Jasmine gets her man by hotjohn4321

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It had been a long ride, 2 days, and being stuck with her little sister, in the back seat had put Jasmine in a very foul mood. When they turned into the campground she was ready to scream as it was really out in nowhere.

She saw the big main building, a huge log building, which housed the restaurant and bar. There were several cars parked in front and quite a few people around. Then she saw a couple of girls that looked to be her own age and BOYS.

Jasmine had had a boyfriend but it had ended. They had been intimate and so she was not a virgin but the sex had been only OK and she had had more orgasms with her own hands. Still she liked to look at a nice sexy hunk. She had also found she liked looking at women/girls but that had gone now where with the one friend she had kissed.

They had been given a cabin, one of the larger ones that actually had 2 bedrooms and bath. She would have to sleep with her sister and this did not please her at all as her little sister was very nosey and always asking stupid questions.

After unpacking her folks told her to take her sister and walk around the campground so she would know where things were. The two of them headed toward the big building that housed the pool.

This is where she first saw John. It was just a quick look and then maybe a second glance but nothing more.

John had shown them the cabin and then gone to work on the pool while they settled in and looked around.

The day was hot and the room where the pool heater was made it a sauna. John was soaked in sweat and his tee shirt clung to him.

He was pulling off his shirt as the girls walked into the pool room.

Jasmine stopped and stared at him thinking, “oh god what a body”.

John had a good body and it was wet with sweat. He turned and saw the two girls looking at him. “Hello ladies, can I help you with something or are you just out exploring?”

Katie may have been young but she was developing an interest in males and sex. “Oh I can think of all sorts of things you can help me with.”

Jasmine looked at her sister, “Katie, behave yourself, we don’t even know this man.” Looking at John she though, “I would like to know that body better though. Dam this could be a nice trip yet.”

John at first just looked at the girls as a couple of LITTLE girls but then took a longer look after the little one made the rather suggestive comment and thought. “MMM dam those girls are not bad looking and the older one has a nice look about her. Oh shit man stop it they are to young and their parents are looking to buy the place.” John looked away quickly.

Jasmine had seen a look in John’s eyes that told her he saw more than a young girl.

“Well ladies you just ask me and I will try to help you with what ever you want to do here. I know your folks are thinking of buying it and if they do you will be spending a lot of time here.”

Katie’s hormones were starting to act up, “well maybe you can take me for a walk in the woods.” She was actually wishing she could rub her pussy now as the half-naked John was really turning her on.

“Oh stop it Katie you are being such a little brat. I apologize Mr. ???”

“Oh just call me John, and you are?”

“Jasmine and this is my obnoxious little sister Katie. She can be a little pushy at times.”

“I am not pushy and he is the guy trying to sell this to our parents so he can be nice to us, very nice, if he wants to sell.”

“Katie, stop it you are being a brat and embarrassing me.”

John chuckled, “that’s okay Jasmine, having worked around here all my life,very little embarrasses me now. Jasmine? That is a very beautiful name.” He smiled a very pleasant smile tilted his head, “ for a rather beautiful young lady”.

Her heart jumped and she stared at him in disbelief. No MAN had ever said she was BEAUTIFUL, well except for her father and that did not count.

“So you think my sister is beautiful well what about me?” Then Katie did a spin around and bent down and up spreading her arms wide.

Both girls were in shorts and tee shirts. Katie was without a bra and had the tightest of short shorts. Jasmine was wearing tight cut offs and a cut off top that exposed her tight belly. She was also wearing blue sports bra.

John could see the young girl was a handful for her sister but then she was cute. He noticed that she was braless and her nipples were showing though the tee. He also noticed the very tight shorts fit her cute little ass very nicely.

“You are a cute little girl and I think you will be as beautiful as your sister someday.” He smiled at Katie and nodded to Jasmine. “Well you two have a good time I have to get back to work. Nice to meet you both.”

He bent over the edge of the pool to pull something floating there out. He stood up holding the top of a bikini.

Katie saw it “looks like someone was skinny dipping.”

“Well I hope not. I will have to return it. I can’t just put it in the lost and found. That could be embarrassing to someone.”

Jasmine looked at John differently now, “you mean you don’t know whose it is.”

John was a little put off, “no I have no idea but from the size it must be one of the children here and there are a lot of then here this week.” He stuffed it into his back pocket took his tee shirt and turned to walk away.

Katie piped up, “how do you know it one of the children or are you an expert on bra size?”

“I think you are asking way too many questions little girl and I have work to do, so good day.”

“I am sorry my little sister has a big mouth sometimes.” With that Jasmine jerked her little sister around and headed out of the pool.

Katie was complaining all the way out.

John looked at the two of them and then looked again at the older girl, Jasmine. “mmmm, nice girl, polite and mmmm beautiful. Nice voice, sweet face, then staring at her back side, mmm nice round ass, very nice ass. Oh shit, stop it you fool she is too young, god she is jail bait. “

He went back to work but for some reason he could not get the image of Jasmine out of his mind. Then he thought of her sister and shook his head. There was trouble for sure.

Jasmine walked away dragging Katie along. She too kept thinking about him. A MAN had actually said she was beautiful and what a man. The more she thought about him the more she THOUGHT about him. She saw his naked chest with the hair, the muscles, his flat belly and those hands, so big.

That night Jasmine had trouble getting to sleep and at some point she had actually slipped her hand into her pajamas and rubbed her pussy. She stopped when she remembered that Katie was in the room as well. Still she was thinking of John all the time she felt her wet pussy and the hard nipples.

She woke the next morning very early and could not figure out why, but then realized that Katie was moaning and her bed was squeaking. Then she realized her little sister was masturbating and it made her very horny and she felt her own pussy finding it wet and wanting.

John had not thought much about the two girls as he had so much else to do around the property. Besides there were two of the staff women that had the hots for John and they kept flirting and teasing him.

John was no virgin and at 27 he had been around the block a few times. Still he had managed to not mess around with any of the help as that would have been a real disaster for the business. Not that it wasn’t in trouble anyway. Things were getting tight with money and he was having troubles.

