Stephen Learns by EnglishBoy

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This is a story about a young 12 year old boy in the UK and his sexual awaking

Not to be read by persons under 18 years of age.


You are about to read a story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys and a women. You need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story.

A fictional story based on facts that have been embellished.

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Written by EnglishBoy

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Chapter one

Stephen Bains was typical of boy’s his age, a 12 year old with a slim athletic body; He had dirty blond hair that was down to collar length with a parting to the left. His eyes were dark brown. He was 5 foot 1 inches tall and his voice was just starting to break which was a sense of embarrassment for him on occasion.

He had a pale complexion and full bodied lips covering a perfect set of white teeth, although they did appear to be a little too large for his mouth at times as often they do when young boys start to go through puberty.

He loved music of all kinds and thankfully his close family had looked after his cultural upbringing treating him to all kinds of concerts and exciting festivals.

He was a popular lad at school having a number of friend in his class both girls and boys.

He loved sport and played football, rugby and cricket. He played with some boys who lived near his house which was on a private estate by the edge of a wood. They used to build tree houses and build dams, go fishing and play war games, all the things you would expect from a little 12 year old boy.

He had never kissed a girl and didn’t really show any attention to girls other than talking to them in the class room and play ground.

He was an only child in a single parent family, his Father had died 5 years ago in a road accident but his Mother, Wendy, had been well cared for from insurance policies. She still had to work hard and her main priority was Stephen and making sure that he had all the care he needed.

Since Stephen had started going to Secondary education a year ago Wendy found herself able to start working longer hours.

His school was a 2 mile walk from his house which was lovely on summer days and terrible on wet and windy days.

Just recently his thoughts about girls had started to change and he noticed some of the girls in his class had started to grow boobs.

Two weeks ago he had one of his mates, Roger, come to play on a Saturday and he was staying for a sleep over. They had a lovely day playing in the woods and had met up with some other kids on the estate they knew.

Roger White was also 12 and in the same class as Stephen. He was a little taller the Stephen at 5 foot 3 inches. He had almost jet black hair which was also down to his collar and parted on the left. His eyes were light blue which created a contrast and beautiful appearance. He always seemed to have a ruddy appearance on his cheeks.

Roger parents, Jim and Claire were both well to do and had a large 5 bed roomed house about a mile away from Stephen’s.

Both boys were tanned it being the first week back after the school holidays.

After tea, Wendy said that they were filthy and they needed a shower before going to bed.

Both boys were dirty and sweaty and they knew that they needed to get clean.

“When you have showered come downstairs and watch the film if you like and tell me about your day” said Wendy.

Stephen’s bed room was quite large. Although the house was a 3 bedroom detached house, when he had mates over for a sleep over they always shared his room which had 2 single beds in it.

The boys had obviously seen each other and their class mates naked on a number of occasions at school in the showers but had never explored each other in any way just accepting that they were mates.

Stephens’s room had en-suite toilet and shower facilities. They went to his room and started to get undressed. “Do you want to use this shower or the one in the family bathroom?” Stephen asked Roger. “I don’t mind” “OK I will use the family bathroom and you use my shower.”

Stephen went out of his room wearing just his white cotton underpants leaving Roger standing their in his boxer shorts.

He had a quick shower; it was a power shower in the family bathroom whereas his was an electric one. He loved getting drenched. He started to dry himself off a little and then wrapped the towel around his waste and headed back to his room.

Roger was still in the shower and Stephen walked into the bathroom finishing drying off his hair and was going to hang the towel up to dry. Roger had not heard him come into the room and was washing his 12 year old cock. Stephen noticed that he was stiff and he had never seen Roger erect before, he was soaping it and rubbing it very quickly.

“Hey Rog you alright?” he said. Roger quickly turned away from Stephen “Yes, crickey mate can you give me some privacy?”

“Yes no problem.”

He hung his towel and went into the main bedroom and put his shorts and t shirt on which he wore for bed.

Roger came out about 3 minutes later looking a bit flushed. He still had his towel around him and was drying himself between his legs.

“Sorry for bursting in like that.” Stephen said “No worries I guess I haven’t got anything you have not seen before.”

“Well no, not exactly.” Stephen said. “What do you mean?” “Well I’ve never seen you with a hard-on before.”

“No I guess not” Roger smiled “You know that I told you about staying with my cousin a couple of weeks ago”


“Well he is 13 and he was telling me about wanking off.”

“What’s that?”

“You know when your dick gets hard; if you play with it you get a really nice feeling.”

“Well I know that it feels nice when I touch it when it is hard, and sometimes when it is hard and I lie on it in bed it feels nice as I rub it against the mattress.”

“Yes I know where you are coming from with that Steve but trust me when you play with it like I was in the shower you get a special feeling.”

“Rog, will you show me what you mean?”

“Yes mate but later, it’s not good timing right now, let’s go and watch the film with your Mum.”

We watched the film and were packed off to bed at 9 PM as the news was coming on the TV.

We cleaned our teeth and jumped into our beds.

“Rog, you were going to show me how you play with your dick.”

”OK come over here, but if I show you don’t go telling anyone else that I showed you OK?” “OK Rog”

“Now drop your pants Steve” “What? I thought you were going to show me on you?”

“No but this will not be one way I assure you but I will teach you the way I was taught.”

I dropped my pants and he jumped out of bed and told me to sit on the edge of his bed and lean back on my elbows.

