Father Time 2 by Guiltless

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Father Time

Chapter 2 "The harvest"

In the control room, Dr. Miriam Mauls received the collected specimen, and immediately gathered her personal belongings to leave. She was expected at the High Council meeting and she knew that she must face them with something of substance, or find herself admonished for failure to deliver. She rushed ahead, knowing that while she possessed the Specimen, she had yet to receive the complete lab report validating the quality of what she carried. It was a calculated gamble, but she was out of time.

She arrived shortly after the meeting had been called to order, and as usual her report would be the first thing discussed. Each of the members of council was empowered across political boundaries, and each held a firm grip on their perspective field. Money was tight and the diversion of funding from food production to Miriam’s project was the subject of great debate.

“Dr Mauls, so nice that you could join us, I hope this meeting wasn’t too inconvenient” said Beverly Lasko acidly. Lasko occupied the center chair as the council leader. Miriam had managed to find herself on the wrong side of Lasko so often that their mutual hatred was now legendary.

“As with most of these meetings, the first few hours are all about pomp and circumstance rather than substance, missing such proceedings it hardly worthy of my valuable time” Miriam said back in an equally acid tone.

“You would do well to remember your place Mauls” Lasko said sharply.

“Too right, lets see that would be saving our entire species from complete extinction, which should be the very highest priority, shouldn’t it? , So rather than sit there as you do on your fat ass, I am actually contributing toward a real solution for the common problem.” Miriam said sweetly.

“You BITCH! You have the nerve to insult me, ME, the Chair of the High Council!!??” Lasko stood her voice quaking with emotion.

“That’s right, and I would remind this council that I have never failed to fulfill my promises. So rather than greet me as the solution to this problem, you choose to insult me as I entered. You fired the first shot, and I will not be spoken too like a commoner.” Miriam said.

“Ladies, ladies, please lets not get back into all this again, Beverly, you were harsher than you needed to be, I’m sure that Dr Mauls has a perfectly acceptable excuse for being late and Miriam please show some respect to the members of council. Now please ladies, lets move forward” this from Amy Crier, the head of Finance and Banking.

Lasko, ever the tactical politician, simply smiled. “You are quite right Amy, a thousand pardons. Dr. Mauls please enlighten us with your findings” Miriam was not to be caught off guard by this exchange, leaped into her short speech.

“As you know, we have again utilized Mobius to trawl another pure breed from the past. This time we were completely successful and have a fully formed male, the last of his kind. He was delivered with some difficulties, which incurred my delay here today. For that delay I do apologize, but thought it prudent to have all the information you would surely wonder about in hand, before this council began to ask for details.”

“Don’t be shy woman, what’s the verdict?” shouted someone from the gallery.

“Order, Order”, Lasko banged her gavel, “We will suffer no outbursts from the gallery or I’ll have this room cleared”

“Just so, thank you madam chairperson. In answer to the posed question yes, we have a fertile male.” Then raising her arm aloft, holding the clear glass vial, Mauls said. “And we have a full load, the first I might add.” At this announcement there was a buzz of excitement throughout the gallery, including the Council chairs. “Order, Please ladies, order here” Lasko attempted to regain control over the assembly.

“I’d like to place my order for that vial. I will pay $100,000.00 right now!” With that announcement the gallery began to hear figures being thrown out left and right trumping bids that proceeded. “I’ll pay $255,000.00 for the vial, as long as it is administered within the next 10 minutes.” A portly woman yelled from the top seats of the gallery.

“Order I say, there will be no sale today, it would be completely unfair to the millions who lack the funds to compete” Lasko said “I agree” said Mauls “Reproductive rights are not something one controls through wealth” That brought the gallery silent. “We must keep in mind that this is an asset with fading value. Each moment this specimen is not used, there are fewer live cells to perform the task. Many of you are not even candidates, you are beyond the ripe age, and many are not of the required purity. We MUST use what we have to its maximum yield and that quickly! I propose that the hall of virgins be opened immediately, and the ripest made ready to receive.”

“But what of the quality? What is the ratio?” Another yelled from the gallery.

At that moment, Mauls began to sweat, as she did not have the answer. The test results were not available. Still she must make this out to be the special batch as the future funding of her work was based on her success. As she waited for the gallery to quiet down the small ear piece in Mauls right ear came to life. “The sample measures 89% in favor” With that news, Mauls entire face took on brightness, noted to the highest seating levels.

