Being Hers by DrtyStryWriter

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I suppose I only have myself to blame. I was given a choice and I got exactly what I asked for. I'm the envy of men everywhere I go but people usually don't look at me, they look at the brown haired woman beside me. She's tall, slim, very beautiful with pretty eyes, a wonderful smile and a voice that I swear could melt the coldest heart. I know what you're thinking, any man who had a woman like that should be happy right? Well, let me explain....

"I'm looking for a present for my boss, he's into antiques and things that are not mass produced." I said to the shopkeeper.

I'd walked into a curio store that I'd driven past so many times. My boss liked the most weird things, the stranger looking the better and I usually managed to find something that found space on his shelf.

"It's all I sell Sir, please take a look around and let me know if you have any questions." Said the woman with a smile.

I found a few things I liked, I kept looking while I decided and spotted a small statue, a small bronze sculpture of a naked woman. It was beautiful. I picked it up and went to ask the lady about it but it felt strange in my hand, almost like it had a low level electric current running through it but it felt good. I knew I had to have it.

"How much would this be if I bought the paperweight too please Ma'am?" I asked, holding both things in my hands.

"Oh, I don't remember seeing this little thing before, how about $100 for both, I think I had the paperweight priced around $85 right?" She replied.

"Sound wonderful, thank you so much." I said.

"You uh, doing okay there Marcus?" Said Jack, my boss.

"What?" I replied, I was confused.

"You looked like you were staring into the beyond there my man, you okay?"

"I... Sorry I just, I guess I didn't sleep well, I don't remember even coming back from lunch, I went to buy your gift."

"Marcus, that was 2 days ago, you got me that Aztec looking paperweight, I loved it remember."

"I.. I really don't."

He looked at me to see if I was kidding, his face went a little pale.

"It's Friday, it's been pretty quiet, why don't you take the rest of the day off and go get some rest, you don't look too good."

"Okay. Sorry, I don't know what's came over me."

I decided my confusion and inability to focus wouldn't be good for driving so I took a cab home and let myself in.

"Baby! Where's your car, are you okay?" Said the woman in my house.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you in my house?" I said angrily.

"Marcus, I'm your girlfriend, you had a fever, the doctor said the infection is giving you amnesia." Said the woman. She touched my forehead.

"Melissa?" I said.

"Yes my love, you're burning up, come, lets get you to bed."

She took my hand and led me to my bedroom where she started taking off my clothes. I knew her name, my room had both of our stuff around it but I thought I was single. I didn't remember meeting her for the first time, I didn't remember asking her to move in or how long I'd been with her. She was beautiful too, not just the 'oh she's cute' kind that I'd say to buddies if a hottie passed us in the mall but, why is she not a model beautiful. She left the room and came back with a cold washcloth and held it against my forehead.

"I hate seeing that empty look in your eyes, like you don't know me, like you've forgotten our love." She said, softly rubbing my arm.

"I'm so sorry, I really don't." I said.

"I'm making you some tea, you can drink it and take your pills then get some rest okay. Get undressed then get into bed." She said then left the room.

I looked at the picture on my dresser, it was me with Melissa in my arms, she was kissing me and it looked like I was laughing while trying to take the picture. I drank the tea she brought me, took the pills and went to sleep. I didn't know what time it was when I woke but I could remember more. I'd met Melissa at a party, she'd found me fascinating and we hit it off, I asked her to move in after a whirlwind romance. I remember her giving me my first blow job in the back of a cab, I remember that she loved to sit on my face and loved being woken with my hard cock pressing against her ass. I rolled over and she was laying next to me, fast asleep with our thin sheets letting me see the outline of her body. She was perfect, how the fuck did I get so lucky. I snuggled up against her, my cock getting hard at the feeling of her naked body pressed against mine.

"Mmm, you sure know how to turn me on." She said with a smile.

"I can't believe a woman so perfect chose me." I said, kissing her neck how she liked it.

"I'm going to take that nice hard cock as you're feeling better, why don't you slide it in me, you've made me nice and wet already." She said, almost purring.

Melissa moved her hips a little and I pushed inside her with ease, she felt amazing and my gentle thrusts felt like my cock was wrapped in pure bliss with each one. I reached up to play with her breasts, her firm, pert breasts and sensitive nipples that would set her off every time and after a few more thrusts and light pinches on her nipple she was cumming, squeezing my cock even tighter. Her climaxes usually set mine off, I pushed in as deep as I could go and erupted inside her, groaning as I sprayed my hot seed into my beautiful girlfriend.

"That was so good." She said when I was spent, still catching her breath.

"It was, I love you Melissa." I replied, kissing her neck.

"Careful, kissing me like that you'll set me off again."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It's the weekend and it's only 7am, I'd rather you slept longer baby."

