Going Nova ch. 9: The Swimsuit Portion by sodapopsweet

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Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young

Michael guided Brie by the shoulders into the backstage makeup room. She wondered why she was getting more makeup if she was to wear a swimsuit down the runway. After all, she had already had her makeup done on stage.

She also wondered if her pussy, still hot and drooling from her first to walks down the runway, would be apparent to the people in the room when she changed. It did cross her mind that if she soaked her way through the swimsuit, at least it was a piece of clothing that was supposed to get wet.

Michael pushed open the door to the room, and they were greeted by a team of three makeup artists. Two women and one man.

The man’s presence made Brie self-conscious, and she crossed her arms in front of her bare chest. One of the two women, with straight, bleached blonde hair, laughed aloud, “No need for modesty, honey, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of you by the time we’re done here.”

Brie was concerned about what she meant, but her self-consciousness had morphed into shyness, and so she remained quiet as Michael guided her toward a hard-seated reclining chair in the middle of the room, which faced a mirror. She sat down and, after removing her roller skates, leaned back against the cold backrest, shivering, and forming goose bumps.

The other woman, a frizzy redhead reached over and ran two warm hands down her arms. “Aw, you’re just the most precious little thing, aren’t you? You’re going to absolutely look like a baby doll in Scarlet’s newest swimming suit cut.”

The man in the room nodded, “That’s great, because that’s just the look they’re going for. That’s why they’re calling the bikini ‘doll patches’.” He reached over to the counter and pulled several clear cellophane envelopes out of a tiny box. Inside each one were small, round, flesh-toned swatches. He turned to Brie. “Alright, child, arms down.”

Sudden realization swept over the young girl and her eyes went wide. “Those little patches are the swimming suit?”

The man looked at her incredulously, “Yes, didn’t you discuss this with your agent?”

Brie wasn’t sure how to answer that question without blowing the fact that she and Elsie had lied to get the modeling gig, but Michael jumped in, “We had an accident with the original model. Briley offered to stand in for her.” He turned to the girl and spoke calmly. “Remember, you’re getting paid for this. We shook on it?”

Brie swallowed, starkly aware that she was in over her head. She desperately wished Elsie was there to bail her out. “But how am I supposed to even wear that?” she pleaded.

“That’s what the artists here are for. They’ll work their magic. You don’t have to do anything but sit right here. Don’t worry. After all, you’re not going to be naked when you walk down that stage. Nothing to worry about.”

Brie swung her head around, looking at each of the attendants and was met only by friendly, smiling faces. She looked once more at Michael who nodded encouragingly. With the coaxing of the older folks in the room, she took a big breath and slowly lowered her arms to her sides revealing her bare chest, and the protruding nipples that capped off her breasts, once more. She caught her reflection in the mirror and blushed deep red at her predicament. Her mind wandered again to Elsie, and wished she was in her friend’s place instead, and that she could simply wear the standard bikini cut that Elsie was given.

With Brie consenting, Michael took his leave to tend to other matters related to finishing up the fashion show.

“Alright, let’s get started,” the male makeup artist said. He spun her chair around so that she faced away from the mirror. He leaned over her and, one-by-one, held different swatches up to Brie’s chest until he found a shade that matched her skin tone. “Bingo.” He tossed the others back in the box.

After that, he tore open the cellophane, pulled out one of the tan discs and grabbed a paintbrush. He dipped the brush into a jar of paste nearby and spread it onto the swatch, then delicately pressed it onto Brie’s right nipple. She shivered at the contact. His push on her sensitive nipple was like pushing a button to start her engine. A pleasurable feeling coursed directly to her heart. Then he went back into the envelope and performed the same actions for her remaining nipple. Brie squirmed and pressed her thighs together, and hoped that that was the end.

The man spun her chair back around to face the mirror and the redhead piped up, “What do you think?”

Brie was agape. She wore nothing on top, and the minescule fabric discs that had been attached to her nipples very nearly camouflaged them completely. “I look naked,” she stammered.

The blonde woman laughed and said, “Honey, just you wait.” At that, the man left the girl in the woman’s care. She spun Brie’s chair away from the mirror once more, and grabbed a make-up palette off of the counter. “Alright,” she said, “we’ve matched your skin as best we can with the swatches that we have, but for this run, we’re going for absolutely perfect blending.” As an aside, she added, “Most of the girls who’ll buy these doll patches to wear to the pool or the beach are just going to stick them on and leave it as is. They’re not going to be putting makeup on their tits. But being as this is a professional event, Scarlet is putting their best foot forward. We’re going to use a bit of makeup magic so that these swatches blend in perfectly and completely with your true flesh tones. You really will look like a naked baby doll out there, without actually being naked.”

Brie swallowed and nodded, sure that she had no say in the matter at all. The woman flipped the makeup palette open and started smearing the pancake makeup over her subject’s chest with a sponge brush. Brie took a deep breath and closed her eyes. In her already elevated state of sensitivity, she was suddenly shocked back into her self-centered, super-orgasmic world. She had planned that by this point she’d have finished off her medicine and gone off to find somewhere to masturbate, but instead it had been one thing after another, and she still had not brought herself peace with a necessary orgasm. Now her breasts felt hot at every touch. Every stroke of the sponge, from her nipples outward, speared deep into her heart and dumped adrenaline into her veins. Her breathing became more shallow, but she tried to put on a brave face and not give too much away to her attendants.

She felt her nipples harden considerably, but when she glanced down they were invisible beneath the pasties glued on top of them. The blonde makeup artist was doing her best to ensure that it looked as if she had been born without them.