“Ladies, this sample has a Heilman aspect of 89% for male chromosomes” The gallery practically exploded in raves and demands for a sample. “I don’t believe it, produce the report, better, provide me a sample for independent testing” The Agriculture councilor stammered. Mauls knew that she was about to be pressed into proving her claim, and quietly into her ear bud whispered, “Provide print copy of lab results, transmit to my personal folder in the tech drive for display to council.” Then with a clear voice she said “I have no doubt that there are those among you who doubt the claim. Many like the Agriculture department whose budget monies have been spent on this project will want to verify these results. I have taken the precaution of having a sample sent to Qual-Labs for independent verification, the results are available here. Please direct your attention to the main screen.” At that Mauls accessed her files and had them appear on the view screen.

There were sounds from the gallery as everyone attempted to decipher the cryptic information.

“Order, please, Order” Lasko demanded. Banging the desk with her gavel again loudly.

As thins quieted down, Lasko again addressed Mauls. “So it appears you have again found a way to meet your wild claims, congratulations.”

“Thank you madam Chairperson, but there is still much to do within the next 72 hours. We must collect as much of this specimen as we can, and return him to his own time.” Mauls began, only to be interrupted before she could finish the thought.

“Yes there is much to do, and I want it done quickly. I understand you have only collected the one vial of sperm, you will have to work harder. Dr. Mauls you will administer the accelerator serum to this man and collect all that you can, but you will have far more than 72 hours.” Lasko said.

“Perhaps there been a misunderstanding. We agreed to return each donor to their own time as a matter of protocol before we started these proceedings. Why would you now request a change?” Mauls asked, ignoring the implication that Lasko had any say in the schedule of events.

“I must confess there were details we choose not to share with you initially, Dr. Mauls. You see we cannot afford to have subjects returned to their own time, for fear they will reveal the future and interfere with this time line, as well as reveal the fact of invention of time travel. That revelation alone could disrupt the time continuum.” Lasko said half gloating over the deception.

“But these men have lives that they deserve to live. I had some moral reservation in taking 20 minutes of their lifespan not to mention their prodigy. You’re now telling me they must die rather than return?” Mauls asked

“I regret to inform you that the co ordinates you were given to return the previous men were in fact death sentences. Each of the returnee’s was transported back to a point where they could not possibly survive. Some with sent miles below the oceans. Others to the centers of mountains and the last two were sent into earth lower orbit. I know it must come as a shock to you dear, but like the ancient Salmon, these men fulfilled their destinies, and gave their lives for the good of all mankind. You will in time understand that the risk was simply too great for all humanity dear. In the larger picture the sacrifice of one man born against the weight of all mankind, why it is the only right thing to do, wouldn’t you agree?” Lasko asked.

Mauls was shaken to the core, and although she hid it well, she now bore the weight of the twelve lives she was directly responsible for taking. Now she faced the prospect of ending yet another life, but this time she would do so knowingly. The quilt began to wail up inside her, she was a woman of science, not a murderer. Logically she began to form a case to argue for the life of the man Adam.

“This isn’t just any man, this man is a genetic pureblood, and was being groomed for a specific purpose. Certainly if he were to simply disappear there will be questions, he represents a very large investment in someone interest.” Mauls suggested.

“I provided you the co ordinates to use with Mobius for the trawl of this man. The time and place were chosen for a number of reasons. In his case, it was partially because the building he was pulled from would face complete destruction within sixty minutes of the time he was taken in the trawl. It will be assumed that he was inside, and died in the ensuing explosion” Lasko said. “According to the written record, he was presumed to have died in this incident. So you see Dr. Mauls, he will not be required to return to his time, but will serve out his days in our “service” as it were.”

Maul was furious, and knew that she could not trust herself to even speak at that moment. Lasko had set her; the entire program was now at risk. Worse she had been betrayed, lied too, or at the very least purposefully misled. Other members of the council had surely been in on Lasko’s secret. They had chosen to say nothing, either because of loyalty to Lasko, or out of fear of her wrath. Now Mauls was going to do something very uncharacteristic, she straightened herself and stood square on to Lasko, locking eyes with the treacherous bitch, and she smiled. She smiled and in everyway looked to enjoy her situation, finally she said in a light tone. “That was clever, Chairperson Lasko, well done. I do feel the complete fool, as I’m certain you intended. I congratulate you.” These words rang from her lips, but the look in her eyes told quite another story. She laughed as though at herself for being so easily fooled. Lasko enjoyed the moment, her moment of triumph over this academic. These God damned eggheads had held the reins of power for too long, it was about time someone put them in their place. There was no one better qualified to do so than Beverly Lasko.