"Fine." I said then rolled over to sleep again.

I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon, I got up and put my robe on and Melissa was in the kitchen just plating up breakfast. She had her hair in a ponytail and just had on a silk robe. She smiled when she seen me.

"Morning my love, coffee just finished brewing. Do you want toast?" She said, kissing me as she put the plate on the table.

"Sure, thank you."

"I have to run a few errands this morning but after breakfast can we head to your work and pick up your car? I'd rather get it before the football traffic gets crazy."

"Sure." I replied, taking a mouthful of coffee.

"Take your time though, I'm going to shower."

We picked up my car and I was sitting watching tv when Melissa got back home around 3, she had shopping bags that she took straight to the bedroom and came back out to kiss me and left a small box on my lap.

"What's this?" I asked.

"I found it on sale and wanted you to have it." She replied with a smile.

I opened the box, it was a smartwatch I'd been looking at and had decided it was too expensive.

"Melissa, this is too much, it's not even close to my birthday or anything."

"Don't you like it?"

"I love it but I know how much they are."

"I told you it was on sale, I'm not taking it back, wear it or I'll give to that asshole in 3b." She said, grinning.

"Thank you, I really appreciate it." I said, kissing her.

"I got something else for you, it's for me but it's really for you, I'll tell you when to close your eyes." She said then left.

A few minutes later she told me to close my eyes from the bedroom. When she came out she had me open them and she was standing in front of me, wearing only white lace panties, a white lace bra and suspenders. The contrast against her lightly tanned skin was incredible and I was in awe of how sexy she was.

"Do you like it?" She said.

"Looks so beautiful on you, I love it." I replied.

"Want to come and make love to me with it on, I'm only taking the panties off though." She said with a sultry look.

I got to my feet so fast I almost got dizzy but she led me by the hand to our bedroom and kissed me as she pulled off my t-shirt. I stepped out of my pants and boxer shorts then was told to watch while she turned away from me as she slowly bent over, sliding her panties down to the floor. I felt my cock getting hard but she had me climb up on the bed and after a playful lick on my cock, she straddled my head and lowered her waxed smooth pussy to my mouth. I started licking as soon as she was close enough, parting her already moist labia and letting her juices coat my tongue, she moaned as I licked her the way she liked it and when her moans got louder I focused on her clit until she shuddered, gasping 'fuck yes' as I brought her to orgasm. When she got too sensitive she climbed off me and laid on her back on the bed.

"Nice and hard baby, look at my sexy body while you fuck me." She said, catching her breath.

I wiped my mouth and chin then got on top of her, admiring the lingerie on her again as I pushed my cock inside her, I wanted to last for days, her face looked so beautiful as she looked up at me, her breasts bouncing in the thin lace bra as I thrust harder and harder into her but when she kissed me then whispered 'fill me up baby' I lost it and pushed deep to cum, my cock swelling as I sprayed each rope of seed into her. When I was done I rolled off her and held her close.

"So, I'll take that shopping trip as a success then?" She said, smiling.

"Very much so, you look incredible."

"Well good, I'll be wearing it again tonight when we go out. No panties though." She said and winked at me.

Life went on just fine for a few months, my friends seemed jealous of my happiness though, at an office party a lot of the women avoided Melissa and I thought I seen a few of them look at her in disgust but I could have been mistaken. My guy friends seemed to distance themselves too, I again put it down to jealousy that I had an insanely hot girlfriend and just enjoyed being taken care of by her.

One morning driving to work I slowed down as I passed the Curio store where I bought my boss's latest gift, it had burned down and was just a charred shell beside the road. When I got to work I looked for any reports in the media and could only find one little article about an electrical fire burning the store down, the owner barely making it out. I thought nothing more of it at the time but was sad it was gone and annoyed my search for odd gifts for my boss would be slightly harder. That annoyance was short lived, as I pulled into our office parking lot, my space was blocked by an ambulance.

"What's going on, is someone hurt?" I said, rushing in.

"Derek had a heart attack, they're doing cpr on him but I don't think he's going to make it. I brought him his coffee and he just collapsed, he was looking at his collection." Said his secretary, Rose. She had tears running down her face.

My heart dropped when I seen the EMT's wheel my boss and friend for 20 years, out on their cart, a blanket covering his face.

"I'm so sorry, we did everything we could but he's gone." Said the EMT.

I sat down in my chair, stunned, Rose burst into tears so I stood up again and held her, still not believing he was gone.

" Does he have any next of kin we can notify Sir?" Said the EMT.

"No, his wife passed away a few years ago, he didn't really have any other family." I replied.

"I'll take care of his cat." Said Rose.

"We'll have an Officer get in touch with you, very sorry for your loss." Said the EMT then he left.

