Chapter 10: Iris and Gary (Nancy Series) by SaltySooner

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Nancy had just returned home from work when her younger sister, Ann, called her cell phone. She answered and after an initial exchange of pleasantries, Ann cut to the chase.

“Hey Sis, I was just wondering if you an Paul were up for a small get together this weekend at our house with Iris and her husband?”

It took Nancy a second to remember that Iris was the woman who held an “adult Tupperware party” the previous month. Her sister’s question took her by surprise. Sure, she and Paul had gotten together a few times with Ann and her husband, James, for some fun “sexcapades”, but she had not given much serious thought to expanding their involvement to include other couples. She and Ann had talked about it on several occasions and she had mentioned it to Paul. He had been non-committal on that specific question and told her that he was willing to do anything that she might want to try.

“Let me talk to Paul first and I’ll get back to you,” she told her sister. They spoke for a few minutes more before hanging up and going about the rest of their day. Paul was spending the night at her home, so she changed and started getting dinner prepared for his arrival.

True to form, he arrived early and promptly jumped in to help I the kitchen. Much like the first time they met she never had to ask for his help and he never failed to offer it. As they moved easily around each other in the large kitchen, she brought up Ann’s invitation and asked if he was interested.

“Sure, if it’s something you want to do. You know that,” he told her.

“I really don’t know what I want,” she said. “On one hand, it’s something I think about more and more, but I don’t know if I could really go through with it if I suddenly found myself in that position.”

He took her in a loose embrace and pulled her against his body. “If you’re worried about me, don’t,” he told her quietly. “You’re the only woman I’m interested in and I’m perfectly satisfied with our sex life. Engaging in casual sex with someone else isn’t going to change that, but I’m not going to even consider doing that without your blessing.”

Nancy felt a wave of deep relief and love wash over her as she listened to his words and knew that he was being perfectly honest with her. She knew he had many female friends and acquaintances, but he had always kept them at a proper distance, even when he didn’t know she was watching. Her sister confirmed that same thing early on, noting that he had always remained completely faithful to his ex when they were involved in the same group of swingers as Ann and James years before. She also knew that even when he had sex with Ann, he never talked about it or compared her to her sister. Whenever Paul was with Nancy, it was as if he had never been with another woman in his life and she was always the center of his attention.

He looked down and kissed her lightly on the lips, gave her a quick squeeze, and then released her so they could finish getting dinner ready before it burned. She felt a lightness strange peace in her heart as they got everything finished and then sat down to enjoy their meal. Afterwards, he cleaned up the kitchen and told her to relax on the back porch. When he came out, she had made up her mind to accept the invitation and once again asked Paul if it was alright before she called her sister and let her know.

“That’s great, Big Sis!” Ann said happily. “We can’t wait to see you guys again, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy yourself, too.” Ann finished the call by giving Nancy the details for their Saturday get-together.

The rest of the week, Nancy felt her excitement growing as she thought about Saturday evening and tried to imagine what would happen. When she talked to Paul about it, he just smiled and held her close. When they made love, Nancy found her thoughts drifting to Saturday and imagined that it wasn’t Paul, but another man taking her. She became more physical and brazen which Paul immediately noticed and enjoyed. Afterward, she realized that her love-making had been less about love and emotional bonding with Paul and more about raw sex and lust. She remembered the times she had sex with James and recognized she had felt and behaved similarly. There had been no emotional bonding with him; it was just about sex.

Later that night, she crawled on top of Paul and gently aroused him. When he was fully erect, she reached down and slipped his manhood inside her and slowly made love to him. She took her time and he wasn’t in any hurry either. They moved together as one and when they kissed, she could only think about how much she loved Paul. Eventually they each climaxed, which just punctuated the incredible passion they shared for each other. Nancy eventually drifted to euphoric sleep in his arms, content in her heart and mind.

On Saturday afternoon, they drove to Ann’s home and spent time socializing with her and James before having dinner together. Nancy became fidgety as the time neared for Iris and her husband to arrive and she tried unsuccessfully to get Ann to share her plans for the evening. When the couple arrived, Nancy quickly stood up and smoothed her light dress to try and make a good impression.