After applying the base toning layer, the woman took out a tiny blending brush and began to stroke Brie’s skin, subtly smoothing over any final differences between shades of makeup and the girl’s own natural skin color. The tiny brush tickled her, and she squirmed in the chair, sliding across its surface, which was moistened by her oozing girl-cum. She pressed her thighs together, squeezing out even more of her silky lubrication, which soaked into her drenched romper all the more.

The woman paused and held Brie’s chin, “Honey, you gotta sit still and stop fidgeting. Are you ticklish?”

Brie shook her head, eyes remaining closed, and said, “No. That just feels fucking good on my boobs. Gonna make me cum.”

The woman was taken aback, but quickly laughed it off, saying, “I’m sure the boys must love you. Okay, I’ll try not to rub too much, but there’s not much I can do right now; we have to get this blended in.”

Brie pressed a hand against her heated cleft. Her romper felt swampy with her juices. She rubbed herself slowly, surreptitiously, through the cloth and shivered. Her muscles tensed in her legs as pleasure coursed down through them, curling her toes.

The small brush swirled over her nerves, as the woman worked her way outward from each of her nipples. This served to tease Brie, for if her nipples had not been covered, and if the woman had been going the opposite direction—toward her more sensitive areas instead of away—it would have driven her mad right then and there.

After the small brush had worked its magic, the blonde had only to powder the makeup to ensure it set. She grabbed a puff and, with two final dabs, bopped Brie on each of the rises of her small breasts, eliciting a moan.

“Good grief,” said the redheaded woman, first to notice Brie thumbing her crotch through her clothes, “Is she jilling herself?”

The blonde sat back and tisked, “Hey, c’mon now, let’s be professional here.” Brie could barely hear them. Her head pounded like a drum, driving her bawdily onward. The woman stood up and said to the redhead, “At any rate, I’m done here. She’s your problem now.”

“Oookay,” the ginger sighed, rolling her eyes. “Let’s see what we can do here. Alright child, up, up. Get up.” Brie didn’t pay attention, she continued to absentmindedly mash the romper up into slit. The woman slapped her face lightly, but the girl just lolled her head back and forth, oblivious. The woman looked at the others in the room, “What’s with this girl?”

The blonde replied, “I don’t know, she was lucid a few minutes ago.”

The man spoke up, “Sometimes they come in here pretty strung out, but they always get the job done. It’s not our problem. Let’s just finish her up.”

“Sad,” the redhead said. “Well, can one of you pick her up so we can get this thing off?”

The man wandered around behind Brie and hoisted her up by the arms, trying not to smear her chest makeup in the process. Once her butt was off the seat, the woman grabbed the waist of the romper and shucked it down to Brie’s knees in one swift motion, exposing her bottom and vagina to the room.

Brie’s eyes snapped open and she gasped, jolted back to reality, as the raw air of the makeup room rushed over her moist, naked body. Her head wheeled around, taking in the details, trying to decode the situation, but she was barely coherent.

The man dropped her bare butt down onto the cold, wet chair seat and again her brain fought for more lucidity. He produced again, the small box of swatches, but instead of pulling out round circles, he instead pulled out single strips, about the size of a Band-Aid. He kneeled down next to her and leaned in toward her mound. Brie became deep red as she felt the man’s proximity to her most private area. But she did not protest. Somewhere deep inside of her, she was enjoying the attention. One by one, the man held each swatch up to her vulva until he found the closest match. “Looks like we’re going redder down here.” Then, just as he had done with the nipple pasties, he smeared an adhesive onto the swatch and pressed it against Brie’s slit.

The swatch was barely wide enough to cover the distance between the peaks of her labia. Real flesh from her puffy pussy lips was exposed on either side, and the strip was only long enough to cover the gash of her vulva; it didn’t even reach back to her butt. Brie couldn’t believe the swimming suit was legal, but somewhere in her delirious mind, she supposed that it covered up anything that needed covering; just nothing more. It was the next generation of the tiny thong bikini.

The swatch, of course, didn’t stay in place for long, and slipped onto the floor. Brie had produced far too much liquid for the adhesive to stick. The man scoffed in annoyance, cleaned the fabric, and dried it against his pants. “It won’t go on if the surface is wet,” he explained, “but once we do get it on, nothing but the solvent will wash it off.” He looked to the blonde. “Hand me that face towel.” He took it and buffed Brie’s overflowing chalice dry. She groaned aloud as he dragged the soft towel up between her pussy lips and over her swollen, hot clitoris.

The feeling of having someone else getting up into her breach rocked her world, and she shuddered and bucked against his ministrations, moaning pornographically. The man grabbed her around one thigh to stabilize himself and tried again to apply the bandage to Brie’s crevice. This time he was successful in getting it to stick, but Brie had other plans. Delirious with the need for orgasm, Brie slapped his hand away and peeled the top of the fabric strip back. He recoiled onto the balls of his feet and watched her snake a finger underneath and begin to luridly swirl it around her clit in earnest.

Before the man could do anything, she was already smearing her newly generated cum over her rubescent sex. He reeled in frustration. “Lord, grant me patience! Can I get some help here?”

The blonde came over, flabbergasted, “What do you want me to do?”

“Grab her arms and make sure she can’t touch her cunt!”

The woman pulled the young girl’s arms around and held them back.

Brie thrashed and fought against the restraint, whining all the way. “Fuck me,” she begged, “Cum, cum. I need cummies. Please, give me your cock.”

The man looked up at her incredulously and said with snark, “Honey, you’re not even my type.” Once again, he cleaned the swatch and dried off the little girl’s slit, causing her whole body to stiffen in the chair and thrust out to meet him at his touch. He remained all business and, this time, he got the adhesive to stick. No matter which way Brie twisted, she could not escape her restraints; without her hands free, she could not get the swatch to budge, and she could not achieve the orgasm she craved. The man, satisfied, looked at the redhead and said, “My job is done. She’s all yours now.”

