A Damaged Teen Slut (Ch.3) by ILikeMyStories

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"Police! Open the door!" Chris shouts, pounding at the door. "Open the door now before we kick it in!" He shouts again.

"Do you got a warrant?" The voice from the other side of the door asks.

"Keith Stephens we have a warrant for your arrest." Chris replies sternly, his patience running thin. Keith, the abusive manager of the building who has been using Chris' niece Emmy for sex, is on the other side as his heart sinks in a panic. A moment of inaction is too much for Chris. He kicks the door open, it swings back at Keith hard. "Don't move!" Chris shouts, pointing his gun at him. Keith puts his hands up and is frozen in place. Chris is the first inside the apartment, then the other uniformed officers enter ahead of him to check out his apartment. Chris stands there near the door, looking at Keith.

"Wha... What did I do? I didn't do anything. What's going on?" Keith asks in a panic, gulping and sweating, his mouth dry.

Chris just stares at him intensely. He remembers everything his niece Emmy told him last night and snaps. He lunges at Keith and puts his strong forearm against Keith's neck, forcing him against the wall harshly. Chris breathes like a bull, his eyes locked onto him. It takes everything Chris has not to physically assault him. "Are you resisting arrest?" He asks coldly. Keith struggles to say anything as the forearm lodged against his neck prevents him. "Down on the ground now!" Chris shouts before bludgeoning Keith's head with the butt of his pistol. Keith falls to the ground and Chris mounts him, getting his hands behind his back. Another officer quickly comes to help, putting his knee on the back of Keith's head. "Fucker tried to escape." Chris finishes putting the cuffs on him. The rest of the officers continue ransacking Keith's apartment.

"We found it, Sergeant." An officer shouts from one of the rooms. He comes walking out with a laptop in his hands.

"We found a 9mm, too." Another officer walks out with a pistol in an evidence bag. Chris and one of the officers stand Keith up and set him against the wall. Chris smirks at him.

"Found illegal scripts." Another officer comes out with a package of bottles in an evidence bag. Chris' smile widens as it's obvious to Keith that this police sergeant is taking extra pleasure in this. Keith's head drops, knowing he's in a lot of trouble.

"Well..." Chris smiles to the other officers. "That was quick." A wave of satisfaction overcomes Chris. "Take him downtown." He motions to the officer nearest to the door. "I'll be talking to you later." He says sternly as he looks at Keith. Chris takes a deep breath watching Keith leave in cuffs.

Later on back at the station Chris enters the interrogation room where Keith is being held. He walks in slowly, alone, his eyes locked onto Keith. He turns to the corner of the room and reaches up to turn off the camera. He sits down quietly across from Keith. A few moments of dead silence pass. Chris continues to stare intently at Keith. "They're inspecting the laptop as we speak..." Chris begins. "But we both know what they're going to find, don't we?" He asks. In their conversation last night Emmy told Chris that she once saw underage porn on his computer and that Keith took a few videos of her over the years. Chris claimed he got an anonymous tip from a stranger to keep Emmy out of it.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Keith says while gulping.

Chris continues breathing through his nose like a bull. "I went through your record." Chris continues. "You were arrested for sexually assaulting a minor in 1999..." Keith blinks slowly, taking a deep breath. "Is that what you like to do, force yourself on young girls against their will? Does that make you feel powerful? Hmm?" Chris stares intently into his eyes. "Can't stay away from the jail bait?" Keith doesn't say a word, just smirks slightly. "They're going to find some young girls on that hard drive, aren't they?" Chris asks as he sits back. "Combined with the gun we found, I mean, you do know that convicted felons cannot own firearms, right?" Chris smirks. "And those illegal pills... I think you're going back away for a long time." Chris smiles wider. Emmy told him about his gun, which Keith used to threaten her on more than one occasion, and his pill taking. "You like preying on high school girls, huh? Well I hear Florence High Penitentiary is open for enrollment. And I hear it's pretty wild in there these days. Certainly wouldn't want the word getting out that you're a rapist, ha ha." Chris chuckles before standing up. Keith shuts his eyes, knowing he's finished. "Look at me, asshole." Chris slams his hands on the table as he leans over it. "You fucked with the wrong girl." He says louder, staring intensely at him. "I'm going to do everything and anything I can to make sure you suffer for the rest of your life." Chris says slowly and intensely. Keith's blood runs cold as he gulps again. "Yeah, you know which girl I'm talking about." Chris stands up straight, smirking. "Hope you had your fun because your life is over as you know it." Chris turns around and walks out. Keith sits there, alone, as he contemplates what he just heard. Emmy told on him. He thought he had an iron grip on her. He thought she was totally wrapped around his finger but he thought wrong.

"Did you find anything?" Chris asks curiously as he approaches the tech guy looking into Keith's computer.

"Oh yeah, lots." The tech geek turns around.

"Good, we'll take it from here. Thanks." Chris smiles and pats him on the back. As soon as he's alone and no one is watching, Chris quickly goes through the files looking for Emmy. He finds the files of the recordings Keith took of her and he deletes them. Emmy only told Chris all these things on the condition that she be kept out of it, and of course Chris obliged. He wanted to protect her and at the same time deal proper justice to that animal. Chris takes out his phone. "It's done." He texts Emmy.

Later that afternoon Emmy comes back home after spending the night at her uncle's house. She walks in timidly, surveying the area as she does so, looking for signs of her biological father. "Is he here?" Emmy asks her mother, who is sitting down at the table and looks a bit distraught.

"No." She answers coldly. Emmy breathes a sigh of relief.

"A little early." Emmy notices the glass of wine on the table.

"Your uncle Chris came and arrested Keith today, did you know about that?" Pam asks up to Emmy.

"Oh... He did?" Emmy replies, pretending that she's hearing this for the first time.

"I know he wasn't a saint but he's the reason why we're not living on the streets." Pam raises her voice a bit. "What are we going to do now?" She raises it further.

Emmy groans, rolling her eyes in disgust. "I can't believe you're going to defend him. Do you have any idea what he did to me?" Emmy begins to get outraged and upset.

"Yeah, I know. I knew when he stopped seeing me and you would leave all the time and come back an hour later." Pam gets up, getting more belligerent. She's been jealous of Emmy because of Keith choosing her daughter over her and for being younger and far prettier. Pam went her whole life being pretty and getting what she wants using her sexuality and when her power to do that went away she had nothing. "And don't you dare say it wasn't consensual you little slut!" She shouts, approaching Emmy as she points her finger in her face.

Emmy, with her jaw dropped, winds back quickly and slaps her mother across the face in a fit of rage. Pam stumbles back, taken completely by surprise. "Fuck you!" She screams, tears in her eyes. She storms away, down the hall and into her room. She slams the door hard. "Urgh!" She groans angrily, her heart pounding fast.

Emmy sits on her bed for a moment, taking some deep breaths trying to calm down. She looks to her side and sees a note on her bed. She picks it up and sees who it's from, rolling her eyes and sighing in the process. "Emmy, I know how hard all this must be for you so I moved out early. I'm going to stay in a hotel for a few days before my new apartment is set up. I'm sorry about yesterday and I'm sorry for getting you upset. I really am. I love you and all I did while in prison was think about you and your brother. You're my light and I would do anything for you. I can't take back what happened but I can make sure it doesn't again and I can fix the present. I would like it so much if we could spend tomorrow afternoon together. Just please give me a chance. I think it'll be bad for the both of us the longer this goes on and the more distant we become. Please think about it at least, okay? Call me at..." It reads. Emmy crumples the paper up and tosses it across her room, a knot forming in her throat as she fights back tears.