My dick was flaccid and resting on my balls “get it hard then Steve.” “How doesn’t it just do it?”

“Trust me it will soon. OK I’ll do it for you.”

Roger looked at Stephens 12 year old uncircumcised prick. It was about 3 inches long with ½ an inch of foreskin overhang. There were a few hairs growing across the top of his pubis and 3 or 4 just starting to grow down the sides of his prick. There was a ridge where his knob was. He knew that he was more advanced in growth than Steve and was quite proud of that.

He reached forward and touched his mate’s penis for the first time with two fingers and his thumb and lifted it off his balls. He slowly started squeezing the soft cock and it started to get fatter. He then started rubbing slightly the knob and it started to get longer. His foreskin overhang got smaller and smaller and he took his hand away to adjust his own prick in his pants. Stephen penis continued to grow and the red tip at the end of the foreskin was giving way to show his purple coloured knob. “Hey Steve you are growing well.” Roger moved his hand back onto Stephen’s prick and massaged the knob again under the foreskin then he felt the length the penis. It was hot and it jumped as he squeezed the top and bottom of the cock.

The penis continued to grow and without much encouragement there was about ¾ of the knob now showing. The foreskin was only just covering the area that it should be; it hadn’t quite made it over the rim of the knob. It was bouncing with each heartbeat. “Crickey Rog, it feels good when I touch it but when you do if feels even better.”

Stephen’s penis was now at full stretch. About 4 ½ inches of rock hard boy meat, with out lots of dark veins sticking out.

“That’s nothing, now watch how I do this” he wrapped his hand around the 12 year old cock and started moving the skin up and down. On the down stroke the foreskin slid off the knob and went tight down the shaft exposing the red folds of skin which is the inside of the foreskin, it stretched the frenulum taught and made the little bit of skin which attached the foreskin and the end of the knob go white. And then back up and the foreskin covered the moist dark purple knob. He was quite rough with his wanking technique but Stephen was in absolute raptures.

“How does this feel Steve?”

“I have never felt anything this good before, why didn’t you tell me about this before now, if I hadn’t interrupted you in the shower you would still not have told me.”

“No reason. Now just enjoy this, in a bit you will start to get a really funny feeling and it will be really nice.”

Roger kept on wanking Stephen’s cock for about 4 minutes and Steven then said “Rog, it feels like I am going to have a wee.”

“Yep, that it the feeling I was talking about, you don’t want a piss, trust me.”

Roger tightened his grip a little and started to wank Steve’s near hairless boy cock a bit faster. He felt it start to get a bit fatter and then he knew his 12 year old mate was about to cum for the very first time.

Stephen’s insides seemed to be experiencing a major tickling, stroking sensation that then WOW and WOW and WOW … Roger felt the spasms going through Stephen’s prick and started to slow down but kept the pressure in his grip trying to pull all the way down as the pulse happened.

Stephen had closed his eyes as the spasms of his orgasm arrived but now he gradually opened his eyes to see some fluid on the end of his knob as Roger was now very slowly wanking his prick and releasing his grip. Just a little of the 12 year old boy juice had run onto his fingers.

“What’s that stuff?”

“It’s called spunk.” “Spunk?” “Yes Spunk or that it was my cousin called it anyway. You do not produce much at the moment, and to be quite frank I was surprised you did at all on your first cum. The other thing about spunk is that when you get older it seems to get thicker because my cousin’s was thicker than mine. He also said that it makes a difference how much you wank. This is the stuff that makes a baby.”

“How?” “Bloody hell Steve you really don’t know anything do you! Lets talk later.

Stephen touched his spunk and smelled it, it didn’t smell of much, he noticed that Roger did the same to the spunk that was on his fingers. Stephen then licked a bit of it, it didn’t taste of anything much either. Roger also licked his fingers “Not bad eh!”

“Can I do the same for you Rog?” “Too right you can do the same for me; it’s much better when someone else does it for you rather than doing it yourself.”

At that Stephen got up and pulled his pants up and Roger dropped his pants and sat on the edge of the bed.

Roger’s cock was already hard. Stephen looked at it. Although he and Roger were both 12 years old, Roger’s cock was bigger than his or so it seemed. It must have been about 5 inches long and it looked fatter than his. He definitely had more pubic hair, not much more, about 3 times as much and his cock was fully hard, his balls were tight into his body and his foreskin was clipped in behind the rim of the moist knob which was a very dark purple in colour. His prick was flat up against his belly rock hard and needing attention.

“Wow Rog your cock seems much bigger than mine.”

“Sometimes it just seems that way, when I looked at yours I thought that it was quite big as well, only I know I have more hair than you, I think we are about the same size there is probably only about ½ inch in it. The biggest difference is that when mine is stiff my foreskin retracts behind my knob whereas yours needs to be pulled back.”

Stephen reached his forward and got hold of Roger’s prick and pulled it away from his tummy. It seemed to grow a little more and the foreskin seemed to go well behind the ridge of the knob. Stephen put his whole hand around his 12 year old mates cock and started a wanking motion like he had done to him a few minutes earlier. On every up stroke the foreskin slid forward but not over the whole glans and on each down stroke he pulled the skin all the way down making the frenulum tight.

“That’s right Steve, you’ve got the idea, that feels great.! Just grab it a bit firmer, that’s it, oh yes. I think you have learned this very quickly.”