When Iris came in and saw her, she went over and gave Nancy a lingering hug as they exchanged greetings. One of the first things Nancy noticed was how long Iris’ hair was. When they met at Mary’s house, Iris had it coiled up in a single braid on top of her head. Now, it was in a long pony tail that reached down well below her waist. Iris was dressed in a denim skirt that came to mid-thigh and a tight tank top of stretchy material that clearly displayed the large breasts underneath. Nancy could tell that her thighs were as heavy and muscular looking as her lower legs appeared.

Ann interrupted to introduce Iris’ husband, Gary and Nancy was stunned. He was reasonably attractive but much younger than Iris. Nancy had guessed Iris to be around 45 years old, but Gary was easily 15 years younger.

Iris laughed. “I know what you’re thinking,” she said. “I get that all the time, but he really is my husband, not my son.” Gary was average height with unruly sandy brown hair and a quick smile.

Nancy smiled at Gary and they exchanged pleasantries while Iris was introduced to Paul. James offered e everyone drinks and directed them to some light finger food that Ann had set out on the kitchen bar. The group moved in to the kitchen and spent the following half-hour conversing and getting to know each other better.

Nancy talked to Iris and found out that she was actually 49 and Gary was 18 years younger. Iris explained that they met through a common friend after her first husband passed away suddenly a few years previously. When she and Gary started getting serious, it caused a few issues with her two kids.

“Gary is only 4 years older than my son,” she confessed. “Both my son and daughter expressed their disapproval, but I didn’t care. He and I fell in love and got married just a couple years ago. It’s sometimes funny to watch people’s expressions whenever we kiss or show affection in public,” she confided with a laugh.

Ann called out for everyone to grab a fresh drink and head in to the living room. Once they settled in there, she pulled out her laptop and loaded up another adult game she and James had found.

“We haven’t had a chance to try this out with anyone else, but we did experiment with it just between ourselves,” she told everyone. “It’s a lot like the adult Monopoly game, but less complicated. After entering everyone’s information into the program, each player takes a turn by pressing the “Game Turn” button. It will randomly select an action for you to do, or offer you a “Truth or Dare” option. That’s about all there is to it.”

She let each person enter their own data which began with their name, sex, and sexual orientation. Next, it let the player choose a kinkiness level which presumably was used in selecting the tasks. Nancy opted to be “straight” and opted for level two out of four on the “kinkiness index”, where 1 was “Dull” and 4 was “Orgy”. Paul opted for level 3 (“Wild”), while Ann and James selected level 4. Iris and Gary also selected level 4.

Next, they checked blocks next to clothing items that they were wearing and then checked blocks to indicate the types of sexual activities they were open to doing. The last section contained a lengthy list of available toys and props which Ann completed by checking the box next to everything that they had. Nancy wasn’t too surprised to see that she had checked a fairly substantial set of items.

Iris went first and was told to share a hot, slow dance with Paul and he was allowed to feel her ass. Nancy’s eyebrows rose at how quickly the game got down to business. Iris and Paul stood up and moved together for a close dance. He initially took her right hand in his left, but as they started swaying in time to an imaginary tune, she let go and pulled both of his hands around to her bottom. Not needing any further encouragement, Paul began squeezing and rubbing her ass through her skirt while she returned the favor by grabbing his ass. After a few more moments, she reached up to pull his head down and their mouths joined for a long, wet kiss that didn’t stop until they were told the dance was over. Throughout their performance, Iris rubbed her chest against Paul.

When the dance was over, they went back to their seats and it was Paul’s turn. He was told to kiss and lick Nancy’s neck, and make her hot. He laughed and moved around behind her. He moved her hair off of her neck and bent down to make a line if kisses from her collarbone to behind her ear. At the same time, his hands moved in front of her and he began fondling her tits through her dress. Nancy automatically moved her head down and giggled because his lips and tongue were tickling her, but he held her firmly to continue his fun. After a minute, he stopped and looked up inquiringly. Everyone else was had a broad smile and Nancy was busy getting the front of her dress straightened out where he had been playing.

“I’m not sure that feeling her up was part of task,” Ann playfully chided. “I think you can only do what the message says and nothing more.”

Next, it was Nancy’s turn. Her task told her to put her head up Iris’ shirt and get a good peek at her tits. She looked around in surprise, but Iris was already standing up and pulling her shirttail up. Ann waved her on, so she slowly got up and awkwardly maneuvered around to get her head under Iris’ tank top. She stayed underneath for only a second before pulling her head back out and then combed her fingers back through her mussed up hair.

On Gary’s turn, everyone got to help him take his shirt off. Paul and James remained seated and let the women enjoy that task on their own.