Suddenly Emmy gets an urge to call Chris and ask him something. "Hi." She says into her phone.

"Hey, Emmy. What's up?" Chris answers as he fills out some paper work at his desk.

"I'm sorry for bugging you at work." Emmy continues hastily. "You've done so much for me and you really helped me a lot. I had a fight with my mom and I just don't want to stay here anymore. Can I please move in with you? At least for a little while. I'm sorry for even asking. It's okay if you say no." She says somewhat nervously, in a quick manner.

"Emmy, Emmy... It's okay. Don't worry about it." Chris says casually, cutting her off before she continues. "Of course you can, you're always welcome at my house. You're my niece." He says kindheartedly into the phone while smiling. "I'll come by after my shift in about an hour and pick you up, okay?"

"Thank you so much." Emmy says sincerely while smiling.

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart. I'll see you soon. Sit tight." Chris hangs up.

Emmy awaits Chris patiently, eager to see him and eager to get out of this place. Her only concern is leaving her little brother Danny behind, but maybe she can bring him with her. She hears the apartment door open and knows it's Chris. She goes out to see him. "I'll be with you in a minute." Chris says to her. Emmy paces slowly in her room as Chris speaks with her mother Pam.

Chris enters her room. "I spoke with your mother and explained everything to her. She's fine with it." He says smiling.

A sense of relief comes across Emmy's face as she smiles widely. "Thank you so much. You're the best." She says up to him. "I feel guilty and I kind of feel like a burden... You've done so much for me lately and I don't know where I'd be without you."

"It's alright, sweetie." Chris smiles casually. "Really, it's okay. I'm more than happy to help. I love you so much." He says softly before wrapping his arms around her. "I just want you to be safe and happy, okay?" He kisses her on the head.

She nuzzles her face into his shoulder and chest. She hasn't felt this kind of sincere affection from an older male figure in a long time. "I love you too, uncle Chris." Her voice shakes a little, almost in tears. She reaches up to kiss him on the cheek.

He squeezes her tighter before letting her go. He smiles down at her lovingly, cupping her face with his hands as she smiles up at him. "My beautiful niece." He says into her face, smiling as she smiles back, nothing but love in both of their eyes. "Everything's going to be okay. I'll make sure of it." His hands go to the back of her head and then kisses her on the forehead. "All that bullshit is in the past where it belongs." He strokes her hair and then puts his arm around her from the side. She smiles up at him, feeling a true sense of comfort and safety. "You can have the spare room. We'll move some things from here and I'm gonna buy you some new things too, okay?" He says as he observes her room with his arm around her.

"You really don't have to." She responds.

"No, I want to. It's okay, don't worry about it." He interrupts her and holds her a bit tighter, his hand caressing her shoulder. "I make good money and now I finally have someone to spend it on." He smiles down at her as she smiles back. He kisses her on the head again before letting go.

"I just feel bad about leaving Danny here." Emmy looks down, feeling guilty.

"He'll be fine. Your mom won't let him come with you, he's only ten. We can have him over anytime you want. I know how special you two are to each other. You're a good big sister." He holds her face again with his hands and turns her face up to look at him. "It's gonna be okay." He reassures her further.

"Yeah." She smiles as his warm hands leave her face.

"Okay, let's get going. Grab some clothes and personal items and we'll come back tomorrow to get whatever you want and we'll also go shopping. Sound good?" Chris says down to her.

"Yeah." She nods while smiling.

Emmy gathers some of her things, but before leaving she goes to see Danny in his room. "Hey." She smiles at him.

"Hi..." He says quietly, a bit stressed by the drama from before and also last night.

"Sit." Emmy pats the space next to her on his bed as she sits down. "I know things have been a bit... Crazy lately." She looks to her side at him as he sits down and gazes up at her. "But I think it's all over now. We all love you, okay? I love you, so much." She smiles down at him lovingly, meeting his eyes.

"I love you, too." Danny says back to her, looking a bit worried and sad.

Emmy grabs his hand softly and holds it. "I'm moving in with uncle Chris for awhile." She gulps, feeling terrible about informing him.

"Oh..." Danny looks down, sad. "Why?" He looks back up to her.

"Because me and mom don't get along and I need a change..." Emmy continues. "I don't want to leave you, but..." Her voice says sadly.

"Can I come with you?" He asks curiously, his little heart sinking in his chest as he thinks about being separated from her.

"No... I'm sorry. Mom won't allow that." Emmy replies with sorrow and guilt, getting choked up a little. "But we're still going to see each other all the time and you'll come visit, it's not like it's far away." She forces a smile to reassure him. Tears start to fill his eyes and he sniffles. "Oh, Danny..." Her heart breaks in two as she gasps slightly. "It's going to be alright." Her arm wraps around him and starts softly rubbing his back in a circular motion. "I love you, baby bro." She leans her head onto his while still rubbing his back. They have a closer relationship than most siblings.

"I love you, too." He sobs a little. "I'm sorry for crying." He says.

"Oh, baby, it's okay." Emmy says softly and sweetly, wanting to cry herself. She holds him tighter. "Don't be sorry." She stands up. "Give me a big hug." She smiles down at him. Danny gets up and buries his face against her chest while he wraps his arms around her. Emmy puts her left arm around him and her right strokes his hair, holding his head gently against her chest. "Shh... Everything's going to be okay." She whispers lovingly down to him before kissing his head. "Oh, my sweet little brother." She smiles while squeezing him tighter. They say goodbye and Emmy leaves, feeling awful but knowing she has to go.

The following day Emmy wakes up feeling well rested, which is rare for her lately. The move went well and she and Chris got along swimmingly yesterday. It's been awhile since she's liked living where she lives. Emmy sits there at the kitchen table, deep into thought. "What's up?" Chris asks curiously as he serves her breakfast.

"Oh, umm... I don't know. My dad wants me to see him today and I'm thinking about it." She sighs, looking off in the distance as she contemplates it in her mind.

"You should." Chris says. It catches her off guard as she knows Chris doesn't like him at all.

"Really?" Emmy says in a somewhat surprised tone as she looks up at him.

He sits down across from her at the table. "Yeah, so you can get over it and let it stop bothering you because it clearly does bother you." Chris says while beginning to eat. "Go and while you're out I'll get some of your things and bring them here." He continues. "Then later on we'll go shopping and look for new things for your room, maybe some clothes if you want. Whatever."

"Sounds good." She smiles to him. Shortly after Emmy is in her new room and texts her dad to come pick her up at noon. She gets ready, albeit a bit apprehensively. Emmy puts on one of her patented tight, black, thin leather jackets, although this time it covers her midriff completely. It has some shiny studs on it on the shoulders, collar and small lapel. She puts on very tight black yoga pants and furry white boots over her feet. Her long thin legs and little tight butt are shown off well. The black contrasts well with her pale, but not too pale skin and dark raccoon-like eyes. She notices the bruises still on her neck from a few nights prior, a brutal reminder of the abuse she suffered by Keith. She wraps a white scarf around her neck. She continues dolling herself up, putting on her usual faintly pink lip gloss that doesn't stand out too much. For a moment she ponders why she's making herself look good, but this is what she always does, especially when she knows she'll be around older men. Just then she gets a text from her dad saying he's outside waiting for her.

Emmy walks out of Chris' house. Ray is in his car, delighted to see his daughter. He sees Chris behind her in the doorway. Their eyes meet for a moment. It did not please Ray when he found out that his daughter moved in with him. But he plans to get Emmy back. "Hey!" Ray says happily as she enters his car.

"Hi." She smiles slightly while looking ahead and getting situated in the passenger seat.

