Marcus Is Persuasive by John+Black

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Marci walked quickly across the crowded Chicago intersection following the flow of people towards the corner Starbucks. She was searching to retrieve a morning cup of coffee before going to her classes at the Illinois Institute of Art.

For the last three years this was Marcella Walden’s daily ritual. The young and pretty co-ed was studying interior design ever since enrolling in the college after graduating high school and leaving her hometown of Colby, Kentucky to come out to the big city.

The product of a lower middle-class family, Marci’s budget was very tight. She was barely scraping by and had limited funds especially after paying her student loans every month. She always splurged on a nice cup of morning coffee though. It was the only luxury she enjoyed in an otherwise almost penniless day. She stood there in a line that was just about out the door waiting on her venti caramel macchiato not realizing what her day was about to turn into.

Marci was wearing a little skirt and blouse combo and her long light brown hair was spread beautifully across the top of her shoulders. Her milky white legs looked shapely and sexy propped up in an old pair of two inch black heels.

Standing behind her in line, a tall handsome young black man named Marcus Jackson was standing there drinking her in. Marcus’ mind was formulating a con, something that he had always been adept at. His cock was getting hard in his pants as he knew somehow that he was going to find a way to be having sex with this pretty little white girl before the day was over.

Ever since he was 16, Marcus had more than his share of sexual activity. He was very smooth and very convincing, and he didn’t have much problem if any when it came to getting women to do the things that he wanted them to do. He especially liked to fuck white girls. There was nothing like fucking a white girl, especially one that was as gorgeous as Marci. Their pussies were always so very tight because they either weren’t very promiscuous to begin with, or their white boyfriends just didn’t satisfy them much with their small white dicks.

Marcus, like most black men, didn’t have that problem. At full erection he measured nine and half inches on even his worst day. It was a good thing he had on very tight pants because it was constricting the hard on that Marci was giving him. Marcus finally figured out a plan.

Marcus: “Excuse me Miss, are you a model or an actress?”

Marci turned and smiled at him. She felt very complimented by his question and after a few seconds she responded in kind.

Marci: “No, I am not. I’m just a poor college girl.”

Marcus: “You’re toying with me, right? You are just so stunningly beautiful it seemed the obvious job for you to have. Would you like to be an actress someday?”

Marci: “Well, I had thought about it before.”

She was clearly lying. She never thought about being an actress or a model before in her life. She was just so elated that a nice-looking man was thinking such things about her. Growing up Marci never thought of herself as a very beautiful girl. She was always very self-deprecating in those regards. That’s usually the way in most cases when it comes to very pretty women.

Marcus: “This is going to sounds like such a put on but I have this friend who works in the entertainment business. In fact, we are so close that he allows me to help him direct a few of his lower budget movies from time to time. He’s always looking for new faces.”

Marci: “Really?”

Marcus: “Would I lie to such a pretty girl like you?”

Marci: “Well, I should hope you wouldn’t lie to anyone.”

Marcus: “Nah I’m being serious. I could take you somewhere close by right now where I could shoot some photos of you and then I could give them to my friend. You could easily make as much as $500 dollars in one day.

Marci perked up even more than she already appeared to be. She smiled as she twirled a piece of her own hair with her right hand and thought about the prospects of making some fast money. It was at this point that Marcus realized that he had Marci right where he wanted her. He had her nibbling around the hook all he had to do now was hook her and reel her in.

Marci: “Wait a minute…this isn’t for a porno company is it?”

Marcus: “Oh no way! This is very legit. I mean the movies are very low budget but I can promise you that there isn’t any nudity in them.”

He seemed to quell her fears because her smile reappeared.

Marcus: “I’ll tell you what, let’s get our coffee and I’ll take you to one of our studios where I can take some quick photos. My friend is getting ready to shoot his newest movie and the faster I can get him your photos and information the better chance you have of impressing him and getting in a few scenes.”

Marci: “Well…I was supposed to go to a class, but it’s not a mandatory one today being Friday and all. I guess I could go take some pictures with you. Are you sure I can make some money?”