Ann lost her shoes and James had to chug his beer in less than a minute.

On Iris’ second turn, she had to whisper one of her fantasies into Paul’s ear. He leaned over and she began whispering. Apparently her fantasy was a little complicated to explain or she went into great detail, but it took her over a minute to finish. Paul just sat there grinning like an idiot as he listened, but otherwise, gave no hint as to what she told him.

On Paul’s next turn, Ann got to remove his shoes, after which Nancy’s turn required her and Iris to take off each other’s shoes.

On Gary’s second turn, he was presented with the choice to take a truth or dare challenge. He chose the truth button and was asked if he would rather give or receive oral sex from another man. He looked up in surprise, but all the women were calling out for him to answer the question. Not wanting to make that decision, Gary opted to use one of his three “chicken outs” to get out of it which caused Ann to start making loud clucking noises.

Ann had to flash her tits at everyone on her next turn while James got to help Nancy out of her dress. Iris was the next person to receive a Truth or Dare option and she chose the dare. The challenge was to run around the outside of the house while topless. When she came back inside, she could put her bra and shirt back on. Iris didn’t bat an eye and after quickly removing her shirt and bra, she headed out the door and ran around the house while the others watched through the windows. As she ran up the short set of steps leading to the front porch, her breasts were bouncing wildly and she sounded slightly winded.

“Whew!” she said once she got back inside. “I need a cold drink.” As she got dressed, Gary brought her a cold beer and she downed nearly half of it right away. “Who’s next?” she asked.

It was Paul’s turn again and he received a task to stand in the middle of the room with a blindfold on and his shorts and underwear down at his ankles while all the other players played with his “package” for two minutes. Once he was in position, Ann started the task timer and joined the other two women around him. James and Gary just watched as the three women fondled and stroked his cock and balls. Before the two minute timer sounded, they had him half-erect and squirming where he stood. When the timer buzzed, the girls went back to their seats and he pulled his shorts back up.

Things seemed to quiet down for the next few turns. Ann got to put Nancy’s hair up in small braids like a school girl; the other players got to see if Gary was ticklish (once again, only the women participated in that); James had to admit he had experienced pre-mature ejaculation more than once; Ann had to give a sexy kiss to everyone who asked; and Paul had to tell everyone about the body part he was most proud of. He said it was his brain since it was smart enough to recognize that being with Nancy was the best thing to ever happen to him. Ann accused him of copping out while Nancy blushed.

It took several more turns before nearly everyone was nude. Iris was still wearing her skirt and panties, Paul was down to his underwear; Nancy had only her bra; and Gary, Ann and James were all naked. During those rounds, Nancy had to admit that she once kissed another female, Paul had to measure his cock in front of everyone; Ann had to do ten jumping jacks while everyone watched her boobs bounce up and down; Iris got to give James a sexy lap dance; James had to keep his cock in a glass of ice water for five minutes; and Gary had to describe his most embarrassing sexual experience.

However, at the end of the third level, everyone who was still wearing any clothing had to remove it. Nancy was giggling from the wine she had been drinking while she removed her bra amid shouts of “Take it off!” from James and Iris. As she looked at Iris, she felt better about her own appearance. Iris had pale skin and clearly not spent any time in the sun. Her breasts were large and the nipples hung down almost to her navel. She had small love handles above her hips and heavy thighs, but her ass was perfectly shaped and her pussy was shaved completely smooth.

Gary had a slighter build than she first thought. He wasn’t nearly as muscular as Paul and had a slight farmer’s tan on his arms and neck, but what caught her eye the most was how large his cock looked. She couldn’t tell if it was completely flaccid or partially aroused, but either way, she thought it was impressive. It was already longer than Paul’s at full erection and Gary wasn’t even close to being hard.

In her first turn of the fourth round, Nancy received the answer to her unasked question when she had to stroke Gary’s cock until he was hard. As he grew in her hand, she couldn’t believe how huge he was. He had the longest cock she had ever seen outside of a porn movie and her hand could barely fit around it. She guessed that it was at least ten inches long and wondered how it would feel inside her.

“Now you see one of the reasons I fell in love with him,” Iris kidded. The other women laughed and Gary blushed, but he enjoyed the attention.

Ann was directed to demonstrate her favorite masturbation technique to the rest of the group and to include her best faked orgasm. By the time she finished, Nancy wasn’t sure that her sister’s orgasm was actually faked.