He had been up early and was out collecting the garbage and cleaning up. It seems a bear was back in the area raiding the garbage again. He had called the wardens and they were bringing a live bear trap over. Now he needed to get the fire wood ready for the nights campfire. Every week there was a campground wide camp fire. They did hotdogs and marshmallow s’mores along with a couple of the staff playing guitars and singing. Most of the campers showed up so there was a lot of prep work to do.

John was splitting and collecting wood when Jasmine walked by. “Well good morning. “

“Oh hi, good morning. What are you doing now?” She looked at him with an entirely different point of view. Now she looked at him as a sexual object and felt a sensation in her groin she had not felt in some time.

John stared at her as she turned around. She was wearing white shorts that fit like they were painted on her body and a blue blouse that was tied just below her bust. The top edge of the white lace bra was visible. Without realizing it his cock pulsed and started to get hard. Thinking, “damn woman you are really something in that outfit. Good thing you are too young or I would make a play for you.”

“Getting ready for the campfire tonight, take a lot of wood. So where is your little sister?”

She looked at him and noticed that there was a bulge in his pants. Her pussy got wet and she squeezed her legs together and flexed her butt cheeks. “Oh well guess I will be there then. Sis is eating breakfast with the folks and I snuck out before they could stick her with me again. Hey I am sorry if she was to obnoxious yesterday.”

“No problem I am not bothered by much.” Well, something’s bother me and lady you seem to be one of them. He looked at her, the smooth skin the slender but nicely shaped legs and the hips then the flat tight belly and the mmmm so nice tits. That smile on her face could melt iron. AHHHH

She saw him looking her over and she was glad she had worn this outfit. She had planned the whole thing and she had seen him working out here.

“Here let me help you”, and she bent over and picked up a piece of wood. She took a long time to get it staying bent over with her back to him so he would have a good view of her ass.

Damn woman you are sure tempting me. That is a very nice round tight ass and I want to just grab hold. Shit, get back to work. “No you do not need to help in fact it is not a good idea for you to be here now as you are a distraction and that is dangerous when I have an ax in my hand.”

“Oh I’m sorry I did not mean to be a cause of trouble. I just wanted to chat with you can I just sit over there and talk?”

She then bent over facing him so now he could see down her blouse at the lace covered swells of her breasts.

His cock pulsed and got hard and in the loose fitting shorts cause a very noticeable bulge. Turning so his back was to her, “I think it would be best if you just found someplace else to be for now, okay.”

She smiled stood up and said in a fake hurt voice, “well is that is how you feel I will go, but I only wanted to talk.”

“Look, I am very busy today and I just , well, I can’t , hell girl you are very good looking and you are distracting and and look you’re a young girl and oh hell never mind just go will you.” He was very upset because of his feelings toward her. She was very hot and he would love to do more but damn it she is underage.

She looked at him differently now. He must have some feelings for her to react that way. She decided to approach him differently. She would be a mature woman and not a flighty flirty young girl.

“Okay I am sorry I did not mean to cause you trouble. I just wanted to be friendly and I think you’re good looking too, so there we’re even.” She turned and walked away.

He watched her leave and was drawn to the nice legs and the very sexy butt. Damn it man back to work.

She spent the rest of the day exploring the campground and then got stuck with her little sister again. In the afternoon they both put on swimsuits and went to the pool. Jasmine had brought two suits; one a green one piece with very high cut hip and exposed back, the other was a bikini that was strictly an attention getter. It was bright yellow and exposed a lot of the body. She had gotten it on her own and her folks had no idea she had it so she was wearing the one piece. Her little sister had a two piece that was a little too small for her now as she had grown and her breasts filled it to overflowing and the bottom, even though it was supposed to cover most of the butt, was stretched to the max and was pulled into her butt crack. They caused all the men and many women at the pool to turn and look with lust and envy. Both of them noticed the attention and put on a show strutting to the far end to be sure everyone got a good view.

They were a very sexy pair of females.

A couple of teenage boys soon found Katie and were hovering around her like bears to honey, and they looked like they were going to eat her for sure.

Jasmine had been swimming laps and was just getting out when John walked in wearing baggy trunks. He was wet from the shower and just dived into the pool. He had not looked at anyone in particular as he was just there to cool off and take a quick soak in the whirlpool. He got out and went to the hot tub and sat down laying back and closing his eyes.

She slipped back into the pool and swam to the other end and then very quietly got into the whirlpool.

The pool was not real busy as many of the campers were on the river or fishing. Katie and the boys were busy in the shallow end playing. Katie was riding on one boy’s shoulders as another girl was riding another and they were trying to unseat each other. There was a lot squealing and giggling from the interaction as hands were touching many sensitive areas. Katie liked the feel of the boy’s neck rubbing against her pussy and made a point to bend over the top of his head so her tits straddled it.

The other girl was doing the same thing and she seemed to also like pushing Katie’s tits more than necessary to knock her off. Katie pushed back and the girl went down along with the boy but he pulled his friend down with him and they all went under the water. Somehow the string to Katie’s top came undone and it floated away. Katie was naked from the waist up.

Before she could do anything to get the top back the boy she had been riding reached out and cupped a feel. She pushed him away and he laughed then the girl grabbed Katie’s tits from behind telling her she had really nice tits. Katie let her hold them for longer than would be expected.

Jasmine was watching and saw the play wishing someone would play with her like that. Then she looked at John with eyes closed and she move closer. The look of him sort of floating there with his muscled hairy chest just under the water and his arms with the big hands alongside, turned her on and she felt a desire building in her. She could not help herself and she reached out and touched his chest tangling her fingers in the hair.

His eyes flew open at the touch and his hand grabbed the wrist of the arm touching him. He looked deep into her eyes and pulled her to him.

Her body slip up along his, she felt her breasts rubbing along from hip to belly as he pull on her arm. She put her other hand on his shoulder and looked deep into his eyes. Her body wanted the contact and her eyes said take me.

“What the hell are you doing? You little wench.” Damn she is hot and she wants it.

He could not stop and move his hand to the back of her head, pulled her to him and kissed her.

At first she was afraid but that passed quickly when his lips meet hers. Her arms went around his head and she pulled herself to him making full body contact. The electric sensation running through her body made her lose all control.

The kiss only lasted a few moments but would never be forgotten.

He grabbed both shoulders and pushed her back. “Damn girl what are you doing, what am I doing, look I am sorry, I don’t know what came over me but this did not happen. You better get out and go, no I will.”