The woman looked at him wryly, “Not yet. Grab her feet, I’m not getting kicked.” She pulled the romper from the girl’s legs and spread them. She crouched between them with her own makeup kit, and meanwhile, the man sat behind her and held one of Brie’s ankles in each hand.

Just as the woman had predicted, as soon as she started blending the edges of the doll patch with the surrounding skin tone of Brie’s mons, the girl began to thrash and wail in ravishment. She so desperately wanted to cum, and the woman was teasing her, fondling her everywhere but the sensitive spots that would put her over the edge. Everything the woman did only heightened Brie’s fiery nerves all the more, while raising the bar to climax ever higher. The girl swore and burbled and demanded offerings of cum from her attendants, but they showed no mercy, remaining strictly professional, all to Brie’s despair.

At long last, the artists finished their jobs. The man and the redheaded woman retreated. Brie, with her arms still pinned behind her by the blonde, thrust her hips into the air for several moments, willing someone to relieve the mounting pressure boiling within her. But no such relief came. After a short while, without direct stimulation, she appeared to calm down considerably, closing her eyes and begging quietly, helplessly, in frustration.

The three attendants exchanged glances and at last the man spoke, “Alright, let’s get her to her room.”

“We can’t let her touch herself or she’ll ruin the suit again, and the makeup” the blonde woman said.

The ginger snapped her fingers, “Here.” She grabbed a hair ribbon from off the counter and wrapped it around Brie’s wrists, knotting it loosely. At that, they picked her up onto her feet and escorted her toward the changing room where her friend awaited. They paraded her virtually nude body throughout the backstage area, turning the heads of models and stagehands alike. Her legs felt almost useless and, with her head hung low, she looked like the victim of a kidnapping.

The group of attendants pushed open the cracked door to her green room and found Elsie, topless, sitting on her boyfriend’s lap.


Elsie was astounded. Coming through the door, she saw Brie, who appeared to be stark naked, being led with her hands behind her back by a group of older adults. She was clearly in a trance, her rangy body tottering on her tiny feet.

The blonde among them spoke up, virtually unconcerned that Elsie, herself, was bare-breasted and sitting atop the lap of one of the boys in the room, but from her angle, she couldn’t see the girl’s vagina exposed beside her bunched up panties. “Alright Zoey, you and Briley have,” she checked the time, “four and a half minutes.” She looked up at her co-workers, impressed. “Four and half minutes? We really cut that one close.” The other two chuckled in relief. She turned back to Elsie, “About four minutes before you’re needed at the stage.”

Elsie nodded, confused about what she was seeing before her.

The woman gave her a once over, “You ought to be dressed by now. What are you waiting for?”

Elsie finally spoke up, climbing off the lap of her partner, fixing the crotch of her panties before anyone noticed they were awry. “You’re mad about me? What about her?” she said, gesturing to Brie.

“We got her dressed and made up in that time.”

Elsie looked again at her friend and at last noticed that, indeed, she wasn’t naked, she just looked very close to it.

The redheaded woman released Brie, who staggered forward into the room. “Don’t let her touch herself,” she said awkwardly, “And don’t untie her hands until she gets on stage.” They retreated, closing the door behind them and Elsie could hear them talking about “teenagers.”

No sooner did they leave than Brie pressed herself against Elsie and confided, “Cum. I need to cum.”

“Whoa, Brie, what?” Elsie asked, pushing her friend away from her.

Brie sobbed, “Els, I need to cum. My pussy’s so hot, I’m aroused to fucking distraction. And I can’t go out there,” she looked down at her nearly nude figure, “like this.”

Elsie looked her friend up and down. Brie had the same sensual look on her face as she had in the dressing room the day before, only more tragic. She was flushed and panting, and beads of sweat were forming on her face and shoulders. Elsie’s eyes wandered down to her friend’s underdeveloped chest, where she noticed the barely imperceptible ridges of pasties that covered her nipples. She then found herself peering down to inspect Brie’s slit, which had been almost completely smoothed over by a bandage-sized strip of plastic. It dipped ever-so-slightly into the crease of her puffy lips, giving a subtle definition to her cleft. Despite Brie’s woe, Elsie thought she looked very sexy, and couldn’t believe Scarlet expected anyone to go out in public in such a scandalous getup.

Given their experience together, Elsie understood that Brie was backed against a wall—she was past the line between all and nothing, between holding back a little longer and cumming her brains out—and so was more than willing to try and help her friend. However, she had been ordered not to touch Brie where she needed it most.

“I don’t know what I can do right now, Brie.” Elsie consoled, while crawling into the bikini top she would be modeling. “I can’t get you off until this is over, but I promise you when it is, I will. It will be the first thing I do.” She looked her friend in the eye and cupped a hand along her cheek. “What can I do in the meantime?”

Brie pleaded with her. “Medicine. I need my medicine.” Elsie snapped her fingers and went to Brie’s bag. She found the bottle within and uncapped it, holding it to Brie’s lips. Brie quickly gulped back the tangy potion. After she swallowed the last of it, she gasped, “Thanks. But, well,” she hesitated, eyes flitting back and forth, “I need… more than that.”

“I don’t think you have any more,” Elsie explained, tipping over the bottle. A single gooey droplet dripped to the floor.

Brie interjected, “I don’t. But you do.”

Elsie was caught off guard. “I don’t understand.”

Brie took a deep breath and looked down at her feet sheepishly, “I need your… your cum.”

An unexpected voice came from the back of the room, “Whoa.”

For the first time, Brie realized that Oliver and Hunter were still in the room. Rather than be embarrassed, however, Brie felt relieved. Her face brightened unexpectedly, and she rounded Elsie to approach the two boys. Nodding her head eagerly, she said, “Yes, yes! Your cum, too. I need cum from everybody.”