"Lookin' as beautiful as ever." Ray says, noticing once again how much she's grown since before he went to prison.

"Thanks..." Emmy says uncomfortably and quietly. "So where are we going?" She asks curiously while taking out her phone from her purse.

"You'll see..." Ray replies as he drives away. "So, how are things?" He asks, wanting to create some conversation and break the ice.

"Umm... Good." Emmy answers.

"So, uhh... You moved in with Chris." He says awkwardly.

"Yeah... Mom and I aren't getting along." She says while looking down at her phone and texting.

"I see... She's hard to get along with sometimes." He says casually. "Do you like it at Chris's?" He asks, curious to know as it makes him feel bad that she seems to like Chris a lot more than him.

"Yeah, I do." She states boldly as she looks at him.

Ray nods. "That's... Good." He says awkwardly. "So, how's school going?" Ray continues to try and keep the conversation going.

"Good." Emmy lies while focused on her phone.

"Seeing anyone? I'll have to start chasing those teenage boys away from you, heh." Ray chuckles awkwardly.

"Dad..." Emmy answers, annoyed.

"I know, I know... I'm sorry. I'm just curious about you is all. It's been a long time." Ray sighs. A few moments later they arrive at their destination. "Here it is." Ray says as he parks the car. They get out. "Remember this place?"

"Oh... Yeah." Emmy smiles a little, noticing the abandoned playground in the near distance.

"You loved it when I took you here." Ray adds as they walk towards it. "Shame they closed it down." He looks down. Emmy doesn't say anything as they enter the playground, her hands in her jacket pockets, stepping over the 'closed' chains that block the entrance. "So..." Ray starts.

"So..." Emmy says uncomfortably.

"This isn't so bad, is it? I'm glad you came to hang out with your old man." Ray smiles at her.

"Mhmm..." Emmy mumbles, looking down and smiling awkwardly.

"Oh, cool. They didn't take down the swings." Ray looks towards the swing set. "Come on." He smiles at her. He walks towards them as Emmy follows behind. "It's been a long time since I did this." Ray chuckles as he sits down on a swing and begins to use his feet to push him back. Emmy reluctantly joins him and they share a moment just swinging back and forth together in silence. Then they stop, a genuine smile appears on her face. "I understand why you hate me." Ray turns his head to her.

"Dad..." Emmy looks down.

"I left you, your brother and your mom. I didn't want to but I did. And I know I was far from a saint when you were a little kid. I tried really hard to make things right back then, remember? And things were good weren't they?" He asks, desperation and guilt in his eyes.

"Yeah..." Emmy replies, knowing he's right and remembering some of the good times.

"Emmy, look at me, sweetie. Please." Ray says softly in her direction. Emmy slowly turns her head to face him. "You have to believe me." He looks her in the eyes. "I have no idea how those drugs got in my car that night. I gave up that stuff long before that, you know this. I don't know how they got there. Someone set me up." Ray states with great conviction, not a twitch in his eye, not a movement in his face. For the first time she looks at him and starts to believe him. "I love you so much, baby." Tears start to fill his eyes, a visible knot forming in his throat. "There's no way I would have jeopardized what we had like that. All I did was think about you and your brother while I was inside. All day, every day. All those letters I wrote, I tried so hard to make things right, as right as they could have been at the time." His voice shakes.

Emmy looks at him, her lip and chin quivering as tears start to fill her eyes as well. "Dad..." She says softly. "I, uhh..." She clears her throat and looks away, then back at him again. "I didn't get any letters." She shakes her head.

Ray looks away, puzzled and confused. "I... I wrote to you almost every week, as much as I could." He says in bewilderment as he shakes his head. "No, no... Something must have happened." His mouth opens as he gets up off the swing. Emmy looks up at him with a sad expression, first learning that he wrote to her while in prison. "I don't know what happened." Ray says quietly, shaking his head again. "I wrote to you all the time." He looks back to her, a single tear running down his cheek.

Emmy gulps as she gets up and approaches him. "It's okay, dad." She says softly. "It's in the past."

"Yeah, you're right." Ray feels relieved, his sullen expression changing to a more pleased one. "Let's put it all behind us and move on. Would you like that? We can take it slow, however you want."

"Sure." Emmy smiles up at him.

Ray smiles down at her, trying not to cry. "Sorry for getting a little emotional, ha ha." He laughs it off casually.

"Ha ha, it's okay." Emmy laughs a little.

"Come on, I'll take you back." Ray says. They begin to walk back across the playground. Emmy walks up by his side and wraps her arms around his left arm, smiling up at him as he notices. She did this all the time when she was a little girl. Ray smiles widely, beyond ecstatic. On the drive home Ray can't help but think about those letters that Emmy missed from him.

For the next week things go well for Emmy. She settled into her new home and basically recreated a better version of her old room with the generous help of her uncle Chris. She stayed in touch with her father Ray as well, their relationship taking baby steps towards being healthy. She's even been attending all her classes and trying more. Perhaps most importantly of all she hasn't fooled around with any guys. She's been happy and content, but something is missing, a void in her life. Since the last time she got used by Keith she's had the occasional desire to do it again. Her mind goes back-and-forth between being happy that she told Chris and he arrested him and took him out of her life; and regretting it because she loved his abuse in a twisted way.

It's a Tuesday afternoon and Emmy is heading to class a little late. She's looking pretty, as usual. The usual scene-style raccoon eyes and subtle pink lips, her long highlighted hair is teased up a bit in the back to give her hair a slightly thicker look. A small and shiny light purple butterfly hair clip parts her hair across her right side, going just above her right eye. A very small and tight black t-shirt of some band covers her shoulders, chest and most of her torso. Her perky C cup chest pushes against the shirt enough so that it makes it sort of dangle above her stomach. It's cut off at the bottom, rising above her slim tummy to show her midriff, which exposes her tramp stamp at the back above her tight black belt with shiny white studs on it. Very tight light purple skinny jeans cover her long, thin legs and furry black boots cover her feet. She looks cute, sexy and beautiful all at the same time.

Emmy walks down the hall and is suddenly grabbed from behind as she walks past the bathrooms. She's whipped into the boys bathroom. Before she can make a sound a hand covers her mouth from behind. Her heart jumps and her eyes widen in fear and panic. She's held from behind tightly. She sees Tyler appear in front of her, laughing. The hand covering her mouth lets go and she wiggles away, seeing that it was Derek. "What the fuck?" She says angrily.

"Ha ha, you should have seen your face." Tyler chuckles as Derek does the same.

"Yeah, last time we saw your face it had our cum all over your mouth." Derek snickers arrogantly. Nearly two weeks ago the two jocks blackmailed her into sucking them off in the basement of the school at lunch time.

"Ugh, what do you want?" Emmy groans, annoyed. "I have to get to class."

"You know what we want, slut." Tyler smirks as he approaches her and puts his hands on her hips.

She backs away. "I did what you guys wanted last week. I'm done."

"Nah, I don't think so." Tyler smirks at Derek. Derek shows her his phone. They still haven't deleted the video of them fucking her.

"You said you would delete it." Emmy says sternly, folding her arms.

"Well, we lied." Tyler smirks. "We're not done with you."

"No. I'm not doing that again." Emmy stands her ground.

Tyler's smirk quickly vanishes. "What was that?" He asks angrily as he pins her against the wall and gets in her face.

Emmy gulps. "Don't make me scream." She says defiantly.

"Relax." Tyler's arrogant smirk comes back and he lets go. "We just want you to hang out with us after school tomorrow." He says calmly. "Here." He grabs Derek's phone. "Gone." He says as he shows her that he just deleted the video.