Back on center stage, Mauls appeared to catch her breath from the funny turn of events, and as she prepared to leave, spoke to the assembly. “ I suppose we had better make the most of this mans services, so with your permission Madam chair woman, I shall recover to my lab and begin the process of milking this man of every drop of his seed. We all know how volatile these samples are. I’ll trust you all to decide how the seed should be disseminated and to whom. I will have the fertility clinic open and ready to receive your chosen candidates early tomorrow morning. Please remember that the early samples will be the more potent, so send me your very best girls first.” And with that Mauls took her leave.

The excitement coursed through the gallery, as they began to argue on who should have the right of motherhood.

Mauls’ com channel had been left on, and by now her entire staff knew exactly what had transpired in the council meeting. No one spoke to her over the com link, but the complete silence, revealed the mood of the facility.

As Dr. Miriam Mauls walked back toward the lab he mind began to focus on key aspects of the conversation she had just concluded with Lasko. There was much to digest. Lasko had provided the coordinates for the latest Trawl, where did she get the information? How did she know exactly who Adam Barrett was? Where he would be? That the building he was in would be destroyed? These points were central to the conversation. The previous trawls had been intercepted as a matter if dedicated science. A Photo time stamped picture with an established landmark as a reference. Example, a picture taken at Time square, at 11:47:32AM 1/22/2030 showing a single man crossing the busy street. The coordinates of NYC and Times Square could be calculated, and the time was now known, so assuming the time on the Camera taking the image had been accurate, that man could be trawled in less than .5 seconds. The photo record provided all the information needed. Where then had Lasko collected the information on Barrett? Second: Lasko knew that only one sample had been taken in her lab. Two possibilities, one there was someone inside the lab reporting to Lasko, or two, there was a unauthorized surveillance system in the lab. Either way, Mauls now knew more about her enemy than the enemy intended.

Finally reaching the door to the lab she exhaled slowly, checking her temper. This would have to be done correctly, and she would have to consider her actions in the future as well. Pressing her palm against the door, the scan readers allow her to pass through. Security was paramount, especially now that it was known how fertile Adam was.

Walking into the lab she looked about the room. Clapping her hands sharply twice to command the room’s attention she spoke softly “Ladies and attendants, it would appear that we have been made accomplices to the murder of twelve innocent lives. I want you all to know that I had absolutely no prior knowledge of this, and would never knowingly be a party to such an event. Given the gravity of this news, and the responsibility for which we are now tasked, I would like to ask you each to proceed to your residences, and return in three hours to resume our operation. I will take the time to reflect on the news, its impact, and to administer the accelerant to Mr. Barrett. Siren and Signa, you will remain here with me to insure all is done according to protocol.” The other ladies and the two other attendants left the room.

Dr. Mauls turned to the attendants. “Security protocol one override, authorization, Miriam Mauls, voice print verification. Within the control room a computer synthesis voice replied “Acknowledged, protocol one override. Command please” “Security sweep of facility, especially visual but aural as well. Run a complete sweep on all communicators, and outlets.” Mauls said. “Check the complete electromagnetic spectrum if there is a transmission from this lab I want to know its source” The facility computer noted one unauthorized transmission, currently underway, from a camera installed in a air circulation vent above the collection floor. Mauls had the computer jam the frequency. “Signa, you will begin monitoring all communications made going outside this lab whenever I am not present. These communications will be recorded and accessible to me only, understood?” Signa, acknowledged the command. “Signa, you will report to the recharge bay until we require your return at 1500 hours. Comply.” Again Signa did so. After she had walked out she turned to Siren. “Siren, please deactivate all the monitors in the collection area, and turn on the lights to a low setting. I need to speak directly with Mr. Barrett.

In the collection room the small ceiling lights began to glow softly, illuminating the room in a dull white light. Miriam walked into the sterile collection room after commanding Siren to stop administering the sleeping gasses. The room was quickly vented and in just moments Adam rejoined the world of the living. He heard the door open and again footsteps, but there was a difference. The gate of the step was different. The lights while soft caused him to squint his eyes as he glanced at the approaching figure.