He started to get up and she grabbed his arm. “Stop before you make a scene. I wanted you to kiss me and you did. Don’t panic nobody will know.” She pulled him back into the pool and looked about. Nobody was paying any attention to them. “See nobody saw us.”

“That doesn’t matter, what does is you’re only 17 and your folks are here looking to buy this place. I don’t want to end up in jail and kill any chance of selling this place.”

They were both in the tub up to their necks and she had moved so her body was partially on top of his. The closeness of their bodies was sending sensations through both of them. Regardless of the warm water he was getting a hard on and she could feel it.

“Well I am not going to tell anyone and neither are you. You seem to have some feeling for me or at least part of you does.” With that she rubbed her leg against his now very hard cock.

“Oh stop that you’re a real tease.” He then tickled her in the ribs. She giggled and wrapped arms and legs around him to stop his tickling. “Okay easy now before you drown me”

At that point they heard the scream from the other end of the pool. Katie was being handled by the boys and the girl it seemed.

Both jumped out to the hot tub and into the pool swimming fast to the other end.

“What the hell is going on?”

The boys explained that they were just helping Katie with her top. They said it came off when playing and they had retrieved it and were trying to help put it back on.

John could see it in their faces that is was a lie but when Katie agreed with the story there was little he could do. Besides she did not seem to bother hiding her breast as she had been bare in front of John the whole time and then Jasmine had grabbed the top and put it on her sister. It seemed Jasmine was more embarrassed than Katie. John actually got the feeling Katie had wanted him to see her tits.

“Okay all settled you kids better calm down and ease up on the horse play.”

Katie and the other girl both looked at John with that teenage girl flirt look, “Okay John whatever you say.”

John looked at the two cute little girls and shook his head. Damn it man you are going to go to hell for sure. He had never had so much female attention. There were always a number of young girls and women around but most were involved with other men and the really young ones he was able to ignore.

Well ignoring these females is going to be more of a problem and there was no ignoring the oldest one and he was not sure he really wanted to ignore her. There was something special about her, the way she looked at him and the way she had touched him. The feelings were more than just pleasant.

The next couple of days went along without much happening as John had been very busy and so had not seen or been seen by the girls.

Thursday was the kayak trip and John usually took part in that. There were twenty seven signed up so it would be a big one. There were 10, 2 man and the rest were singles. The caravan left at 6 and it took an hour to get to the drop off point from which they would paddle back to the campground.

Once they had unloaded the kayaks the group started to pick out their boat. Jasmine made sure she got a 2 man and then grabbed John.

“You have been ignoring me the last couple of days and now you’re going to get in and WE are going down river together.”

The look she gave him told him there was not arguing with her. Besides he did not really want to and had actually wanted it this way but liked the thought that it was her idea.

“I have not really been trying to ignore you but I have been real busy, I do have a camp ground to run.” He looked her up and down and was actually turned on. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and a tee shirt. He could tell she was wearing a bra as it was dark enough to show through the tee. She was a very sexy looking woman.

He took her hand and helped her get in the kayak. They pushed off and joined the pack that was paddling down the river.

It was not a major whitewater river but there were some rapids and two waterfalls that required a portage. John had to be in the lead at the waterfalls to be sure everyone got out and around.

John and Jasmine talked about many things. She told him about her dreams and how she wanted to go to college. He listened and only talked when there was something to point out along the trip. They saw a pair of eagles and several hawks. There were deer all over the area and some otters and other small animals.

When they came around one bend they ran into a bear with a cub. John made everyone move to other side of the river. The bear only watched them pass by.

They stopped at a small island for lunch.

Jasmine got very domestic setting out food for John, which made him smile as he watched her unpack the food. In some ways she was older than her years, but then in others she was a teenager. John kept thinking of the hot tub and he smiled.

The trip ended and there were several vans and Johns pickup to haul everyone back to camp. John, for some reason, had been the last kayak in and the others were loaded when he and Jasmine had finally made land.

“You all go on I’ll load up and be right behind you.

John then picked up the kayak and pressed it over his head to put it in the rack on top of the pickup. As he stepped to the truck Jasmine quickly moved in between. She through her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and pressed her tongue between his lips.

The weight and momentum of the kayak forced John forward and his body crushed Jasmine against the truck.

She felt his entire body crush hers’ against the truck and it was a pleasurable pain. She forced her tongue deep into his mouth and kissed him with all the passion she could muster. The thrill and feelings of pleasure filled her with such wonderful sensation she never thought possible.

John lost all control as the kayak hit and fell into the rack. He let go of the kayak and then with out thinking his arms went around her body pressing it hard against the truck. Then he realized he could feel her entire body, her breast were crushed into his belly, her hips against him and her lips, her tongue.

He wanted this woman the young woman in the worst way. WOMAN shit man GIRL.

He pushed away from her, “Oh god girl stop it, are you okay I really crushed you. Damn it what are you doing? You cannot do things like that.”

“What? You sure seemed to enjoy it and I sure did. I wanted to kiss you and you might as well know I want more from you.” It had all just come out she could not believe she had said it but there it was and now she was afraid she had said too much.

He just looked at her for a moment shocked at what she had said. Shaking his head, “ look I am very flattered that a young beautiful girl would think of me like that but even though you do not act like a teenager you are and I could be in a lot to trouble. You’re right I did enjoy it, more thanI should have and I , well let’s just leave it at that.”

She looked at him filled with a flood of emotions, love, passion, lust, desire and she just jumped at him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him as hard as she could. She pushed her tongue between her lips and against his.

The sensation of her body and lips pressed against his overcame all resistance and he opened his mouth to accept her tongue. He held her tight and they kissed with great passion. His hands moving up and down her back from shoulder to butt. He cupped her butt cheeks in both hands and lifted her up off the ground and she wrapped her legs around him.

The kiss lasted for a long time and then they came up for air he said, “ god woman where did you learn to kiss like that? You sure have me turned on but this can go no further okay?”

“But you liked it and you responded so what’s wrong with it?” She looked at him with a fake pouting look.

He looked at her and could only smile. That look was so cute and he knew he felt more for her than just lust. He reached out and took her face between both hands and then kissed her on the forehead, each cheek, nose and then very gently and lips. It was a kiss of true affection not passion.