Stephen then slowed down to examine Roger’s cock as he moved the skin up and down. He noticed that his totally hairless balls had gone even tighter to his body in their wrinkled sack. There was a really prominent ridge that went up the middle and he had often observed the same on his own balls. Roger’s pubic hair was black and silky, not very long at the top but seemed to be longer down the sides of his prick.

He pulled the foreskin all the way down as far as he could. The little piss slit moved forward and closed it’s eye as the frenulum pulled tight. He went back to wanking him with a steady motion and Rog kept uttering words of encouragement “Go on Steve, that’s the way just keep it steady. Yes just like that, oh my god this feels fantastic keep going. Careful Steve don’t pull the skin too far down now and try and keep my cock pointing up toward my tummy so that you don’t stretch it away too much.”

Stephen did as instructed, as he did so he rubbed a finger across the wrinkled scrotum to feel the smooth silky bag, his balls had all bit disappeared and whilst he was doing that he felt Roger’s cock begin to get a bit fatter and then spurt, spurt, spurt in very quick succession, the first 2 landed on Roger’s chest and the third just seemed to pop out onto his tummy. Stephen could still feel his mate’s 12 year old prick pulsing in his hand another 5 or 6 times issuing a small amount of cum which dribbled down his fingers before it seemed to stop.

“Phew, thanks Steve that was brilliant, much better than when I do it myself and a bloody good effort for the first time you have ever wanked, not just someone else but the first time you have wanked at all.”

Stephen smiled, he liked to think he did well at things and to see his best mate happy like that was good.

“Rog you are welcome I really enjoyed doing it.” He looked at his hand and there was quite a bit of cum on it. He brought it to his nose and sniffed – not much of a smell and then, as his mate had done earlier, he licked some off of his hand. It didn’t taste of much either.

He went to the bathroom and got some tissue so that he could wipe Roger’s spunk off of his chest. The cum was not thick, it was opaque and runny. He wiped it off his chest and tummy and then got a little more and wiped around Roger’s no deflating cock, his foreskin had retracted back into it’s normal position and there was a bit of spunk on the tip which Stephen wiped off.

He studied his mates cock a little further, it was now red where he had been rubbing it and the tip of the foreskin was also red but more so. He balls were starting to drop down as the sack loosened it’s hold of the 12 year old testicles.

They both got into their respective beds and turned the lights out, they chatted for a while. “Rog” “Yeah” “How many times a day do you have a wank?”

“Well it varies, but if I have time a usually have one in the morning and one at night and as you found out earlier if I have a shower during the day.” He said with a laugh.

“Do you make it sore with all that rubbing?”

“No but then again it always seems to be over and done with so quickly I guess I don’t have time to make it sore.”

“What about cleaning it off?”

“Early on my Mum and Dad showed me how to clean under my foreskin and on the few occasions that I did not wash it, believe me it can get very smelly and dirty. Stuff starts to grow on the knob and at the back of the rim, white stuff. My cousin had some on his, he called it head cheese. His cock smelled really bad.”

“Yeah my Mum showed my how to wash my glans as soon as I started to sweat, she said that it is important so that I don’t catch any diseases.”

“Did she just tell you or did she demonstrate it on you?” Roger asked

“She demonstrated whilst I was having a bath about 2 years ago. I was having my bath as normal and she just popped in and told me about some extra hygiene I must do now that I was growing up. She told me to lean back in the bath and then she said that she was going to pull back my foreskin and wash the end of my penis. She soaped her hands and gently pulled back my foreskin and with her thumb and 2 fingers she very gently soaped my knob and behind the rim and told me that is how I should clean myself in the future. What about you? You said that your Mum and Dad showed you how to clean it?”

“Yes, I was having a shower in the family bathroom which has a double shower cubicle about 18 months ago. My Dad and I had been playing tennis and we usually showered together afterwards, a bit like the showers at school.”

“You have such a big house Rog; it must be lovely to have all that space. What’s your Dad’s prick like then?”

“Yeah, I guess we are lucky. Anyway as we were showering Mum came into the bathroom and said to Dad that it’s about time he taught me how to wash my penis properly. Dad’s penis is quite big I guess, I don’t really take any notice because we have always had a fairly relaxed attitude in the family regarding nudity. It is about 4 inches long when slack and I have never really seen it fully erect although on this occasion it did get quite big and stood straight out from his body.”

“Really what made that happen then?”

“Mum said that he should pull my foreskin back and wash my glans, he said that he would just show me with his, and then my Mum said but you need to know if he will have any difficulties if it is a tight foreskin or whatever. So Dad came over to me and soaped his hands, he took hold of my flaccid penis and picked it up. He told me what he was going to do as he was doing it. I am going to retract your foreskin now Roger by pulling it slowly back just watch what I do. My prick jumped a bit when he got hold of it, it had been a long time since anyone had touched my prick and to be quite frank it felt quite nice. As he started to pull the skin back he had applied a little pressure and I could feel him feeling my knob end as he was sliding the skin back. I started to get hard. As the skin slipped in behind the rim of my glans he washed the knob carefully, it was extremely sensitive and then he pulled the skin all the way back and washed at the back of my knob and the rim. He then rinsed it off and tried to pull the foreskin forward again, except it wouldn’t go all the way back to the end because I was stiff. I told him that I should have a go at cleaning his so that I could prove that I know what I am doing in the future. Mum laughed and said that’s not a bad idea really.”

