New Girl_(3) by Impax

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob

Cassandra Andrews got off the bus, the first day at her new school. She was a Junior this year, and she was little nervous. This school was a LOT bigger than her old one.

She looked up at the imposing brick building and let the flow of students usher her inside. Everyone was going to the cafeteria, so she followed them in, and found an empty table to sit at.

As soon as she had taken her backpack off, two other girls sat down on either side of her. One had blonde hair, the other was a brunette. Both were wearing identical white blouses, tied below their breasts, rather than buttoned. They also had short black miniskirts.

“You’re new,” said the brunette. Was that darkness on her blouse a stain, or were those hints of her nipples? This girl wasn’t wearing a bra! Cassie was a little shocked. She would never consider such a thing!

“It's my first day,” she replied. She looked at the blonde quickly and surmised that she wasn’t wearing a bra, either. Cassie blushed. What kind of friends was she attracting, and did she want their company?

“We know,” said the blonde, snapping her gum like a machine gun. “You’re sitting at the slut's table, but you’re not dressed right.”

“What!?” Cassie was shocked and started to get up, but the brunette stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm. “I should sit somewhere else!”

“Good luck with that,” said the blonde, grinning. “Now that you’ve been seen with us, none of the other girls at any of the other tables will have anything to do with you.”

Cassie looked around the room, searching for another table, but every other girl there made it a point to look elsewhere, effectively turning their backs on her. The room felt ten degrees cooler, somehow.

She wanted to cry. How could things have gone so wrong so quickly? All she did was sit at an empty table! She looked at the two girls sitting with her. Her new friends, it seemed.

“My name is Cassandra Andrews.” She looked from one to the other, waiting for introductions, but they never came. “You guys want to be friends with me, right?”

The blonde looked surprised. “You want to be our friend?” She sounded surprised, too. “What do you think, Sara?”

“We’ll need to change her style if she’s gonna hang out with us.” Sara replied. “Think we got time before the bell?”

“Hell yeah! We won’t be able to do anything about her hair, but we can fix that outfit, no problem!” Lissa stood up and took Cassie by the hand, leading her to the bathroom. Sara was right behind them both.

Once in there, Sara looked at Cassie seriously. “Strip. Everything, right down to the skin. We’ll give you back the clothes you can wear if you want to hang out with us. The guys we run with have a dress code for their bitches.”

“I’m not a bitch!” Cassie protested. Sara ripped the blouse right open, letting the buttons fly everywhere as they popped off. “Hey, you just broke the buttons!” Cassie was in shock. Both girls were tearing at her clothes!

Before she knew it, both girls had stripped her completely naked. She was given back her blouse, so she quickly put it on, even though Lissa had broken her bra in half and flushed both pieces down different toilets. Sara had taken a pair of scissors to Cassie’s jeans and cut the legs off, a lot higher than she would have preferred. She was given these back to put on, but not her panties. Those had been flushed as well.

Sara tied the blouse in a loose knot just under Cassie’s breasts and stood back to look at her appraisingly. “That’ll do for the clothes, but you’re standing all wrong. Don’t try to hide your tits; throw your shoulders back and show them off! You got some really nice ones, so be proud of them!”

Cassie took a deep breath and let it out slowly, wrapping her mind around this new reality. She had seen how these two girls had been standing and wearing these kind of clothes, so she imitated their posture.

“Yeah!” Lissa exclaimed excitedly. “You’re fucking hot, girlfriend!”

Wearing these clothes like this was easy, if you didn’t care about being mostly naked, Cassie thought to herself. Sara pushed open the door to the hall and led the way out.

Lissa caught Cassie’s arm and stopped her. “Listen, I know you’re probably scared out of your mind right now. I saw how you were dressed. Well, forget about church and Grandma for a minute and listen. Don’t show fear; show confidence! Fake it if you have to, but don’t show fear. No hiding behind your hands! If you see a boy staring, show him what he’s looking at. He’ll be the one who gets embarrassed, trust me.”

“Come on, hurry up! The bell’s about to ring!” Sara said urgently, waving her hands frantically. Cassie decided to take Lissa’s advice and strutted out into the Hall, wishing she had some high heels like the girls she was following. These white sneakers just didn’t go with the outfit, not the way she was wearing it.

The bell rang, and everyone from the cafeteria came streaming out, and one boy collided with Cassie as he came out, because he was talking to someone over his shoulder.

“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry!” he stammered, then took note of how she was dressed. “Well, hello!” he said brightly. His eyes lingered at the top of her shirt, trying to see down inside the loose material.