She did not move as the kiss was the kind that only someone that LOVED someone gave and she was in heaven.

“Look we have to get back to the camp before they send someone to look for us, now get in the truck.”

They drove back to the camp in almost complete silence. It was understood that neither would say anything to anyone.

When they arrive at camp there was a lot of excitement as there had been a car accident and two of the girls that worked at the camp had been hurt. It seemed they were taken to the hospital. Because of the accident nobody notice that John and Jasmine had been long getting back.

Then next day it was hectic for John as the two girls were both waitress, bar maids and general camp help, and now both would be gone for the rest of the season. There were no replacements available. John was at the front counter the next day going over the work schedule with Mary his right hand help in the restaurant. The two girls were really needed and Mary was complaining about the lack of help.

Jasmine had heard everything at the main office and had run back to talk with her folks. She had convinced them that she could get a job at the camp and it would be a better way to see the entire operation and give them a more detailed report. She had more plans but did not explain them to her folks, she only smiled that devilish smile she had.

She found John at the main office going over the work schedule with Mary.

“John, I heard about the accident and you being short of help. Well I would like to apply for a job. My folks said it would be okay as it would only be till end of summer. I don’t have to be home until middle of September when my school starts.” She smiled and looked at him with a very mature look.

Mary jumped at the offer and asked if she could wait tables and if she was old enough to serve drinks. At 17 she could do both in Minnesota, so Mary wanted her NOW.

John was happy and then worried. He had some strong feelings for this young woman and was not sure where this was going to go.

Taking Jasmine aside, “Look, I think it is very nice of you to offer to work here but we could get in trouble. I thought it would be okay as you were going home at end of the week but now you will be around for the next six weeks and I am not sure how to handle things.”

“Well I will not be the cause of any trouble but I have not forgotten how you kissed me and what you said. I still mean what I said as well but I do not want to make you angry or upset with me.”

“Damn it girl how could I be angry with you. Well maybe upset , a little, hell you have me really confused. Okay you’re working here and lets just keep it that way okay. See Mary about clothes and fill out the forms you can start tonight.”

She wanted to just grab him and give him a big kiss but did not. She was going to play it real slow.

The uniform was black shorts and white blouse for wait and bar help. Some of the girls wore the shorts as short and tight as possible and Jasmine followed them. She was very hot looking in the tight shorts that cupped her butt cheeks very well and were deep into her butt crack. She had great legs and they showed off well. Some of the girls tied the blouse in a knot under their breasts and opened the top to show off a nice cleavage and a little bra, which got them bigger tips.

Jasmine showed up for work the first week with a very conservative dress but after her folks were gone it changed and she wore her blouse like the others and she also added her black bra.

John had been spending more time in the restaurant since Jasmine was working there now.

The week after her folks had gone Jasmine cornered John in a shed, “hey what is with you , you hardly say hello to me now. I want some attention.” With that she just grabbed him and kissed him hard.

John did not resist and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back.

Their tongues danced and they nibbled on each other’s neck, ear. Her hands were tangled in his hair and his hands were moving up and down her back. His hands then slipped under her blouse and the feel of her bare skin sent electric shocks through both of them.

Her smooth skin slipped beneath his hands as they moved up to her bra then down to her shorts. He slipped fingers into the waist band of the shorts but they were tight and he just moved them around. Taking his hand out of the shorts he then cupped her butt and squeezed her ass cheeks hard.

The feel of his hands roaming over her bare skin and then squeezing her ass made her all wet and oh so horny.

“Oh take me please take me, I want you so bad please fuck me now.”

“Damn woman I want you too but not now.”

“When, I cannot wait I want you.”

“Okay, you know where my trailer is?”


“Well you come there late tomorrow night.” Wednesday was a very quiet night at the camp and John could be absent without much notice.

Wednesday night came and Jasmine waited until things were quiet and then went to John’s trailer.

The trailer was behind some old sheds and not in the regular camp ground.

She wore a pair of shorts and a T shirt along with her sexiest bra and panties.

Knocking on the door she was not sure what to expect now but she was only sure she wanted this man.

John opened the door and took her hand pulling her in. He looked into her eyes and smiled and then kissed her hard. One hand on back of head and the other on small of back, pulled her in and held her tight.

She kissed him hard and felt his tongue enter her mouth and dance with her tongue. His hands were moving fast all over her body.

The urgency of the passion and desire made their movements wild.

His hands move up under her T shirt and then pulled it up and over her head. She did the same thing to him. The feel of his bare skin sent sensations through her body and her pussy got wet.

His hands found the bar clasp and soon her breast were free and pressed against his chest.

He then picked her up and carried to the bed.

“Now I will show you the difference between FUCKING you and MAKING LOVE to you.”

He bent down and kissed her on the lips softly and then moved to her ear and down her neck, which he gave a bite to. His lips moved lower and his tongue now traced little circles around her nipples. She grabbed his head and tried to pull it to her breast but he resisted until he felt her body start to wiggle.

His mouth closed over her nipple and she felt him suck in the hard nipple.

A tingling sensation ran through her body and she was sure she squirted something from her pussy which was soaking wet now.

She held his head and pulled at his hair as he sucked and teased her nipples on each tit. At the same time his hands were moving down her side to her shorts. He unbuttoned them and pushed down. He pull her shorts off leaving only the black panties. Then he kissed each nipple and moved down over her belly kissing and sucking as he went. She felt him tongue her naval and then move down.

The new sensations running through her body were driving her wild and she bucked her hips up as he kissed and bit her pubic mound through her panties.

Then using his teeth he slowly pull her panties down and then finished with his hands. Now she was totally naked lying on the bed.

John stood up and stripped off his shorts and then just looked at her. “Damn she is one beautiful woman and I am one lucky man. Better do this right you OLD FUCKER, you don’t want to lose her.”

He was just stand there with that big hard cock bouncing up and down. “What is he waiting for, come here now I want you NOW’. “What is it John why are you just standing there?”

“I was just thinking what a lucky man I am and what a beautiful woman you are. I was thinking how I want to do so many things to that body and I think I will.” With that he grabbed her ankles and spread her wide then bent down and started to tongue lick and whip her pussy.

The feel of his tongue against the pussy lips sent her into frenzy and she tried to buck her hips. He licked and sucked the lips then parted them with his fingers as he attacked her clit.