The next few days went by in a blur, Rose helped me with the arrangements for his service, the Police confirmed he didn't have anyone and his will left everything he had left to cover the cost of taking care of his cat. Melissa stood by me at the service, most didn't stay for the wake. The following Monday, one of the corporate managers flew in from New York to talk to us all.

"Hi, thank you all for coming in, I know Derek was loved and respected by you all and I can tell you that same admiration came from us at corporate too. I want to assure you all that your jobs are all safe, Derek ran a very well oiled machine and every one of you are valued. I would however, like to promote Marcus to take over the management of the office, Derek has always spoken very highly of you and when you covered his vacations in the past, we were always impressed with your reports. I know you had aspirations of opening your own office but I hope you'll accept this instead." Said the manager, Karl.

"I, I don't know what to say, thank you. Not how I wanted the position but I'll try to live up to Derek's words." I replied.

It took a few claps from the Corporate manager before everyone else joined in but nobody was smiling. I spent the rest of the day with Karl going over his expectations and was delighted to learn it came with a nice raise too. The following day I called a meeting.

"I just want to thank you all for your support, I hate that I got this position this way but I want to live up to Derek's legacy and have this office the number one ranked in the country, not just the region. I'd love it if you all joined me for a drink tonight at Kacie's just to say goodbye to Derek, I know most of you couldn't make it to the wake." I said to my team.

"Is it just staff and no partners Sir?" Said Carla, one of my analysts.

"Yes, just us." I replied.

That night at Kacie's we had a drink and chatted, Amber had been drinking shots and came up to me pretty wasted.

"We're all happy for you Marcus but you don't see what she's doing to your life do you?" She said, slurring some of her words.

Amber and I always had a fun, flirty friendship but agreed to not pursue things since we worked together.

"Who are you talking about Amber?" I replied.

"Your woman is toxic Marcus, she's so beautiful and sexy but there's something about her that scares everyone. You're a good man, you could have taken advantage of me so many times when we'd go drinking but you never did, even when I tried so hard but I really care about you. Slow down with her and take a look at what she's got."

"I think I'll take this lovely lady home, sorry Marcus, she's hammered." Said Rose.

I put Amber's speech down to her being drunk but that weekend, everything changed.

Melissa and I were out to dinner downtown, we'd just had a wonderful meal in a high class restaurant and were walking back to our parking spot. A man came from the shadows, he was holding a gun and he smelled really bad.

"Don't make a fuss, I'll take the wallet and her purse, that pretty necklace too." He said.

I froze at first but when he cocked the hammer on his revolver I knew he was serious.

"Fine, here." I said and handed him my wallet.

Melissa stayed calm and slowly handed over her purse and necklace.

"It's not too late to walk away and reconsider this." Said Melissa quietly.

"Whatever bitch just hand it over." He snarled and grabbed her purse.

He backed away, looking around but keeping the gun on us but then he tripped and his gun went off. I didn't understand why I was falling. I felt like all the strength was just running out of me then I found myself sitting on the ground, my shirt getting red with blood. Melissa looked down at me then as the mugger tried to get up and run she ran at him, moving faster than I could see clearly and threw him to the ground. She took our things from him then was back on me. I could swear her eyes were glowing but put it down to the shock of being shot, she put her hand over my stomach and the pain and the blood was gone. She looked me in the eyes again then went over to the mugger, helped him to his feet then sent him running directly into the path of a passing Semi.

"So he tried to rob you, got spooked by someone else coming, fired a shot that missed then ran into the path of the truck, is that correct?" Said the Police Officer.

"Yes Officer, I'm not sure if the window was already broken or anything but I think he hit this building behind us, we were lucky." Said Melissa.

"Well if we need anything else I'll give you a call okay, be safe." Said the Officer then he let us go.

I slept really hard that night, still in shock from what I'd seen. Melissa woke me with a blowjob and the panic of the night seemed to fade away.

"Still stressed about last night baby?" She said after swallowing my cum.

"I don't know, I just thought I'd seen some things but I also thought I'd been shot. I don't know, I guess I was in shock."

"I'd never let anything happen to you my love." She said and cuddled into me.

We spent the rest of the weekend making love, that Monday 2 Police Detectives were waiting in my office.

"Mr Black, I'm Detective Cole, this is Detective Muller, can we have a chat about Friday night?" Said the taller man. They both showed me ID's.

"Uh, sure, do I need a lawyer or anything, am I in trouble?" I replied.

"You're not in trouble Sir, we just have a few questions about what happened. The Sergeant you spoke to said you really didn't say anything but the statement, uh, Melissa gave to him doesn't really match what the video feeds show." Said the 2nd man.

They showed me a video on their tablet. It showed the gun going off, me falling to my ass and Melissa running the mugger into the path of the Semi. I opened my shirt and checked my stomach. Nothing.