Cassie saw him doing it, and remembered Lissa’s advice. She smiled up at him and tossed her shoulder in a shrug, which also had the effect of bouncing her left breast almost free of the material holding it covered. She was sure he caught a good glimpse of her nipple, but instead of being embarrassed, he seemed to be emboldened by the sight.

“I’m Tom Bates.” He smiled easily, taking her arm and guiding her to a quiet spot in the hallway. “I’m sure I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you before.”

“I’m Cassandra Andrews.” She returned his smile and tried to get her arm back, because he still had a hold of it.

He slid his hand up to her shoulder, then cupped the back of her head, holding her like that as he kissed her.

She’d never been kissed before, and felt a glowing ball of heat ignite in her belly as his tongue gently explored the inside of her mouth A little moan escaped her, but it wasn’t a moan of protest. She liked the way she felt as he moved his other hand onto the bare skin of her belly.

Somehow, he knew! He knew where that ball of heat was and he was caressing it, stoking the flame and making her hotter. She moaned into his kiss again, but then they were interrupted.

A man in a suit was glaring at them, his hands on his hips. He looked mad.

“What is the meaning of this?” he demanded. “Well, Mr. Bates, I saw you pull this poor girl over here and start kissing her! Where do you think you are?”

“Sorry, Mr. Anderson, it won’t happen again, I promise.” He edged out into the hallway and was gone in a flash.

“And you, young lady, what’s your name? I thought I knew every student on campus…”

“Cassandra Andrews, sir.” She had lost any confidence and was quite meek. Until she saw him trying to look down her shirt, just as Tom had.

She straightened up and smiled at him. “I'm new here today, sir. I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be yet. Tom offered to help me, but you saw what he wanted to help me with.”

“The new girl? You’re Cassandra Andrews? You don’t look anything like the photo in your file!” He glanced down her blouse one more time, then glanced towards his office and made up his mind.

“Come with me.” He led her to his office and closed the door firmly behind her.

“I saw the way you let Tom kiss you.” He said it sternly, like she might be in trouble. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Nobody has ever kissed me before, sir. I guess I just lost myself in the feelings. I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t believe his ears “You expect me to believe that was your first kiss?”

She glanced down at the way she was dressed and tried to think of something else to tell him. She decided to try the truth, and confessed that she had sat at the wrong table that morning, and how things had progressed from there.

He listened to her story with disbelief. The way she sat, the way she walked? This girl was trying to play him for a fool, but he was too wise to fall for that.

“You’re a liar,” he told her bluntly. “Stand up and face the desk. Put both hands flat and bend over it. I’m going to give you a spanking.”

“What?! No, I’m not lying, honest! I’ve always been a good girl, please don’t spank me!” Cassie was nearly in a panic, and frozen in her chair, too afraid to move. She had never been spanked before.

Mr. Anderson got up and grabbed the little girl by the upper arms, lifting her from the chair and setting her in front of his desk. He pushed her forward so that she was laying over the top of it, both her feet still on the floor.

She had both hands holding her almost naked ass, trying to shield it from his view. He took he hands and moved them above her head, completely out of his way. She was sobbing openly now, begging and pleading for him to spare her.

He looked down at her trim hips, the cutoff jeans hiding just half of the bubble shaped cheeks hanging out. He caressed one of them, then ran his index finger up the tight material hiding her puffy pussy lips.

That shut her up. She suddenly fell silent as he touched her between the legs.

“What’s the matter?” He was taunting her as his fingers played up and down her crotch. “Cat got your tongue?”

“You shouldn’t be touching me there,” she whispered. “That’s my naughty place.”

“Spread your feet apart more.” He watched her comply, spreading her feet apart and tilting her hips up. He could almost see her pussy now. She had a few wispy golden red hairs just peeking around the edges of the material, the same color as the hair on her head. The carpet matched the drapes!

His finger was beginning to feel really good, and her thighs parted a little more to give him more room. This allowed a little slack between the inside of her thigh and the jeans material, which allowed him to easily slide his finger between them. He was rubbing her labia directly now, and she was getting wet.

She moaned in pleasure as his finger excited her. This was more of the exact same feeling Tom had started with his kisses, but way more intense!

“You little slut, you like this, don’t you?” he said, almost sneering with contempt. “Oh yeah, you like it. Look at you, almost begging to be fucked. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want me to fuck you!”

Cassie felt confused. Wasn’t she supposed to like it? It felt really good, what he was doing, and she didn’t see anything wrong with liking it. Wasn’t he being more wrong by touching her in a forbidden place? She decided the safest thing would be to keep her silence.