Elsie spoke up, “Brie, what are you saying?”

Brie turned to face her and said, “My mom told me that my medicine is just cum. And I believe her.”

Elsie couldn’t believe what her friend was saying. “What? How does she know that?”

“I don’t know, but I tried some of hers and it made me feel really good.”

Elsie was dumbfounded. She wondered if Brie understood what she was saying. Had her friend just admitted to tasting her mother’s forbidden essence? She thought about Hazel’s peculiar behavior that weekend, about how she had disappeared with Brie upstairs during the movie. “Are you saying that you tried your mom’s cum?”

Brie nodded her head. Absent-mindedly to herself, she said, “Hers didn’t taste like the medicine. But my dad’s kinda did this morning.”

Elsie choked, “This morning? But I was with you all morning.”

A sly grin spread on Brie’s face, and she said quietly through lusty eyes, “When he was tickling you.”

Again Elsie was astounded. She recalled the moment when Brie claimed to have “goosed” her father. She couldn’t believe that the little Nova had been tasting her father’s cum.

Elsie tried to be disgusted at first, but very quickly, she realized that wasn’t her honest reaction. Indeed, that weekend had opened her mind in a lot of ways, and it somehow made sense to her that Brie’s actions were little different than the familial bond she shared with her own sister.

Elsie’s chest tightened as she felt a mix of raw eroticism, thrilling taboo, and even a hint of possessiveness over her friend’s dad. She thought back to her morning play time with Warrick and the burning desire she felt to couple with him a second time then and there in Hazel’s bedroom, even with Brie in the room watching. Still wet from her fingerbang with Oliver, her sex drizzled into her panties.

It barely registered with Oliver that Brie had confessed to having sexual relations with her parents. He only focused on the fact that she wanted to eat his cum. Like Elsie, he, too, remained amorous from their make-out session and he was still rock hard. He spoke up with a roguish grin, “If we’re gonna do this, we better be quick. You girls are on again, soon!” At that, he began to undo his pants.

Brie clapped in lusty glee.

Hunter interrupted, “What the fuck, man? Zoey is your girlfriend. I’m supposed to get Briley or Brie or whatever her name is.”

“She said she needed it from all of us, though,” Oliver defended himself. He glanced toward Brie who nodded enthusiastically and licked her lips.

Elsie felt a twinge of resentment that the two boys were fighting over Brie, especially toward Oliver, after the way he made her cum. She knew that the possessiveness she felt toward Warrick would have to be tempered, as she recognized that she would have to share him with Brie—the two of them being father and daughter guaranteed that. But she wasn’t ready to share Oliver, too.

“Hold on a sec,” she interjected. “What’s fair is fair. We paired off. Br— Briley got Hunter and I got you, Oliver. And,” she added with a wink, “as I recall, I owe you one.”

With a grin, Oliver shrugged and walked over to his girl. “Alright, what’s fair is fair. As long as I get mine.”

Hunter went to the closet and tore the shifts off their hangers and bunched them up on the floor. “Here, kneel here,” he requested of Brie. Still with her wrists bound, she obeyed, sinking to the floor while breathing heavily and rhythmically. Hunter looked around nervously at his brother and said to Brie, “Maybe we should get some privacy. In the closet?”

“Dude, be a man. Just do it,” Oliver goaded.

Hunter huffed and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them, along with his boxer briefs, down over his hips, showing off a small, flaccid penis.

Oliver chuckled, which drew a scornful gaze from his sibling. Hunter spat out, “Shut up, I’m nervous. It’s my first time.” Elsie blushed for him.

Oliver waved a hand. “Just wait. When you get to college, you’ll get plenty of experience.”

Elsie started at the revelation that her boyfriend was in college. She knew they were both older than she and Brie, but she had assumed they were both high schoolers.

Brie, however, didn’t care. She was, instead, fixated on milking Hunter of all of his cum. She darted her head toward him and instantly licked a dewy bead of precum off the tip of the boy’s glans. It tasted a lot like what her father had produced earlier that morning. It was salty, but satisfying.

“Holy shit,” Hunter groaned weakly.

Brie followed it up with more licking all over his cock. She moaned in satisfaction as she savored his taste, and the boy began to grow.

Oliver watched for a few moments, but before too long Elsie wanted some action of her own. She pushed her panties to the floor and stepped out of them, prying her boyfriend’s gaze away from Brie’s performance with his brother. She looked him in the eyes as she slipped the swimsuit bottoms she was to model up over her hips. “Okay, this is how it’s going to be. Briley really does need your cum, but I also don’t want her having all the fun. I want you to fuck me, Oliver, okay? I want you to fuck me real good. I’ve done it before, so I can take it.”

“Damn, you’re so young, I thought I was for sure going to be your first.”

Elsie rolled her eyes. “Damn, I guess we’ll have to close it up, then.”

“Oh, come on, don’t be like that,” Oliver insisted.

“Then stop bitching. Besides, everybody knows virginity is a social construct.” Oliver grinned widely and nodded, and Elsie continued. “Anyway, you can fuck me, but when you feel like you need to cum, pull out and cum for her.” She pointed at Brie, who was sucking readily. “Can you do that for me?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” Oliver said.

While Brie serviced Hunter, she overheard her friend talking about fucking Oliver, which surprised her, even in her lusty state. She wondered when Elsie had lost her virginity, and why she never shared that with her. Elsie never kept secrets. But Brie’s thoughts were redirected when suddenly Hunter grabbed her by the back of her head and began controlling their rhythm. Brie returned her full attention to him to avoid choking on an all-to-eager thrust.