Claire watched as her 10 ½ year old son who was sporting an erection she thought he should be proud of, soaped his hands in readiness for soaping his Dad’s glans. She thought how the shape of both Roger’s and Jim’s penises looked the same with the exception of size and the big blue vein that ran down her husbands big cock. Roger’s penis was fully erect and she had not seen it like that for a couple of years now. She estimated that it was about 3 ½ inches long and it was easily as thick as her thumb. Not a bad size for a young lad she thought. Jim’s was hanging down over his ample scrotum. Roger got hold of his Dad’s penis and lifted it so it stuck straight out, he then moved his hand to the end of the penis and gripped it with a firm grip and started to slide the foreskin back. It slid back easily and clipped behind his glans. She watched and Roger then took his whole hand and soaped around his Jim’s knob. This was obviously having an effect on Jim because she noticed that his cock was starting to get fatter and longer, Roger commented on it to his Dad saying “You’re going to end up like me at this rate.”

Of course Roger hadn’t got a clue that this was a mild form of masturbation because he hadn’t learned about that yet. That experience was to happen over a year and a half away with his cousin. Claire looked at Jim’s penis; it was approximately 6 ½ inches long, she knew that it would go another inch when fully erect and that the head pokes well out of the foreskin. It is as fat as her wrist when fully erect.

Claire watched as Roger pulled his Dad’s foreskin all the way back and he washed the skin at the back of the rim and behind the rim of the glans. She saw her husbands cock throb a little. Roger washed the soap off and pulled the foreskin forward again which didn’t go all the way to the front – it rested about halfway down the knob.

“Blimey Rog, what did it feel like to hold such a big penis?”

“Quite strange really, you sort of know what it is going to feel like but there seems to be ridges underneath the skin and it seems much hotter than mine. Don’t forget that this happened well over a year ago Steve, I reckon that things would feel much different now that I have grown more myself. “

“What happened next?”

“Mum told Dad that she needed to show him something and they left me in the shower to finish off.”

In reality Claire had got so wet watching the ‘boys’ wash each other that she needed a good fucking and straight away. She almost dragged Jim out of the bathroom and into their bedroom and closed the door. She got straight on her knees and took hold of the big cock that her son had just been washing, she pulled back the foreskin, the last thing to touch this dark purple knob was her Roger’s hand and she put it straight into her mouth and licked it all over slobbering all over the glans whilst she was wanking the shaft. Claire could feel the foreskin moving up and down the knob in her mouth. God this cock was hot and hard and had grown to it’s full extent. She was feeling the large ball sack which was slapping against her chin as she was getting face fucked.

They were both extremely excited from the experience they had just had. They both knew that this was not right and that it would never happen again but that didn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy this moment.

They moved onto the bed and she lay on her back and opened her legs, Jim went down to juice up the lovely cunt before his eyes. It was already sopping wet though and she insisted that he fuck her straight away. He sunk his 7 ½ inch rock solid cock into her cunt and pumped away in frenzy. This was certainly a hot quickie and the fucking only lasted for about 10 minutes before they came together and collapsed in a sweaty mess at the side of each other. Claire could feel spunk dribbling out of her well hammered cunt. “That was fantastic!” she said “Yeah your telling me.!

“I know that this can’t be a regular thing but we have a good memory to play with don’t we and perhaps in the future there may be another little occasion where we could have a bit of titillation with Roger.” Claire said, Jim replied “Perhaps but we both know that it mustn’t be regular, perhaps if something accidental happens then that is so but we mustn’t engineer it.”

They locked in a kiss.

Both of the boys were going to play squash in the morning, Stephen’s Mum took them to her Health Club and whilst she was doing her classes, they had a game of squash and a sauna.

The weather forecast was not good it was due to rain all day tomorrow. Roger said perhaps your Mum will let us stay at the club so that we can go swimming after lunch. He said that he had some money with him for lunch and things. Stephen said “I’ll have to ask Mum in the morning. I need to go to sleep now.” As he said that they heard his Mum shout from the bottom of the stairs “OK boys, time to go to sleep now please. Good Night.”

“Night Mum”

“Night Mrs Bains.”

The boys went off to sleep.

The following morning Roger woke first with his usual 12 year old morning hard on. He still had his eyes closed and moved his hand under the duvet to his 5 inch rock hard cock and started to squeeze it and then rub it pushing the foreskin up over the end of his knob and then pulling it all the way down and back up again. He open his eyes and looked around, for a moment he had forgotten that he was sleeping over at Stephens house. He looked over at Stephen who was still fast asleep and breathing steadily. He started to think about yesterday’s events where he had taught Stephen how to masturbate; this started to make him horny as he thought about handling Stephen’s lovely almost hairless 12 year old boy cock.

He slipped out of bed and crept over to Stephen’s bed and knelt at the side. Stephen was lying on his back and Roger pulled the duvet down. The room was warm so there was no cold shock for Stephen as he did this. Roger gave his own prick another few firm wanks as he thought what he was about to do. The duvet was past Stephens light cotton shorts and he started to gently pull them down exposing the 12 year old boy cock and balls to view. The cock was totally relaxed resting on top of the hairless scrotum and the large grape sized balls that it contained. Roger thought that he didn’t have much of an opportunity to explore Steve’s balls last night so now is a good time.

He started to wank his cock again as he looked at Stephen’s package, he looked very closely. Stephen’s head hair was a dirty blond but his few wisps across the top and down the sides of the cock were much darker and shiny, he touched them, they were silky. He picked up the cock and lay it on Stephen’s tummy whilst he then proceeded to examine his balls and sack. His balls were definitely smaller than his own but like their cocks, not by much.