Marcus: “I don’t see how they can pass up a beautiful face like yours. I’m telling ya, you’ve got really good features for film. It’s a slam dunk.”

Marci: “Okay, let’s do it!”

They shook hands and ordered their coffees and then walked out of the Starbucks together. The social club was a few blocks south and only took about six minutes to walk. Marcus stopped at the entrance to a long dirty and scary looking alley.

Marci: “We’ve got to go down there?”

Marcus: “Yeah. We got to use the back entrance because they are doing the sidewalk in the front of the building and we can’t walk on the cement.”

With a bit of concern on her face, Marci followed Marcus deep into the alley, then into the red iron door of a badly decomposing old brick building. On the side of the building spray painted on the brick was a crude drawing of a giant penis. She stared at it in disgust.

Marcus: “Sorry about that. Kids are gonna be kids.”

They walked inside into the social club that was really just a cellar-like room that had a bunch of old couches and chairs positioned in a circle. In one corner there was a bunch of camera equipment and a couple of photography lights and other stuff. Garlic and Williams, two of Marcus’ crew, had stolen it all from the back of a news truck that was parked and left open during a big fire that the News crew was covering.

Marcus: “We are actually in a back room of my friend’s studio. Everything else is locked up so, if you take a seat, I’ll go call him and tell him I’ve got a possible client for him.

Marci: “Alright.”

Marci sat down on one of the couches and Marcus left the room. He immediately took his phone and called his little brother Javon.

Marcus: “Yo Javon. Listen carefully. Get the crew and come to the club. Give me about an hour. Don’t come in until I’ve got her started okay? And don’t all come in at once you might freak her out.”

Javon: “Damn man. You got another one? What does she think you do?”

Marcus: “Of course! It’s the low budget movie producer gimmick. Go get the crew I gotta get started. See ya in a few.”

Marcus looked out into the main room through a hidden peephole. He watched Marci sitting on the couch for a bit. Her legs were crossed and he could see a lot of her right leg high up her skirt. His cock began to get hard again so he quickly got away from the peephole. He waited a few more minutes then went back in and sat beside Marci on the couch.

Marcus: “I’m sorry that took so long. I talked to my friend and I’ve got some info for you but some of it isn’t good depending on how you look at it.”

Marci: “Is he coming soon?”

Marcus: “Well, no. He’s in Detroit talking to another client and is indisposed. I only talked to his secretary. So, we cannot get into the main studio until Monday morning. But we can use that equipment over there to make a tape, kind of like a video resume. You just got to pay a $200 user charge.”

Marci stood up in confusion and visible anger.

Marci: “User charge? But I haven’t got that kind of money. I don’t understand. You said I’d be making money.””

Marcus: “Don’t be like that baby, please sit down and I’ll explain. You see, the $200 is to get the tape we make right now processed quickly so that it will be ready and on my friend’s desk early Monday morning before he sees anything else.”

Marci sat back down on the couch as she listened to him explain. Her anger dissipated and turned to dejection.

Marci: “I just don’t have it. My college expenses have tapped me out. My parents don’t send me much either.”

Marcus: “Well there’s gotta be a way. I just know you’d be perfect. Is there anything you could sell?”

Marci: “I don’t really have anything of value.”

She looked down a little depressed with that statement. Marcus decided to lift her spirits a bit.

Marcus: “Well, we’ll figure it out. Let’s make the video first. There’s a bathroom right there. You can go refresh yourself and I’ll set everything up.”

While she was in the bathroom, Marcus hung a white sheet up against the wall. He then positioned the video camera, and put some film into the photo camera. When Marci came out she was a bit tart-ed up. Her make-up was heavier, her shirt was tied into a knot and exposing her bare mid section, and her skirt seemed a little bit shorter. She looked amazing.

Marcus: “Wow! You look great!”

Marci: “Thanks! What do I do now?”