By then, the women were sitting on their partner’s lap or snuggled up close together. Nancy was a feeling silly from four glasses of wine, but not too much to miss the looks that Iris was giving Paul. Instead of feeling jealous at how much Iris wanted to be with Paul, Nancy had a strange sense of pride because he belonged to her.

Things heated up considerably by the sixth level and more items from the “toybox” came into play. Nancy and Iris were connected by two sets of chained nipples clamps that attached each of Nancy’s breasts to each of Iris’. That forced them to spend several minutes facing each other while waiting for Nancy’s next turn. When Iris was directed to suck Paul’s cock for five minutes without letting him cum, Nancy had a close-up view of her boyfriend being serviced by Iris and secretly found it exciting to watch.

During Ann’s next turn, she and Gary were allowed to disappear to the guest bedroom for five minutes of “private time” and both were noticeably flushed when they returned. Nancy was feeling herself getting more and more horney and was ready to quit the game, but nobody else seemed bored with it yet. On her next turn, she was directed to use the anal dildo on the man of her choice and she selected Gary without hesitation. She positioned him on his hands and knees before applying some lubricant and carefully working the dildo up his ass. As she worked it in and out, she could see his large cock swinging below and couldn’t resist reaching down to stroke it some more.

As she finished working over Gary’s ass, Nancy looked around and saw Iris straddling Paul’s lap and having him suck her tits. Ann was fully engaged with James on the facing love seat and they were no longer paying attention, either. Taking that as the sign that the game was over, Nancy left the dildo inserted deep inside Gary and had him lay down on his back. She moved between his open legs and began sucking his cock and balls while resuming the slow fucking of his ass with the dildo. From his moaning sounds, she could tell he was enjoying both actions.

She tried to take his whole length in her mouth and down her throat, but couldn’t quite make it. She pulled back to suck and nibble around the head of his cock before trying again. She took her time and after several more attempts, her throat muscles finally relaxed enough and she was able to get her lips all the way to the base of his huge shaft. She held herself there for a few moments and then slowly withdrew.

He reached down to pull her up over his body. Nancy squatted down over his narrow hips and felt him guiding his throbbing cock up inside her pussy. From her position, she was able to control the depth of his penetration and began working herself up and down his rod. Gary reached up to play with her swaying breasts and she let him know that she enjoyed him pulling and twisting her nipples. She eventually paused and reached over to pick up one set of nipple clamps and had him place them on her breasts. When he finished tightening them, her swelling nipples stood out and he gave each one a tiny flick with his finger. Nancy felt sharp twinge with each flick and felt her breasts tingling.

She resumed riding his stiff cock and Gary took the chain swinging between her moving breasts to tug and tease them more. Nancy closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his cock stretching her pussy wide and filling her completely while she rode him cow girl style. She felt his hands tugging and tweaking on her nipples and sharp stinging sensations whenever he flicked them again with his finger. She reached back behind and underneath her to find the end of the dildo barely protruding from his ass and started moving it in and out again. The room was quiet except for sounds of couples having sex for several minutes while she fucked Gary.

After about five minutes, Gary held her still and rolled Nancy over on her back while he remained deep inside her pussy. She was forced to release the dildo and left it hanging out of his ass until he reached back to remove it and set it aside.. Nancy glanced over at the couch where she saw Iris down on her knees between Paul’s legs. Her head was bobbing up and down furiously as she sucked his cock and he was holding her head loosely between his hands. Looking the other way, she saw that James and Ann had left the room and guessed that they had gone to their bedroom.

Her attention quickly jumped back to Gary when he leaned over her and rammed his cock hard into her pussy. After two more thrusts, he took her legs and raised them up high making her feel helpless below him. He continued to hold them up high and spread wide apart while plunging into her exposed pussy more slowly and carefully. Nancy looked down to watch his massive cock appear and disappear between the swollen lips of her cunt. Each time he plunged into her, she sensed her pussy stretching to accommodate his width followed by a loud wet, sucking sound each time he withdrew his member.

He fucked her for several more minutes in that position before she motioned for him to stop and whispered, “I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum.”

Gary was more than happy to oblige Nancy’s request, but they got up from the floor so that Nancy could recline back on a comfortable chair. Gary knelt down between her legs and lowered his head to her wet hole. His fingers held her pussy open to let his tongue dance around inside it. Nancy quickly found that he was certainly energetic, but not nearly as good as Paul was at eating her out. She let him continue for a several minutes before giving up and pulling his head out from her legs.