"How do I know you don't have copies?" Emmy asks with suspicion, feeling intimidated and uncomfortable as they surround her.

"We don't, you'll just have to believe it." Derek quips.

"Come on, baby. You know you like having fun with us." Tyler says while gently caressing her hair. Emmy bites her lip a little, looking up at him.

"Maybe." Emmy says, feeling that familiar urge to please dominant men who want to use her.

"We'll pick you up after school tomorrow." Tyler looks her up and down while smirking. They leave, chuckling to each other. Emmy gathers herself together and heads down the hall to Mr. Butler's math class.

Throughout the next hour, final period, Mr. Butler could not help but take a few glances at Emmy. Ever since he stalked her down the hall nearly two weeks ago, down to the storage room in the basement with Derek and Tyler, he hasn't been able to get his mind off her. It was so thrilling to hear the sounds of her blowing them. He wishes it was him with his cock in her mouth. Emmy has taken notice of his occasional glance at her as well, along with the extra attention he's been giving her through his generous offer of after-school tutoring. She's been keenly aware of his eyes on her and his awkward attempts at flirting, and she's even flirted back a little.

"Emmy, I need to see you after class." Mr. Butler says quietly down to her as he passes her desk.

"Mhm." Emmy nods up at him, wondering why he wants to see her as it's not one of their regular tutoring days. Not long after the bell rings and all the students except for Emmy remain in the class. She walks up to his desk.

"Sit." Mr. Butler motions to the chair across from him. He watches her sit down, noticing her thin long legs and her tight bubble butt. It's small but perky and firm. "I'm doing everyone's final marks soon and I need to have a chat with you regarding your grade..." He begins as she stares at him innocently, taking a deep breath as she pouts a little. "Did you study for the test last week, Emmy?" He asks her curiously, his eyes wander a little down to her chest. He notices her chest looking extra busty and firm today under her tight top.

"Umm..." Emmy begins, sitting up in the chair and moving her shoulders back a bit to make her chest stick out. "Yeah, I totally did. I studied really hard, why?" She asks with a concerned, almost sad expression donning her face.

"Well..." He sighs. "I'm afraid it wasn't good enough. I'm sorry." He looks at her as he sees the disappointment come across her pretty face.

"But... I really tried." Emmy retorts in a defeated tone.

"I know. I know you've been trying but I don't know what to do here, Emmy. I have to fail you. You started turning it around too late, it's not enough to make up for the entire semester." Mr. Butler says coldly, taking a bit of satisfaction out of this considering how bitter he's been feeling knowing he'll never be with her and knowing she'll have to repeat his class next semester.

"But, you said if I tried that you would pass me anyways." Emmy looks at him distraught, pouting.

"I guess it wasn't enough." He responds, taking off his glasses and setting them on his desk. A moment of silence passes as Emmy looks down, thinking, and Mr. Butler sits back in his chair. He feels a spiteful sense of satisfaction, being able to get back at Emmy, who represents every pretty girl who has turned him down.

Something comes over Emmy. Whatever it was, something clicked in her when Derek and Tyler surprised her earlier. "I'll do whatever it takes, just please don't fail me." She pleads softly while leaning over the desk a bit, making an extra effort to sound more innocent and bubbly, like a bimbo. She bites her lip slightly, pouting a little as she looks up at him, her eyes with a sad desperation to them.

Mr. Butler enjoys the look on her face. "Well, what do you have in mind?"

"I couldn't help but notice you taking a few peaks at me, like, all the time." She giggles slightly, smiling at him. "I thought flirting with you a bit during our sessions would have been enough to make you pass me..." Emmy begins, thinking she's going to go for it and be the slut she said she never would be again. "But what if I do something more for you?" She asks, feeling that usual spark inside her. She just can't help herself.

Mr. Butler gulps, his pulse rising. "Go on." He says, his voice almost shaking as adrenaline kicks in.

"What if I spend some time under your desk?" She asks boldly, blushing a little bit.

"Hold on." He gets up quickly, walking hastily to the door, shutting it and then locking it. He looks through the window, down each direction of the hallway before shutting the blinds. His mind races, his heart thumps out of his chest.

"Okay." He says as he sits back down. He'll put his job at risk, it's too much of an opportunity to pass up. Emmy smiles as she gets up and walks towards him. "Wait. I want to feel your body." He gulps nervously, meekly looking up at her. He's never been good with the ladies. Emmy slowly straddles his lap, each of her thin legs brushing up against each of his hips. He begins to breathe heavily as he looks up her body slowly. She looks down at him biting her lip, feeling a little turned on that she's doing this right in his class. He isn't typically her type but she likes being naughty like this regardless. He holds her by each leg, his hand caressing up and down her thighs. Her hands hold onto his shoulders. "You're so hot." He says in a breathy tone as his mouth gets drier and his mind races along with his increasing heartbeat. His hands go further up her hips and torso as she slowly leans into him. His eyes are glued to her petite teen body. His hands make their way up to her chest. She moans quietly and softly as he cups her breasts with his hands. He nearly drools over himself. Being a nerdy, balding, chubby math teacher in his mid-thirty's, it's no surprise that Mr. Butler is single and hasn't been with a woman in quite sometime. Emmy leans over his left shoulder, starting to dry hump him a little bit, moaning softly into his ear. He can't believe this is really happening. His hands go down her back to feel her tight teenage ass. Her soft hair gently brushes up against his face as he breathes in her sweet scent. Her little hands push against his chest as she rises from his shoulder. She smiles down at him, biting her lip a bit as her hands feel his doughy chest. "Get down on your knees." He gets bolder as he spins the chair toward the desk, feeling the fire ignite in his pants. Emmy slowly falls to her knees in front of him, her hands feeling every inch of him on the way down from his chest. "Suck me like you sucked those jocks I saw you with." He says down to her. "Yeah, I know what you did in the storage room. I had my ear to the door."

Emmy looks up at him, surprised, as her hands gently caress the inside of his thighs near his crotch. "Did that turn you on?" She asks quietly before moving her face closer to his crotch. She's under his desk, his legs spread as he sits on the chair.

"Yeah..." He exhales hard as he feels her hands get closer to his crotch. He relaxes into the chair, moving his hips out a bit.

Emmy is turned on by being on her knees and about to please another older man, and knowing that he heard her blowing Derek and Tyler. She slowly rubs the bulge in his beige khaki pants. Her mouth goes in further to kiss the bulge. She plants a long, soft kiss on it, making a slight smooching sound as a soft moan resonates from her. Her mouth runs along the side of the bulge, loving the feeling of it twitch on her lips. Mr. Butler looks on in amazement. This is his ultimate fantasy, one of his hot students blowing him under his desk. "Oh my god..." He breathes heavily while feeling his cock push against her lips through his pants. His right hand goes to the back of her head, pushing her gently against his crotch. He gets a nice feel of her thick, soft hair. "Ahhh.... Aaahhh..." He breathes heavily, loving it so much as he strokes her hair slowly.

"Do you..." Emmy plants more kisses on his bulge, "like that?" She kisses it once more. She unzips his pants and takes his stiff cock out. She notices that it's on the small side, but decently thick. She lowers her head beneath him, facing upwards to him as the tip of his cock is inches from her mouth. He can feel her breath on his cock as she blows a little on it. She moves in to kiss it softly on the head as he watches intently. She smiles slightly as she looks up at him, giving his hard below-average cock more kisses down the sides. "So good." She moans quietly and softly as she feels his warm cock on her lips. Her mouth salivates and she spews some saliva down on his cock as she begins to put it in her mouth.

