My fist sexual experience with my teacher by timobile007

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True Story | At work, First Time, School, Young

Hi I'm John and this is the story of my first sexual experience.It was senior year around Christmas time and our class was having a little activity after school. This activity was just to wrap gifts for charities and we also had food and movies.

I should probably explain my appearance before I continue. I was about 5'6" and I had a really small penis, like 2 inches! I was also chubby(growing up and working out helped a lot). My teacher Mrs. S was about 5'8", latino, fit, and she had a HUGE rack, they had to be at least D's.

Back to the story, it was just after we finished wrapping the presents when Mrs. S told us that soon it would be time to watch movies and have snacks, and that we could change into something more comfortable (we had uniforms because it was a catholic school).

I went to the boys bathroom not because I had to change, but because I had to actually use the restroom. And to my surprise no guy or girl had brought clothes to change into. So while sitting on the toilet I heard the sound of my teachers voice stating that she was going to change. I took this opportunity to rush into the girls bathroom. I found the perfect hiding spot in a little corner in the wall that wasn't easily visible but was close to the stall at the same time. I heard her walk into the bathroom and I stayed as motionless as possible and I tried my hardest not to make a sound. It worked! She walked right into the stall not having a clue I was there.

I thought to myself that it would be so cool if I could get a video of her changing into jeans, I then decided to pull out my phone and sneak it over the top of the stall. Since I wasn't very tall this was a difficult task so I had to use other parts of this restroom to keep me elevated. I watched her slowly take her skirt off to reveal her nice round ass, but then Mrs. S did something completely unexpected. She started to take her shirt off too. This was probably the best thing I could ever see as an 18 year old, I witnessed my gorgeous teacher standing there only in her underwear while capturing it on video! This moment was too good to be true I told myself, little did I know that soon my luck would run out.

While watching this glorious sight take place before me I wasn't paying much attention to my grip on my phone and it slipped and fell on the inside of the stall that she was in. She immediately looked up and spotted my position. Busted. There was no way I could get out of this one.

Chapter 2

"Get over here." She demanded standing right next to the now opened stall door

"Do you know how much trouble you're in young man?" She asked.

I noticed that her glance started to move down towards my crotch region and she saw my now erect, but small, penis.

"Is there a problem with my penis Mrs. S?" I asked her.

"No it's perfect!" She exclaimed, "Never before have I seen a penis so small but thick, your penis is the perfect length that I like."

Without hesitation I quickly

lunged myself towards her placing my lips upon hers. She had to look down a little given that she was about two inches taller than me. As we slowly started to make out my hands, skillfully, managed to unclasp her bra. While I was doing that she started rubbing my penis through my khakis. After awhile of making out I took a good look at her breasts. Damn were they big, they were huge here areola's were at a perfect size and same with her nipples. Marveling at her amazing plump breasts, I forgot that I still had my phone recording. So I grabbed my phone and recorded my sexy teacher standing there topless. I then took all my clothes off except my socks, my shirt, and my hoodie; exposing my still erect cock. While i took my clothes off she removed her panties completely and I got a good view of her hairy pussy.

Once I was done staring in amazement at my teachers perfect body I pressed her bigger figure up against the wall and I licked and sucked those amazing nipples. Eventually she broke contact and laid on the cold hard tile floor with her legs spread exposing even more of her wet juicy pussy.

"I need you in me!" She said rather loudly.

I got on my knees and positioned my stiff, but minuscule, cock on her pussy lips.

"Give it to me." She commanded

So I did just that, thrusting my small dick into her tight and hairy vagina. I had one hand cupping her nice firm breast and the other holding my phone up to get a good view of my teacher enjoying herself. She was moaning like crazy, begging for more and more like the cock craving bitch she was.

"I'm cumming!" She screamed.

I could feel her juices all of a sudden ooze out of her which only turned me on even more, adding lubricant to my cock. By this time Mrs. S didn't want to have any more vaginal sex.

"I want your whole length in my ass, John!" She said whilst panting.

So she turned over, got on all fours, and let me give it to her doggy style. As soon as I saw her round firm ass up I shoved my tiny cock into her. She let out a big shriek of pain, but I continued to thrust into that little whore.

"You're so thick but yet you're so small. I love it!" She moaned

That was more then enough to send me over the edge. I ejaculated my fluids into her rectum filling it up with my semen. After I came I collapsed on top of her kissing her neck while she was laying down with her tits pressed firmly against the floor. After about 10 minutes we cleaned up by licking each other clean. This began the great adventures of sexual intercouse that were soon to follow.

Rating: 63%, Read 24572 times, Posted Nov 12, 2014

True Story | At work, First Time, School, Young


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