"May I see, can you open it fully?" Said Muller.

They both looked, no scars, no bandages, no stitches.

"I don't understand." Said Cole.

"We're going to look at the source of this video again Sir, this doesn't make sense, it shows you being shot but there's no way. Sorry to have wasted your time." Said Muller, they both left.

I called Melissa, asked her to meet me for lunch.

"This is a wonderful surprise my love, did you miss me or something?" She said after kissing me.

"I always do but I have to ask you something, Friday is so blurry in my mind but 2 Detectives came to see me today, she showed me video feed of me being shot and you running that mugger into the path of the truck. I haven't been shot but I could tell it was me in the video footage." I replied. Melissa's face stayed blank.

"I didn't know there were cameras." She said.

"What... what do you mean, did it happen the way they showed me?"

"Yes but they'll lose that footage so don't worry about it."

"D...Don't worry, I was really shot?"

"Keep your voice down but yes. Do you want the truth or do you want the problem to go away. You can't have both."

I looked at her face, her beautiful face with her amazing eyes looking back at me.

"I think I want the truth."

"Close your eyes and take my hand." She said. I did as she asked.

I seen myself walking out of the store holding the small bronze statue in my hand. I got in my car and drove, still holding the statue but as I passed the intersection, a pickup ran a red light and t-boned my car. I should have been dead, the pickup driver was drunk and driving over 80 miles an hour, he wasn't wearing a seat-belt and went through his windshield and landed dead on the road. I sat in the mangled wreck of my car, covered in blood. A woman shaped thing appeared beside me, it was like a woman was on fire with green flames, her eyes just bright yellow lights and her voice, the voice I knew so well, so warm and soft, so inviting to my ears.

"I can give you what you want. You have my effigy and I can take all this away, be yours and make your wildest dreams come true." Said the woman.

"Wh... what's the catch." I stammered, blood spraying as I spoke.

"You'll belong to me, I'll be the woman of your dreams and you'll be mine."

"Will I be alive?"

"You'll be very alive."

"Then okay."

"Do you agree to be mine?"


In a flash, I was standing beside my car holding my boss's present but couldn't find my keys. As I walked towards the store the shopkeeper came out the door holding them out to me.

"You won't get far without these." She said with a smile and handed them to me.

I thanked her then got in my car, as I approached the intersection a pickup spun out of control, hit the center guard rail then flipped over a few times, bursting into flames when it finally landed. I didn't stop, I just drove on like I was in a trance, not even looking back at the flames behind me. Melissa let go of my hand.

"Before you ask I had nothing to do with the shop catching fire or the truck hitting you to begin with. I am everything you want in a woman, I will never lie to you, I will protect you and all I ask is your loyalty." She said.

"What about the mugger, you killed him!" I said, barely louder than a whisper.

"He was supposed to try and hold up a liquor store that night, the owner was quicker with his gun and shot him dead. The lives I claim were already meant to be gone but with you in their path I sometimes have to intervene. I won't lie that you change the course of history but you are a small stone in a flat pond. You won't cause a tidal wave if you're thrown into the water but you make ripples and sometimes those ripples have to be moved."

"What do I have to do?"

"Love me, it's all I'll ever ask."

"You made me forget all this before, you made me believe we'd been together, how do I know you'll not just make me forget this conversation?"

"You asked to forget Marcus. Take my hand again."

Melissa showed me getting home that night, her sitting waiting on my couch naked. She comforted me and held me while I freaked out, unable to push my own death out of my mind. I looked at her and spoke.

"Can you make me forget all the pain, the blood and that truck bursting into flames, I can't take those images in my head anymore."

"I can but are you sure?"

"Yes, first, what are you, are you a genie?"

"No, I have been called many names, Succubus, She-Demon and other things but I am a Demon of Eros, we gave man passion and love but paid a price. I am one of many in this world. All I need is to be loved and in return I give my everything to my man and give him everything his heart desires."

"You know I'm going to ask to forget all this again don't you." She nodded her head.

"You will have an idea but you've seen my true form and that will eventually make you insane if you remember. I will leave you with the same self doubt every man would have when they're with a woman so beautiful and I promise I will never do anything to harm you."

"How does it work, just kiss me or something?"

Melissa kissed me softly on the lips, traces of my own cum still there from the blowjob she'd woken me with.

"It's just as well I love you, you do that on purpose don't you, leave a little on your lips so I taste it." I said with a smile.

"I don't know what you mean my love, maybe you cum so much I can't swallow it all."

I looked up at the beautiful woman riding me when she'd got me hard again. I had the perfect life, a beautiful woman on my arm and I wondered how on earth I got so lucky...... x

Rating: 61%, Read 6437 times, Posted Nov 20, 2018

Fiction | Erotica, Female, Male


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