Elsie turned and bent over, placing her palms on the makeup counter. She looked into the mirror and gave herself a wicked smiled. She felt depraved in this situation, yet wanton at the thrill. She was about to have sex for the second time in two days, this time with someone she had barely met. Having just come down from Oliver’s finger banging, she still felt her lubrication flowing through her. She was ready for more. Through the mirror, she could also see Brie in the background, and noticed that Hunter had grown quite considerably in size under her attention. Watching inexperienced Brie finding her rhythm turned Elsie on all the more.

She watched Oliver come up behind her and grip the waistband of her bikini bottoms, ready to rip them off, but Elsie grabbed one of his wrists and scolded him, “Wait, I have to be ready to wear those for my next walk.” The boy grunted in frustration, but nodded and reached behind her and pulled the crotch to the side, exposing her snug vulva once again. Elsie caught herself blushing as she watched him stare at her bared private area, while with his free hand he unbuttoned his pants and released his cock.

Unlike his brother, Oliver was already very hard and needed no extra attention. He kicked Elsie’s legs wider and sidled up to her bottom, lining up the head of his cock to Elsie’s vaginal entrance.

“Yes, yes,” Elsie closed her eyes and hissed. Then she felt the boy suddenly invading her insides in one, swift motion. Her eyes popped wide open again. She caught her own astonished expression in the mirror and couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at herself. Oliver didn’t seem to take notice, however, and he was already pulling out and plunging back in again before Elsie could mentally prepare for his blitz. As he bottomed out against her cervix, the girl winced in pleasure. Steadily, they built up a rhythm, until they were truly rutting in earnest.

Elsie tore her focus away from her own euphoria to watch Brie in the mirror sucking off Hunter. She couldn’t believe how lewd her friend looked, bound and virtually naked, while giving head to a boy who was barely an acquaintance. Brie alternated between licking up and down the boy’s shaft and taking his cock completely into her mouth, bobbing her head upon it. Occasionally she would gag and come up for air, letting sticky strands of saliva and precum trail to the floor. The sight made Elsie short of breath, and she felt the building warmth in her pussy as Oliver powered in and out of her.

Hunter glanced over and made eye contact with Elsie. Watching her getting plowed from behind by his brother, suddenly he squeezed his eyes shut and let out a low groan. He pushed Brie off his cock by her forehead and started stroking himself furiously. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

Brie whined and tried to dive back onto the younger brother’s pulsing member, but he kept her at bay as his cock suddenly leapt up and spurted a creamy jet of cum into the girl’s face. It streaked across her cheek and into her hair. Brie groaned loudly and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue to catch the rest of his load. Hunter’s aim improved as the next few pulses of jizz landed directly into her mouth.

When his orgasm began to subside, he lost the strength in his arm and crashed back into his chair. Brie gulped down what she had caught and quickly resumed her attachment to the boy’s cock, drinking down the rest of his output and licking up the remaining mess.

Watching the action made Elsie’s own pleasure surge toward climax, but Oliver interrupted her reverie as he reached around to grasp her small but prominent breasts. The feel of his hands groping her made Elsie forget all about Brie and she concentrated on her own ecstasy. When he twisted at her hardened nipples beneath her bikini top, her mind went blank and she groaned in pleasure. “Fuck my cunny, Ollie.”

“Fuck,” Oliver declared, “this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

Elsie giggled mischievously through her groans. “That’s because I’ve only ever had sex once before today,” she confessed through rhythmic pants. She reached behind her to grab Oliver’s head and bring him close to her. She whispered into his ear so as not to let Brie hear, “It was Briley’s dad. I fucked my best friend’s daddy.”

Elsie’s bizarre dirty talk was too much for Oliver and he could feel the heat of orgasm welling up from the base of his cock. “I’m close!” he shouted.

“I’m close, too!” Elsie demanded, “Don’t pull out until I cum!”

“But I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t pull out!” Elsie flailed one arm back to grab weakly for Oliver’s hip, to stop him from going anywhere.

But Oliver wasn’t going to pull out, anyway. She had granted him permission to keep going and he wasn’t about to end their tryst of his own accord. Instead he picked up steam and the young girl rewarded him with ever louder cries. In an instant he was over the edge.

Elsie suddenly felt her insides awash with his hot liquid. She could feel Oliver’s girth pulsing inside of her, spilling his seed within her sex pocket. Her young body was inexperienced, but even so it understood the significance of the sensation. It was too erotic for her, and Elsie came hard. Her legs trembled and quickly gave way, but she didn’t need them. Oliver gripped her hips and lifted her feet off the ground. They dangled in the air with each thrust. She crashed forward onto the makeup counter, mashing breasts and cheek onto the surface, wailing as Oliver continued to bang his hips into her ass. He squeezed the last of his cum deep inside her, enjoying the sensation of her lubricious, velvety pussy. Her toes curled and her fingers scratched at the counter as the boy’s load surged through her.

At long last, both of their orgasms subsided, and Oliver slipped from Elsie’s nether region. Panting, he zipped himself back into his pants and glanced at Brie, still tending to Hunter’s soft cock. “Sorry,” Oliver said, “I guess I’ll have to give it to you next time.”

Elsie craned her head up, hair sticking to her sweaty face. She reached behind herself and dipped a finger into the moist folds of her sex, then pulled it out to examine it. “Fuck, you just came in me.”

“You told me to,” Oliver declared.

“I—I know,” Elsie was dazed. “I lost control.”

Oliver shrugged sheepishly, but wore a proud grin. He had fucked her good.

Having cleaned Hunter off thoroughly, Brie pulled herself off of his cock and sat back on the floor, her bare ass on the cold concrete. She looked at Elsie, “I need more medicine.”

“I know, Brie, I know, but we messed up. Oliver’s cum. It’s inside of me now.” Elsie glanced up at the clock, “And we only have a minute before they come get us for our final walk.”