She was going crazy as she wanted his cock inside her. She wanted him to do it faster harder.

As he sucked her clit and inserted a finger into the wetness he played with a nipple. He felt her body shake and heard her moan and then he felt her go rigged and her hips come up off the bed.

The sensation was so great and the feeling was unreal. She wanted him in her but she could not hold it back. The feeling ran through her and it was so wonderful. She felt her pussy tighten and then she felt the juices and the tingly sensation of his lips and fingers.

She seem to relax a bit but he only moved to lick up and down her thighs and kiss and suck on various parts of her body. She started to move and she took his cock in her hand and stroked it and pulled hard.

She loved the feel of his hard cock and then she cupped his balls. She wanted him, she wanted him inside her NOW.

Then he sensed she was ready for more and he spread her legs wide. Bending down he licked her wet pussy and then took the lips between fingers and spread them wide and tongue probed her. Teasing her clit again to get her ready.

Then he knelt between her spread legs and rubbed the head of his cock against the now wet lips.

“Oh god do it do it now fuck me now NOW”, was all she could think about. She felt the head of the cock rubbing up and down and then she felt it slip into her. She felt the big mushroom head spread her pussy wide and move into her. Slowly the head went deeper and deeper and then she could not stand it.

She wrapped her legs over the back of his butt and pulled forcing his cock to ram deep into her. She felt the head spreading her wide and then hit against her cervix. There was a moment of pleasurable pain and then she felt the hard shaft start to move in and out. Slowly at first but then faster and faster and harder.

A couple of time the head slipped out entirely and he rammed it in with force. The pain was pleasurable and she wanted more , more, she wanted it all.

He was pumping it as hard and fast as he could, “Oh god she is so tight and feels so good.”

She could feel his balls hitting her ass and the cock ramming into her cervix. She was going to orgasm again and she tightened her pussy around that beautiful cock.

He felt her pussy squeeze his cock and that is all it took. He pumped the biggest load of cum he had ever had in a long time. He filled her pussy and rammed his cock in and out with each squirt.

The cum was oozing out with each stroke.

She clung to him with such passion and did not want to ever let go. She and he both climaxed hard and then he rolled over and lay beside her.

She was not sure what to do but got up and went to the bathroom and peed and cleaned off. When she returned he was lay naked on top of the sheets. She thought he was the most beautiful thing and the sigh of his now soft cock actually stirred feeling in her she had not felt before.

She lay next to him and very gently ran her hand over his body, which caused him to moan.

The feel of her hand on his chest and moving over his belly stirred many feelings in him. As her hand moved down over his belly, then over his thighs, his cock involuntarily pulsed and started to get hard again.

She saw his cock jump as she touched his thigh. “Oh what a beautiful cock mmmm”, she then took it in hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I jumped again and was getting hard. “Oh he is getting hard again want a nice cock” and with that she bent down and kissed the end of it.

She had never tasted cock before, actually she had been repulsed when an old boyfriend wanted a blow job, but this was different. For some reason she could not explain she wanted this cock.

The kiss turned into a lick with her tongue and then as the cock hardened she took the head between her lips. She heard a low moan as her mouth closed around his cock.

“Oh god man what a woman.” He moaned as her mouth engulfed his hardening cock.

He reached down with one hand and entwined his fingers in her hair. With the other hand he ran it down her back feeling the smooth soft skin. When his hand reached her ass he grabbed one cheek and pull it to him. He then lifted her leg so now she straddled him and her pussy was right above his mouth.

With both hand he parted her butt cheeks and very gently ran his tongue over her pussy lips.

She let him move her and then she realized she was actually doing a 69 with him. This caused her to abandon all reserve and she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Moving her hand off his cock she cupped his balls and massaged them as she moved up and down his now very hard cock.

She tasted wonderful and he probed every fold of her pussy and then whipped her clit. His hands moved over her body exploring and touching with such pleasure. Then he reached forward and cupped her very round tits and took each nipple between thumb and finger and rolled, pulled and pinched.

His touches made her pause as she moaned.

“Oh god I am going to cum again.” He was not sure if he should cum in her mouth and so tried to pull her back. “I am going to cum, oh god woman, let me put it in your pussy.”

She heard him but for some strange reason she wanted to taste his cum, she wanted to feel it in her mouth and so she just massaged his balls more and sucked his cock.

“OH GOD”, he shot his load into her mouth. As it was the second time it was not as great but still it filled her mouth.

She gagged a little as the warm sticky fluid hit the back of her throat and then as she moved back it filled her mouth. There was little taste, just sort of salty. She swallowed it all. “MMM I have his seed in my pussy and mouth. MMM he is MY man now.” With that she actually bit down on his cock with her teeth and let them rake back along it to the head which she held onto.

He had pumped his load into her mouth and it was so good. Then he felt her teeth and that sent some very strange feeling through him. No woman had ever done that to him and from her he loved it.

She was still kissing his cock and massaging his balls so he went back to licking her pussy and then sucked her clit. He put two fingers inside her and pushed in deep.

He kissed her ass cheeks and bit them as he finger fucked her. He then forced in a third finger and used his thumb to rub the clit.

She was approaching orgasm again and then the thrilling feeling ran through her body causing her to squeeze her thighs together and hold his finger tight.

The squeezing of her thighs also caught his head and she held him tight as her body shook with pleasure.

She collapsed and he pulled her around and onto he.

They slept naked with her body half on him. He went to sleep feeling her naked breasts against him and her wet pussy rubbing his thigh.

She went into dreamland feeling his soft cock against her leg and the hair of his chest against her nipple and breast.

John woke at 4 and realized she was still there naked in his bed.

He woke her and they hurried to get her dressed and back to her room before anyone would notice.

Walking to the restaurant that morning after sneaking Jasmine back into her room, John was really confused about everything now. Now Jasmine had become something different to him and the future had changed.

Because there was not a lot of opportunity for them to be together the next weeks, it was only an occasional kiss.

Still one day when Jasmine was helping clean one of the guest cottages alone. John surprised her.

She was bent over the bed and the view as a real turn on.

“Damn she has such a nice ass.” Looking around to be sure there was nobody about. He slipped up behind her and grabbed her by the waist. Spinning her around he kissed her and leaning in caused them both to fall on the bed.