It was obvious that these 2 boys were very close in their stages through puberty but Roger was a little more advanced, it was also likely that Roger would have a bigger cock when he became a man.

Roger started to examine Stephen’s ball sack, and whilst there were lots of crinkles on it and there was a ridge which seemed to join the whole thing together it was really soft almost like velvet. As he played with the balls he noticed that Stephen’s prick was starting to stir. He wanted to pull back the foreskin before he was hard to see what it was like so he got hold of his prick and lifted it off Stephen’s tummy. He started to pull back the foreskin which came back easily and popped out an almost translucent looking pink knob. He started to slide the skin up and down with his thumb and 2 fingers feeling the rim of the glans and gradually Stephen’s dick started to grow bigger. He looked at his mate, still apparently fast asleep. He liked the look of his friend and although he knew in his heart that he was not gay he knew that he was attracted to him.

He started to masturbate his mate with his whole hand now as Stephen’s penis had grown to it’s current maximum size of about 4 ½ inches, he guessed that the circumference was about 3 ½ inches, a bit thinner than his own. He took his hand away from Stephens cock and put it onto his own and wanked for about 30 seconds as he watched Stephen’s cock bounce with each heartbeat. He put his hand back onto it and pulled the foreskin all the way back, he then gripped the moist dark red knob in his fist and removed it to smell it and then he put it around his own knob and moved his hand back down and started wanking for another 30 seconds before returning to his mates cock.

This time he was intent on producing an orgasm to pleasure his 12 year old buddy, so he kept up a constant rhythm up and down each time covering the head and then uncovering it. He watched carefully as he saw his balls start to tighten up into his body. He felt his prick start to grow a bit thicker and then pulse, pulse, pulse he felt Stephen cumming. He kept wanking only a little slower until he could not feel another pulse. Again Stephen had issued a small amount of 12 year old boy cum and roger took his hand away from Stephen’s cock and licked it to taste it again, it was not unpleasant he looked at his Stephen’s face, he was slowly opening his eyes and whilst this was happening Roger had moved his hand from his lips to his own cock and was focused on having an orgasm as well. He stood up and started to wank hard as Stephen lay there watching him, he reached over and started to feel Roger’s balls and that was it, he came and spurt, spurt, spurt 3 quick spurts with cum travelling about 3 foot away and then 3 more spurts that landed on Stephen’s tummy and then more spasms for Roger followed by a few dribbles out of his cock eye which ran down his fingers.

“Thanks Roger! that is certainly a fantastic way to start the day!” Stephen smiled at his mate.

“I couldn’t resist it I always wake up with a hard-on and thinking about yesterday made me want another wank and I thought I would take another close look at your cock and make sure that we both got a good start to the day.”

“Well Rog, anytime you like just do it again.”

Both boys went downstairs to get some breakfast.

Stephen’s Mum was already downstairs busy doing something and the boys got their own cereals. It was a dull day with rain forecast to go through until 18:00 hours that night. Stephen’s Mum said that she would stay for lunch at the club and then she needed to go out to do some shopping. She confirmed that they boys would be happy to stay in the club and use the swimming and other leisure facilities and she would come and collect them at about 4 o’clock.

She phoned the club and arranged for the boys to have some squash coaching first thing and she then booked a court for them to play on afterwards. She was always amazed at how much energy young boys have.

The squash training was hard but very useful the professional who was instructing the boys used to play for the country. After the training they went to the café and got a cold drink and watched some games on the squash courts for an hour before their court was ready.

Their match was a hard game and they pushed each other to the limit and came off court exhausted and went to the showers.

The showers were communal pretty much the same sort of layout as they would have at school in other words not much privacy once you were inside the Men’s changing area.

Because the weather was bad there were quite a few families at the club and quite a few other children. Because it was approaching lunch the swimming pool was emptying and there were about 6 or 7 other children in the showers ranging from 8 years old to 15 years old. Roger said hello to the 15 year old as someone he recognised from a Rugby club he went to. I recognised 3 of the other boys as I saw them fairly frequently at the club. The other boys were probably day guests.

Stephen and Roger sat on a changing bench looking around them, sweat dripping off their faces and soaking into their sport kits.

Stephen noticed a man sitting who it appeared had already showered and he was watching the boys in the shower.

There was another man in the showers and he was washing his feet, he was bent down with a foot in the air and Stephen could see that he was now at crutch height for looking at a little boy at the side of him. He was about 9 years old and was totally comfortable with being nude, he had a nine year old erection, about 3 inches long with a little red tipped foreskin hanging over the end. When the man stood up he started to wash his penis and bottom and he turned to face the boy so that the boy could see him pull his foreskin back and wash his knob. The little boy paid close attention to what was going on and started to wash his own. He started to pull the foreskin back and although the end seemed to be more than big enough for the glans to pop out the skin didn’t want to slide back, it was as if it was joined to the knob in some way. It obviously caused considerable discomfort to the little boy who decided against trying that again. The man’s dick was now semi hard and he was washing his balls. Another one of the boys started watching him and poked his mate to have a look. The man was obviously enjoying this, he had a small captive audience watching his prick get harder and with the exception of the 15 year old his prick was much bigger that the other boys.

It was now standing out from his body and 6 inches long. The foreskin was now fully retracted. The 15 year old boy got his towel and walked out of the showers, he looked at the man and said “Faggot” as he passed him and went to get dried off.