Brie gave a grin through slit eyes and shuffled on her knees over to her friend. “I know how we can still get it.” She approached Elsie who was leaned with her butt against the edge of the vanity counter. She craned her neck up to her friend’s hand, the one Elsie had just inserted into herself, and licked up the shining melange upon it. “Yummy yummy,” she smiled.

Elsie got the hint immediately. She reached again inside of her pussy and scooped up some of the mixture of Oliver’s cum and her vaginal fluids there within. Brie happily sucked them once again into her mouth, savoring what her friend was able to pull out with her fingers. Elsie did this a few more times, Brie becoming ever more eager as more and more of Oliver’s cum capitulated to gravity and slopped down from within Elsie’s slit.

But Brie began to feel an urgency and, as Elsie pulled her sticky fingers from her vaginal sheath once more, Brie ignored them. Instead, she ducked between her friend’s spread legs and positioned herself directly under the source.

Elsie froze and she watched Brie, mouth opened wide between her thighs, waiting for a silky glob to slowly drip from her saturated snatch onto Brie’s tongue. When Brie began to taste it, she tittered deliriously to herself.

Elsie exhaled slowly, her breath quavering. She couldn’t believe that her best friend was drinking cum straight from her own freshly fucked cunt. Once again they were bridging new territory in their friendship. Or was it now something more than friendship? Though she had just cum twice, she already felt recharged for another orgasm, and there was Brie with mouth watering for what was inside of her.

Elsie reached down and tugged apart her labia. She opened up her hole and bore down on her lower muscles, forcing Oliver’s cum out of her tunnel. It drizzled downward into Brie’s mouth and she swallowed every drop that she could. But the two young girls could not keep still, and occasionally the precious medicine would miss its mark, dripping onto Brie’s chin or over her cheek.

Elsie felt her heart thumping in her ears as she began to squat ever lower. Each of her quick breaths felt hot and desperate in her dry mouth. She shifted her stance wider, bringing her crotch down closer and closer to Brie’s waiting mouth, until at last her puffy pussy made contact with her best friend’s lips. Elsie’s eyes went wide when she felt her friend’s mouth touch against her forbidden spot, taking in as much of the erotic scene as she could. She mewled at the novel feeling of Brie’s hot breath against and up inside of her sex.

Brie needed no coaxing and began to slide her tongue up and down Elsie’s gash, prying it in between her labia, and up into her tunnel, licking up as much of Oliver and Elsie’s cum as she could manage. But Brie’s own wanton lust recognized the sexual needs of her partner, and soon medicine was not her only goal. She wriggled her tongue up her friend’s slit until she found the hardened nubbin of Elsie’s little clit.

Elsie cried out and gripped Brie’s hair with sticky fingers, pressing the girl’s face against her pussy. There, Brie began to moan and lap wildly, licking up Elsie’s cum cocktail and rushing her toward her third orgasm.

It was at that moment, amidst the girls’ wailing and moaning and oral experimentation, that the door to the green room swung open wide. There stood the assistant, frozen in shock at the sight of the two girls making love while their two boyfriends gawked from the sidelines.

“What the fuck?” the large woman croaked. She nearly dropped her clipboard.

The two girls whirled to face her. Elsie quickly flipped her bikini bottoms over her exposed mound and covered her face with her other hand. Brie, with her own hands bound, could only sit back on her heels and blush, staring at the floor.

“Uh,” the woman continued with pause, “You two are up.” Then she asked skeptically, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, we’re ready,” Elsie said breathlessly and smoothed over the wrinkles in her suit aimlessly.

Brie nodded silently. She was lucid enough to feel the shame of being caught in such a position, yet her head still throbbed with excitement and her prolonged lack of satisfaction. She strongly desired to close the door on the woman and forego the rest of the fashion show so that Elsie could return the oral favor; or perhaps even feel one or both of the boys breach her pussy for the first time in her young life.

The assistant looked them over quickly to make sure their pieces were in place and then guided them out the door. “Alright, let’s get lined up.”

Brie got to her feet and asked, “What about my hands? I’m not going out there tied up, am I?”

The large woman tutted, leading the girls from behind. “I have strict instructions not to untie you until you’re going on stage. Now come on, we’re already down to the wire.” She swatted Brie’s small naked butt with her clipboard to hurry her along. It was a light smack, but Brie still gasped as if it had stung, and squirmed as she walked. The sudden sensation on her nerves rippled through her body, and she almost came right there. She began to pant manically, wondering when her pleasurable nightmare would finally be over.

They found their marks behind the quickly shrinking line of models at the stage entrance, each one cued by the line manager with a tap on the shoulder. Elsie leaned over to check in with Brie. “Hey, how are you doing?”

Brie whined, “I need to cum bad,” and furtively added with a sigh, “I want my dad.”

Elsie didn’t have time to wonder if the two comments were related or if the latter was a non-sequitur, for she received her cue by the line manager that it was her turn to strut down the catwalk. And strut is what she did. Ever the natural, Elsie snapped into performance mode, soaking up the lights and sashaying to the music. Her expression was fixed somewhere between a stony glare and a smile. Despite her professionalism, in the back of her mind, there dwelled the thought that her freshly fucked and sopping vulva may soak right through her bikini bottoms. Nevertheless, the thought didn’t make her feel embarrassed, only more devious. She mused on what the crowd might wonder if they knew what she had been up to.

When she reached the end, she paused to strike a pose, placing her hands on her hips and rocking them once side to side. Just then a moment of inspiration hit her and she flung her arms in the air and shimmied her ass to the music, highlighting her taught tummy in the process. The crowd cheered and, encouraged, she swirled her hips around until she faced the stage entrance and put her tantalizing ass on display. A proud grin spread across her face as roars and whistles filled the air.