"Fuck." Mr. Butler groans above her, hanging his back as he feels his cock enter her warm mouth. Emmy bobs up and down slowly, her lips wrapping tighter around his cock and with each trip down his shaft and up to the tip she applies more suction. "Oohhh..." He sighs above her, the feeling of his cock sliding into her pretty teen mouth making him crazy. She moans softly up at him as she bats her eyes up to meet his, Mr. Butler's cock still throbbing between her lips. Her little hands rest on each thigh as her head continues to rise up and back down, faster and faster. Her mouth eagerly slurps and slobbers on his cock. It's easy for her to deepthroat it. She senses him about to cum as he groans above her and her cock throbs on her tongue, so she stops and raises her head slowly from his cock. "You like that?" Mr. Butler asks down to her quietly as she gazes up at him and he strokes her hair slowly, pushing it behind her shoulders. Emmy just moans softly, turned on by servicing him. She goes back down to his cock and slowly worships it. Her tongue swirls all around it in her mouth. She moves her head all around, jerking his cock along with it in the process. She goes down all the way, then leaves it there. He feels her lips go down to the very base of his cock, her tongue slurping around the tip as she breathes in. "Ohh, fuck..." He moans in a hushed tone before gripping her thick, soft hair and pushing her down. His hand shakes her head on his stiff cock. Her nose presses up against his pants above his cock, she feels his zipper on her cheek. He lets her up and she gasps. He comes close to cumming again. "So pretty..." He exhales, feeling the pleasure run through his body and strokes her hair slowly while gazing down at her. "You want my cum?" He asks as he enjoys the feel of her hair on his fingers. She nods, moaning softly while pouting up at him like a dog begging for scraps at the dinner table. "You like cum, don't you?" He asks, so flustered and turned on by her. She nods once more. He gently pushes her head slowly back on his cock and grips her hair a little before letting go. She moans eagerly over his cock as she begins to use her hand in unison with her mouth, jerking it along with the suction and slurping of her mouth. His hand goes back to gripping her hair, taking a handful of it above her face. He pumps into her face in perfect rhythm with her mouth. His hips rise up slightly as he leans back into the chair. She goes faster and faster and he gets more into fucking her mouth. He feels the cum building in his balls as he breathes hard, tightening the grip on her hair. "Aaarrrgh!" He groans loudly, letting it all go as he sits up in the chair. He pushes her head down while gripping her hair. His cock begins to erupt inside her mouth, shooting a huge load up into her mouth and down her throat as she swallows immediately. "Ahh... Ahh..." He moans as he slowly leans back into the chair, the feeling shooting through his body as he rolls his eyes. It's the most amazing orgasm he's had in a long time. Emmy moans softly as she feels the cum shoot into her mouth. She comes up from his cock slowly. "Aaahhh..." Mr. Butler sighs. She gives his softening cock a few more sucks, licks and wet kisses. She cleans it with her mouth while looking up at him and then puts it back in his pants, zipping him back up. She kneels before him submissively. "That was so fucking good." He sits up straight and smiles down at her, stroking her hair. "You're a little slut, aren't you?" He grins. She smiles back, biting her lip a little.

"Was that enough to pass me?" She smirks up at him.

"I think so." He sighs, his face red.

"Good." She giggles. "I'll see you tomorrow then." Emmy begins to get up.

"This has to stay between us, understand?" He asks up at her, still recovering.

"Mhm." She smiles down before turning away and leaving. She heads to the door and looks back at him. "Bye!" Emmy smiles. Mr. Butler sits there, completely spent and thinking about what just happened. Emmy wipes away a tiny bit of cum still on her mouth as she stands outside his door, then leaves smiling.

The follow day Emmy sits patiently in Mr. Butler's math class. It's last period and Emmy gazes at the clock, thinking about what she'll be doing with Derek and Tyler shortly. She's conflicted between not wanting to and wanting to, but ultimately she doesn't have much of a choice. Not only because of what they could do to her, but because it's so hard for her to deny such aggression and assertiveness from dominant men. She chews on her pen slowly, almost sensually as she crosses her legs at her desk and anxiously awaits the bell.

Following yesterday's events, Mr. Butler hasn't been able to take his mind off what happened. He can't help but stare at Emmy, the image of her on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth burned deep into his mind. They've exchanged a few awkward glances back and forth during the class. Mr. Butler ogles Emmy from his desk, getting a good view of her from the side. He goes from top-to-bottom, first admiring her soft, long hair that he loved feeling the day before. It looks so good on her as it runs down her chest and backside. It's not as thick and teased as yesterday's but it looks just as sexy. He notices the same dark eye shadow and liner that compliment her big, gentle brown eyes perfectly as well as her perfectly plucked arching eyebrows and long, curvy eyelashes. Her smooth, white skin contrasts against the blackness of her eyes and her clothes. Wrapping around the pen are her pouty, light pink lips. He remembers how his cock looked between those lips. Her thin, petite teenage body is covered by a skin-tight, thin black leather jacket. it forms nicely over her perky, firm breasts. It barely covers her midriff, if she puts her arms up at all or leans forward she exposes her tramp stamp tattoo just above her tight little butt. Covering that little butt is a pink and black plaid pattern school girl skirt, only going down to the middle of her thigh. One of her studded punk rock belts keeps the skirt on her waist. At the right angle you might be lucky enough to see her black lace thong panties and black garter belt, which hold up the black fishnet stockings that cover her legs. Mr. Butler's eyes go down her long, thin legs to notice her nice black suede boots which go up to just below her knees.

His trance is broken when Emmy finally notices him staring and looks back at him, shooting a flirty smile his way. Mr. Butler looks away to his desk, realizing how long he had been staring. The bell finally rings and Emmy gets up hastily, her little black leather purse in tow on her shoulder. "Wait!" Mr. Butler says loudly, getting up to approach her. "Emmy, wait." He says calmly. She stops as the rest of the students file out. They both wait until they're alone. Emmy looks up at him curiously, waiting for him to say something. "About yesterday..." He begins somewhat nervously. "Was that it?" He asks boldly, wanting so bad to be with her again.

"Umm... Well I just want to pass your class." Emmy says, her mind taken off Derek and Tyler for a moment.

"I'm going to pass you, I just thought, you know... We could do it again sometime. You seemed to enjoy it." He smiles down at her, trying to sound cooler than he really is.

"Uhh..." Emmy looks down awkwardly. "I don't know. Let me think about it."

"O-okay. Yeah, sure. Again, I really enjoyed it. You were amazing." He says a bit awkwardly.

"I have to go now. See you tomorrow?" Emmy says, just wanting to get out of there.

"Uh, yeah. See ya." Mr. Butler says as she walks out. "Bye!" He says louder, the sight of her leaving upsetting him as he hears the clicking of her heels against the floor.

Emmy walks outside of the school and is quickly met by Tyler's car with Derek in the passenger seat. She gets in and takes a deep breath, anxious about what's to come. "I like the skirt. That easy access is going to come in handy." Derek says as he turns around to leer at her.

"Hope you're ready to get drilled, slut." Tyler says boldly. Emmy stares out the window, a bit nervous as she knows they're going to be rough with her. Feelings of doubt and shame cross her mind briefly, thinking about the promises she made to herself but she quickly brushes them off as the adrenaline and excitement overcome her.

Emmy's trance as she stares out the window longingly is interrupted by her door opening and Derek roughly grabbing her arm, yanking her out of the car. They've arrived at their destination. Emmy stumbles out as Derek chuckles, enjoying his manhandling of her. "Where are we?" Emmy asks curiously, looking around before she fully recognizes the location.