Because he continued to kiss her hard she could not protest as his hands moved over her body. His hand slip up her side under her shirt and found her breast. As he squeezed her tit his leg pushed her legs apart and his thigh was rubbing her pussy.

She was totally surprised and caught off guard. At first she was scared and then a strange thrill came over her. She found herself turned on by the idea of being FORCED of being Raped, but of course she was a more than willing partner. The feel of his hand on her tit was making her very excited. Then she thought about, what if someone finds us? That made it even more exciting.

He pulled her bra aside and down so her firm hard breast popped out of the bra. Now he squeezed her bare tit and then pinched her now hard nipple.

The lips parted and he moved down to kiss and bite her neck and then at the base by shoulder he bit her and sucked.

She gave a little moan,” AHMMMMM oh yes, your so bad but I love it.” Her hands grabbed his head and pulled on his hair smashing his head into her tit. “AHHH suck it suck my nipple bit my tit oh yes I want you.” She bucked her hip up against his leg. “Oh hurry up and fuck me you dirty bastard.”

Braking away and standing up. “Okay you little bitch come here.” He pulled her up and then grabbed her shorts and pulled them down. She got one foot out before he pushed her back on to the bed grabbing her knees and spreading her wide. Her pink pussy was wet and wanting and he dove between her legs and attacked her pussy with fingers and lips and tongue. Pulling her pussy lips wide apart his tongue penetrated deep into the pinkness. The tongue moved up and down from clit to almost anus with much speed.

“Oh yes fuck me, suck it, oh god fuck me now, I want your cock.” She held his hair in her fists and pulled and pushed him into her pussy. The primal feelings were in complete control of her body.

He reacted like a crazed animal and sucked harder. “Oh god she is so hot sexy and I just want to suck her dry eat her. I want to suck and lick her entire body.” “mmmmm” breaking he moved up, “oh you sweet little thing I am going to fuck you so hard and deep.” His pants were around his ankles and he fell on to her. His cock was hard and slid down over her pussy and then buried itself in her butt crack. He backed up.

She felt the cock miss her pussy, and as he backed up she grabbed the hard cock and guided it to her pussy.

He fell back down and the head spread her lips wide and slipped into the wet hole.

He was so horny there was not slow stroke he just rammed her hard and deep.

She felt the head part her lips and then the rapid penetration of her tight young pussy sent jolts of pain and pleasure through her body. She shook with the passion of pleasure and pain. Oh god she wanted him hard fast and deep she wanted more she wanted it all. She was not sure just want she wanted but she wanted it all from him.

He felt her body twisting and bucking under him. He felt her pussy contracting around his cock as it moved in and out of the wet tunnel.

“AHHHHHHHHHHh oh god AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh.” He came with a massive explosion shooting cum hard and deep into her pussy. He continued to pump her pussy.

She felt his body tense and heard his moan and then she felt his cock ram deep into her and finally she felt the warm stick cum squirt against her cervix. She could feel the warm cum fill her pussy and then she felt it as it oozed out and down her butt crack over her anus. She squeezed his cock with her pussy and moaned as her orgasm began. It was not as massive an orgasm as before but it was very good.

He collapsed onto her as she squeezed his cock and he felt her orgasm.

They lay side by side for a moment.

“Oh god woman you are so hot and such a beauty. I could do this all day. Well not really because you take so much out of me I doubt I could last even half a day.”

She twisted his chest hair, “well you could always try it if you wanted to.” I sure hope you do try it someday and she pulled on his chest hair hard.

“Hey easy lady it is attached.” He rolled to her and kissed her but not hard just a soft gently kiss .

“Damn it man that was good and mmm hell”, the kiss stirred some strange feeling in him. “What are you doing to me woman?” He pushed up, “well we better get this bed straightened up and you on your way before someone comes looking for you.”

As he was walking away he looked back at her heading the other way and notices her hips swaying and was turned on by her movement.

“All day in bed, mmmm, well maybe that could be arranged.

The camping season was ending and Jasmine was going to catch a plane in Minneapolis. The plane was booked for a Tuesday so John got a room at a very nice hotel for Sunday and Monday night. MMMM Monday is going to be one wild day.

They check in as and went straight to the room. The room was a suite with a small livingroom and a bedroom. The bath was exceptional as there was a large whirlpool tub and the shower looked like it could hold six. There were a whole series of nozzles in the shower.

John started to unpack a few thing from the bag. There was some cotton rope and a dildo and then some other items.

Jasmine picked up the silver vibrator, “oh and what is all this for?”

“Well we have two nights and one full day to have some great time so I thought maybe you might like to try some toys. You know dildos and vibrators and maybe what about being tied up?”

She had seen some pictures of women using dildos and such and also some bondage pictures but had not thought much until now. All she could think about was HE wanted to try it so she would do whatever he wanted to do. Besides the big rubber cock looked interesting and then that little silver thing. She picked it up, “so what do you or I do with this?”

Taking it from her and turning it on, “like this.” He first ran the tip of the slowly vibrating toy across her lips and then to the neck and down. With his other hand he had opened her blouse and then slipped the toy between her tits.

The sensation of the toy and the thoughts that were running through her head made her get all turned on. When the vibrator was between her tits she could not resist grabbing his waist and pulling his hips to her as she moaned.

Stripping her blouse off and pulling a tit from the bra he ran the vibrator around the hard nipple and heard her gasp and moan. She was humping his leg all the while. His cock was hard and he was hot.

This was going to be a very memorable time.

He moved down with the toy over her belly and then pulled up her skirt. Oh you naughty dirty girl, no panties, and he kissed her bare pussy before running the vibrator over the now wet lips.

She had not worn panties as she just wanted to feel naughty and thought he might do something on the drive down but he did not as they had just talked.

Now as he kissed her pussy she held his head and thought want a wonderful man he was and then the sensations of passion started to take over and she moaned and shuddered as he ran the vibrator over her pussy.

She moaned loudly and pulled his hair when he touched her clit with the toy.

The sensation of the vibrator against her clit drove her over the edge and she moaned loudly and then pulled on his hair to have some control as her body shook. It was the wildest craziest most wonderful feeling she had EVER had. She wanted more, she wanted it all, she wanted that toy INSIDE her NOW.