Wrong. All of a sudden, Mr. Anderson drew back his hand and slapped Cassie’s far asscheek, hard. She shrieked in response, then he was rubbing the tender spot.

“Answer me when I ask you a question,” he told her softly. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“No sir!” she said right away. “I’m still a virgin, sir!”

“Bullshit!” he said, then pushed his index finger into her. Almost right away, he hit her hymen. “Holy shit, you are a virgin!”

“I told you,” she said. “Can I get up now?”

“I’ve never tasted a virgin,” he mused, still caressing her ass with one hand. “You like the way my hand feels on you down there, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” she said truthfully. “It feels really good. I like it.”

“Do you want me to do it some more?” he asked. “I’ll need to take your shorts off if I do. They’re getting sort of damp, and you don’t want to walk around like that for the rest of the day.”

“Yes, sir, take them off and keep touching me!” she begged. “It feels so good!”

He pulled her hips back a little, leaving her bent over the desk. He unsnapped them, then pulled them down over her ass and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Now his whole hand was rubbing her pussy, his fingers gliding through the reddish curls, then parting her labia so that his middle finger could swing little circles around her opening.

“I’m going to taste you,” he whispered in her ear, leaning over her back. He kissed his way down her back, then tongued her asshole for a long moment.

She bucked her hips back into his mouth, liking the way it felt. He moved his mouth a little lower, and started sucking her pussy. That felt even better, and she started moaning again.

She tasted delicious, and the way she moved her ass around excited him to no end. His cock felt like it would burst out of his pants at any moment, so he reached down and opened them, freeing his massive erection.

Standing back up, he took himself in hand and started rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks, squeezing them together. She panicked when she realized what he was doing and tried to get away.

“Don’t put it inside me!” she said, scooting up on the desk to get out from under him. She stood up on the other side, looking wide eyed at him. “I told you, I’m still a virgin!”

“Look what you did to me,” he said, gesturing at his erection. She stared at it, the first one she had ever seen in person. It was much bigger than she had expected. “I need you to take care of it. I can’t go around school like this all day!”

“I don’t know what to do!” she wailed. “I just know that I can’t let you put it inside me! I won’t be a virgin anymore if you do that!”

“Don’t worry, there’s other ways, and you can still be a virgin after,” he told her, smiling. “There’s several ways, in fact.”

“There are?” she asked. “I don’t mind helping, since it is partially my fault. What do I have to do?”

“Have you ever heard of a blowjob?” he asked. She shook her head. “Well, that’s where the girl gets down on her knees, and the man let’s her suck on his cock. Do you think that would be something you’re willing to try?”

“Sure,” she said, coming around the desk again. She got in front of it, then knelt down. She couldn’t take her eyes off his groin, then it was getting closer as he came forward.

“Take it in your hand,” he suggested, seeing her hesitate because she didn’t know what to do. She looked up at him, grateful for the instruction, then took it gingerly in her hand, loosely curling her fingers around the girth. They couldn’t quite close and meet thumb to finger, it was so big around.

She was excited to be doing this; she knew how forbidden it was. Her mother would freak if she knew her daughter was dressed like this, on her knees and about to put a man’s cock in her mouth!

Mr. Anderson reached down with both hands, caressing Cassie’s hair with gentle strokes. “Whenever you’re ready,” he said softly. “Just give it a little kiss, then you can open your mouth and suck on the head of it. When you get comfortable with that, try going a little deeper.”

“Okay, I’m ready,” she whispered, looking up at him. He brought her head forward, and she kissed the tip of his cock, right on the piss slit. Then she parted her lips and let him push inside her mouth… sucking softly on the head, just like he’d told her to do.

“Oh, that’s so good!” he moaned. “Take some more of it, more!”

She did as he asked, letting about half of it come into her mouth. She discovered that she enjoyed sucking on it, and gave it more of her attention. If she relaxed her throat, she found she could get almost all of him in her mouth, and he really seemed to enjoy that.

Just as she was getting the hang of it, he pulled out and began stroking himself with his own fist, the head of it still pointed straight at her face, and less than an inch away. She was utterly shocked when it began erupting gob of sticky how whiteness all over her head. It got in her hair and both her eyes. Some of it even went into her mouth!

“Okay, good girl, you can use the bathroom in my office to get cleaned up if you want. It’s right through that door there.” He indicated a door that she hadn’t noticed, then hurriedly fastened his pants back up. “Hurry up, you don’t want to be late for class!”

Rating: 90%, Read 18746 times, Posted May 16, 2017

Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob


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