuckled and was like "damn" and knocked on the table. We were quiet for a minute while I was playing with his middle finger with my thumb and all fingertips closed around it, stroking all the way down and up like a dick, and I asked disappointedly if he was sure it had to be exclusive or nothing or he wasn't interested in a 3some with a couple women. Or 3? I could maaaybe swing 5 if that would convince him. He laughed and said he couldn't handle that but asked if I was serious, to which I said yeah if their schedules matched up and I'd have to ask but most of us had done that already so probably. He stretched out a wishful "nnnnoooo..." and said that kind of proved he couldn't trust his kids with someone like that. I sardonically feigned being insulted and said my sexual habits have nothing to do with my trustworthiness, it's not like I would include THEM. In fact I started out with telling him who I was outright instead of keeping it a secret and just cheating. I could feel him loosening up and that he wanted to but he had to consider his kids first, whether I'd be a fixture in their lives like he needed or not and whether or not he even wanted that. So I told him I'd better get home and let him think about it while trying not to seem disappointed and we said bye and he walked me out. He flirtingly asked if he could get a bye kiss and I said as long as it weighs the scale in my direction and pulled him down to me by the neck of his shirt. We were making out, not just a little bye kiss and I felt his hands on my hips. I pulled one up and put it over one of my boobs and squeezed his hand to start him playing with it, and pulled away to make sure his kids couldn't see. He was blocking the window and there wasn't a view from the living room anyway. He squeezed my left tit a couple times before reaching his hand down inside and pulling it out to play while kissing me, and pinched my nipple a couple times. I brushed my hand over the hard bulge in his shorts while kicking the inside of my cheek seductively and told him that was a good kiss, pulled my dress over my exposed boob, got in my car and went home. We'll find out..

It worked. We dirty texted the rest of the night and he said I got about a block before he said we'll go for it and try some night this week. I asked if he meant the 5some or just going out and he said just us for now. He might be willing to have a 3some or something with another girl but not 5. I told J my date was a success and she said "ok". That was it, "ok". So she jelly but she accepts me. I told her I loved her and that I'd share and said "thank you" for letting me be me.

I was texting with PB and he mentioned he broke up with his gf, who I'd forgotten about. Apparently she's needy, high maintainance and suspicious, and also won't do alot of the things we do together. I reminded him that I'm just a weirdo, not being needy or high maintainance and she has a good reason to be suspicious, that he'd fucked 4 other girls while they were together. I said that all girls are needy and want to do stuff with their bfs, want to tell them about their drama ect and can't be expected to do something they don't want to do like anal, it's not unreasonable to expect loyalty, ect. I kind of defended her position to him saying nothing about her seemed unworthy and when he asked me if he should try to get her back I said no and just to keep it in mind with the next one. This is why you shouldn't have relationship expectations based on another one you were in. I hit him with a little elder wisdom. And then I asked if he wanted to come over and get ridden by an adult, throwing a little shade at her after doing my part and defending her. He said yeah but he couldn't cuz he had a Zoom meeting and later but he didn't think he could be with another girl but me. I might have ruined that boy but I doubt what he says, when I'm not in the picture anymore he'll be himself again. But right now he's laying on charm like he's never done like he's looking to secure me as a gf for himself, so I'll have to make it clear our relationship is as fwbs. Maybe I'll set him up with another gf...

This had been a busy time so I'll cut this entry short before something else happens ;)

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