Marcus: “Just stand in front of that sheet and when I say ‘action’ start with your full name and age and then tell us everything about yourself. And when I say everything, I mean stuff like weight, height, measurements, where you were born…. like you’re filling out an application for something. After that we’ll take some still photos.”

Marci: “Okay. I understand.”

She got into position as Marcus set up the camera. After a few minutes he pointed and said ‘action’.

Marci: “Hi. My name is Marcella Rose Walden. Most people call me Marci. I’m 23 and I’m from Colby, Kentucky. I’m 5 foot 4, and I weight 126 pounds, and my full measurements are 34-26-38. I’ve come here to Chicago for college and I have been here for three years now attending the Illinois Institute Of Art where I major in interior design. Basically I want to be a decorator someday. My parents come from modest means…”

As Marci talked more about herself, Marcus’ cock began to harden again. Her movements and her smile were intoxicating. He drifted off into fantasy thinking about bending her over and getting his cock deep up insider her. He didn’t even hear her last few sentences. He snapped himself back into reality.

Marci: “Was that good?”

Marcus: “Oh…yeah it was perfect! Now let’s get some snapshots.”

He picked up the camera and began snapping pictures as Marci posed in different poses each one sexier than the one before it. On the last one she smiled and stuck her behind out and flipped her skirt up exposing her tight little pink panties. He took the camera and the videotape and put it aside then they both returned to the couch.

Marcus: “So that is all set. Now we just gotta get you the fee money. I think I have a way.”

Marci: “You do?”

Marcus: “Yup. I sure do! See, I have $200 and I could loan it to you right now.”

Marci: “Are you sure? I mean, what if your friend doesn’t like me? I really could never pay you back.”

Marcus: “Well, I know how you can pay me back and you could do it right now. See, watching you make that video, dressed all sexy like that…. you kinda got me excited.”

He looked down at his own pants and motioned with his eyes to the bulge that his cock was making. Marci smiled and figured out exactly what he meant. She wasn’t disgusted by his proposition. In fact, she was very attracted to him.

Marci: ‘I think we can arrange something.”

She winked at him and put her hand into his crotch and began to rub his bulge. They then kissed a bit and he rubbed her nipple through her blouse. She then stopped and pulled her shirt over her head while Marcus started unbuttoning his pants to remove them. His underwear-less bulge sprung out from its cage and Marci’s eyes got wide.

Marci: “Oh my! What a big cock you have.”

Marcus: “All the better to fuck you with my dear.”

She giggled and got on the floor between his legs as he sat back down on the couch. She then put both of her hands around his hard cock and started to jerk him off a bit. She smiled again and then popped the head between her lips and began to suck him off. It took a good two minutes, but she finally got him through her gag reflex and started to bob him deeper down her throat.

Marcus moaned at the feeling of this pretty little white girl’s mouth as she flicked her hot tongue and expertly moved her lips over his big black cock. The next ten minutes she licked his prick, and then suddenly she stood up and unfastened her bra, kicked off her shoes and then pushed her underwear down leaving only her skirt on. While she was doing that, Marcus went into a drawer and produced a blindfold mask.

Marcus: “I’ve got an idea. You’ll feel it differently if you wear this.”

She gave him a playfully sour looking look before smiling and then allowing him to fasten the mask over her eyes. It had a tie in the back that Marcus tied very tight cutting out any possible light or vision. Marci was now totally blinded. He then led her by the hand to the couch where he placed her on her knees with her arms leaning over one of the couch arms.

Marcus then positioned between her legs, and she felt his hands touching her buttocks. He rubbed his cock head against her pussy lips and coated it with her wetness before pushing inward.

Marci: “Ohhh! That feels soooo good!”

He slowly worked it in getting more into her with each thrust. Before long, he was fucking her with almost five of his nine inches with a regular rhythm trying to push more of it in each time.

Marcus: “Wow baby, your shit is tight!”

With her sight impaired, Marci’s other senses were sharp and perking up. Her ears could hear the soft squeak of the couch, the heavy breathing of Marcus, and the squishing sounds of his cock as it plunged into her. And her nose was filling with the sweet smell of her pussy juices as it mixed with the musky scent of Marcus’ body.