He teased her clit and pussy lips until her legs got weak. She sank down, lucky they were near the sofa and so she was laying there, no blouse, a tit out of bra, skirt up around waist.

“Oh god put it in, please , put it in me now, oh yes fuck me with it NOW.”

John smiled and slipped the SILVER BULLET into her wet pussy and could see the muscles twitching. He pushed the 1” vibrator into her a good 5” and then angled it up and down inside her. He increased the vibrations and watched the effect.

Her body went ridged and then shook. She was pulling on his hair one moment and then squeezing the bare tit the next. Her hips bucked up and down and she moaned and then let out a scream.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh oh god you dirty fucker OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh” and her body shook going from ridged to violent shaking. She tried to force the vibrator deeper.

The orgasm was unreal and she collapsed. The night had only begun and then there was tomorrow.

They finished unpacking and then took a shower. She was exhausted from the vibrator session and so just enjoyed the gentle attention he paid to her body.

John was in no hurry to have wild passionate sex. He was enjoying just touching her beautiful body. He looked up and down at the naked WOMAN in the show with him. He loved the feel of his soapy hands as they moved over her body.

Very slowly he moved up and down her leg with both soapy hands. The feel of the warm water falling down over her from the rain shower head and his hands moving up and down her leg, was the most wonderful feeling. She was in heaven. She was not getting TURNED ON but there was a really wonderful feeling in her, one she had not really experienced before. MMMM maybe this is what love is all about. She caressed his head and played with his wet hair as he continued to was her leg.

His hands move up and down one leg at a time. Making more lather he now washed her thighs and then tuned her around to was her, oh so beautiful butt. He spent extra time washing her butt cheeks and then ran the bar of soap down her butt crack and over her anus. He then used his hand to was her ass like there was never a thought about it.

She felt his hand rubbing and squeezing her butt cheeks and it felt so good and then when he washed the crack and she felt his hand and fingers washing her ass completely she gasped but quietly. MMM the sensation and idea of his fingers on her anus put some different thoughts in her mind. “Damn that is sort of a turn on but oh that is such a dirty nasty thought. MMM but oh it did feel sexy in a dirty sort of way.” She wiggled her butt as his fingers were washing her anus and at one point she moved down trying to get a finger into her.

He was washing her ass and wondered what she was thinking and then is seemed she tried to force a finger into her ass. Well let’s see if that is so. He turned her around to face him and he kissed her with a passionate French kiss. Lathering his hands up good he ran them down her back and cupped each butt cheek and squeezed pulling them apart. He then moved one hand between the cheeks and down the crack. His middle finger slid down the crack and over her anus. Then he wiggled the finger over her anus to see what she would do.

She felt his naked body pressing against her and his hands moved down her back. She loved the feeling running through her now and she was getting turned on. The feel of him squeezing her ass made her give a quiet moan and suck his tongue while she pushed her hips against him.

The feel of his finger moving down her crack sent new sensations through her body and when he teased her anus she thought she would have and orgasm. Now she was confused as she was sure you could only orgasm from vaginal sex. “ MMMM this is hot, oh so sexy so dirty so I want more, ahhhh you nasty man you, yes finger my ass.” She wanted more but did not break the kiss only sucked his tongue harder into her mouth.

He felt the response and so he moved ahead and worked his finger into her ass, just the first knuckle at first.

She felt his finger enter her and immediately she moved her hips down for more but she also clinched the sphincter muscle.

He felt her muscle tighten but he also felt her hips move down like she wanted more. So he pushed his finger in deeper and felt the muscle relax allowing him to move his finger in to the second knuckle. His finger was soapy and so it was easy to now move it in and out. He was finger fucking her in the ass.

She was getting very turned on by the finger fucking in her ass, so much so that she soon had a small orgasm when he pushed his finger deep as he could. She broke the kiss, “AHHHHHH oh you dirty man, oh god that was so hot. I never thought that was possible.” She was breathing fast and heavy.

“MMMM well my love many things are possible with the right couple.” He kissed her gently and continued to wash her body paying close and special attention to her breasts and nipples.

When his wash her neck she turned to him, “okay now it’s my turn.” She then washed his legs and when she got to his crotch she took special care to wash is cock and balls. The cock grew hard and big in her hand and she spent a long time stroking it. Then she cupped his balls and washed them with special care and finally with him facing her she washed his butt. She liked the feel of his very firm round ass. The thought of those round cheeks moving up and down as he had fucked her was such a great visual in her mind. Then she let her soapy hand move between the cheeks down and she felt his anus.

Thinking such naughty thoughts, “mmmm should I do to him what he did to me?” She let her finger linger on his anus and when she got no response she wiggled the tip of her middle finger into him.

“Oh shit man, ahhhh, woman you are so hot damn your going to ahhh yes.” He felt her finger work into his ass and then go deeper .” Oh yes do it baby.” He kissed her deep.

She fingered his ass just like he had done her and then with the other hand she stroked his cock. She felt his body shake and he held her shoulders as he then shot a stream of cum against the shower wall.

“Oh man woman you are so sexy , so hot and oh so beautiful. That was the best. Now we had better really get cleaned off and dressed to go out and eat. We will need our strength for sure.”

They dried each other off and dressed. As they were only going to go out to eat they dressed very casual and ate in little restaurant next to the hotel.

When they got back to the room the just sat on the sofa and talked. Jasmine had gotten the bag of toys John had brought and they went through the things talking about each.

Jasmine wondered about the rope and John explained about bondage and asked if she thought that might be fun. As she had never done it,”sure I will try anything with you.” She reached over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Then he showed her the ball gag and she was not so sure about that. “mmm I am not so sure I want that in my mouth, hehehehe I can think of something else I would rather have in my mouth.”

“Later woman, maybe for desert.” He laughed and kissed her.

There were fuzzy cuffs and then a dildo shaped like a cock only not as big as John, with balls. It too was a vibrator. There was another vibrator only it fit on a hand and then there was the little silver egg shaped thing on a wire. “Hey what is this?”

“That is a vibrator egg you put inside you and can turn on and off from this control. Some actually wear it out and then when they get horny they just turn it on. “

“Oh neat, I want to try it,” and she jumped up and pull down her slacks and panties. She sat down on the sofa again and pulled her legs up and spread them apart. “Okay put it in.”