The man sitting on the changing bench had his hand underneath his towel and Stephen noticed that he was slowly moving his hand which must have been on his prick.

The man in the showers had obviously decided that having being called a Faggot enough was enough and ended the show to the young boys by washing off the soap and putting his towel around him went to the toilets. The man sitting on the bench also put his towel around him and went to the toilets.

Roger and Stephen could hear the young boys talking about how big the man’s prick was and they were gesticulating and demonstrating the size of his dick and laughing. They eventually left and Stephen and Roger got undressed. “I need a piss” said Roger “So do I” said Stephen and they both went to the toilets.

Both cubicles were occupied and as the boys let go their urine they could here heavy breathing coming from the cubicles. Roger and Stephen looked at each other and Roger motioned with his hand that they were wanking. We both laughed and as we left Roger said “they’re both wankers!” and we left giggling.

We got into the showers and quickly washed as it was time to join Wendy for lunch.

They handed in their towels at the reception and went to café. “Hello Mrs Bains” said Roger “Hi Mum” said Stephen. Roger looked at Mrs Bains, she was a good looking woman and wore clothes which accentuated her breasts and hour glass figure. “Hello Boys, have you had a good time?”

They both recounted their game with excitement whilst they were eating. Wendy told Roger about the yoga classes she did and she had also had a manicure and pedicure. As they were talking Roger nudged Stephen and pointed out one of the two men who were wanking in the toilet, it was the one who was exhibiting his prick to the young boys. They giggled and Wendy turned around to see who they were giggling about. She asked what was so funny “Oh nothing” came the reply.

After they had finished their lunch, Wendy sat talking for quite a while with some other friends and the boys went to watch some other squash games from the viewing gallery. Wendy walked over to them and said that she was off shopping and would be back at 4 o’clock to pick us up. An hour after lunch the boys went down to the reception area again and collected some towels and went to the changing rooms to get changed into their swimming trunks. Roger had borrowed a pair of Stephen Speedo trunks whilst Stephen was wearing some short type trunks.

Stephen looked at Roger in the trunks “Hey Rog, do you want to swap only those trunks seem a little tight on you.” They showed the outline of his 12 year old boy cock very well, they clung tightly to his frame. Roger’s soft boy cock was 3 ½ inches long and the ridge of the glans could be seen pressing against the material. Although they were low cut Speedos there was no visible sign of hair coming from his cock.

“Thanks Steve but I think it’ll be OK, there was almost no one in the pool when I looked in as we past.” Unless there was a squash match on with another club then Saturday afternoons was generally quiet in the club.

Both boys were excellent swimmers and had a number of races and then got into the Jacuzzi for a while. “Hey Rog, do you get the bubbles to blow around your cock and balls?”

“Yeah usually but it’s a bit hard with such tight trunks on.”

“Well just pull them down a little, after all no one can see us here and even if there was someone about there are lots of bubbles and you can’t see through the water.”

“Good idea.”

Stephen had bubbles going up his shorts legs and massaging his balls and Roger had dropped his Speedos and was experiencing the bubbles coming at him with quite a bit of force. They were knocking his balls about and it was a tad uncomfortable until he moved to where the fore was a bit less. The boys watched each other and smiled.

Just then a man came into the pool area and walked over to the Jacuzzi and stepped into it. Roger pulled his pants up slowly so that he would bring attention to what he was doing. He had a semi hard-on and pushed it to one side in the Speedos otherwise it would have been sticking well out of the top of them.

The man was the same chap that had been sitting on the changing room benches earlier and the boys blushed as they realised that he must know it was them who had called him a wanker earlier.

“Hi boys” he said “You having a nice day at the club?”

Roger and Stephen looked at him “Yes thanks.”

“Are you regular visitors?”

“Yes my Mum and me are members, are you?”

“No I am only here for the day en-route to the airport tonight.”

There was some silence and then he said “You are cheeky boys aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?” Stephen said

“Well calling someone a wanker earlier when you had no idea whether I was wanking or not.”

“Were you?” asked Roger

“I wouldn’t mind betting you don’t even know what wanking is do you?” the man asked.

“Of course we do” Roger said, Stephen was thinking that it was a good idea he didn’t ask me this yesterday afternoon.

“Really? You are too young to know about that kind of stuff or is it just stuff you have heard from the older boys at school?”

Both boys were keen to impress the man that they were not too young at all. “Listen mister, we are 12 years old and of course we know about wanking, in fact we both had one this morning before coming to the club.” Stephen said

“You do surprise me, and do you produce cum when you orgasm?” the man said this whilst looking directly at Stephen.

“Yes I do but not as much as he does.” He said pointing at Roger.

“So do you wank each other off?” the man had one hand under the water gently squeezing his cock and another resting on top of the Jacuzzi. As he was asking the questions he was getting really excited that these two lovely looking boys were just being so naïve and open with him. He started to wonder if they had any hair and just how much cum they produced, how big were their cocks, were they circumcised if not how much foreskin did they have?

“You ask a lot of questions!” stated Roger

“I am just curious, you know I was young once and I am really interested to see how young people grow up these days, I didn’t even know about wanking until I was 13 years old and I was wondering just how advanced you were compared to me. Lets face it you are never going to see me again, I am only here by chance because of the weather.”