Her nipples were numb from the clamps, so she had Gary remove them. As soon as he released the first clamp, Nancy felt the heat and a prolonged stinging sensation in and around her nipple. The weight of the chain and Gary’s occasional tugging on it caused it to stretch so that it was over an inch long. Gary released the second clamps and after putting the set away, he returned his attention to her tingling breasts. He leaned close to lick and blow cool air over them. His touch was gentle and slight. The cool air blowing over her warm, red buds felt wonderful. After a few more seconds, he started licking lightly around the areolae with random excursions to lick and brush his lips over her nipples.

Nancy closed her eyes again and enjoyed everything he did to her breasts. A few times he took a break from them and dropped back down between her thighs to lick her wet pussy and tiny clit which heightened her pleasure. Once he finished licking around her nipples, he shifted to sucking them. He was gentle at first and slowly became more forceful until she thought he was going to force non-existent milk from them. He felt exactly like a baby suckling on her teat, which brought a different kind of warm memory to her mind. She caressed he head with both her hands to let him know she liked what he was doing and to further encourage him.

Her eyes snapped open when she heard a loud cry of pain in the room. She looked for the source and saw Iris straddling Paul’s lap again, but this time his cock was deep inside her pussy. She was holding both of her breasts up and pushing them one at a time into Paul’s mouth. Nancy couldn’t see too much of what was happening but from the sounds emanating from Iris and a few bright red marks on her tits, she had Paul biting her breasts fairly hard. He was holding her round ass with both of his hands to keep her impaled on his hidden cock while she rode up and down.

Gary looked over to look at what his wife was doing and turned back to Nancy with a large smile.

“She loves really rough breast and nipple play,” he informed her. “How about you? How rough do you want me to be with you?”

“Not like that!” Nancy replied. “You’re doing good so far, but I’ll definitely tell you when it’s too much for me.”

“Mmmmm.. “ he said thoughtfully. “I think they’ve got the right idea, though. Get up.”

When she did, he traded places and then invited her sit over his cock the same way as Iris was on Paul. He had grown soft, so Nancy took it in her hands and slowly stroked it. She started at the tender head by licking and kissing it, and then licked her way all the way down to his balls. She took one of his nut sacks in her mouth and tenderly sucked and played with it in her mouth. She never stopped stroking his cock and she could feel it responding and getting bigger between her hands. The last thing she did was pull away while keeping one of his balls in her mouth and not releasing it. She released it just before she seriously hurt him and saw the wave of relief pass over his face.

Now that he was erect again, she squatted down over his lap and let him slide his member back inside her waiting pussy. She held on to his shoulders and moved around on his large tool to pleasure herself. With both hands free, Gary went back to enjoying Nancy’s soft, tender breasts.

The sounds from the other side of the room quieted down and Nancy turned to catch a glimpse of Paul and Iris going back to one of the bedrooms.

“I guess it’s just us now,” she said to Gary with a smile.

“That’s perfectly fine with me,” he said smiling back at her. Nancy remained on his lap for what seemed like forever while he played with her beasts, kissed her, and played with her ass. Eventually, she felt him tensing up underneath her and with two or three hard upward thrusts, she could feel his cock spurting its load deep inside her body. When he relaxed, she remained on him for a couple more minutes and then slipped off to lick their combined juices off of his softening cock.

When she finished, he joined her on the floor and they lay next to each other idly caressing and teasing one another. Nancy heard sounds from down the hall that she couldn’t readily identify and looked questioningly at Gary. He looked back and said, “It sounds like Iris has found a new BDSM partner.”

“What do you mean,” Nancy asked naively.

“She enjoys being on the receiving end of BDSM play. Not every man she meets is comfortable with that, so she really enjoys finding one who will meet her needs.”

Nancy suddenly grasped what he was saying. “What kind of stuff does she like?”

“Let’s go and you can see for yourself,” Gary offered. “Iris always brings some of her things in the hopes she’ll find a good playmate.”

“That’s okay,” Nancy replied. The idea of watching someone getting hurt or humiliated was not something that excited her in the least. Instead, she got up and invited Gary to join her in the kitchen.

Rating: 79%, Read 5385 times, Posted Nov 14, 2017

Fiction | Anal, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Mature, Old Female, Oral Sex, Threesome, Toys, Wife


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