John could only smile and then squirted some lub on the egg and parting her pussy slipped it into her.

The feel of John playing with her pussy was nice but she was getting used to it now and was not fully turned on. The sensation of the egg going into her was another thing. It was different from his finger and it certainly was not like his cock but still it felt oh so sexy and she felt herself getting wet.

Then she jumped as he turned on the egg and the vibration sent a shock through her body and in a moment she had a small orgasm. It kept vibrating as she recovered from the orgasm and she felt a very warm sensation flood her body. The egg was deep inside her and at times rubbed her G spot sending a very sensual sensation through her body.

John showed her how the level of vibration was adjustable and when he turned it on full she grabbed his hand, “Oh god stop it I don’t want to go there right not.” The expression on her face was priceless.

She left the egg in and pulled up her panties and slacks and resumed looking through the goodies John had brought. The night was spent in gentle sex and she slept hard.

In the morning while she was still sound asleep John hand put the fuzzy padded cuffs on her wrists and ankles and then tied ropes to each. She woke feeling her arms being stretched wide and then her legs.

“Hey what are…..” She felt the ball gag being pushed into her mouth and tied. Then she saw John smile. “You were wondering what bondage might be like and so I am going to show you.” He then to a pair of scissors and cut her nighty from her.

She was a little scared and a little turned on but she was then okay as she was sure John would not hurt her, really hurt her.

Then John got his bag of toys. Putting a vibrator on his hand he started to move all over her body.

She like the sensations going through her and thought “this is not so bad I like it”.

John then ran the hand over her tits and nipples and then down her legs and inside her thighs and finally over her pussy, which was wet with anticipation. She was really turned on now. She wanted a cock she wanted his cock but he was not going to fuck her now.

John used the hand vibrator to cover her body all over and watched her face and could see her begging for him to fuck her but not yet little woman not yet.

He spent a long time with his hand on her pubic mound and belly. She was twisting and pulling against the ropes, she wanted him.

Then he parted her pussy lips and put the vibrator hand over her clit. She bucked her hips high and thrashed about while moaning through the gag. Finally she buck her hips up high and her whole body shuddered as the orgasm ran through her.

She laid still and John good some more toys. He then tied her legs over her head.

“You seemed to not mind the anal finger fuck last night so now you will experience a double penetration.” He then kissed her butt cheeks and licked her pussy sucking on the lips and teasing her clit.

She was getting turned on again but was not sure what the DP was. She then saw the rubber cock vibrator.

John spread her lips wide and slipped the cock vibrator into her pussy pushing is in deep and moving in and out. Then he turned on to a low setting and pushed it deep so the rubber balls were against her ass. There was enough room for the small silver vibrator, which he lubed, and then slowly started to push into her ass.

She liked the cock in her and the steady vibration was getting her very hot. Then she felt the tip of the other vibrator as it slowly was pushed into her ass. At first she tightened her muscle but then as she developed a liking of the sensation the vibrator moved deeper into her. Then she had a vibrator in both holes.

John let the vibrators work at slow speed for a minute and then turned the pussy one up to full. He watched her eyes go wide and her body shake. Then he turned the anal one to full and watched as she started to shake and twist against the ropes. He could hear her moans through the ball gag but just kept pumping the vibrators in and out of her holes.

Finally her body shook and she bucked and the she when ridged and collapsed.

He turned off and removed the vibrators and untied her removing the gag. She was breathing heavy but through her arms around his neck. “Oh that was something but still I want you inside me next time not some toy.” They kissed hard and deep.

“Okay you go shower and I will order room service.”

John ordered a big breakfast for them both as they were going to need it today.

The breakfast was eaten with only minimal conversation as both were thinking about the future. John was thinking about next year while Jasmine was thinking about the day and night to follow.

The dressed and went shopping as John had promised her a night on the town. He took her to a very nice woman’s store and got several raised eyebrows form the sales staff. He only hoped they all figured her to be at least 18 or he was in deep sh….

Well he was not in trouble and the blue satin sheath dress they picked out was perfect and all the lingerie was a real complement to her beauty.

She looked older, a more MATURE, woman. Hell she looked legal.

They got back to the room right after lunch.

She took tags off and pranced around with the new clothes.

“You know you cannot take them home with you.”

“Oh but I want to.”

“Oh please give me a break, you know your folks will see them and it will be all over. No you leave them here and you can wear them next year when you come back to work at the campground.” They had worked it out that Jasmine would be coming back to work and mmmm play.

“Okay if you say so.” She grabbed him around the neck and kissed him hard and deep.

The feel of her body against him stirred him up and he reached around and pulled her tight. His hands moved down her back and cupped her butt. Lifting her up, he walked to the bed room and fell on the bed. His hand pulled her blouse up and went under to caress her bare skin and then cup her breast. Squeezing and then pulling it from the bra his ardor increased.

She could feel his hard cock against her leg and she wanted him, she wanted all of him.

There was no stopping now as he quickly pulled off her clothes and she pull off his. When they were naked he stepped back for a moment to savor the beautiful naked body on the bed. Only a moment because he then fell between her legs and started to lick and suck her pussy lips. He loved the taste of her sex juices.

As he sucked and licked she felt her body react as before and she shook with the pleasure he gave her.

He kissed her all over her body and then gently spread her legs.

She felt the head of his cock rub against her lips and then felt it spread them apart. She moaned as the mushroom cock head slipped between her pussy lips and moved deeper into her. She felt the head spread her wide and felt the shaft sliding deeper.

Then she jerked as his cock, so big and long, hit her cervix. He held it there for a moment and then she felt it move back.

Soon he was pumping in and out of her with increasing speed.

She clinched his cock with her pussy muscle and then bucked her hips. She was turned on and wanted it all.

He was kissing biting and sucking her body in all the right places and soon both of them started to climax.

He pumped a good load of warm sticky cum into her and she squeezed his cock with every stroke milking the cum out.

They lay side by side for some time and then he rolled her over slapped her on the ass.

“Okay we need to shower and get ready for tonight.”

Jasmine told him that she only wanted to spend the night in bed with him and so they had only gone out to dinner and then back to the room.

The sex that night was as wild as ever.

The next day John took her to the airport and put her on a plane home.

What the hell was he going to do all winter without that hot little woman to fuck.

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