Aunt Marilee 2 by tdmo

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True Story | Ass to mouth, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Mature

My Neighbor Aunt Marilee 2

I hadn’t seen Marilee in over 35 years. Since then I have been married for 20 years to a wife that was very similar in features to Marilee. I have two great kids and have kept myself in great shape over the years. I wound up getting a job with a computer startup company that was later taken over by a major computer firm. I was kept on because I knew more about the system than anyone else, eventually becoming Assistant Vice President of research and development.

My wife knew about Marilee, I would talk about her often in our relationship. She never knew about the sex, but I did confess I had a crush on her. Last year I found her on Facebook and we began to send messages back and forth. She knew my wife was monitoring the conversations so she kept it classy.

About 8 months ago I had to go out to California on business and as it turns out, I was only a half hour from Marilee. She was still working at 63 and I was now 50. She never married and looking at all her photographs, she looked fantastic for her age. She had a daughter who was now 30 years old. Actually she was an adoptive daughter from a friend who passed away and had no other Kin. Her name was Janine. Janine was short. She stood only 4’11 “, 105 pounds with medium length brown hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous face and what looked like huge tits and a great ass. Marilee had made friends with her parents and they were both killed in a car crash. No relatives lived nearby and no one wanted a 2 year old baby at the time. Marilee felt obligated and adopted Janine. She focused more on her work and raising a child and was off the grid for some time. Marilee starting dating after Janine was off to College.

My wife suggested I go to California and stay with Marilee and commute to the Conference. After some e-mails back and forth, Marilee agreed it was a great idea; she had an extra car I could use and would pick me up at the Airport. A few weeks later I was getting off my plane and there to meet me at the baggage check was Marilee. She still had a great body and was just as cute, a little older, but just as cute.

I didn’t tell my wife but my Conference was only one day, but I went out for a week. She knew I wanted to spend time with Marilee but didn’t know we had a weeks’ worth of catching up to do. Marilee and I talked the whole ride back to her house and how she came about adopting Janine, to her work and what else happened over the last 35 years. Once we were at her house we began to reminisce about the old times and the awesome sex. I told her that everything she taught me paid off with every woman I was ever with. I asked if she was still into younger guys, she stated yes but now younger is in their 30’s and we had a good laugh.

Marilee confessed to me that she was into young girls for a while. She told me that when Janine was young, she was always around these single mommies’ who were always horny and looking for sex. One girl particularly named Ashley, was only 20 years old and had a three year old, the same age as Janine. The girls would go on play dates and Marilee stated, soon one thing led to another and she was wrist deep inside this young cunt. Marilee said it started when they went out for drinks after Ashley’s mom was watching the girls. Ashley made a move on Marilee and she couldn’t resist this young cunt. Marilee stated it was their first Lesbian encounter for each of them, but they were drawn to each other. They went back to Marilee’s house and after some heavy kissing, the next thing Marilee knew she was licking this young cunt and couldn’t get enough. The two of them were lovers for 2 years before Ashley found a new man, got pregnant and moved to Texas shortly after.

Marilee dated a few guys on and off after that but it wasn’t until Janine was in College that she had her first gang bang by 5 College guys. It started when Marilee confessed to Janine about her addiction to young men after a college visit when Janine was still in High School. Janine never judged Marilee; instead she thought it was pretty hot. Marilee told her our story and others she had before Janine came along as well as her Lesbian girlfriend. Marilee was very open about her sex life to Janine. For Marilee’s 50th Birthday, Janine showed up at her house with four College boys and her own boyfriend. It wasn’t long before those boys had their cocks in her mouth, pussy, ass and everywhere else. She said it was a cum fest. These guys were fucking every hole and coming all over her, one after the other for seconds and thirds. Janine and her boyfriend were watching on the couch and soon Marilee was getting fucked from behind while sucking a cock and watching Janine get fucked by her boyfriend right in front of her. She said it was so hot that it was the first time she came without having anyone stimulate her clit.

It wasn’t long before Janine’s boyfriend got into the action. Marilee stated the next thing she knew he was between her legs while Janine was next to her on the floor taking a load of some guys cum across her face. Marilee was afraid to admit to me what happened next, but she turned to Janine and the two of them began to kiss and lick cum off each other’s face. While they were doing it, two guys jerked off on both their faces. She said it was the greatest night of her life.

I was so fucking turned on after hearing the stories, I had to let loose. Marilee sensed it and came walking over to me. She put her arms around my neck and I put mine on her waist. Without saying a word we had the most passionate kiss I’d had in years. Marilee broke the kiss and walked me to her bedroom. Once inside she wasted no time and took off all her cloths. This time she was shaved bald around her pussy. Her body was still tight but I noticed she had her tits done. They were perfectly round and standing at attention although they were still the same size. Marilee stated that after gravity was taking its toll, she had her boobs done and they were spectacular. Her ass was still in great shape from her 5 days a week at the gym. I was getting undressed as I was admiring her body. It was so surreal to be with Marilee again. I fantasized about this happening again for the past 35 years.