The boys thought about what he was saying. Stephen stood up and said “Let’s swim some more Rog and we’ll come back in a bit.” The man looked at Stephen’s crutch and there was obviously a bulge outlining where his knob would be. When Roger stood up the man he gave his prick an extra squeeze as he saw what must have been a good 4 inches of boy meat straining to the left hand side of his Speedos, he watched intently as he climbed out of the Jacuzzi and took a good dive into the pool.

They swam 3 lengths very quickly and ended up at the other end of the pool for a quick breather and a chat. “He has to be a poof” stated Roger “I guess so Rog but he seems harmless enough.”

The boys continued to chat albeit quietly and came to the conclusion that just by answering his questions he was getting turned on. Roger said “You should have seen his eyes when I stood up just now, they nearly popped out of his head and glued themselves onto my dick, God knows what would happen if I actually showed him my cock. Although I suppose he will make a point of going to the showers with us anyway just so that he could see us naked.”

Both boys laughed and agreed that they would do three more lengths and then go back to the Jacuzzi and see what other questions he has to ask as it might be a giggle.

Back in the Jacuzzi the boys were talking about a swimming competition that was coming up in 3 weeks time at school and in the last one they both did well for their year. Roger won the gold cup for his class.

The man asked what other sports they did and they said Rugby, football, tennis, squash and cross country running.

The man then said “You didn’t answer my question earlier?”

“Which one was that?” Stephen asked.

The man looked directly at Stephen and said again “Do you wank each other off?”

Stephen started to blush and the man found this very attractive. “I don’t think that it is any of your business, it is a private thing.” Stephen muttered.

The man laughed, he looked at both of their fresh faces, they were both red with embarrassment and he knew then that they must have wanked each other off. “Your faces tell a story and I know that you wank each other off, I am right aren’t I?”

“OK yes, so what?” asked Roger

“Nothing really, I would love to watch you.”

“Just a minute mister” Roger said “we are not gay you know!”

“I know that but what harm could it do, I wont do anything you don’t want me to I will just watch unless you ask me to do otherwise. Come on, let’s just pop into the sauna.”

The boys looked at each other, each of them had started to get hard thinking about wanking each other off again, they were undecided. The man stood up, he had a big bulge in his swimming shorts and he said “Well I am going to the sauna I’ll leave the rest up to you.” He stepped out of the Jacuzzi and walked to the Men’s changing room.

In this club the sauna was not mixed there were individual ones in each changing room this allowed the users of the sauna to be naked if they wished.

After the man had left the swimming area the boys pondered what to do. Being 12 year old boys all they wanted to do was have a wank and any excuse was good enough for them, but somehow doing it in front of a grown man and a stranger at that did not seem like a good idea to Stephen.

Roger stood up, his prick was semi erect and was about 4 inches long, the rim of the knob clearly outlined, he pulled the front of his Speedos down and his boy cock sprung out and he said “Steve I need to sort this out!” and he stuffed it back into his Speedos. Stephen was laughing and looking around to make sure that no one else was about and he stood up and showed Roger that he had also got a growing hard on. They headed off to the changing rooms.

The boys picked up their towels to sit on in the sauna and walked in, they were still wearing their swimming costumes. The man was sitting naked on the top bench; he had his towel by his side. He looked at the little visions of beauty in front of him he wanted to lick them all over. The boys went and sat opposite him on the opposing top bench. They both looked at the man’s penis. He saw them looking at him and he opened his legs wider so that they could see more.

He had a full forest of dark hair and his 4 inch uncircumcised penis laid on top of his balls. His knob was visible as the foreskin was not long enough to cover it by about ¼ of an inch.

“Having a good look boys?” he asked and his cock started to get bigger, he put his hand around it and started to move the foreskin back off the knob and forward again. Stephen’s was watching carefully, this was the first time he had ever seen a man’s penis getting erect; of course he had seen them in the showers but not like this. The man looked at Stephen and continued “Have you seen a man’s prick hard before?”

“No I haven’t, it’s getting very big.” He watched wide eyed mouth open. Roger had seen his Dad’s before but not fully hard and he stared at the growing prick.

The man was soon at full hard-on and was slowly wanking himself. “Come on boys, you’ve seen mine now it’s my turn to see yours.”

The boys looked at each other and stood up to remove their swimming costumes. The man didn’t know who to look at first as these two beautiful 12 year old boys started to pull down their trunks, he felt his prick getting harder as he slowly massaged it. Roger was first to reveal his semi hard 12 year old boy cock. The man looked at the perfectly formed cock and balls. He noticed that there was some black silky hairs growing across the base of the penis and down the sides of the dick. His then watched as Stephen pulled his trunks down. This just gets better he thought to himself as yet another beautiful boy cock was in front of him semi hard and with hardly any pubic hair at all. He watched as the foreskin which totally covered his knob at the start was slowly retracting to reveal a lovely moist dark purple glans. How the man longed to move forward and start sucking on the little boy cherry sized knob but he didn’t want to frighten them off. He would wank about this for months afterwards. Stephen’s cock was now at full stretch standing in all it 4 ½ inches of glory with the foreskin ¾ of the way down the knob. The man looked at Roger’s cock, he could see that he was far more developed that Stephen but it was a gorgeous looking cock, well on the way to becoming a teenage cock. He watched as it also grew to it full 5 inches of glory and his foreskin was back fully exposing yet another delicious boy knob that really needed sucking.

The man wanked himself hard for about 20 rubs and stopped before he came too soon; he wanted to enjoy watching these little boys wank each other. He kept looking at the boys wishing he could get down in front of them and lick their hairless balls and run his tongue up their naked cocks and gently suck on their little virgin cherry knobs.