Backstage, the assistant whirled Brie around and gripped her wrists tightly in one hand. With the other, she untied the ribbon that had bound her. From the stage opening, Brie could see Elsie making her return, and her heart pounded, knowing that her torturously delayed orgasm was closer and closer within reach.

Just before Elsie reached the darkened hallway at the end of the stage, Brie felt her limbs released and her bonds slipped away. Another sensation came from behind: a prod at her shoulders urging her forward; but she couldn’t bring herself move. Then a strong push on her butt tipped her center of balance and suddenly she staggered forward into the bright lights hanging above the catwalk.

Brie used the momentum of the push to will herself forward down the stage. Whereas her first walk had been timid, and her second had translated her sexualized nature into raw confidence, she now felt slow, overburdened by the immense sensory overload she had been assaulted with all morning. Her gait was lurching as she tottered on weak, shaking legs, like a newborn fawn rising for the first time. Her breath heaved in her lungs and her chest burned. And unbeknownst to her, her face was still spattered with Elsie’s cum cocktail, her was makeup smeared underneath it, and her hair was matted with it in places.

When the crowd saw her, she could hear an audible reaction beneath the thumping music. Her costume was a sight to behold. She looked almost like an unclothed plastic baby doll come to life. All of her parts were smoothed over and toned evenly, and her entire body shone under the searing lights from the film of sweat covering her. Many had initially mistook her for completely nude, until they realized that her erogenous zones had no discernible detail to them aside from a slight mound or shadow of a crease. Even so, the crowd was scandalized.

None moreso than Ivy. She could barely believe what she was seeing. Her friend’s young daughter was virtually exposed to the gawking crowd, and her demeanor was uncanny enough that the woman knew something was off.

Her date noticed too, and he leaned over to Ivy. “What’s wrong with her?”

“I don’t know. She almost looks like she’s been drugged and used. Is this part of the show?”

The man just shrugged and attempted to hide a smirk of appreciation.

But the only drug affecting Brie’s demeanor was the disorienting haze of carnal revelry. While her brain concentrated on moving her feet down the runway, the hormones that roiled within her controlled the rest of her body. As she advanced, her hands began to caress her nascent hips and taut belly. Then they moved up her body to the slight mounds of her breasts, and onto her nipples. Though it was impossible to discern where they were visually, Brie could still feel them stiffen underneath the thin veneer of the patches. Charges of electricity zipped into her, as each of her fingers glided over the rigid bumps. She gasped and found it difficult to breathe. Her growing sensations from within beguiled her more and more. The audience murmured in shock.

Then, while she traversed the catwalk, her fingers began to move down her sides, lightly tracing the outline of her body. When she again reached her hipbones, she drew her hands behind her, and caressed her small, rounded ass. She gave each cheek a squeeze in turn and a sigh and a moan slipped from her heaving chest.

In the crowd, Ivy’s own chest tightened as she watched Brie labor vulgarly down the runway. She felt a concern that the girl had somehow gotten in over her head with the modeling gig. After all, Hazel hadn’t mentioned that when Brie and Elsie were going to the fashion show they were going to actually be in it. And the two girls seemed to be using stage names; a common trick to obscure one’s identity, especially in porn. But she was unsure if that was the case. Surely, she thought, Hazel and Warrick would know about their daughter’s modeling.

The twinge in her chest, however, also signaled something else. It was the realization that Brie was becoming a sexual being in her own right. Ivy was a longtime friend of the family, and while the highlights revolved around her sexual exploits with Hazel and Warrick, her relationship with the family was nevertheless largely platonic. They would go out to eat, work on projects, see movies, and share celebrations. Until now, Brie had always been an essential part of the picture. Being that the young girl was several years her junior, Ivy had seen her merely as their child. She was someone that Ivy could play the hip, young aunt for.

But as Brie grew up in her life, Ivy began to feel glimmers of deeper interest in the girl’s development. Brie’s no-nonsense sincerity had charmed her. Until now, the woman had always passed these thoughts off as minor infatuations or perhaps bouts of youthful vicariousness. Unbeknownst even to herself, however, her gut had begun to guide her interactions with the young girl down a more intimate, but perhaps unscrupulous, path. She would cuddle up with Brie in theaters when Hazel and Warrick needed some alone time, or allude a little too openly about the sexual nature of her relationship with her parents in conversations. Or, as she had done outside the girl’s bedroom just days before, indulge in risky exhibitionism where Brie could possibly catch her in a vulnerable state of undress.

Seeing Brie on stage looking like the climax of an amateur porn shoot brought all of that latent yearning into focus. Ivy was at once protective and jealous, and she tried to swallow the lump in her throat as she gripped her date’s hand with a sweaty palm.

From up on stage, with all eyes in the crowd fixated on her, Brie at last reached the end of the runway. There she paused and stared down at the lip of the stage and tried to think. Throughout the entire morning, she had been subjected to wave after wave of stimulation of her hyper-active nerves. The battery of her senses had come from makeup brushes, overly tight clothing, and adhesive bandages on her most private of parts. Each stage of the fashion show had pushed her closer and closer to the brink, and she was exhausted. She tried to fight the urges that were warring within her, yet she had already lost and she knew it. It wasn’t a matter of if she was going to cum, nor when, but how.

All thoughts of an audience slipped from Brie’s mind and suddenly she was alone in her own world. A world where she was in control. She reached up and grabbed at one breast, squeezing the subtle rise of flesh firmly and stimulating her nipple. Her other hand then slid around to her inner thigh and slowly made its way to the crease between her legs. Once it was there, Brie winced and her mouth opened, but no sound came out. Instead, she held her breath and inched her fingertip up along the shallow trough of her taped up slit.