"An old abandoned playground. No one is going to see us here." Tyler says as he comes around the car and joins them. Emmy stares at the playground in the distance as Tyler puts his arm around her lower back and guides her. It's the same playground that she and her father had their heartfelt discussion last weekend, the same one from her few positive childhood memories. As they get closer to the playground the internal conflict in her mind continues, feeling reluctant and ashamed but also turned on by being dirty and being the toy of dominant men.

"You're lookin' so fuckin' hot today." Tyler says after lifting her onto his right shoulder. She yelps helplessly as he drapes her over his right shoulder. He slaps her ass with his left hand. "You like that you little slut?" He asks arrogantly while grinning, walking closer to the playground. It's an old playground surrounded by a wooded area. Chains with warning signs on them block the entrance but are easily stepped over. Liquor bottles and other various litter are sprinkled about, along with used condoms. It's a popular place for all kinds of degradation.

"Ha ha, let me feel that." Derek walks to Tyler's right side and slaps Emmy's ass, then grabbing a nice feel as he lifts up her short skirt.

Tyler puts Emmy back down to her feet, onto an old merry-go-round. "Rock, paper, scissors for who gets to go first?" He turns to Derek. They face each other and begin the game which will determine who gets to use Emmy first.

"Rock." Derek displays his hand. "Fuck." He groans.

"Guess I get to go first." Tyler grins as he turns to Emmy and steps onto the platform with her. She looks up at him nervously. "Come here, baby." He says quietly while closing in on her. He wraps his arms around her from the side, caressing her body all over as he gets a whiff of her perfume and feels her hair as he lowers his head against hers. "Fuckin' great tits." He lusts as he feels her perky chest. "You like this, baby?" He leers into her face. Emmy doesn't respond. "Huh?" He asks aggressively while grabbing her mouth with his right hand, jerking her head up to him as he squeezes.

"Mhmm." She nods, scared as her eyes gaze up at him helplessly.

Tyler leans in to kiss her on the lips, his right hand going behind her head to grip her hair lustfully and his left hand going down to her little butt, pushing her against him. "Let's see a smile on that pretty face." He says as his lips leave her mouth. A nervous, crooked smile is forced on Emmy's face. Tyler slaps her in the head with his right hand. Emmy gasps, cowering under him in fear as she leans into him. "Yeah, you like that shit huh?" He grins down at her sadistically. "What's a matter, you didn't have a problem with being treated like this a few weeks ago?" He asks as she shakes under him, trapped against the metal bars of the merry-go-round.

"Dude, come on." Derek interjects, lusting feverishly for Emmy as he rubs his crotch through his jeans.

"Alright, alright." Tyler says. "Get down on your knees, stupid." Tyler spreads his legs a bit in front of her. Emmy drops to her knees immediately and unzips his jeans, taking his flaccid cock out. She puts it on her mouth, grabbing it gently with her left hand as her right holds onto his leg. He towers over her as he grabs each metal bar beside him and hangs his head back, exhaling in pleasure as he feels her mouth on his cock. She dutifully sucks on it, feeling it grow and harden inside her mouth and between her soft pink lips. She bats her dark eyes up at him as she moans softly, his cock beginning to really stiffen inside her mouth. Her mouth moves all over his cock, back and forth, faster and faster. She eagerly slurps on it as Tyler stands above her dominantly, grinning as he appreciates the effort. "Ahh, fuck yeah!" Tyler growls as his right hand leaves the metal bar and goes down to grip her hair, guiding her pretty head back and forth on his now-throbbing cock. The merry-go-round begins to move as Derek grabs hold of a metal bar and pushes it in a slow spin. Tyler and Derek both chuckle as Emmy continues pleasing Tyler with her mouth and the old merry-go-round makes squeaking noises from going around. She doesn't miss a beat as the platform spins slowly. Derek takes out his phone and begins recording it. Her mouth salivates over his cock, doing all she can to make him feel good as her hands grip the pockets of his jeans to pull her head into his cock. Tyler grunts, almost angrily, as he holds her head down on his cock, feeling his throbbing cock stuff her mouth.

Derek stops the merry-go-round and gets on next to them. The two jocks stand in two of the six divisions of the platform, separated by a single metal bar. "My turn." Derek begins unzipping his jeans, eyes transfixed on Emmy's mouth all over Tyler's cock. She gasps as Tyler pulls out of her mouth. She crawls under the metal bar and ends up in front of Derek. "Mmm, fuck." Derek's eyes roll back as he feels her wet mouth begin to suck on his semi-hard cock. It takes no time to get him fully erect as Emmy quickly sucks hard and fast on his cock. Her eyes gaze up at him as he stares down. Both jocks leer at the sight, loving every moment of it. Emmy slurps all over his cock, feeling herself get more and more turned on by the minute. His throbbing cock glides in and out of her mouth and down her throat as she deepthroats quickly, her hair bouncing around. "Ahh!" Derek groans above her as his knees buckle from the sensation.

"Come on, my turn now. I have an idea." Tyler interrupts as he slowly jerks his cock while watching Derek get blown by this slutty, teenage rocker slut. Derek pulls out of her eager mouth and steps off the platform. Tyler picks her up quickly, his arms wrapped around her torso and her legs wrapped around his waist, with her arms holding onto his neck. Tyler grins while looking at her. He carries her over to the old metal slide and steps over it. He lays her down on the slide, his cock still dangling outside of his jeans. "Hold her." He motions to Derek. Derek grabs her underarms with each hand and holds her up on the slide. Tyler's hands go up Emmy's short skirt as he grins at her. She squirms and moans softly as she feels his hand rub over her pussy. Both hands go up her skirt to shimmy down her panties as he bends her knees up to get them off. "There." He says while grabbing hold of each leg and pulls her into him. Derek flips up her skirt to reveal her little pink slit. With the slide in-between his legs he grabs his cock and lines it up to her pussy. "I got her." Tyler says as he continues to look into her eyes. Derek lets go and Tyler slowly inserts his throbbing cock into her tight pussy. He begins thrusting into her, causing her to move up and down the slide with each thrust. "You like that, huh?" He says behind his clenched teeth, really getting into the visual of her being rocked up and down on this slide, her tits slowly bouncing up and down.

"Mmm, yeah..." She moans softly as she feels his cock fill her tight pussy, fucking her up the slide. The only thing preventing her from sliding down is his cock and his hands gripping her legs. Derek fondles her firm breasts as he jerks his cock. Tyler picks up the pace, pumping into her harder and faster as he grunts. Derek takes out his phone again and records Tyler pumping Emmy up and down against the slide.

Tyler chuckles. "Smile, you're on camera, bitch." He says while breathing heavily as he continues pounding her on the slide, going balls deep in-and-out of her tight pussy. Emmy looks to her side and notices the phone as Derek grins at her.

"You... Fucking... Assholes." She murmurs while moaning. Derek just grins as he gets off to the sight of it all. She shuts her eyes and bites her lip, hanging her head back against the slide as Tyler continues to pound up inside her. Derek grabs her tits once more while filming, feeling the leather against his hands.

"Ahh..." Tyler sighs as he plunges inside her and stops. "Alright, enough of this." He smirks while pulling out. He steps away from the slide and Emmy slides down to the bottom. Tyler reaches down to grab her arm and lift her up to her feet. "Your turn, bro." He yanks her over to Derek.