“OK boys now why don’t you show me how you wank each other off?”

Roger made the first move and wrapped his hand around Stephen’s cock. It throbbed in his hand as he got hold of it and pulled the foreskin all the way off of the knob and then back up and down and up. Stephen was not going to take long he had got himself quite worked up and was really excited at being wanked off in front of a total stranger. He was fascinated by the size of the man’s big cock which he thought was about 6 ½ inches and quite tick. Roger looked at Stephen whose face was red and he was hardly daring to breath, he felt his best mates cock start to grow a little bigger and then he felt the pulsing, the spasms of boy orgasm. Again there was just a little cum that Stephen produced. The man got down from the bench and moved closer to look.

“Is that all the cum you can make?” he enquired of Stephen

“Yes but it feels really nice when I am making it.”

“I’ll bet it does!” The man sat back but on the bottom bench this time, he was getting very hot watching this and the heat of the sauna didn’t help matters. The boys were already on the bottom bench because it was cooler down there.

The man said that he really enjoyed watching that and now wanted to see another boy orgasm.

Stephen got hold of Roger’s rock hard boy cock and gripped it in his hand. Roger was also extremely excited about performing this exhibition in front of a total stranger and as his best mate was rubbing him up and down he watch the man wanking his cock. “Wow Rog, your cock seems harder than it’s ever been.” Stephen said and the man looked on and said “Are you enjoying this little show as much as I am enjoying your?”

“I guess so.” Said Roger

After only about 30 seconds Stephen felt Roger’s cock start to grow fatter “Wow Rog this hasn’t taken long your cock is getting fatter are you about to cum?”

“Yes, keep going at that pace but squeeze a bit harder.”

The man kept wanking his own cock and moved closer so that he cold get a really good view of Roger’s cum, he was less than 2 feet away and all of a sudden squirt, squirt, squirt three jets of hot boy cum splashed onto the man’s face one of his cheek and two on his mouth and chin. Squirt, dribble, dribble, and dribble. Stephen could feel Roger’s cock pulsing but could see that there was now nothing coming out of the piss slit. He looked at the man, he was licking the cum from his mouth and wiping it off his cheek and chin and licking his fingers.

“You certainly have lovely tasting cum, and you shoot really strong jets for such a little boy. You must have been doing a really good job of wanking him.” He said looking at Stephen “Do you fancy doing the same to me?”

Stephen looked at Roger who was still a little exhausted; he raised his shoulders as if to say it’s up to you.

Stephen did want to know what it felt like to hold such a massive (compared to his) prick but had reservations on doing this not only in public but also to a complete stranger.

The man went and sat at the side of Roger and open his legs wide “come on then, it can’t do any harm little chap, just give me a quick wank, it won’t take long I promise.”

Stephen reached out and got hold of the man’s penis. His 12 year old fingers wrapped around the girth of the cock but didn’t quite meet at the finger tips. He started moving the skin up and down, he could feel all the ridges underneath the loose skin, in particular his fingers moved apart as he came to the flared knob rim, he pulled the skin down again and the man encouraged him by saying “well done, keep it up, squeeze a little harder, now pull all the way down hard.”

Stephen pulled the skin all the way back. Roger was watching intently and the man was enjoying the attention from two lovely little 12 year old boys. Not very often I get a chance like this, he was thinking to himself. He looked at the remnants of the sperm on Roger’s cock and wiped a little onto his finger and put it into his mouth. As he was doing that Stephen felt his cock growing fatter and knew he was about to cum.

Pulse Squirt, pulse squirt, pulse squirt. Stephen could feel the grown man’s penis throbbing and pulsing in his hand as 2 jets of spunk flew past and over his shoulder and another hit him on the left hand side on the front of his chest, then another and then he could again feel the fat prick pulsing but just dribbles of spunk running out of the tip and down Stephen’s little fingers.

He kept on rubbing until the man told him to stop. He pulled his hand away it seemed to be covered in spunk “Go on taste a grown man’s sperm” said the man. Stephen wasn’t keen but was interested in knowing how it differed from his mates; he tentatively licked a little with the end of his tongue.

It tasted very different from Roger’s, it was a little salty and seemed to almost fizz on his tongue, it smelled strange and he decide that he wouldn’t be doing that again in a hurry.

“Well boys I think that about wraps this up I have to get to the airport in 3 hours so I have to leave as much as I would like to stay and play some more. Thanks very much.” And with that the man stood up and went to the showers with his cock at half mast wagging in front of him, the foreskin just starting to slide back over the knob.

Roger and Stephen just looked at each other, Roger leaned forward and took some of the man’s spunk from Stephen’s shoulder and smelled it and licked a bit of it “not as nice as mine or your” he said with a smile and then Stephen remember that his Mum was coming to pick them up at 4 o’clock and it was already 3.40 “Roger we have to get a move on, Mum will be here soon.”

Both boys got into the showers and washed the sweat off their lithe little bodies and in Stephen’s case, the rest of the man’s spunk from his shoulder which had seemed to turn into a runny liquid rather than the thick globs that came out at first.

They got into the reception area just in time to see Stephen’s Mum’s car pulling up in the car park and so they went straight out and went home.

“Did you have a fun afternoon boys?”

“Yes Mrs Bains” said Roger “although it was very quiet, there were not many people at all.” Stephen added “At least we managed to play uninterrupted.” Both boys smiled and looked at each other.

End of chapter one

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