No Panties And Only Short Skirts by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male

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No Panties And Only Short Skirts

I was just sitting on my front porch enjoying the beautiful Saturday morning when Katie came strolling up the sidewalk toward me. She climbed the steps and stood next to me. Looking up at her I could only see her bushy teenage pussy staring at me.

I said, “You’re not wearing any panties.”

Katie laughed and said, “I know that.”

I asked, “Why not?”

Katie replied, “Because I’m only allowed to wear panties and bras to school.”

I said, “Then maybe you should wear longer skirts.”

Katie replied, “I’m not allowed to wear anything longer unless it is to school.”

I then said, “Shorts or pants.”

Katie replied, “Not allowed at all.”

Obviously I looked very confused so Katie added, “Daddy set the rules and my mother, my two sisters, and I have to obey them. Unless we are going to school or Mom is going to work we have to wear skirts that are no longer than two inches below our crotches. Our tops cannot touch our skirts, we are not allowed to wear bras or panties, and we are not allowed to close our legs if we sit down.”

I smiled and said, “Please sit down then.”

Katie smiled back at me and said, “Okay because I want to talk to you about Peggy.”

Katie sat down facing me, she sat Indian style, and she exposed her pussy fully. Her furry lips opened up and her moist pink inner lips were exposed. I had a perfect view of the nicest pussy that I had ever seen in my life.

Katie then said, “Peggy wants to dress like me in front of you. All you have to do it tell her that you like my father’s rules and that you are imposing them on your own family.”

I asked, “Why do you think she wants that?”

Katie said, “When she is at my house she wears my clothes and obeys the same rules that I do. Besides she has told me how much she would like to show you her pussy.”

Then she added, “Another rule is that we cannot shave our pussies. Daddy said that God gave us hair on our pussies for a reason and that we should be proud of it.”

All of a sudden it dawned on me to ask, “What about my wife?”

Katie laughed and said, “Just tell her that your new rules apply to her too. I bet that you will be surprised at her reply.”

Katie then got up and walked into the house. I stood up to realize that I had a tent in my pants. When I walked in the door Katie and Peggy were standing there waiting for me.

I looked at Peggy and asked, “Would you like me to impose the same rules that Katie’s father has?”

Peggy quickly replied, “Yes, Daddy. Can I start now?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, now go change and let me check out that pussy of yours.”

Peggy giggled and said, “You need to tell Mommy.”

I agreed with her and I remembered what Katie had said about my wife surprising me. I entered our bedroom just as she was getting out of bed. She looked at the tent in my pants and asked, “Should I get back in bed?”

I figured ‘what to hell’ and I started to get undressed. She spread her legs and I got between them. Once I had my cock inside her I said, “Are you aware of the rules that Katie has to live by?”

My wife said, “Yes, I think so…why?”

I said, “Because I just told Peggy that she had to start living by those rules in our house too.” I paused and said, “I would like you to do so too.”

My wife did surprise me when she replied, “Okay. Can we finish making love first?”

It did not take me very long to finish. I could not get Katie’s hairy pussy out of my mind, I could hardly wait to see my daughter’s exposed pussy, and now even my wife was willing to expose her pussy to strangers. I erupted with a force unknown to me before.

I dressed quickly and went down to find my daughter. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. She had on the shortest skirt that I had ever seen her in, her T-shirt was the short kind, and she was smiling.

When I got to the bottom of the steps I said, “I want you two girls to sit on the forth step.”

I watched them count off four steps, turn around, and sit down spreading their knees out so wide that they touched one another. I didn’t know that my daughter shaved her pussy edges but I should have known from seeing her in her bikinis.

I said, “Peggy you will have to stop shaving your pussy.” Then I asked, “Katie what do you wear when you go swimming?”

Katie said, “There are a few exceptions. I can wear a bikini to swim in and I can wear regular dresses to weddings, funeral, and other places if my father tells me that I can. Otherwise what you see is what I wear almost all of the time. Oh, and none of us girls can wear anything at all after nine o’clock at night, not even Mommy.”