Finally, she sensed the ethereal pleasure of the stiffened bud of her clit beneath the paltry coverage that was her bathing suit. The plastic veneer was not enough to dampen her fiery nerves and, as she pressed down upon her button, she cried out. That was all it took. She half doubled over as her pussy pulled her massive orgasm from deep within her.

It started with a tingle inside of her. Her eyes glazed over as she concentrated on bringing the monster to life. She began to flick her middle finger across her pussy lips, back and forth, vibrating it over her clit in the process. She had waited so long for this that it only took mere moments before her body seized up. Her eyes went wide first, before they rolled back in her head. Her mouth hung agape, only releasing squeaks and grunts whenever she could manage a breath, here and there.

Then suddenly, she felt a bursting, like a water balloon exploded inside her tummy and all the pleasure she felt in her hips suddenly spread throughout the rest of her body. Brie wailed out in pleasure as she, at last, began to claim what she had been promised all morning. Her legs gave way, and she sank to the floor of the catwalk. She fell backwards, nearly supine, but with her feet flat on the stage and her knees up in the air. As she continued to dance her finger across her clit, she thrust her hips into the air and writhed wildly on the floor.

She could feel her lubricious insides welling up on the other side of the bandaid covering her vaginal opening, but as promised, the waterproof adhesive was staying put.

From the other side of her orgasmic veil, members of the crowd were bewildered. Some wondered if the girl’s act was truly a part of the show. Others steamed with offense at the vulgar display, while still more just stared, dumbfounded, waiting for what would happen next. Ivy felt her emotions run the gamut between all three. Even the DJ had cut the music completely to gawk at what was playing out. The entire room was silent; the one exception was the erotic mewling of the small girl flinging her hips into the air at the end of the stage.

Brie let one more lewd cry echo among the rafters and, at long last, she felt her orgasm begin to subside, like a wave pulling itself back into the ocean until it only burbled in the sand. As it did, the real world surrounding the girl began to come back into focus. The haze was beginning to lift, and with it Brie’s self-consciousness was beginning to grow. The crowd watching her from beyond her heady fog appeared first as vague silhouettes, and soon began to convalesce into distinct personalities. She wasn’t lucid enough to truly understand what was happening around her, but she hoped that she could somehow pass off her astounding behavior as just part of the performance.

Yet, another thought came to her, just then. She recalled her time in the mall dressing room, when, after she had cum, Elsie had wrenched her back into a blissful fantasy with a second orgasm immediately after her first. Yes, yes, she thought, I am not ready to go back to reality yet.

With a depraved smile, Brie clambered onto her hands and knees and presented her bare rear toward the crowd seated at the end of the stage. The onlookers murmured, wondering about this second act. Supporting herself on one hand, she reached the other down her body and quickly found the edge of the tape that was bridging her labia. With a giggle to herself, she scratched at the ridge until at last she could get a fingernail underneath, and then pulled it up enough to expose her clitoris to the raw air.

Brie dove into her girlish folds and as soon as she pressed on her unmasked button, and the blissful cycle restarted once again. She gasped and moaned and slid her finger up and down her moistening crack. Each time she slid it downward, she would pull up a little bit more of the bathing strip and uncover more and more of her natural charms. The sensation was like slowly pulling off a bandaid, but instead of it hurting, the girl reveled in the sting that ricocheted throughout her nerves. It heightened the pleasurable sensations as she hurtled toward another orgasm.

Soon, she had peeled back enough of the tape that she breached the entrance to her hole and a spring of liquid began to spill out from within her. Brie was used to cumming unrestrained, but the powerful adhesive of the swimming suit was meant to keep water out, and indeed, it also kept her fluids welled up within her. Now unchecked, however, it began to form a puddle beneath her.

Finally the girl did away with the piece completely. She grabbed the free end of her swimming suit bottom and ripped it off her pussy. She cried out in both pleasure and pain as the last of it came free from her plump, ruddy lips.

The crowd around her gasped as all pretense of art or fashion dissolved at the sight of the young girl’s completely bared pussy. And Brie continued to shock the room when she plunged two fingers into her canal, ass upturned and on display. Her face twisted in pleasure. She began to fully masturbate without regard to her onlookers and churned her fingers inside and out, working herself into a froth, all the while swearing and babbling madly in front of friends and strangers.

Once again, she felt an orgasm rising up from deep within her. In that moment, she thought about her dad. She thought about wrestling with him and Elsie that morning; about how she was nearly naked with him in that bed. She also thought about seeing his cock stiffening visibly beneath his pajama bottoms. Up until then, she had only seen hard cocks on the internet, but never one in person. And while she was long aware of her father’s virility, she felt devilish knowing that, in that moment, he was capable of blessing a woman, or girl, with his seed. She had found herself charmed by the musky scent emanating from it and hypnotized by her craving for the taste of it. She had sucked her first cock: her daddy’s cock. But it wasn’t enough. She determined right then that she needed his medicine, his cum, inside of her.

The thought of crossing that line, of confronting that taboo head-on, brought Brie to her second orgasm. Her cunt spasmed and, as the sensation spilled outward into her body, it morphed into a shudder. “Daddy, I need your cum,” she cried aloud. “Fuck me, Daddy. I need your cum inside me. Cum inside my baby pussy, Daddy.” The puddle of girl cum beneath her began to swell around her knees. Brie’s words became lost in her moans. She then gasped several times and, all at once, her strength, along with her orgasm, left her. The wretched girl was weak and delirious. Her knees slipped from under her and she canted forward, hitting the cool deck with a burning cheek, and passed out instantly.


Next: Hazel reveals everthing. Warrick learns that there’s a cure for his daughter’s super-orgasms, after all, but at what cost?

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