“Hello Adam, I am Dr. Mauls, I am the head of the department of fertility and reproduction, and this is my facility.” When she didn’t receive a reply, Mauls realized that Adam was still paralyzed from his escape attempt. “Siren, release Adam, to free movement” “yes mam” came the reply, and again Adam felt the short sting in his arm. “Adam please listen to me as you recover, we don’t have much time. You were brought here to help save our dying population; your seed would be the turning point in humanities quest for continuance. But I had every intention of returning you to your own time to live out your life as God intended, and to make the experience here be as pleasant as possible. I have made countless sacrifices to insure you were correctly treated, and that your prodigy would be care for in the highest order. Now I fear that things have gone awry. It is the directive of the council that you be retained here, and not returned to your own time. Further, they want you to become nothing short or a continuous sperm donor.” “So where does that leave me, stuck in this room till I die?” Adam asked hoarsely. “If Council woman Lasko were to have a say in this, then yes, but I will be damned if I will let that occur. I need you to understand, I am sorry for what has happened, and if you will trust me I will promise you that you will be returned to your time. Can you do that Adam? Can you trust me?” Adam, could hear the emotion in her voice, he knew that she was telling him the truth. “I can do that, until the first moment I detect you are being deceitful, then all bets are off” Adam replied. “Good, because right now we must buy ourselves as much time as we can. I need to prepare, and that will take some time.” Mauls then explained her plan. “You must work with me, you have my word that you will not leave prodigy behind, but you must embrace the collection process, and give a good show of multiple deposits. Important people will be monitoring what will happen in this room. You do all you can, and I will handle the rest. Have faith and place your trust in me. You will not be disappointed” Mauls concluded.

That evening at 1500 hours, all the Lab personnel had returned to the work place and prepared to carry on with the collection processes. “Siren, Please attend to Adam now, please collect multiple samples and seal them as instructed.” Dr Mauls directed. Siren nodded. IF anyone should have reviewed the records, they reflected that the accelerant had been administered, and the sleeping man was now fully ready to fulfill his destiny.

With the announcement that the Council was now planning to deny Adams return to his time, the need for seclusion was over. The room lights were again brought up to a dull glow. On the walls of the room various sexual images were sequenced, taking advantage of the human male’s visual connection to the sex act. Visual images stimulate a section of the brain, enhancing excitement, and with that the need to procreate. Adam was back on the table and although he was conscious, he was again paralyzed as before. Siren stepped into the room closing the door firmly as she entered. Her footsteps were much quieter this time as she wore no shoes. As she approached Adam he could finally see her, for the first time. He was totally and completely blown away with the “attendant” before him. Siren spoke, and a low quiet voice, the sound was arousing in and of itself. “Adam, things have changed, and now we will require much more of your seed. Again I offer you the opportunity to comply voluntarily, or I shall procure the specimens in a manner of my own choosing” Adam blinked once to signify his understanding. “I will again release you, however this time you may roam the room freely. A suitable environment has been prepared for your collections in the adjacent room.”

Now as Adams eyes adjusted to the light level, he could make out the clean crisp white bed, fully decorated with accent pillows, a small night stand stood to one side with a small lamp, But for the fact it was within the larger context of the collection lab, the setting could have been in any household in an upscale neighborhood. There were several trays on a small table at the foot of the bed. These contained fruits and vegetables, along with a large pitcher of ice water. A bowl of crushed ice and ice cubes sat to one side. All of this Adam took in at a glance, but the most spectacular thing before him was Siren herself.

Her face, hair, eyes, and expressions were unbelievable. Truly this could not be an artificial person….could it? The movements were flawless, fluid, and seamless. Siren’s skin perfect in all details. Adam was mesmerized. “You are Siren?” he asked. “I am.” Siren replied. As the effects of the drug wore off Adam was able to shift his attention to her body. Her shoulders were wonderfully formed, with her blonde hair falling past them but short of her breasts. The size and shape of these breasts were something that Adam thought only existed in the minds of the Airbrush artists who created high end pornography. The shape of each breast was completely perfect. The breasts were located slightly high on her chest wall with the nipples erect and uplifted. My God Adam thought as he looked past them, any woman he had ever met would pale in comparison to this girl, this attendant. Adams eyes shifted lower still, the waist was in perfect proportion to the height of the girl, whose hips flared and described a beautiful angle, forming the perfect curves. Her belly was flat; tight and muscular she was complete to her belly button. Even the minutest hairs could be seen on her skin. He allowed his eyes to move past her breast, and belly and to rest on her pubic mound. There he found a sculptured patch of pubic hair, neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart, and directly below was the first hint of an excited Vulva.