I asked, “Do you have any brothers?”

Katie said, “Yes, two.”

I asked, “Do they have rules too?”

Katie giggled, “Yes, but not like us girls. They cannot wear anything after nine o’clock and they cannot fuck a virgin. My sisters and I are still virgins so that only leaves Mommy. Then there is oral sex, if they give me an orgasm first then I have to suck their cock and swallow their cum. The only problem is that I take too long to cum so they usually go after my sisters.”

My wife came down the stairs and sat behind the girls, up a couple of steps, and opened her knees for me. Then she asked, “Is this what you want?”

The girls turned to look at my wife’s pussy. It was practically in their faces and it was completely bald, opened pretty wide, and still oozing my cum.

My wife asked, “Katie aren’t you required to lick your father’s cum out of your mother’s pussy?”

Katie replied, “Yes, I have to lick Daddy’s cum out of Mommy, Alice has to like Fred’s cum out of her, and Betty has to lick Ronnie’s cum out of her.”

My wife looked at our daughter and said, “Okay Peggy go for it.” Then she leaned back against the stairs.

Katie and I watched as Peggy licked her mother’s pussy clean.

Then I said, “Okay girls get in the car. We are going out to lunch. Katie ask your parents if you can come with us.”

Peggy jumped off the stars and headed for the door, Katie went toward the phone, and my wife asked, “Like this?”

I looked at her and said, “It’s the rule. Don’t make me punish you.”

My wife whispered, “But my pussy will show if I sit down in a chair.”

I just smiled and said, “I know. Why do you think I’m taking you out to lunch? If it embarrasses you we can eat every meal out for a week.”

My wife lowered her head and said, “Lunch will be just fine.”

Katie was able to come with us so I drove us to my favorite Chinese Buffet. I told the girls that they could only get a small amount of food at a time so that they would have to get up several times and walk to the food area. I also requested a table as far away from the food as possible.

Peggy and Kate had no problem dealing with the stares, the whistles, and the comments as they walked by the tables. My wife on the other hand got very embarrassed. However, she also got very excited. After her second trip for food, I could see her sticky cum leaving wet marks on her inner thighs and even tiny strings of cum appeared attaching her legs to her pussy lips. She was so excited that before we left she had experienced an orgasm without any contact with her pussy what so ever. It was like a daylight wet dream. When my wife told us that, Peggy and Katie both said that they had experienced an orgasm like that too.

I said, “New rule, when that happens I get to lick your pussies clean.”

In the car I asked, “Katie, if you dress like this all the time, then why did you have an orgasm?”

Katie replied, “I dress like this but Daddy doesn’t take us out to eat, in fact he never takes us anywhere. There are more of us and he doesn’t make as much money as you do.”

She was right. Her father worked for the same company as I, except he sure doesn’t make as much money as I do. I could also sympathize with five kids versus one.

When we got home I started licking my daughter’s pussy first. Oh my, it was unbelievable. She had the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever encountered. That orgasm in the restaurant had just been the icing on the cake. She had been secreting her girly juices ever since I told her that panties were out. She tasted heavenly. As good as Katie tasted she could not come close to Peggy’s taste.

However, eating those two girls out made me want to fuck my wife instead of eating her out too, so I did just that. Those two virgins couldn’t get close enough as I had my wife’s legs wrapped up around my ears as I pounded down into her hot pussy just as hard as I could. It sure didn’t take very long before I was cumming in her deeply. When I pulled out those two girls fought over who was going to get their tongue in her first. Katie won and got in the first few slurps of my cum and then she pushed Peggy over and shared it with my daughter. Katie went back to my wife’s pussy and then shared that with my daughter too. It was a pleasure watching Katie work. My wife enjoyed having her pussy eaten by an expert and my daughter loved the way she got a taste of my cum.

My wife invited Katie to a sleepover but her father said no to that. However, he did say yes to our invitation to a Sunday steak and lobster barbecue at our house.