After about five minutes a fully naked Williams quietly crept into the room and Marcus directed him to the end of the couch. Marcus pulled out with his hand still on Marci’s ass. He shifted to the left and Williams slide in his place and put his own cock into Marci’s pussy and began fucking her. They made the change so expertly she had no clue at all that there was another black man in the room and he was now fucking her.

A few minutes later, and big Ronald appeared in the room. With Marcus’ pantomimed direction, Ronald and Williams made the switch and Ronald was now fucking her. Ronald’s cock was a little bigger than the other two but it was the same width so Marci was still kept oblivious. She even came for the first time


Ronald let her come down from her climax and then pulled out and stepped back a little. Marcus then reached in and took her by her hand and directed her body down until she was flat on her back on the couch. He then waved Garlic in who was also naked and pulling on his nine and a half inches.

Marcus: “Just getting some lubrication baby.”

Marci just lay there a few seconds more before she felt a hand circle around her right ankle. It was Garlic’s hand and he pressed his black pole into her drenched box and started pounding her in and out.

Marci: “Oh my god! Ohhh! OHHHH!”

Garlic really was giving it to her. Javon tagged in next and then after that The Owl got his turn too. Last but certainly not least was going to be Herbie. This is where the jig was going to be up. Everything up to this point had been seamless. Six different black men had gotten their black cocks into the blind folded Marci’s white pussy and as far as she knew it had only been Marcus.

Herbie had an unusually thick 12-inch monster between his legs though. He also wasn’t as fit as the other guys were because of all the beer he drank on a daily basis. His gut would be noticeable too. Marci was sure to feel a difference. Marcus needed a plan. He quietly directed both The Owl and Herbie for their transfer.

As Herbie got ready, Marcus positioned up near Marci’s head. Then on a silent finger motioned three, The Owl pulled out Herbie shifted in and just as pushed his monster into her pussy Marcus grabbed her head and popped his own cock into Marci’s mouth. He then quickly pulled the blindfold off as well.

Marci looked around the couch in shock when she saw all the other men but she was powerless both because she was pinned underneath Herbie, and she was cumming hard around his giant cock as it piston-ed in and out of her pussy. She pushed Marcus out of her mouth and wrapped her legs around Herbies body.


Herbie pounded and pounded away. Two minutes later he himself was about to cum. Just before he did, he pulled out and quickly jerked Marci up into a sitting position and held her head with one hand and shot a hard and fast load of cum into her face with the other. He really coated it.

Herbie let her head go and she fell back onto the couch onto her back again and just lay there trying to remove his cum from her eyes. She suddenly felt her legs being raised up again. It was Williams He popped into her pussy and he was fucking her again.

The train of cocks then began again with each man tagging in and out of her mouth and pussy over and over again fucking her in the missionary position. Marci was going crazy with lust. She came a few more times as these huge black men pumped her pussy deeper and deeper and opened her up wider and wider.

The first guy to dump his sticky load into her cunt was The Owl. They called him that because of the thick pair of glasses that he wore. He came so hard that his glasses fell off his face and landed on Marci’s chest that brought some laughs from everyone. Javon then dropped about 2 ounces of his own seed into her mouth.

Next it was Ronald’s turn to nut and he did so after pulling out from her pussy and shooting all over her stomach and tits. Garlic tagged in and after two minutes he shot into her. The Owl then shot another load this one into her face. Marci was now filling with cum through her pussy and down her throat. The amount of it seemed endless.

They fucked her some more for the next few hours, taking turns dumping more sperm into her sore body. At one-point Javon stuck a finger into her ass but she cut him off and shook her head no at him with a stern look on her face. They all understood at that point that her asshole was off limits.

Marci was really enjoying it all, the attention the sex everything. The pleasure she was receiving from and giving to these men made her feel very important and super sexy and beautiful. It was true that the promise of fast money was what first motivated her to have sex with Marcus, and it was also true that he had tricked her into a 7-man gangbang, but after these last few hours of fun she had no regrets.