“How is this possible?” Adam asked. Siren waited till his eyes met hers. “I attempted to explain to you that your perceptions of a robot were worlds away from what has now become known as attendants.” “Are you hydraulic, or pneumatic what motors are used to power you, how can it be done so fluidly. If I didn’t know you were not a real person, I could not possibly tell the difference.”

Siren waited before replying. “My sub chassis is based on the design of the human body. Each bone was replicated in a composite material stronger than steel, lighter than Carbon fiber. The pelvic region is especially strong. Human muscle is replaced with strands of carbon nanotubes which react exactly like your muscle fibers, contracting with an application of mild electrical impulse. I move by shortening the length of these Carbon Nanotubes which pull the bone in the direction desired.

These fiber bundles are arrange in groups and attached to the bone structures, as muscle attaches to your bones. Theses bundles give me the human form. The exterior cover is an artificial skin developed during the wars as a replacement for damaged human skin, there is no seam as it is over molded onto my chassis. My sexual apparatus is an exact match for the human vagina, containing lubrication, temperature control, and a controllable orifice diameter, including vibration, and sequenced stimulation. Both the vaginal and anal openings are completely sterile, and fully available for you, as are my oral services you have already experienced.

While all this information may be technical, I am in fact, considered a person rather than a device. My personality is an imprint based on a real human. The human brain works through a series of electrochemical reactions, and these are in many ways similar to the way that the latest software interacts with today’s processors. My thought patterns are a direct reflection of the imprintment I received, not from a series of prewritten programming. I am capable of independent thought and creativity. I am especially adept in the arts of sexual satisfaction, and I am anxious to try out what I have learned through books film and net queries.”

Adam was transfixed with the entire package. This was amazing. He forced his eyes away from her female structures, and gazed again into het blue eyes. “Shall we?” she asked extending his hand.

Adam could no longer think of this “attendant” as a replica human, and as he reached out to take her hand he felt the warmth of her touch and the gentle strength of her grip. This was a woman, in every aspect. They walked together across the room to the area he had noted earlier, and as they left the collection table, the lights there were extinguished, leaving only the low lights over the bedroom setting.

Siren stepped before Adam as they reached the bed. “There are no boundaries here; you cannot harm me during any act of fornication. I am completely committed to my task, and to pleasing you.” With that Siren reached out and began to run her index finger along the side of Adams face, all the while staring directly into his eyes. Her finger followed the natural lines of his musculature, and worked down his chest finally finding his erect member ready and willing to greet the touch of her hand. She moved forward and wrapped her other hand around his waist, turning up her heard to present her lips. Even her breath was exactly like that of a human. The small excited panting that indicates desire and wanting were there, and Adam mentally accepted their presence. Within each breath from Siren was a small amount of a pheromone, to stimulate Adam further. It had the desired effect immediately leaving his erect member standing at rigid attention. While the records in the control room reflected that Adam had been given the accelerator, in truth he was only given a portion of the drug, enough to stimulate his prostate to secrete vast volumes of seminal fluid. There was a small rise in the number of active sperm he produced, but the majority of the building pressure he felt was from the overcharged prostate. He already ached for release.

The first kiss was critical, and Siren understood the technique required. Her lips were reserved and shy initially, but allow Adam to promote the hunger within. Soon they were locked in a passionate kiss. At that moment all thoughts of Siren being anything but a human vanished. They were replaced with lust, desire, and passion. Adam was aware that he was under surveillance, but at that moment he could not care less. His world shrank to the tactile interface with Siren.

She held him and the kiss for a long time feeling his breathing rate increase and all the physiological signs of his excitement manifest.

She then shifted her weight and with only a gentle tug pulled them both onto the beds surface.

