Ms Milk at the Business Convention by wolfboyurges

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Fiction | At work, BDSM, Incest, Lactation

Her master led her to the hotel room after a ride from the airport. It was an overnight flight and the lobby milled with early morning checkouts. He led her up to his room where he had checked in the night before. He drew the curtains closed and latched the door, then bound her hands together with a cloth in a figure eight pattern. He then tied them to a strap at the headboard and proceeded to remove her shoes and with more cloth he lashed her ankles to the bed's corner wheels. He blindfolded her next and then gagged her with a hollow gag with a breathing hole allowing her gasps but not words. He turned out the lights and left the room and locked the door behind him putting the do not disturb sign out on the outside knob.

Downstairs he waited as a convention group set up a check in for their business partners. He walked over behind the table to a woman handing out name badges and pointed to one and said he had a message for that man when he arrived and handed her his card and sat down across from the table. After a half hour a man stepped up and the woman pointed to him sitting in the lobby as she gave him his credentials. He stood up as the man came over and explained that he was here for hospitality services and they should come upstairs to his room and discuss the afternoon program before the lunch introductory session.

As they went up the elevator he explained privately that he had a special treat waiting. The man smiled knowingly, they knew he enjoyed some comforts with all this business travel. "Close your eyes please." he said as they paused at the door. Stepping into the front room of the suit he left the lights off and handed the man a blind fold. "Put this on, and don't say a word," he said. Then he led the man into the dark bedroom and had him kneel beside the bed.

Opening Jan's blouse and removing her bra fastening revealed her swollen breasts and nipples begging for attention. Jan had hinted about her interest in trying induced lactation. With herbs and regular stimulation and suckling they had gotten her breasts flowing nicely. She secretly kept a breast pump at work to maintain her strong lactation. She loved the feeling so much and her kinks included a desire to be controlled and restrained at times.

Her master, Dan, had orchestrated this for weeks finding her brothers work schedule then setting up a long weekend to secretly meet there. Carefully Dan placed earplugs in her ears. Now he secretly had her brother, Bruce, ready to start sucking her breast! This was without either knowing who else was in the room. "No touching, just suck them!" he ordered her brother. As he quietly suckled she moaned slightly with her muzzled mouth and then her sweet milk flowed into his hungry lips. He growled with hunger for more as he lapped up the delicious lactation. Meanwhile her master removed her panties and started fingering her moist pussy and large sensitive clitoris. It got wet and warm. He paused again to switch her brother to the other side of the bed to give equal attention to that milk bag. She tossed and writhed in her restraints but could not escape the constant sucking. Jan's hot pussy started to lubricate with a copious wetness. Her purrs made indistinguishable mews through her gag.

"Do you want a lickin' too?" Dan spoke directly into Jan's ear. She nodded and groaned, though the gag, in agreement. I did not really matter. Jan's master had taken control. Dan led her blindfolded brother around to the foot of the bed The master then tightened the blindfold and placed ear plugs in the brother's ears, and said again, "no touching, just lick." and pushed the Bruce's face into his sisters wet mound. Then he said in the man's ear, "nod yes if you want to fuck her too".

There was no hesitation as the brother nodded eagerly not knowing who he was licking, only knowing it was so sweet already he could not refuse more. Dan hand cuffed one hand and led him on his knees between her wide open legs and cuffed his hands behind his back. He pulled down the brother's pants and then pushed him down onto her waiting crotch. With no way to escape her brother's hard cock she took it deep as he could not hold himself up with his hands now cuffed behind him. Now he took off her blindfold in the completely darkened room;

Dan had Jan bound spread eagle on the bed and her brother, Bruce, had fallen forward onto the bed handcuffed and slide right into her wet pussy. Neither one could perceive who their partner was. He stayed quiet as ordered and she just moaned softly with the hollow gag in her mouth. They both felt unbelievably good, it became the most erotic experience ever.

Master Dan turned on the lights and let her see savor the shocked look on her face as she realized her brother had been fucking her for last 15 minutes. It felt so good she did not care who was doing it but it turned her on even more because it felt so Taboo. She squealed and bucked in her restraints. Her brother still blindfolded got ever more aroused. She thought of the times he had teased her and grabbed her breasts when they were both teens. She had caught him stroking his cock once from the shadows of the hall and had secretly wanted to try his nice thick one inside. She had fingered herself in the hall and let him finish with before quietly slipping away to her room

Now it would be different. There was no way to bring up that subject again and she let the thought go but, now it was coming true and....about to come soon. Her mind was spinning in overdrive as his strokes grew more spastic and his hardness got even harder. Then he let go his load of come and collapsed on her breasts still erect inside her. He removed the brother's blindfold and his sisters gag but left them bound and engaged in penetration as her brother realized the trick that had been played on them both. Their taboo dreaming had happened in real life and they both enjoyed it completely. They kissed passionately.

The master un-cuffed the brother and led him to the shower to get ready for the lunch meeting. As the water ran his sister murmured about just how wonderful it had felt and what a turn on it was to have the lovers identity revealed. She wanted to do it again but, Jan said she was afraid to ask for more herself. "Why?" asked her master."There are no incest laws for adults here. They were abolished years ago with the push for gay rights. If you are over 16 and it feels good you can do it." She smiled and gave him a look that he knew meant he would get some sort of reward later for being a strong master......

Rating: 93%, Read 66303 times, Posted Jun 20, 2015

Fiction | At work, BDSM, Incest, Lactation


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