When everyone was finally spent, they all sat around naked on the couches and chairs drinking some beer, shooting the shit, and smoking some weed as Marci collected her strewn about clothing and got dressed.

Herbie: “Hey yo man, Marcus! What the fuck did you tell this white bitch to get her to give up the pussy?”

They all laughed except for Marcus who had an odd look on his face. After a few seconds Marci began to realize what Herbie meant and what the rest of them were all laughing at. She looked across the room at Marcus and just shook her head at him in disgust. All of that high morale that she had been riding on emotionally came crashing down and was replaced by feelings of betrayal and hurt.

Marci: “You’re an asshole. You guys are ALL assholes!”

She then grabbed her purse and quickly stormed out with tears in her eyes.

Marcus: “Aww shit man! Why the fuck did you open your mother fucking fat mouth?”

Herbie: “Oh who gives a shit!”

Williams: “Damn man that’s fucked up.”

Ronald: “Yeah man we could have got some more pussy out of that one. You dumb fuck!”

Herbie: “Shit man we already got up inside that Ho! Fuck that bitch she ain’t no use to us no mo!”

They all started arguing and yelling at Herbie who just sat there trading barbs with them all drinking his beer. Arguments like this were always par for the course within this group. Marcus then got pissed and finally left with his brother Javon.

Marci walked back to her dorm room. She was oblivious to her surroundings and it was late. With her eyes filled with tears she replayed the events of the last few hours. How could they all do that to her she thought. She really liked Marcus and he hurt her. When she got home, she took a shower and cried some more while she cleansed her sore body of the caked-on sperm and sweat that was all over her body.

The next day, she went to the free clinic and got a handful of free pregnancy tests. She had never used them before, and was ignorant to how they were used. She thought they were used daily so that’s why she got a handful. The receptionist just stared at her for a moment and then shrugged and gave her a bunch of them.

For the next week she used the tests to check herself, hoping that she wasn’t pregnant. The tests had inaccuracies, or maybe she just wasn’t taking them right. A couple said positive and a couple said negative. She decided to go see a doctor and get definitive proof. The doctor confirmed that she was in fact pregnant. She started crying again and decided that she had to go back to the club and tell them what had happened. It took her three days after the Doctor’s visit to build up the courage to return to the club.

When she arrived no one was there. In fact, nothing was there. The camera equipment, the sofas and chairs nothing from that night was there. There wasn’t a trace what so ever that anything had ever happened there. She began to think that she had dreamt it all. Maybe she was in the wrong alley, every street in Chicago seemed to look the same. She needed to make a life decision and after much deliberation she returned to the free clinic and scheduled an appointment for a free abortion. Having a baby, especially one in this way wasn’t an attractive possibility to her. So, she had an abortion.

Four month’s later school ended and Marci moved back to Kentucky. She began having sex dreams exclusively about black cock. She started waking up in the middle of the night, the sheets wet with sweat and sometimes soaked with other fluids. She apparently was having intense orgasms in her sleep. During the day she would daydream constantly about black men and their black cocks. If she went to a store or a mall and she was in the presence of a black man, her pussy would betray her and she would soak her panties. Every black man seemed to be turning her on and she couldn’t help it. She got very good at hiding it all when it happened in public like that.

When she was alone in her parent’s house one day, needing to quell her urges Marci went through the cupboards hunting for relief. She found rubber gloves and a large black phallic shaped bottle of shampoo. She covered the bottle with a glove and masturbated with it like it was a large black dildo.

Eventually, she sought out a sex shop and bought herself a real black dildo. It was twelve inches and she would practice trying to get it all into her pussy. Black cock became and obsession for Marci. She started thinking about it all of the time.

A year later she would meet and marry Oscar Miller, a tall handsome black man from Lexington, Kentucky. They currently have three kids.

Rating: 83%, Read 11131 times, Posted Mar 16, 2020

Fiction |


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