"Come here." Derek says, hungry for her pussy as he grabs her. He leads her over to the swings and sits down on one. He grabs her hips and moves her in front of him. "Sit down on my cock." He demands, his throbbing cock dangling out of his jeans as he sits on the swing. Emmy turns around so that her backside faces him and maneuvers herself onto his lap, grabbing his cock between her legs and inserting it inside her as she squats down with her knees together. "Ahh..." Derek groans as his cock slowly goes inside her, so tight around him. Emmy moves her ass up and down, working into a rhythm. His hands grip her ass cheeks as they go along with the up-and-down motion. Her tight, little teenage ass fucks him on the same swing her dad sat on when they had their emotional heart-to-heart. Tyler steps in front of Emmy, gripping his cock as he places his hand behind her head and forces her to lower her mouth on his throbbing tip. The two jocks grin at each other before focusing on the holes their cocks are currently stuffed into. Emmy continues to move her ass on Derek's cock while slurping on Tyler with her mouth. The two young men enjoy themselves thoroughly as Emmy works hard to please them both. "Bend over more." Derek commands as he grips her hips and pushes her forward, standing up while still inside her. Emmy bends down and Derek takes control, thrusting into her from behind. Tyler bends his knees and continues to fuck Emmy's mouth, gripping her hair as he jerks her head over his cock. Derek stops, his throbbing cock still buried balls deep inside her, and takes out his phone to film once again. He continues fucking her slowly, going in and out of her little tight pussy as Tyler fucks her throat. Derek continues to record Emmy taking their dicks. He puts the phone away to go back to fully concentrating on pumping inside her hard and fast. Emmy moans and whimpers helplessly into Tyler's cock as he fucks her throat. "Urgh!" Derek grunts aggressively while pounding her. Tyler pulls out of her mouth to let Derek have his fun. He continues fucking Emmy hard and fast, his throbbing cock sliding in-and-out of her pussy over and over. "Ah!" Derek exhales loudly as he stops himself from cumming. He pulls out slowly.

"On your knees." Tyler orders as he steps closer. Emmy drops to her knees and begins servicing Tyler, moaning softly over his cock as she gazes up at him submissively. He grins down at her, his hands on his hips dominantly as he watches her mouth eagerly worship his throbbing cock. "You're so fuckin' good at this." He groans above her, caressing her hair as she slobbers all over his cock. Derek watches intently as he jerks his cock slowly. "Oh, baby, fuck!" Tyler growls as he holds her down on his cock, feeling the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. Derek steps closer to her, right next to Tyler. She jerks Derek's cock while sucking on Tyler's throbbing cock. She switches to sucking on Derek and jerking off Tyler. Her lips wrap tightly around Derek's dick, batting her eyes up at him as she moans softly. "I think it's time we paint this whore's face, eh Derek?" Tyler looks at him.

"Fuck yeah, bro." Derek says as he grins down at the sight of his cock stuffing Emmy's throat and her eyes gazing up at him submissively. He pulls out and they both start jacking off over her face as Emmy tilts her head back up to face them, her mouth open. Derek brings out his phone again and begins filming with his free hand. "Ahh..." He begins. "Aaahhh..." Derek begins to shoot his cum all over her face as his knees shake and the orgasm is felt throughout his body. "Fuck..." He sighs as every last drop of cum lands around her mouth and cheeks and on the bridge of her nose.

Tyler steps in front of her as Derek backs off and continues filming. He jacks his cock furiously over her face. "Take it you fucking... Aaahhh..." He begins to erupt over her face, a single long shot of cum going up from her mouth to her forehead, and the rest spilling out around and in her mouth. He sighs as he shakes his cock over her face, getting every last bit out. "Looks good on you." He sneers down at her. Derek catches it all on his phone. Emmy kneels there, two big loads of cum dripping from her face as Derek and Tyler zip up. "Go back to the car, we'll be right there in a minute." Tyler says to Derek.

"Here." Tyler hands down some napkins to Emmy as Derek walks away. Emmy wipes the cum off her face and then stands up, walking toward the slide to grab her panties. "You okay?" Tyler asks to her as she shimmies the panties up her thin legs. Emmy just looks at him with a displeased expression. "Look, let's talk..." Tyler begins, putting his arm around her as they walk towards the car. "We're just joking around with the recordings, of course we're not going to show anyone. We were just having some fun. You like it, right?" He stops to face her, holding her head up towards his eyes. "Come on." He says smiling as he gently holds her head, both his hands on each side.

"A little..." She smiles slightly.

"You know I love you, right?" Tyler says softly while his right hand strokes the back of her head. "I'm breaking up with her soon and we can be together, okay?" He smiles down into her eyes.

"Okay." Emmy smiles as her hand holds onto his wrist.

"You know you're the hottest girl in school, right?" Tyler says, smiling down at her. Emmy smiles and giggles. Tyler kisses her on the top of her head. "Come on, I'll take you home." He says before putting his arm around her and walking with her to the car. Emmy and Tyler have been fucking for months and he continues to make promise after promise while continuing to treat her like shit. And Emmy keeps coming back to him.

They get in the car. "Hey babe, you mind checking out the merry-go-round? I think I left my phone on it." Tyler says from the driver's seat. Emmy gets out and walks quickly to the merry-go-round. She hears the squealing of tires. "Haha stupid slut!" Tyler yells from the car.

"You fucking asshole!" Emmy shouts as she realizes what's going on. She sees them driving away. She feels awful, like she just got punched in the stomach. "Urgh!" She exasperates angrily, her hands on her temples. She sighs while running her hand through her hair slowly. A lump in her throat forms as she fights back the urge to cry. Luckily she didn't leave her purse in her car. She thinks about calling her friend Kelly or her uncle Chris, or even her father, but decides to just walk home instead. She begins the roughly four mile walk home, arms folded, feeling angry and ashamed of what she did. Her thoughts of self-hatred return to the strongest they've been since she was last with Keith.

It's Friday evening, two days after what transpired between Emmy and the two jocks from her school, and Emmy is at her friend Kelly's house. Mr. Howard, Kelly's father, walks into his daughter's room where the two teen girls are gossiping and listening to music. "The neighbors next door are keeping an eye on you two, alright? Kelly, if you don't behave I'll make sure you never leave this house again." He says sternly while looking at his daughter, who hosted an underage drinking party a few weeks prior that got interrupted by police. "Call us if you need anything." He says, catching a little glimpse of his favorite of Kelly's teenage friends, Emmy.

"Yeah, dad. I know." Kelly huffs snidely while gazing at her phone.

"Bye, Mr. Howard." Emmy smiles up at him as she sits on the floor against Kelly's pink bed.

"See ya later, girls." He smiles back down at Emmy before leaving. He's known Emmy since around the time her father went away to prison. She's been envious of Kelly for having him as a father and he's been delighted to see her every time she comes around. Emmy flirts with him any chance she gets, although that's not shocking considering she flirts with most older guys.

As the night winds down Kelly begins to fall asleep while Emmy is still wide awake. She's on Kelly's computer, bored as she browses and hears that Kelly's parents have come home. Her ears perk up as she hears loud whispering in the hallway. Curious, she quietly runs over to the door and listens.

"Come on, baby, for old time's sake. Remember the fun we used to have?" Mr. Howard whispers just loud enough for Emmy to hear as he caresses his wife's shoulder and leans down to kiss her neck.

"Not now, Brian." Mrs. Howard resists as she goes for their bedroom door.

"Come on, I know you want it." Mr. Howard stumbles a bit, slurring his words.

"No!" She hisses aggressively. "I'm tired and I'm going to bed."

"Fine, fine..." He gives up reluctantly and turns around to stumble down the hall, passed the door Emmy has her ear glued to. "Can't get nothing." He slurs further in the distance as he goes down the stairs. Emmy smiles, enjoying eavesdropping on them.