As soon as my clothes were off, Marilee was between my legs; jokingly she said “Do you want Auntie to suck your big fat cock?” “Oh yeah, I want my whore of an Aunt to suck me good” I replied. With that she began her ritual of licking and sucking like the pro that she was. If it were possible, she was better than before. At 50 I don’t cum as quick, so after 15 minutes of this incredible blowjob, I finally came, shooting rope after rope of hot cum down her throat. I sat back on the bed spent. “Now you know why I like younger men, you old guys need too much time to regroup after you cum” she said jokingly.

Marilee said “Just sit back and enjoy the show”. She reached into her night stand and pulled out her Rabbit vibrator. She began to lick her fingers and rub her clit first. Then when she was ready she placed the Rabbit deep in her bald cunt and turned it on. She let the Rabbit do most of the work while she kept fucking herself. The little ears were rubbing her clit. She was shaking and bucking on this thing like I never saw a woman do. She was talking dirty asking me if I was enjoying the show. I was kneeling on the bed before her with my cock already hard watching her perform. After 20 minutes of her fucking her pussy raw, Marilee finally had an incredible orgasm. Her body froze up for a second or two and she began to shake and loose her muscle control just like she did all those years ago. The vibrator went flying out of her cunt right in front of me. I reached out, turned it off and got between her legs. I grabbed her legs, put my shoulders behind her knees and began to fuck Marilee for all I was worth. I was giving her everything I had when all of the sudden her bedroom door burst open.

I quickly turned to see Janine standing in the doorway. Janine looked and said, “So this is the guy I heard so much about”. My cock was buried in her mom’s cunt as she walked over to me. She reached out her hand to shake mine. Marilee just laughed and I shook her hand. Janine sat on the bed and said “Please don’t stop on my account, mom needs this, and she’s been talking about you for weeks”. Janine was more beautiful in person than in her Facebook pictures. Her tits looked huge but that was only because she was so tiny. Her tits were average, but on that small frame they looked huge.

I looked at Janine and said “I’ll be done in a few”.

“Take your time”, she answered back, “We have all day”.

“WE” I thought to myself?

I didn’t notice while I resumed fucking Marilee, but Janine was soon back on the bed and naked. Her body and face were gorgeous, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was less than 5’, she should have been a model. Janine lay down on the bed next to Marilee and began to rub Marilee’s tits as I pounded her cunt. Janine’s hand went down to her mother’s clit and began to rub it while I fucked her soaking wet pussy. It didn’t take long for Marilee to freeze up again and then lose all control and cum on my cock. Janine leaned over her mother and they embraced in an epic kiss fest. Janine was finger fucking herself the whole time. It was so hot I was about to cum, but instead pulled out and grabbed Janine, spread her legs and shoved my cock as hard as I could into her bald little cunt. Marilee didn’t say a word, but instead shifted over and began to suck on Janine’s tits. Janine was just as much a dirty talker as her mother. She was saying for me to fuck her tight cunt, I want you to cum on my face and on and on. I fucked Janine for about 5 minutes before I pulled out and jerked off all over Marilee’s face and Janine’s tits. Marilee licked the cum off Janine’s tits and then the two of them embarked on another epic kiss.

We all needed a break and went out for dinner. Janine left and went back to her apartment for the night while Marilee and I fuck into the wee hours of the morning. The next day I drove the 30 minutes to my Conference and back again that night. Marilee and I made up for lost time by fucking like little kids for the next week. Marilee was prepared for me and had Viagra waiting when I needed it. She even made me call home and talk to my wife while she was sucking my cock. Then Marilee took the phone and began to talk to my wife while I fucked her from behind. Before I hung up, wife told be Marilee is very sweet and she was glad I was spending quality time with her. I was too.

Marilee and I fucked in every room in her house, at the beach and even in the bathroom of a restaurant. Janine came by the night before I left and we had another three some, this time they called it ass night. Marilee broke out her stash of pot. I hadn’t smoked in years but this new weed that’s out really kicked my ass. It was the best high I ever had. Marilee and Janine like to smoke when they have anal sex, it makes them relaxed. That’s when I realized what ass night was all about. I fucked Marilee in the ass and Janine took my cock straight from her ass and sucked me until I came. With the help of Viagra, I did the same to Janine and Marilee took my cock straight from her ass and sucked me dry. The three of us fucked all night with no sleep until I had to leave.

Marilee drove me to the airport the next day and it was a bittersweet goodbye, but I promised I would come back every six months for my annual “Conference”. That was the first time I ever slept through an entire flight. Once I was home, my wife said she missed me and wanted to fuck because the kids were all out. Like a trooper I performed, but I felt like my dick was going to fall off. After our romp, my wife turned to me and said “You know what I want for my 50th Birthday, a three some. But I want another girl” I said Maybe we can call Marilee you two seemed to hit it off if that would make it more comfortable for you?” My wife answered, “If she would do it sure, this way maybe you came fuck your old crush for the first time?’” OH Boy if she only knew!

Rating: 93%, Read 55148 times, Posted Feb 21, 2017

True Story | Ass to mouth, Female, Incest, Lesbian, Mature


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