My new sister by Vallydude

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Time for me to take a shot at a fantasy story. The people in this story are real, other than that this is just a fuck story. While I fucked a few 13 year olds as a teen I would never touch one now. That does not mean I as well as you cannot jack off thinking about it.

The house was quiet and the kids were all in bed. My wife had gotten really drunk and passed out so I put her to bed. This left me alone with my half sister Sue whom I had just met for the first time last year. She had just left her husband and was in town for a visit with her two daughters. She was a petite bleach blond with small but perky tits. Her oldest daughter Kelly had long brown hair and large firm tits. She had a great little ass and just enough baby fat to let you know she was jailbait.

Sue had always joked about the fact we both grew up in the valley and partied at some of the same places but never met before. She told me I was the kind of dude she used to hang out with. This began to get me excited and I could not help but check her out a little harder. This was the first time I was alone with her and the booze along with her hard nipples made me brave.

“So what do you mean by hang out?” I said, she giggled a little and said, “You know what I mean” by now me dick was getting hard in my pants. “Yea I do, and I would hate to think that my big sister was that kind of girl” I said “if that is the case why don’t you look me in the eye and say that” she replied. Realizing I was starring at her now hard tits I looked up fast at her smiling face. “Sorry” I stammered out. “That you are staring at my tits or that I am that kind of girl?” she replied. I did not know what to say.

Sue began rubbing my leg under the table. She leaned over and slid her tongue in my mouth. She pulled back and said softly “just the thought that one of the boys I fucked was my brother has my pussy all wet” She now had her hand on the front of my pants and my rock hard dick. I reached out and pulled down her halter-top her large pink nipples were standing straight out and I began to play with them as I now jammed my tongue in her mouth. I moved down to her tits and began sucking them gently as they got even harder. Sue was now moaning and trying to get my pants undone. I picked her up and laid her down on the table. I pulled her shorts off and began to work my way down her leg with my tongue. “Please eat my pussy little brother,” she moaned.

I took my time and licked my way around her bald cunt and up to her belly button she was squirming and moaning and I could smell her wet pussy. “ Oh fuck my cunts on fire suck my clit ohhhhhhh” I felt like I teased her long enough and began licking her huge clit up and down faster and faster. I began to finger her hole and she grabbed my hair and let out a loud moan. Her cum began to gush out of her pussy and cover my face. Her body quivered with a hard orgasm. I looked up at her my face all shiny and wet. “ Sis you sure made a mess” she climbed down off the table and pushed me back into the kitchen chair. She ripped my shirt of and with one tug pulled my pants and boxers down. My dick was so hard by know I thought it would go off with her first touch. She dropped to her knees and said, “I’ll teach you to tease your big sister” she began to lick my balls and the underside of my hard cock. I felt like I was about to cum but she grabbed me around the base of my cock and squeezed hard “ you will cum when I tell you to little fucker” this stopped my erg to cum and she than put her sweet mouth over the head of my cock.

I soon forgot about the pain in my scrodem as she took my dick deep in her mouth. This was a bitch that knew how to suck a cock.

It was right about this time I looked up and saw somebody standing in the living room. At first I had that oh fuck I’m busted rush go through my body thinking it was my wife. But as my eyes came in focus I saw Kelly standing in the dark. She had pulled up her nightshirt and was fingering her pussy fast and hard. I sat there with my dick deep in my sisters’ mouth while I watched my hot little nice play with herself. I don’t know how long she had been there but she bent at the knees and began to cum almost falling to the ground. She let out a little squeal and her mother hearing this stopped sucking my cock and turned to look at here daughter standing behind her. Kelly than pulled her nightshirt over her head and walked toward us. “ His cock is a lot bigger than daddies can I suck it too” she said. Her mom looked up at me and said “no this first load is all mine” she than began to swallow my dick down to the base. Kelly began kissing me as I played with her perfect tits; they were much larger than her moms with nipples that could cut glass. “ Suck him mommy suck him hard” Kelly mumbled. With that I let go a huge load of cum down me sisters throught. I pumped her mouth till she began to gauge and slide off my dick. She came up with cum running down her chin and on her tits. Kelly began licking my come off her mother’s tits and soon they were on the floor in a 69 position.

My cock began to get hard again as I watched my sister and her 13-year go at it. “ It looks like you two have had some practice at this” I said, “Daddy loved to see us cum together,” said Kelly. It was clear this was no little virgin so I climbed down and offered my dick to this hot slut; she pulled her face away from her mom and began to lick and suck my cock. While she was not as good as her mom she had the sweetest brown eyes and baby face. “Please fuck me, daddies been gone and I need it bad” she begged, I got up and moved around to her pussy. She was still on top of my sister and I could she sis was just as good at eating pusssy as sucking cock. I got behind Kelly doggie stile and began to rub the head of my dick up and down her wet hole. My sister started to lick my balls as I slid my cock slowly in Kelly’s tight cunt. “Oh fuckkkk that is sooooo nice fuck me faster fuck me faster” Kelly moaned “yea baby take that dick fuck that dick,” said her mom as she began licking Kelly’s’ clit , I pumped faster and faster. Kelly now buried her head in her mom’s pussy and began to jerk with orgasm. My sister pulled her little girl off her and my still hard dick and looked at me.

“Come over her and fuck a woman now” she said as she lie on her back and spread her legs. “I climbed on top of her and slid my cock up her cunt with one push, I grabbed both her legs and put them over my shoulders I was like a madman and I pumped her cunt hard. Kelly was now behind us licking my balls and her mom’s ass hole. “Mommy lets show him daddies favorite,” Kelly said. “Ohh fuck yes I need your cock in my ass ohhh fuck” Sue started to cum just at the thought of me fucking her ass. Kelly pulled me back and had me lay flat on the flour, my sister got up and began to squat over my cock. Kelly help to steady her as Sue lined her ass hole up and slowly slid down my dick. Kelly then planted her pussy on my face as her and her mother began sucking each other tongues and rubbing there tits together Kelly let lose a stream of cum as she orgasm on my face.

Soon my sister had a steady rithem going with her ass on my dick. “ Ok baby are you ready for your treat?” Sue said “yes mommy” With that Kelly got off my face, and my sister slowly spun around on my dick so she was facing away from me. I could now see her fine ass with my cock buried in it. Kelly moved in front of us and went to work on her mom’s clit. “Suck my pussy baby oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck my ass hard fuckkkk” She road me hard and began to cum.

As Kelly played with my balls and licked her moms cunt I called out “ oh fuck I’m goanna cum!” and began to shoot a load up my sisters ass. Sue rolled back on my chest and my dick popped out of her ass, Kelly grabbed it and began to suck me off, she swallowed all the cum she could get out of my dick and then went after her mothers ass hole for more.

As I lay on the floor spent Kelly came to me “now fuck my ass hole, daddy says it a lot tighter than mommies.”

Too be contued………

Rating: 79%, Read 185157 times, Posted Nov 08, 2005

Fantasy | Anal, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young


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