About noon on Sunday the whole tribe arrived in our big backyard. I had not met Tim’s wife Martha and his other four children. His wife looked older than her thirty-three years. The two boys were twelve and eleven years old, and the younger girls were ten and nine. Katie was thirteen years old like my daughter. I could not imagine those two boys fucking their mother for two hours straight after school each day, let alone those two girls cleaning up after them.

I was certainly impressed when Katie’s mother sat down in a chair across from me and spread her legs wide. That hairy muff of hers parted down the middle and showed more pinkness than I had ever seen. What a big gash she had. It oozed cream too even though I knew that those two girls try their hardest to keep it clean. Martha smiled at me when she caught me looking at her bush. I smiled back when she slipped both hands down there and pulled her lips open. Her hole looked like it could take a beer bottle with no problem at all. I would have to get my wife to ask her later.

The two youngest girls enjoyed playing with the live lobster until the big pot was boiling hard. They squatted down and exposed their baby pussies.

The lobster went in and the steaks were going to be medium rare for the adults and well done for the kids. There were several salads too. We were ready to eat.

The younger four kids did not like the taste of the lobster, which was kind of funny since they seemed to like the taste of filled pussy so much. All the more for the rest of us.

Afterwards Martha sent Tim home with the kids. My wife took Peggy into the house to clean up some of the dishes while Martha talked to me.

As we talked about her life, her marriage, and her children she fucked herself with the bottom end of a beer bottle. My wife had talked to her about it. Soon Peggy brought out a wine bottle and handed it to Martha. She smiled at the beer bottle in Martha’s pussy. Martha handed it to me and then managed to get the neck of the wine bottle all the way into her pussy until the fat part had stretched her out enough so that she could turn the bottle around and fuck herself with the bottom end in first. Peggy was impressed until Martha told her that she would have to give birth to a half dozen kids and have a husband that kept shoving bottle up her snatch. Peggy decided to start out smaller like a carrot or a cucumber. Martha laughed and sent her in to her mother to get one.

Before I knew it I had three women out there fucking themselves with various objects. Peggy had a carrot up her snatch, my wife had a cucumber up hers, and Martha was working on a bigger Champaign bottle. In the end I just had to take a picture of the three of them together and by themselves with their pussies stuffed full. I also kept those items for myself. I wanted the carrot and the cucumber coated with something that would preserve them forever.

Martha said, “I have a secret that I just have to share with you guys. Peggy I’m trusting you to keep my secret.”

She took a deep breath and started, “While I was pregnant with my last child I caught Tim fucking our babysitter’s face. She was naked and on her knees up against the kitchen stove and Tim was naked and leaning over her with his cock in her mouth. I came up behind him and kicked him in the balls so hard that I broke a toe. I also ruptured both of his balls, I broke her lower jaw, and then she almost bit his cock off. The doctors tried to put him back together but nothing worked right afterwards. My husband doesn’t produce any cum or even get a hard on.”

“I started all of this no panties and nude evenings to irritate Tim but I gave him complete credit for it. I wanted to make him suffer and to realize what he had lost. Then I started letting the boys fuck me to piss Tim off too, however that has gotten carried away. I can barely feel their tiny little cocks inside me. The best part of that is when the younger girls lick my clit. Then there is Katie, I play with myself until I’m very juicy and then I let Katie lick me clean thinking that it was her father’s mess.”

“What I really need is a good stiff cock.” She turned toward my wife and asked, “Can I borrow your husband?”

My wife said, “Yes, but you can’t go home with a pussy full of his cum.”

Peggy said, “I can clean her up afterwards, if I can watch them have sex.”

My wife looked at Peggy and said, “Suppose we both watch and we both clean her up afterwards.”

Peggy said, “Okay but I get it all for myself the next time she comes over to fuck Daddy.”

Martha said, “I like the sound of that.”

In exchange for letting Martha have sex with me, my wife got to have sex with the two boys and their two younger sisters.

The End

No Panties And Only Short Skirts


Rating: 85%, Read 182272 times, Posted Feb 20, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male


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