His erection was against her flat warm belly and as he adjusted his position, he found himself slowly entering her vagina. She arched her back up to meet him and in seconds he was fully immersed in her warm wetness. Many men think of the vagina as a hole to be filled. Siren was built like a real woman, the vagina was an accommodation, a separation of surfaces that would deflate and move to allow the entrance of the erect penis. Adam felt the warmth, the wetness, and slight resistance to his initial foray into Siren, exactly as he remembered it being with any woman he had ever been with. As his shaft plunged deeper into her body the rhythm of a muscular contraction could be felt starting at the base of his cock and riding up his full length to the end of his swollen head. He body was indeed capable of things that humans cannot do and the feeling was magical. She vaginal “muscles” began to take hold of his erection with each stroke. Siren, for her part, began to pant and spoken in a halting fashion timed to his deep penetrations. ‘Oh God, Adam….Yes….deeper….Adam don’t stop……Harder, give it to me harder.. with each urging Adam attempted to best his prior performance. Each stroke was pushed deeper into her waiting body, each withdrawn was accompanied by her arching body matching him movement. Her breasts seemed to grow more erect, the nipples harder, her face flushed red, as her breathing became labored and shallow. Adam watch her expressions, they mirrored the desires he had previously watched in the faces of prior lovers. The range of emotions on Sirens face ranged from surprise as he planted the full length of his shaft within her, to the look of deep desire as he withdrew. Her body rocked with the motions of their encounter, her chest moving with the slightly heavy bounce of a full natural breast. The combination of the wall pornographic images, Sirens voice urging him and the feeling of her deep wet warmth began to take its toll and Adam began to feel the first signs of an impending orgasm. Her body was releasing more of the powerful pheromone, with interacted with Adams olfactory nerves. The sweet smell of her excited sex filled the room. Her skin began to show small droplets of moisture, sweat?

He decided that there was nothing to lose, and that he had to perform as well as he could prolong himself as much as possible, buying time. So in the back of his mind he began to envision different events throughout his life, in an effort to forestall the inevitable. Slowly even this delay tactic began to fail. Her body was simply too perfect, it fit him in such an exacting way that he began to lose the power to deny her his seed. Then as if again she had located his trigger, a mild shock ran through his system, and he could not longer hold back the flood of cum. Squeezing shut his eyes, he made one last valiant effort to slow the tide, and failed miserably. The hot jets of cum leaped from his cock in ropey strings, jet after jet as he pushed his cock deeper within her. Then he became again aware of her vaginal muscles, now gripping his quickly deflating shaft at the base. Denying the blood a return path to his body, keeping his erection hard. While one set of her muscles held his shaft at the base another series of muscles moved in waves from the base toward the head, literally milking him of his precious seed. He could not withdraw, and her arms bound him against her. “Adam, I need more, please, take me again.” Adam would normally have had to turn down such a request as his physical body would have spend its entire load in such a passionate action, but the drug he had been given, allowed him to recover within mere seconds and he was ready again in less than three minutes for a complete new experience.

In the control room the image of the two coupling was magnified. On a readout screen the tally from the first coupling was coming through. The volume was greatly enhanced, and where a normal man might ejaculate a table spoon, Adam had loosed a full once. This information was relayed from Sirens body via a wireless connection. Even as she urged him to go again, internally her body had capped and sealed his first emissions, placing it into a separate, heated interior space, another vial was aligned with her cervical opening and prepared to accept more of his spunk.

The couple went at it again, in the same position, until siren realized that Adams back muscles were about to cramp. With a practiced motion she rolled over carrying him with her until she was now on top. She brought up her knees toward her chest and began to again ride his passion. She noticed that his eyes would occasionally wander down to her pubic area, and watched fascinated as his shaft was planted deep inside only to return in a moment. The seal of her vaginal opening would hold the base of his shaft and a part of her interior vulva would accompany his cock as it pulled from her. She was now in control and again she used verbal signals to reinforce his desire to mate. “Oh God… dammit… Adam, fuck me,…. fuck my wet pussy…give it to me….harder…. deeper Adam…Harder!!”

As this continued she progressed to changing her riding position maximizing the swing of her breasts, this he watch with ramped fascination. Again he blew his entire load, which accounted for three quarters of an once this time.

She looked down on him as he felt her body collect its spoils. Again the vial was sealed and stored, another loaded to replace it internally.

She winked at him as she smiles, a devastating smile. “I was so close that time. I was about to have an orgasm myself” They switched positions after a short rest, and Siren knelt on the side of the bed resting her weight on her elbows exposing her anus for entry. Adam was now again aroused, and the sight of her tight sphincter beckoned him.

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