Emmy goes back to the computer and finds herself browsing Mr. Howard's facebook account and looking at his pictures. She bites her lip, she's always admired how handsome he is and has teased Kelly before about having a "hot dad." She squirms a little in the chair, her toes curling up and her left hand slowly touching above her breasts. A devious smirk dons her face as she begins to think dirty thoughts. She thinks hard on it for a moment, going back and forth on the idea of fucking her best friend's dad while both her and her mother are home. It's too much to resist as she gets up quickly, but quietly, the horny adrenaline pumping through her. She steps in front of Kelly's mirror to touch up her makeup and hair. She notices a young picture of Kelly and her father in the corner of the mirror, feeling envious of their relationship. When she's done getting herself dolled up, she looks back to her sleeping friend and smirks dubiously.

Emmy walks down the stairs, clad in only a small black t-shirt that fails to cover much of her midriff and pale pink boyshort panties. Her perky teen tits are snug under her shirt, bouncing as she takes each step slowly. Her long highlighted hair runs down the side of her head and down her backside, shining in the dim moonlight, so silky, smooth and soft. Her usual raccoon eyes and pink lips accentuate her pretty face. As she reaches the bottom of the staircase she curiously looks across the living room to see Mr. Howard on the couch, his pants around his ankles, the glare from his laptop illuminating his face, and his cock in his hand. Her mouth is agape as she smirks, hearing the faint sound of the porn on his laptop. Emmy continues to look on, the tip of her left index finger between her teeth as she smirks, loving the sight of her best friend's forty-something year old father jerk off.

Mr. Howard is transfixed on the computer screen in the dark room as Emmy continues to watch. Her heart thumping with anticipation and excitement, she quietly gets down on her knees and begins to crawl towards him, just out of his line of sight in the dark room. She crawls on her knees towards the back of the laptop, behind the table it sits on. It's high enough for her to crawl under. Mr. Howard still doesn't notice as he looks into the screen, everything else in the room pitch dark. Emmy carefully crawls slowly, inching forward. "Hi, Mr. Howard." She says softly, as casual as any time she's greeted him over the years.

"What?!" Mr. Howard perks up in a panic, jumping back into the couch as he looks down, seeing Emmy's face as she reveals herself. Immediately, Emmy goes in to put her mouth on his cock, the excitement and adrenaline pumping through her. She can't help herself. "Oh my fucking god..." Mr. Howard exhales in amazement, looking away as hangs his head back, feeling her wet mouth on his cock. "I can't believe this is happening." He whispers in astonishment, his jaw dropped. Under sober circumstances maybe he'd be more responsible in this scenario but that isn't the case.

"I heard you with your wife and thought I could give you what you need..." Emmy says softly as she takes her mouth off his hardening cock. "I always liked you a lot, Mr. Howard. You deserve better than her, you deserve to be pleased..." She purrs in a lustful tone, biting her lip as she looks up at him innocently.

"Just call me Brian, sweetie." He says, his mind racing, wondering if he's dreaming .

"I'd rather call you daddy." She giggles innocently as she smiles up at him. "I always looked up at you as a father figure..." She says softly between soft, gentle kisses that she plants on the side of his cock.

"Is that right?" He smiles devilishly as his eyes are glued to the sight of her small hand holding his cock while her soft teenage lips kiss his cock. "You have no idea how fucking hot you are, sweetie. This is a dream come true. I can't believe this is happening." His voice trembles slightly. He can't count how many times he's jacked off thinking about Emmy. The fact that she just said that she wants to call him daddy and she looks up to him as a father figure drives him crazy with lust as his eyes roll back. He can't remember ever being this turned on as he continues to feel the sensation of her lips kissing his cock all over.

Emmy giggles up at him as a sort of affirmation, her eyes looking up into his as she leaves a long, gentle kiss on the underside of his cock head. "I just want to make you happy, daddy." She nearly moans in her soft, horny voice, looking up to him with her eager, loving puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, baby." He replies lovingly. Brian is overcome with lustful feelings for her as he sits up and leans down to grab her head by the sides and plants a gentle, almost fatherly kiss on her forehead. He strokes her hair slowly as they look into each others eyes, smiling. "You just want to make daddy happy, hmm?" He slurs in almost the same kind of tone a loving father would have for his infant daughter.

"Yeah..." She pouts softly, lost in his eyes as she feels his warmth.

"Well get to it." He says arrogantly as he sits back, smirking, knowing he has this hot teen with daddy issues wrapped around his finger. All fear of consequence, responsibility or logic is thrown out the window from his inebriation and inability to pass up this opportunity.

Emmy instantly moans softly over his now throbbing cock as she eagerly sucks it, slurping up and down dutifully. Her tight boyshort panties begin to moisten a bit near her pussy. Her mouth salivates over his cock as he groans under his breath. "You're so fucking good at pleasing daddy... Heh heh." He quietly grunts, relaxing into the couch as he feels her teen mouth worship his cock. Emmy continues bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock, which is above average size but not monstrous. She slurps all over it eagerly, desperately wanting to please him as best she can. She sucks faster, harder, moaning softly as her lips glide up and down his shaft. She feels her tight teenage pussy tingle as she feels his cock hit the back of her throat, so turned on by servicing another dominant older man. The wet slurping and sucking noises fill the room. She increases the pace, lowering and raising her head on his cock as both of her hands rest on each of his thighs. "Ahh, fuck..." Brian groans as he grips her hair, holding her head down on his cock. "Take it, take it..." He whispers aggressively between clenched teeth, guiding her head up and down slowly. He grips her hair harder, jerking her head up and down faster on his cock as he feels the cum begin to build. "Aaargh..." He groans, leaning back further into the couch and thrusting his hips, his cock fucking her mouth. Suddenly he begins to feel the intense pleasure vibrate through his body as he takes a deep breath. "Aaahhh..." He exhales, his cock beginning to pump a thick warm load into Emmy's mouth. "Aaahhh..." He continues further, pumping gobs of cum up into her throat as he holds her head down. She swallows every bit of it quickly as it releases from his throbbing cock. He lets go of her hair as she comes up slowly to the tip, her lips sucking on the head as she gazes up at him. Emmy moans softly as their eyes meet. She's soaking wet from feeling his cock twitch and throb between her lips, on her tongue and at the back of her throat. "Oh my fucking god..." He sighs as she kisses his cock all over. "That was so fucking good, sweetie..." He strokes her hair slowly as she continues gazing up at him while planting gentle kisses on his cock. She deepthroats one more time, swallowing his cock. "Aahh..." He groans, rolling his eyes back as he sees his cock disappear in her mouth one more time. She comes up for air, planting one final kiss on the tip. "Phew..." He exhales.

"Did you like that daddy?" Emmy smiles up at him for approval.

"Yeah, that was great..." He replies, still panting a little. "Listen, sweetie..." He sits up. "No one can know about this, okay?" He says softly into her eyes as he strokes her hair.

"I know..." She responds. "I just wanted to make you happy. You deserve it." Emmy smiles.

Brian smiles back down at her before kissing her on the forehead. "Good girl." He gets up and pulls his pants up.

"I want to be your toy, daddy. You can use me whenever you want. It can be our secret." Emmy says in her playful, bubbly little girl tone, smiling up at him submissively as she bites her lip innocently.

"Mmm, yeah?" He replies quietly down to her, leaning down slightly to cup her chin with his fingers, raising her head up to face him. "We'll see. I'll text you sometime, okay? In the mean time, act like this never happened, alright?" He smiles assuredly, his mind a little more clear now that he's blown his load.

"Mhm." She nods.

He finishes buckling his belt, and zips up his crotch while smirking down at her. He leaves her there on her knees as she smirks herself, replaying what just happened in her head. The promise she made to herself weeks ago about being a good girl and changing her ways seems to have been forgotten about.

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